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The role and place of Russia in a bunch of China-USA

The role and place of Russia in a bunch of China-USA

A strategic assessment of the globalization scale suggests that in June-July 2013 against the background of “tectonic processes of global transformation” in the war of meanings of world projects was carried out by the conceptual authorities of the PRC in alliance with Finintrin’s “Battle of the End” outgoing 400- summer industrial society of the civilization of the West. The result of the operation was a symbolic non-aggression pact in a geocentric theater of operations for a period of 10 years (up to 2022 of the year) concluded by PRC President Xi Jinping and US President Obama B.H. 08.06.13 at an informal meeting at the Annenberg manor (masons of the Order of the Sons of the Covenant B'nai-Brit) on the Pacific coast of North America in California.

The pact received an official name: "Relationship of the new type between the shores of the Pacific Ocean." The essence of the Pact is the mutual recognition of each other’s strategic interests within the framework of the united Pacific Ocean, and the model of “healthy competition” (and not strategic games) in Eurasia, Africa, Latin America, the Arctic and Antarctic.

The pact was preceded by a mutual demonstration of power in cyberspace (the exchange of strikes against control networks) and the political maneuvers of “peace enforcement” conducted by a political heavyweight from the leadership of the “Sons of the Covenant” G. Kissinger.

The attacks of the Chinese Red Cyber ​​cyber grouping on the US administration networks with the cracking of the American secret information protection system were successful. For the United States at the level of Assistant to the President for National Security and the Pentagon officially accused the People's Republic of China of state cyber-espionage and electronic theft of secrets, especially in the field of aerospace technology. In the same row is the cover operation with the “flare” of the PRISM XberNum of the US National Security Agency (military intelligence) 2007, made by the US intelligence officer E. Snowden 05.06.13 in the Special Administrative Region of China - Hong Kong. It is noteworthy that on the same day, 05.06, Nature, published a report on the US breakthrough in electronic secrecy: the ability to hide the presence of a signal with any information in the "temporary pockets" of optical modulation of a laser beam in fiber optic lines. In other words, two days before the meeting of Xi Jinping and Obama B.Kh. at the Annenberg Manor (07-08.06.13) and the day before the opening of the Bilderberg Group meeting at the Grove Hotel near London (06-09.06.13) with the agenda: cyberwar and the spread of asymmetric threats under the control of the “Sons of the Covenant” media were notified by the relevant competent services about parity of opportunities The Chinese Armed Forces and the US Armed Forces in a geocentric theater. That provided a breakthrough to the new type of relationship between the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

Further coordination of the measures of “strategic mutual trust” between the PRC and the United States was first conducted by G. Kissinger 28.06.13 in Beijing during the 3-his Global Summit of think tanks. And then 08-11.07.13 in Washington during the 5 round of the US-China strategic and economic dialogue.

The theory of cyberwar on the geocentric theater of war was developed by the Americans. A geocentric TVD is the orbital space (from the geostationary orbit of communication satellites, lower in orbits of remote sensing satellites, meteorological satellites, navigation satellites and, finally, satellites of radio and electronic intelligence) plus all ground-based cyberspace. If in the wars of the twentieth century the final victory was largely determined by the conquest of air supremacy, then in the 21st century, with the transition from the industrial to the information society, the outcome of the war will be determined by the conquest of cyber domination (information dominance).

As of 2013, cyber independence, and this is its own “electronic shield and sword,” is only the United States and the People's Republic of China. Here and digital sovereignty (basic infrastructure of IT resources: processors, system and application software) and electronic sovereignty (resistance from viruses, hacks, leaks, spam) and deployed groups cyber war. However, information dominance is impossible without a penetrating offensive ideology. And since in a crisis the attractiveness of the “American dream” (the ability of every person to succeed in life on their own) has faded. At the same time, the “Chinese dream” (the revival of Great Han greatness as a large united Chinese family - the world Chinese community), on the contrary, captures the hearts and minds of Chinese throughout the world. That outcome of the struggle for world leadership is decided in favor of China.

As for New Russia, it has lost both information and digital sovereignty. Instead of the "dream of mankind" imported from the US the ideology of liberalism. It relies on American basic information resources, and the element base is largely purchased by the Chinese. After the next accident with the launch of the Russian rocket (02.07.13 at the start, the Proton-M rocket with three GLONAS navigation satellites) fell in the competent services of China and the United States, "there was a doubt about the status of the Russian Federation as a space power" (with 2010, this is already 8-I failed RF with the launch). Astronautics New Russia 90% inherited from the USSR. She was a symbol of state power of the country. Now the innovative potential of astronautics is lost. Technology and equipment are outdated, experienced staff retired, but no new ones. Quality control system destroyed. According to the Chinese estimate (People's Daily of 10.07.13), Russia is two generations behind the United States in its navigation support of non-nuclear high-precision weapons. That is: the Russian Federation as a strategic enemy in a geocentric theater, in the United States and China is not considered.

It is noteworthy that Deputy Prime Minister D. Rogozin, responsible for the defense industry, 28.06.13 openly admitted that 80-90% of the strategic military potential of the Russian Federation can be destroyed by non-nuclear precision weapons of the US military in the first six hours of the war. Therefore, to counter this threat, an asymmetrical response is needed, namely: “These should be autonomous weapons, independent of modern telecommunication technologies that can be put out of action in a matter of minutes.”

In other words: “The battle for history”With the seizure of the future in the perspective of Pacific Oceanism, the Russian Federation in geocentric theater loses. Bilderberg talked about this in June, and 08-11.07.13 confirmed the US-China strategic dialogue. While the PRC and the US, through the mediation of the Sons of the Covenant (Kissinger), accomplished a “tremendous breakthrough” to strategic mutual trust in cyberspace, Russia and the PRC 09.07.13 in the raid of Vladivostok and in the waters of the Peter the Great Bay conducted the tactical exercise Sea Interaction-2013. The following tasks were worked out: anchorage at the anchorage, resupply on the roads, joint air defense, joint escort of a tanker in a dangerous area patrolling an enemy submarine.

There is a clear discord between the content and scope of strategic interaction in the triangle of the USA - China - Russia. Then, for a visible demonstration of the same power presence of Russia in the Pacific Ocean, Russian President Putin V.V. on the night of 12/13.07.13/XNUMX and ordered the Minister of Defense Shoig S.K. conduct a sudden check of the combat readiness of the ground forces aviation и fleet Eastern Military District. And, most importantly, to conduct large-scale maneuvers with the use of strategic long-range aviation (TU-95) in the areas of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk and the Sea of ​​Japan and from the airborne assault forces and reinforcements to the East from the Central Military District (all troops and forces up to 160 thousand people) .

In the period from 13 to 16 July on about. Sakhalin mixed tactical groups of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation worked off the antiamphibious operation. At the Sergeevsky range in Primorye, the offensive was worked out, and in Transbaikalia - a head-on battle. Space coverage indicates the anti-Chinese orientation of the demonstration of Russian power.

For only China has the doctrine of “just demands” (there are no official claims to the Russian Federation) in relation to the Russian Fr. Sakhalin (from the Chinese Kuedao), Primorye and parts of Transbaikalia, which were part of the Chinese empire until the XVII century. And the counter battle in Transbaikalia, except for the Chinese, was not to lead anyone. In addition, in terms of the realization of the Chinese dream, the People's Republic of China proclaimed the slogan "gathering Chinese lands from the Middle Ages for centuries", and the need to "atone for the age-old shame of suffering from foreign barbarians."

The speed of deployment (two days a day) of tactical groups of the RF Armed Forces at the front in 4000 km and the transience of the combat use of temporary groups without logistic support indicates that Russia intends to solve the tasks of the war in the Far East with the extensive use of tactical nuclear weapons by the new appearance "and aviation. The authorities of the Russian Federation do not yet see any other opportunities to “save the face”.

However, in order to understand the driving forces of the “tectonic processes of global transformation”, analyzing the manifested events is not enough. To understand the processes, it is necessary to assess the invisible conceptual part of the battle of world projects.

From the standpoint of non-politics, this assessment comes down to the following:

Evaluation Methodology: the single splits (and the Fwayways of er) - here the struggle of opposites, the translational movement (linear progress). And changes (chjou and) follow in a bundle of three forces - here cosmic harmony, rotational motion (waves and cycles).

The civilization of the Ecumene of the Old World is divided into the Biblical-Mediterranean (Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Jerusalem) and the Middle Earth (Chinese Celestial Empire and its outskirts).

The biblical civilization after the flood was divided into three branches of the descendants of the progenitor - the righteous Noah: Rod Sim (spirit, honor and glory) inhabited Asia. The clan of Hama (flesh, wealth, passion) inhabited Mesopotamia, Eastern and Northern. Africa And the genus Japheth (soul, power, mind, logic) inhabited Europe. The relationship of the Semitic-Hamitic (Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, Berber, Coptic), Uralo-Altai (Finno-Ugric, Turkic) and Indo-European (Japhetic) languages ​​is proved. And China is not mentioned in the Bible!

“The tents of Shemov” (spiritual majesty) are primordially nomadic peoples: Jews, Turks, Mongols, who can hear the Will of Heaven. Sim is the eldest son of Noah. And the royal priesthood (the unity of spiritual, military and secular power) is from time immemorial given to the family of Shem.

Hamites (sensual pleasure) - light-skinned peoples of Babylon and ancient Egypt, Ethiopians, Libyans, Nubians, sharply different from African blacks. The royal family in Babylon was the clan of Ham. The builder of the Tower of Babel, Nimrod - the ruler of the earth, the king of the four directions of the world - is the source of globalism, cynicism, senseless tyranny and servility, pursuit of material goods, mechanism and service to Baal (local deities).

Yafetida (science and art) of the Aryan-Slavic-Greek-Roman civilization of the West, turned to the search for beauty and well-being.

The biblical people are jews. The forefather of the Jews, Abraham, the descendant of the younger (5) son of Shem in the eighth generation - in the middle of the 2 of the millennium BC. brought 360 warriors and their servants from Babylon (Ura the Chaldean) to Palestine (Canaan). With the disintegration of the patriarchal-tribal system of judges among the Jews - the entire 12 clan of the "tribes of Israel" - a kingdom emerged that flourished under King Solomon. About 930g. BC the unity of the Jews split into two states: Israel (in the north of Palestine) and Judea (in the south). Jerusalem remained the capital of Judah. Israel with the priests of the tribe of Benjamin kept the Law of Moses (all people are brothers). Judea with priests from the clan of Levi (the Levites) went over to Deuteronomy (outcasts appeared).

Both kingdoms (in 722 BC - Israel and in 586 BC - Judea) fell. Jewish births are in scattering (outside Palestine). The Levites, army, and people of Judah were taken captive by the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar. In the Babylonian captivity, instead of the state, a church-communal organization of the Jews (synagogue) was formed. When part of the clans returned from captivity to Palestine, in the 2 century BC Jews found the national royal dynasty of the Maccabees, uniting spiritual, military and secular power. In the era of the Maccabees, there are three parties: the Sadducees (nobility), the Pharisees (businessmen) and the Essenes (destitute people). Parties have developed an ideological basis of power.

The Essenes gave the teachings of Moses a communist interpretation, denied luxury, slavery, lived in communities. From the Essenes came "non-covetous" and internationalists.

The Sadducees are “scribes,” advocates of a hierarchy of spiritual and secular power. From the Sadducees came the "slaves of the treasury" of the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic spiritual orders of the European aristocracy.

The Pharisees gave the teachings of Moses a casuistic interpretation and formal piety (hypocrites). Developed a religious-legal system of petty rituals and prohibitions of the Talmud. This is the line: Levites - Pharisees - Talmudists - Zionists = oligarchs. From the Pharisees came the "Jewish" and modern globalists.

The conceptual foundations of the heirs of these three parties in bundles of forces determine the changes in the cycles of global transformation.

Content of assessment: In the Middle Ages, the carriers of conceptual power (the Law of Moses) from the tribe of Benjamin (Essenes) united with the Merovingians (mythical descendants of Jesus Christ of Mary McDowlin) as guardians of Holy Grail who founded the first royal Eurasian dynasty of the descendants of Sim and Japheth, which rules Europe and Europe. The straight line of the Merovingian dynasty (Varyag Rurik) goes east to Moscow Russia to the White Kings, who accepted the legacy of the Horde khans from the Shatrov of Sims.

The Union was given the name Priory of Zion. In the 19th century, the Priory of Zion initiated the creation in the United States of the world Jewish order, Bnai-Brit (Sons of the Covenant) and the British imperial, mainly Anglo-Saxon, Society of Cecil Rhodes. The activities of the Sons of the Covenant (Kissinger) and the Rhodes Society (for example, WikiLeaks) are funded by banks of the Rothschild Group (Ashkenazi European Jews). The Rothschild-British ligament on the transition of history through the post-industrial barrier has two sacred enemies:

- Old European (Sadducee) Roman Catholic elite and
- North American Protestant-Illuminati (Pharisees).

The Old European aristocracy is the Carolingians, Latin dynasties, enthroned by the Roman popes. This is the fascist (black) International "Teutons" and the spiritual orders of the Vatican.

The North American white Protestants of the WASP are bourgeois masonry, liberalism and human rights, funded by the Rockefeller banks. This is the world oil and military-industrial complex of the United States. This is a debt economy with unlimited paper issue USD. This is an American stuttering globalism.

In the battle for history, for capturing the dominant heights in the coming post-industrial information society of the knowledge economy, the Rothschild internationalists united in the ZERO Corporation: zeroing the stock and currency bubbles inflated by globalists Rockefeller and redistributing wealth by gold.

The supporting country, called upon to bring down the old orders of the industrial society with the USD monopoly, break up liberalism and create it by 2022g. a new global financial system of currency zones; the internationalist Rothschilds appointed China. To do this, its cash and settlement center Hong Kong Rothschild in 1997 transferred under the jurisdiction of the PRC. The main supply of banking gold was brought to Hong Kong under the protection of China’s aggregate power, and the Bretton Woods gold heirs of the Qing Empire, the Guomindang, were returned to Taiwan. And in every way contribute to the unification of China to 2019g.

Hence the new internationalism of Xi Jinping and the World Chinese Dream and the Covenant with the appointee of Priorat Obama B.Kh.

The future role and place of Russia in a bundle of three forces with China and the United States

In the context of Sino-US relations, a new type of "strategic mutual trust" in geocentric theaters. Where New Russia, with its technological lag, is perceived by the Chinese as a “paper tiger,” and by Americans as a “cardboard empire of evil.” A worthy place for Russia in the triangle of mutual deterrence should be sought not in the figure, but in the asymmetric figure of the mental space is no longer IT, but high cognitive technologies to control the behavior of decision-makers.

Do not be sad about the loss of digital sovereignty of the Russian Federation. This loss only made room for the development of new high analog (wave) technologies. For example, in Russia outside the state structures (Skolkovo, Rosnano or RAS) an analog computer has already been created and successfully tested, which is built on the integration of LIVING human consciousness: groups of talented operators and software and hardware support systems. This lively distributed analog computer works on the effect of SCALAR RESONANCES of longitudinal waves and is capable of generating precise control commands under conditions of strategic uncertainty. What devalues ​​the digital advantages of the United States and China, making Russia an equal partner.

Non-politicians emphasize that the breakthrough sector for Russia is HIGH COGNITIVE TECHNOLOGIES. For only in systems based on a living human consciousness, Russians have a certain advantage: the ability to think of paradoxically, which is derived from the peculiarities of the RUSSIAN LANGUAGE.

As for the organizational forms of “tectonic processes of global transformation”, for Russia this is an almost instantaneous transformation by historical standards (one cosmic hour — 3 of the year) to 2015. in the "Kingdom of Truth - the Power of the White Tsar". For a short time: 12-15 years, will be for countries and peoples, and above all for China, a model of otherwise possible - righteous globalization. Chinese military clans (Dragons) will accept the trinity of Russian Orthodoxy (Eastern Right Doctrine) and from 2019 onwards formally head the Xue Meng established on the basis of the SCO: Blood Alliance of Countries and Peoples of Non-Western Civilizations. Where in the family of nations Russia will have the role of a wise “elder sister”. This Union of the heirs of the great empire of Genghis Khan, the empire of the Spirit "Shatrov Simov", for a short time (approximately 2027) will wring out the "Kingdom of Sly Reason" of the Union of the Hamites and Japhetids, who completely forgot about Heaven. However, the victory will be short. And the new world order headed by the Biblical Antichrist called “transhumanism” will be overcome only by the fact that Scripture calls “the new heaven and new earth on which the truth dwells”. And scientists call the anthropological turn of the middle of the XXI century (according to the Chinese cyclic calendar, they "died" - exactly 2044).
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  1. buga1979
    buga1979 25 July 2013 06: 05
    Well, I don’t even know what to say
    1. studentmati
      studentmati 25 July 2013 06: 25
      In a strategic plan, the PRC is a leader in the global alignment of forces (for the next 50-100 years). In tactical terms, Russia in the period of 10-30 years is invincible!
      1. S_mirnov
        S_mirnov 25 July 2013 09: 45
        I want to add this article with a link
        Andrey Fursov about China and Russia.
        I recommend to see, in my opinion it is useful.
    2. T-100
      T-100 25 July 2013 10: 38
      I don’t give a damn about backward ones, we’re not backward, the main thing is that they give an automatic machine and a couple of grenades before the war, I’ll do as our grandfathers guerrilla, they will not distinguish animals and Russians in the forest, because we are one with nature !!!
    3. Nevsky
      Nevsky 25 July 2013 11: 49
      Wrap yourself in a blanket and crawl into the cemetery ?! request
    4. NKVD
      NKVD 25 July 2013 13: 41
      Quote: buga1979
      Well, I don’t even know what to say

      An article based on the principle "The boss is gone, they are going to remove the plaster tomorrow" ... How bad everything is with us and how good it is in China and the USA laughing
      1. strannik595
        strannik595 25 July 2013 15: 03
        "Where New Russia with its technological backwardness is perceived by the Chinese as a "paper tiger", and by the Americans as a "cardboard empire of evil.".... ".... come, make sure, we will feed you with paper until you are full, until you have volvulus
  2. Valery Neonov
    Valery Neonov 25 July 2013 06: 08
    So the time has come for “strategic mutual distrust” following the strategic partnership between Russia and the PRC. Therefore, it was clear "for whom" the military exercises were conducted in the Eastern Military District.
    The entire Khabarovsk Territory, about. Sakhalin, Buryatia, lake. Baikal, the entire Primorsky Territory - all these, as the Chinese believe, are primordially "Chinese" territories. That's what their history textbooks say, anyway. Many of the Chinese "comrades" do not even suspect that even 240 years ago the whole of China "huddled" behind the Great Wall of China.

    It is now time to remind them of this fact. It is only necessary to deal with their internal social parasites, stuck to the helm of power. hi
    1. Bigriver
      Bigriver 25 July 2013 07: 48
      Quote: Valery Neon
      That the time has come for "strategic mutual distrust" following the strategic partnership between Russia and China.
      The entire Khabarovsk Territory, about. Sakhalin, Buryatia, lake. Baikal, the entire Primorsky Territory - all these, as the Chinese believe, are primordially "Chinese" territories. So in any case, they say in their history textbooks:

      Making such a conclusion, what facts do you rely on?
      About textbooks ...
      The Chinese textbooks say nothing about these "primordial territories" as the territories of China.
      These areas are designated as territories under the influence of China a couple of millennia ago.
      1. Nick
        Nick 2 August 2013 20: 45
        Quote: BigRiver
        These areas are designated as territories under the influence of China a couple of millennia ago.

        It is believed that China, several thousand years ago, was influenced by proto-Russians ...
  3. studentmati
    studentmati 25 July 2013 06: 10
    The interaction of China and Russia should be practiced, but Shoigu will never reveal all the tactics ... And rightly so !!!!
    1. strange and pretty meaningless
      strange and pretty meaningless 25 July 2013 06: 46
      Quote: studentmati
      The interaction of China and Russia should be practiced, but Shoigu will never reveal all the tactics ... And rightly so !!!!

      In total, we will never understand - and this is great ...
  4. Predator-74
    Predator-74 25 July 2013 06: 15
    I did not understand the point to the end, but there is logic in the article.
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco 25 July 2013 07: 34
      Somehow everything is mixed, and flies and cutlets in one bottle.
      1. seller trucks
        seller trucks 25 July 2013 14: 17
        Quote: Sirocco
        Somehow everything is mixed, and flies and cutlets in one bottle.

        I am standing on the asphalt with my skis on. Either skis do not go, or I ........ somebody will explain to me what kind of "New Russia" is, nonsense
  5. sergey72
    sergey72 25 July 2013 06: 19
    What did the man want to say? I do not see any conclusions ... In short, ".... no maxims, no memorials ...."
  6. domokl
    domokl 25 July 2013 06: 29
    Hmm ... Of course I read a lot of things, but ... Why say that now is still under zeros? Is there a lag in the number? Clearly, it is. There is control over computers and their possible self-destruction.
    Scientific companies ... Also there. Russian hackers are not inferior to Chinese or American.
    1. Very old
      Very old 25 July 2013 13: 54
      "scientific" companies dug themselves in archival dust.
      I haven’t heard anything about hackers yet.
      Alexander, most recently, the Forum discussed the issue of scientific companies, then an article appeared - the first one was driven into the archive and counted as a great move forward. And computer boys should first be collected, such dust will not be sniffed. At all world competitions our first
  7. Bigriver
    Bigriver 25 July 2013 07: 40
    Guys, well, this is some kind of narcotic nonsense, crazy from the idleness of the colonel belay request
    You look at the logic, argumentation, conclusions, terminology ... This is the same diagnosis.
    For example:
    " the competent services of the PRC and the USA “There was doubt about the status of the Russian Federation as a space power” .... the innovative potential of space exploration has been lost. Technology and equipment are outdated, experienced staff retired, but no new ones. The quality control system is destroyed.
    According to the Chinese assessment (People's Daily newspaper) from 10.07.13) Russia is two generations behind the United States in the navigation support of non-nuclear precision weapons.
    That is: RF as a strategic adversary on a geocentric theater, in US and PRC not considered.

    There are questions everywhere wassat
    First of all, what kind of analyst is this who operates with the opinion of some nameless "competent services"?
    The assessment of navigation support by the Chinese newspaper "Zhemin Ribao" is finally a scribe.
    And then, CONCLUSION.
    The author wants to say that the strategic confrontation between countries is determined by the level of technology development? laughing
    This is just some kind of audio recording from the recorder, made at the patient’s bedside, in the state of his feverish delirium.
    1. Rus2012
      25 July 2013 17: 07
      Quote: BigRiver
      Guys, well, this is some kind of narcotic nonsense, crazy from the idleness of the colonel

      ... if I met this for the first time, I would say that you, dear colleague, are right and 100% would support ... :) It would be a healthy reaction when we first met ....
      But since I have often and for a long time been familiarizing myself with the materials of the Nebopolitika club - THEY ARE IN A LOT OF RIGHT!
      Moreover, the Colonel of the Seers and Prophets ...
      And the fact that the style and manner of the narration looks like foolishness and coolness - this is done by a specialist so that he does not eat the pig, and the diode will not catch it ...
      For an example, read the Appendix from here -
      The Path of the Transfiguration of the Fatherland ",
      they have been his for years ...
  8. lotar
    lotar 25 July 2013 07: 54
    I would not be surprised if the article goes on to say: Also, in connection with the development of foreign and alien technologies for moving in space, we will have a unique opportunity to receive the help of alien and foreign allies.
  9. valokordin
    valokordin 25 July 2013 08: 41
    This article is reminiscent of the Jewish lamentation, why the Talmud and the Bible, what did the author want to say in the article, to stick the prophecies to date. Full confusion. All prophecies have a scientific basis - read das Kapital.
  10. rekrut
    rekrut 25 July 2013 08: 57
    Well, you turned down.
  11. Valery Neonov
    Valery Neonov 25 July 2013 09: 10
    Quote: BigRiver
    Making such a conclusion, what facts do you rely on?

    Just this: Chinese maps - The most interesting blogs F2% FB / hi
    1. Bigriver
      Bigriver 25 July 2013 09: 44
      Quote: Valery Neon

      Just this: Chinese maps - The most interesting blogs F2% FB / hi

      Well .., looked. And where are the facts? About the territory I said above.
      We see the opinion (the author’s female voice) not backed by anything. And at the end of the video, it turns out that this is a promotion book by a certain Levashov.
      Yes, indeed, the author is very cool.
      I quote him:

      "Muravyov-Amursky was sent by Catherine II in order to establish a common border of the Republic of Ingushetia with China. "

      This is about the middle of the XIX century. Are you already funny, or not yet?laughing
      He would, poor thing, with the history of his country, at least roughly figure it out.
  12. AVV
    AVV 25 July 2013 09: 31
    You might think the United States is a space power! Engines for their rockets are made with us! There is nothing to bring their astronauts to the ISS, they are buying places in our Unions! And China in space at the USSR level of 60 years! So, that no country has obvious advantages! And then we'll see!
    1. Very old
      Very old 25 July 2013 14: 06
      Vlad, States save money. Engines in Russia are buying, it’s cheaper. The space program has never been moved, just do not spread about it. And as for China, in vain you hold them for suckers - you need to know the enemy (potential), the Chinese always have something on their mind Next, let's see! I agree, if only our ...
  13. Grenz
    Grenz 25 July 2013 09: 38
    No, this is not nonsense of smokers - this is a very deep insight into the problem, but he is special, not a publicist, and therefore caught up with so much fog.
    If simpler. Nobody will ever understand and recognize the multiple insides of the Khunkhuzes. One on the surface is historical imperial aspirations to seize the territories of its neighbors. (India, Vietnam, USSR and Russia, Kazakhstan). You will be in Harbin - in the store you can buy a similar card.
    The Chinese understand that they will not overtake either the United States or the Russian Federation in nuclear potential, but they are already in a position to disable the strategic nuclear forces by means of a cyber attack. And the remnants of nuclear devices cannot destroy multibillion-dollar China. Their numbers will be restored quickly, having canceled only one law: "One family - one child." I saw a map of the geopolitical division of Russia. Chukotka and adjacent territories beyond the United States (by the way, in the future we want to build a bridge across the Berenga Strait. Who is this for?).
    Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands and Vladivostok after Japan. Part of the Far East, Mongolia and Kazakhstan beyond China.
    Now, friends, we recall the recent talk of military cooperation with China on our website and conclude that by arming our neighbor we are weaving a deadly noose. And no one will convince me in this opinion.
    As far back as the 70s, I experienced their good neighborly experience. Damn - burnt. What stupidity we have in everything. If not a decision, it is not in Russia's favor.
  14. knn54
    knn54 25 July 2013 09: 52
    NOW, when neither China nor the United States is interested in dominating their “vis-a-vis”, a UNIQUE opportunity is created for Russia to use these contradictions in its interests.
    The main thing is not to play according to their rules (we always lose), but to put forward our own rules.
  15. creak
    creak 25 July 2013 09: 53
    Abstruse nonsense in the style of Prokhanov, when I want to ask - you yourself understood what you said. In short - soft-boiled boots.
  16. Trapperxnumx
    Trapperxnumx 25 July 2013 10: 49
    The author technically describes the events predicted by Russian (and Greek) Orthodox elders ... No more, no less ...
    1. Rus2012
      25 July 2013 19: 39
      Quote: Trapper7
      .. No more, no less...

      ... plus - binding to the place-time and the "transfer move" in the game of three ...
  17. Bigship
    Bigship 25 July 2013 10: 53
    This live distributed analog computer operates on the SCALAR RESONANCE effect of longitudinal waves and is able to generate accurate control commands in the face of strategic uncertainty. This depreciates the digital advantages of the United States and China, making Russia an equal partner.

    This is just some kind of nonsense. Each phrase is the author’s inflamed fantasy. Well, ask any physicist, he will tell you, well, there are no longitudinal radio waves and analog computers based on them and ... everything else that follows. This is just ordinary pseudoscience.
    Probably, if the Americans and the Chinese find out that their digital advantages have depreciated, they will immediately panic laughing
    1. Rus2012
      25 July 2013 17: 10
      Quote: BigShip
      Well, ask any physicist, he will tell you, well, there are no longitudinal radio waves and analog computers based on them and ... everything else that follows. This is just ordinary pseudoscience.

      ... and there are no Kondratiev cycles? :)
  18. uhu189
    uhu189 25 July 2013 11: 21
    It is very difficult for the author to express his thoughts, it would be easier, then there would be fewer minuses. I will allow myself to articulate how I understood the author, if I'm wrong, then I think they will correct me. Global confrontation in the world - rooted in a very distant past, in the pre-Christian era. Even then, supranational groups of conceptual power formed that controlled politics within the civilized world and somehow associated themselves with some states where they had the greatest influence. Russia stood apart and had its own governance structures, based on other principles, not biblical, and very different from this system, but they tried to control us with enviable regularity and at the moment they have achieved the greatest results in this. What we have now is the result of the activity of these ancient forces. These forces made a bet on the development of information technology and went very far in this. In our country, judging by the author’s claims, they adopted an alternative development option - namely, the development of the person’s hidden abilities. In strategic terms, this evolutionary path can more than surpass the path chosen by the West for the purely technological and informational development of mankind. And the rest are scenarios.
    In general, who cares - read Efimov Viktor Alekseevich - he has this topic set forth in something simpler and more understandable. I must say right away - who will decide on this - be patient, at first it will be very difficult and fantastic to think, but if you understand and accept what he is talking about - a lot of things and events will become clear.
    Sorry for the lengthy comment
    1. Rus2012
      25 July 2013 17: 12
      Quote: uhu189
      Sorry for the lengthy comment

      ... in general in a subject!
      Another BER should be added ...
  19. Valery Neonov
    Valery Neonov 25 July 2013 12: 06
    Quote: BigRiver
    Well .., looked. And where are the facts?

    Please, a small passage to your attention:"Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Nerchinsk, Sakhalin Oblast, the outer part of the Sinan Mountains, about. Sakhalin, 64 villages east of the Heilongjiang River - these names will never be erased from the memory of the Chinese. The vast and fertile lands in northeastern China, inherited from their ancestors, now extend silent reproach, causing pain and insult to almost every Chinese citizen.

    December 9 and 10, 1999 - two days of shame that the Chinese will not soon forget. In those days, Russian President Boris Yeltsin and Chinese leader Jiang Zemin signed in Beijing a Protocol on the eastern and western sections of the Russian-Chinese border between the territories of the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation. The lands stipulated in the protocol, which could possibly have been returned to China, as happened with Hong Kong and Macau, were given by Jiang to Russia. "
    1. ratuld
      ratuld 25 July 2013 13: 08
      Noodle again !!!
      Reading this Jewish provocateur is disgusting !!!
      I don’t think that in your Jewish schools they teach something essentially.
      Otherwise, you would know that the current part of the Far East as part of the territory of the Russian Federation is half of Manchuria - because of which, in fact, the war between China and Japan began.
      The history of Manchuria is no less long and interesting, like that of Dauria and other states that existed at different times in those regions.
      Actually, the Chinese (Han) to these territories DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING AT ALL.
      Learn dear in a good school. In the meantime - you BANANA - on the story. hi
      1. Rus2012
        25 July 2013 17: 13
        Quote: ratuld
        Reading this Jewish provocateur is disgusting !!!

        ... the author is finally a Russian colonel of the GRU,
        worked half his life in the East ...
  20. Mairos
    Mairos 25 July 2013 13: 04
    Mdya ... this is something like about the almighty former GRU-filler Filin and others like him .. Once I read, I don’t even remember where. Minus!
  21. IsailoR
    IsailoR 25 July 2013 13: 22
    Yeah, Chinese territory. SHCHYAZ, as they say on the Internet.
    As far back as the 19th century, Nevelskaya unequivocally proved that these allegedly disputed territories contain settlements and geographical places with Russian names from the time of Khabarov, when our Cossacks defended the local population (gilyaks and so on) from the attacks of Manchurians. But then official Petersburg decided to forget this page, and recalled everyone for the Amur, because there was no normal way there and it was expensive to maintain our enclave there.
    For a long time, local men went to their father-grandfather's habits for fur, bump, etc.
    But Muravyov and Nevelskaya returned to Russia that which the authorities had earlier refused.
  22. rpek32
    rpek32 25 July 2013 13: 32
    What the hell am I reading right now? belay
  23. optimist
    optimist 25 July 2013 13: 41
    It turns out, and the colonels can smack nonsense ... fool
  24. lexe
    lexe 25 July 2013 14: 33
    Part 1 of the article is very interesting. Further on ... my wave mind swept away laughing
    so did Snowden discover some details? And did they raise the army on alarm?
    Putin commented on Snowden in a tent. And why should he tell us Snowden, if we have such computer-detectors of the thoughts of the universal mind? laughing
    Nevertheless, progress is always difficult to perceive. And criticism of the new is just a healthy wave response laughing
    I am for the expanded consciousness of scientists (without this in any way). But against the expansion of the masses.
    The author does not take it personally. Your article has a grain ...
    ABOUT GOLD ... this is more practical.
    Guys who have info on the extraction and storage of yellow metal? And also the distribution on the fingers and necks of citizens laughing with at least approximate data in tons? This thread, which can clarify a lot now ...
    But I think that the Rothschilds will eventually be thrown back. Indeed, gold is just a sign.
    Much more important for a person is time and health. And the Rockefellers will learn how to measure, package and sell these concepts. We are waiting for great discoveries in medicine, but not everyone can afford them.
    China ... But there is also Japan and Korea. The West will not agree with everyone anyway. It will not paint all of its apartments.
    The policy of 1 child in China ... And what are we aching for? A hard wave signal to our women to give birth and more often laughing
  25. KazaK Bo
    KazaK Bo 25 July 2013 15: 01
    The main thing in the designation of high "scientificness" is to write in such a way that others would not understand. Even without caring about the consistency and interconnection of individual theses. The author has achieved this!
    But if you think about the role of Russia in this triangle ... then you need to listen to the idea of ​​DEN XIAO Ping about a sage on the mountain ... China is a fast-growing "dragon" that will soon want to become the No. 1 state ... displacing the United States. AMers are the current lion, still formidable ... but it has lost a number of teeth, and its roar is not so terrible ... - the current country is number 1. The prospect of losing the status of the first power will lead to the loss of sales markets, investments that provide such a high rent. And with these losses, the standard of the American way of life will sharply decrease.
    What do you think ... amer will suffer the loss of the status of the first state in the world? NEVER! And this will not only mean pushing elbows in the UN lobby. I don’t know what kind of pact they made there, but the Dragon and Leo will meet head-on so that God forbid that only sparks fly ... without a fire!
    In this situation, RUSSIA, perhaps, should calmly, building muscle mass, sit on a high mountain and wait in the wings, watching two "sworn" friends swarming in their deadly arms at the foot of the mountain, who signed such a wonderful, according to the author of the article, pact.
  26. varov14
    varov14 25 July 2013 15: 02
    "Strategically, the PRC is the leader in the global alignment of forces (for the next 50-100 years). Tactically, Russia is invincible in the period of 10-30 years!" ---- Invincible because no one is going to fight with her yet, we will eat ourselves. Tactically, Russia should become the younger sister of China - without slavishly, otherwise by 45 years only the Moscow region with the adjacent territories will remain from Russia. Good relations with America should not be dismissed either - an affectionate child sucks two queens. A clever head must be for this, we still have a pass-mimos. Remaining a younger sister or a partner, gradually but quickly become self-sufficient, slowly pulling the blanket over yourself - new technologies, new developments, new productions, modern weapons - without advertising, without bragging like now, which we do not have in our life. But this is not for the promising ones, not the same level of intelligence. Strategically, seizing the initiative so that China becomes a part of Russia is a national idea. But the entire ideological policy must be changed, and it is so easy to disperse the media and recruit new ones. But in order to solve this, perhaps it is necessary to disperse the power itself by 3/4.
  27. The comment was deleted.
  28. Big lexey
    Big lexey 25 July 2013 15: 14
    Quote: grenz

    The Chinese understand that they will not overtake either the US or the Russian Federation in nuclear potential, but they are already able to disable the strategic nuclear forces control system through a cyber attack. And the remnants of nuclear devices will not be able to destroy the multi-billion dollar China.

    How does a cyber attack threaten the means of combat control and communications of the strategic nuclear forces of the Russian Federation? Do you think that orders for the use of nuclear weapons are communicated to troops via ICQ? There are wired channels that can hardly be blocked, even by overloading critical communication centers, but in addition, there are several duplicate communication channels to guarantee the delivery of combat orders for the use of nuclear weapons even in the conditions of the use of nuclear weapons across our territory.
    I think it’s not right to fan the problem of cyber weapons, because life without the internet is possible! Tested by many centuries of the existence of mankind.
  29. ilyich
    ilyich 25 July 2013 15: 35
    unfortunately for the author Andrei Petrovich Devyatov, aka Peter Adolfovich Gvaskov, he is seriously ill. and besides - not a colonel :(
    1. Rus2012
      25 July 2013 17: 18
      Quote: ilyich
      unfortunately for the author Andrei Petrovich Devyatov, aka Peter Adolfovich Gvaskov, he is seriously ill. and besides - not a colonel :(

      Andrei Devyatov Colonel of the General Staff of the GRU of the USSR
      Andrei Petrovich Devyatov graduated from the Military Institute of Foreign Languages ​​in Moscow. After participating in the Arab-Israeli war, 1973 of the year was taken into service in the GRU of the General Staff of the USSR Ministry of Defense. In 1976, he was first sent to China under diplomatic cover. In just a quarter of a century, the service of such business trips was three, with a total duration of 11 years (later he lived in China for another 6 years already as a private person). Conducting effective reconnaissance activities in the nuclear and rocket and space sectors, Devyatov retired after seniority in the rank of colonel.

      Returning to Russia, Devyatov actively deals with issues, as he himself says, of Russian-Chinese strategic cooperation: he manages a number of research centers, publishes books and regularly publishes articles about China.

      Andrey Devyatov is a full member of the Russian branch of the International Academy for the Study of the Future (Brussels), deputy director of the Institute of Russian-Chinese Strategic Interaction, a member of the Union of Writers of Russia.
      1. EdwardTich68
        EdwardTich68 26 July 2013 00: 27
        In Kampuchea at the time of Polpot, those who wore glasses were not spared. wassat
      2. The comment was deleted.
  30. silver_roman
    silver_roman 25 July 2013 15: 36
    some advanced horoscope turned out from the article!
  31. Volodya Sibiryak
    Volodya Sibiryak 25 July 2013 17: 56
    Test pen novice science fiction? In general, I did not understand anything from the content of the article.
  32. EdwardTich68
    EdwardTich68 26 July 2013 00: 21
    HOLY MATUSH RUSSIA is glorious in its roads and is rich in FOOLS. laughing