Under Stalin, everything was not the same as in Europe. Therefore, we are still alive

Under Stalin, everything was not the same as in Europe. Therefore, we are still aliveThe Memorial Society is demanding that Stalin’s grave, as well as all his associates, be removed from Red Square in Moscow. The fact that if it were not for Stalin - on the site of Red Square now would be the German office, MacDonalds or a cheap film studio, of course, does not matter. It is much more important to listen to the opinion of outspoken paranoids who always make up endless lists of nonexistent victims - just because this is the opinion of the so-called “civilized Europe” and “progressive world community”.

The most sensible judgment on this subject was expressed by political scientist Oleg Matveychev:

“And now, let's ask ourselves some hard questions:
Would it be better if the USSR was headed by any of the democratic leaders, such as those who were in the leadership of Poland, the Netherlands, France, or was it better that Stalin headed it?

It would be better if we in the USSR had free democratic media spreading panic and working for the enemy, or it’s still better that Hitler did not destroy 100 millions of Russians as he had planned, and without free media, we somehow managed ...

It is better or not for us that Stalin educated people for whom the cry “Motherland is in danger” meant that we had to get up and die, and not, as for the French, that we needed to collect our belongings and drape? ...

Is it better for us that in XNUMH years we cleared all possible ground for the penetration of any agents and the “fifth column”, or did we have to perform our quick and ridiculous repressions after the start of the war in a hurry like distraught Europeans?

After all, Hitler planned a blitzkrieg on the territory of Russia ... Only he didn’t work, didn’t work: the population evacuated in an organized way, even with industry, the army defended with courage and heroism, no saboteurs couldn’t sow any panic, Stalin and the government didn’t sow panic become…

Leaflets Goebbels also had no impact ...

It was not like in Europe.

Therefore, they are still alive.

We will take into account that criticism of Stalin for the fact that he "did not prepare for war correctly and lost a lot of people" is carried out by fans of the West, the one who was defeated in general in three days, and after all this shame it would be better for all of them to shut up forever. Now every smelly “Frenchman from Bordeaux” (they are all humanists and liberals there!) Pokes us with a finger “GULAG, GULAG”, condemns us for repression ... These genetic cowards, having pulled up their trousers who fled from Hitler, hid on their riviera, while for their freedom millions of Russians shed blood; they have no historical voice at all! They have not yet redeemed their historical a shame!".
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  1. Alexander
    22 January 2011 10: 29
    To form an opinion about an organization, you need to know the sources of its funding. We have a bunch of "public" organizations with "murky" funding sources, one of them is "Memorial."
  2. Andrey
    22 January 2011 16: 59
    That's right. Good article.
  3. Vladimir
    22 January 2011 21: 31
    The Anglo-Saxons were especially distinguished when the French were still fighting the British were already tearing their claws to their islands
  4. Andrey
    23 January 2011 12: 54
    What can I say ... The sea nation ... Just a little bucha - on the coral. And go home. And after the trumpet from the island, that this, they say, we won the war ...
  5. Plato
    3 March 2011 22: 55
    An honest and correct article. The fact that Europe should silently sniff "in a rag" is precisely said. Germans shouldn't get excited at all. The French and the British only with outside help began a war against Hitler. There is no tale about the Poles and other trifles ...
  6. Dmitriy
    April 17 2011 03: 10
    Rave! Full! You can laugh at France as much as you like, but it’s better to compare with yourself and this is what we get:
    -France did not prepare well for war. Fact! But on the other hand, preparation for war did not become a fetish there either! Nobody arranged for covetivization, for the sake of building the monsters of the military industry, no one drove people into total poverty, no one fanned the militaristic hysteria, no one riveted tens of thousands of tanks and planes ...
    - The USSR did all this ... and received a defeat much more terrible than France! That's all, gentlemen "patriots". Why not be swept away by a mustachioed ignoramus who created a huge but clumsy and yes yes - a cowardly monster called the Red Army ?! Miracles do not happen! The Germans would not have reached Moscow if the "invincible and legendary" did not scatter through the forests, surrender, throw mountains of weapons ... And the evidence of this defeat is complete even in the literature of the Soviet period - you just need to be lazy and read. ...
    But who will do it? Plato here does not know the order of entry of the states into the Second World War. He doesn’t know that England fought for one and a half years with Hitler .... But he talks about national characters .... Well done! As Prof. Preobrazhensky said there: you give advice on a cosmic scale and cosmic stupidity, but on the third day you ate tooth powder!
  7. -1
    6 May 2011 17: 57
    Great, my point is very similar
  8. ivachum
    12 December 2011 12: 22
    And some "brothers of Slavic appearance" generally took the side of Germany ... I'm talking about Bulgaria.