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Portrait of Mazepa

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Order of Judah

Portrait of Mazepa
“July 11 1709 of the year“ from a train from Poltava ”Field Marshal A.D. Menshikov, fulfilling Peter I's instructions, sent a decree to Moscow: “Upon receipt of this, immediately make a coin weighing ten pounds of silver, and tell her to cut Jude on the aspen of the hanged man and at the bottom thirty silversmiths lying with them, and back the inscription against this: “The son of a perishing Judas is reproaching a hedgehog for avarice choking.” And to that coin having made a two pound chain, send us to the drug mail immediately. ”

So it was done. "Juda Medal" was created by master Matthew Alekseev at the second Moscow Kadashevsky Mint.

Peter proceeded from the calculation that one silversmith weighs 136,3 grams. This is almost equal to 1 Roman liter (136,44 grams), used in the Roman Empire since the Savior.

The unusual award was intended for the traitor - hetman Ivan Stepanovich Mazepa, who earlier, “for faith and loyalty”, was awarded with a star and a sign of the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called (second after General-Admiral F. Golovin and before Peter himself).

“On November 10, in Hlukhiv, in the presence of Peter I, a new hetman was proclaimed: the traitor Mazepa was cursed by the Church, with his dummy“ people ”tore the order ribbon and“ this person was thrown into the hangman’s hands, which the executioner took and hooked the rope, dragging along street and square and even to the gallows, and then hung. " C. 6. *

This ceremony was surprisingly similar to the “hanging of Judah” adopted in various regions: “Thus, everywhere in the Western Slavs, in various ways, the pre-paschal action known as“ punishment ”,“ stalking ”,“ burning ”and“ hanging of Judah ”is known, the meaning of which was reduced to making the ritual scarecrow, followed by its destruction ... In various ways of "hanging Judas", the following points draw attention to themselves: "Judas" were dressed in things stolen from Jews in Jewish headgear, beaten, hung in the market square, at the gate or on the tree opposite the house of the Jew, they threw the Jewish dwelling inside, and the Jew had to pay off, pay for the doll. ” [2-2. with. 168].

And what about the former hetman? He was terribly afraid of falling into the hands of the tsar and the Ukrainian people loyal to them. He understood that Peter’s monetary promises would sooner or later force the Turks to extradite him. So, tormented, 22 August 1709, Mazepa took poison. He was buried in the monastery of St.. George (Jura) in Galati. After some time, the Janissaries, in search of gold, dug the hetman's corpse, robbed him of his clothes, and threw them into the Danube.

So they did not have time to present the medal to the former hetman. In order not to send the "coin" to the smelter, the king awarded her the jester Prince Shakhovsky, greedy for silver (he once said that Judas had asked too little for the Savior). There are no new references to the original Order, it seems, from the second half of the XVIII century.

Nowadays, when new Jews are honored, when “Mazepa damned” fills up people's souls, the old award seems to get a second life. The press reported. That in connection with the 300 anniversary of the Battle of Poltava, the Academy of Russian Symbols MARS presents the project of the medal 300 years to the betrayal of Mazepa.

The medal is limited edition (130 copies, of which 30 copies with silvering). Instead of a “big silver chain, worn around the neck ...” a piece of hemp rope is attached to the medal.

In addition, from 2010, the Russian community of the Poltava region will hold an anti-award ceremony for Ukrainian politicians, culture and science - a bronze prototype of the Order ...

A similar order was cast on the initiative of the “Young Russia” military-patriotic organization. Its leader, Vladimir Maximov, also knows who should be awarded.

* Anathematizing order was served not only in Glukhov - by the Metropolitan of Kiev, as well as by the Chernigov and Pereyaslav bishops, but also in the Assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin. In the presence of the highest clergy after the sermon, Stefan Yavorsky said three times: “The traitor to Mazepa, for the crime and treason to the great sovereign, be anathema!”.


In Russia, the rite of celebration of Orthodoxy was introduced in the XIV century. It included a Greek synodic with the addition of the names of new domestic heretics and traitors. Over time, the names of Grishka Otrepyev, Stenka Razin, Protopope Avvakum, Emelka Pugachev, and many raskolouchiteli appeared in it. All the anathemas were 20, and up to four thousand names.

In the 1801 year, the anathematization order was once again reduced: it now listed only the heresies themselves, without mentioning the names of the heretics. Of the names of state criminals, only Otrepiev and Mazepa are left. The late synodal edition of 1869 of the year contained 12 common anathemas; all names were omitted and a common phrase was inserted in 11 anathematized about “daring to revolt and treason” against “Orthodox sovereigns”.

... Numerous and different portraits of Mazepa, I think will soon disappear in the storerooms of museums. In the mind leave one - the heroic. The “collective image” has already been created. Landing heads - proud. The mustache, of course, is good. Solid, strong-willed chin. High brow and wise eyes. Only an old anathema hinders. Already painfully dark shadows she puts under her eyes, painfully sullen fold cuts through between the eyebrows. The retouching of the false patriarch Filaret, who in the 1990-ies solemnly “removed” the anathema from Mazepa. *

What can be answered by the zealous defenders of the hetman, some of whom agreed to the fact that Mazepa is holy!? **

The first. He broke the oath to the anointed of God given on the holy cross and the Gospel. "The new traitor, called Ivashka Mazepa, the former Ukrainian hetman ... broke the faith and loyalty on the cross kissing the promised and approved." The violation of the oath of the cross is primarily a spiritual and ecclesiastical and canonical crime. It is a pity that it is not known to those who today in the UOC MP raises the question of the incompetence of Mazepa's anathema. ***

The second. By changing the Orthodox state and taking the oath to the Swedish Lutheran King, Mazepa brought Protestants to the Ukrainian lands, who defiled Orthodox churches and shrines. Historian E.V. Tarle, author of the fundamental stories Northern War, on the basis of thoroughly studied documents, reports that Mazepa even helped Karl to choose the direction of strikes against certain Ukrainian settlements.

We return to the text of the anathema: “The new traitor, called Ivashka Mazepa, the former hetman of Ukraine ... adhering (to the enemy of God and his saints, cursed heretic), king of Sweden’s Swedish king, put it in the Little Russian land of the Church of God and place, holy desecrated and ruined”. In a letter to the patriarchal locum tenens Metropolitan of Ryazan Stefan Yavorsky from 31 October 1708 years from the camp on the river Desna Emperor Peter said: "Mazepa ... instead of security, takozh as a great builder of the add was the Holy Church, now cursed persecutor add-Uchino (Inasmuch near Novgorodka Swedes in one Church horses set) ". In the nominal decree on bringing an anathema to Mazepa, it is written that the latter “the vessel was needed for the most departed image, and then the devil's vessel appeared,” that is, at first Mazepa was a vessel of good, and then became the vessel of the devil.

The "Testimony about the Swedes priest Andrei Alexandrovich 1708, December 1" contains evidence of the destruction of the Orthodox churches in the city of Nedrygaylov by the Swedes: the Swedes "dismounted near the city, and marched to the city with a gun, and before they had fired, the Swedes said Nedrygaylovsky to the inhabitants, when they left them to the castle, to be allowed into that castle, and they themselves would come out, and promised them that they would not repair anything. And they from the city said to them that they would not be allowed into the city, although they would accept death. And after listening to the Swedes, they began to cut the gate, then a volley was fired at the city, and the Swedes from the city also shot at the Swedes and killed 10 people. And they, the Swedes, having lifted their bodies, retreated from the castle, and stood on the butterflies and the churches and yards burned everything. ”

Suffice it to recall the icons of the Poltava Holy Cross Monastery, on which the Swedes carved chess boards, in order to while away leisure.
“Ukrainians perceived heretics-Swedes almost as well as Belarusians, who considered them to be satanic force:“ where this Lucifer with his army was going ..., there was hunger everywhere and many years of crop failure. Therefore, the peasants after them consecrated their arable land, sprinkled them with holy water and made prayers. ” It is written in the Mogilev Chronicle.

Third. Mazepa betrayed the Orthodox sovereign and the Orthodox state and tried to overthrow them, switching to the side of the heretics. “However, it is the son of perdition,” says the text of the anathema, “for such a betrayal of apostasy from a pious power, betraying and bringing up the hands of robbery and battle against Christ, his benefactor and sovereign, with all his companions, hoops and traitors will be cursed” .

The Orthodox Church, not only the Russian, but also the Greek, and even the Western (before its disappearance) repeatedly betrayed the anathema of the rebels and traitors. For example, the great prelate of the Ecumenical Church, Ambrose of Milan, excommunicated the usurper Yevgeny, who opposed the legitimate emperor Theodosius the Great and attempted to seize the throne in the Western Roman Empire.

They say Mazepa participated in the construction and restoration of temples and monasteries. But after all, in 1938, the Hitler government allocated funds for the overhaul of the 19 (!) Orthodox churches in the Third Reich, and in the 1936-1938 years, a new Berlin Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ was built for the Russian Church. Since 1936, the Reich government has been implementing a program of assistance to the Orthodox Church in Germany as a state-recognized confession: the German Orthodox clergy began to receive regular salaries; subsidies were provided for the various needs of the German Diocese and its parishes; clergy and diocese received benefits, etc. In 1939, the Orthodox Theological Institute was opened in Breslau (Silesia) at the expense of the German government ... It is difficult to even say who bothered this field more - Mazepa or Hitler.

On account of the hetman 12 built and 20 renovated churches. Yes, Mazepa built. On the sovereigns money. He was, so to speak, an intermediary, a government official. And if sometimes he erected something on his own, acquired by fair means or foul? Well, on the silversmiths abandoned by Judas, the Sanhedrin decided to buy a potter’s pitted ground for the burial of wanderers (Matthew 27: 2-7). On this occasion svt. John Chrysostom writes: “Take heed to you, who by murder think to favor your neighbor, and take upon yourself the price of human souls. These are Jewish alms, or, rather, satanic! Yes, there are genuinely nowadays those who, having robbed many, consider themselves to be absolutely right if they throw ten or a hundred gold in poverty. This is what the prophet says: and behold, what else you do: you make the altar of the Lord pour tears upon the tears. ”

It is hard to disagree: if the Holy Synod or the Council of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate decides to remove the anathema from Mazepa, then, therefore, the Russian Orthodox Church is sinful. And the anathema imposed by it is a relative thing. If the Church itself recognizes the inadmissibility of one of its anathemas of the oath-breaker, then another anathema, proclaimed in 1997, to another oath-breaker - Mikhail Antonovich Denisenko (false patriarch Philaret), is equally invalid.

Then the removal of the anathema from Mazepa will be interpreted as recognition of the priesthood that the Russian Orthodox Church is a political tool in the hands of "the Moscow enslavers of the Ukrainian people." To all attempts to clarify that the case of Mazepa and Filaret are incomparable, we will just laugh in the face. They will say to us: “With Mazepa three hundred years ago, you were just as excited about today as with Filaret. But nothing, it will take years ... eleven, you and Filaret will remove the anathema, just as they have removed it from Mazepa ”****

The anathema, the excommunication of man from the Church, is a projection of the Supreme Court. On the eve of the death of the treacherous traitor, hordes of lice prevailed. Verily, that was the punishment of God!

Karl’s personal physician, Lei Bust, testified: “the royal comrade is eaten by hordes of lice and worms,” “it is terrible to approach him, he is full of black insects,” he “is like Herod the Great, eaten by the worms alive ...”. Mazepa howled and scrubbed, brushing the lice off with a handful, but they appeared again with such inconceivable rapidity as if the old man's body itself was generating this evil. The former hetman was literally bored with lice, which is why he died, and Karl XII thoughtfully said: “The worthy death of a great man! The lice seized up and the Roman dictator Sulla, they bit the Jewish king Herod, and the Spanish king Philip the Second didn't even leave the coffin ... ”

* Not so long ago, the press reported that Yushchenko suggested that Patriarch Alexy II do the same as Mr. Denisenko.

** You will not believe it, but on the eve of the 300 anniversary of the celebration of the Poltava victory, the portrait of Hetman Mazepa was "pacified" !!! In the family of the deceased activist of the UNR, who fled to the West at one time and settled in Munich, there was a portrait of Mazepa, who was hidden in a bank safe. It is reported that when they opened the safe recently, they saw that the canvas was covered with some strange spots, streaks and a strange substance smells of flowers !!!
The owner of the portrait comments: “We have almost no doubt that a true portrait of Mazepa was found, which was used for religious purposes. Perhaps they have prayed for him for many years. ”

For a better impression, it is also reported that the FSB officers began hunting for the relic!

*** The layman oath-breaker who voluntarily broke the oath, only in the event of "decent repentance" (82-th rule of St. Basil the Great), is subjected to ten-year (64-th rule) or eleven-year (82-th rule) weaning from holy communion. In order to understand the gravity of Mazepa’s crime, it should be noted that the penitentiary of the repentant oath-breaker is more severe than the penance of a renouncing Christ and a sacrifice to idols - this, according to the 4 rule of Ankyra Cathedral, is excommunicated from Holy Communion. If someone says that he cannot be excommunicated for his perjury, he must, in that case, declare that he cannot be excommunicated from the Church and for renouncing Christ.

**** In the June Mine there is one service, today thoroughly forgotten, but about which, it seems, the time has come to remember. This is the “Service of thanksgiving to God in the Holy Trinity glorified, about the great God-given victory over the Swedish king Karl XII and his army, committed under Poltava, in the summer from the incarnation of the Lord 1709, the month of June, on 27-th day”. In this service, which has become part of the liturgical tradition of the Russian, and therefore through it, and the Universal Orthodox Church, Ivan Mazepa says the following.

“Oh extreme fury and anger! Having now succeeded in evil to the previous Judas, having obtained the second Judas, a slave and flatterer: when the son was lost, the devil was tempted, and not a man, damned renegade Mazepa, who left Christ, the Lord and his benefactor, and stuck to the adversary, confessing evil for a good , for the good deed of evil, for mercy, hatred: But God will give to the second, like the first Judas, according to their work ... ”

“Thou art not likened to a merchant to a man who is looking for good beads, an ungrateful and sly slave, but a frantic Judas who seeks for blights, and who has redeemed the betrayed Christ’s precious beads, and who have lost them all, buy the evil, evil, without mercy. Thou made this likened unto Yurode, imitated this unto you most ungratefully, thou this followed the most mighty of Mazepo. But the same and the good is deprived, the equal wicked one acquiring hast, and thou hast come to his place ”...

Let us also recall verse in the 50 psalm: "May the apostles be honored, not agreeing with the second Jude Mazepa, but having betrayed the souls for their Master."


Three hundredth anniversary of Poltava Victoria. Mazepa's Passion Shutters Like Never Before (60).

Interestingly, one of the first press reports about what happened in Poltava was this:

“Kiev 27 June. This morning, an unknown citizen tried to set fire to the straw effigy of Hetman Mazepa, the Ukrainian agency UNIAN reports. A scuffle ensued between supporters and opponents of this action, which was stopped by the police. The incident occurred during the opening of the Arch of Reconciliation on the battlefield of Poltava, not far from the Sampsonievsky church built in honor of the victory. * According to UNIAN, the inscription "Mazepa Judas" was on the hetman's stuffed figure.

On the field of military glory staged a theatrical battle. Let us quote the press: “The audience, frozen, waited for the outcome. "Hooray! We break, bend the Swedes ... ”Peter’s troops (with a dozen actors) were pushing, swinging their sabers. The Swedes (about the same) resisted, fighting off with blades. On this day, they were lucky. Political correctness and tolerance for the Poltava battle of 300 years later ended ... a draw. The opposing sides, waving their fists, simply dispersed to their corners of the "ring". Neither you have a break in the bloody Northern War, nor the shameful flight of Charles XII and hetman Mazepa, who joined him, nor, of course, the "triumph of the Russian weaponsAnd the birth of the Russian Empire.

-Glory to Ukraine! - the cry of one of the nationalists rang out over the field of Russian glory.
-Glory to heroes! - A couple of hundred votes answered him.
-Masepo victorious! - yelled “Matigulnik”.
-Ukrainian power e! - amicably picked up the chorus.
-Moskali - get out! - someone vyaknul unauthorized.
The answer did not follow - bust ... "

“On the day of the Poltava Battle, more than two thousand Cossacks gathered in Poltava to celebrate the 300 anniversary of the Victory in the Battle of Poltava. As the organizers of the event told the RUSSKIE.ORG portal, Poltava saw a convoy in which detachments of the True Cossacks, Don, Zaporozhye and Tver Troops, the Crimean Cossack Union, the Cossack organizations of Crimea, Central and Southeastern Ukraine, went a hundred after a hundred. The march was held in the framework of the IV International Forum of Cossack culture, which was decided to be held in Poltava. The correct party from Ukraine was the Faithful Cossacks.

The Cossacks marched through the historic center of Poltava and entered the Corpus Garden, to the Victory Monument. Here they met with representatives of the Orthodox Brotherhood of Alexander Nevsky, the Russian community of the Poltava region and compatriots' organizations. A solemn meeting took place near the monument, which was opened by the Chief Ataman of the High Cossacks Alexei Selivanov.

The ataman stressed that the memory of the joint struggle of the Russian army, the Don and Zaporizhzhya Cossacks is alive, despite all attempts to slander a common history. On behalf of the Russian side, Aleksey Kirichenko read out the official greeting to the forum participants, the ataman of the Poltava branch of the True Cossacks, Khoruzhiy Khorcherov read the Appeal of the IV International Forum of the Cossack culture, in which the Cossacks call for the establishment of truly friendly relations between Ukraine and Russia, and to stop the heroization of the traitors to demazepizatsii Ukraine.

After the victorious march through the center of Poltava, in comparison with which Mazepa's “progress of sorrow” looked pale, rarely and in small numbers, ** Cossacks filled the battlefield of Poltava, where they took part in laying flowers to the memorial Cross.

After the processions, representatives of the Cossack delegations prayed on the territory of Holy Cross Monastery, where they got the opportunity to attach themselves to the Image of the Mother of Kaplunovskaya - the Icon itself, which the Emperor Peter blessed the troops on the eve of the Victory. ***

Remember how Pushkin ends his "Poltava"?

“Forgotten Mazepa for a long time;
Only in the triumphant shrine
Once a year until now anathema
Thunderstorm, cathedral rattles about it. ”


No, something resembling the plot from the Gogol story “Portrait” happened. Yushchenko went to bed and, whether he fell asleep or seemed to him, he saw how the moon glowed on the old picture. How glittered eyes in a gilded frame. How his sharp, stern and proud look stared at him. How the image of Mazepa came to life, and how the hetman's mace fell to the floor with a crash ... The next morning “he again approached the portrait in order to examine these wonderful eyes, and noticed with horror that they were looking at him for sure. It was no longer a copy from life, it was that terrible liveliness that would have lit up the face of a dead man who had risen from the grave. ” Unwittingly the president lowered his eyes. And at his feet - a miracle and only! - and in fact lies the hetman's mace. Finally found a weapon against klyatyh Muscovites!

Then, they say, and in general the old schemer came down with a ten-dollar bill, got into Ukrainian life. Only the train is behind him, the bad train is left. Hryvnia depreciated, people (if they have nothing to assign and sell) - are impoverished. But many do not lose heart: Ukraine is “e”! However, the most surprising thing in the other: Yushchenko’s face has changed terribly since then. As if the undead became.

* It is known for certain that the Poltava victory took place on the day of St. Sampson Strange Bearers, that is, June 27 or July 10 in a new style. For some reason, however, 8 July was established in the calendar of glorious dates. This is a seemingly crafty attempt to obscure the obvious: the heavenly help that was provided to Russian weapons. The current celebration in Poltava, the Ukrainian authorities have appointed a new style for June 27. As an eyewitness of events writes, as if in spite of the Russian Orthodox Church with its unshakable Julian calendar.

** The balance of power was about the same as between the faithful Russian Cossacks and supporters of Mazepa in the 1709 year.

*** Funny detail. On the evening of the first day of the celebration, the Dnipropetrovsk Opera House was supposed to stage Boris Godunov on the memorial field. Just a week before the date, a “decree” came from Kiev: “Godunov” was changed to “Military Requiem” by Benjamin Britten. Which, indeed, Godunov, when Viktor Yushchenko canceled the 300 anniversary of the victory at Poltava - everything that happened on 27 and June 28 was called “Events to celebrate the 300 anniversary of the events of the hetman of Ukraine Ivan Mazepa and the conclusion Ukrainian-Swedish Union.

PS A healthy stallion, firmly received a whip, rushed. Through the thrilling feather-grass steppe of memories. Through the dusty way of politics. Through the hazy fantasies of romantic writers. Through the muddy puddles of propaganda lies ... Finally, someone grabbed the horse by the bridle. On the rump - tied one. Spitted back and ... lower back. Marvel, people, the hetman is naked!
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  1. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 29 July 2013 07: 19
    from the Don.
    had heard about Mazepa, but did not know how he ended his life. It turns out that at all times, all traitors will face an unenviable end!
    Dog-dog death!
  2. Sirocco
    Sirocco 29 July 2013 07: 23
    If we compare the deeds of Mazepa and Gorbachev, then as twin brothers, and the title of both revered in the west of Judas.
    Having changed the Orthodox state and taking an oath to the Swedish Lutheran king, Mazepa brought Protestants to Ukrainian lands, who desecrated Orthodox churches and shrines. Historian E.V. Tarle, the author of the fundamental history of the Northern War, on the basis of documents carefully studied by him, reports that Mazepa even helped Karl choose the direction of attacks on various Ukrainian settlements.
    Why not Gorby.
    1. wax
      wax 29 July 2013 12: 55
      Only now, Mazepa was given the Order of Andrew the First-Called BEFORE betrayal, and Gorby - AFTER (!) Oh times! Oh LADIES!
  3. Sirocco
    Sirocco 29 July 2013 07: 30
    I would like to emphasize that thanks to such politically correct acts of historical scenes as this
    Political correctness for the sake of and tolerance for the Battle of Poltava 300 years later ended ... in a draw. The warring parties, waving their fists, simply dispersed in their corners of the "ring". You don’t have a turning point in the bloody Northern War, nor the shameful escape of Charles XII and the hetman Mazepa who joined him, nor, of course, the “triumph of Russian weapons” and the birth of the Russian Empire.
    and the history of Russia is being copied. Then prove to the descendants that there was a victorious procession of Russian weapons, they will tell us there is a video, 200 years ago, which clearly shows that there was no defeat for the Swedes, but gathered to drink beer.
  4. Alez
    Alez 29 July 2013 07: 56
    I propose a similar silver coin to be cast to Serdyukov, to collect the feasible amount by the whole world and hand it to him when he is called to the IC of the Russian Federation.
    1. sergey72
      sergey72 29 July 2013 08: 20
      Silver is not enough for all Judas to cast ..... lead is better, a homeopathic dose - nine grams, in the back of the head ...
      1. stroporez
        stroporez 29 July 2013 08: 55
        I think ----- I still need to deserve a bullet ....... and such dogs --- a rope or drown in a swamp ..... but the order should be returned ... and let people decide who to give "Judas a label "
        1. sergey72
          sergey72 29 July 2013 09: 05
          Quote: stroporez
          I think ----- I still need to deserve a bullet ....... and such dogs --- a rope or drown in a swamp ..... but the order should be returned ... and let people decide who to give "Judas a label "

          Maybe I won't argue like that .... although a bullet or a rope "... not aesthetically pleasing, but reliable and practical ..."
          1. Alez
            Alez 29 July 2013 11: 08
            You can put silver on your neck and cool in the waters of the Gulf of Finland, it will pop up - OOO Lucky, will not pop up - no one will regret it.
    2. yurii p
      yurii p 29 July 2013 12: 18
      He collected this amount and even more from the Russian army, the only thing they need to be thrown off is on the gold bars, so that before the end of his life he could see the sky in a box, although this is from science fiction, but maybe science fiction is realized in life, I really hope so.
    3. valerii41
      valerii41 30 July 2013 18: 36
      Best aspen stake
  5. omsbon
    omsbon 29 July 2013 08: 18
    It seems to me that the two most worthy candidates to be awarded the Order of Judah and the Medal of Paskuda are Gorbi and Chubais!
    1. yurii p
      yurii p 29 July 2013 12: 21
      Well, I bet that you can add more than a dozen names to this list.
  6. slaventi
    29 July 2013 09: 10
    Receiver Mazepa - the award is waiting for the "hero".
  7. vostok1982
    vostok1982 29 July 2013 10: 34
    There is a tradition that Mazepa was eaten by lice an hour before death. Huge, fat, which no one has ever seen.
    I wish Mikhail Sergeyevich to meet them.
  8. Dimka off
    Dimka off 29 July 2013 12: 33
    he is a traitor and in Africa a traitor. What is the most offensive and protesting duck is that the modern Ukrainian authorities sing about such scum and traitors - Mazepa, Bandera, Shukhevych, Konovalets and others like them - traitors and Judas serving the enemy.
  9. Gato
    Gato 29 July 2013 15: 07
    Lice seized the Roman dictator Sulla, they bit the Jewish king Herod, and the Spanish king Philip II did not leave the lice even in the tomb

    And the yushchenko will be bitten by bees.
    And at his feet - a miracle and more! - and in fact lies the hetman's mace

    Not according to Juan sombrero.
  10. vlad1
    vlad1 29 July 2013 16: 08
    And whom he betrayed, Tsar Peter doesn’t betray this, but he must be brought down. The Russians were invited as allies, and they began to act as owners who like it. And for home-grown cheers-patriots, remember how the following hetmans ended their lives and how much the Zaporizhzhya Sich lasted under the Muscovites
    1. slaventi
      29 July 2013 16: 48
      The first. He broke the oath to the anointed of God given on the holy cross and the Gospel. "The new traitor, called Ivashka Mazepa, the former Ukrainian hetman ... broke the faith and loyalty on the cross kissing the promised and approved." The violation of the oath of the cross is primarily a spiritual and ecclesiastical and canonical crime. It is a pity that it is not known to those who today in the UOC MP raises the question of the incompetence of Mazepa's anathema. ***

      The second one. Having changed the Orthodox state and taking an oath to the Swedish Lutheran king, Mazepa brought Protestants to Ukrainian lands, who desecrated Orthodox churches and shrines. Historian E.V. Tarle, the author of the fundamental history of the Northern War, on the basis of documents carefully studied by him, reports that Mazepa even helped Karl choose the direction of attacks on various Ukrainian settlements.

      For example, Roman Shukhevych, unlike Mazepa, did not swear allegiance to the "maskals", and did not serve in the Red Army, so he is more suited to this concept of being an enemy, at least for us.
    2. nnz226
      nnz226 29 July 2013 23: 52
      Dove, don't talk about Peter. Talk about Mazepa. After all, before the Battle of Poltava, when Peter came under its walls, Poltava was under siege for almost TWO MONTHS, and Karl 12 and Mazepa besieged it (by the way, the present zhovto-blakytny "sovereign ensign" is a gift from the Swedish king to change Mazepa: since the Cossacks did not wear of a certain shape, like soldiers of the regular army, then in order to distinguish the Mazepians from the Cossacks loyal to Peter, the Mazepians made "pennants" of the colors of the Swedish flag on the peaks, see the current state official. Do you, cardboard fool, believe in a fairy tale about the sky and the wheat field ?!) So the garrison sitting under siege consisted of 7000 Peter's soldiers and 28000 Cossacks. It is clear that the Cossacks could take the soldiers into knives in one night and open the gates to the hetman and the king, but no! Didn't open! They were waiting for the help of "Tsar Herod", as his half-witted Svidomumki try to call him. So a traitorous beast, betrayed to anathema, is a traitor, and the territory (a country does not raise a hand to call this squalor), extolling such "heroes", is doomed to their fate: to be eaten by lice !!! And about the Zaporozhye Sich: its DIRECT descendants now make up the Kuban Cossack army! They were hanged for riots in those days (Pugachevshchina with the Don, Yaik Cossacks and their fate is known), and the Cossacks - did they have an indulgence for a riot? And the invitation of the Russians, ostensibly, as allies, as combined with the decision of the Pereyaslavl Rada: "To the people of RUSSIA, the Tsar of Moscow!" There is no question of alliance. Submitted under the autocratic hand of the king and EVERYTHING !!!
  11. GUSAR
    GUSAR 30 July 2013 22: 17
    A traitor, he is a traitor ...
  12. bublic82009
    bublic82009 30 July 2013 23: 09
    what country is Ukraine and its heroes. all traitors
  13. samosa4.11.90
    samosa4.11.90 30 July 2013 23: 18
    Quote: slaventi
    Receiver Mazepa - the award is waiting for the "hero".

    С wassat this "medal" just right in the hole, will not float.
  14. W-pott
    W-pott 31 July 2013 09: 35
    I read, read and did not understand what the article was about. Lish would shit?
  15. bagpipe
    bagpipe 5 August 2013 22: 30
    It is sad that such a serious resource is included in the information war against the fraternal people waged by the current Kremlin power. It is sad that the readers / members of the forum are being led. From this, such comments appear - "not a country but a territory" ... Russians, and then what? how will we live further?
    1. tilovaykrisa
      tilovaykrisa 5 August 2013 22: 57
      And we spit on corrupt politicians, sit down to drink 100gr of Russian vodka and eat ukranian fat, stop crying, talk about politics and how we can save the world from the crap America, we’ll throw another 100 but already gorilki and eat some potatoes, then there will be fraternal songs, tears and an oath of eternal love. And even the devil himself will not divorce our fraternal peoples.
    2. Misantrop
      Misantrop 5 August 2013 23: 40
      Quote: volynyaka
      the resource is included in the information war against the fraternal people
      Just do not need to portray the population of Ukraine as a single people. To call a freak raising a traitor to the flag a brother ... it’s even too much for the extreme Tolerast ... The fraternal Ukrainian people live and work together with the rest of the Slavic peoples. From Kaliningrad to Kamchatka. That's just a couple of decades ago, a bunch of freaks to the noise bitten off part of the common homeland. With an understandable desire - to fill your pockets. And I personally do not understand HOW the majority of Ukrainians still do not get the simple idea that less than a quarter century ago they, together with the rest, owned fifth of the planetsuddenly found themselves locked inside a small, rapidly impoverished enclave. And they are offended by the Russians that they do not sell them (for example) gas at a discount. After all, this is - and (in the recent past) and THEIR gas, from which they themselves have refused. Why is there no resentment against those who, having made up their minds, forced them to abandon gas, timber, gold, diamonds, territory, etc. ???
  16. mehmeh
    mehmeh 8 December 2014 15: 01
    I know the descendant of the hetman) lives in Ufa and is not going anywhere he was called to Stuttgart. adventurous type) sat in a jail banged by someone but otmazatsya trail messed up there something with evidence. He appealed came out loves rafting down the rivers. works as a locksmith.
    Prison says a terrible thing. he would have served but scared.
    Not going anywhere. Mazepa is not inclined.
    They were exiled to Bashkiria.