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Penalty fighter

Penalty fighterAnd after all Belousov we had not one such hero! A combat pilot who managed to get back into operation without any legs, and wanted only one thing: to fight and beat the enemy!
The feat of Alexei Maresyev is widely known, thanks to the remarkable book by B. Polevoy and the excellent movie. True, the book is now excluded from the school curriculum, and the film is shown very rarely, for major anniversaries. Young people already know almost nothing about him ...

There was another combat pilot, the “Stalinist Falcon”: Zakhar Artyomovich Sorokin. In 1941, he fought in a fighter aviation Northern fleet. Managed to shoot down 4 German aircraft. October 25, 1941 during the battle Sorokin made an air ram and his plane crashed into the tundra. The pilot, 6 days (!!!), reached his own, crawled along the tundra for about 70 km, freezing his legs. Both feet were amputated, but he found the strength to return to duty, in his regiment. Continued to fly and beat the enemy. In total, he shot down 7 aircraft, for courage he was awarded the Order of the British Empire and became a Hero of the Soviet Union in August 1944.

These are the three fates ... What made these young, wounded guys rush to the front to their comrades. To strive to become a combat force again? Money, benefits, apartments, thirst for glory ?! Of course not. They understood that they were waiting for them at the front, and with ANY enemy there they would again have to fight. But still, at any cost, they sought to get to the front, to their own regiment, to their own.
Only the strength of the spirit, love for the Motherland, pride in her and hatred for the enemy could motivate people to do so ...
Ordinary people of flesh and blood, who love life and know what war is, pain, death.

Were all then such patriots ready to give everything for their country ?! Of course not. Many of our cultural and art workers, having got into evacuation in 1941, to Central Asia, quietly spent all the war years there, not at all striving to go to the front. They deserve their medals "For the Defense of Tashkent" in full. They are hard to condemn for it (each had some excuses for four years of stagnation in the rear), but how can you compare their young, healthy men with legless, burned Leonid Belousov, who left the quiet Almaty hospital to the front, to his own regiment Leningrad ?! Previously, those who sat behind the lines were ashamed of it and avoided talking about it. Now a lot has changed ...

(Not so long ago, a well-known film director with laughter (!!!) told a television interviewer why he was not called to the front during the Great Patriotic War: “It somehow happened that when I came from the recruiting office to take me into the army, I turned out to be far from Moscow, on the set. So I was not able to serve in the army. "
These amazing events, I repeat, occurred in the years of the terrible war, when millions of his peers rushed to the front. The future wizard of the screen, this thrust was unknown. What role, in these miraculous disappearances from being drafted into the army, was played by the mother of this “sovereign thinker”, who served in the NKVD, he did not specify. The interviewer didn’t bother the funny master either with unpleasant questions and comparisons).

Well, enough to remember about the "selfish". Let's talk more about Heroes.
The benefit of them in our country was a huge number.

Wonderful memory of the war was left by one of the best fighter pilots of the Baltic Fleet, Hero of the Soviet Union, Lieutenant General Aviation Vasily Golubev. He called his book "In the name of Leningrad."
During the war, Golubev went from a pilot to the commander of the 4 Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment. He was repeatedly shot down in aerial combat, wounded, drowned in Lake Ladoga in the fall of 1941 of the year ...
Golubev shot down 39 enemy aircraft personally and 12 in group battles. In his memoirs there are many striking stories about fighting friends, their courage, valor, sufferings and exploits.

One of his military friends was George D. Kostylyov, a man of amazing fate. Here is what VFGolubev told about him (I will give his story with small abbreviations and comments):
“The commander of the Baltic Fleet aviation commanded me on the regiment's command post. After the usual questions, the general said:
- You are the first to be entrusted to develop the La-5 aircraft, fight on it properly. - Then, after a pause, he added: - You know Captain Kostylev, the third Guards pilot?
“I know perfectly well, we fought together many times, and together we received Golden Stars,” I replied.
- So, he is not a captain now. This ace, who shot down more than thirty aircraft, at the end of February got drunk and beat a senior officer. For this, we have degraded him. He is now an ordinary sailor. They sent him to the Oranienbaum bridgehead in the penal battalion. He smelled gunpowder there in the trenches on the front line. Fought on earth, as in the sky, great. And now he asks to be a pilot on any aircraft, even on the U-2.
- I see.
- The commander and deputy political director of the third GIAP was categorically refused from him. They say: let him still fight on the ground. And the pilot is first class, right? Maybe you will take it? It is a pity if there, in the trenches, such a pilot will die. Here he stands before me and swears that he will not take a drop of vodka in his mouth.
I answered without hesitation:
- Comrade general! Ready to take him into our battle family. Just ask you to send it for a week to the rear airfield. Our squadron is being retrained there. Let it fly to La 5 ...
Egor, as his close friends called him, really possessed exceptional flying abilities. The next day, he began to fly on the "shop". Having completed a dozen and a half error-free flights in five days, he asked the commander of the 2 squadron to send him with a passing plane to Kronstadt.
In the evening of April 18, a tall blond man entered the regiment's command post. He was dressed in a worn leather raglan and the tightly fitting cap on his head that was stuck on his head. Long black ribbons with gold anchors at the ends hung on the chest at the right shoulder.
- Comrade commander! The Red Navy pilot Kostylev arrived at your disposal for service.
I was glad to meet with a battle friend whom I had not seen for exactly three months.
- Hello, Egor!
We stepped forward to meet each other and hugged tightly. Tears glittered in his always cheerful eyes. And, in order to hide them, he went to the hanger, which was standing in the corner, and began, without haste, to remove the raglan, putting his cap on the bedside table carefully.
“I thought, and you, Vasily, refuse me,” said Yegor. He came up and hugged me again.
Those present at the KP observed our meeting sympathetically. ”

(Now there are different idiotic fictions about our penal battalions "in vogue" and "in fashion". That criminals, right from the camps, will be pushed into them by idle filmmakers and screenwriters, then the priests will be determined, they will be equipped with ordinary soldiers. Once "Figures to see the documents in order to find out that the penal battalions were formed on the basis of Stalin's famous order No. 227 from 28 in July 1942 of the OFFICERS, who vexed in battle or committed other crimes. No felons, priests," lesson "from camps and fugitive filmmakers, (Yes back in the 1941 year) there could not be there by definition.
For rank-and-file soldiers and sergeants, who vexed or committed other crimes in a combat situation, separate penal companies were formed by the same order. In the penal battalions of the rank and file and sergeants were not sent. It seems to be - it's simple, the difference was understood even by illiterate fighters, but for some reason this does not reach our highly educated filmmakers).

Here is what his friend told about his stay at the Golubev penal battalion:
“The orders in the battalion are harsh. The tasks are difficult. Most often - this is intelligence, searches with the transition of the front line, taking "languages".
The junior lieutenant, a platoon commander who included Kostylev, a short, broad-shouldered sailor, asked briefly:
- For cowardice, or something, got here, flyer?
“No, I beat the senior officer,” Kostylev replied. - For the cause.
“It’s all right ... I don’t like cowards and send them to the thick of it without regret.” The guard said you were a Hero of the Soviet Union. It's true?
“But don't tell others about it,” Yegor asked the squad platoon.
- Okay, shut up. I assign you to the department, where the guys are seasoned, brave. Drag another two or three “tongues” and write a petition to fully include the period of your stay in the penalty box. Learn how to machine gun, learn how to crawl, throw grenades from a recumbent position, take two knives at the exit to the rear of the enemy, so that with any hand you can snatch from the sheath. This is necessary when you mate with a strong fascist ... Yes, do not go full-length on missions, pilot ... They will cut them off with a burst from a machine gun or a machine gun.
With such a kind farewell, Yegor began a new combat life - on the ground, in the marines. And although he soon became a skillful, brave scout, the same platoon commander, seeing Kostylev grieving for the sky, said: “At least ask the Red Navy to be in the air force. You are from that breed who is written to fly. And the service here is well ... will be counted. ”
So the former Hero returned to aviation, began to fly on combat missions in the rank of an ordinary sailor.

He broke, by the way, the rear major in besieged Leningrad - really "for the cause."
He met in the city of this major. He invited him to visit one of the apartments: “A pretty woman of about thirty - thirty-five, who apparently lived in a bloody Leningrad, met them. Getting acquainted, she called herself Jeanette and said that she was a former researcher, and now she is unemployed. The “unemployed” apartment of the three rooms was furnished with exquisite furniture, in the corner there was a mirror sideboard, huge to the ceiling, mirror and full-wall mirror filled to the brim with crystal - vases, glasses, glasses, decanters. The tiled stove, heated by good wood (a considerable supply of such firewood, neatly folded, lay along one wall), spread the caressing heat. All this struck Yegor, and he regretted that he had fallen into this corner of a stranger to Leningraders. Kostylev took out his modest daily ration from his small suitcase and put it on the table. Vadim Efimovich, Major, laughed out loud, said:
- Is it a hero ration? ..
He took three chocolate bars, sausage, cheese, butter, a few herrings and two half-liter bottles of medical - “clean” out of the gas bag.
- What hospital was robbed, comrade major? - without irony said Yegor.
Vadim Efimovich was silent, Jeanette responded defiantly for him:
- Vadim is not a robber, he is given everything he needs, but I don’t live for three hundred grams of a grain jumble.
“But my mother and sister in Oranienbaum live on this hodgepodge.” True, they don’t need a lot of strength, they don’t drag mirrors into the apartment, cabinets and crystal, ”remarked the Baltic hero.
Kostylev had a desire: to give the beefy lady to read the letter he received at the end of December 1941 from his mother, whom he kept and carried with him along with his party card. It is difficult to say - and Kostylev himself could not really explain - what impact the letter could have on a woman like this Jeanette. She could hardly have a conscience awakened. This Yegor could not understand. Still, he took a letter from his pocket and began to read aloud.
Mother George, like the absolute majority of Leningrad, experiencing unprecedented hardships, lived in hope for the future and wrote to her pilot son:
“My dear Egorushka! That's how we all live in the office of Peter III and have become accustomed to these royal choirs. The palace, like a wounded warrior, stands without leaving the front line, and we feel good in it. Stone though. We live well. Godfather lies, I'm still moving. Murku our we ate. Now we no longer hear how plaintively she mews, asking for food ... Yes, and the godfather was supported. The day will come - and the blockade will be broken. We believe in it. Fight, Egorushka. Bay these damned heroes. Do not worry about us, we will endure and not like that. Kiss. Mother, godfather, Zoe.
December 1941.

When Kostylev finished reading the letter, there was silence. He glanced at Jeannette and noticed that she was blushing - stained. The pilot thought it was a paint of shame. And cruelly wrong.
“You are not only a hero, but you are also an impudent one,” Jeannette said angrily and went into another room. ”
In general, Kostylev decided “to arrange a funny dinner for the dregs”. Yegor can be understood: the warrior who fought near Leningrad and constantly saw the sufferings of the population of the city was disgusting satisfaction and luxury, acquired, obviously, by dishonest means ...
And so that this did not happen, wincing, got up from the table, saying “thank you”.
- Wait leave, hero! Sit down If a senior officer pours ... - a purple man, in a rude tone, like an order, the major has filtered through his teeth.
It was still not too late to leave, without a word, to forget this apartment and these strange people crammed with expensive things. But Kostylev could not restrain himself:
“Such a senior should not be here, but in the penal battalion,” Egor calmly replied.
The major jumped up, came close, grabbed his breasts so that the Order of the Red Banner flew off the suspension.
- What do you say? For such words you will not fly out the door, but out the window, brave man.
He strongly pushed Yegor with both hands, he did not expect a jolt, plopped down on the edge of the sofa behind him. This was the drop that filled the cup.
Yegor had enough exposure just to raise the order, put it in his pocket, and then a Viennese chair fell into his hands, and he struck the elder by rank. He, without rising, began to get a pistol from his holster. It was impossible to wait for the shot, and Egor once again, however, not with full force, put a chair from which two legs flew off in different directions. With a cry, Jeanette, instantly sobering, darted into the second room and locked herself with a key.
The anger of the Baltic has reached a dangerous limit. In order not to pour it out on the Major who was lying down, he slashed his chair in a tall mirror, then in a sideboard. The ringing of the falling glass and the broken crystal scattering in different directions made Egor come to his senses. Throwing the remnants of the chair, he helped the victim up, put him on the sofa. On the head of the major a small wound was bleeding, a huge bruise on the left cheekbone was swollen. Wetting a handkerchief with alcohol, Kostylev applied it to his head, took the raglan and the helmet in his hands and, without saying goodbye, closed the door behind him ... In the morning he flew to his Ladoga airfield and by phone reported in detail to the aviation department’s political department about the emergency.

Three days later he was ordered to transfer the squadron to the deputy and appear at the naval aviation headquarters.
In the headquarters he read the material of the investigation.
“... 27 February February 1943, the captain GD Kostylev, late in the evening, intoxicated, burst into the apartment of citizen J.N. Krohal. On the request of Major V.Ye. Kravchuk, who was present in the apartment, to leave the apartment, he struck him several times with a chair. As a result, the senior officer suffered severe head and spinal injury. Continuing in a rampage, Kostylev smashed expensive items in the apartment: a large dressing table, a sideboard with crystal, precious vases, a mirrored wardrobe and many other furniture. ”
Other documents were read to him: the testimony of the victim and the witness, an act of inspecting the apartment by the duty attire of the military commandant of the city. Outfit caused, of course, a major. Everything was against Kostylev, and he himself was aware of his guilt. Moreover, it was absolutely impossible to prove the true course of events or, all the more, to explain the feelings that prompted him to commit an offense on Suvorovsky Avenue.
After five days at the garrison guardhouse, he took off his shoulder straps, folded the Gold Star, four combat orders into a handkerchief (mother’s gift), gave them to the guard chief, changed into a worn red navy uniform, took a duffle bag and escorted to his homeland - Oranienbaum bridgehead-penny, in the company of the Marine Corps of the penal battalion for a period of six months, or until injured, or until ... "

I apologize for such long quotes from the memoirs of V.F. Golubeva. But in this stories there is such a shrill truth of life and the tragedy of man that to retell it in your own words is impossible.

Kostylyov, returning from the penal battalion to aviation, fought well, showing the young pilots examples of skill and courage. He shot down a few more enemy fighters and, finally, the long-awaited day came:
“The building, which was attended only by pilots and officers of the regiment and squadrons, was held after dinner with electric lighting at the regiment command post. Guard Colonel Koreshkov, going to the middle of the system, gave the command:
- Pilot sailor Kostylev, come to me!
Kostylev, who was standing in the first row, started and, thinking that they were picking up a pilot to fly behind enemy lines to the partisans, went to the division commander with a clear step, reported:
- Sailor Kostylev is ready to carry out any combat mission.
- I never doubted that, Comrade Kostylev. Take off, combat eagle, cap and raglan! - said Koreshkov deliberately sternly.
Kostylev quickly removed the raglan and his cap, put it next to him on the ground, and took the position "quietly" in anticipation of orders.
At the command of the divisional commander, the adjutant, who was sitting in the passenger car, brought a new sea tunic and a cap. Captain shoulder straps, the Hero's Star, the Order of Lenin and four orders of the Red Banner gleamed on the tunic.
Yegor's eyes clouded with tears. Colonel Koreshkov, handing over his tunic and his cap to Kostylev, said to the whole system:
- Comrade Guards, in your family the sailor Kostylev again showed impeccable bravery, fighting skills and love for the motherland. He redeemed his guilt by mercilessly destroying the enemy. The command of the fleet removed from him a heavy punishment. Kostylev restored to the rank of captain. In your presence, I return to him the officer’s uniform and military awards and at the same time I appoint the fourth squadron of the first air regiment commander.
Kostylev hurriedly put on his tunic, his cap, fastened all the buttons with trembling hands, and sighed deeply, said:
- I serve the Soviet Union! Thank you, comrade colonel, for your trust! Allow me to stand in line ...
Friendly applause resounded in the evening silence. Koreshkov approached the happily excited captain, hugged him tight and then only said:
- Now be in operation, I wish you military success!
After the end of the official part of the construction, the system collapsed, but people did not disperse, everyone wanted to say spiritual words, to congratulate the faithful on the ground and in the air of a comrade with a happy turn in his fate. Having chosen the moment, I nodded to Egor in greeting and asked me to come to my room in about thirty minutes.
“I’ll come in, I’ll go in without fail, only I’ll tear down and close my cap in my suitcase - I will keep this relic for the rest of my life,” Egor happily answered ... "

This is the story ...
Georgy Dmitrievich Kostylyov continued to successfully fight, managed to shoot down 43 aircraft during the war years personally and 3 in a group battle. He became an inspector of the Air Force headquarters (!!!). It didn’t even prevent him from getting the “fine-battled” past.

That would be about what the former penalty box to shoot their "blockbusters" to our filmmakers !!!
Do not remove. Not interested. Neither the Oscars, the palm fronts, nor the bears will give them for such plots. And they know it very well. So they remove all rubbish, trying to pass it off as the "truth about the war."

And another document from the book VF. Golubeva bring here. A letter from the mother of the pilot who died in battle to his comrade in the regiment:
“Having unfolded the triangular envelope, with bated breath, I read a letter from Viktor Ostrovsky’s mother to my son’s comrades. It is stored now with me. Here it is:
“Hello, dear Kolya!
Kohl, received the sad news that my dear son Vitenka died. So heavy. There are no words for consolation, no measure to measure this grief. My sun has gone down, I no longer shine.
Kolya, dear pilot, glorious falcon, avenge your childhood friend, because you were chasing pigeons together, and you were exterminating the Germans. The combat engine's engine stopped beating, the heart stopped beating in my son's proud chest.
Kohl, dear! Write again in more detail how Vitenka died, I want to know everything about my falcon. Kohl, convey to Vitin comrades cordial greetings and wishes for a long life on the glory of your relatives, on fear of your enemies.
My dear falcons, avenge my beloved and only son. Dear, write. I am very sad, there is no one to write now and no one from whom to expect expensive lines. I will gladly replace the mother with those of the pilots who do not have her.
I embrace you and wish to be immortal, end the war and come to us with victory. I will meet you, my falcons, and accept as I received my son.
Good-bye, Kolenka, write, waiting for an answer.
Ostrovskaya M.A. ".

“Well, Nikolai, let's get all the Komsomol members of the regiment tomorrow night and read the maternal appeal.” After all, we have pilots who have the Nazis killed their relatives. Maybe one of them will become the foster son of Maria Alekseevna ...
Shestopalov rose.
- Thank you, comrade commander. I will now talk to Sasha Kovshov, his Germans shot his father and mother, he is going through, a kind guy ... I will also write to Maria Alekseevna, even if she feels me to be loved ones.
At the meeting, besides the youth, there were komes and regiment command. Instead of a report, Komsomol Lieutenant Khlystov read a letter from his mother, Maria Alekseevna.
In the crammed dugout — the flight canteen — there was silence, occasionally interrupted by someone's sympathetic sigh — the grief of the mother was shared by people who did not know it at all.
"... I will meet you, my falcons, and I will receive, as I received my son."
The first silence was broken by Lieutenant Arkady Selyutin, one of the best combat pilots who arrived in the regiment in 1943 year. For ten months he shot down seven enemy aircraft, two of them - after the death of Ostrovsky.
“Selyutin takes revenge on the fascist pirates without sparing their strength,” said the Komsomol, “so let’s inform my mother Victor ...”
After him, the pilots Stolyarsky, Polkanov and Alpatov performed. The Komsomol member Sasha Kovshov spoke very excitedly; he looked like a boy, with a blond whirlwind and blue eyes.
- Dear friends! You know my grief. Fascists right on the square in the middle of the village killed my father and mother just because I am a pilot. Parents accepted death proudly without dropping their heads. In each of my flights, I remember this, and let the Germans remember ... As long as I live, I will beat them, reptiles ... Well, I consulted with my orphaned heart, with battle friends and declare to the meeting: I will be happy to become the adoptive son of Maria Alekseevny . Of course, Victor is no substitute, but I will do everything to ease her fate.
The dugout shuddered at the applause. Friends approved the decision of the young guards.
The Komsomol reported that the bureau, together with Kovshov and Shestopalov, prepared a response letter from Ostrovskaya, and read it to the newly quieted meeting.
“Hello, dear Maria Alekseevna! The members of the Komsomol - the fellow soldiers of Viktor Ostrovsky send you a Baltic greeting and together with you share the grief that has befallen us all - the loss of a comrade.
Dear Maria Alekseevna, we, Komsomol Guardsmen, heard your letter in the name of Nikolay Shestopalov at the meeting.
Which of us did not bring German grief? Many more of our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and beloved girls groan in a fascist hell. With great hope, they are waiting for hours of liberation. And with our merciless strikes on the German fascist invaders, we are bringing this desired hour, our victory, closer.
Maria Alekseevna, you write that you are ready to be the mother of one of the pilots who does not have it. The pilot of the Komsomol Kovshov Alexander Fedorovich has no parents. Sasha expressed an ardent desire to become your son. With this letter we will send you his photograph.
Maria Alekseevna, we, Komsomol members, will respond to your call to avenge Viktor, with even more blows to the fascist beast. The first to open an account of revenge for a friend was pilot Nikolay Shestopalov. In aerial combat after the death of your Victor, he shot down an enemy aircraft "Junkers-88". Pilots-Komsomol members Selyutin, Stolyarsky, Polkanov and Alpatov, revenging for your son, shot down five German aircraft in air battles. Not knowing we are tired, we will multiply every day through our revenge to the enemy.
Komsomol guardsmen assure you, dear Maria Alekseevna, that in the decisive battles they will forever bury the fascist kites in the Baltic waters.
Goodbye, Maria Alekseevna. On behalf of all the guards in our unit, we wish you a long life and good health.
Komsomol pilots Selyutin, Stolyarsky, Kovshov, Shestopalov, Komsomol Khlystov.

You cannot comment on these letters. Words are powerless here ...

These documents, by the way, are a good test for the state of mind and conscience of a person. If you were able to read them and remain indifferent, if your heart did not tremble, and did not roll a lump to your throat, then everything is in order.
It means that you have already fully mastered the “new political thinking” and have known all the “universal human values”.
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      Thank you so much, the material of the article, even now, can and should be included in the school history course for knocking Sorosovsky garbage out of children's heads.
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        Ghenxnumx 29 July 2013 16: 59
        Quote: Sakhalininets
        Thank you so much, the material of the article, even now, can and should be included in the school history course for knocking Sorosovsky garbage out of children's heads.

        I don’t know now, but earlier this secret was not made - the topic of the besieged Leningrad and fattening quartermasters was well covered, including in school history.
        Without a lump in your throat, it’s true that reading memories is difficult.
        1. Volkhov
          Volkhov 29 July 2013 20: 46
          This is not just the quartermaster, but part of the system - Mannerheim (the Freemason) knew before the blockade that the decision had been made to succumb and was worried about it. Hunger removed values ​​and destroyed the old elite, just honest people. The blockade was not airtight on the part of the Germans, even German partisans carried a convoy to the city with food from more than 200 carts, but the movement of people and their relatives across the front was stopped by orders of Zhukov and others, demanding to shoot at civilians. Why there was no foot traffic in Ladoga - just because of protection, but they could have gone to the rear on foot, there are 30 km in total.
    2. Modus
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      Colleagues, thank you all for the appreciation of my article.
      You need to know about such PEOPLE and tell about them to your children and friends.
      Blessed memory to the Heroes!
      I will try to answer the questions posed to the authors.
      Yours faithfully,
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    Hello all.
    Interestingly, K. Simonov describes a very similar episode in "The Living and the Dead. Maybe Georgy Fedorovich served as an example?"
    The anger of the Baltic has reached a dangerous limit

    Dangerous limit? Yes, this nits - it was necessary to shoot the major.
    Other documents were read to him: the testimony of the victim and the witness, an act of inspecting the apartment by the duty attire of the military commandant of the city. Outfit caused, of course, a major. Everything was against Kostylev, and he himself was aware of his guilt. Moreover, it was absolutely impossible to prove the true course of events or, all the more, to explain the feelings that prompted him to commit an offense on Suvorovsky Avenue.

    What kind of fault are we talking about? The guy did what every honest person would do.
    Ehhh, how can all the same sometimes heroes passively defend themselves. And strengthen in omnipotence of various nits and opportunists. I do not believe that it was impossible to explain. And there are questions to the people doing business, or rather, it was they who they should have appeared for this citizen.
    The good news is that the hero did not break, did not lose faith and returned to duty.
    Honor and praise be to him.
    And a huge human THANKS.
    (Not so long ago, a well-known film director with laughter (!!!) told a television interviewer why he was not called to the front during the Great Patriotic War: “It somehow happened that when I came from the recruiting office to take me into the army, I turned out to be far from Moscow, on the set. So I was not able to serve in the army. "

    Director’s surname, please. Motherland must know her co.
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      Director’s surname, please. Motherland must know her co.

      Good morning!
      Yura, I, too, became very interested in what kind of name you have in mind.
      1. Modus
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        I did not want to write the name of the director, but since I have so many questions, I inform you.
        It was E. Ryazanov.
        Personally, I saw his television interview 2 a year ago with this episode, where he explained how it happened that he was not drafted then.
        Someone wrote below that he was born in 1927, and it seems like he was not. be invoked during the years of the Second World War.

        My father was born in August 1926, he suffered the siege winter of 1941/42 as a teenager. in Leningrad. In March 1942 he and his grandmother were evacuated along Ladoga, they went to evacuate relatives in Altai, and he worked as a driver there on the collective farm.
        In October 1943, he (like tens of thousands of other 17-year-old boys) was drafted into the ranks of the Red Army, where he served until 1950, having managed to fight with Germany and Japan.
        There was a terrible war and the country was not up to sentiment.
        1. George
          George 29 July 2013 23: 29
          Quote: Modus
          I did not want to write the name of the director, but since I have so many questions, I inform you.
          It was E. Ryazanov.
          Personally, I saw his television interview 2 a year ago with this episode, where he explained how it happened that he was not drafted then.
          Below someone wrote that he was born 1927 and it seems like he should not. drafted during the years of the Second World War

          I wrote Sergey hi
          And honestly shocked.
          1. Modus
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            What was - was ...
        2. old man54
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          Quote: Modus
          It was E. Ryazanov. Personally, I saw his television interview 2 a year ago with this episode, where he explained how it happened that he was not drafted then. Below someone wrote that he was born 1927 and it seems like he should not. be invoked during the years of the Second World War.

          I'm shocked that this is it !! Nor did I expect from him! recourse
          even if he is born 27, then in 1945 he is already 18 years old, and the war really only ended in the setnum of 45! negative
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      Mister X 29 July 2013 16: 52
      Quote: GEORGE
      Director's name please. Homeland must know its Cove.

      Naryl on the Mosfilm website.
      During World War II, film production was equated with military production:
      in spite of everything, sparkling comedies or films that supported a common fighting spirit continued to be shot during these years, and many popular actors went to the front as part of special front-line brigades.

      During this period, the question arose of what to do with unfinished films begun in peacetime, such as “Pig and Shepherd”.
      Director Ivan Pyryev recalled:
      “I decided that there’s no point in continuing to shoot our purely peaceful film.
      Many members of our film crew submitted applications for joining the army, and I received a summons to appear at the military registration and enlistment office.
      Having informed the director of the studio about this, the next morning I was already at the assembly point.
      However, when we, the “substitutes,” were examined, registered, and built to be taken to the barracks, a studio car pulled into the courtyard ... they immediately “removed” me from service, put me in the car and drove back.
      It turns out that they were instructed to shoot the “Pig” by all means continue, and book me for the duration of the shoot.
      Four months, during the period of enemy raids on Moscow, we shot our film ...

      Not so long ago, a famous filmmaker with a laugh (!!!) told a television interviewer why he was not called to the front during the Great Patriotic War

      Maybe we are talking about this director, and he recalls the case described above?

      At the end of 1941, on the basis of the local Alma-Ata studio of feature films and the evacuated Mosfilm and Lenfilm, the Central United Film Studio of feature films (TsOKS) arose.
      In difficult conditions, the production of films was quickly established.

      In all, during the war years, “Mosfilm” created about twenty full-length films, including the famous paintings “Ivan the Terrible” by Sergey Eisenstein, “Invasion” by Abram Roma, “Schweik Preparing for the Battle” and “New Adventures of Schweik” by Sergey Yutkevich, etc. .

      the mother of this “lord of thoughts”, who served in the NKVD

      In 1939 - 1946, Sergey Yutkevich held the post of chief director of the NKVD Song and Dance Ensemble.

      I did not find any relationship - probably a simple coincidence.

      That managed to dig in haste - laid out.
      Draw your own conclusions.
      1. Day 11
        Day 11 29 July 2013 17: 03
        What do you say, Sergey Yutkevich?
        1. Modus
          29 July 2013 22: 37
          No, not Yutkevich. (See answer above.)
          Let's talk about heroes rather than skins?
      2. George
        George 29 July 2013 18: 51
        Quote: Mister X
        Many members of our film crew submitted applications for joining the army, and I received a summons to appear at the military registration and enlistment office. Having informed the director of the studio about this, the next morning I was already at the assembly point.

        “It somehow happened that when they came from the military registration and enlistment office to take me into the army, I found myself far from Moscow

        In my opinion it’s not at all like that.
        In the first case, the person was ready to go to war.
        1. Mister X
          Mister X 29 July 2013 20: 54
          Quote: GEORGE
          In my opinion it’s not at all like that.

          Have you seen the interview referenced by the author of the article?
          I think no. Otherwise, why find out the name of the director?

          We are based on a quote from an interview whose original has not been seen or heard.
          Perhaps the author of the article somewhat paraphrased the director’s story heard in an interview.
          The article, by the way, was reprinted and could contain corrections or additions.
          Let's make a correction for the memory of the old man and maybe his attempt to slightly embellish reality:
          still a man of art, a dreamer.
          Plus the fall of the USSR, democracy and publicity.
          That is, we have retold and reprinted folk traditions.

          I decided to look for the names of directors who would be suitable by age, but did not fight.
          1. Mister X
            Mister X 29 July 2013 21: 15
            Add another personal opinion and possible personal hostility of the author of the original article to the director.
            1. Modus
              29 July 2013 22: 39
              The author has NO "personal dislike" for the director.
              But I personally saw an interview with him.
              1. Mister X
                Mister X 29 July 2013 22: 55
                Please skip the link to this interview and then I will rethink everything.
                I do not have enough facts, so I make hypotheses.
                1. Modus
                  29 July 2013 23: 08
                  Look About COM and what the article is about.
                  Not about the skins, anyway.
                  1. Mister X
                    Mister X 29 July 2013 23: 33
                    Maybe I put you (+) for such an answer?

                    Since the discussion of the statement and the search for the director began in this thread -
                    then please answer directly.
                    So be so kind!

                    At the beginning of the article, you were outraged by the act of a certain director;
                    After, already during the discussion, you called the director’s name,
                    but did not bring any evidence.
                    And on my request to provide a link to the notorious interview, you are trying to evade the answer.

                    Do as it should.
                    It’s interesting not only to me.
                    1. Modus
                      29 July 2013 23: 43
                      I do not need your "pluses", dear.
                      (I don’t put anything to you and don’t speak in a mentor tone).
                      I wrote about what I saw on TV myself. It was 2 years ago.
                      You may not believe it, it's up to you.
                      I did not promise to inform you of any links.
                      The topic of the article (I repeat again) is not about skins.
                      Finish the conversation on this.
                      1. Mister X
                        Mister X 30 July 2013 19: 32
                        Quote: Modus
                        Finish the conversation on this.

                        No, dear. Please continue.
                        It is not good to ignore readers' requests.

                        Quote: Modus
                        The topic of the article (I repeat again) is not about skins.

                        Then why do you write about them in your article?
                        To complete the picture?
                        For the sake of a red word?
                        Intrigue and attract readers?
                        You have intrigued at least some readers and have attracted our attention.
                        And I had a desire to clarify the story with the director’s statement to the end.

                        Quote: Modus
                        I don't speak in a mentor tone

                        In my tone there is neither arrogance, nor annoyance, but mere perseverance.
                        Once made such a statement - justify.
                        We are not at a social event, where everyone exchanges meaningless phrases like:
                        - “I am glad that you liked it, Mr. Ambassador”;
                        - “I completely agree with you, Mr. Minister”;
                        - “I am very pleased that you think so, Mr. Spokesperson”;
                        “Unfortunately, I have to leave you.”
                        We are on the forum, and it is customary to share information, correct each other and
                        answer the questions asked, and not shy away from them.

                        Quote: Modus
                        You may not believe it, it's up to you.

                        You can also believe in anything, but since you published an article -
                        they didn’t write for themselves, but for readers.
                        And since you mentioned an unpleasant incident in the life of a famous person,
                        during the discussion, they discovered his name, and then used the word “skinner” -
                        please, provide the material you are referring to.
                        And to characterize unfounded statements, the words are suitable:
                        slander, libel, slander and other synonyms.

                        Please post a link to the notorious interview.
                        If the meaning of the statement in the interview and in your article is identical -
                        I admit your innocence and ask for forgiveness.
                      2. Modus
                        30 July 2013 19: 39
                        I do not repeat ten times.
                        He wrote about what he saw on TV.

                        The topic of the article is not about skins (that is, those who wanted to save their skins and avoid the front at all costs) and I'm not going to discuss this.
                        I don't need your "pluses" and "forgiveness".
                      3. Mister X
                        Mister X 31 July 2013 21: 18
                        Quote: Modus
                        He wrote about what he saw on TV.

                        It is strange that only you saw and remember this program.

                        This site is visited by tens of thousands of readers every day.
                        But so far no one has written that he also saw this program.
                      4. a4923k
                        a4923k 1 August 2013 19: 53
                        When the author mentioned the director, I immediately understood who it was. I saw this interview, but I don’t remember which channel it showed.
                        If you are so interested - look on the sites, but the author did not invent it.
                      5. Modus
                        1 August 2013 20: 12
                        Thanks for the comment, Alexander!
                        This "Mr. He" got me with these questions.
                      6. Modus
                        2 August 2013 19: 41
                        And one more message on the topic of "personality".
                        The comrade with whom we once served sent me such a comment on this article in personal mail:
                        "As for Ryazanov, I heard about his" service "at the training camp of young officers at the headquarters of the Air Defense Ministry, where he was invited to speak to us. We were warned in advance not to ask him sharp (tricky) questions, because he He doesn't seem to like it. However, someone asked him a question about the service and we heard from him exactly the same answer that is written about in the article. "
  • justas-xnumx
    justas-xnumx 4 January 2017 18: 13
    I have seen. And I have not watched Ryazanov for a long time, after his statements, I began to treat his films differently and found rot in everyone, but I don’t even want to remember the later ones (like "Heaven ...", etc.)
  • Valery Neonov
    Valery Neonov 29 July 2013 07: 43
    Author ++++++!
    Quote: GEORGE
    Director’s surname, please. Motherland must know her co.
    - oh, how I agree with you ... hi
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 29 July 2013 08: 08
      Quote: Valery Neonov
      - oh, how I agree with you

      I join! My uncle "ran away" to the front, although he had a reservation and could also sit out quietly. But this director did not come up with the idea to volunteer!
      The article is a huge plus! It is unfortunate that schools are no longer talking about such things. I’ll definitely find a book and pass it on to my grandchildren!
      1. justas-xnumx
        justas-xnumx 4 January 2017 18: 40
        And one of my grandfather was "turned up", he was disabled since childhood, tried through a friend (Budyonny's adjutant to break through - it did not work), and the second grandfather, rammed from the defense of Odessa and to Vienna, it seems (my mother did not like to talk about him), and one great-uncle and two great-uncles are missing ... not counting those who returned, half of them are volunteers
  • kind
    kind 29 July 2013 09: 34
    You need to talk about such people in schools !!!
  • pensioner
    pensioner 29 July 2013 09: 59
    Quote: GEORGE
    Director’s surname, please. Motherland must know her co.

    At one time, Marlene Khutsiev repented that, citing an ulcer, he avoided conscription during the war. Even burst into tears. A worthy man - there is nothing to say. Naumov was born in December 27th. In principle, I could go to war, but I don’t know what happened to him. Also a worthy person.
    Ryazanov at the time, something obscure about the draft in the army mumbled. He fell for sure. Somehow otmazatsya. If this is him, then I won’t be surprised.
    And I cannot recall others with a suitable age. Chukhrai-fought, Basov-fought, Alov-fought, Kolosov-fought. But they have already left ...
    1. George
      George 29 July 2013 10: 21
      Quote: retired
      Quote: GEORGE
      Director’s surname, please. Motherland must know her co.

      Ryazanov at the time, something obscure about the draft in the army mumbled. He fell for sure. Somehow otmazatsya. If this is him, then I won’t be surprised ....

      It is possible, but I hope that it is unlikely, Ryazanov is also 27 of the year, November.
      What other suggestions? Although what to guess? I hope the author of the article sheds light on this ....
  • creak
    creak 29 July 2013 10: 04
    This is another story about a real person. Thanks to the author.
  • VenDora
    VenDora 29 July 2013 10: 14
    Quote: Valery Neon
    Author ++++++!
    Quote: GEORGE
    Director’s surname, please. Motherland must know her co.
    - oh, how I agree with you ... hi

    Yes .. I would really like to know what kind of fruit
  • Knizhnik
    Knizhnik 29 July 2013 10: 30
    In the book of Plyachenko P.F. "The Order Is Given ..." the chapter "Trust justified by life" describes a similar episode.
    - Comrade Marshal Aviation! The Red Army soldier Nikolaev arrived at your order, ”the pilot clearly reported.
    - Hello, comrade Nikolaev! - the marshal greeted and said: - I do not quite understand your military rank.
    “A soldier,” answered Nikolaev.
    - They don’t fly in this rank with us.
    “He was a major,” said General Kamanin. “But he was tried and demoted.”
    “Why were you tried?” Asked Vorozheykin. [144]
    “For a clash with a superior comrade,” the pilot answered.
    - It is not clear, explain.
    - In general, an unpleasant story, Comrade Air Marshal.
    “It was like that,” the pilot began to tell. - Last fall, during the crossing of the Dnieper, our squadron fell into a very difficult situation: at first we were covered by powerful anti-aircraft fire, then fighters attacked. We lost the good comrades with whom we started the war, and were very worried about this loss. And in the evening at a dinner with grief I drank too much. At this time, as a sin, the deputy commander of the regiment entered the dining room and arranged for me to disperse publicly, calling me a mess, a coward, an alien who was wearing orders in vain, and the like. I could not stand it, I lost control of myself. I don’t remember how he allowed what he later regretted. So trouble happened to me. I was tried, removed from the squadron, demoted and deprived of all government awards.
    - Did you have a lot of them? Asked the marshal.
    “A lot,” General Kamanin answered for the pilot and began to list: “The Order of the Red Banner, Alexander Nevsky, World War I of the first degree and the medal“ For Courage ”.
    - And did you fly a lot this year? Asked Grigory Alekseevich again.
    - I flew all the time. I was given the opportunity to atone for my part, in front of my comrades.
    “Well, comrade Nikolaev,” said Vorozheykin, “go smoke and calm down, and in the meantime we’ll talk with your superiors.”
    1. George
      George 29 July 2013 11: 39
      I apologize, of course, Knizhnik, but in my opinion there is only a "collision with a superior" here. Of course, I am not aware of all the details of the episode you are describing (for example, a flying regiment commander or not, whether it has awards), but a collision with a "skin", and the subsequent righteous anger on the part of Georgy Fedorovich (who, apparently, was not drunk either, so they added to the heap, to heighten the weight of the guilt) is not very similar to the storm of an officer who went through (the stress affected, and the loss).
      I would be grateful if you finish the passage; how did the trial end?
      1. Knizhnik
        Knizhnik 29 July 2013 16: 31
        Restored in rank and awards

        read interestingly similar a lot. Nikolaev in conversation with the marshal was clearly embarrassed to minimize his guilt, in contrast to the offender, who continued to harm him. He flew of course, and being demoted was awarded but not rehabilitated due to the intrigues of the former castle
        1. 77bor1973
          77bor1973 29 July 2013 22: 20
          With Kostylev, on the contrary, after being restored to the rank and returning the awards before the end of the war, he was never awarded. As an inspector of the Baltic Fleet, he was forbidden to fly on combat missions; he had to fly illegally!
    2. RoTTor
      RoTTor 30 July 2013 00: 21
      [B]Yes, they punished, otherwise it is impossible. But in fact, they were not afraid that they would fly to the enemy! These are the people who were the favorites of our people STLININSKY FALCONS! [/ B] [b] This then - according to the questionnaire principle, every odd one like a traitor Belenko was settled ... [/ b]
  • Day 11
    Day 11 29 July 2013 10: 31
    Heroes were not only ours. Douglas Bader, whom A. Galland farted, also flew without legs (for those who are not in the know, the Englishman)
    1. Modus
      29 July 2013 22: 43
      But did someone say that only we had heroes ?!
      1. Day 11
        Day 11 29 July 2013 22: 57
        It turns out that many people think so!
        1. Modus
          29 July 2013 23: 14
          Why such a strange conclusion?
          Hero fighters were in all the warring armies.
          As well as underpants. scoundrels and villains.
          Their percentage ratio - probably it was different.
          It already depended on VERY many factors.
  • So_o_tozh
    So_o_tozh 29 July 2013 10: 59
    The article is good, but the plural number of penal battalions is alarming, how many "flights" did the officers have and for what reasons, was it interesting to determine there?
    1. apostrophe
      apostrophe 29 July 2013 11: 48
      11 battalions with 226 people in each is really a lot?
      PS: data from 1944.
    2. Modus
      29 July 2013 22: 50
      Millions of people fought (and died) in that war.
      Not all of them were heroes. Enough and cowards and skins and desert marauders, etc. evil spirits.
      Including among officers.
      It was impossible to shoot them all or send them to camps. In order to enable those who have stumbled to correct their guilt, these very penal companies and battalions were created.
      Read the book by the former commander of the penal battalion Palitsyn "How the officer's penal battalion reached Berlin" (I write the name from memory, maybe inaccurate, but it is on the network).
      VERY interesting and informative.
  • Day 11
    Day 11 29 July 2013 10: 59
    By the way, guys, I dug up about the battle where Vaska Stalin "flunked" the fore! In short, that pilot's name was Willie Schmidt (white 9). Was in the rank of Hauptmann (!). The Germans declared that day 1 (one) lost. Vaska and filled up. He fell in the location of his (German) units in the area of ​​the village of Semkina Garushka. He was buried there. You can also dig up by Win-number.
    1. omsbon
      omsbon 29 July 2013 11: 31
      Quote: Den 11
      , I dug up about the battle where Vaska Stalin "filled up" the fore!

      It seems that you were with "Vaska" on a friendly footing, so to speak, short. Not good.
      1. Day 11
        Day 11 29 July 2013 11: 38
        Sorry, of course --- I wasn’t. But I respect him and his father deeply. I reread his friends, colleagues, EVERYTHING he was called simply Vaska. Even just when talking. Somehow it stuck
        1. Tver
          Tver 29 July 2013 12: 15
          Although I do not have warm feelings for Stalin (but there are no negative ones either) I respect his son (Vasily). He was my friend's godfather, in 1953. Kostya's father is from the famous team of lieutenants, a football player. Honestly, he considered the downed German an explainable postscript - "for Stalin's son." Thanks for the info.
    2. Day 11
      Day 11 29 July 2013 12: 24
      More info on it --- was the group's adjutant (probably rubbed aside and considered victory). There he caught Vasily
    3. RoTTor
      RoTTor 29 July 2013 16: 53
      why "Vaska"? He won't herd pigs with you!
      1. Day 11
        Day 11 29 July 2013 17: 05
        Exactly! He in general, unlike you, didn’t pass the pigs! He lived in Moscow. Go, milk a cow!
    4. Day 11
      Day 11 29 July 2013 18: 11
      Fw-190 --- this is not Khukhra-Mukhra. Exquisite (beguiled), pliz is the 109th. Right now we will find the 190th. I wanted to delete, okay, let it be
      1. Day 11
        Day 11 29 July 2013 18: 27
        Guys, how do you feel about Deutsche Wochenschau? I'm not a fascist (if that). I respect a strong army!
        1. Day 11
          Day 11 29 July 2013 19: 42
          There are Fock and Messers.
          1. Day 11
            Day 11 29 July 2013 20: 05
            Yes, they killed my people. But they were soldiers! Dummy, but excellent fighters! I'm not talking about the SS troops (I don't like these troops)! The Wehrmacht was also at its best! Are there people on the site who "drag" in the backlashes? Let's talk?
            1. Alex 241
              Alex 241 31 July 2013 02: 10
              1. Alex 241
                Alex 241 31 July 2013 02: 12
                ........... here the quality is better.
  • apostrophe
    apostrophe 29 July 2013 11: 03
    Thanks for this article.
  • wax
    wax 29 July 2013 11: 39
    For such stories, they won’t be given either “Oscars”, or “palm branches”, or “bears”.

    That's it, our entire cinema, headed by N. Mikhalkov, is cherished by the West. It’s time to clean the Augean stables.
  • Kostyanich
    Kostyanich 29 July 2013 12: 15
    article plus
    and contemporary art was particularly struck by Mikhalkov's opus where German tanks with sails
    attack the gulag and one Mikhalkov with a hand from the terminator protects the country
    1. Modus
      29 July 2013 22: 53
      I agree with you.
      An extremely crappy movie was made by Mr. Migalkov!
  • avia12005
    avia12005 29 July 2013 12: 26
    Russia is now governed by the majors Kravchuk ...
  • Coward
    Coward 29 July 2013 13: 19
    I read the first book by this author, "Wings Strengthen in Battle". It ends just at the time when they were "transferred" to the La-5. Thanks for the title of the second book, I will definitely read it.
    1. Day 11
      Day 11 29 July 2013 13: 27
      You would have changed your nickname! It’s worthless to Russian, Tatar, Bashkir, etc. communicate on a patriotic forum with such a nickname.
      1. Shadowcat
        Shadowcat 29 July 2013 17: 32
        Friendly - remember Vitsin)
  • morpogr
    morpogr 29 July 2013 14: 02
    My opinion is that the star channel should be entrusted with a state order for the production of films and TV shows based on these materials of memoirs and documents of that time, this should be done for our children to know their heroic ancestors, and we should pay tribute to our memory and educate our children and grandchildren on these examples.
    1. Day 11
      Day 11 29 July 2013 14: 11
      And what do you think-Hans were heroes in front of his people? Just interesting
      1. Tver
        Tver 29 July 2013 14: 36
        I didn’t understand to whom the question was - about the heroes-Hans ... I’ll explain my point of view: both in the air and in the trenches they fought skillfully and courageously. And if not, did we retreat in front of a crowd of bandits (like nokhchi) ?? It's a shame somehow ...
        1. Day 11
          Day 11 29 July 2013 14: 43
          And I'm talking about the same! Hans themselves were NOT MONSTERS that they put us on! Monsters were all kinds of collaborationists. They spared no one!
          1. apostrophe
            apostrophe 29 July 2013 15: 30
            Hans lovers dedicated
            1. Day 11
              Day 11 29 July 2013 16: 39
              Are you sure that this is the Hans? (And not the Lithuanians, Estonians, Latvians) Or maybe it is UPA. And the form is German, of course ...
      2. apostrophe
        apostrophe 29 July 2013 14: 43
        Given the number of our villages burned down and the huge number of people tortured by them, only a creature similar to them can call them heroes.
        For me, for the most part they were well-trained and morally trained nonhumans.
        1. Tver
          Tver 29 July 2013 15: 10
          Mom and grandmother were in the occupation, near Mariupol. They saw a lot of everyone, hid from the SS men, etc. Their own traitors were the most cruel ... But here's an episode: one German began to come in and teach a little girl (my mother) mathematics! He did not select anything from food (eggs, vegetables), but simply taught. He was a school teacher and thus simply took a break from the war. By the way, "inhumans" are usually bad soldiers. And the command of the Wehrmacht was well aware of this, and therefore refused to provide front-line units for punitive actions. Of course, the Germans are one of the most cruel opponents for everyone. And with our prisoners they could do without mercy, but that’s the psychological breakdowns of a warrior. This was the case in all armies.
          1. apostrophe
            apostrophe 29 July 2013 15: 36
            Interestingly, the Wehrmacht soldiers came up with the death camps, or was it politics at the state level? smile

            Collective photo of the military personnel of the Wehrmacht. On the blackboard is written in chalk: "The Russian must die so that we live" (German: Der Russe muβ sterben, damit wir leben). Bryansk region, October 2, 1941.
          2. apostrophe
            apostrophe 29 July 2013 15: 56
            Naturally, the example of a German girl teaching a little girl completely crosses out all Nazis killed and torn to pieces.
          3. Ghenxnumx
            Ghenxnumx 29 July 2013 17: 10
            Quote: Tver
            By the way, "inhumans" are usually bad soldiers.

            This is what you tell the Patriotic War veterans of 1812 and the Spaniards who partisan against the French, and Wellington spoke about the moral qualities of his troops who fought against the French in Spain is very unflattering.
            And the Spaniards in America were completely angels and the continents won with an exceptionally kind word fool .
  • Kerch
    Kerch 29 July 2013 15: 21
    But on the other hand, not everyone at the front should fight, someone with their films, performances should have given the soldiers a sip of "that" peaceful life.
    My great-grandfather didn’t fight at the front either, he was a miner (he worked all the war in the mines). So he also had to quit the hardest job and go to the front? Could? - Could, definitely.
    1. Shadowcat
      Shadowcat 29 July 2013 17: 23
      No one condemns such.
      Look at the laureates of the Stalin Prize for 42-46 years, and after all such people were not just awarded.
      Or remember Ozerov's film from the Liberation cycle, part of Leningrad. Personnel at Kirovsky - the whole plant goes to the front, but on the contrary, they are not released.
      The secretary of MK VKP (b) G. M. Popov testifies: “In November, Stalin phoned me and said:“ Take close control of arms production. The front is in dire need of PPSh assault rifles, 120-mm mortars. They were produced by the Dynamo plant, named after Kalinin, them. Kirov. Automatic machines - CAM factory. They gave 3000 pcs per day, and the CAM plant - 300 pcs. I arrived at the Moscow Tool Plant. There, workers have already packed their things for evacuation and are sitting idle. I used my entire oratory arsenal: “Comrade Stalin has all hope for you. Who does not want to defend Moscow, he can leave. Let the Nazis scoff at our people. So, will we surrender Moscow or will we defend? The workers answered in unison: “We will protect.” Immediately everyone stood up to the machines and work began. A large number of machine guns gave plants ZIS, Dynamo, them. Vladimir Ilyich.

      Do not take everything at your own expense. A front without a strong rear does not exist.
  • apostrophe
    apostrophe 29 July 2013 15: 40
    The brave Hans of some seem to cause respectful awe, be proud of:
  • kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 29 July 2013 15: 41
    The article is wonderful, worthy of publication in all newspapers and magazines. But it’s just not like our liberals and Amer’s lackeys. And it’s unprofitable to shoot films that are far from friends, you won’t earn money. It’s a pity only the wonderful actors participate in this devilry. Of course, it’s very convenient depict Stalin, the NKVD with animals, etc. There were all kinds of people there, but did you know about the lost military unit of the NKVD somewhere in the territory of the Belgorod region. Not a single person was left alive. But some slime dishes, for the sake of someone, destroyed all the documents of the dead, how can you not show such huge losses . About this you can find information in the archives of the NKVD-MVD. And I heard about this in childhood from the old people there.
  • So_o_tozh
    So_o_tozh 29 July 2013 16: 05
    They drove one grandfather to Germany, I never heard a bad word about the Germans from him, but he had "German order" in all his life, and the second grandfather was 16-year-old in the woods throughout the war, so then he was the first gultyak in the village, grandmother's passport stole, she did not run away from him ...
    Various Germans were telling, only the first thing all Jews were buried alive in front of the school ... And the partisans in Vinnitsa appeared somewhere since 1943. after the Kursk Bulge, the Nemtsy began to seize surplus agricultural products, so the villagers became embittered, we are Ukrainians, so long as we are not touched, we sit quietly, I’ll hide my house ... and then hang on to something.
  • Shadowcat
    Shadowcat 29 July 2013 17: 07
    Citizens, brave - what then did you do?
    When our city didn’t count deaths ...
    They ate bread with caviar, and I thought it was shag,
    Cigarette butt in the gateway of the dash with what in half.
    I will tell you affectionately citizens with bandages,
    Don’t get into my soul with my paws,
    About your personal life is not patriotic,
    They already know the authorities and the AUCCTU.
    V. Vysotsky.

    With a sub-song, with a sub-track.
  • Day 11
    Day 11 29 July 2013 19: 05
    What-all were afraid to enter into a discussion?
  • Proud.
    Proud. 29 July 2013 21: 03
    (Not so long ago, a well-known film director with laughter (!!!) told a television interviewer why he was not called to the front during the Great Patriotic War: “It somehow happened that when I came from the recruiting office to take me into the army, I turned out to be far from Moscow, on the set. So I was not able to serve in the army. "
    Be kind, tell me about what a brighter culture it is. Well, please.
    1. Modus
      29 July 2013 22: 56
      I already wrote about it, dear Gordey (see above).
      Let's talk about heroes better.
      1. Day 11
        Day 11 29 July 2013 23: 10
        Let’s talk about the heroes. I’ll ask you a vector, and you’re already on your own there. So, Major of the Red Army Air Force-GSS Semyon Bychkov, captain of the Red Army Air Force Bronislav Antilevsky. Want to continue the theme, you are welcome! (There is a full biography of both and photos)
        1. Modus
          29 July 2013 23: 23
          Denis, why stir up Vlasov ?!
          These were once brave fighters and deserved their awards and titles.
          Then they were captured, where they voluntarily sided with the enemy, became Vlasovites. SUCH our fighters did not take.
          And now we have begun to mold them into "innocent victims."
          During the WWII, the Germans had the famous Lieutenant General Seidlitz, the hero of the Demian Cauldron. He was the holder of the highest awards of the Reich.
          He, too, was captured in Stalingrad, went over to our side, and became a staunch anti-fascist. His name in Germany is still remembered with contempt.
          And with us - Vlasov and his family began to lick ...
        2. George
          George 29 July 2013 23: 53
          Quote: Den 11
          Let’s talk about the heroes. I’ll ask you a vector, and you’re already on your own there. So, Major of the Red Army Air Force-GSS Semyon Bychkov, captain of the Red Army Air Force Bronislav Antilevsky. Want to continue the theme, you are welcome! (There is a full biography of both and photos)

          And why are there stories about those who betrayed their homeland?
          Only as an example of how not worthy to do?
          Both from the grateful Soviet people got a bullet in the forehead.
          They were not worthy of another. IMHO
          1. Modus
            29 July 2013 23: 57
            Here I am about the same, Georges.
            For some reason, when remembering OUR heroes, some have a passionate desire to delve into the Vlasov shit right away, or to discuss the military merits of the SS men.
            1. Day 11
              Day 11 30 July 2013 00: 03
              And some are like me? I do not discuss the merits of the SS-tsev (they were "bad" troops). But to deny the courage and heroism of the Wehrmacht soldiers, Luftwaffe pilots and sailors from the Kriegsmarine is stupid.
              1. Modus
                30 July 2013 00: 13
                Yes, no one denies their courage, discipline and other military qualities.
                Otherwise - it would turn out that our fathers and grandfathers fought for 4 years exclusively with cowards and scum
                If you want to discuss the merits of Germans and Vlasovites, write your article ABOUT THIS, publish it here and there will be expanse for those who wish.
                Here is a completely different topic.
                Neither the Vlasovites (whom you remembered for some reason), nor the SS men have any relation to it.
                1. Day 11
                  Day 11 30 July 2013 00: 23
                  No, they’re not publishing it. It's still a site for patriots (to whom I comb myself). They were our enemies, but they have something to learn! Maybe in me it says that one of my grandfather fought as part of the Red Army, and the other in the Hitler Youth?
                  1. studentmati
                    studentmati 30 July 2013 00: 34
                    Quote: Den 11
                    No, they won’t publish it. It's still a site for patriots (to whom I comb myself). They were our enemies, but they have something to learn! Maybe in me it says that one of my grandfather fought as part of the Red Army, and the other in the Hitler Youth ?

                    I understand you, Denis.

                    I think the time has not yet come to share professional qualities and patriotism, it hurts too much for everyone! Families Great Patriotic War!
                    1. Day 11
                      Day 11 30 July 2013 00: 43
                      Well, Sanya, it was a hitch-so-hoo! Probably not many of those living in the USSR have so hoo-hoo!
  • Day 11
    Day 11 29 July 2013 22: 31
    Well, men, have matured in order to learn something new? For you it will be a shock! Ready?
    1. studentmati
      studentmati 30 July 2013 00: 36
      Quote: Den 11
      Well, men, have matured in order to learn something new? For you it will be a shock! Ready?

      Waiting !!! Take off !!!
      1. Day 11
        Day 11 30 July 2013 00: 46
        Sanya, look above about two GSS who fought in the Luftwaffe. There are even their pictures (before and after)
  • aviator65
    aviator65 29 July 2013 22: 36
    Excellent article!
    I remember reading about Sorokin as a child. There were then such thin picture books from the "student's library" series. At the same time, in my school years, I read the memories of Kozhevnikov, Voronin, Pokryshkin, and our other famous pilots. The story of B. Polevoy is generally a classic, it was passed at school, essays were written. It is insulting that we, the boys of that time, in our 10-15 years knew much more about the Great Patriotic War than the current NEXT generation in their 20-30 years. It would seem that here they are, real heroes, role models. Talk about them on TV, make films. (Well, what to do if today's young people are not on good terms with books.) Not only do you not understand this topic in schools now, but also our "filmmakers" are trying here shit, who in what way. I do not want to mention Mikhalkov's "masterpiece", which has already set the teeth on edge, but from the fact that it was "dumped" on the blue screens on the eve of the last anniversary of the Victory, it still cringes.
    Since the article is devoted to fighter pilots, then the freshly made series "Exterminated" here simply needs to be remembered. The creators of this opus have had a lot of fun for all 12 episodes! Young people looked at it, the books mentioned here, who had not read, who had not watched old films, and learned that
    - our air regiments (fighter!) were mixed — male and female, consisting of one squadron,
    - the political leaders in them were certainly rascals, and the special people were just soulful men,
    - young replenishment, not like flying, could not perform simple taxiing,
    - the shitty goodie certainly arrives either from the penal battalion, or right away from the Gulag,
    - German captivity is simply a labor dispensary for the Red Army offended by the commissars,
    - civilians were corrupt, easily surrendering our fighters to the invaders,
    - our commanders were stupid, unable to figure out what the enemy was doing under their nose,
    and many other "revelations".
    It is possible to list for a long time the shown bunch of blunders and absurdities, flavored with new ideological cliches. But most of all it jars that this "masterpiece" was announced almost as a remake of the legendary "Only old men go to battle." Interestingly, the authors have a conscience?
    1. Modus
      29 July 2013 23: 00
      The conscience of the creators of such serials (popularly referred to as "kinovopad") is completely absent!
      Only women and grandmothers are on the mind.
      Thanks for the response, Alex!
  • Yuri11076
    Yuri11076 29 July 2013 22: 48
    Good article, thanks to the author.
  • Modus
    29 July 2013 23: 03
    Thank you for your response.
    There is also the first part of this story on the site (about the pilot L. Belousov):
    Take a look.
  • Day 11
    Day 11 29 July 2013 23: 15
    Quote: Den 11
    Let’s talk about the heroes. I’ll ask you a vector, and you’re already on your own there. So major of the Air Force of the Red Army-GSS Semyon Bychkov, captain of the Air Force of the Red Army-GSS Bronislav Antilevsky. Want to continue the theme, you are welcome! (There is a full biography of both and photos)
    1. Modus
      29 July 2013 23: 24
      The answer is see above.
      I don’t want to talk about Vlasovites at all.
  • Day 11
    Day 11 29 July 2013 23: 47
    Guys, who saw such a newspaper? Click to enlarge to read
  • vip.da78
    vip.da78 31 July 2013 01: 57
    And yet, how these "sensational" films like GU-GA or SHTRAFBAT mutilated our stereotypes !!! Although it may be because our veterans, under pressure from propaganda, were often embarrassed to talk about their "penalty" past !!!
    1. Alex 241
      Alex 241 31 July 2013 02: 04
      Maybe I'm wrong, but if I managed to wash away the shame with blood, the data on my stay in the penal battalion was removed from the personal file. The soldier was restored to the rank and the awards were returned.
  • Mista_dj
    Mista_dj 31 July 2013 19: 06
    This is a good article!
    More of these are needed!
    Thank you!