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Romanian mountain sheep

Romanian mountain sheep

MLVM was developed in Romania specifically for use in the highlands.

The car has a good angular body, the body and the tower are made of all-welded rolled armor with anti-bullet and anti-splinter protection and have a large angle of the upper frontal sheet. The lower frontal bronelist is also installed at a large angle, making the wedge-shaped bow of the BMP.

The machine has a classic layout and consists of: MTO in the front, office management, combat compartment + airborne.

The crew is 2 + 1 man (commander, cars, gunner / group commander and driver-mechanic) and can carry troops of six people. The principle of its application. Same as a conventional BMP, but its suspension gives it an advantage for using the machine on steep slopes and climbs.

The driver is in the nose of the BMP on the left side. When moving in combat, observation is carried out using three triplex periscopes. Leaving the car is made through the upper hatch on the machine body. Behind is the seat of the commander of the machine, which has a one-piece manhole cover and three triplex. The commander also has a night vision device with an external infrared illuminator. To the right of them is the engine compartment with an 4-stroke forced diesel engine, which develops the power of the 155 HP. In the tower, borrowed from TAB-71M (8 × 8), there is one person who has one 14,5 mm KPVT and one PKT of 7,62 mm caliber.


The troop compartment is located at the rear and is equipped with two stern doors and six upper hatches (three on each side of the hull). Also there is an 6 embrasure for firing from small weapons.

Torsion bar suspension with six rubber-spoke rollers on each side, driving wheels, rear guide wheels and three supporting rollers on board. The sides are covered with narrow metal screens.

From additional weapons: F-1 grenades, AG-7 anti-tank grenade launcher (RPG-7) and CA-94 MANPADS (Strela-2).

MLVM amphibious. Movement through the water is carried out by rewinding the tracks.

Airborne car.
The release of this BMP is currently discontinued.

Tactical and technical characteristics of BMP MLVM:
Combat weight, t 9,8
Crew, people 2 + 1 + 6
Overall dimensions, mm:
5850 length
width 2870
height 1950
380 clearance
Bulletproof booking
Armament - 14.5-mm machine gun, 7,62-mm machine gun
Ammunition: 500 cartridges caliber 14,5 mm, 2000 cartridges caliber 7,62 mm
Engine 4-stroke forced diesel. power 155 hp
Specific engine power, kW / t 11,5
Maximum speed on the highway, km / h 48
Power reserve, km
on the highway 680-740
off road 370-440
Fuel stock, l 480
Obstacle obstacles:
wall height, m ​​0.6
pit width, m 1,5
ford depth, m 0.6

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MLVM Upgrade

Drawing on its experience in developing a major service pack for MLI-84 (a local version of the Soviet BMP-1), the Romanian company Autonoma Arsenalul has developed an extensive service pack for the Romanian MLVM. The purpose of this update is to increase the overall efficiency of MLVM, reduce operating costs, increase its firepower and “fit” the vehicle to NATO standards.

The current MLVM is equipped with a horizontally and vertically controlled turret due to mechanical drives. Armament is clearly not enough to perform the tasks that fall in the modern battle for a similar machine. Therefore, the combat unit was replaced with a module developed with the help of the Israeli Rafael Armament Development Authority with the installation of the 25-mm OWS 25R and two Spike ATGMs.

To increase the survivability on the battlefield, MLVM was supplied with a warning system for laser irradiation. This informs the crew through a light and sound warning system about the type of radiation, the direction of the threat. And also automatically launches aerosol grenades. To do this, there are six 81 mm smoke grenade launchers installed three pieces on each side. The warning system for laser irradiation has automatic and manual modes of operation and is mounted on the site of the commander.

The infrared surveillance device has now been replaced with the 2 generation EC2-55 thermal imager developed in collaboration with the French SAGEM-ODS. This is an increase in 3 and 24 ° field of view. Thermal imager . EC2-55 can detect objects at a distance of 1600 m and recognize objects at a distance of 600 meters.

The engine is replaced by a German Mercedes-Benz or Deutz with water cooling from 340 to 400 hp, connected to an automatic transmission. The speed increased from 48 to 65 km / h, and the power reserve increased to 800 km. Specific power also increased from 17.11 hp / t in the standard BMP to 30-35 hp / t in the modernized machine.

An EADS S&D L'Hotellier fire suppression system was installed. It includes two independent subsystems that provide fast and effective fire detection and extinguishing in all departments.

To improve communication, the existing radio communication systems have been replaced by a new system manufactured in collaboration with Thales UK.
Water speed increased from 6 to 15 km / h.

Enhance body armor by installing passive reactive armor (NERA). Due to the increase in engine power, it does not affect the reduction of mobility.

On the basis of MLVM developed machines:

120-mm self-propelled mortar MLVM AR which is different aft, converted for the installation of weapons in this case will be hatches opening left and right. M120 1982 mm mortars.

there is also a MLVM AR with M198 mortar9, which is firing, in contrast to the M1982, in the direction of the car. Both mortars can fire only from a place.

In both types of self-propelled mortars there are plates and bipods so that, depending on the tactical situation, they can be deployed separately from the machine.

ABAL ammunition truck

The layout is similar to the general one, but instead of the troop compartment, it carries an 64 100 mm or 104 76 round of ammunition with a total payload of up to 2100 kg. Some of the ammunition can be removed through the side hatches. For self-defense, there is a 7,62-mm machine gun with a circular attack and vertically from -5 to + 82 °.


A small amount was built in the sanitary version. Rollers are similar to MLI-84.

BMV MLVM are in service with only the Romanian army.

Armed with the Romanian army has 75 pcs. different modifications. All of them are part of the 2 th mountain brigade "Sarmizegetuza".
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  1. cosmos111
    cosmos111 29 July 2013 10: 11
    Akim, an excellent article. And, mountain sheep, according to the performance characteristics, also on top.
    And most importantly, the modernized armored vehicles and today are quite modern.
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 29 July 2013 10: 28
      For mountains, in countries with right-hand traffic, it’s more convenient to be on the right (see the edge of the cliff on the mountain road), and the MTO on the left.
      Russian troops and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the tag is also needed, armored vehicles specially designed or modernized for operations in the mountains.
      Crawler chassis, German self-propelled guns PZh 2000, MTO left mechvod right.
    2. dustycat
      dustycat 29 July 2013 16: 52
      Quote: cosmos111
      Akim, an excellent article. And, mountain sheep, according to the performance characteristics, also on top.
      And most importantly, the modernized armored vehicles and today are quite modern.

      And it has a large reserve for modernization as the original BTRD.
  2. Massik
    Massik 29 July 2013 10: 29
    Something like a recycled BMP with other corners of the armor and modern filling ....
    1. Akim
      29 July 2013 10: 47
      Quote: Marssik
      Something like a recycled BMP

      So you can "write" a lot for a penny. Naturally, the Romanians looked at the BMP-1 as a model, but they developed their own specialized vehicle.
      1. cosmos111
        cosmos111 29 July 2013 13: 03
        Quote: Akim
        Like a prototype, but they designed their own specialized machine.

        On units and assemblies BMP-1
        1. Akim
          29 July 2013 13: 09
          Quote: cosmos111
          On units and assemblies BMP-1

          NO. Even the MLI-84. a lot of their own. Including power. Romanians have their own auto industry.
          1. APASUS
            APASUS 29 July 2013 17: 37
            Quote: Akim
            Romanians have their own auto industry.

            What is this ?? ...... like a Dacia Logan in military performance?
            Do not be offended, but since Soviet times the Romanians had their own idea of ​​mining technology. This "ram" did not have combat use, I think it would not have withstood the mountains of the Caucasus.
            1. Akim
              29 July 2013 18: 07
              Quote: APASUS
              What is this ?? ...... like a Dacia Logan in military performance?

              You probably know a little. These are ARO jeeps and DAC trucks. Dacha also had its own crossover before, though the rut is not for the army.
              This "ram" had no combat use, I think he would not have withstood the mountains of the Caucasus.

              He does not need. He has the task of the Carpathians.
        2. dustycat
          dustycat 29 July 2013 16: 49
          Quote: cosmos111
          Quote: Akim
          Like a prototype, but they designed their own specialized machine.

          On units and assemblies BMP-1

          If only the chassis details, the tracks and the general idea.
          Although it seems that the BTRD was a model - a more worthy platform to follow.
    2. dustycat
      dustycat 29 July 2013 16: 46
      Quote: Marssik
      Something like a recycled BMP with other corners of the armor and modern filling ....

      More likely, the caterpillar BTRD was a model for thought-out.
      Here is a really more worthwhile role model.
  3. Lopatov
    Lopatov 29 July 2013 10: 41
    Upgraded really can be fully called mountain. With such a high line of fire, large declination angles will be available. Cleverly done
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 29 July 2013 11: 45
      Quote: Spade
      high declining angles will be available large declination angles

      The main BMP 1, cleverly sorted out, upgraded.
      The rest is a matter of NATO and Israeli technology
      BTR Pandur II with a combat module RCWS-30 Israeli company RAFAEL.
      DBM, RCWS-30 is armed with a 30 mm cannon, 7,62 mm coaxial machine gun and two launchers for Spike-LR universal guided missiles. It has various thermal imaging and optical systems. Its gun is stabilized and can fire immediately. In addition, the height of the module may vary.
  4. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 29 July 2013 13: 16
    Very, very interesting sample. In my humble opinion, quite successful ...
    And, since the mountains for me are not some distant and theoretical phenomenon, I will allow a little "gag" ... For the winter kag-be it is desirable to goose and wider. It will come in handy to force freshly fallen virgin snow or (for example) avalanche deposits ... Yes, and in some (and not rare) cases, I prefer the wheel in the mountains ...
  5. smiths xnumx
    smiths xnumx 29 July 2013 21: 43
    In the days of Ceausescu, Romania was the "bad child" of the Warsaw Pact and largely satisfied its own needs for weapons, as the Romanians independently produced:
    light attack aircraft IAR-93 in cooperation with Yugoslavia (Yugoslavian name J-22 "Orao"), it was planned to deliver to Iran, but failed after the execution of Ceausescu. removed from service in Romania.
    combat training aircraft IAR-99 "Soim", still in service. modernized by the Israelis, called IAR-109
    light multi-purpose training aircraft IAR-823, 12 units delivered in 1981 to Angola.
    The design of the front-line fighter IAR-95 was developed. Closed in 1988 due to financial difficulties,
    the following helicopters were produced under license: IAR-330 (nee SA-330 "Puma"), exported to South Africa, Ethiopia, Guinea, Kenya, Sudan and the United Arab Emirates; IAR-316 (nee SA-316 "Aluette-3"), on the basis of which the IAR-317 "Airfox" combat helicopter was subsequently created; the Ka-26 was produced under a Soviet license.
    Armored vehicles: tanks based on the T-55, in cooperation with Germany and China, the TR-580 and TR-77 tanks from 1970 to 1977, the TR-580 - was produced in 1977-1986, about 400 vehicles. Along with its improved version, the TR-85, is the main tank of the Romanian army, also supplied in small quantities to Iraq.
    On the basis of the T-72, the TR-125 was created with a seven-roller chassis, a completely redesigned MTO with a German engine, weighing 50 tons. He entered the arsenal, in connection with the overthrow of Ceausescu.
    The armored personnel carriers TAV-1 (BTR-84PB), mentioned in the article, created on the basis of the BMP-71 MLI-60 and MLVM, were supplied to Yugoslavia and Moldova, TAV-77 (BTR-70), TAVS-79, on the basis of which a whole family was produced combat vehicles, including the SA-95 air defense missile system (a copy of Strela-1); B80 Zimbru was released in a small series based on the BTR-33.
    Artillery pieces: on the basis of the MLI-84 BMP, an analogue of the "Carnation" self-propelled howitzer M-89 was produced; 152 mm BG М1981, 152 mm BPG М-1985 based on D-20, 130 mm gun М-1982 based on М-46; for mountain shooters, a 98-mm mountain howitzer M-93 was produced, and on the basis of the Yugoslavian M-48 76-mm howitzer M-82, on the basis of the MT-12 "Rapier" PT gun M-1977. MLRS APR-40 was produced on the basis of "Grad". Own mortars: 60 mm М1988, 82 mm М1977, 120 mm М-1982, RPG-7 and SPG-9M were produced under Soviet licenses.
    Air defense: the already mentioned SA-95; a copy of "Arrows 2M" -SA-94 and a double-barreled 30-mm anti-aircraft gun M 1980/88 and a copy of the ZPU-4-MR-4.
    the requirements for small arms were fully satisfied (the Romanian version of the Kalashnikov assault rifle was equipped with a 40 mm GP of its own design) and in cars.
    VMF6 Ceausescu dreamed of a "great Romanian fleet", so the following were built according to his own designs:
    the destroyer "Maraheshti", armed with 8 anti-ship missiles P-20; by helicopter
    6 corvettes (4 Tetal-1 projects, 2 have already been scrapped; 2-Tetal-2);
    3 torpedo boats "Epitrop" based on our project 205 (in service);
    24 torpedo boats under the Chinese license of the Huchuan class,
    4 minesweepers "Musca",
    12 patrol boats VD 141
    And now Romanians go around the world with a river stretching out and beg for decommissioned F-16s and American C-130s, German SPAAG "Gepard", British frigates "Brodsward", "Hummers" and armored personnel carriers "Pirana". Yours faithfully! hi
    Here is a photo of the unfulfilled dream of the Romanian aircraft industry of the 4th generation fighter IAR-95
  6. vkrav
    vkrav 29 July 2013 22: 08
    But they have enough of the good they have to throw the territorial subjugations of Ukraine and call Moldova their territory.
  7. Seraph
    Seraph 30 July 2013 01: 42
    Without chauvinism and fanaticism. Why do Romanians need weapons? Will they fight ?? It seems that the only purpose of the Romanian weapons and equipment is to fall into the hands of the winner, to disorganize the service of the rear, distract technicians and supplies, make confusion with calibers and standards.
    I have never heard of the victories of the Romanians. Is it over Ukrainian women and children ....
  8. The comment was deleted.