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Akhtung, Akhtung! In the air, Nelson Stepanyan!

Born March 28, 1913 in the city of Shusha, in Nagorno-Karabakh, Elizabeth Province, in the family of an employee. Graduated from 7 classes, aviation Civil Air School Fleet in 1935. He worked as a flight instructor at the Civil Air Fleet. Since June 1941, in the service of the Navy and since that time he has been participating in the battles of the Great Patriotic War.

By September 1942, the commander of the 57 th assault aviation regiment (8 Bomber Aviation Brigade, Baltic Fleet Air Force) Junior Lieutenant N. G. Stepanyan made 58 combat missions, causing great damage to manpower and equipment.

October 23 1942 for courage and military prowess shown in fights with enemies, was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

By August 1944, the commander of the 47 th assault aviation regiment (11 th assault aviation division, Air Force of the Red Banner Baltic Fleet), Lieutenant Colonel N. G. Stepanyan made 239 combat missions. His regiment sank over 50 ships and ships of the enemy, shot down enemy aircraft in 13 air battles. 14 December 1944 of the year killed in aerial combat.

Akhtung, Akhtung! In the air, Nelson Stepanyan!

6 March 1945 was posthumously awarded the second Gold Star Medal.

Awarded orders: Lenin (twice), Red Banner (three times); medals

Nelson Stepanyan was born on March 28 1913 in the family of an employee, in a distant and high-mountainous Shusha, raised so high to the sky that the eagles soar among its inhabitants under their feet. Nagorno-Karabakh has long been famous for its military traditions. Valor and courage have always been an integral feature of his sons. Most likely, the proximity to the sky and prompted the Armenian boy to dream of flying. By whom Stepanyan did not have to work, but he remained faithful to his goal.

In 1935, Nelson Georgievich successfully graduated from the Civil Air Fleet School in Bataysk and flies a lot, carrying people and goods. Shortly before the Great Patriotic War, when the air already smelled of war, Stepanyan, with many other most experienced pilots, was sent to the courses of the highest flight training of the Civil Air Fleet. But Nelson Stepanyan did not manage to finish the courses ...

Already on the second day of the war, he was called up from the reserve and sent to the aviation of the Black Sea Fleet. Literally within a few days, he masters the Il-2 attack aircraft and joins the combat work, striking the enemy as part of the 46 attack assault squadron in the vicinity of Nikolaev and Odessa.

On the 20 departure during the next attack, Nelson was wounded by a fragment of an anti-aircraft missile, but managed to pull his damaged car to the airfield. In August, 1941 of the year, which had not yet been adequately treated, he was already storming the enemy positions again as part of the Baltic Fleet's 57 assault air regiment. Now NG Stepanyan is already fighting on the approaches to Leningrad, successfully destroying the enemy’s equipment and manpower.

Nelson Georgievich distinguished himself many times in the battles for Leningrad. On one of the many fighting episodes, he wrote in the newspaper "Pilot":

"It was in those days when operations were being prepared near Leningrad, which subsequently ensured a breakthrough of the blockade of the city ... While storming a German airfield in one of the locations, we destroyed and set fire to 28 German airplanes. The airfield was burning in fire. Comrades had already turned home. Making the third approach , I suddenly saw at the very edge of the forest still 3 German planes. What should I do? My comrades have already left. But I have two “hawks.” I know that one of them is Bagirov, which means that I can act boldly. Bagirov will be able to protect me.

The surviving German anti-aircraft guns beat on me fiercely. Maneuvering in the fire, I turn around so that the remaining German planes fall just along the line of aimed fire of my machine guns and cannons, and I myself descend in the direction of the landing signs ... The Germans, having decided that I want to land on their airfield, stopped shooting. They are even waiting for me. And I, having swept over the landing board, drove a charge of machine guns into one of the airplanes at the edge of the forest, and under the cover of Bagirov returned to my own airfield. "

The great experience of the former civilian pilot, his impeccable piloting technique, personal courage and worldly wisdom (after all, Stepanyan was already 38 years old, and for most boys pilots he was almost fatherly!) Did not go unnoticed by the command, and a month later N. G. Stepanyan is appointed as a flight commander in the same regiment.

Almost every day he raised his IL-2 into the sky, every day he experienced the joy of victories and the bitterness of loss. Today it is no secret to anyone that more than others in the war, it was the attack aircraft that died. This is understandable! After all, they did not bypass, like other powerful air defense units, but, on the contrary, attacked them themselves!

The stingy chronicle of the fighting activity of Nelson Stepanyan in the first six months of the war speaks very eloquently for itself. In the sky of Leningrad, he made more than 60 sorties and, together with his unit, destroyed and incapacitated 8 tanks, almost 90 cars, more than 60 anti-aircraft guns and machine guns, many other equipment.

In the combat characteristics of Nelson Stepanyan, given to him by the regimental commander during this period, it says:

"The commander of the 57 SHAP (8-I BAB, Baltic Fleet Air Force) junior lieutenant Stepanyan made 1942 combat sorties by September 58, inflicting heavy damage on the enemy in manpower and equipment. From the first sorties he showed himself a bold pilot with excellent piloting technique. After a month of combat work, he was appointed a flight commander. Having received a link, Stepanyan confidently leads his pilots into battle, drawing them with courage and courage. "

At the same time, the Military Council of the Red Banner Baltic Fleet presented a dashing attack aircraft to the rank of Hero of the Soviet Union.

For exemplary performance of command combat missions, courage, bravery and heroism shown in the fight against the German fascist invaders, by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from October 23 1942, captain N. G. Stepanyan was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union with the Order of Lenin and the medal " Golden Star".

And the war continued. Now, returning from the next assignment, Stepanyan no longer considers the number of holes in the fuselage of his aircraft. To this he has become accustomed. The main thing is that by the morning the car was ready for battle again. In November of the same year, Stepanyan becomes the squadron commander of the same 57 SHAP, which in March of the following year, one of the first in the fleet, was renamed 7-th Guards SHAP.

After some time, Stepanyan was recalled from the front. An experienced ace, he is assigned to prepare flight personnel for courses of commanders of units of the Air Force of the Red Banner Baltic Fleet, and then for the Higher Officer Courses of the Navy Air Force. There, the talent of Nelson Stepanyan was already fully manifested as a mentor-teacher who could, like no one else, transfer his knowledge and air warfare skills to students as soon as possible. At the same time, Stepanyan continuously “bombards” the authorities with reports asking him to send him to the front. He is a combat pilot and is he in the rear in the midst of a battle!

The perseverance of the air ace finally had an effect, and in April 1944, Nelson Stepanyan was appointed commander of the 47-th SHAP of the Black Sea Fleet air force. The regiment at this time fiercely fought with the enemy in the skies of the Crimea and Kuban. On the move, the new commander who had just arrived joined him in combat work.

Here is what the veteran of the Great Patriotic War, retired colonel-general V. N. Voronov, recalls:

“I met Stepanyan during the battle for the Kuban and the Crimea. Our regiments were sitting on the same airfield. Short, full, with a bald head and very cheerful - I remember that. I was very hard at that time. , fighters, covered Stepanian's regiment to attack Theodosia. Suddenly an entire squadron of German aces fell out of the clouds. As a sign of the elite "coca" of their "Messerschmitts" were painted white. A fierce battle ensued. The Germans were greatly helped by their antiaircraft artillery. That day n and more than half of the stormtroopers did not return to the airfield. We had considerable losses. After returning, Stepanyan looked very old at the same time. "

During the Crimean operation, the regiment of Stepanyan destroyed 8 transports, 12 high-speed landing barges, 9 patrol boats, over 3000 soldiers and officers of the enemy. Remaining faithful to his principle - to teach subordinates by personal example - Nelson Stepanyan himself led his regiment into battle. So, on April 16 of the year 1944, being the leader of the 12 “Ilov” group, he sank 3 high-speed landing barges in the Sudak area right away. On May 22 participated in the rout of the convoy breaking through from the blocked Sevastopol to Romania, personally drowning the German transport. At the same time, the regiment commander's plane was badly damaged: the left aileron and part of the stabilizer were torn off. However, despite this, Stepanyan was able to complete the combat mission and bring his broken IL to the airfield. For successful actions during the liberation of Theodosius, the 47 SHAP was awarded the honorary title "Theodosia", and this, too, was a great merit of its commander.

After the liberation of the Crimea, Stepanian's regiment was transferred to the Baltic. If the struggle for the Black Sea was already coming to a victorious end, here it was still in full swing. The liberation of the Baltic states was in full swing, and the strengthening of aviation was extremely necessary. As soon as they had flown to a new place, Stepanian's attack aircraft immediately entered the battle. They continuously delivered crushing blows at enemy naval facilities in Navarsky,

Vyborg and Finnish bays, made raids on its base.

In a short time, the 47 regiment destroyed the 30 of enemy ships and vessels. On the merits and honor, but because 22 July 1944, the fleet commander Admiral Tributs solemnly attached to the battle banner of the regiment the Order of the Red Banner. From now on, the regiment became Red Banner.

A month later, Nelson Georgievich was presented for the award of the second Gold Star medal. By this time, the commander of the 47-th SHAP (11-I ShAD, the Air Force of the Baltic Fleet), Lieutenant Colonel N. G. Stepanyan made 239 sorties. He personally sank the whole squadron: 1 destroyer, 2 patrol ships, 1 minesweeper, 2 torpedo boats and 5 transports, with a total displacement of more than 80 000 tons! In addition, during the attack, destroyed up to 5000 soldiers and officers of the enemy, broke 4 ferries, caused more 80 explosions and 70 fires.

Has got from Stepanyan and enemy aircraft. Having spent more than 30 air battles, he personally shot down the 2 bomber Yu-88, and besides that he shot and bombed 25 airplanes of various types at the airfields.

During the same time, the pilots of his regiment made 1500 combat missions, sank over 50 ships and enemy ships, shot down enemy aircraft in 13 air battles.

26 November 1944 was published in the newspaper "Kommunist" about the contribution of the personal savings to the defense fund of the USSR by the workers of the Armenian SSR:
"Members of the Armenian SSR Bar Association collected 115 000 rubles from their personal savings and contributed to the State Bank of the USSR Defense Fund. Lawyers expressed a desire to purchase a combat aircraft with this money and hand it over to Hero of the Soviet Union Nelson Stepanyan.

Party party of the collective farm named after Stalin of the village of Nor Kyank, Artik district, Armenian SSR Yerem Pogosovich Arakelyan, his personal savings in the amount of 100 000 rubles contributed to the construction of a combat aircraft. In a letter to comrade Stalin, Arakelyan asks for this amount to purchase a fighter of the latest design and hand it over to the pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union Nelson Stepanyan.

Chairman of the collective farm. Stalin of the village of Avdalar, Kotayk District, Grigor Airapetovich Tevosyan, following the example of the noble patriot-collective farmer Ferapont Holovaty, contributed 100 000 rubles to acquire the newest type of combat aircraft. Tov. In his letter to Comrade Stalin, Tevosyan asks the plane to call "The Avenger" and hand it over to N. Stepanyan, Hero of the Soviet Union. "

Learning about my intention to be on the front line and make a report about my fellow countrymen, Army General O. Baghramyan told me that there are Armenians in parts of the front - officers and soldiers. The army general advised me to go to the 35 th Guards Red Banner Baltic Regiment of ground attack aviation, where Lieutenant Colonel Nelson Stepanyan served. And we went to Palanga ...

At the initiative of the regiment commander, the Po-2 aircraft was allocated at our disposal, on which we flew out for the next shootings.

These were the days of the retreat of the German troops, but sometimes the fascist planes managed to break through to Palanga. Each of the pilots flew 5 - 6 times in a row, one against several enemy aircraft.

That day, the regiment received the Avenger combat aircraft dedicated to Nelson with a cover letter. Nelson lovingly accepted the plane and found out from the letter that it was a gift from the countrymen.

And so, "The Avenger" in the air. His wheel is in Nelson's safe hands. He flew to the "hunt", he will definitely avenge the blood of two brothers Grigor Tevosyan. As they say in the people: "Blood is for blood, death is for death!"

Nelson fought three Messerschmitts. He had one sole advantage - unparalleled courage. A fight started. Bravely storming, Nelson shot down one of the enemy's attacking aircraft. The brave Soviet falcon believed in his victory and rushed against the rest. "Avenger" circled like a beetle around the German aircraft, doused them with lead rain.

Planes rapidly approached each other and departed. The second plane, shrouded in flames and smoke, went to the ground, making steep turns. The third "Messerschmitt" managed to leave. "The Avenger" fulfilled its first duty - avenging the blood of the dead Tevosyan.

At the airport impatiently awaited the return of Nelson. The regiment commander Vasily Petrovich Kuzmin, sitting in the radio center, with intense attention and excitement, watched the sky.

“Ah, that Nelson,” he said, “until what time will he torment his comrades.”

"McTitel" finally landed.

On the airfield lay the shroud of the night. At the other end of the forest, rays of searchlights desperately cut through the sky.

Alas ... Lieutenant Colonel Stepanyan wasn’t able to put a second star on his chest.

14 December 1944 of the year he led a group of his "Ilovs" to inflict a bombing attack on the Libava (Liepaja) port. At that time, Libava was the only artery connecting the enemy of Kurland surrounded with Germany, and therefore the destruction of transport convoys going to both sides was of paramount importance. On that day, information was obtained about the accumulation of a large number of transports and vehicles loaded with troops and equipment in Liepaja's advance port. Stepanyan's "Ily" rushed to destroy them.

The regimental commander himself at the head of the first group was supposed to suppress the coastal and shipboard anti-aircraft artillery. The second group, meanwhile, had to get through to the transports and get rid of them. Already at the very approach to the targets, the Nelson Stepanyan planes were suddenly attacked by enemy fighters at once with 30. A fierce and fleeting air battle ensued. After a few minutes, the leading aircraft, which was the first to bravely rushed to the counterattack, covering the others, was set on fire. Stepanyan attacked and shot down one of the Focke-Wolfs on a storm-trooper already in flames. A few minutes later his IL-2 fell into the sea. That is how NG Stepanyan and the navigator of the 2 squadron of the 47 air regiment, captain A.G. Rumyantsev, who was with him, died.

259-th flight was the last for Nelson Stepanyan. His grave was the entire Baltic Sea. In his battle account 17 personally destroyed enemy ships, including 1 destroyer and 6 transports over 80 tanks and 600 cars, 64 guns field and antiaircraft artillery to 30 machine gun points, 1 locomotive and 40 cars, 4 crossing, over 5000 soldiers and enemy officers.

6 March 1945 of the year for the skillful leadership of the regiment and personal courage shown in battles with enemies, Nelson Georgievich was awarded the title of twice Hero of the Soviet Union, alas, posthumously ...

Years passed, and monuments were erected in honor of Stepanyan in his homeland - in Shusha - and in the place of his last feat - in Liepaja. The name of the glorious son of the Armenian people was also carried by the large freezing trawler of the Riga Trawl Fleet. The bust of the Hero is set in the city of Yerevan. Every year, on the anniversary of the death of Stepanyan, an Armenian delegation came to Liepaja, a mourning wreath was laid on a wave from a ship leaving the sea, the memorial ringing sounded three times weapons salute and mournfully lowered the Navy flag.

All this was! It is hard to believe, but with the departure of the Russian fleet from Latvia, the local authorities demanded that the monument to the famous pilot be taken with him, threatening otherwise with its destruction. The hero of the battle against fascism was still terrible to the forces of evil. In the hold of the Great amphibious assault ship, the monument to Nelson Stepanyan was transported to the land of Kaliningrad, where it is now installed as a symbol of immortality to the brave and daring!
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  1. an-sar
    an-sar 30 July 2013 07: 46
    If there were no such people, then there would be no VICTORY !!!
  2. Rusik.S
    Rusik.S 30 July 2013 08: 33
    Thanks for the article. I did not know about this pilot.
  3. pinecone
    pinecone 30 July 2013 09: 04
    Until May 1945. Liepaja remained the main supply base of Army Group North (January 25, 1945 Kurland), so it is not surprising that the German command paid special attention to the air defense of this port. In addition, there were always escort ships equipped with anti-aircraft artillery. Considering the date of the operation specified in the article, the fact of carrying out suicidal air raids on a well-protected object from low altitudes and without fighter cover seems completely unacceptable and inexplicable.
  4. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 30 July 2013 09: 30
    I don’t know what to say, but the main thing is that it was a Soviet man. And let them say anything, but there were many such people, real Soviet people.
  5. Gari
    30 July 2013 09: 40
    My comrades have already left. But two "hawks" are circling above me. I know that one of them is Bagirov, which means that I can act boldly. Bagirov will be able to protect me.

    So N.G. Stepanyan and former navigator of the 2nd squadron of the 47th air regiment, Captain A.G. Rumyantsev, died.

    But no one looked what nationality - Stepanyan, Bagirov or Rumyantsev All fought for a common victory!
    Glory Twice Hero of the USSR Nelson Stepanyan
    Glory to All Heroes!
    1. Artmark
      Artmark 30 July 2013 12: 29
      Glory to all the heroes !!! They were Soviet people !!! soldier
      1. 225chay
        225chay 30 July 2013 22: 33
        Quote: ArtMark
        Glory to all the heroes !!! They were Soviet people !!!

        The heroic guy was this Stepanyan!
  6. Dazdranagon
    Dazdranagon 30 July 2013 09: 46
    The hero is eternal memory! It’s a pity, did not live a bit before the Victory. And let the Baltic states be ashamed of their actions!
    1. Revolver
      Revolver 31 July 2013 08: 04
      They will not be. That place which is ashamed of them has long dried up and fell off. Or maybe it wasn’t from nature.
  7. iOfficer
    iOfficer 30 July 2013 11: 20
    Great stuff! Glory to the Hero! soldier
  8. George
    George 30 July 2013 11: 48
    Well done! Eternal memory to the Russian son of the Armenian people!
    I thank the author.
  9. omsbon
    omsbon 30 July 2013 12: 19
    with the departure of the Russian fleet from Latvia, the local authorities demanded that they take away with them the monument to the famous pilot, threatening his destruction otherwise.

    As the Latvian authorities were, according to the apt definition of one of the heroes of the film "Midshipmen Forward!" - with k and m and Courland - so they remained!
    1. Constantine
      Constantine 30 July 2013 12: 23
      Quote: omsbon
      As the Latvian authorities were, according to the apt definition of one of the heroes of the film "Midshipmen Forward!" - with k and m and Courland - so they remained!

      That is to say the least. One of the main fighters with the Russians is a man there, whose father was a Latvian security officer, and his mother is from Pskov. So, for state money. the department even sells parents there. sad
      1. Artmark
        Artmark 30 July 2013 12: 35
        Greetings, dear money, nothing to do with it, here is the essence of man! and nationality does not matter where the main thing is how he was brought up.
    2. valerii41
      valerii41 31 July 2013 21: 14
      In the war on August 8, 08. When the Georgians hit the Russian peacekeepers on the thieves in the back, the Armenians of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijanis supported the Georgians, it was not a whisper behind him, it was an officialdom. It’s not good to call some Courlandians bitches
  10. knn54
    knn54 30 July 2013 13: 40
    The true courage of the ENLIGHTED peoples consists in the readiness of their sons for self-sacrifice in the name of the Motherland.
    PS Apart from Nelson Stepanyan, none of the representatives of Transcaucasia and Central Asia twice became a Hero of the Soviet Union during the war years.
    1. smersh70
      smersh70 30 July 2013 13: 47
      Quote: knn54
      Apart from Nelson Stepanyan, none of the representatives of Transcaucasia and Central Asia twice became a Hero of the Soviet Union during the war years.

      don't say gop until you jump ...... fool you write any x ....... y
      The honorary title “Hero of the Soviet Union” is one of the USSR medals of the highest degree. A medal was awarded to individuals for accomplishing feats and displaying special courage during hostilities. Later, in peacetime, the honorary title of “Hero of the Soviet Union” was awarded. The medal was established by a decision of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR of April 16, 1937.
      Until the collapse of the Soviet Union, the medal was awarded 12 times. The largest presentation took place during the years of World War II. The first Azerbaijani to be awarded this honorary title (December 745, 11) was Israfil Maharram oglu Mammadov.
      Those who received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union twice were awarded the Golden Star medal, and a brass bust was installed in his homeland. In Azerbaijan, this title was awarded twice by Major General Azi Aslanov.
    2. Marek Rozny
      Marek Rozny 30 July 2013 14: 01
      Indeed, why write nonsense without knowing the situation. Kazakhs have a pilot-twice Hero of the Soviet Union. This is the attack aircraft Talgat Begeldinov.

      ... October 26, 1944, Guard Lieutenant Begeldinov Talgat Yakubekovich for the courage and combat skill shown during the liberation of the cities of Znamenka, Kirovograd, for the personally shot down 4 enemy aircraft in air battles, was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

      The second Gold Star medal of the guard, Captain Begeldinov Talgat Yakubovich was awarded 27 June 1945 year for the skillful leadership of the squadron and combat feats during the storming of the cluster of troops and equipment of the enemy in the battles for the cities of Krakow, Oppeln (now Opole), Katowice, Breslau (nowadays) Berlin.

      For two years of the war, T. Ya. Begeldinov made 305 sorties to attack the enemy ground forces, shot down 7 aircraft in air battles ...
      1. Gari
        30 July 2013 15: 37
        Quote: Marek Rozny
        Kazakhs have a pilot-twice Hero of the Soviet Union. This is the attack aircraft Talgat Begeldinov.

        Since August 31, 2012, after the death of Air Marshal Alexander Efimov, he is the only one of the twice living Heroes of the Soviet Union who received Golden Stars for his exploits during the Great Patriotic War. All other Heroes of the Soviet Union who now live twice are astronauts.
        He is alive. Man is a legend, here it is necessary to write about such People.
    3. pensioner
      pensioner 30 July 2013 14: 09
      Quote: knn54
      PS Apart from Nelson Stepanyan, none of the representatives of Transcaucasia and Central Asia twice became a Hero of the Soviet Union during the war years.

      Talgat Begeldinov. Kazakh. 2 GSS. Attack aircraft. the first among all the pilots of the anti-Hitler coalition made a day reconnaissance (actually a demonstration) flight over Berlin! Ahmad Shah Masoud himself honored him ...
      1. alone
        alone 30 July 2013 14: 12
        Major General of the Tank Forces, Azi Aslanov, was introduced three times to the rank of hero, but received it two times. The first during his lifetime, the second posthumously
      2. knn54
        knn54 30 July 2013 15: 26
        DEAR, I wanted to write ... during the years of the (WWII) war !!! Like Pokryshkin- the ONLY thrice Hero. Kozhedub and Zhukov received this title AFTER the end of the Second World War.
        The usual (no offense) statement of fact.
        PS General Kozak Semyon Antonovich, Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, "People's Hero of Yugoslavia" -and who will say that he is not THREE HERO.
        PPS And why "-" was not brought twice Hero of the Soviet Union Marshal I.Kh.Bagramyan as an CONTRACT ???
        1. Gari
          30 July 2013 15: 53
          Quote: knn54
          PPS And why "-" was not brought twice Hero of the Soviet Union Marshal I.Kh.Bagramyan as an CONTRACT ???

          Yes, twice the Hero of the USSR was given by the Armenian people during the war years except Nelson Stepanyan was also Marshal I.Kh. Baghramyan
          Well, I guess I should have done it, but why, to praise only my own - they fought all together, so I emphasized that the Armenian Nelson Stepanyan, when he went to the enemy knowing that he was being covered by an Azerbaijani Bagirov.
          The war was general, all the peoples of the USSR, led by the Russian people, fought and won!
          1. Marek Rozny
            Marek Rozny 30 July 2013 23: 04
            My Kazakh heart rejoices when the Armenians and Azerbaijanis equally perceive the events of that time, and speak respectfully of Soviet soldiers of both nationalities. If you guys still figured out how you should live together in the Future and the Present - you would not have a price.
            1. Gari
              31 July 2013 00: 21
              Quote: Marek Rozny
              My Kazakh heart rejoices when the Armenians and Azerbaijanis perceive the events of that time in the same way and speak respectfully of Soviet soldiers of both nationalities

              So our Grandfathers lived together in the One Great Country, which was attacked by an insidious and cruel enemy, together came to Berlin and Won!
              And then they lived peacefully and very amicably until the humpback came and began, and began throughout the country and the result of the collapse of the Great Country and the war, victims, human tragedies, refugees
        2. valerii41
          valerii41 31 July 2013 18: 37
          knn54, You can scold me as you like. Under the communists, there were many dark places with awards. On 28 Panfilov's men there was no battle near Dubosekov, the chief archivist of Russia Pikhoya officially stated this in VESTI-24. In 1947, the prosecutor's office dealt with this issue, the author of this legend confessed and repented, the case ended. There is an interesting moment, the division was formed in Kazakhstan, less than 10 years after the bloody massacre organized by the communists, and the Siberian Illarionov turned out to be a part of this division 1000 kilometers from his village at the first half-station, the Chekists put to the wall for escaping from the collective farm, he was recorded among the 28 survivors ... I don't know how with tanks, but I drove women in my village thoroughly. Three times the hero Pokryshkin was persecuted by the prosecutor's office until the age of 43, for the fact that he did not fly correctly at the beginning of the war, this is in his memories. For almost the entire war, he flew the AEROCOBRA and surpassed the ME-109. At the end of the war he was offered a 4 star so that he moved to the Armenian MIG, it smelled a lot not good, it was not an air battle that got out
  11. ed65b
    ed65b 30 July 2013 13: 53
    Interesting article. And notice in the photo and drawing the airplane with airbrushing. not only the guys thought about battle victories, but also about the beauty of the car and recognition. The first time I saw a photo was with airbrushing and not just aces and shark heads. Estetus was a pilot. A plus.
  12. Ulan
    Ulan 30 July 2013 14: 29
    There are still so many such heroes that we don’t know about. Here is who we should talk about every day from the TV screen and not about the glamorous husks like Sobchak or Zverev.
  13. ed65b
    ed65b 30 July 2013 15: 04
    All who defended the independence of our country, the USSR, regardless of nationality, they are all HEROES. And we need to remember this and honor them, and listen to them, who have seen HELL in life and have won it. hi
  14. MilaPhone
    MilaPhone 30 July 2013 15: 19
    The author called the article "Akhtung, Akhtung! Nelson Stepanyan is in the air!" did not write in it how this expression came from!
    But from where:
    The participant of the conference in Ulyanovsk, professor of UlSTU Vladimir Gurkin talked about how he managed to find one of the German pilots living in Germany, whose squadron knocked out Nelson Stepanyan's plane. He is now 93 years old. In a telephone conversation with Vladimir Alexandrovich, a former German pilot said that his colleagues did not include those who did not know Nelson Stepanyan. As soon as he appeared in the air, a signal arrived: "Akhtung, Akhtung! Nelson Stepanyan is in the air!"
    There are heroes whom even enemies revere ...
  15. gerafak
    gerafak 30 July 2013 15: 55
    But he started the war on IL-2 without a machine gun in the back hemisphere. And nothing became a target for the enemy.
  16. valerii41
    valerii41 30 July 2013 18: 26
    I am somewhat wary of awards. The deceased father-in-law told about one gentleman of three orders, Glory Tea, a battalion commander with wine we didn’t know until 44 years old and served on the table. Worked on the installation was one glorious drummer of communist labor constantly honorary diplomas honored builder of the RSFSR drove the marriage spent the night in detoxification. The non-drinking installer, later calculated, an excellent man on a weekend was away from the mourners on a visit and ended up in a sobering station — they inclined to disgrace the team for a year. Also the game had to lick and barked.
    1. aleshka
      aleshka 31 July 2013 06: 30
      you do not compare an ass with a finger, wary !!!
      1. valerii41
        valerii41 31 July 2013 19: 30
        The joker Alyoshka, in von Mellenthin's memoirs, the exploits of the Russians are noted in the offensive zone of the 3rd motorized division, near Stalingrad, they stumbled upon the Russians and they talk about weeks of defense. The Germans thought to throw hats, burned themselves, the staff officers could not think of anything, invited three lieutenants and offered to come up with a practical move. It took 3 days to prepare, 1000 people were taken prisoner, for a month people ate grass, they got by with a minimum of water, which they dug from deep dug holes. Moreover, they not only survived on such a diet, but also fought to the very end. This is not in our documents, and German documents are classified in the Podolsk archives. German officers were accountable for every soldier, for every shell, and the behavior of the enemy. From these documents it is possible to calculate the real heroes, and not the label "TRAITOR" Hero of the USSR Devyatov was captured from the German missile center PENEMUNDE and his friends hijacked an airplane and flew to the Soviet concentration camps on a duvet. What comparisons are you with
  17. combatpilot
    combatpilot 30 July 2013 20: 55
    The Azerbaijanis are silent .. Silent ... Well, tell me what they did to Nelson’s house-museum, with his bust while hosting in Shushi? Well, keep quiet, keep quiet ....

    Glory to Nelson! A worthy son of his people!
    1. Eugene
      Eugene 31 July 2013 07: 40
      There’s a nasty story with Karabakh! A sister was born in Agdam. They say that some ruins remained from the city.
  18. Eugene
    Eugene 30 July 2013 20: 55
    Shusha is generally an amazing locality. So many heroes betrayed !!!
    1. valerii41
      valerii41 31 July 2013 19: 34
      Only heroes can damn a city like Shushu
  19. Old skeptic
    Old skeptic 30 July 2013 23: 57

    (C) / H. Tikhonov "Ballad of Nails" /
  20. vip.da78
    vip.da78 31 July 2013 00: 42
    I am proud that I lived in a country where such Heroes were!
  21. soldier's grandson
    soldier's grandson 31 July 2013 01: 03
    this is our common hero, there would be more such articles
    1. Alex 241
      Alex 241 31 July 2013 01: 14
      18: 14A centenary of the legendary pilot, twice Hero of the Soviet Union Nelson Stepanyan celebrated in Yerevan

      The centenary of the legendary ground attack pilot, twice Hero of the Soviet Union Nelson Stepanyan, was celebrated on Thursday in Yerevan.

      The ceremony was held at the monument to Stepanyan in one of the squares of Yerevan, attended by First Deputy Minister of Defense of Armenia David Tonoyan, officers, veterans, as well as representatives of the Russian embassy and Rossotrudnichestvo.

      “Today is a momentous day for everyone, especially for aviators,” the head of the Military Aviation Institute of the Armenian Ministry of Defense told reporters. A.Hamferyantsa, Colonel Daniel Balayan.

      “Nelson Stepanyan has been a guideline for us since childhood. For those young men who dreamed of becoming aviators, the example was primarily Armenian pilots, among whom Nelson Stepanyan was twice the most famous Hero of the Soviet Union, ”he noted.

      Balayan added that today these traditions continue at the Aviation Institute. “I think that the Armenian people, exalting their heroes, will go a long way, and I’m sure that we will have new Nelsons Stepanyans,” he emphasized.

      In turn, the famous Armenian writer and publicist Zory Balayan noted that he, like Stepanyan, was originally from Shushi (Nagorno-Karabakh).

      He recalled how in 1946, when he was 11 years old, a monument to Nelson Stepanyan was erected in Shushi, and how in 1990, on the same day and hour, along with the monument to Hovhannes Baghramyan in Kirovabad, the Azerbaijanis threw down and desecrated the monument to the legendary pilot.

      The writer told reporters about the exploits of Stepanyan, recalling that he wrote the book “Wings” about him.

      “I must say that apart from Nelson Stepanyan, none of the representatives of Transcaucasia and Central Asia twice became the Hero of the Soviet Union during the war years,” he added.

      Nelson Stepanyan (1913-1944) - attack pilot, guard lieutenant colonel, twice Hero of the Soviet Union (October 23, 1942 and March 6, 1945 - posthumously).

      He made 239 sorties; sank personally and in a group of 53 enemy ships (13 personally), destroyed 80 tanks, 600 vehicles, 27 aircraft (2 Ju-88 bombers in aerial combat, 25 different types of aircraft at airfields). Also on his account 105 destroyed enemy guns, 130 machine gun points, 5000 soldiers, 80 explosions, 70 fires.

      Armenia, In the World, USSR
      1. Alex 241
        Alex 241 31 July 2013 01: 20
        stamp with the image of a hero.
  22. pinecone
    pinecone 31 July 2013 07: 17
    The extensive experience of the former civilian pilot, his impeccable piloting technique, personal courage and worldly wisdom (after all, Stepanyan was already 38 years old, and for most boy pilots, he was already fit almost as a father!) the command was not left without attention, and a month later, N. G. Stepanyan was appointed the link commander in the same regiment.

    The author is a little carried away. In 1941, Stepanyan turned not 38, but 28 years old.
    1. ded10041948
      ded10041948 31 July 2013 13: 28
      The article is very necessary, so its a plus. But the author, for some gross mistakes ("after all, Stepanyan was already 38 years old"; "He personally sank an entire squadron: 1 destroyer, 2 patrol ships, 1 minesweeper, 2 torpedo boats and 5 transports, with a total displacement of more than 80 tons" And it's only those that hit you in the eye!) - minus The numbers need to be handled more carefully (age, total displacement). Stepanyan was a WARRIOR, defended his homeland, and does not need embellishment. His documented merit alone is more than enough to treat his memory with the deepest respect! By excessive exaggeration, the author, in my opinion, insults the memory of the Hero
      As for the act of vandalism on the part of the Azerbaijanis, by this they lowered themselves even lower than the Courlandians. Those, at least, offered to pick up the monument!
      1. valerii41
        valerii41 31 July 2013 21: 02
        Not tied to numbers. Baltic; 8 tanks, 90 cars, 60 anti-aircraft guns and machine guns and other equipment, I think under other equipment "POLARIS". It was not enough to reach the German destroyers, patrol boats, minesweepers, and torpedo boats. I ironed the ground. Black Sea; Basically, the Romanian fleet was made of wood and tin. There were no German destroyers, patrol boats, minesweepers, torpedo boats. Sank 8 transports, 12 high-speed barges, 9 Romanian guards. In German memoirs, the war is described as a work of FEAT. Our marshals of victory with the "HIGHER PRIMARY EDUCATION" soldier did a feat, with a sapper shovel rushed to the tank and the barrel of the machine gun bent and defeated Zhukov's superiority from the Germans three to five times so count Uzhukov 1 tank from the Germans 5. The Minister of Defense writes his memoirs EXTRACTED FROM THE ENCYCLOPEDIA for the whole war 800 thousand guns and mortars were fired, how many were lost along with the personnel - silence. It is done simply, you take the 1th or 6th edition Recollection and reflection there are links to the MILITARY ENCYCLOPEDIA you go to the library you find the year of Zhukov's death in the newspaper PRAVDA you take the MILITARY ENCYCLOPEDIA VOLUME 9 you look the year of publication you need to hold on to the chair
  23. tilovaykrisa
    tilovaykrisa 31 July 2013 15: 34
    A hero, not like the current tribe.