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"Who will answer for everything"

"Who will answer for everything"

The newspaper Al-Shark al-Ausat reported on the resumption of contacts between Iran and Palestinian Hamas. Hamas, who changed the cause of the liberation of Palestine with Qatar, is returning to Tehran’s secure wing, who generously forgave treason.

Life is everyday.

Actually, Iran did not stop relations and the maintenance of Hamas, however, due to the reorientation of the leadership of the movement towards the opponents of Syria, it significantly reduced its funding. Although not blocked the life-giving jet at all.

“The struggle for the liberation of Palestine”, which 20 had been an idea of ​​years ago, has become a trademark in modern conditions. A kind of brand, which is sold to assign it, trying to earn more. Romance ideas go away simply because of their age, cynical traders are justified in their place. Last year, Hamas’s sale of its sign to Qatar occurred precisely for this very reason - Emir Hamad offered the money and interrupted the price.

Hamas immediately attended to the bloody Assad regime and the lack of freedom in Syria. Hamas instructors, their fighters, weapon found themselves in the ranks of the militants fighting against the Syrian government. In the Palestinian camps of Syria, emissaries of the movement began their work, recruiting fellow tribesmen into the holy war.

Their colleagues from Hezbollah and the Syrian army defeated the powerful semi-gang-semi-political group of the Al-Farouq Brigades in Qusayr a little more than a month ago. The new emir of Qatar, Tamim, began his reign with the closure of the Muslim Brotherhood’s father’s funding project throughout the Middle East, causing a coup in Egypt, Ali Zidan’s government in Libya launching an attack on the Islamists, and unrest in Tunisia the other day.

Hamas, a kindred "Muslim Brotherhood" structure, remained restless and abandoned.

Iran did exactly what it was supposed to do — it began the procedure of accepting the prodigal daughter who had sinned with passersby into the bosom of the family. Israel, which is keenly following the movements of its strategic adversary, immediately responded - and negotiations began on Monday with Palestine, which were interrupted in connection with the application to the UN concerning its status in this organization.

In general, nothing unusual. All these movements are not brought closer to the liberation of Palestine by a millimeter, but, actually, this hasn't bothered anyone for a long time. Everyone is busy building influence configurations, and this is a never-ending, and therefore fascinating, affair.

The question is different.

Qatar, with the departure of Emir Hamad Al-Thani, virtually ceases its struggle for influence in the region. He curtailed the financing of the Muslim Brotherhood, lost positions in Egypt, and significantly lost influence in the Syrian opposition, having missed a Saudi protege to the leadership of NKSOR. Qatar stops financing the Libyan Islamists, leaving them almost to the mercy of fate, leaves Tunisia. This "LJ" is no accident, said Winnie the Pooh.

A curious fact: the president of Iran, who has not yet taken office, invites for a personal meeting the former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, who is not only well acquainted with Rohani, but also is responsible in the British parliament, including for the Iranian direction.

Great Britain, by the way, is the only Western country that has received an invitation to Rohani’s inauguration. It is ridiculous to believe that in such a bizarre manner Iran is trying to drive a wedge between England and the States - rather, it is a question of mediation in contacts with Tehran's main opponent.

It seems that the US bet on Iran as the leading force of the Middle East is beginning to be realized. Arabian monarchies could not fulfill their task of crushing secular regimes in the region. Moreover, even in those countries in which the “Arab spring” ended with the advent of Islamists to power, they did not manage to gain a foothold.

Destructive processes gained too uncontrollable scope - and now it's time to change players. Unsuccessful - in junk. The main candidate for recycling is beginning to be seen - this is Saudi Arabia. They give her a chance to frolic in the already clearly hopeless event - the war in Syria, but it was decided to remove Qatar from the blow.

The change of leadership and the refusal to finance Islamists make the Emir of Tamim unrelated to all outrages, and therefore Qatar will not be responsible for the failure of the “Arab spring”. Unlike the Saudi Kingdom.

It seems that the al-Saud state will ultimately answer for everything.
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    APASUS 6 August 2013 13: 34
    “Serious problems cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness at which they were created.”
    The Americans laid a time bomb, but now they don’t know what to do with it
  2. S_mirnov
    S_mirnov 6 August 2013 13: 59
    East is a delicate matter! Really hard to figure out the intricacies!
    There will be few comments, this is not a American hipip! here you need to think!
    1. Botanologist
      Botanologist 6 August 2013 14: 29
      Quote: S_mirnov
      East is a delicate matter!

      The subtlety is that now the game is not only the East, but also the West. Therefore, where the United States and Europe are entangled in the harlots of local princes, they simply slaughter. What the princes did not expect.
      So the subtleties will end the second when the Saudis chop off another head of another human rights activist.
      1. S_mirnov
        S_mirnov 6 August 2013 15: 07
        Quote: Botanologist
        So the subtleties will end the second when the Saudis chop off another head of another human rights activist.

        Why complicate it so much, when it will be necessary to cut the head of a human rights activist, they will do without the Saudis. Stuffs - USA profile!
    2. v53993
      v53993 6 August 2013 15: 03
      I agree that "the East is a delicate matter." But where it is thin there it breaks.
      1. SergBrNord
        SergBrNord 6 August 2013 15: 40
        What we have on BV - turmoil in Turkey; Libya, Egypt, Iraq are merged, Algeria, Morocco will not be allowed to twitch; in Syria, everything is approaching its logical conclusion; Lebanon, Jordan, Israel have a bargain; Iran stands as it stood. To maintain the existing situation (it suits many and many are interested in that) they will merge Saudi Arabia.
        And as a co-process we can observe against the background a prelude to the struggle for supremacy in the region (Turkey is weakened). And Arabia, most likely, will try to divide. Anyway, rabble put somewhere necessary.
    3. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 6 August 2013 16: 13
      Quote: S_mirnov
      There will be few comments, this is not a American hipip! here you need to think!

      Yes, it’s not Putin’s slop doused to you wink
      1. S_mirnov
        S_mirnov 6 August 2013 18: 04
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Yes, it’s not Putin’s slop dousing wink

        To call the truth "slop" - you don't need much courage!
        But to tell the truth ...
        By the way, there are still brave people!
        "A criminal case on abuse of power was opened against a Stavropol policeman who stopped the car of the assistant prosecutor and suspected that he was drunk, according to the website of the regional department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation."
    4. Che
      Che 8 August 2013 18: 46
      It turns out the Saudis stepped on a cow cake. They will follow the amer’s lead, not only will they get dirty, but they will also eat these flat cakes
  3. eplewke
    eplewke 6 August 2013 14: 03
    the situation is so complicated that it will be raked for more than a dozen years ... Americans in general, I think now they scratch their turnips and think what is going on here? what
    Nobody owns the situation clearly. (This can be seen in Egypt and Tunisia)
    Amers have a generally curious situation: helping the opposition in Syria, they arm the al-Qaeda, al-Qaeda is rapidly gaining weight in the region and is associated with the Taliban, the Taliban kill the amers in Avgan and scare them to come to power after 2014, the Taliban also has weight in Pakistani, and how much money the Americans have poured into Pakistan, we all know ... The latter is the last to look in the direction of Iran. In general, a mess, dear readers. A complete mess. I am already silent about the CIA project of the Muslim brothers. Who is with whom for what and why I think now even the most erudite Middle Eastern specialist will not say ... And the culprits of all the brewed porridge are the "miracle" of American dermocracy, which has burst into the Arab world. Secular states somehow restrained numerous nationalities and all kinds of Muslim organizations. But they will find scapegoats, in this you definitely need not worry, they learned how to do this ...
  4. aksakal
    aksakal 6 August 2013 14: 03
    Something bad news from Syria - bandits in the north of Aleppo near the city of Menach captured some air base as a result of long and fierce battles. It is hard for me to imagine how, armed with tanks, other heavy weapons, with the support of aviation, the troops lost the battle for this KEY base, but then a message flashed. Who knows what? Master of SITH, can you tell us something on this matter? How dangerous and dramatic is it? How much is the key base? What is the reason for the loss? Do bandits have more "bitterness" (read, how would it sound unpleasant and inapplicable to bandits, but in other words, do you have more stamina, bravery and courage)? What's the matter? I really need to know
    1. Russ69
      Russ69 6 August 2013 14: 24
      Quote: aksakal
      Something bad news from Syria - some bandits in the north of Aleppo near the city of Menah were captured as a result of long and fierce battles.

      What is the base? All aviation in Syria is now concentrated on several bases under the powerful control of the Syrian army, and the fact that they left some where the decommissioned equipment remained and which occasionally passes from hand to hand is not significant. A year ago, there were pictures from the captured air base, on which there were several Mi-8 disassembled.
      But about that. that all serviceable equipment was relocated in advance, as it was silent.
      Any news from Syria needs to be double-checked, after the first message. Propaganda works on both sides.
    2. alone
      alone 6 August 2013 14: 33
      and there’s still news. in Damascus the bandits attacked a military airfield and destroyed 9 fighters and 7 military helicopters. Now this airport is also inexplicable. It’s incomprehensible against the backdrop of Asad’s victorious news. And no one knows what really happens there. The only source that On the forum, Elena Gromova. But the information is extremely one-sided. Yes and yet. I saw two days ago the video from the captured warehouse. There were so many PTRs that I felt sick. How can this be left to the enemy. Not everything is clear in the region. shed a lot more. heart
  5. Silkway0026
    Silkway0026 6 August 2013 14: 24
    Hamas went hand in hand ... in general, this is so in Arabic ...
    1. ale-x
      ale-x 6 August 2013 20: 28
      Hamas is now just a "tool".
  6. IRBIS
    IRBIS 6 August 2013 14: 30
    "It looks like the al-Saud state will eventually be held accountable for everything."
    All of this is very similar to the process of preparing for excuses for failure. So the "extreme" was appointed. Looks like it became absolutely bad in the spread of "democracy" in the world.
  7. alone
    alone 6 August 2013 14: 34
    such groups as Hamas will always look for a feeder. With financing, it’s tight. They need sponsors.
  8. Konstantm
    Konstantm 6 August 2013 14: 39
    There you have the art of the possible. Politics however.
  9. JonnyT
    JonnyT 6 August 2013 14: 50
    Everything is back to square one!
  10. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 6 August 2013 15: 44
    Yes, everything will be as always: no one will answer for anything. There are few examples of current politics striped from Yugoslavia to Syria. It’s rightly said, this is not casual! What are some more crappy democrats?
  11. kapitan281271
    kapitan281271 6 August 2013 15: 48
    The situation is confusing and I have such an impression that it is still not clear with Syrah. Sometimes it seems that the mattresses intentionally pretend that they are losing control. There is some kind of plan for creating this chaos. Well, I don’t believe that they couldn’t calculate that chaos would get out of control. They really lose control, but it seems like they are doing it on purpose, for some reason a huge region of stability is needed. That’s why they didn’t need to reveal all the cards to them. There is some kind of subtle game, which is incomprehensible.
    1. ale-x
      ale-x 6 August 2013 20: 30
      Yes, most likely there is a "drain plan". They will squeeze the maximum out of any situation.
  12. a52333
    a52333 6 August 2013 16: 10
    What is bad in Saudi Arabia and Qatar is easier for us. They muddied the water in the Maghreb. and here in Chechnya, they will soon have "re-elections." Hope they don't go smoothly. I would very much like to hope that ours will receive a "return" for Syria, Egypt and Chechnya. Tolsto is not sure that we will use this directly. but indirectly (instability in the oil-producing region)
    1. alone
      alone 6 August 2013 16: 45
      actually there is a monarchy !! 1 + 2 = 3 or 2 + 1 = 3 the essence does not change. Saudis and Qatari will always be under the hood of the Americans
      1. Anti
        Anti 6 August 2013 22: 40
        Quote: lonely
        Saudis and Qatari will always be under the hood of the Americans

        The cap no longer covers them completely; they are frantically looking for the invisible hat. lol
  13. kapitan281271
    kapitan281271 6 August 2013 16: 23
    Yes, take it off, it’s clear that for us to expect everything from this, someone has thoughts, any opinion is very interesting.
  14. taseka
    taseka 6 August 2013 16: 28
    Divide and rule - this is the principle of US diplomacy in the Middle East!
  15. Yuri Y.
    Yuri Y. 6 August 2013 17: 09
    Quote: kapitan281271
    . Sometimes it seems that mattresses are specially pretending to lose control. There is some kind of plan for creating this chaos.

    There is an opinion that mattresses just make a smoke break. The economic crisis, on the one hand, and with the Islamists, have deceived something (either al-Qaeda is an enemy in Agan or a friend in Syria). I understand that they are on the drum in pursuit of their own benefits, but still an occasion.
  16. Grenz
    Grenz 6 August 2013 19: 17
    The Americans are very seriously muddied in the Middle East. And it is not even clear right away - who their friend is there, who is not. It seems like everyone got into trouble. Nobody was left without attention. And do not understand, but what is the result?
    Apparently - to arrange such a civil war, so that everyone finally forgot that their main opponent in the economic, social and historical development of the United States! (Gaddafi was punished for trying to introduce a gold dinar).
    Now, by the way, they are switching to the Far East. They will play with Japan, so that they don’t even remember who dropped the atomic bomb (in the extreme case, it is the USSR), cheat on India, lower Pakistan and cut circles around China. Which side to approach. The main goal is to destabilize the situation in this region.
    Well, what should we expect from all this?
    Only one. All the trash that has received the experience of exterminating people (450 hostages were executed and there is silence in the world), especially not of their faith, can receive carte blanche for the extermination of Russia. Volunteers oh how many typed. And before that, we can from Georgia and a plague and an ulcer and a locust. Yes, anything.
    That is why the world community is shaken and torn historical ties between once friendly countries. Correctly noted - divide and conquer.
    I thought for a long time about this and came to this conclusion only. Well, if I'm wrong.
  17. Alexey M
    Alexey M 6 August 2013 20: 22
    The whole East, one big market, everything is sold, everything is bought, and there are no obligations and moral principles.
  18. Anti
    Anti 6 August 2013 22: 29
    Qatar, with the departure of Emir Hamad Al-Thani, virtually ceases its struggle for influence in the region. He curtailed the financing of the Muslim Brotherhood, lost positions in Egypt, and significantly lost influence in the Syrian opposition, having missed a Saudi protege to the leadership of NKSOR. Qatar stops financing the Libyan Islamists, leaving them almost to the mercy of fate, leaves Tunisia. This "LJ" is no accident, said Winnie the Pooh.

    If you draw parallels ... request
    The ambassador of the Russian Federation in Qatar, Vladimir Titorenko, and a number of employees of the Russian overseas agency were attacked by Qatari customs officers and police. The incident occurred on November 29 at the airport of the capital of Qatar, Doha.
    There was a quarrel between the Russian ambassador to the UN Security Council, Vitaly Churkin, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Qatar. To the latter’s threatening statement (“I warn Russia: if she doesn’t abstain from the veto and does not take the UN decision, she will lose all the Arab countries”), Ambassador Churkin quietly replied: “Once again blather something in this tone, and your Qatar will not will live until tomorrow ... " lol
  19. kapitan281271
    kapitan281271 7 August 2013 09: 18
    They are that completely. If you purely hepatetically imagine that they plunged Russia into such chaos. That Pearl Harbor and the entire second world will seem like a children's party. Stockpiles of chemical nuclear weapons if they fall into the hands of the bad guys. Amer, after all, they do not quite understand that in reality they ask these freaks only no one has a vector of 100% control over them. Or Leontiev is right in saying that everyone will be better off when mattresses move from a policy of unhealthy schizophrenia to a policy of healthy cynicism. If they really have such plans, then this is worse than the politberous marozmatiks.