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Museum of Tanks in Latrun (Israel)

Today I want to tell you about my visit to the Israeli armored museum Yad Le Chiron. The museum is located in the Ayalon Valley at the Latrun junction, which is located in the middle of the road from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The exposition is a stunning sight. Great amount tanks and armored vehicles of various types and times housed in this museum.

The exposition was created around the building of the former police center of the British police in 1978 year, which at that time housed the association of the memory of tankers. This building was originally a fort. It is located at the crossroads and made it possible to control the road to Jerusalem. Four days after leaving the fort by the British army, he was captured by the Jordanians. On several occasions, the Israelis attempted to storm the fort, but were only able to repel it in 1967 during the Six Day War. Inside the building there is a fascinating exhibition, telling about these sad events. On the roof of the fort there is an observation deck from which you can see the exhibits of the Museum of Tanks in all their greatness.

The museum was replenished with exhibits gradually, tanks came from battle sites during the wars taking place in Israel, later tanks and armored vehicles appeared in the museum as a result of various exchanges with foreign museums working in the same direction.
The Museum contains armored vehicles of all kinds, a pontoon bridge, the purpose of which was to force the Suez Canal during the Yom Kippur War. The eminent “Willis” is also located here, and on the rocky pedestal there are three tanks - Soviet, American and English. They are representatives of the countries that won the Second World War. In the Museum you can see a lot of other impressive technology.

Today, the Tank Museum has over 200 exhibits, including wheeled, tracked vehicles, small cars and just huge exhibits. Here you can also purchase a brochure-guide to the Museum in Russian, to keep in mind history these amazing exhibits.
And the tanks are really worth seeing! Such a variety of military equipment can not be found, perhaps, nowhere else. You can even get on some tanks, and not only children, but also adults can climb on them.
The impressive memorial wall, on which the names and surnames of the fallen tankers are written, is impressive - and only the names and surnames, no titles, because they were all defenders of the Fatherland.

The guns of all technology are directed to the sides of the Wall of Memory.
I happened to see the young tankers taking the oath in the Museum. This is a very touching sight: looking at young soldiers, at their inspired faces, seeing their willingness to stand up for the Motherland, you are overwhelmed with patriotic feeling.
We were impressed by the visit to the Museum of Tanks. We recommend everyone to visit it. Entrance to the Tank Museum is paid - 30 shekels. Exposure works with 08: 30 to 16: 30, on Friday - a shortened day.
And on the way you can look at the Monastery of the Molchalnikov, located next to the Tank Museum.

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  1. Genady1976
    Genady1976 26 July 2013 07: 03

    someday there will be a carrot
    1. svp67
      svp67 26 July 2013 17: 43
      Quote: Genady1976
      someday there will be a carrot

      Something tells me that "Armata" can appear there faster ...
      1. Genady1976
        Genady1976 26 July 2013 23: 23
        Quote: svp67
        Quote: Genady1976
        someday there will be a carrot

        Something tells me that "Armata" can appear there faster ...

        and it’s good time for her to appear wink In the museums of AvtoVAZ
  2. ed65b
    ed65b 26 July 2013 08: 24
    Who does not rustle quickly, throw a photo from a cuban for comparison.
    1. Captain Vrungel
      Captain Vrungel 26 July 2013 09: 57
      Guys! No need to jerk. One must be honest and fair. and even to the enemy.
      You just won’t get into our Cuban. They have free access. Climb wherever you want, touch what you want. Plus them
      A large collection of armored vehicles from around the world. Another plus.
      Samples of Soviet technology are impressive, especially during the 6 day war. Everything that the Arabs threw out of cowardice (almost everything that the USSR supplied to the Arabs is presented).
      Were in this museum, from the first minute you forget the country and plunge into the most interesting collection - the history of armored vehicles of all times and peoples. Large exposition of models. Have great fun. And most importantly, you will look differently at the people of Israel, surrounded by the rings of the "friendly" Arab people. For me personally, having visited all the coastal countries, the most comfortable is Israel and Turkey. I'm not talking about politicians and politics. I'm talking about the people. Great. There will be an opportunity to visit this museum, visit. The usual phrase "and we have better" will disappear at once. Any museum is individual and beautiful in its own way. The huge Louvre and the Aivazovsky house-museum.
      1. Aryan
        Aryan 26 July 2013 10: 51
        the article says that
        The guns of all technology are directed to the sides of the Wall of Memory.
        the question is, is there their trophy technique there and where is it strained?
        judging by the number of enemies of Israel, probably in all directions ...

        and also a pomnitsa couple of fascist T-4 defended Israel at one time
        I wonder if they are in this museum?
        1. ed65b
          ed65b 26 July 2013 15: 01
          I do not know about whether there is in this museum, but the photos of the T-4 flickered Israeli, painted black.
          1. Aryan
            Aryan 26 July 2013 22: 04
            Well, tyk, that's interesting in which direction their muzzle is directed
        2. Pimply
          Pimply 26 July 2013 15: 58
          Quote: Aryan
          and also a pomnitsa couple of fascist T-4 defended Israel at one time
          I wonder if they are in this museum?

          The Syrians had 57 pieces, subsequently several captured by Israel in the Six Day.

          If we talk about German weapons, there were planes, as far as I remember (Czech versions of the Messerschmidts). PP and rifles.

          The T-4 tanks were not in service with the IDF or Palmach.

          The museum is available.
          1. ed65b
            ed65b 27 July 2013 00: 00
            We have t-6 in the swamp.
            1. Aryan
              Aryan 27 July 2013 00: 25
              It seems to me that the fastest was already our trophy, which ours abandoned when he came down, because there were few masters in his service

              or your swamp somewhere near Berlin wink

              And is it possible to find out in more detail why such a thuja heap of iron fat has still not been allowed to cut (in the normal sense of the word),
              because solid material is always in short supply?
      2. desertfox
        desertfox 26 July 2013 11: 06
        Quote: Captain Vrungel
        You just won’t get into our Cuban. They have free access. Climb wherever you want, touch what you want.

        And why not get into our Cuban? I normally got there, even with the citizens of another state, did not say a word)
        And as to climb wherever you want, yes ... we don’t even come up, everything is fenced ...
        but this is due to the fact that museum visitors began to disassemble the tanks for spare parts, before it was possible even to get inside ... they were to blame, for example, they even threw garbage into the barrel of a self-propelled gun
      3. Argon
        Argon 26 July 2013 12: 32
        Well, about the "comfort of stay" in the country - "there are no comrades for the taste and color" - for example, I did not like it. Regarding the museum, although I didn’t have to be in Latour, but still, there is a lot of information on the Internet (video, photos), performance it is possible to draw up: this is not quite a museum, 1 this is a place of worship (memorial complex), 2 a means of propaganda (or social advertising) designed to form a common opinion of the population about the qualitative superiority of the national tank forces over any enemy, and even an ally. And only 3 museum. And although with the first two "social" tasks, in my opinion, he does not cope, as a museum, one can state the "classical" Western exposition (British, German museums), split "diorama exhibits", safe gangways with a fence, and the very legal opportunity to climb on exhibits (our museums are still far from this, more often the signs "do not touch with your hands"), expositions of stand models (in general, the highest ratings). Somewhat disappointing is the state of some exhibits (especially AMX-13) and the building itself Ania outside (I don't mean historical "scars" on the walls), and rust in the Israeli climate is not a "thing" forgivable. lol
      4. ed65b
        ed65b 26 July 2013 14: 57
        Quote: Captain Vrungel
        Guys! No need to jerk.

        There were no thoughts
        Quote: Captain Vrungel
        the phrase "and we are better."

        And this is not so either. just could compare and get more aesthetic pleasure.
  3. desertfox
    desertfox 26 July 2013 09: 20
    A large museum, Cuban attached for comparison.
    1. bazilio
      bazilio 26 July 2013 10: 02
      It seems to me that the exposition on tanks in Kubinka will be richer. At least all Soviet developments, almost all German tanks of the WWII period, are collected in Kubinka. But in Laturn, it seems to me, there are more copies of Western tanks of the post-war period.
  4. Matroskin
    Matroskin 26 July 2013 09: 45
    and what with t34-85 did you give the tire to the tire fitting?
    1. Revolver
      Revolver 26 July 2013 10: 10
      Quote: Matroskin
      and what with t34-85 did you give the tire to the tire fitting?
      No, the Arabs stole and sold for scrap.
  5. Apollo
    Apollo 26 July 2013 10: 28
    Theme video

  6. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya 26 July 2013 10: 48
    Any museum with such expositions has only five points!
  7. smersh70
    smersh70 26 July 2013 10: 49
    Quote: Apollon
    Theme video

    ours also created exactly such a museum, .. though the Minister of Defense pushed the museum into a military camp ...... why such a museum in a military camp) if there is no access to it)))))))))) ...
    All the same, Jews are smart .... smile in children and youth achieve manifestations of interest in technology ..... hi
  8. Tan4ik
    Tan4ik 26 July 2013 12: 25
    This is really cool! Thank you for the article.
  9. smiths xnumx
    smiths xnumx 26 July 2013 14: 31
    The museum in Kubinka is generally the largest tank museum in the world. By the way, there are captured Israeli tanks delivered from the Middle East M-60A1, "Centurion", M-48A5 with the "Blazer" dynamic armor system, however, they say in closed storage facilities, where entry is prohibited, there is still a lot of "tasty". Well, the museum in Latrun is very good, and it is worth noting it serves patriotic education: taking the oath by tankmen, increasing interest among children and young people in armored vehicles in particular, and in the IDF in general. I would love to visit him. The article and the author are a well-deserved plus. Yours faithfully! hi
  10. ALEX74
    ALEX74 26 July 2013 14: 56
    Guys! What is the difference where this museum is, in which country! Remember the main thing!
  11. ed65b
    ed65b 26 July 2013 15: 04
    Come to the Belgorod region to Prokhorovka, too, there is something to see, and you can still drive around the surrounding area, everyone remembers. About a week ago, the old school building was demolished under a new foundation pit, digging, which they just didn’t dig up, German ammunition, I am silent about ammunition and cartridges.
  12. RoTTor
    RoTTor 26 July 2013 15: 55
    The impressive memorial wall, on which the names and surnames of the fallen tankers are written, is impressive - and only the names and surnames, no titles, because they were all defenders of the Fatherland.

    It’s a pity that so many of us have crowded out there. They were found and fellow soldiers, completely Russian. Having lived there for a decade, they became truly Israeli patriots
  13. Pimply
    Pimply 26 July 2013 16: 02
    I took the oath in Latrun. A good place. It is worth noting that the merkavas that stand there are different from the real ones - there are prototypes in the museum.
  14. Fastblast
    Fastblast 26 July 2013 18: 41
    Class, so much technology!
    I would like to get there.
  15. Totenkopff
    Totenkopff 26 July 2013 21: 10
    All that the Arabs have then show.
  16. ed65b
    ed65b 27 July 2013 00: 02
    The last photo is just super, I would have such a bulldozer.
  17. beifall
    beifall 27 July 2013 06: 29
    I want to see, climb and feel there, probably the guides also served in the IDF, they will tell what is interesting there! Tired of reading bullshit about junk western! Maybe the comrades of Judah will enlighten if there are guides who have combat experience?
    1. Pimply
      Pimply 27 July 2013 16: 37
      Most likely - they serve in the IDF. There are usually instructor girls.
  18. The comment was deleted.
  19. Kukota
    Kukota 27 July 2013 12: 37
    And in our museums tanks are separated from the people.
    A little welding on the hatches - and let the children climb, sneakers will not tear holes.
  20. mithridate
    mithridate 27 July 2013 19: 37
    yes, it’s good that you can crawl and feel, feel the story with your own hands
  21. Tourist Breakfast
    Tourist Breakfast 27 July 2013 23: 14
    Looks like old pictures. The fourth "Merkava" is missing. And personally in Latrun I really like the "Magi" in the context:
  22. dpwPOL
    dpwPOL 28 July 2013 14: 55
    One-sided museum lighting (((
    The T-34 has already shown twice ... perhaps this caused an extravaganza from the author of the hot, this is the winner tank!
    Unlike other exhibits.
  23. dustycat
    dustycat 29 July 2013 21: 24
    Hmm ..
    And where is the photo of the three winning tanks on the rock ?!
  24. Dan
    Dan 6 September 2013 13: 47
    Yes, how many traveled to various museums in Russia, nowhere can you get inside the equipment. Sorry. It’s interesting to eerie what’s inside. Sit. Touch to touch the story ... eeeh