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Forgotten Hero of the Great Patriotic War

Forgotten Hero of the Great Patriotic WarAlthough they say that the son of the father is not responsible ...

Our many years of peace has come at the cost of the lives of our compatriots - fathers, grandfathers. It is known what a cruel war, not for life, but for death, was the Great Patriotic War. The fate of not only the Soviet people, but the whole world depended on its outcome.

Frankly, after gaining independence, our journalism does not pay enough attention, both to prominent Azerbaijani commanders and generals, and to the heroism of our compatriots in World War II. But they could be a worthy example for young people. At one time in high schools, we studied the exploits of Maresyev, Gastello, but there was very little information about our national heroes. The exploits and biographies of such worthy compatriots as Hazi Aslanov, Huseynbala Salimov, Gerai Asadov, Israfil Mamedov have not been studied enough.

But not all of our heroes, we remember and honor their memory. One of such forgotten heroes is Jahangir (Vladimir) Bagirov. We are sure that his name is familiar to the older generation, but young people do not know him at all. We are talking about the brave hero of the Great Patriotic War, the cavalier of the Order of Lenin, and finally the son of the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan Mir Jafar Bagirov ...

"Fearless Jahangir decides to ram a German fighter"

The fate of Jahangir, whose father was a rather controversial figure, was very tragic. On the eve of World War II, he graduated from the International Faculty of Moscow State University and the Yeisk Military aviation school of pilots and the Tashkent military school. From the first days of the war, as a fighter pilot, Jahangir takes part in air battles near Moscow.

In the 1942 year, in a heavy air battle near Serpukhov, Vladimir was wounded in his left hand, but despite this, he was able to skillfully land the plane. Jahangir barely endured the hospital, wanted to return to the front as soon as possible.

5 June 1943 of the year, in order to destroy important military installations, 11 German fighters carried out a raid on the city of Oboyan, guarded from the sky by the guards aviation regiment, in which Jahangir served. Soviet aviation rose to meet, and Bagirov was among the fighter pilots. It was a fierce battle, Jahangir shot down two German bomber Yu-88. But the ammunition was running out. Then, in a frontal attack, he rammed the German FW-190 (Focke-Wulf) fighter. Both aircraft exploded in the sky ...

For this feat of the Guard, Senior Lieutenant Jahangir Bagirov was posthumously awarded the Order of Lenin.

Is this how they relate to the memory of heroes?

But in Azerbaijan, and more precisely in the Guba region, this hero’s memory is treated without any respect. The name of the fearless fighter pilot Jahangir Bagirov, the hero of the Great Patriotic War, who showed an incredible act of self-sacrifice, has been forgotten ...

Back in Soviet times, a park, popularly known as "Cahangir bağı", was laid in the center of Guba. In 1993, the Guba population for their money established a bust of Jahangir. After some time, under the bust of the heroic fighter pilot installed in the city park in Guba, the name of the hero was first removed, and the inscription “Unknown Soldier” was installed under the bust. Then the bust was completely removed, leaving the pedestal bare. Generally, for history the existence of the ill-fated bust to the war hero, he was repeatedly subjected to a disrespectful attitude, but he was restored again, thanks to the patient efforts of the inhabitants. But just recently, a far-away relative of Bagirov, named Tagi, told Vesti.Az that, just like 8 months, at the whim of one of the park visitors, the bust was removed again. But the people’s park is still lovingly called “Cahangir baı”.

“We were not even warned, they came and removed the bust. Why, because he gave his life for us, he is a hero. Is this how they relate to the memory of the heroes? ”He complained.

The correspondent of Vesti.Az contacted the press service of the executive authority of the Lip. The press service advised us to turn to Guba Sahib Mamedov, First Deputy Head of the Executive Office.

We also contacted Sahib Mamedov, from whom we received an "exhaustive" answer.

“I don’t know, and in general I have a meeting,” he said.

“Bagirov wept over his son’s grave, but he was against the award ...”

Researcher of Azerbaijani history, author of the book “Mirdjafar Bagirov. Unrevealed pages ”Adgezyal Mamedov, in an interview with Vesti.Az, noted that at the request of the most condemned to death, Mirjafar Bagirov, he was allowed to visit the grave of Jahangir’s son, who died a heroic death at the front. Surrounded by the convoy, the former first secretary of the KP Central Committee was led to the Patamdart cemetery in Baku. Bagirov wept over the grave of his son, hugged the headstone, and the Azerbaijani guards asked the Russian commander not to stop the convict from saying goodbye to his son. “I will not have to die on the ground where you are buried,” Bagirov sobbed.

Father sentenced to death did not take his eyes off the gravestone when he was taken away from the cemetery, ”the historian said.

According to him, they wanted to award Jahangir a hero of the USSR with a star, but Bagirov resisted, saying that it would be immodest for the son of the first secretary of the Central Committee. "How is my son different from other warriors?" On this occasion, Bagirov and the “All-Union Headman” Kalinin even had a conflict. Kalinin offered to reward his son with a star of a hero, ”said A. Mamedov.

Jahangir’s letter to his father is also interesting, in which he writes that he is ashamed to look people in the eyes, since he is young, healthy and sits in the rear. Let us cite an excerpt from his letter to his father, which he secretly transmitted from everyone through his mother, Yevgenia Mikhailovna:

"Dear Dad. For two and a half months now, after being injured, I am in the wrong place. Now, when my homeland is in danger, and thousands of my compatriots are fighting with the enemy not for life, but for death, I am in the position of an observer. And I have to be where the fiercest battles go. After all, I am your son, the son of my homeland, the Party. If you knew how ashamed I am to look people in the eyes, because I am young, healthy, and I sit in the rear. Please speed up my departure to the front. I can suffer another week, and then I will leave for the first part, which meeting, and to the front. I look forward to sending to the front and prove that your son deserves his father and country. Kisses, your Vladimir. "

In the same letter of February 4 from 1943, he writes that he does not need foreign-made vaunted airplanes, he is ready to go to the sky on U-2.

After reading the letter from his son, Bagirov summoned Mustafa Topchubashev, Chairman of the Central Medical Commission, and said:
- Did you confirm the decision of the medical examination commission about the uselessness of my son? Look at what this "unfit for service" is writing to me, and handed him a letter from his son.

After reading the letter, Topchibashev exclaimed:
- Comrade Bagirov, but your son is really unfit for the army. Is it possible to drive a plane with a wounded hand? Need to be treated for about a year. To which, Bagirov replied: - What are you, doctor, what year, if he stands a month, and that is good. I know my son, he is stubborn, all in me.

The doctor stood in confusion, and finally uttered:
- Comrade Bagirov, I cannot take on such responsibility.
“The responsibility for this will be borne by Jahangir Mir Jafarovich Bagirov himself,” the head of the republic snapped ...

A week later, M.J. Bagirov arrived at the military hospital. Having gone round all the chambers, he finally went to his son. Seeing his father, Jangir raised his bandaged arm and exclaimed:
- Father, I already recovered!

Bagirov was brief with his son:
- I read your letter. Well, I wish you to return alive, and with the Victory ....

Only this passage of the letter clearly shows us what kind of person Jahangir Bagirov was. And it is during the period when Azerbaijan is in a state of war with Armenia, we must remember such heroes and be equal to them, and not erase their names from the memory of the people. However, it is good that history always puts everything in its place. And the hero is not to blame for the fact that his father was so ...
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  1. xetai9977
    xetai9977 27 July 2013 08: 11
    Glory to the fallen for their homeland.! The bureaucrats are everywhere bureaucrats. When they sit down in an armchair, they immediately forget about the aspirations of the people. The poor guy is not to blame for the fact that his father’s hands are covered in blood. Tens of thousands of the best representatives of the people were tortured in prisons or executed during Bagirov’s reign. But this should not affect respect for memory of his son. The simpler people have already issued their verdict, calling the park by his name.
    1. Yarbay
      27 July 2013 10: 01
      Quote: xetai9977
      The poor guy is not to blame for the fact that his father has his hands to the elbow in blood.

      But we must agree that he was a courageous man!
      If you remember in his last word in court before the verdict, he did not ask for forgiveness, but said, “I’m not going to be shot, I have to be quartered!”
      1. Fin
        Fin 27 July 2013 14: 03
        Quote: Yarbay
        But we must agree that he was a courageous man!
        If you remember in his last word in court before the verdict, he did not ask for forgiveness, but said, “I’m not going to be shot, I have to be quartered!”

        And he filed a petition for clemency.
        I read about his father. Executioner. The apple fell far from the apple tree. His feat is worthy of the title of hero.
        1. Yarbay
          28 July 2013 12: 58
          Quote: Fin
          I read about his father. Executioner.

          yes, that fruit
          “The 223rd division, ready for combat, was stationed in Buinaksk in September 1942. The head of Azerbaijan, Mir Jafar Bagirov, arrived to meet with the soldiers of the division. And in front of the line of servicemen, he ironically told Eybatov that this unit was national, and therefore its commander should be a representative of Azerbaijani nationality. Bagirov suggested that the general change his surname. The colonel's lips trembled nervously. Everyone around them noticed how Heybat Eybatov's face changed. Officers and soldiers were very worried about their commander and anxiously awaited his answer. Everyone knew Bagirov's toughness, ruthlessness towards others, especially those who dared to contradict him. On that day, by order of Bagirov, several deserters from another national division were shot. Therefore, he was as angry as ever. The colonel's answer was unexpected for everyone, perhaps for Bagirov: "I am a soldier of the Azerbaijani people. From the bottom of my heart I serve my people and will serve until my last breath. As for the surname, this is my own business and does not apply to the essence of the matter. My surname is Russian. , but flesh of flesh I am an Azerbaijani. Taking the surname Zyuvanov, I did not renounce either the people or my homeland. Until now I have served in different parts of the country and everywhere I proudly said that I am Azerbaijani. Most importantly, with all my being, with all my heart I am Azerbaijani. I do not want to look ungrateful towards Zyuvanov, who once replaced my father. The Holy Quran says that it is your duty to be faithful to the person who made you happy. "

          Here is what the general’s sister, Sarah Khanum Eibatova, says about the surname:

          "... Father, I remember vaguely. Dashnaks shot him during the massacre in 1918. After the death of his father, the family became unbearable. Mother arranged an older brother to work for a military man named Zyuvanov. The businesslikeness, ingenuity, and good memory of his brother appealed to Zyuvanov, and he helped his brother to enter a military school. Zyuvanov had no children. He asked his mother to allow him to adopt Eibat and give him his last name. Mother barely supported us. Severe need and sweet promises made her give in to the general’s request. So the brother became Zyuvanov ... "
      2. omsbon
        omsbon 27 July 2013 18: 16
        Hi Alibek!
        The ability to speak flowery is a hallmark of the East!
        That's what I agree with, that bureaucrats and embezzlers are the same everywhere!
        1. Sakhalininsk
          Sakhalininsk 27 July 2013 19: 22
          Eternal memory to the glorious son of the Azerbaijani people.
  2. omsbon
    omsbon 27 July 2013 09: 06
    The memory of the hero pilot Bagirov must be immortalized, Do not forget the heroes!
    1. Yarbay
      27 July 2013 09: 38
      here is the original letter!
      And I want to add that Jahangir wanted to be presented posthumously to the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, but his father Mir Jafar Bagirov flatly refused and opposed this !!
      Because of this, he even had a quarrel with Kalinin!
      In the end, they decided to submit to the Order of Lenin!
  3. smersh70
    smersh70 27 July 2013 09: 48
    By the way, the grave of Jahangir was not at the Patamdart cemetery, the grave was in the Honorary Alley ... then, in connection with the reconstruction of the Alley, the grave was again moved ....

    and the children of all the leaders then fought ..... 2 sons of Stalin, 3 sons of Khrushev, son of Frunze, etc, etc ...... NOT WHAT, right now, all businessmen ... their mother ...... in my battalion for all the years of service only the head of the department of the mayor’s son served .... and that’s all ... and he died heroically in 95 ... was a sniper ... 24 laid ....... was once right, it seems Elchibey that the poor always wage wars. and their children .............
    1. xetai9977
      xetai9977 27 July 2013 10: 44
      To the list I would add Dolores Ibarruri's son and Mao's son. At the expense of "the poor are waging wars" - this tendency began after World War II, and flourished in modern times, especially in the CIS countries. Do you know many leaders in post-Soviet countries whose sons would honestly serve in the army?
      1. smersh70
        smersh70 27 July 2013 17: 58
        Quote: xetai9977
        .Do you know many leaders in post-Soviet countries whose sons would honestly serve in the army?

        of the current, it seems only in Old Man's 2 sons were border guards ... and this is not soldiers, and after the institute they became border guards officers ..... the story is silent about the rest smile
    2. avt
      avt 27 July 2013 13: 04
      Quote: smersh70
      3 sons of Khrushov

      ????? request Actually, it seems like one, this is Mikoyan’s. At Shcherbakov, two, the youngest generally went to flight at age 16 and managed to fight at 45m, then he worked as a test pilot.
      Quote: xetai9977
      I would add to the list the son of Dolores Ibarruri and the son of Mao.

      Yes, Mao’s son is a tanker, he died as a soldier in Korea!
      1. smersh70
        smersh70 27 July 2013 14: 06
        Quote: avt
        ????? Actually it’s like one, this is Mikoyan’s

        yes for sure .... but that's what I found on the internet .......
        Immediately after the Twentieth Congress of the CPSU, he walked around Moscow and was popular among the supporters of I.V. Stalin, really outraged by that arrogant slander that was raised by the popular leader Nikita Khrushchev.
        “We did not believe him!
        An avalanche rushed past
        And mistrust of that
        There was - and not one reason.
        Whispering - his son was captured
        At the height of the war, he surrendered without a fight.
        High crossing the threshold
        Khrushchev tried to save him.
        And Stalin's yellowness
        Flashed and touched the tip of the mustache:
        I didn’t save my ohr
        And you came to ask for a coward !!! ”

        The author of these lines preferred to remain anonymous. And although there was a signature under them - El-Registan, to the co-author of the Stalinist “Anthem of the Soviet Union” Gabriel Ureklyan, who had this pseudonym, this verse does not have this relationship, since the real El-Registan died back in 1945 ...
        Perhaps Khrushchev never uttered this phrase, but if you believe the rumor, then one day he inadvertently threw it with his associates: “Lenin at one time avenged the tsar’s family for his brother, and I will show the dead Stalin for his son, where Kuzkin’s mother lives.”
        1. avt
          avt 27 July 2013 14: 44
          Quote: smersh70
          Whispering - his son was captured

          A rather dark story with Khrushchev’s son. It’s very interesting written in Sudoplatov’s memoirs. He wrote that both his service and SMERSH were in charge of the son’s fate and didn’t seem to be taken prisoner, but everyone who was captured for two years at that time was interviewed , everyone fell into the spotlight of organs. Sudoplatov wrote that rumors about the captivity were not confirmed, and then in a new sentence, after that, that when Khrushchev came to power, both the case of his son and the archival documents of those who were captured and were questioned were destroyed. In general, I proposed to draw conclusions ourselves.
    3. Revolver
      Revolver 29 July 2013 01: 28
      Quote: xetai9977
      At the expense of "the poor are waging wars" - this trend began after the 2nd World War

      I don't remember who said the exact expression, but the meaning is something like this: "The old and the rich start the war, and they kill the young and the poor in the war."
  4. malikszh
    malikszh 27 July 2013 12: 23
    but I don’t know, but his father took the lives of many prominent people and their families, I think, even if the son is responsible for the lives of the children killed by his father, heroism is his service and he was a military man
  5. alone
    alone 27 July 2013 13: 29
    ))) the son is not responsible for the father!
    1. Revolver
      Revolver 29 July 2013 01: 32
      You forgot to quote the author of the quote: Joseph Stalin.
  6. crest 57
    crest 57 27 July 2013 19: 06
    "It is during the period when Azerbaijan is at war with Armenia that we must remember such heroes and be equal to them, and not erase their names from the memory of the people."

    Interestingly, a man gave his life for this ?!
    1. Yeraz
      Yeraz 27 July 2013 20: 18
      Quote: crest 57
      Interestingly, a man gave his life for this ?!

      He gave his life for his homeland, and the current Azerbaijani youth should be equal to him and many other heroes of Azerbaijanis.
      Glory to Jahangir, the worthy son of his people.
  7. Yuri11076
    Yuri11076 27 July 2013 21: 47
    He defended his homeland, the Soviet Union, that’s it. Eternal memory to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War !!!
  8. voliador
    voliador 28 July 2013 00: 25
    Yuri11076 said everything correctly. Eternal memory to heroes !!!
  9. Old warrant officer
    Old warrant officer 28 July 2013 01: 43
    "In the same letter dated February 4, 1943, he writes that he does not need the vaunted foreign-made aircraft, he is ready to take to the skies in U-2." There is no such plane. There is Polikarpov's plane U-2 (PO-2), and the letter U denoted in fascist Germany, and even now in Germany, submarines
    1. Yarbay
      28 July 2013 07: 53
      Quote: Old Warrant Officer
      "In the same letter dated February 4, 1943, he writes that he does not need the vaunted foreign-made aircraft, he is ready to take to the skies in U-2." There is no such plane. There is a Polikarpov U-2 plane

      Look at the original letter there it is written exactly U-2!
    2. Revolver
      Revolver 29 July 2013 01: 47
      Quote: Old Warrant Officer
      U-2. “There is no such plane.

      It was, but later.
      Powers was shot down on one of them.
  10. kind
    kind 28 July 2013 19: 23
    On the eve of World War II, he graduated from the International Faculty of Moscow State University and the Yeisk Military Aviation Pilot School and the Tashkent Military School

    I understand that MSU can be completed in absentia, but there are two different military schools, one of which is flying ... HOW ???
  11. waisson
    waisson 28 July 2013 19: 45
    MOTHERLAND should know its heroes, and especially now when the patriotic education of young people is at zero and it does not matter who you are by nationality and how suddenly it has become fashionable by faith. A bow to low veterans and eternal memory of the fallen