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Results of the week. “What do we need these americans - cow chase ?!”

The next pawn is eaten on the board of the Oboronservis case

By the two years and eight months of the general regime colony, the Tverskoy Court of Moscow sentenced the head of the Mira company, Dmitry Mityayev, to the Oboronservis case. He was found guilty of attempted property property fraud. The defendant himself did not admit his guilt.

As follows from the verdict, the former head of the sales department of Legal Center Expert, Nikolay Lyubutov, also in the Oboronservis case, and the general director of Mira, Dmitry Mityaev, who were authorized to sell the military property of Oboronservis, committed fraud respect of the head of the LLC "Institute of construction expertise" Mikhail Pashkin. For 3 million rubles. they promised him assistance in winning the auction for the purchase of the building of the Shchelkovo consumer services plant from the Ministry of Defense for 35 million rubles.

In one of the text series of the “defense service” “Santa Barbara” after landing one of the defendants in the case, we said: “first went!” Now “went” is another. The figures, of course, are not God's message, but ... As this “but” one can name one nuance that stands out quite meaningfully. The nuance is as follows: Dmitry Mityaev, too, was first held as a witness in the “Oboronservis” case, and he did this for quite a long time. Why use the word "too", you know ... As they say, I want the analogy to be. Perhaps even after this landing something and somewhere sank from the main "defense service" witness, who claims that he did not see, did not hear, did not understand ...

Comments from our readers:

This is shelupon. The main thieves will never sit with the current government.

It feels like Mother Teresa herself is judging them, not judgment! 2,5, when the conversation goes to billions, why not steal it? I know a man who served 3 of the year because he climbed into KAMAZ ...

Mafia is immortal, when the fight against it is conducted in the mode of campaigning. To win it, you need to VERY-VERY want.

Such different revolutions

26 July, 1953, the Cuban Revolution began. On this day, a rebel group under the leadership of Fidel Castro went to storm the Moncada barracks in Santiago de Cuba. The assault was defeated, most revolutionaries died, or were arrested. However, this uprising was the beginning of a wider movement and partisan war, which led to the fall of the Fulgencio Batista regime. At the end of 1958, Batista and his supporters fled from Cuba, on January 1, on 1959, the rebels entered Santiago, and on January 2, in Havana. Cuba has embarked on the path of socialist development. Fidel Castro entered history 20 century as one of the most prominent statesmen.

Results of the week. “What do we need these americans - cow chase ?!”

During the week, Cuba celebrated the 60 anniversary of the beginning of the revolution in a big way.

On the 60 anniversary of the beginning of the Cuban revolution in Havana gathered politicians and social activists from many foreign countries. It’s a pity that the most ardent supporters of the world modern revolutions (Barack Obama, David Cameron, Abdullah ibn Abdul Aziz and others, ladies and gentlemen) could not attend the revolutionary celebrations Apparently, the revolutions they are scribbling on their tablets are significantly different from what Fidel Castro and his squad had undertaken at the time. Significant differences between the current revolutions (in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya) from the revolution in Cuba 60 years ago were emphasized by the President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, who arrived in Havana:
Confirmation of the fact that if the revolution is committed by the people, then sovereignty, justice and the right to peace can be both protected and preserved.

More precisely and you will not tell! But Obama, Cameron and Abdullah began to look for pills for nervous itching in the upper boxes of their tables ...

Comments from our readers:

Romantic times were ... Ideals, revolutions ... Castro is the last representative of an extinct species.

I have always been ashamed of the treachery towards Cuba committed by Gorbachev (in the original commentary, instead of the word "Gorbachev", another verbal word is used).

Together they are power ...

Recently, the Latvian President Andris Berzins made a far-reaching initiative. He said that in order to implement the NATO principle of “reasonable defense”, the armies of the three Baltic countries would be advisable to combine into one.

It is necessary to go towards a much closer consolidation of forces, because individually we are less strong, and especially in the field of naval forces. The concept of “smart defense” should move all things forward.

No, after all, Mr. Berzins is a little digging. We need to go even further in our Napoleonic plans: to propose the creation of a whole Baltic Military Alliance (PVA) - such a sticky liquid mass will turn out “in one bottle”. But one can in fact wipe at more: throw off the budgets of three states at once, and invite a branch, or even a platoon, for example, from the Bundeswehr to military service. Well, not in the very first Balts "to defend independence" with the involvement of German soldiers ... There were precedents. With independence, that's just another problem ...

Comments from our readers:

One of our Onishchenko will be able to defeat all three armies by imposing a ban on sprats.

Among the patients, "mental hospitals" Napoleons out of competition.

And why should they even army? would spend money on something more reasonable, why invest in useless.

Lithuania sags once, Lithuania sags two ...

47-year-old Dmitry Ustinov 15 of April of this year was behind the Lithuanian lattice on charges of smuggling high-tech American military equipment, which the United States put forward in his regard. And as soon as Ustinov found himself behind this grid, a distribution list from Big Brother immediately arrived in Vilnius, according to which the Russian citizen had to be extradited to the United States without fail.

For more than two months, the Lithuanian court tried to build from itself a semblance of an unbiased democratic institution, capable of making exclusively independent and independent decisions. But with a little two months had expired, the court had to open its cards, having decided to satisfy the requirement of the prosecutor, who stood on Ustinov's indispensable extradition to the USA. Honestly, no other decision could be expected from the Lithuanian “independent” court.

The situation with the application to third countries for the issue of citizens of Russia to the United States was outraged by the Russian Foreign Ministry, saying that this practice does not comply with international law. By all standards, the United States authorities were supposed to connect with their Russian colleagues and resolve the issue of the prosecution of Ustinov. However, as they say, must, but not obliged. Well then the United States ...

And, apparently, in order for Washington to somewhat reduce its pursuing ardor, the press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitri Peskov, had to speak. Sands used the trump card, which today is a sin not to use. He said that Russia is not going to extradite anyone, answering a question from journalists about the future of Edward Snowden. The trump card broke the Lithuanian six and clearly forced Barack Obama to get the tablets from the democratic nervous itch again out of the top drawer of his desk ... Fortunately, the US President had piled up his pills. And, if not, we will send it like this, but we will not send it through Snowden ...

Comments from our readers:

Vaughn Alekseeva throw a night vision device and accuse of espionage, I guarantee: the states will want to exchange it for Bout.

And here it is necessary to use the power. More precisely, Russia should not just put pressure, but put pressure so hard that feathers fly from democratic Balts. Only in this way can we stop the chaos. Not an adequate response, but much larger than the action itself. Enough already to make a fuss ...

I wonder if we catch some American businessman in pedophilia, for example, and decide to judge him by our Russian laws and keep in our prison with others like you ... Americans, what do you think the press will write?

Russian officials

The Minister of Labor and Social Security, Maxim Topilin, said during the week that it was necessary to make civil service attractive in the regions of the country. It turns out that today this very civil service cannot literally drive people with a whip, since the salaries of officials in this cluster are very low. Right and said: "very low." Here is a direct quote:

If you look at the salaries of civil servants, according to statistics, you will see that they differ from average salaries in the industrial sector. If we take the salaries of territorial bodies, including the controlling territorial bodies, it is very low, very.

Mr. Topilin, in addition to his concern for the low wages of Russian officials, spoke about other bureaucratic life (because life is stagnation, according to the ideas of Maxim Topilin, you can’t call it, you understand). So the Minister of Labor said that today, officials are generally in a losing situation. Not only were they banned from doing business, they also made their incomes declare ...

Now it all became clear. And then we thought before, and why are our officials so callous in regard to people's aspirations. And now we know: it turns out that they are very small, they just don’t have time to think about us. At work - as if to hard labor, from work - running, skipping to my black BMWs, purchased, of course, on a long-term loan. But with his beggarly salary, the driver should be given tea, the housekeeper should not be offended, the nurse for her children from Moldova or the Philippines should be discharged, a gardener, a pool cleaner, a window cleaner, mistresses in each of the city districts, in the end, contain ... And, however, you will grab your head! .. Well done, after all, Maxim Topilin. Everything is laid out on the shelves: leave you, they say, from us with your "Wishlist", we have a lot of trouble.

Comments from our readers:

You do not save yourself, Yuri Venediktovich! All the people think!

I propose to introduce piece-rate labor remuneration of officials at the rates approved above, in rubles, for a word, a printed sheet, like writers and poets. This will force officials to chase after citizens for the purpose of issuing certificates and self-defeating those who did not send. The really necessary ones will remain in the offices, stoically observing an irregular working day. Lesbumprom will not suffer with the help of electronic documents, and you need to monitor plagiarism, like scientists.
No, you still need to fix something in the conservatory!

Dr. Evil:
My heart bleeds at the thought of a heavy share of a Russian official. After reading the article, he vividly imagined his image: an ascetic in tatters living in a box from under the fridge. It feeds exclusively on "doshirakom"; it gets to work by a hare in public transport.

Prapor Athos:
I will say easier: "Zazhralis!"

Communist Party saws legs in the chair Medvedev

The government-promoted reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation called the last straw that overflowed the patience of a certain part of lawmakers and other Russian citizens. The last drop is a rather formidable definition. What will be the answer of the Communist Party?

The fact is that the top of the Communist Party, headed by its permanent leader Gennady Zyuganov, launched an initiative to collect signatures in support of the idea of ​​the resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers headed by Dmitry Medvedev.

Long time, Gennady Andreevich did not talk about the resignation of the government. In this regard, many citizens of Russia have already begun to think: is this Gennady Andreevich, has he not taken ill with an hour ... But, it turned out, that one. Cheerful, ideologically sustained and ready to fight. Only now expect that his initiative will lead to the real resignation of the government is unlikely to occur. In the State Duma, the Communist Party, to put it mildly, is not the majority. And the majority, as it happened, for those whose chairman (according to the documents) is directly the head of government. And our Duma majority (and no parliamentary majority) has learned how to vote against its chairman.

In general, Dmitry Anatolyevich continues to sleep peacefully (both at home and at work), as he has an excellent airbag and inertial seat belts. And with such a pillow and such belts, even Minister Livanov is “working” quite comfortably ...

Comments from our readers:

All politics is a game of chess. For example, in order to make Shoigu Minister of Defense, it was necessary to remove him from his life office as head of the Emergencies Ministry and temporarily transfer him to the governors. So, what is the game now being played, we will see at its conclusion. But if someone suddenly asked my opinion, then Medvedev should be kept away from the government. And Putin himself to risk and search for new people.

Lenin’s grandfather Trotsky was a “political prostitute” (c), I'm afraid to even imagine who Vladimir Ilyich would call Zyuganov ...

Saakashvili, the "holy"

A scandal erupted in Georgia, caused by the sensational confessions of President Mikhail Saakashvili. He spoke about the US role in dispersing the opposition rally on Rustaveli Avenue.

“On May 26, an FBI group sat in our Ministry of Internal Affairs and watched on monitors all the stages of dispersing the rally,” the president said during a recent meeting with students. “The FBI then wrote that the authorities had acted lawfully and there was no excessive use of force.”

This part of Mikhail Saakashvili’s speech did not get on the air, since only the presidential press office kept the recording and there was no broadcast in the material originally broadcast by the media. Later, the president himself insisted that his statements about the FBI were made public. The US authorities and the US embassy in Tbilisi so far refrain from commenting.

And who, I ask, did the Georgian president surprise? If the citizens of Georgia, then maybe, yes, if all the rest, then no. And without Mikhail Nikolozovich's revelations, it was obvious who this Nikolozovich, as they say, is walking under ... These revelations opened the eyes of the Georgians themselves to how truly independent the state was that Saakashvili built for them (and for himself too). Honestly, it would not be surprising even if the President of Georgia said that the staff of the American special services or representatives of the star-striped administration were sitting at the monitors in his personal presidential office ...

Comments from our readers:

For the sake of his power, he will do anything. So simply he will not give it away, most likely he will just be taken out of the office. And not the fact that alive.

Mishiko finally realized that his transatlantic "friends" had merged him, and that was why he was cutting the truth from his impotence.

Georgia itself was renamed Georgia to Georgia, so the FBI address was wrong!

Reconstructionist from the White House

"America needs its own restructuring"
M. S. Gorbachev

Some analysts who specialize in futurological forecasts about the post-global world believe that the United States has amassed great potential for destabilization. This is written by George Derlugyan, a professor of sociology at New York University, a participant in the Post-Globalization initiative. His article is published in a journal. "Expert". According to the professor, what is happening today in the United States indicates a large accumulated potential for unexpected destabilization.

As the professor reminds, historical experience shows that “imperial systems on the verge of overvoltage are subject to rapid self-destruction”. As examples, the scientist cites Ancient Rome and the Soviet Union. The perpetrators of the collapse of state systems are not openly attacking armies and not internal dissidents.

“Decay comes so suddenly, precisely because it is produced by those who do not themselves expect such consequences of their actions. For example, the most loyal Armenians of Russia who asked only for the transfer of Karabakh from one Soviet republic to another, or foremen of perestroika who sincerely believed in the renewal of the Soviet system. ”

Today, the recession amid dead-end wars put the United States in roughly the position of the USSR at the start of the 1980s. In addition, as Derlugyan notes, the political elite in the United States is divided into irreconcilable factions who don’t want to negotiate.

The collapse of the USSR was possible largely because it was considered impossible, the scientist writes. That is why the policy of "perestroika" and behaved recklessly.

Indeed, let us add, Obama and Gorbachev in their policies are very similar in many respects. Mikhail Sergeyevich advocated the reduction of nuclear arsenals - this is what Barack Obama is talking about. The Communist Secretary General advocated for the friendship of peoples - Obama, who proclaimed a “reset” between the US and Russia and sent Mr. McFaul to Moscow, constantly repeats the same. The General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee in the 1986 year at the XXVII Congress proposed the country of developed socialism to “accelerate” strategically, which very soon caused hidden inflation, and the inhabitant of the Oval Office approved the initiative of Ben Bernanke on accelerated inflation of the economy with green paper-dollars in crisis time, the consequences of which still ahead. Mikhail Sergeevich, looking at America, spoke of democratization and glasnost - Barack Obama tirelessly repeats freedom of speech and calls the United States "a ray of hope." Gorbachev loved to give speeches, because of which the “Time” program on the first channel of the TV was stretched for an extra hour, - Obama, too, was ready to speak, and the American budget contains a special speechwriter for him - Cody Kinana (whose predecessor, by the way, left to work as a scriptwriter in Hollywood). Gorbachev withdrew troops from Afghanistan in 1989 — Obama will lead them from there to 2014. Gorbachev was given the Nobel Peace Prize in 1990, and the current American president received the same in 2009. The General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, the first and only president of the USSR, has destroyed the state socialist system. Obama, quite possibly, is on the verge of the collapse of the capitalist system.

It seems that the American state is stuck in its own inability to be a state. At the same time, the main actors in the White House continue to believe that their management is effective, because it simply cannot be otherwise. The US government machine is moving like an inertial toy, but Obama, following the sociologist Fukuyama, continues to believe that the model of American democracy is something like a non-stop perpetual motion machine, on the model of which the whole backward planet is ready to "rebuild."

Comments from our readers:

... At one time, the American soothsayer Dennion Brinkley said: “Follow the Soviet Union. What happens to the Russians, the whole world is waiting. What is happening in Russia is the basis of what will happen to the economic freedom of the world. ”

We are waiting for the American Emergency Committee or something similar.

As far as can be seen from our bell tower, there is a systemic crisis. The whole mechanism starts to creak and pop at the seams. The president alone cannot, of course, destroy the country, but in the aggregate, current factors are quite capable of doing this (in the medium term).

General Dempsey v. Senator McCain

The other day, the US Congress, having visibly acted, agreed with the Nobel peacemaker Obama and gave the Pentagon the go-ahead for military assistance to those terrorists, hired bandits and cannibals, who in the most democratic state of the planet are considered to be "rebels", not sparing their belly fighting for democracy. Against the background of the decision of the congressmen, the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States quarreled with the “hawk” McCain, a great friend of the kidnappers and a longtime supporter of the intervention in Syria. General Dempsey wrote a letter to the commission on the armed forces, in which he lucidly explained what could be an invasion of Syria - and how much it would cost. However, his arguments are of little interest to anyone: despite the economic crisis, and, perhaps, thanks to him, Barack Obama is eager to attack.

The fact that media reports on the Senate’s approval for helping “rebels” are not a newspaper duck was confirmed at a recent briefing by Jane Psaki, the head of the State Department’s press service. She was asked if the White House would really start supplying the opposition weapon. Psaki answered: “This conclusion is correct, but I can’t talk about timing or specifics.”

The day before, General Martin Dempsey had a row with Senator McCain. An old “hawk”, long eager to bomb (sorry, democratize) Syria, found a way to put pressure on the general. Openly using his official position, the congressman announced that he would block Dempsey’s next approval for the post. But if the general provides a plan of operation ...

To this, the general came up with a good answer. He really made a plan. Even three plans - you never know, the first and second McCain will not like. So now there is a plan "A", and a plan "B", and a plan "C". We decipher: "training of opposition groups", "the introduction of a no-fly zone over Syria" and "drawing air strikes on Syria." True, Dempsey sent these plans not to McCain, but to Karl Levin - to the man who heads the commission on armed forces under the senate. However, there is no geopolitical difference between Levin and McCain. They threatened to start a campaign for the possible blocking of Dempsey as the head of the Joint Committee.

In the letter, the general cited some large numbers that should have annoyed McCain very much, because the hint was clear: there is a crisis in the country, and you spend billions here as easily as you burn matches.

Mr. Dempsey pointed out that the operation in Syria would require the use of "hundreds of aircraft, ships and other means of attack," and it would cost billions of dollars. Here is another hint: the United States can get a second Afghanistan. Or a second Iraq. However, the White House is no stranger.

And if one of the Americans is killed in Syria — they are shot down by an airplane, for example — then here is Vietnam as well, please. Such promising parallels should have made Mr. McCain very angry.

There is another hint in the letter - already a critical one, which the general did not allow himself before. "Getting to the action," wrote Dempsey, "we must be prepared for what follows." It will be difficult to avoid the expansion of intervention. We can inadvertently strengthen extremists or cause the use of chemical weapons that we ourselves want to control. ” Anyway, and in this way the general assessed the actions of the White House in supporting those forces that are recognized by the progressive community of the world as terrorists. As far as chemical weapons are concerned, Dempsey clearly hints at the possibility of criticism of his starry-striped homeland by this very world community. The White House probably hopes, as before, to repulse critics with propaganda, but each propaganda victory is given more and more difficult to aggressive hawks.

Dempsey pointed out in a letter that the Assad army could take Washington’s blow - on condition of dispersal of forces. The general believes that as a result of the operation, the Syrian government army will be only slightly weakened, for example, by an increase in desertion. The mere creation of a no-fly zone can fly the United States into a “pretty penny” equal to a billion dollars ... a month! Moreover, Dempsey doubts the necessity and effectiveness of such a zone: Assad is fighting on his territory - and uses mainly ground equipment.

It can be assumed that the plan “A” will be selected from the options (at least at the beginning of the anti-Syrian campaign). That is, special forces instructors will go to Syria, as well as supply of weapons will begin.

Comments from our readers:

The Americans, perhaps, understand that they cannot supply weapons to terrorists, but they cannot do anything with themselves (blood idiocy): after all, Russia is helping the other side ...

Not idiocy, but strength of habit, they used to do what they want in 20 years without looking at anyone, as a smoker with 20-year-old experience understands that he can die from cigarettes, but does not stop smoking, for that will is needed, but it is not.

Some ... edril all the time minus such articles. Apparently, this selling skin is well paid, or it has the same rotten brains and soul as the American politicians.

Historical visit scheduled

As correspondents write "Kommersant" Elena Chernenko, Ivan Safronov and Vladimir Dzaguto, the President of the Russian Federation plans to visit Iran. According to Kommersant sources, the Kremlin hopes to use the coming to power of Hassan Rouhani to move the negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program from a dead center. Bilateral issues will also be discussed: the construction by Russia of new power units of the Bushehr NPP and the supply to Iran of the Antey-2500 complexes instead of C-300.

According to others, the president of Russia will visit Iran on August 16. About reports RBC with reference to the Iranian news agency "Mehr". True, the Kremlin has not yet confirmed the information about the visit.

Evgenia Novikova ("Independent newspaper") notes that the United States and Russia seek to establish positions in the region. If Washington activates the reconciliation of Israel and Palestine, then Moscow chooses Iran with its nuclear issue. Success in resolving the two issues identified will restore the leadership of the Kremlin and the White House in the region.

According to unnamed sources of NG, it is possible that Putin will arrive in Iran by sea, and negotiations will take place in the port of Anzali in the Caspian Sea. In the meantime, they are just preparing an agenda for the visit, which will include international, regional and bilateral topics. As reported by the correspondent. "NG" Iranian sources consider international themes (nuclear program) and regional (starting with the Syrian crisis) to be the most important in Tehran. Among the themes of bilateral relations are the prospects of the NPP project and military-technical cooperation.

Comments from our readers:

Putin’s trip to Iran is a signal to the West that Russia will not throw either Iran or Syria in the event of aggression. We should develop relations with Iran, we have quite a few common interests: these are arms supplies, Syria, nuclear power plants, and the Caspian Sea.

Sorry, but Antey-2500 isn’t it a modification of C-300?

Yes, the modification, but according to the documents is under a different name. We are people of the word! They promised someone not to deliver Iran C-300, that's the promise and keep. And about the "Antey" "market" was not.

Osama Mursi will complain

According to "" With reference to Reuters, the family of the ousted President 22 July said it was going to file a lawsuit against the military, who "kidnapped" him. “There are no legal or constitutional grounds for detaining someone who is not accused of committing crimes for his own safety,” said the son of ousted President Osama at a press conference. He added that the Mursi family will take legal measures "in Egypt and internationally" against Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the Egyptian defense minister, who announced the removal of the president in early July. Osama added that Mursi's relatives cannot contact him and know nothing about his state of health.

"We will appeal to the International Criminal Court in order to conduct an investigation into the abduction of my father, who has been held since July 3," - said Osama with reference to the RIA "News". The younger son of the ousted president stressed: “I still do not know the location of the president, my father. We do not know where it is kept. We do not know the reasons for his detention. ”

There were voices from the West.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said at a press briefing that the United States was calling for a halt to any arrests and detentions for political reasons. He clarified that this also applies to Mohammed Mursi, who should be released from house arrest. To this, Mr. Carney added that Washington’s talks with the transitional authorities of Egypt are taking place every day. One of the topics of the talks is the security of Mursi and ensuring the rule of law, according to "Vesti" with reference to ITAR-TASS.

Release the dismissed president and hold democratic elections in Egypt and called on the European Union. This is stated in a statement adopted following the meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels, reports RBC with reference to Reuters.

"Egypt must move quickly towards a democratic inclusive process, which includes holding democratic elections in the near future," the document says.

It must be recalled that Mursi was overthrown for a reason, according to the revolutionary Egyptian habit, and after Mubarak. Firstly, the sharia, Islamization, which began even before the drafting of an Islamist constitution, was rightly blamed on the failed president. Secondly, M. Mursi was not able to please the Egyptians with economic growth - on the contrary, when she fell, the president began to beg from the IMF. Thirdly, not isolated groups of democratically-minded citizens came out against the “Pharaoh”, but millions took to the streets. In general, Mursi and his office were what should be called an illegitimate government - that is, a government that the people do not trust.

There is another reason why Mursi did not like the Egyptian people, in particular, the military. It is known that as president, he fiercely advocated "jihad" in Syria. Coming out after the election of the Muslim Brotherhood, the wolf just dressed up in sheep's clothing ...

Comments from our readers:

The people of Egypt used to live in a secular regime under Mubarak, tourism flourished like other sectors of the economy, until the United States organized the Arab Spring, the people did not accept a sharp Islamization of the country and, as a result, again a coup, the power of the military, but for how long?
Israel is having a lot of fun now from all sides: instability: Egypt, Syria, Lebanon ...

There was no flourishing of "other economic spheres". In Egypt - terrible poverty. And the "Muslim Brotherhood" aggravated it.

Both the United States and the European Union have long confused ass with his head. All the world "sores" of their own understanding of democracy and freedom.

Yes, they all understand. This is the trouble. It is vital for them that the whole world be in sores, and against this background the USA would look like an island of stability and well-being. It is important that an ordinary American, seeing what a mess around the world, was happy with his place.

No one “screams” in defense of Mursi and the “democratic elections” in Egypt - very restrained and non-binding statements made not immediately. The military coup completely suited the United States. Pro-Saud and pro-American (in a certain sense) group came to power. And no wonder - the Egyptian army annually receives a "gift" from the US for 1,3 billion dollars. And now, despite the coup, etc., the Egyptians will receive the second batch of F-16. As the White House stated: “Immediate changes in the assistance program would not be in the best interests of the United States.” As it is said: “Judge them according to their deeds,” and not by the shaking of air and the spoiled paper.
But they are in a hurry and are cautious in statements because in the case of recognition of the military coup in Egypt by a military coup, the assistance program should be immediately terminated under US law. This is partly why the Egyptian military quickly transferred power to civilians officially and also on paper.

The international deal of "werewolves"

A few days ago, German, Dutch and Swiss police searched the offices, apartments, and prison cells of six alleged members of an international group called Werewolf Commando.

According to the German newspaper "Bild", the federal prosecutor in Karlsruhe said that the right-wing extremist group was aimed at eliminating the political system of the Federal Republic of Germany. There was a suspicion that the participants wanted to achieve the goal by terrorist means - apparently, on the model of the so-called "werewolves" - the Nazis who were partisans behind enemy lines during the Second World War. The name of the group was borrowed from the organization “Werewolf”, created on the initiative of Heinrich Himmler in November 1944. "Decisive" men and women were supposed to wage guerrilla warfare behind enemy lines, killing "traitors."

During police raids around offices, apartments and prison cells, written documents and computers were seized. Currently the data are being studied. The raid was preceded by many months of secret investigation.

According to Spiegel magazine, the two detained Swiss right-wing extremists are most likely the leaders of the group. One of them, 25-year-old Sebastian N., was arrested last year in Hamburg - shortly after he allegedly shot a young man in Zenich 2012 in May. The Swiss prison cell was just this man and his comrade Robert S. (54), and was searched by the police.

The dissatisfaction of citizens of different countries of Europe with the migration policy of the authorities and the political system of the European Union that came into crisis demonstrates a stable “dissimilarity of the characters” of visiting refugees, legal and illegal, and local residents. All this will continue to determine, if not the emergence of new Breiviks, then additional work for the police and special services - at least in the form of long-term surveillance of potential “werewolves”. By the way, against the background of the migration crisis in the EU, the initiative of Australia looks timely, where Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said that labor migrants and refugees will no longer receive shelter in the country. Instead, they will be sent to the island of Manus - to the Papuans.

Comments from our readers:

Now the grannies on the bench - the world caliphate - know about the essence of the Islamic goal. This is, as it were, the main goal, and in what ways it will spread around the world, this is already a matter of technology. You can resist it with a tough migration policy, education both secular and spiritual within the framework of traditional faiths, and with especially fanatical manifestations - both in wartime.

The next stage: visitors declare themselves to be a disadvantaged minority, and the indigenous majority, according to all the laws of tolerance and liberalism, is being evicted in Africa.

Not evicted. There will be no one to work and the benefit for immigrants will be dumped.

Bears, vodka, donkey milk and bras

The magazine "Spiegel" invited its readers to "discover Russia". To do this, you need to pass the test of 13 questions, writes "Inopressa".

The Germans started with vodka.

One of the test answers to the question: "Why do trains on the way from Germany to Russia stand at the border for a long time?"

In addition, according to the answer in the test, vodka can serve in Russia as an alternative dressing for okroshka (along with donkey milk). In another question, readers are asked to choose: “With what gesture do the Russians make it clear that they want to drink vodka?” There are three possible answers: “1) They plug their nose. 2) Touch the throat. 3) Knock themselves on the forehead. "

The Germans were not able to get away from the bearish theme: “What kind of animal launched by the Russians during the flight became the first living creature in space?” - “1) Mouse. 2) Brown Bear. 3) Dog.

As for the bra, this notion, as the compilers of the test note, is one of the most commonly used words in Russian of German origin.

It is very strange, let us add on our own that in “Spiegel” they avoided questions about the musical instruments of the Russian people. Indeed, after the Russian touches his throat and eats okroshka, he will need: 1) harp; 2) button accordion; 3) balalaika.

Comments from our readers:

Russian image of Germany:
- XXX;
- sausages with cabbage;
- Arabs.

No, the Turks.

If you, for example, at the party at the "true burghers" say this word, then you will catch your beer mug with your head.
Believe me, Eugene, once I almost "made sure" of this.

Careful please, Serge.
Many GERMANS for such analogies (except for sausages) can also make noises from “hidden in the cellar” ...

For their analogies is not a sin with thirty-three dust dust!
I remembered the true burgher on the installation of the German sawmill line in our Siberia. One day, he muttered something to himself against the true Siberians who worked at this enterprise, using the word “Schweyne”. Only his own reaction saved him. And not from a beer mug, but from a metal object oblong with a pair of bends, from nowhere that flew right into his head.

I was surprised. Do the Germans have something to remember? Already someone, and they should at the genetic level remember the real image of Russia.

Some remember. My friend (from East Germans) remembers very well that his grandmother and father somewhere in the vicinity of Schwedt were saved by the Russian tank crews from the Poles and from starvation. But many of his colleagues (with external political correctness) consider the Russians a horde of drunken Mongoloids, who have insidiously attacked peaceful Germany.
That’s why it would not hurt to upgrade a device that they use instead of brains.

I agree! They are stupid for the Bundas, or fool them ... The image of Russia in Treptow Park stands, with the German girl in her arms, Alyosha!

CIA against the weather

The US Central Intelligence Agency is studying the prospects for climate control on Earth. Scientific research in this area has already been funded by the CIA in the amount of 630 thousand dollars, writes Alexander Gasyuk ("Russian newspaper"). Russian experts are sure: this is a long-time dream of Washington - to gain access to offensive climate weapons.

A study by American analysts of climate change and how to manage it will take 21 a month. In addition to the CIA, the project deals with the National Academy of Sciences, the Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA.

The technologies studied with the support of the CIA look threatening. We are talking, for example, about limiting the flow of sunlight to the Earth by spraying special particles in the stratosphere, controlling solar radiation, moving clouds.

A report by the US National Intelligence Council states that "climate change and climate change policies can affect domestic stability in a number of key states and have significant geopolitical consequences."

The meetings of the participants in the new “geo-engineering project” held in May and June were completely closed to the public.

Russian experts do not doubt the dual purpose of these scientific works. In a conversation with RG, the chief editor of the National Defense magazine Igor Korotchenko said that research on the subject of climate weapons in the United States leads not only the CIA, but also the Pentagon, and finances work on closed budget items.

According to the expert, with the successful creation of climate weapons, the main tasks for the latter could be “economic destabilization of certain countries” through provoking large-scale droughts or monsoon rains and tornadoes.

Comments from our readers:

Somehow this fact is alarming. And we have such studies being conducted? And then an earthquake or tsunami in the Barents Sea or in the Pacific Ocean and the entire fleet at the bottom will soon be caused. Also on land.

And here I seriously alerted. I wouldn’t trust matches with these brainless cowboys, and then the weather ... It’s scary for children - what kind of world will they have to live in?

Chairman of the globe

Every second Australian is sure that Putin rules the world. This is evidenced by data from a survey conducted by an Australian news agency "Sevennews".

A total of 5 thousands of Australian citizens were interviewed. 47% of them are convinced that the world is ruled by Vladimir Putin. Total 31% believes in the supremacy of Barack Obama. Some 12% do not doubt the world power of the British crown.

Well, let's add on our own behalf, David and Barak were given the wrong names at birth, and they named Vladimir correctly.

Comments from our readers:

Australians are wrong, money rules the world ...

And who rules the money? I foresee the answer ...

* “What do we need these americans - cow chase ?!” - a phrase from the cartoon “Mister Pronka”
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  1. andrei332809
    andrei332809 28 July 2013 06: 49
    the bear in the picture is gorgeous. such a serious guy
    1. Sakhalininsk
      Sakhalininsk 28 July 2013 07: 36
      Deutch burn, like a serious people, but how they brain blew. Although now the whole geyropa is in fact one big foolish brothel for homosexuals.
      1. ratuld
        ratuld 28 July 2013 11: 04
        Don’t worry! Bro ...
        There is nothing to watch and laugh at.
        They are still living and seemingly not bad
        -but they themselves say-KIRDYK.
        And the idea of ​​them all over the world is MUCH WORSE THAN from US.
        Gas chambers — ss — pork legs with cabbage — thick and smelling aunts in the back room with blacks and half-fucks — almost all men — pathological stoicness and greed — envy — whacking for any reason — servility to superiors — swagger — hat (hunter Alps) with a feather-shorts with socks- Friday and Saturday rip-offs to a pig's squeal- always dull and depressed look.
      2. Day 11
        Day 11 28 July 2013 11: 24
        They don’t burn! They themselves in ah, how they are presented! My stepbrother said to me that men are on the verge! How their country is exposed! The only country with which to do business! No Orthodox Greece can compare with it! Even all beloved Serbia by us! The course is only towards unification with Germany (not territorial)!
        1. ughhh
          ughhh 28 July 2013 18: 31
          Quote: Den 11
          The only course for unification with Germany

          And I will never forget who stomped my Motherland with their filthy boots and shot at my grandfathers. I believe the Serbs, they have never been deceived and never framed. And the whole history was fought with the Germans. All climbed and climbed onto our lands ... I say to all Germans in the eye: there is no nit, no faith for you.
          1. Day 11
            Day 11 28 July 2013 18: 52
            Well, in vain, old man. They are very good people. Working. And they also do not like the Yankees hegemony! If we can unite with them (plus China) --- who can defeat us ???
            1. ughhh
              ughhh 28 July 2013 23: 24
              What they don't like is their problems. If we can work in one direction, then for God's sake, let's work. But I will never begin to believe them. Togo and look, they will take machine guns and will shoot you in the back.
              And no one can defeat us. Wash with blood ...
              1. Horn
                Horn 29 July 2013 06: 36
                Shoot in the back? Germany is the only country that has never betrayed allies. Until recently, Russia was also like that.
                1. studentmati
                  studentmati 29 July 2013 06: 52
                  Quote: Horn
                  Shoot in the back? Germany is the only country that has never betrayed allies. Until recently, Russia was also like that.

                  What are you talking about?
                  1. rolik
                    rolik 29 July 2013 14: 00
                    Quote: studentmati
                    What are you talking about?

                    All about the same, more precisely (I think so) about two figures - EBNe and tagged. They laid the foundation for the betrayal and merging of the allies. And Kinder Aifos continued this tradition - Libya.
                  2. Horn
                    Horn 30 July 2013 07: 18
                    About Yugoslavia, EBN, Mechenom, betrayal of the Slavs in Chechnya, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and other "former". Are there any objections?
              2. va3610
                va3610 29 July 2013 12: 33
                In my opinion, you are bending over here, it’s enough to see how they look after military cemeteries, on which our soldiers are buried. These are not Poles for you, that's who is ready to shoot in the back.
          2. Day 11
            Day 11 28 July 2013 21: 02
            Old man, please remind me which block the Yugoslavs snuggled into?
            1. ughhh
              ughhh 28 July 2013 23: 30
              Quote: Den 11
              Old man, please remind me which block the Yugoslavs snuggled into?

              All these issues of big politics cannot be discussed here, we also had a lot of idiocy in the 90s ... But Yugoslavia fought on our side in World War II and no one shot at ours.
              1. Day 11
                Day 11 28 July 2013 23: 48
                I won’t put a minus, just an old man, read a little about the AXIS (at least from Wiki)
          3. 76rtbr
            76rtbr 29 July 2013 05: 06
            orders of the grandfather say the same thing !!!!
          4. Horn
            Horn 29 July 2013 06: 33
            ALL Europe trampled our homeland with its boots. If not directly, then indirectly. The usual Jewish project. And Germany is Russia's natural and only possible ally. Our alliances with other states led only to the robbery of Russia in favor of these states and the solution of other people's problems at the hands of Russia. Only an alliance with Germany can be mutually beneficial! Therefore, the Brittons did not and will not allow this union to materialize.
    2. svp67
      svp67 28 July 2013 10: 13
      Quote: andrei332809
      the bear in the picture is gorgeous. such a serious guy
      He would also have a ribbon or stash with the inscription "United Russia" - and a full set ...
    3. Mitek
      Mitek 28 July 2013 13: 08
      Quote: andrei332809
      the bear in the picture is gorgeous. such a serious guy

      and I like the girl more) she needs to make her current red as Chapman)))
  2. Vovka L.
    Vovka L. 28 July 2013 07: 10
    Looking at the photo of soldiers on the grass, I first thought our scientific company laughing
    1. BARKAS
      BARKAS 28 July 2013 08: 23
      Quote: Vovka L.
      I first thought our scientific company

      No, this is an American Delta on a halt laughing
  3. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 28 July 2013 07: 28
    from the Don.
    I already have 2 pictures from the site with bears, vodka, Kalash. There will be something to change on the desktop. It will stimulate. Another Anglo-Saxons have pleased us! Let them go away from stereotypes and begin to fear and respect the Russians!
    NOMADE 28 July 2013 07: 49
    Great article. Australia was especially pleased :-)
  5. deman73
    deman73 28 July 2013 08: 19
    Something the Germans began to forget how our tanks look on their streets
  6. Grenz
    Grenz 28 July 2013 08: 27
    Plus both the article and all the comments in each block. Very clear estimates.
    Everything is as always - they are us for idiots we are the same to them. Thank God and we began to get not only komenty, but also at the sovereign level. That's when a complete sucker .... ism will be included in relation to the opinion of the West, which is growing blue every day (I am silent about the United States in general) and maybe we will begin to solve our affairs better.
  7. KazaK Bo
    KazaK Bo 28 July 2013 08: 33
    The leitmotif of the entire review is gradually voicing the idea that the Western world has already become different ... there is no such certainty that the LORD OF THE WHOLE WORLD is from the United States.
    At the same time, our foreign policy is becoming more and more active. And this, however, is very correct! If only she could add more efficiency and specific accents in reaction to the aMers' iconic steps! It is time to move from "worldwide condemnation" to assessing the policy of dictatorship without any political correctness. It's time to show that we also have our own interests in the world ... and for this we have not only desire and strength.
    1. Tersky
      Tersky 28 July 2013 09: 32
      Quote: Alexey Volodin, Oleg Chuvakin
      The trump card beat the Lithuanian six and clearly forced Barack Obama to again take out pills from the democratic nervous itch from the top drawer of his desk ...
      ! good!
      When receiving Obama must remember one and the main conditions-
  8. knn54
    knn54 28 July 2013 09: 02
    -On the pawn on the Oboronservis case board.
    As the Yankees say: "If you stole a dollar, you are a thief and you will be imprisoned, and if you stole a railway, you are a respected person and you will become a senator."
    And as a classic TODAY would say: the severity of Russian laws is mitigated by the SELECTIVITY of their implementation.
    - Such different revolutions.
    Compare scumbags - cannibals with the Leader of the people ...
    The Cuban revolution is the transformation of a "brothel" (under Batista) into a SOVEREIGN state. And now - they are turning a sovereign country into gangster enclaves ...
    -Lithuania bends once, Lithuania bends two ...
    This is Dink.
    The burdens of Russian officials.
    Something remembered a joke. They take on jobs in the teaching staff, and issued service weapons. A month later, to the question: why didn’t the salary come, the “rookie” asked in surprise: what, they also give money ...
    - The Communist Party saws legs in Medvedev's chair.
    Saw, Gennady - he is "golden."
    -Saakashvili encroached on the "holy."
    Everything is possible in Georgia, but criticism of the USA is TABU.
    -Reconstructor from the White House.
    The war in Tajikistan, Georgia, Transnistria, the North Caucasus, the confrontation between Armenia and Azerbaijan - these are the consequences of the "controlled" collapse of the USSR.
    Libya, Syria, Egypt are the fruits of the Obama presidency.
    And what kind of “perestroika” are they?
    -General Dempsey vs. Senator McCain.
    The raven will not peck out the crow.

    - A historical visit is planned.
    Russia does not surrender its STRATEGIC allies.
    -Usama Mursi will complain.
    A jihadist must be in prison.
    -Bear, vodka, donkey milk and bras.
    Where is the black / red caviar?
    -CIA against the weather.
    Few tornadoes flatten them.
    1. Tersky
      Tersky 28 July 2013 09: 24
      Quote: knn54
      -On the pawn on the Oboronservis case board.

      Let's hope for a similar outcome;
  9. KazaK Bo
    KazaK Bo 28 July 2013 09: 03
    Oh! Active foreign policy is good! But we would also need to consider national interests above the idea of ​​enrichment of officials and those appointed by Mr. VECHNOPIAN (in the world of EBN) to the post of oligarchs in domestic politics. The people are waiting for the time to come when the THIEF WILL BE SITTING IN PRISON (regardless of the proximity to the powers that be), WHEN THE OFFICER WILL BE TAKEN A TAKE TO THANK THE OFFICER FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE THE RESPONSIBILITY ... WHEN THE WORK WILL BE TAKEN , NOT MERCY FROM THE EMPLOYER ....!
    1. Sour
      Sour 28 July 2013 16: 33
      That is all true.
      But the problems of the country cannot be solved only by planting certain villains. The problems are deeper.
      And bribes to officials (and not only to them, but also to doctors, teachers, etc.) are often pushed even when they do not ask for them. They poke around out of the kindness of their soul, or to save a "good friend" for the future. Sorry, but I know a lot of such examples. We are all indignant at corrupt officials, but at any opportunity we strive to solve the problem bypassing the law (only because it is easier and faster this way). I know people who, after the second glass, are sincerely indignant at corruption, and after the third glass they ask the rest of those present: "Who has friends in the traffic police? Otherwise I got a relative ... and I want to get prettier license plates ..." There are not even millions of them, but tens of millions. And there are a lot of those who are given on the paw just as a "token of gratitude", even if they are not asked. Corruption as a medal always has two sides - the bribe-taker and the bribe-giver. And it is impossible to fight the former if you yourself stand in a single cohesive formation with the latter.
      About WHEN A WORKER WILL RECEIVE WHAT HE EARNED, NOT MERCY FROM THE EMPLOYER ....!There is also no need to bend the stick. If a hard worker, without asking the employer, independently determines the size of his salary, then there will be nothing good. Not even close. Well, what's so while never had, even under the Communist Party.
      1. uwzek
        uwzek 28 July 2013 19: 25
        Of course! Despite the very difficult situation (material), the overwhelming majority of officials wouldn’t take bribes, but they are given them. They, relatives, do not even have time to work - they have to take it all the time (otherwise the people will be offended). And, God forbid, the hard workers (the same drunks, scammers) will start to get what they have earned, then where the poor official (we do not plow, do not sow, do not build, we are proud of the social system) to go?
        1. Sour
          Sour 28 July 2013 21: 05
          You shouldn't be ironic. If no one gave on the paw, no one would take. And they give everything, even when they don't ask very much. Moreover, everyone boasts to each other how cleverly they "solve problems." Such is our people, sadly. And the officials did not fall from the moon, but also came out of this people. From the very people who fight their throats for "justice", but at the same time thinks to take home from work and to evade taxes, to turn off all the meters at home and to steal something from a neighbor, as if work later come and leave early. We are all for justice, only so that it does not concern them, but concerns others. Sorry, but I live in the 6th decade, and I know life and people very well.
          As for "getting what you earned", then there is an employment contract, written or oral. If you don't like it, look for another job. Don't get paid anywhere else? Change your profession. Now the one who is really a hard worker, and not a bawler and a bum, earns normally. My friend could not find himself an excavator for a year and a half for 45000 rubles. per month. They all want office work, but few are willing to work as excavators.
          Labor is voluntary. He has only one alternative - forced labor and the same camp ration for everyone.
          Or create some kind of special body that will determine who fairly receives and who does not. Just happiness will work in such an organ. The dream of any individual. It will be the most corrupt body in the world, which can only be reached by walking on corpses. And his power will be unlimited. Not a single king had such power. However, we already had such an authority. It was called the Politburo.
  10. Beard
    Beard 28 July 2013 09: 21
    The Germans have such images of Russia: Stalingrad, T-34, the destroyed Reichstag.
  11. pensioner
    pensioner 28 July 2013 09: 34
    Thank you Oleg !! After 2 weeks of absence "Results" are going great! Yesterday I read the last "Mosaic" - great!
    And without the revelations of Mikhail Nikolozovich, it was obvious under whom this same Nikolozovich, as they say, walks ...
    Why walks? Lies ...
  12. MIKHAN
    MIKHAN 28 July 2013 09: 40
    Quote: KazaK Bo
    Oh! Active foreign policy is good! But we would also have to consider national interests above the idea of ​​enrichment of officials and appointed Mr. VECHNOPIAN (in the world of EBN) to the post of oligarchs in domestic politics. The people are waiting for the time to come when the THIEF WILL SIT IN PRISON (regardless of proximity to the powers that be), WHEN IT DOESN’T BE NECESSARY TO THANKS THE OFFICIAL FOR WHAT HE DONE THE RESPONSIBILITY ... WHEN THE WORKER WILL RECEIVE WHAT HE EARNED, NOT MERCY FROM THE EMPLOYER ....!

    This is the main problem of Russia .. And it needs to be solved urgently.! Someone is chewing and most work on bare enthusiasm ..
  13. Yurban
    Yurban 28 July 2013 09: 46
    KazaK Bo

    I completely agree with you, I agree, that there is a lot of loyalty both to the State Department and the EU, you need to live with these morons, then they immediately begin to understand, from experience, I live in Germany.
  14. svp67
    svp67 28 July 2013 10: 06
    The Tverskoy Court of Moscow sentenced the head of the Mir company Dmitry Mityaev to two years and eight months in a general regime colony in the Oboronservis case.
    Well, "they dig wide, but not deep." I would probably already be glad if Vasiliev, or better Serdyukov, were kept on the "lip" for at least a week ...
  15. MIKHAN
    MIKHAN 28 July 2013 10: 20
    Planting a business is not tricky (immediately shut up) unwind this snake ball slowly .. The redhead is clearly involved there .. and this is more serious .. The bulk distracting maneuver is clearly. The main money from all this gop company is at least part to return .. Sledaka dig ..
  16. Consul-t
    Consul-t 28 July 2013 10: 22
    Pleased with the article.
    To the author plus.
  17. Constantine
    Constantine 28 July 2013 10: 25
    Regarding the fact that in the case of defense service, they plant too small. There is a point here because these people are just those who are able to surrender a higher chain of characters to save their fifth point. Passed - get 2.5, not 5 years, for example. Their fault is not the one that they ran, but the informants can get out of them.
  18. nikolas 83
    nikolas 83 28 July 2013 10: 30
    about Putin

    Magazine photography -
    A detachment sits by the fire.
    You did not recognize Volodya?
    He sat in the front row.

    Runners are on the photo.
    With numbers on the chest.
    Ahead of someone you know -
    This is Vova ahead.

    Volodya was shot on weeding,
    And on holiday, on the tree,
    And on a boat by the river
    And at the chessboard.

    He was shot with a hero pilot!
    We will open another magazine
    He stands among the swimmers.
    Who is he in the end?
    What does he do?
    The fact that he is removed!

    1957 Agnia Barto
    1. The comment was deleted.
  19. Grigorich 1962
    Grigorich 1962 28 July 2013 10: 59
    Recently, the Latvian President Andris Berzins made a far-reaching initiative. He said that in order to implement the NATO principle of “reasonable defense”, the armies of the three Baltic countries would be advisable to combine into one.

    come on ..... it will be easier to give up ...... we will accept both Labuses and Latvians with Estonians .... you know how to keep your hands up
  20. MIKHAN
    MIKHAN 28 July 2013 11: 18
    Quote: Grigorich 1962
    Recently, the Latvian President Andris Berzins made a far-reaching initiative. He said that in order to implement the NATO principle of “reasonable defense”, the armies of the three Baltic countries would be advisable to combine into one.

    come on ..... it will be easier to give up ...... we will accept both Labuses and Latvians with Estonians .... you know how to keep your hands up

    It is easier to take a bunch of them to a special forces battalion than to run after their "armies" through the forests ... bully
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. sergo0000
        sergo0000 28 July 2013 13: 28
        Quote: ratuld
        In fact, this is a serious matter.
        At the level of the General Staff it is necessary to develop a plan
        response to these initiatives.
        For example, to form battalions "Women of Russia" -
        -to improve the life of Russian women and strengthen demography.
        take them prisoner !!!
        Reptiles !!
        And use in the national economy.
        Young guys - non-drinking-cultural !!! laughing

        Well, from those who do not guess to build a toilet in their own courtyard, but relieves the need through the bushes, you will not find any good offspring. laughing They saw civilization for the first time when the Soviet Union was taxiing. And the Germans are now specifically buying tours to Riga so that after drinking beer and schnapps they will be happy to urinate on this monument of freedom in Riga! And the Latvians themselves erect monuments to fascist henchmen! Masochists and perverts are another word for them no!
        Yes, and women they now -European homosexuals-to anything! bully
        Maybe you have problems with partners !?
  21. homosum20
    homosum20 28 July 2013 12: 47
    Thanks to the author.
    There is a proposal to read the section "the Communist Party sawing legs in Medvedev's chair" as "the Communist Party sawing legs in Medvedev's chair."
    Because the fact that from there falls on the heads of ordinary people (starting from its abolition of ppm, ohhh ... fines, etc.) is more and more reminiscent of an odorous brown substance.
  22. Nogicune
    Nogicune 28 July 2013 12: 57
    about the officials - you don’t have to fit all the bribes, do not confuse the bribe takers and careerists, with ordinary officials, I have a mother of 25 years in the civil service, lives in a one-room car, not like a Black BMW, as observers put it, but in general there is no car and the salary is 13t .r, and gets to work by public transport rather than by car with a personal chauffeur, for which he constantly darts on business trips and not on the Cote d'Azur but in the region, and in the city try to check two or three objects in at least different cities ends or at the tank farm run down the oil storage tanks, do not put on a par with honest people with the same Vasilyeva
  23. Ruslan_F38
    Ruslan_F38 28 July 2013 13: 06
    "According to the expert, with the successful creation of climate weapons, the main tasks for the latter may be" economic destabilization of certain countries "through provoking large-scale droughts or monsoon rains and tornadoes." - the whole head sick, and do not stop them!
    GOLUBENKO 28 July 2013 13: 29
    the top of the Communist Party, led by its permanent leader Gennady Zyuganov, took the initiative to collect signatures in support of the idea of ​​resigning the Cabinet of Ministers, headed by Dmitry Medvedev.

    Probably the process of removing Medvedev from the post of prime minister and turning him into a political corpse has been launched. Zyuganov has been in politics for a long time and knows a lot about the undercover war. Since the very "ER" to remove its chairman from the post of prime minister is not comme il faut, and the GDP must be removed and rumors circulated back in the winter that Medvedev would be removed in the fall. So he connected the GDP of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Zyuganov, and United Russia will vote as the GDP will order. I think everyone knows that LADIES is the "gray cardinal" of the "swamp opposition." And VVP does not forgive such a thing, it gave birth to it, and it will soak it in the toilet if necessary.
  25. The comment was deleted.
  26. morpogr
    morpogr 28 July 2013 14: 04
    The Germans will now have a picture of a bear and a KGB employee as a screensaver in reports from Russia.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  27. pensioner
    pensioner 28 July 2013 15: 17
    No, after all, Mr. Berzins is a little digging. We need to go even further in our Napoleonic plans: to propose the creation of a whole Baltic Military Alliance (PVA) - such a sticky liquid mass will turn out “in one bottle”. But one can in fact wipe at more: throw off the budgets of three states at once, and invite a branch, or even a platoon, for example, from the Bundeswehr to military service. Well, not in the very first Balts "to defend independence" with the involvement of German soldiers ... There were precedents. With independence, that's just another problem ...
    PVA is a good thing. One trouble: if the roof leaks, the whole gluing will fall apart. And if something happens, it will leak ... Or it will roll off. What about independence? What the fuck do they need her for? They do not understand her like that: Independence of the state. The independence of the state in international relations is a sign of state sovereignty, meaning primarily and primarily its independence in relations with other states - the main subjects of international law.
    If in state public relations the state acts as having exclusive jurisdiction over all individuals and their associations located on its territory, then, in contrast, international relations are characterized by disobedience of states to any authority above them with the competence to prescribe them rules of conduct in international communication. Thus, they are mutually independent.
  28. Day 11
    Day 11 28 July 2013 17: 04
    Helen Gromova, tell the military (I know, you can) that the men take off their bright (red) baseball caps! This is a real goal for snipers! Is it really impossible to put on something more suitable for a fight in the city. Even if it's Shabiha? Why is this ridiculous (and unnecessary) death? I saw Marat Musin.Plow it, we’re really worried about YOU! They won’t listen, ebp and brain! Let them think!
    1. Day 11
      Day 11 28 July 2013 17: 20
      By the way, men, if anyone watches ANNA-NEWS and has his own wishes, and most importantly, there are suggestions for tactics or modernization (quick) of military equipment of Soviet production, Lenka reads everything! It’s possible through Ankhar too. PM
  29. 12345
    12345 28 July 2013 17: 13
    "Taburetkin" seems to be closed. "Kaa" - squeezes the rings. Slowly but inevitably. Slowly - so that the "evidence base" does not collapse, where is the thread in the "Strasbourg court", where the newly-minted "fighters against the dictatorial regime" will certainly turn.

    "Fyodor Kostrov" - health and long life!

    "Sprats" are in permanent hysterics: Uncle Vova is methodically building a transport infrastructure bypassing the Baltic states.

    The officials are mostly C grade. What do you want from them? All the same, there will be no others. Talented and educated people will always find something more interesting than "building a career" due to the flexibility of the spine.
    Only a very strict "head teacher" can help with C grade students. And an even stricter "school director". By the way, Stalin's grandfather did a good job of getting not only "C grade" students to work, but also "C grade students". Even full "downs" just before our eyes - got smarter.

    Communist Party "sawing legs" on the Luntika toilet seat? "Saw - saw, Shura ..." ©

    The fact that "Sahaka" is a rag doll (or is it a rubber-technical product?) Has long been beyond any doubt. It is frankly a shame for Georgians if they deserve such a ruler.

    "Maxim" - the United States will not break up. Even if he really wants to. This is the same doll as "Sahak", only directly - on the tentacle of the heavily bursting World Backstage.

    "Help for the rebels" is another boomerang, one of those that the United States throws, with enviable stubbornness and every time genuinely surprised at his unexpected and painful return.

    Uncle Vova's trip to Iran? Strong move!

    Egypt: the maximum program for the Behind the Scenes is to turn it into a kind of Somalia. Into a feral, disorganized herd. So that, in the future, it would be possible to safely shoot the "Papuans" from cheap Israeli drones.
  30. Double major
    Double major 28 July 2013 21: 43
    Good review, by the way ...
  31. Horn
    Horn 29 July 2013 06: 44
    CIA against the weather

    - In the order of delirium: I drove recently past the antenna field of one HF, the weather, as always, is bad, I remembered about HAARP. And such an analogy came to mind: the whole world is covered with towers of mobile operators. Who prevents us from using them as a microwave antenna and frying us all? wassat
  32. Doktor-2
    Doktor-2 29 July 2013 14: 37
    GOOD REVIEW! By the way, the prototype of ALESHA (the soldier with whom this pedestal was made) is still alive, and lives on Art. Ovchinnikovo, Altai Territory. He is already under 90, the governor of the region (Karlin) regularly visits him, largely thanks to him, the village is surviving a little, then they will repair the road, and recently they made a new school. In general, thanks to Grandfather, not only for the victory!
  33. eplewke
    eplewke 30 July 2013 12: 07
    Let's wait for America ... We were able to recover from the shock of the collapse of the USSR. the question is whether they can?