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Strong-willedBratishka magazine already wrote that at the end of winter 2012, a ceremony was held in Ufa on the territory of the Akbuzat racecourse to transfer five Lada Priora cars to five servicemen of a special-purpose detachment of the Volga Regional Command of the Interior Troops of Russia, who were seriously injured during special operations in the North Caucasus.

Two of them - Phyluz Kanchurin and Oleg Serguchev, who lost their legs as a result of the detonation - then filed a report with a request to keep them in the service. And now, after almost a year and a half, we have the opportunity to tell you more about the fate of the special forces soldiers.


About this guy, you can safely say that he is a hereditary defender of the Fatherland. His grandfather wore a military uniform in the most severe years for our country - from 1939 to 1945. Finnish and Great Patriotic war fought in the infantry, orders and medals full chest. He served his father, served his elder brother, but not somewhere, but in the reconnaissance battalion.

Therefore, when he received the summons, Filyuz, without hesitation, went to the military enlistment office and asked him to write it down in the landing or special forces. The guy had a good reason to petition the military commissar about such a “privilege”: both at school and at the pedagogical college he was thoroughly involved in sports, and shortly before the call he even became the champion of Bashkortostan in his age group in the three kilometer race.

In the recruiting office, his request went to meet. And soon, Filyuz was already preparing to take the oath in the Ufa detachment of special forces of internal troops. And then for him and other recruits began the harsh everyday life, full of classes in combat and special training, training, tests, the main purpose of which was to make real-life special forces as soon as possible from yesterday's schoolchildren.

Filuz, who mastered the sapper's specialty, was in good standing with the command. And after due time, he was offered a contract. The young man did not think long, because he had already managed to understand and feel: special forces are for him, this is a matter to which he can devote his whole life. So in the first his combat mission, which began in March 2011, he set off as a fully mature and formed soldier.

In early May, the grouping command received operational information that a gathering of field commanders was being prepared in the area of ​​the village of Roshni-Chu. In order to cover the leaders of the gangs, several special forces units were sent to the mountains. Ufa team members went to the combat mission.
Filus moved as part of the head patrol. Maskhalat, unloading with ammunition and grenades, a machine gun on his chest, headphones on his head, and a Condor mine detector in his hands. Everything is as it should be to a sapper.

The weather that day did not favor the search: there was a dense fog in the mountains, so the reconnaissance groups moved as if in milk, visibility was sometimes limited to five to eight meters. Investigating the path that was winding along the slope of a deep ravine, they found fresh traces - someone clearly passed here shortly before the special forces. And since the tourists in those places do not go, the fighters of the head patrol were alerted and prepared for a meeting with the militants. And then no one imagined that the hidden trouble was already waiting for them.

Having estimated all possible routes of movement of the enemy, the senior head patrol decided not to descend into the ravine, but to continue along the trail. They walked very carefully and after a few tens of meters came across a fresh block of trees.

- Minesweeper, follow me! - the senior has ordered, trying to bypass an obstacle to survey a track on the other hand. Filuse still had time to think: “I should go first, I still have a mine detector” - when an explosion thundered near.

The blast wave easily tore the fighter off the ground and hurled it to the side. The first thing that felt Filyuz, when with all the fluff crashed to the ground, it is a strong pain in his left leg. “God forbid I broke!” But there was no time to understand his own feelings. He did what any special forces would have done in such a situation: with a trained movement he took the machine gun at the ready and prepared for battle, expecting that figures of insurgents or flashes of lights would begin to flash between the trees.

But it was quiet in the forest. A few seconds later, the commander's voice spoke to the radio: “Who is injured? Report who is "three hundredth." Filuz, who had time to notice how the blast wave knocked down and Ensign Radik Muftahitdinov, looked towards his comrade. He lay a little behind, brown spots of blood appeared on his camouflage. Kanchurin drowned the tan of his radio station:

- Commander, Radik wounded.

- And you?

“It seems to be ...” Filyuz turned around and could not believe his eyes - he simply did not have half a foot! Having swallowed the comic that had risen to his throat, he squeezed out of himself: - And I am wounded.

Further he remembers badly, in fragments. He remembers how comrades gathered around him, how he had been conjuring over his wounds (and Kanchurin also had his left hand stung by a splinter) medical instructor Volodya Iordan, put a tourniquet, anesthetized, put a drip. Then there was a growing buzz - the health board was approaching. But he naturally could not sit in the woods, even in the fog. And because Filus was raised to the helicopter on a cable.

Inside the iron dragonfly, a doctor and a nurse were already waiting for him. They asked about something Filuse, pricked some medications, but his mind was already dissolved in the measured noise of screws.

In himself, he came only after two days. In the 46 hospital of the operational brigade, he was operated on - he had his leg amputated in the middle of the leg. But the Special Forces' misadventures did not end there: inflammation began, and Filyuza was hastily transferred to the capital, the Main Military Clinical Hospital of the Internal Troops, where surgeons, struggling with developing gangrene, shortened the leg by a few centimeters. Only after that she began to heal, and the guy gradually went on the mend.

It was quite fast - youth and a great desire to return to a normal life affected. It was more difficult to physically go this way - to get used to my new state, learn to walk again, not pay attention and not get annoyed, feeling someone's pathetic, sympathetic look.

After Filyuz learned to move tolerably on crutches, they began to prepare him for prosthetics. The prosthesis itself was put on only in the beginning of October and began to master the “new gait”. At first - with a bleeding stump, shouts and groans almost at every step. Then he began to walk more and more confidently. Bumped up and did not allow to surrender three circumstances.

The first. Before my eyes there was an example of the same people as he, still very young children, who had gone through similar tests several years earlier and had now come to the hospital for re-replacement. They did not let the spirit down, instructed, taught, directed, prompted. And most importantly, with all their lives they made it clear to him and others that even after such a terrible injury, you can continue to serve and live a full life - learn, play sports, fall in love and be loved, start a family, raise children.

The second. Philyuze really wanted to go home, to his relatives, whom he hadn’t seen for a long time and whom he had missed a lot. And the doctors set a condition: they will write out only when he learns to walk on the prosthesis confidently, without the help of crutches.
And the third. Once, a lieutenant colonel without a hand approached him, who was making another torturous walk on an unusual yet artificial limb, and congratulated him. To the question, frozen in the eyes of Filuse, the officer explained:

- The council of the “krapovikov” of your detachment made the decision to hand you the krapov for your military services. So look wear it with honor!
How could he then become discouraged and give up?

Only 10 of November 2011 of the year came out of the gates of the hospital Filyuz Kanchurin, exactly six months after the injury. To help him get to the location of his native squad, Ensign Radik Muftahitdinov, the one with whom they hit a single mine, came to Moscow for him. Only Radik’s wounds were lighter than that of Filus, and he was discharged from the hospital a few months earlier. And now, having learned about his friend's recovery, he rushed to the capital, despite the fact that he was on vacation.

In the detachment, Filus had a brief, but serious and very concrete conversation with the commander, Colonel Vladimir Anatolyevich Vishnevsky. Kanchurin's decision was already ripe and was final: he wanted to remain in the service. But is it possible?

- Take a vacation and go home, see your family. And we will try to solve your question, the commander told him goodbye at the time. The colonel did not want to give empty promises, because the final decision about the fate of the fighter had to be made by higher authorities.
It turned out to be the first meeting with relatives. Mom, seeing her son, could not hold back her tears. And what was more in them - the bitterness of what happened to her child, or the joy that he still survived - she knows only herself. The father put all his feelings and emotions into a strong embrace, squeezing and for a long time not letting go of the son-soldier from himself. And the grandfather, who walked the roads of more than one war, brushed away a tear that had come, and only quietly said to his grandson:

- Well, granddaughters, you are young, you still have a whole life ahead. We must live on.
Filuz’s decision to remain in the military service was all approved.


There was one girl among the guys who received awards and presents on February 2012 February on the territory of the Akbuzat racecourse complex. No, she did not wear epaulets, did not serve in the special forces detachment. On that day, she represented her brother, Sergeant Oleg Serguchev, who was still in the hospital, at the gala event.

If for Filuze Kanchurin the business trip, which had so abruptly changed his fate, was the first, then Oleg, on whom the tests and blows of fate fell on the same ill-fated May day, served in special forces for quite a long time.

He, an Evenk by nationality, was born in April 1979 of the year in the Arctic, in the distant Yakut Alaykhovsky region, which stretches for many kilometers along the coast of the East Siberian Sea. After graduating from 11 classes entered the College of Physical Education. He was always on “you” with sports: even during his school years he played basketball, volleyball, and skied well. In college I became interested in kickboxing and achieved quite good results during my studies - I became a prize-winner of the Republican Championship twice.

And he shot perfectly. And could it be otherwise, if the boy was first taken into the second grade in the hands of the little boy, and his grandfather taught Oleg with his brother, the first hunter in the whole district. Together they hunted squirrel, arctic fox, and hunted larger game - deer and elk. Not for fun - for food. Even then, Oleg learned one of the main rules of this hunter: if you are not sure that your shot will reach the goal, do not shoot at all. You will frighten the beast, and even worse, if the young one goes to the tundra: both the hunter without meat and skin, and the living creature deprived of life.

In 2002, Oleg was called on urgent. He served in the special forces detachment of the internal troops, which was stationed in Vladivostok. He fought in Chechnya, where he had to shoot a lot and often. And, of course, not innocuous proteins.

After being discharged from the army, he served for six years in the special division of drug control. He could have worked more, but at the end of the summer of 2010, his position was reduced, and the guy again faced a choice: what to do next? Having thought it over, he decided to return to Ufa, where his native detachment had been relocated by that time, and in September, a special forces unit of the internal troops reappeared on Oleg's camouflage sleeve. In March, 2011-he went on a business trip to the North Caucasus.

10, a reconnaissance search team in May, where Sergeant Serguchev was the senior head patrol, worked two kilometers north of the group in which the sapper Kanchurin was operating. The explosion, which knocked out of the battle order of Phylus and some other comrades, Oleg heard with his guys. They asked the neighbors on the radio station what happened. They replied that they had “three hundredths,” but they did not need assistance in evacuation, they would manage on their own. And Oleg's group continued the search.

Closer to dinner, the fog began to dissipate, and then disappeared altogether. The head patrol, headed by Serguchev, went to a country road. They reported to the group commander, got the task to advance along the road for another kilometer and a half and wait for the main forces to arrive. Oleg was ready to give a command to continue the movement, when suddenly, between the trees, at a decent distance, some figures flashed. The sergeant rushed to the ground, the rest followed suit.

Hidden, Oleg fumbled with the optics of a sniper rifle on the edge, looking out for the unknown. But those trace is gone. If they didn’t find the special forces and continued moving in their black deeds - this is only half the trouble. Worse, if the militants have spotted them and now, just like that, hiding behind trees and boulders, they are examined with the sights and binoculars of his fighters.

Serguchev on the radio reported on the ghosts. And a few minutes later a sniper crawled up to the sergeant, sent by the commander to strengthen the head patrol. Together with a partner, they continued to consider the hostilely silent forest for a long time. But in the end, without finding anything suspicious, Oleg decided to move on.

At the soul of the cat scraped. Surely he, an experienced hunter who had been fighting for spetsnaz for the first year, missed the enemy, did not have time to react to the militants who had suddenly appeared on the edge of the edge? Or maybe it all just seemed to him, and the figures flashed between the trees - just the shadows of the bushes swaying in the wind?

The head patrol had already reached the point defined on the map, had already waited for the main group and, obeying the order of the commander, together with everyone started the “refueling”: it was necessary to have a quick snack with a snack, rest for ten to fifteen minutes and then continue the search.

Oleg, without any appetite, swallowing cold porridge, everything continued to look around, as if expecting that between the trees or because of the ridge covered with bushes, someone was about to appear again. And then he really does not blunder!

After swallowing the last piece of tasteless biscuits, the sergeant got up and went to the group commander, Senior Lieutenant Denis Zhigulin, to clarify the further search route. Halfway he stopped, looking around anxiously: it seemed to Oleg that someone was watching him with an unkind look. He was seized by a premonition of inevitably approaching misfortune. Sergeant raised weapon, instinctively took a few steps back.

And at that moment an explosion sounded under his feet. Satanic force threw Oleg up, twisting joints, shredding muscles and tendons with hot metal of incoming fragments. And then just as mercilessly, she crashed down all over, trying to dislodge the remnants of life from the body.

With a broken doll, he fell to the edge of a steaming funnel, unable to move either his hand or his foot. Consciousness did not go away, and this was another grave test - Oleg had to endure all the pain that fell on him, not in oblivion, but in reality. He raised his head with difficulty, trying to at least examine himself.

What he saw plunged him into shock: there was no left leg to the middle of the shin at all, his right, bloodied and unnaturally bent, like a broken hockey stick, completely immobilized. The place that in anatomy lessons is called the hip joint, and in the common people they simply say “where their legs grow from,” was one continuous bloody wound. After everything he saw, Oleg did not want to believe that he was considering himself.

Around the sergeant had already appeared in time friends of his comrades. After the injection of painkiller Serguchev, it became easier, but not by much. He was literally shaking from the loss of blood, beating on a chill, as if taken out of an ice-hole. Or maybe that is how they look - the icy embrace of death, from which co-workers were trying to wrest Oleg from that moment? He still remembers how the ambulance helicopter flew in, how it, completely exhausted, was taken aboard, unloaded at the airport "Severny", transferred to the medical "UAZ" - "loaf". Only after that Oleg disconnected.
... And he came to himself only after two weeks.

Recovery was long and difficult. To call those months human life is hardly possible. It was impossible to just move, so as not to experience wild, piercing pain. I had to handle the need for myself. In the daytime, the procedures, all these droppers, injections, pills, pipettes and other medical rubbish, so hated by every healthy person, somehow distracted the physical and mental agony. But at night the real hell began: the pain was spreading rot over the tortured body, and thoughts about the future life of a crippled disabled person corroded the brain. The dream did not go. And just before dawn, the sergeant fell into anxious, sensitive oblivion.

For half a year he lay on his back, having undergone several operations during this time. His hip joint surgeons in the Main Military Clinical Hospital of Internal Forces gathered literally piece by piece. We sewed torn muscles, blood vessels and tendons, spliced ​​the bones. Formed and ennobled the stump, preparing the guy for future prosthetics.

When Oleg was taken off the plaster and finally allowed to move, the first thing ... he turned on his side and fell fast asleep. When he woke up, he threw back the sheet and with a critical eye looked over his body: one continuous scar! But it was from that moment that his recovery truly began. The commando realized that if he won the fight for life, the struggle for returning to the system is only beginning for him. And he wanted to return.

Therefore, when the Deputy Interior Minister, Commander-in-Chief of Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Army General Nikolai Rogozhkin visited the Main Police Department in March 2012, and promised wounded special forces that everyone who wanted to remain in the service would find a decent place, Oleg immediately wrote a corresponding report. And he felt like he was literally pouring with life: now he knew for sure that his goal was quite attainable. And it gave extra strength.

In the hospital Serguchev spent a total of a year - the most difficult twelve months of his life. At this time, Oleg won another victory over himself: at the beginning of treatment and after the first, most complex and painful operations, he was injected with a strong painkiller, containing narcotic drugs. What to do if world medicine did not come up with yet another way to turn off a person from pain? And when it came time, it was far from easy to abandon the drug to the sergeant special forces. But Oleg managed to overcome this too!

His co-workers' support, Oleg Serguchev, as well as Filius Kanchurin, helped him back to life. By the decision of the council of the “krapovikov” of the Ufa special-purpose detachment for military merit, he was given the right to wear the spotted beret.

The fact that he has found himself again, great merit and his beloved girl Angela Ammosova. Amazing in depth, purity and strength of feeling connect these two young people. They were familiar with more than one year, but they met very rarely: while her chosen one was in military service, Angela studied at the institute in their homeland, in Yakutia.

She learned about Oleg's injury from his sister. And then the girls together told the special forces mother about it. We sat down, grieved, cried. My mother and sister had no choice - they had to wait for their loved one and go through life with him, encouraging and supporting. But Angela ...

Who would dare to condemn a young pretty girl - not a wife, not even a bride - if she decided to leave the crippled soldier and look for her female happiness in the other direction? But she acted differently: gathered and arrived at the hospital.

Her appearance in the chamber, as Oleg confessed, was for him tantamount to the arrival of the sun, the rising of the most beautiful star on a black sky covered with clouds. The second time she came to him already in December to meet the upcoming New, 2012 year together with her beloved. And in June, when the sergeant was completely strengthened and confidently standing on the prosthesis, he was discharged from the hospital, they got married.

And Oleg, in order to express his gratitude to Angela for all that she did for him, after the wedding, he took his wife’s name. So now he is Ammos.

Filuz and Oleg, despite injuries received, did not think of themselves outside the service, outside the special forces, outside the internal forces. Their spirit was not broken, but became even stronger. Thanks to the help of commanders, co-workers, friends and relatives, they emerged victorious from such life-changing troubles that could break and crush many. And they won the circumstances, won first and foremost themselves.

And therefore it is quite natural that such guys with a steel character found a place in the ranks. Oleg is in charge of the detachment gymnasium; Filyuz is in charge of the stock of automobile and armored vehicles. Of course, they want to go back to their battle groups, again to be with friends on a business trip, in search, in reconnaissance ...

But the guys understand that these dreams are unlikely to come true.

But everything else that is available to healthy people, they are quite able to achieve. Filuz, for example, has already mastered the control of a passenger car. And now he bears a new idea in his restless brain: he, who has been involved in athletics all his life, wants to return to the treadmill. And it is already wondering where it is possible to find funds for a special, “running” prosthesis, similar to those on which the South African runner Oscar Pistorius performed at the London Olympiad.

That will be fun if the guy really runs!
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  1. Gomunkul
    Gomunkul 30 July 2013 08: 51
    Two of them - Filyuz Kanchurin and Oleg Serguchev, who lost their legs as a result of undermining - then submitted reports asking them to leave them in the service.
    Glory to the heroes! hi
    1. valokordin
      valokordin 30 July 2013 21: 45
      Quote: Gomunkul
      Glory to the heroes!

      Hang on guys, the country needs you. Kvachkov and Khabarov with you, the patriots of Russia with you.
  2. SmacXnumx
    SmacXnumx 30 July 2013 09: 26
    Health and good luck to the guys !!!
  3. Flooding
    Flooding 30 July 2013 11: 29
    Such fighters will not be lost, even though they are without legs.
    They will not cry from self-pity.
    Teeth gritted and forward.
    Good luck to you, dear.
  4. polly
    polly 30 July 2013 14: 12
    With such real Russian soldiers, victory will always be ours! Thanks to the guys for the strength of mind and courage!
  5. Grigorich 1962
    Grigorich 1962 30 July 2013 15: 33
    Such warriors honor and glory of Russia !! ... and these are not big words ... it's true. Such warriors forged, forged and will forge the invincible power of Russia and its spirit !! ..
  6. Alexey Prikazchikov
    Alexey Prikazchikov 30 July 2013 19: 01
    Guys, let everything be yours.
  7. 7ydmco
    7ydmco 30 July 2013 19: 27
    Thanks for your work guys.
  8. Marek Rozny
    Marek Rozny 1 August 2013 17: 00
    Here are the right guys. Fell - fight on your back, beat, bite, tear, swear, but win. It’s nice to read articles about such people.
  9. albanech
    albanech 14 August 2013 16: 13
    Glory to the heroes! Real fighters defenders of the Motherland! There is someone to follow!