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Russia's military threats in the first half of the 21 century

Russia's military threats in the first half of the 21 centuryWar is a common state of humanity. Russian civilization fought all its history, from birth to the present days. The Russian people are the people the Warrior, turning into a consumer is killing him. Only in the War, or accomplishing the Labor Feat equal to the military, does the Russian Man awaken, live in full force.

Therefore, the power of the elite oriented to trade, consumption and hedonism, psychologically breaks the Russian people. Russian civilization needs the aristocrats of the Spirit, such as the Prophetic Oleg, Svyatoslav, Alexander Yaroslavich, Ivan Vasilyevich, Alexander Suvorov, Fedor Ushakov, Stalin. People of the people's aristocratic civilization.
Currently, a significant portion of people, in Russia and Europe, live in the illusion that the time of great wars and conflicts has passed. That people have become wiser, more civilized, more humane is deception and self-deception. Simply weapon so improved that a big war is not always profitable, it is easier and more profitable to use the methods of information ("cold") war. Break the psyche, the will of the enemy, make him commit suicide himself.

What is happening with the Russian civilization, in the military aspect, the Russian-Rus for centuries have broken every enemy, they have no equal. They won in 1994-1995, 1999-2000. in Chechnya, 2008 in Georgia, but the elite of the merchants sold victories, the people did not get what they deserved. Russian people are forced to commit suicide - tobacco, alcohol, more serious drugs, moronic music, moronic TV, lack of expedient labor (for the good of the Motherland), lack of a Great Purpose. The people are not cattle, they need a Goal, beautiful clothes are not a goal, but one of the forms of spiritual floss!

But one should not think that the Enemies will wait until all Russians finish with themselves. The crisis on the planet is ecological, demographic, financial and economic. Any crisis ends with a Big War, this is a historical law. In the 20 century there were two world crises, both ended up being attacked by Russia to get out of the pit at the expense of it. The first time happened, the second Rus-USSR broke off the schemers for their Wishlist, but the Home Projects of the West broke Germany and Japan, they still have not regained their Spirit.

The current Russian civilization is very similar to easy prey - a huge, practically empty territory, degrading Soviet technosphere, clean water (only Baikal and Siberian rivers are worth), agricultural land, an endangered and demoralized population. At the expense of us, we can continue our parasitic existence of the West, solve our problems to China.

And our enemies do not have time to wait for the Russians to die out by the end of the 21 century and clear the territory, the crisis is killing them.

Western civilization

Since its inception (Classical Greece and Ancient Rome) - a parasite on the body of humanity, lives by sucking the vitality of other peoples and cultures. This Ghoul subjugated the peoples of Europe, practically killed the Celtic civilization (the remnants of the proud Celts — the Britons, the Welsh, the Scots, the Irish), broke and assimilated the Slavs of South and Central Europe. But Eastern Russia and the Islamic world were able to fight back and in order not to die, the Beast began to search for easy prey - the era of the Great Geographical Discoveries began. The fate of Indian cultures and black Africa is sad - they were prey, could not fight back. Asian cultures (India, China, Southeast peoples) also came under the control of the West, but by virtue of their power and high recovery abilities they withstood violence and were able to partially gain independence.
Western civilization is dying; it needs fresh blood and resources to exist. To do this, kill Russia - get new lands, virtually untouched by humans, Siberia and the Arctic, pour in their "veins" - "brains", children and women of the Russian civilization (which happens after the collapse of the USSR - tens of thousands of scientists, girls children).

But the West has forgotten how to fight, its main strike force, Germany, has lost its fighting spirit. Today's Europeans are pacifists, tolerists, pederasts, "vegetables". They can go to marches of degenerates (as participants or spectators), watch football, suck rotten beer, be punishers - when there is no threat to their existence, but they cannot really fight. Their armed forces will not withstand even 5-10% loss of personnel. Therefore, the West is rapidly moving to "contactless wars" -Drones, "smart rockets", robotics, etc.
You can stop NATO by having the Will of the Russian elite, when the enemy knows that the Russians will respond and burn London, Rome, Washington if necessary. To this end, it is necessary to maintain full combat readiness of the Strategic Missile Forces and to strengthen and improve the Early Warning System for a missile attack, missile defense system, air defense, military space defense in order to keep the Strategic Missile Forces in combat readiness, if the West dares to launch a sudden strike. The West is not capable of a large offensive campaign, with extensive use of ground forces, with heavy losses.

The ideal option would be to break away from the Western world - Germany, Russia and Germany could get great benefits from cooperation. Germany will only benefit from this - it will not be necessary to drag the European Union “on its back”, it will be possible to stop the extinction of the Germans. We must also remember that a significant mass of ordinary people in Europe, white French, Scots, Irish, Icelanders, Germans, Austrians, etc., can become part of the Russian world, the place and work to transform the planet will be enough for everyone.

All the latest military reforms of NATO countries are aimed at creating small, mobile, well-equipped armies, expeditionary and punitive purposes. They can suppress the discontent of the population in the commodity zones, but they are not capable of war with a serious opponent.

The strength of Western civilization is that it makes good use of the principle of "divide and rule", pushing the Russian and Islamic world, pushing China to war with Russia. They use internal factors - they support the corruption of the bureaucratic apparatus, the growth of the criminal world, various Nazis, separatists, ethnic conflicts, and the Western liberal liberalistic intelligentsia.

They very skillfully break the psyche of their opponents, creating an image of the “invincibility” of their “universal soldiers”, a huge role in this is played by the “dream factory” - Hollywood. The enemy armies, especially the command - the soldiers (Serbs, Iraqis) depend on their control, lose the Will to resist, Morale, they are no longer Warriors, defenders of the Motherland, but helpless victims.

Islamic world

Muslims are more our allies than enemies. They are also like us enemies of the West and their sacrifice. The Islamic world is split and divided, the precepts of the Prophet Muhammad are largely forgotten. The main centers of power - Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Turkey. Of these, two, Syria and Iran, can and want to be our allies. Allied relations should be built with them - to develop military-technical cooperation, cooperation in the field of the peaceful atom, the exploration of the Cosmos, to develop trade. Projects in the field of education, science, culture, education. Syria and Iran can be a deterrent to radical Islamists.

You can build constructive, good-neighborly relations with Turkey. She herself gave a badge of goodwill - supporting Russia during the war with Georgia, although it is a member of NATO.

Saudi Arabia, being an ally of the West (US), supports the radical Islamists, the terrorist underground in Central Asia and the Caucasus is our enemy. The best method of countering the Saud, the support of their competitors in the struggle for leadership in the Islamic world - Iran and Syria.

In this direction (South-West, South), our Armed forces should be ready for a counter-guerrilla war in the Caucasus and Central Asia, if a wave of Troubles from Afghanistan covers the Central Asian republics. For this, units of constant readiness and high mobility are needed (the development and modernization of the airborne and marine corps units in the Caucasus of light mountain brigades) and the creation of the Special Operations Corps (based on the GRU and airborne special forces). Also, the development and equipment of the latest developments of the Air Force, transport aviation, army aviation, UAV development.

Chinese civilization

With the support of the West and the possibility of obtaining new technologies from the territory of the former USSR, China has become the number two power in the world, and is rapidly catching up with the United States. He created a powerful army (2-th power in the world), and quickly develops it.

In general, Russia and China have no irreconcilable contradictions, besides China owes a lot to Russian civilization, in the 20 century it supported it in the struggle for independence from the West and Japan, helped create an industrial basis. The conflict between China and Russia is beneficial only to the West, but the Celestial may not have a choice, if the processes of decomposition of Russia continue, and the seizure of Primorye, Siberia will be China's key to surviving the global upheavals in the storm.

But China’s aggression is only the answer to the Russians ’own weakness. In the East, only the strong are respected by the Spirit. The real Russian elite, capable of limited use of the Strategic Missile Forces (by the upcoming Chinese armies, by the coastal rich cities of China), will force the Chinese elite to be an ally of Russian civilization.
To contain China, small mobile teams are not an option; they simply get crushed. China has modern tank divisions, powerful air forces (fighters bought in Russia, and their copies), a strong fleet, the entire spectrum of heavy weapons. And he is constantly building up his strengths, introducing new drones, builds aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, and is developing a fifth-generation fighter, an orbital fighter.

Therefore, on the border with China, a combination of high-tech air force, air defense, missile defense, recreated Pacific fleet and Army Group Vostok with heavily armed divisions, numbering from 500 to 800 thousand people.

It must be remembered - China is not the enemy, but it respects only the strong and healthy by the Spirit.


The Japanese civilization is seriously ill (as evidenced by the highest suicide rate in Asia, the demographic crisis), following the Western path, alliance with the West kills its Spirit. But this does not mean that it will not be able to siphon over the body of the Russian bogatyr - the Kuril Islands, and when Russia collapses - Sakhalin and Primorye are considered the sphere of vital interests of Japan.

In general, in order to contain its appetites, it is enough to restore the power of the Pacific Fleet, to strengthen the marines in the Pacific Ocean to a division and a separate brigade. Upgrade and recreate the fortifications on the Kuriles and Sakhalin - with a garrison to 2 divisions. Cover the islands and Primorye with a separate air defense and missile defense zone.
In contrast to Japan, it is useful to develop cooperation with the Korean civilization and China.

Arctic direction

In conditions of lack of resources, the Arctic zone can become a “battlefield”. Therefore, in the north of Russia "sleep" is not worth it. It is necessary to recreate the Northern Fleet, whose main task should be to protect Russia from the North and its interests in the Arctic. It is necessary to build new icebreakers, strengthen the underwater component of the Strategic Missile Forces, create a special highly mobile corps "Arktika" ("Hyperborea") capable of conducting intensive military operations in the conditions of the Far North.

To protect the Kola Peninsula and Chukotka, 2's mountain rifle brigades are necessary. The region must be reliably covered by air defense and missile defense, you need to have at least 2-3 air bases with interceptor fighters, heavy fighters carrying anti-ship missiles, EW aircraft and anti-submarine aircraft, and a separate detachment of transport and rescue aircraft.


Space has long become a zone of military confrontation, first the USSR and the West, now China has joined the race.
To prevent technological lag from the United States, which are already experiencing an orbital fighter, huge financial injections and labor are needed. Otherwise, the Russian people can repeat the sad fate of the American Indian civilizations.
Russia must implement a large-scale program for the development and study of the Near Cosmos, the creation of the Military Space Forces.

Main areas of work:

- exploration and study of the moon, lunar military-scientific base;
- Mars exploration program, we must be the first to be on Mars, possibly with the participation of Germany, Iran, India;
- it’s time to create new rockets and spaceplanes (or revive old Soviet projects, taking into account new technologies), the same missiles created in the 60-70-s in the Soviet Union cannot always be the basis of our cosmic power;
- to create an anti-space defense - the creation of air defense systems - PRO-PKO capable of shooting down objects in space, create your own orbital fighter, capable of operating both in the atmosphere and beyond its limits;
- large-scale cooperation with Iran, Syria, India, Germany, Brazil in the space field.


The Russian people, in order not to disappear from the face of the Earth and from history (their actions are deleted from history textbooks now) must make an effort and awaken. Do not wait until the emergence of "Stalin" or "Ivan the Terrible" and kick you in pursuit of what is necessary for the survival of the People and the Russian world, and do something useful for yourself. The work front is simply unthinkable, of incredible size and complexity, only our people can solve such tasks.
Each of us must take a step in the direction of the Renaissance of Russia. Start with charging in the morning, it’s just so difficult at the same time, throw tobacco poison, pour the yellow (white) filth into the toilet. Read to your child Russian fairytales for the night about heroes and vedunov, throw discs with a moronic pop in the trash.

Become the Masters of Your Power - with our tacit consent, fagots and other evil spirits carry out their Demos (the first sign in St. Petersburg has already gone), the authorities inflate tariffs and food prices. Only when the Russian People become strong, all the dirt will fall. Russians have always been the people of Creative Labor and the Warrior people who protected the foundations of Justice and Conscience, was One with God. We must break the net of confusion and become what the Almighty wants us to be - Creators and Creators.
A strong, wise Russian person will be supported by all the creative forces on the planet. People of goodwill believe in us in South America, Iran, India, Africa, all over the planet, only the Russian Bogatyr is able to defeat the Beast and lead the World on the Path of Creation and Love.

But do not make Mistakes, direct your Strength to the Creative direction - create clubs, clubs, communities, unite, in Unity is power. They can be of different nature - historical reconstruction clubs, sections of the Slavic Zdrava, Russian hand-to-hand combat, historical fencing, voluntary fire fighting, or to help law and order squad, Cossacks, Slavic community, society of amateurs hardening, etc. Having become a civilian force, the Russians will control the whole state (we are more than 80% of the population of the Russian Federation) and determine its policy, choosing the village administration, heads of villages, cities of reliable people. As a result, the Russian communities will be able to choose for themselves the head of the State, finding the Man of the Spirit, and not the flesh, picking up his comrades from the best representatives of civilization. This will be the highest manifestation of the power of the people, because only the people themselves know all the ins and outs of local managers (who is a thief, drunk, debauchee) and will be able to appoint them, and at any time remove from office, punish to the fullest extent of the law.

The main thing is not to be led by the Forces of the West - the Revolution and the Civil War in the current Russian Federation are practically 100% death and slavery of the survivors. First of all, it is necessary for each of us to become Strong, as Rusam from God is supposed to be - a Toiler and a Warrior.


1) The history of Russia from ancient times to the present day. Edited by Orlov A., Georgiev V., Georgieva N., Sivokhina T.
2) Public Security Concept
3) Petukhov Yu. D. Russian World Order
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  1. Slavyanych
    Slavyanych 21 January 2011 10: 23
    Schoolboy, have you re-read Russian fairy tales for a long time? About Emelya, Ivan the Fool and Ilya the Muromets, who had been lying on the stove for 30 years, and had been lying as much if it hadn't been pressed? But in "Western" fairy tales, Cinderella washed tons of dishes before becoming a man.
    Dumb, meaningless ordering.
  2. Smirnov Vadim
    Smirnov Vadim 21 January 2011 10: 29
    And ordered by whom?
  3. skeptick1
    skeptick1 21 January 2011 11: 48
    For some time now, due to a lack of funds, patients began to be released from mental hospitals. Some compensate for the lack of sedative finger on the clave. This is a relaxation, gentlemen, never mind.
  4. Slavyanych
    Slavyanych 21 January 2011 12: 32
    Judging by the abundance of feces poured out to the "west", the article was intended for the website.
  5. Drove
    Drove 21 January 2011 12: 36
    Scientifically grounded delirium, ashamed of Russia that it has such "wise men" angry
  6. Semen
    Semen 21 January 2011 12: 39
    Slavyanich with such an order of the Americans in the 30s emerged from the crisis ... - how many years? the West is already using you like Cinderella, keep washing dishes and more.

    strange you nickname, ends with ... ICH - Rabinovich, Abramovich, Yurevich, etc. maybe you are Slavonic? and liquid?
  7. Smirnov Vadim
    Smirnov Vadim 21 January 2011 12: 43
    And geopolitics and defense go near!
  8. Max
    Max 21 January 2011 14: 13
    The West and we have two completely different mentalities. Moreover, both peoples have high self-esteem. But the Pindos so far win unfortunately ... ((And the author is right, they do not win by force, but by the economy and the information war. Their approach is thinner ... For centuries, the problem was solved with a mega club strike (by the way, they even built such a rocket), but everything was decided at the micro level, so there the computers came up with the rest. They’re trickier and more sophisticated, I’ll repeat that mentality. People here are more simple-minded and straightforward, they use this pindos ((In a direct war they won’t defeat both sides of this they know, but in cunning intrigues, etc., breaking our will and spirit comes out of them ...
  9. Michael
    Michael 21 January 2011 14: 34
    Here, some specialists clipped verbiage on this article went through. And as soon as you replace the Russian people with a circumcised people and slightly change directions - so immediately the survival program is always offended and dare not touch it. For me, it’s the whole fifth column in the crematorium with the wind to the West, the oligarchs for eggs and work for Russia, but no - so in the furnace. Pedril on a stake on Frontal place. For all residents of Russia to set the criterion: either you are a Russian or go to .. along with rotten librari so-called values.
    And the "Hyperborea" building is a great idea!
  10. Eurasian
    Eurasian 21 January 2011 14: 46
    The author is great. Liberal decay of the personality strikes a person when he begins to put his individual benefits above everything else in the world, to consider his life the most important. The needs of a perishable body are gradually turning into a fetish of consumption, the mind is steadily reborn into an instrument serving an irrepressible body, constantly craving for pleasure, satiety and comfort. To exalt the interests of the individual above the interests of the family, ethnos, multinational power is a path into the fatal swamp of debauchery and spiritual impotence. The cult of individualism, which underlies the version of humanism adopted by the West, the so-called liberal values ​​that indulge the vicious side of human nature - an essentially sinful being - is a wrong path. "He who exalts himself, let him humble himself." A person cannot flourish spiritually and realize himself as a person in isolation from the society in which he lives, from serving his Motherland - of which he is a part - like any individual is a part of his ecosystem. Our ecosystem is Russia. Its very existence is under threat, the Right to Be has been called into question before and now. It's silly to argue with that. Whoever denies threats to the country is the enemy. The rest is simple. You need to be strong to resist threats. Physical strength comes from the strength of the Spirit. In order for the Spirit of man to be strong, he must lean on solid ground and feed on immaculate springs. Faith of ancestors, self-discipline, unclouded, sober view of the world and perseverance in work and science. This is what every Russian, Tatar, Bashkir, Buryat, Ukrainian, Udmurt, Chechen, Kalmyk, Kazakh, etc. should do. - residents of one continent of Eurasia, one civilization. So you can only resist the creeping pernicious invasion of the West, dressed in bright clothes of the guardian of human benefits, strengthening the Spirit and taking care of the health of the nation - without fear of looking at the gigantic East rising to its full height. The time to chill out and indulge in personal comfort is over. Everyone to the cause! Credit to the author.
  11. Don zeus
    Don zeus 21 January 2011 15: 27
    The Chinese do not need to conquer us - just populate.
  12. Slavyanych
    Slavyanych 21 January 2011 16: 34
    Not on "ich", but on "ich". So you have a liquid in your pants.

    It's not a matter of geopolitics or defense, just a similar vomit is published on this site.
  13. Smirnov Vadim
    Smirnov Vadim 21 January 2011 16: 46
    SlavyanychDear, it’s a dirty simple way, do not agree - argue.

    And I warn you about expressions like "pants" and "Jews" and "vomit", Semen This also applies to you.
    Opponents are not welcome on this site.
  14. mikhail
    mikhail 21 January 2011 23: 02
    And what kind of buryats do I need to defend Rush? Russia does not need a strong people around Lake Baikal. They need us to become extinct or to drink and Russify .. I am more of my own in Beijing than for you in Moscow. And do not blah about your nobility. Your chauvinism has faded! we we we are the best! we are washed! that’s all there is! didn’t you think that the Chinese think so, that they are the best? and they don’t occupy labor feats. And the history of Russia until 1700 compared to Chinese is just a dull provincial theater. Russian culture is a great culture, but how is it better than French, for example .. The Russian army is a great army, but is the German army worse? Let us recall 1941. And there is no need for cleansing, unpreparedness. We fled and surrendered. 600 (six hundred thousand) prisoners on the right bank of the Dnieper. People’s warrior? Have you seen martinets pressed by Caucasians? it’s soldiers, not soldiers. Chechens are a warrior people ..
    How many people in Russia support the slogan Russia for Russians? 50 percent probably. Cry about the comers, and then "we are one country!"
    there is no national issue in Buryatia. Caucasian people know on whose land they are, we have long been living in peace with Russians. And in Irkutsk already. And Avash schoolchildren think that this is their native land!) I don’t need either your Moscow or your Medveputy. You can’t repulse Caucasians, but all the same to the great powers. Caucasians are at home in Moscow.
    I’ve been living in China for a long time. They don’t have a job? They will work with help, trade on the street but will WORK! EVERYONE. And do not plague vodyaru scorched and scold the authorities.
    We don’t need to lie. As long as our parents are alive brought up in the Soviet spirit everything will be calm .. but our time is coming. And you need our death.
    I sincerely respect the Russian people, I am proud of the exploits of our grandfathers and the friendship of our peoples; I have half of the friends of Russians THIS RUSSIAN. BUT THE EURASIAN IDEA DECLINED IN 1991. DO WE LIKE YOU EYE-LOOKING? PUSHING IN A Casket. WE ARE DISCUSSING OUR ORPHANS BY RELATIVES AND DO NOT RENT THE PARENTS IN THE ELDERLY HOUSES.
  15. pavlo
    pavlo 22 January 2011 01: 29
    Why did you lose your temper-you got rid of all the dirt under your nails — you would all die if it weren’t for the Russian doctors! And what can I say to you, sit there in China.
  16. mikhail
    mikhail 22 January 2011 01: 51
    Well, what did I mean ... here are such radishes like you)
    Russian doctors) Yes, we saw Russian doctors only in the 20th century. Before that, we were treated by monk healers ..
    So raise your level of rather poor education, and RUSSIA IS DIEING) and you need to save her a cutie)) And you’ll still remain as stupid-stupid now) So study and study like a certain grandfather hung up. ladies, grandfathers make meat ..
    Of course I will be in China. And you advice. Come and see) I’m ashamed of my Motherland .. as these quick-eyed Rush arranged) maybe a little smarter .. travel develops you know.
    \ so baby you sit in Moscow or wherever you are. adore the way and write at the sight of an Abkhazian) rays of good to you) aufiderzeyn or as the Chinese say bye-bye shabi.
  17. Eurasian
    Eurasian 22 January 2011 19: 43
    Dear Michael,
    I feel pain and resentment in your words and, sorry for directness, cowardice. However, you are wrong. The peoples of Siberia live and sing their songs on their Earth, go to their temples and have not lost their language. Look at Sev. America - to the Anglo-Saxons, who ruthlessly trampled the indigenous population - how many Indian autonomous republics remained in their ancestral territories? It is not worth sprinkling ashes on your head, complaining about fate and bowing to new idols, whether they are pale-faced Europeans or Chinese. Buryats are good fighters and are not weak guys in fisticuffs. There is a spirit, so why dissolve snot ?! If you have already called yourself a patriot of Buryatia, return home to Ulan-Ude and work for your land and not for China. Are you bending your back to a foreign country, aren't you ashamed?

    As for Russia and Moscow as its capital. Russia - for Russians - for all citizens of our beloved, multinational Homeland, regardless of the cut of eyes. And Moscow is no exception. No need to poison about 50% stories here. Did you take the census? Most of the people are sane people and understand the importance of maintaining international peace in the country. Narrow-minded nationalism is not our way. These are not big words, but the experience of life. As for criminal lawlessness - the fight against this evil is a separate issue. We will not bring everything together in a heap. It must be understood that anyone who tries to translate any problem under discussion into the plane of interethnic contradictions, to aggravate an already difficult situation is that enemy. In the best case, acts out of folly - at worst - a provocateur working for the collapse of Russia.
  18. Semen
    Semen 27 January 2011 08: 05
    why articles aimed at raising the spirit and self-esteem of Russians are crushing at the root? to whom does it bother? why are Caucasians dancing Lezghinka not put in the bullpen as nationalists? why does the authorities look at bullying Russians, and for the mention of Jewish theft and Caucasian lawlessness, is the government ready to put Russians in prison? Maybe Dima (Menekhen) Medvedev, as the president of Russia, will answer the people: Why does government policy make it possible to oppress Russians from other nationalities living in RUSSIA? What nationality is the president of RUSSIA? Russian people want to know: What to do Russian? How do they live? What to expect? The leadership and officials spat on the life and life of the Russians ... Why would the Russian need such a RUSSIA and such a government?
  19. Escander
    Escander 26 February 2011 20: 27
    He served in Buryatia, he saw a lot. Here Buryat touched upon a narrow-eyed topic, recognized the relatives in the Chinese. In Buryatia, you can also hunt and fish and work in plenty. And this "patriot of Buryatia" dumped in China and whistles on a rashka.
    In China, history can be more ancient, but not the Chinese taught you to piss standing up!
  20. Evil Tatar
    Evil Tatar 30 October 2011 17: 45
    Forgotten topic of the beginning of 2011
    Libya still does not smell ...
  21. RAINOR
    RAINOR 22 February 2012 12: 47
    Dear Mikhail ... I’m Belarus myself ... a representative of not the most inconspicuous people in the history of Eastern Europe (remember the ON and the principalities preceding it) ...
    So I completely agree with your opponents on the topic of patriotism .... As I understand it, you "made your feet to China" purely out of patriotism or out of a desire to feel shame for the Motherland .... and thus spiritually rise ... Remind Trotsky after his flight from the USSR to Mexico ... Sit far away and whistle ...
    In Belarus, in our country, too, not everything is very fun and rosy ....
    However, my ancestors still under the Grunwald stood against the crusaders ...
    One of the great-grandfathers worked for a long time in Alaska (already in the USA) - returned in the 20s of the 20th century ..
    One grandfather had been digging the White Sea Canal for several years (as the son of a "kulak" - as long as I remember him ..... his main phrase was - "Stalin is not on you")
    My two grandfathers fought in World War II ... Both have injuries ...
    They fought for something here and lived for the sake of something .... and did not run away to another country for bread in a more beautiful package ....
    And you remind a cowardly dissident who could not win ... and therefore escaped ...
    PS I have nothing against the Buryats and other peoples ... but you seem to be the most cosmopolitan of yours ... talk about the Buryats and what they need .. and where themselves? and whose edge are you strengthening?
  22. Avro Lancaster
    Avro Lancaster 23 February 2012 16: 32
    First of all, Russia will inevitably revive economically, the economy will pull behind the military-industrial complex and the general development of the country. From the article I agree only with the doctrine of space exploration, and even then not completely. In the XNUMXst century, world integration is necessary, and the Russian and the Anggo-Saxon left the same cave! I hope that people have become wiser enough to stop killing each other in general strife and start uniting. The Earth is entering a new era of development, now the primary goal of the world community is resettlement in space, this is the only way we can survive!
  23. Evil Tatar
    Evil Tatar 1 March 2012 10: 46
    Quote: RAINOR
    And you remind a cowardly dissident who could not win ... and therefore escaped ...
    PS I have nothing against the Buryats and other peoples ... but you seem to be the most cosmopolitan of yours ... talk about the Buryats and what they need .. and where themselves? and whose edge are you strengthening?

    Because of Mikhail’s frenzied post, it seemed to me that someone in Russia had offended him a lot ...
    Well, there he deprived of money, or there were not enough kalym for his wife ...

    Yes, God forbid, that he also rolled away with untouched masculine dignity ...
    And then everything happens ...
    Maybe in fact it’s not Michael at all, but some sort of Michael ...
    Why not? Resentment is such a thing ... Horror!
  24. Sniper 1968
    Sniper 1968 1 March 2012 12: 01
    I liked the article. Thanks to the author. Darkness covered our Motherland in 988, when Prince Vladimir accepted Judo-Christianity. And rushed. Rus was baptized, literally, in blood. "With fire and sword." For years, they tried to kill us, soldered us (under the Romanovs), made us slaves (serfdom under the Romanovs), perverted our ancient and great history (Schlötser, Miller and gop-historians under the German woman Catherine II), destroyed ancient manuscripts (under Peter the Great), created a myth about our slave past, but we, by some miracle, still survived. It was not for nothing that Allen Dulles called us "the most rebellious people in the world" in his famous doctrine ... Whoever came to us with a sword remained here and lay. Apparently, in moments of mortal danger, our genetic memory turned on and we won. The knowledge of our great ancestors was almost irretrievably lost. Were children of the Gods, and became God's servants with the advent of the POPs. (I apologize if I offended someone's religious feelings) (Gundyaeva) Who is thisWho will go after him and where? He himself does not believe in anything. He moves in a cavalcade of ten jeeps, with guards. Is he a criminal "author"? Everyone has the right to do as his heart tells him ... We will not give up our Russia. Wake up ,kind people...
  25. Tartary
    Tartary 11 January 2013 15: 41
    It's amazing how many people left the site after a year.
    But the topic is still relevant.
  26. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 8 September 2015 23: 16
    I’m happy to travel to the past. I like the article. I’ll return. To be rude to be rude. Now it’s not like that.
  27. Chervonny
    Chervonny 22 November 2020 02: 18
    The people are not, they need a Goal, beautiful clothes are not a goal, but one of the forms of spiritual whore!

    What a precise and correct statement. Under the bourgeois-oligarchic system, the government considers the people to be cattle. The people only under Soviet people's power becomes the Master in their country.