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The fate of Vladimir Kvachkov as a mirror of modern Russia

The fate of Vladimir Kvachkov as a mirror of modern RussiaI have no doubt that a novel will be written about Colonel Kvachkov soon. Quite a lot came together in Kvachkov, which no longer requires artistic imagination from a writer to reflect, as in a mirror, the entire tragedy of the past decades, all of its highest moral and spiritual meanings.

First, Kvachkov, without exaggeration, immaculately heroic character. A courageous warrior and a fiery patriot, who passed apart from Afghanistan through all the hot spots, stopped the massacre in Tajikistan (for which he also has the title of Major General of the Tajik Army), who undermined Basayev (as a result, Basayev lost his leg), he finds himself in a difficult situation - becomes a suspect in the absurd case of the attempt on Chubais. And instead of getting out of this situation, he uses sudden universal attention to his person only to explain to his compatriots that Chubais and his team are traitors to the Motherland, deserving the most severe punishment. That is, Kvachkov behaved like a captive General Karbyshev, began to frighten enemies, and not to save himself.

Twice the jury acquit him. Not only because the investigation did not prove the guilt of Kvachkov and other suspects, but also because it is very difficult to imagine a person in modern Russia who is able, choosing between Chubais and Kvachkov, to choose Chubais. Let's just say, the jury was afraid to take a sin and sign that the world had turned upside down, that now treason and theft should be called valor, and valor should be considered criminal.

Prolonged imprisonment in the pre-trial detention center only exacerbated his civic feeling in Kvachkovo. He creates a kind of popular movement called the militia and designed to revive the heroic images of Minin and Pozharsky in the people's memory. And this militia, consisting of 90 percent of pensioners, of course, most of all resembles a toy with which Kvachkov was able to give freedom to his heroic, longing for the salvation of the Motherland, character, but could not capture weapons warehouses and by storm take the Kremlin, as he is now charged with. This could be done by General Rokhlin, who has real influence in the army and in society. Therefore, General Rokhlin was found dead much faster than he had time to think about a military coup.

Why did Kvachkov and his retirees scare the authorities?

The thing is that the Kremlin itself stubbornly and consistently suggested to Kvachkov the idea of ​​a people's militia. He told me when in 1993 he shot from tanks your opposition. When he falsified the results of the presidential election in 1996 (as everyone knows, Zyuganov actually won the election). When, contrary to the Constitution, the institution of "successors" was introduced.

It would be surprising if Russia would part too easily with the dream of democracy, which was already included in the Constitution. If the Russians would easily agree with their current extinction from poverty and hopelessness. If no one, and even more so, the brave Kvachkov, had guessed to remind the authorities that if the authorities themselves violate the Constitution, then the citizens are obliged to protect their Basic Law from the authorities.

The uprising of young "Decembrists" on Manezhnaya Square in the capital and other cities also took place at the prompting of the authorities, who had long convinced the citizens that their right to life could be obtained in Russia only by force.

The mass media, constantly asking about who will be the next president, not from ordinary citizens, but from the monarchs themselves, "successors", made their contribution to the harsh uprising of the "Decembrists" and the retirement militia autotrain. Do Russians really don’t have blood on their hearts to realize that their opinion of power does not mean anything?

To show once and for all who the boss is in Russia, Medvedev decided to put the Decembrists in jail. But then the authorities realized that young people have nothing to lose. And for fear of power before the Decembrists answered Kvachkov.

How coincidentally was he in the role of the main martyr?

Without an answer to this question, the Kvachkov novel would have been purely political.

And in the fate of Kvachkov there is also a spiritual component.

For example, it was enough for me once to see Kvachkov at school (my daughter was a classmate of his son) at the parents' meeting and to speak with him only a couple of meaningless phrases in order to understand that he was an unusually good person. And remember him forever. Delicate, modest, cordial, quiet, at any moment ready to step aside. And at the same time - a brave Christian. For your friends, ready to give your life. And in politics, he was not for the sake of his name, but because of the readiness for his people to suffer.

To believe that the life of the first Russian saints, Boris and Gleb, is not a legend, you need to see Kvachkov once, you have to think once more about the fate of Kvachkov, which is still in our sight. And in the role of Kozma Minin he could be. Could, if at the same time someone could be in the role of Hermogenes, if there was no need also for Prince Pozharsky. And the truth in him is not just pain, but - shines. And it serves as an anesthetic. So he can only live the truth.

And now let's answer the question: if our government in the face of Russia destroys the main stronghold of the Orthodox civilization, then who should it choose for its ritual sacrifice?

More than Kvachkov, radical Limonov?

But Limonov has nothing to do with Orthodox Russia.

Rebellious Nemtsov?

But Nemtsov of the same breed as the power.

Someone from the "Decembrists"?

But they are a blind element, risen not from faith and love, but from resentment.

But Kvachkov is exactly the highest thing that the Russian Orthodox civilization could reveal to us in the human form. Not in the sense that it is the only and unique today in all of Russia, but in the sense that it is also visible to all of Russia.

Only such as Kvachkov, a man is needed for the satanic ritual of the crucifixion of Orthodox Russia. Otherwise, no ritual will turn out, but ordinary cruelty.

More rectilinear Bolsheviks in the same ritual dances destroyed the priests and chopped icons with axes. And in exaltation they even erected a monument to Judas Iscariot. But their liberal successors at Christmas will go to the temples. They already have a firm conviction that the Holy Church itself can be set right, as a jewel privatized with the Almighty, to the throne of its Satan.

... Well, he wrote and was embarrassed by himself.

Does this look like a click?

And then why did the authorities give our television the image of the Babylonian harlot? Why, having failed to destroy the Writers' Union of Russia with a strong-willed decision, does the government continue to destroy it with more reliable economic methods? Just because Russian writers do not fit into the satanic project?

And, on the contrary, why in Perm a huge river station was placed under the “modern art”, insulting both culture and morality? Why are they investing huge amounts of money in this Perm gallery if the locals perceive it as a madhouse? Why does everything that the government and its oligarchs invest in, serves only defilement?

Can there be such coincidences?
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  1. Mashukov Alexander
    Mashukov Alexander 21 January 2011 18: 24
    Let the authorities not hope that the officer can be broken. He is not alone!
  2. Tramp
    Tramp 24 January 2011 14: 14
    all will come at the time of reckoning !!!!! fellow
    and very soon!
  3. slava.iwasenko
    slava.iwasenko 5 January 2013 21: 54
    Afraid of Kvachkov, oh how fearful those who hold power am
    1. Cavas
      Cavas 5 January 2013 22: 06
      Quote: slava.iwasenko

      Afraid of Kvachkov, oh how fearful those who hold power

      What kind of nonsense in your mind ??? laughing

  4. Red Guard
    Red Guard 5 March 2013 09: 17
    Kvachkov is a good man, knows a lot and knows how, can raise a people and has many connections and acquaintances in higher military bodies, he is respected by both soldiers and officers. Such a man is dangerous for democrats. Russian nationalists consider him their hero and stand up to the mountain (though not all) for him. In some ways, this situation is similar to the White General. It seems to me.