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Liberalism - a deadly threat to the demography of Russia

Everything is relative. It would seem a simple truth, as old as the world. Meanwhile, in fairly serious issues that affect the self-perception of an entire people - the people of Russia, for some reason, journalists and ministers do not adhere to this simple principle.

But it's so simple - he gave information, told him the state of affairs compared with the situation of the same affairs with his neighbors. And everything will immediately become clear.

But neither the ministers nor the “independent journalists” of this simple thing do what makes you think about their competence, conscience and even the mind.

In early July, the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection, Alexei Vovchenko, talking about the demographic situation in Russia, said a few facts that all “independent media outlets” happily quoted. Virtually no comment.

Why? Because, by itself, the information of the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection fits perfectly into the concept of “everything is lost”, so beloved by “independent journalists”. But if you comment on it, if you compare it, then all its “charm” can disappear and pour another portion of the negative into the head of the Russian population.

So what was it about?

"The latest statistics show that every eighth Russian, as of today, is older than 65 years, reports RIA"News". “Now the urgent problem that awaits us is that today we have 13% of Russians older than 65 years - the population is aging,” said Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection Alexei Vovchenko. He added that according to international criteria, a country's population is considered old if the proportion of people at 65 age and older exceeds 7%. “The number of people older than working age in Russia has been constantly growing since 2006, and by the beginning of 2012, 32,4 made up a million people, or 22,7% of the total population. The number of persons older than working age today is 8,9 million people more than the number of persons younger than working age, "said Vovchenko."

“According to Rosstat’s moderate forecast, the working-age population in Russia from 2015 to 2017 will decrease by 1 a million people a year. According to the optimistic forecast, a strong decline will be observed from 2015 to 2016, and by 2031, the working-age population will be 80,5 million people. ”

What will understand the ordinary citizen of Russia, whom the “independent media” will gladly acquaint with the words of the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection, Alexei Vovchenko.

Darkness. Soon, only pensioners, grannies and grandparents will live in our country. It is clear that a country in which “some old people live” has no future.
What conclusions will make a citizen of Russia from this information? Only negative - again, everything is bad, and in the very head of the field - demography. Constant injection of the negative can give up to the most mentally stable person. Is it not because of this that the “independent media” will always gladly tell such information, but rarely, with difficulty and with difficulty will they say something positive:

Let's do something that the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection, Alexey Vovchenko, and the crowd of “independent journalists” cannot think of with his own mind.

Let's compare the data that was voiced. With the data of those countries, which all time decided to rely.

So, we are told that today we have 13% Russians over 65 years.

And what about “civilized countries”?

Reading Expert magazine No. 26 (857) (1-7 in July 2013), in an article on a completely different subject — macroeconomics — we read:
"For comparison: in Japan older than 65 years - 25% of the population, in the USA - 14%, in China - about 10%".

Now we will do the final work for the “deputy minister” and “independent journalists” - we will show them how to properly and honestly present this information:

“A serious problem for Russia is the aging population, today 13% of Russians are older than 65 years. For comparison: in Japan 65 is older than 25% of the population in the United States, 14% in the United States, and about 10% in China. ”

Now everything is clear, everything is honest. But the terrible negativity does not work then, is it?

In passing, we note that according to the information from the same article of the “Expert”, by 2032, the population of Japan will decrease by 20 million. This immediately - to the question of the potential reduction of the population.

Summarize. We must understand that neither the liberal deputy minister, nor the “independent journalists” will ever tell us.

  • Population aging is the inevitable reality of ALL COUNTRIES that they will start building a model of a liberal economy a la Washington or Brussels.
  • No power, in any country, can do anything with this tendency if it takes the path of liberalism definitively and irrevocably.
  • Therefore, the only way to solve real demographic problems can and should be the abandonment of liberal approaches in economics, politics, and above all in morality.
  • The main goal of the state should be to stimulate fertility and create such a moral atmosphere in society, when success and respect for a person will be determined by the size of his family and his contribution to demography, and not the number of banknotes in his account or his jacket brand.

    The Great Fatherland Party (PVO) and the Trade Union of Russian Citizens (PGR), together with our colleagues from other social movements, are actively developing and promoting the idea of ​​the Russian Billion as a potential national idea of ​​our country.

    As a postscript video of our colleague, mother of four children Irina Volynets.
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    1. makst83
      makst83 24 July 2013 10: 04
      Everyone knows where these lines come from, who wrote them and when: "Russian liberalism is not an attack on the existing order of things, but an attack on the very essence of our things, on the things themselves, and not just one order, not the Russian order, but Russia itself. My liberal has gone so far as to deny Russia itself, that is, he hates and beats his mother. "
      1. SPACE
        SPACE 24 July 2013 16: 16
        Quote: makst83
        Everyone knows where these lines come from, who wrote them and when: "Russian liberalism is not an attack on the existing order of things, but an attack on the very essence of our things, on the things themselves, and not just one order, not the Russian order, but Russia itself. My liberal has gone so far as to deny Russia itself, that is, he hates and beats his mother. "

        Liberalism is the freedom of lawlessness.
        1. INTER
          INTER 24 July 2013 16: 27
          Everyone is looking for an excuse, not a reason! Initially, it is necessary to eradicate the liberalism of the consumption of stupefying substances and a return to the original folk traditions (concepts). Russia was always on top when the country was ruled by a tough uncompromising hand with a tough suppression of such liberalism. Now in the country there are few sensible patriotic leaders. It is necessary to eradicate the use of alcohol and equate it with drugs, cigarettes can be phased. There will be many times more benefits !!!!!
          1. lexe
            lexe 24 July 2013 16: 55
            cigarettes can be phased.

            I need to try to quit myself laughing
            as well as all Trotskyists of all stripes and subspecies laughing STAGEfrom Tver, evil is not measured. and without the Internet, but according to the classroom, with pencil and paper.
            Oh, we have a lot of the wrong people. After all, there are a lot of ordinary Russian men who have lost their minds because of such a life and miserable salary.
            1. bezumnyiPIT
              bezumnyiPIT 24 July 2013 19: 45
              who honestly lives, he will get out of poverty
              1. lexe
                lexe 24 July 2013 20: 13
                who honestly lives, he will get out of poverty

                These are all words ...
                Crime is a social phenomenon. And having created a monstrous social environment in the 90s, we are reaping the benefits, including demographic ones. Demographic issues are generally of little interest to the authorities since 1917. People will end, they will bring in new ones.
                And how problems are created by people using Trotskyist or liberal methods, the authorities always decide for the sake of a convenient political and historical moment and under different colors of banners.
          2. bezumnyiPIT
            bezumnyiPIT 24 July 2013 19: 44
            by prohibitions you won’t achieve anything; propaganda is needed, the most powerful
        2. FATEMOGAN
          FATEMOGAN 24 July 2013 16: 30
          Quote: SPACE
          Liberalism is freedom without a chapel.

          In my liberalism, this is still lawlessness without freedom.
        3. Rus2012
          Rus2012 24 July 2013 17: 58
          Quote: SPACE
          Liberalism is the freedom of lawlessness.

          This is db the cornerstone of the existence of our country.
          Taken from here -


          The National Strategy of Russia is a set of guidelines for the life of the state as a Great Civilization, embodying the wisdom bequeathed by the ancestors of the Holy Stainless on Heaven, erected on the foundation of centuries-old values ​​with the unconditional priority of the national interests of the free Fatherland and in the prosperity of the whole Nation as a fraternal union of peoples for all time.

          I. Higher Values
          1. Civilization as a spiritual, moral and state-political unity of Nature, Man, People and the State, rooted in the distinctive cultural code of the Nation.
          2. The state and its sovereignty in the implementation of national policies and the realization of national interests, spiritual, cultural, economic and military independence.
          3. The people and their right as a sovereign and the only source of power to express it in harmony and peace directly, including through the supreme council body - Zemsky Sobor.
          4. Man and his natural rights and freedoms, duty and responsibility of a citizen, dignity, value and self-realization of a person, Faith, Hope, Love.
          5. The will of Heaven embodied in the spiritual freedom of the individual, the righteousness of power, human goodness, friendship of peoples, the greatness of the state, Patriotism, Justice, Honor, Conscience.

          II. National interests
          1. The viability of civilization is reproduction of the cultural code, stability and competitiveness, population growth and passionarity, national security and anti-crisis stability.
          2. The prosperity of the state is the Wisdom of the Leader, the effectiveness of power, the industriousness of a citizen, the happiness of the people, the symphony of the spiritual principle and the state of life, law and order and justice.
          3. The welfare of the people - life in Truth and Justice, quality of life at the level of social standards, secured by all the wealth of the Nation, worthy reward for honest work.
          4. Human dignity is self-esteem and honor, service to the Glory of the Motherland with reliance on spiritual, moral, cultural and historical traditions, pride in oneself, the country and people, mental and bodily health.
          5. Peaceful life is the civil unity of the Nation, interethnic and interfaith harmony, love for the Fatherland and neighbor, reverence for parents and the sanctity of family relations, world peace.

          III. National priorities
          1. Power is the vitality of the State, the heroism of the People and the power of the Human Spirit, which ensure our Victory in any global confrontations, conflicts and wars.
          2. Justice is the moral structure of the Five Higher life order: the spiritual is higher than the material, the general is higher than the personal, justice is higher than the law, service is higher than possession, power is higher than property.
          3. Conservation - the multiplication of the nation, overcoming the causes of the reduction of the indigenous population, the elimination of mass poverty, the revival of the national system of education and medical examination.
          4. Culture - the implementation of the strategic role of culture as a value-semantic code and the spiritual and moral foundation for the development of the individual, state and unity of Russian society.
          5. Transfiguration - the mobilization of the mighty will of the People, natural wealth and national treasure to awaken the Fatherland to achieve the spiritual and political ideal - the Kingdom of Truth.
          1. Rus2012
            Rus2012 24 July 2013 17: 59
            continued ...
            IV. Challenges and Threats
            1. Global aggression - information invasion, imposing alien meanings, open advertising of vices, leading to criminalization, alcoholization, anesthesia and debilitation of the population.
            2. The irresponsibility of the authorities is an obstacle to the introduction of a proper system of retribution for the inefficiency of the authorities and, as a result, bureaucratic lawlessness, embezzlement, kickbacks and bribery.
            3. The betrayal of the elites - the prohibitive scale of betrayal, the unconstitutionality of parties in power, the deadly infection of money-grubbing, global economic dependence, the unrighteousness of justice.
            4. Evil evilness - critical distortions of the spiritual and moral nature of man, the establishment of the cult of egoism and violence, consumerism and sodomy, devaluation of the concepts of duty, honor, allegiance to the Fatherland and the oath.
            5. The confusion of the people - the loss of the meaning of life, the loss of the highest national spiritual, cultural and material values, the collapse of their own identities and national historical spaces.

            V. Fighting Vices on the Transfiguration Path
            1. Truth - life organization according to the laws of Justice, Beauty and Harmony, the embodiment of the idea of ​​the Kingdom of Truth as the Holy Union of fraternal countries and peoples of non-Western civilizations.
            2. Service - personal responsibility for the effectiveness of management, public service out of covetousness, verification of officials and deputies on a lie detector, protectionism for the bona fide.
            3. Democracy - the realization through the Zemsky Sobor of the right of the People to exercise power directly in resolving the most important issues of living arrangements and in fair punishment of vices.
            4. Retribution - the inevitability of punishment for traitors, the return of an unjustly taken away from the people national heritage, the eradication of dependence on foreign influence.
            5. Mercy is the forgiveness of the erring and repenting of their unrighteous deeds, ready to serve the ministry to prove allegiance to national interests and voluntarily return the loot.
            Reasonable from the People, July 2013
        4. zart_arn
          zart_arn 24 July 2013 18: 51
          It must be clarified that liberalism in Russian is freedom of lawlessness and permissiveness. In Russia, liberalism has never smelled.
        5. bezumnyiPIT
          bezumnyiPIT 24 July 2013 19: 43
          Liberalism is when you yourself live, without the leader’s pointer. When you decide, how do you live, by law, or by conscience. Without leveling.
      2. bezumnyiPIT
        bezumnyiPIT 24 July 2013 19: 47
        Today, not liberals, today there are only neoliberals- persons devoted to the Kremlin masters, their real support in the state
    2. Constantine
      Constantine 24 July 2013 16: 07
      In fact, the situation is dumb to the point of horror. At first everyone thinks about a career, then, the best examples of liberalism translate everyone into civil marriages, because ordinary marriage limits, in their opinion, freedom. Further, I personally encountered such a problem, girls do not want to have more than two children + age is not always optimal. This means that with this approach, children will replace their parents as much as possible. To this, add obsession with material values, etc. As a result, find yourself an adequate tradition, the personal interests and interests of the nation, life partner - a very, very difficult task.
      1. Fox
        Fox 24 July 2013 16: 16
        Konstantin, I agree with you. I see a similar picture (the initial stage) in Uzbekistan. It’s just the beginning there, but in Russia we have a middle ground.
      2. plantagenet
        plantagenet 24 July 2013 21: 15
        From P. Khlebnikov's book "A Conversation with a Barbarian":

        The Russian people, apparently, are awaiting precisely the fate of the Kosovo Serbs. The bottom line is that today's Russians have shown themselves incapable of reproduction. A Russian woman refuses to give birth to children or gives birth to a maximum of one two. Too often, a Russian girl dreams of either going to prostitutes or marrying a foreigner. The Russian man does not seek to have a wife and heirs; he feels uncomfortable in the role of the master of the family, the educator of his children. With this attitude towards the family, the people are doomed to death. The irresponsibility of one or two generations can destroy an entire nation. If one or two generations lose family experience, they will be forgotten forever. The story chain will break. This is the process we see today. The Russian family has broken up, Russian children are growing orphans, the number of the Russian population is slipping faster and faster to zero, and the ethnic composition of Russia is changing before our eyes.
    3. Apologet.Ru
      Apologet.Ru 24 July 2013 16: 10

      Liberalism is an infectious disease transmitted verbally - orally.
      The patient has a clear schizoid splitting of consciousness and a pronounced homosexual Oedipus complex.
      It is characterized by a curvature of consciousness, when all objects familiar from childhood are presented to him as a great train.
      The usual nowadays is L. liberoid disease, of Russian L. liberas - fetishization of one's own z.adnitsa.
      The diagnosis is very easy.
      The patient becomes very agitated by the words - Putin, the Russian Empire, the Russian World, the USSR, Soviet power - sometimes turning into ardent nonsense. Up to violent insanity.
      Treatment: complete peace, the ban on the Internet and the media, occupational therapy, preferably in cool places.
      Within a month, complete recovery.
      Reading the classics and the Murzilka magazine from Soviet times helps a lot.
      Without the adoption of the above measures, it quickly passes into the chronic stage and becomes incurable ..
      At the same time, chronic L. liberatus with its inappropriate behavior poses a great threat to the population.
      The epidemic of berestrest covered Russia in the 90 years of the last century, and for more than 20 years the country has not been able to move away from its terrible consequences.
      1. omsbon
        omsbon 24 July 2013 16: 28
        Well written !!! ++++++
        You are probably a doctor! I just think that a month for complete recovery is not enough, at least six are needed!
        1. Apologet.Ru
          Apologet.Ru 24 July 2013 16: 40
          As you say, colleague, as you say, for a good person I don’t feel sorry for anything ...
      2. FATEMOGAN
        FATEMOGAN 24 July 2013 16: 35
        Quote: Apologet.Ru
        Treatment: complete peace, the ban on the Internet and the media, occupational therapy, preferably in cool places.

        Something like this ...... (clickable)
      3. FATEMOGAN
        FATEMOGAN 24 July 2013 17: 06
        Quote: Apologet.Ru
        The patient has a clear schizoid splitting of consciousness and a pronounced homosexual Oedipus complex.

        These 3,14 doraes have spoiled such a beautiful, wonderful phenomenon as a rainbow by dragging it onto your pedo flag. But nitsche, I hope over time they will beat off the rainbow ..... with shovels laughing
      4. bezumnyiPIT
        bezumnyiPIT 24 July 2013 19: 48
        Putin is the gray "liberal" cardinal
    4. TROG
      TROG 24 July 2013 16: 52
      My personal opinion is that the higher the percentage of old people, the better the condition of life, health, ecology, etc.
      And in Russia,% of the elderly population will be reduced. Right now, old people are those people who lived under the Soviet regime.
      Normal products, all kinds of sanatoriums, children's camps.
      And right now, ask any student and he will say "what for I pay to the pension fund, I still don't live up to retirement."
      In any case, where I worked they say so. Yes, and I think so.
      1. Very old
        Very old 24 July 2013 17: 03
        ARTERY, and you think positively. Try to educate
        1. bezumnyiPIT
          bezumnyiPIT 24 July 2013 19: 49
          if he is right, soon they will give medals for old age
      2. stroporez
        stroporez 24 July 2013 17: 18
        I think for health and long life more than once to the union "thanks", let's say ..............
    5. Very old
      Very old 24 July 2013 17: 05
      Irina, give GOD to you
      1. sergey32
        sergey32 24 July 2013 23: 10
        And I join. Everything here is something about sad, watch the video, beautiful woman, a wonderful example. We are working on demographics, combining business with pleasure and everything will be OK with us.
    6. Yuri Y.
      Yuri Y. 24 July 2013 17: 10
      There is one more nuance here. The increasing amount of abstract information. All advanced countries (in a civilizational sense) have a falling birth rate. Even in men, this can cause a decrease in potency (workaholics). For women, this causes a fixation on itself and material values ​​(by virtue of instincts), and children are plowing for life. Therefore, in Russia (probably in other countries), population growth has always been due to the village, as the least educated part of the population. By the way, the village was almost stolen from us, hence the conclusion. It seems to me that this caused a protest against the education of women among the elderly, of course there still arose a question of domination. Although under the patriarchy this question, I think, was not very much raised. It was just an unconscious understanding (by the way, a strange expression) of the essence of the process. Such conclusions are obvious if it refers to a person as an information system, and this is true for anyone.
      1. Very old
        Very old 24 July 2013 17: 43
        Yuri Vladimirovich, I will not talk about abstract information. This is rubbish. In advanced countries, they give birth and raise children. In advanced 19th-century Russia, there were 7,8,9 ... children in noble (non-peasant) families
    7. krez-74
      krez-74 24 July 2013 17: 11
      But here I am, not delving into the discussion, I’ll say right away- We must respect the elders, parents, people, work and workers! We must love our country, Motherland, our people! We must be spiritually attached to our Earth! We must be in the framework of decency, good breeding and morality!
      None of this falls under liberal values!
      1. Very old
        Very old 24 July 2013 17: 44
        AMUR, I tell you again: +++++
    8. NKVD
      NKVD 24 July 2013 18: 33
      Moderate liberalism: the dog needs freedom, but still it needs to be kept on the chain by A.P. Chekhov.
    9. The comment was deleted.
    10. The comment was deleted.
    11. Passer
      Passer 24 July 2013 18: 37
      The demographic problem does not need to be discussed; it needs to be worked on. Sweaty face and every night. But there is no need to listen to liberals on this issue, they are not interested in it, because they do not naturally reproduce.
    12. AleksUkr
      AleksUkr 24 July 2013 19: 09
      Quote: Passer
      The demographic problem does not need to be discussed; it needs to be worked on.

      There are already people in Russia, although they are not from Russia who are successfully working on this problem. And quite unobtrusively, they are supported by the rulers of their countries. Not as an example of our leadership.
    13. Passer
      Passer 24 July 2013 19: 29
      Yes, these guys are working on this issue tirelessly, and apparently without lunch.
    14. Revolver
      Revolver 24 July 2013 19: 33
      Or maybe still separate the flies from cutlets? It is not a matter of liberalism but civilization.
      Sexual minorities do not produce offspring. Well, they did not produce under the Soviet regime. Just then they sat quietly in cabinets or bunks, and now they climbed out like sewers from rats.
      And in the sense of abortion, too, those who wanted to do found ways under the most conservative authorities. Just underground abortions were not included in the statistics, as well as women who died at the hands of inept abortmakers or who lost the ability to give birth. And no matter how terribly it is to write, an abortion before the 12th week is not as creepy as a child born alive and healthy abandoned to die in a garbage container.
      Just with progress, the cost of the child is growing. After all, giving birth is not enough, and even feeding, dressing, treating, and even providing living space would be a desire, and there would be enough room for a bed. But the education to give the farther the longer and more expensive. And not to give - meanness in relation to the child. And this education has one more side - the longer a person learns, the longer he puts off creating a family. Starting at 20 or 30 is a completely different demography at the exit.
      Well, the availability of contraceptives and their reliability also plays a role. But liberals didn’t invent rubber, and chemistry with biology does not depend on political convictions.
      Maybe not all that bad. With the growth of life expectancy and especially its quality, the retirement age is postponed. Have you ever heard the expression "50 is today's 30"?
      But what little attention is paid to is degeneration. I seriously believe that since tests appeared in the early stages of pregnancy, they should be used. And if it is obvious that the child will not be able to live a full life, one must very strongly offer an abortion. And will it be the killing of a person, if downs are even genetically different from people?
      Well, potential parents need to be more responsible, not to drink, especially all kinds of surrogates, not to inject, and, I apologize, not to fuck where, with whom, and anyhow, spreading diseases of the reproductive organs leading to infertility or the birth of inferior children.
    15. a
      a 24 July 2013 20: 42
      Something like that mournfully. I thought vodka and drugs are a threat to demography. and the poor economic situation is a threat to demography. and here it turns out liberalism is a threat. liberalism doesn’t threaten demography in any way. multiply and multiply. and our children were taken to their homes. already 300 million people. liberalism does not take them .. but it takes us. what's the matter? :)
      1. lexe
        lexe 24 July 2013 21: 07
        and the matter is in the printing press and the developed stock exchange (with the function of draining excessive liquidity) .- In the US, this is and we do not.
        Without these fundamentals, liberalism is ... just another change.
        And we only have a pipe and a house two laughing
        No, we can print, but the markets are divided by the USA, China and Europe. If we now have 600 million Russians on 1/6 of the land, we would like to weep at all. We would have our own huge market with all the resources! But where to get these millions ? -all they fell victim to the struggle for isms.
      2. Don
        Don 25 July 2013 14: 17
        Quote: uno
        it’s somehow mournful. I thought vodka and drugs are a threat to demography. and the poor economic situation is a threat to demography. and here it turns out liberalism is a threat.

        They are fruitful only because of the growing population of blacks and Latinos, and due to the large flow of emigrants from Mexico and the Caribbean. And the level of drug addiction and alcoholism is also very high.
    16. Persey
      Persey 24 July 2013 22: 28
      The problem is complex, and by the way I will not argue that the matter is new convictions of citizens, by no means, I believe that the reason is not the collapse of the institution of the family, but the systematic destruction of villages and small towns. When Elvira Nayibulina (excuse Nabiulina) made her talk about the disappearance of villages and villages because cities in Russia need to be enlarged, my eyes went to my forehead, with such a huge size of the country, with so many fertile lands, our government decided to take up the enlargement of cities. It turns out a vicious circle: the more people live in the city, the more competition for housing and work, therefore, the higher the price of this housing, the higher the price, the less affordable it is and therefore need more opportunities to purchase it in order to earn these opportunities (because a mortgage this is a new serfdom) the parents of the unborn child are forced to pull up to 30 or more in order to have a stable income, add to this constantly increasing taxes. Of course, there are countries where people have just enough for food and still give birth, but you can but live in a village where you can grow this food for yourself, and the more people in your family the easier it is for you to do it. I don’t understand why we need complex multi-running laws designed for 10-20 years with a result in a few percent, do not the government understand that the medicine works more slowly than the disease? We need drastic measures!
    17. nnz226
      nnz226 24 July 2013 23: 33
      In the TV program "Union" (religious), a professor spoke on the issue of family and children. I will not talk about the religious aspects of the performance, but I remember one phrase: "Not a single mother with many children in her old age regretted that she gave birth to many children, but a bunch of women who gave birth to only one child, then cruelly regretted it!" There is a higher meaning in this! It infuriates especially when they feel sorry for the parents whose child died or died (which is naturally difficult in itself): "Oh, they lost their only child!" And who prevented them from giving birth to the second and third ?! Your selfishness? So they are paying for it! it is unnatural to lose children, but when there are still children, you can find comfort and comfort in them ... For your information: my wife and I have three children.
      1. kartalovkolya
        kartalovkolya 25 July 2013 09: 01
        I agree with you !!!
    18. Suhov
      Suhov 25 July 2013 08: 17
      The guiding principle of imperialism is to divide and rule.
      The guiding principle of liberalism is to corrupt and conquer.
      The choice is obvious!
    19. ratuld
      ratuld 25 July 2013 08: 27
      I’m talking to Putin more than once.
      About staples. This is a maternity allowance. Pension.
      This is social security.
      Yes !!! It is expensive !!! But don’t forget Volodya -
      it is they - these people provide their living with 70% of GDP.
      Living in conditions in which it is impossible to live.
      1. ZU-23
        ZU-23 25 July 2013 08: 51
        You know, Vova already gives maternity capital, etc., although no one owes anything to anyone.
        1. ratuld
          ratuld 25 July 2013 10: 11
          You probably do not know.
          Child allowance in the Russian Federation - 174 steering wheels per month.
          Unemployment benefits - 800 rubles - per month for a year.
          After a year - you are deleted from the lists of living.
          And generally speaking !!!
          I'm talking to Volodya.
          And you - train. hi
    20. ZU-23
      ZU-23 25 July 2013 08: 47
      we would need more women and remove child support, then the program of the golden billion will work and not in the distant future we will be drawn to the Chinese.
      1. Petrospek
        Petrospek 25 July 2013 11: 01
        in terms of living will we catch up? eat what will be a billion? or then think about it? although there is an option that this is another adventure, and then you do not need to think about it ...
    21. And raid
      And raid 25 July 2013 08: 53
      It seems that some slaves are registered on the site !!! Then all the sissies have gathered? How did liberalism not please you? Do you know the meaning of this word?
      LIBERALISM (free) - a philosophical and socio-political movement that proclaims the inviolability of human rights and individual freedoms, advocating for minimizing state intervention in the life of citizens.
      That is, the state should not tell you which woman to sleep with, where you should live, how to relax and whether to use a computer at all.
      Who does not like liberalism, go to the Stalinist Gulags !!!
      1. kartalovkolya
        kartalovkolya 25 July 2013 08: 59
        Dear, you would honor the Russian classic Dostoevsky, his statement on liberalism.
        1. radio operator
          radio operator 25 July 2013 09: 16
          Liberals Dostoevsky like a bone in the throat.
          They can’t stand it.
    22. kartalovkolya
      kartalovkolya 25 July 2013 08: 56
      The meaning of this article is for us to think. The answer is simple, like an orange: well, the liberals' hands itch very much to raise the retirement age. And I want to say in the words of Chernomyrdin: "... if your hands itch, scratch it elsewhere."
    23. radio operator
      radio operator 25 July 2013 09: 14
      Great article! In general, Nikolai Starikov writes about very necessary and important things.
      I respect this historian.
      Therefore, the only way to solve real demographic problems can and should be the abandonment of liberal approaches in economics, politics, and above all in morality.

      Not only in morality, but especially in the spiritual plane.
      1. Petrospek
        Petrospek 25 July 2013 11: 10
        and when did he become a historian?
        1. radio operator
          radio operator 26 July 2013 12: 54
          Quote: Petrospek
          and when did he become a historian?

          Nikolai Viktorovich Starikov (born 23 August 1970, Leningrad) is a writer, publicist (author of several books on modern and recent history).
          It seems to me that he has something to do with Russian history.
          N'est-ce pas?
    24. sprut
      sprut 25 July 2013 10: 16
      The population of Russia would be 300 thousand-350 thousand. a person, even if Siberia and the Far East would be more populated, could feel more calm, but enemies both outside and inside do not allow us to increase many times over.
      1. Petrospek
        Petrospek 25 July 2013 11: 11
        with the numbers are not confused?
    25. Andrey312
      Andrey312 25 July 2013 10: 30
      Well ... the roots of low birth rates in liberalism turn out to be ... And about the fact that young families have nowhere to live - this is nonsense. And about the fact that until the turn reaches the child in kindergarten, he will have to go to school already - too nonsense. People work, trying to save at least a small odnushechku, mortgages take at 13-14%. Try to give birth to a bunch of children when there is nowhere to live, or payment of a mortgage eats up a significant part of the family’s income. To bear poverty? To queue for scanty benefits? Always live in a rented apartment? Huddle with parents? If you had the opportunity to acquire your own real estate, or at least guaranteed to send the child to kindergarten, to go to work - people would give birth, and I think not one child ... .. you won’t be fed up with family values ​​...
      1. ratuld
        ratuld 25 July 2013 10: 35
        Whistling about liberalism and "care" are mostly budget suckers.
        It's true.
        Drive you wherever you are in Neryungri.
        At the salary of 15 thousand.
        Together with Vova.
        For a month.
        In Khrushchev with a communal apartment of 8.
        For the rest - do not deny yourself anything cute - the main thing is - BREED.
        And we will sit and hold out.
        1. grafrozow
          grafrozow 25 July 2013 23: 15
          Quote: ratuld
          Drive you wherever you are in Neryungri.
          At the salary of 15 thousand.
          Together with Vova.
          For a month.
          In Khrushchev with a communal apartment of 8.
          For the rest - do not deny yourself anything cute - the main thing is - BREED.
          And we will sit and hold out.

          Grisha, a neighbor, a foreman at the counter, said so, I like the process, but I don’t want to produce poverty. 3 children.
      2. Petrospek
        Petrospek 25 July 2013 11: 19
        and here they don’t consider real life, they decide how to make a billion, and then we will think about such issues, in fact, at the same time, if that doesn’t work out, we know who is to blame - the liberals.