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Canada temporarily suspended flights of SH-3A Sea King helicopter fleet


The Canadian Air Force temporarily suspended the fleet of multi-purpose and anti-submarine helicopters "Sikorsky" SH-3A "Sea King" (CH-124A / B in Canada). This was reported by the Office of National Defense. The suspension of helicopter operations was caused by an incident that took place on July 15 with one of the CH-124 helicopters after landing in Shearwater near Halifax. After landing of the helicopter in the area of ​​the station refueling after the execution of the training flight, the tail boom of the machine lifted upwards, which led to the impact of the rotor blades with the ground.

None of the four crew members, as well as technical personnel on the ground, was injured in the helicopter crash, although fragments of the propeller rotor blades scattered over damaged nearby buildings.

All Sea King 26 helicopters in the multi-purpose CH-124A (U) and PLO CH-124A / B versions used by the Canadian Air Force are temporarily prohibited from taking off until the end of the investigation into the causes of the incident.

The CH-124 helicopters are operated by the Canadian Air Force, but are based on naval frigates. The service life of these rotary-winged machines has reached almost 50 years and since 2009, they must be replaced by Sikorsky S-92 (CH-148) Cyclone (Cyclone) helicopters. However, the entry into service of these machines is delayed, since problems have arisen both with the development of onboard equipment for solving problems of antisubmarine defense and monitoring of the surface situation, and with the integration of software and hardware.
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  1. patline
    patline 21 July 2013 17: 23
    The devastation is coming? wink
  2. Southerner
    Southerner 21 July 2013 17: 32
    The scribe is already nearby
  3. il grand casino
    il grand casino 21 July 2013 18: 01
    50 Years, not young cars already.
  4. Ramadan
    Ramadan 21 July 2013 18: 09
    Normal practice. As if everything works like a clock.
  5. KononAV
    KononAV 21 July 2013 18: 14
    There are disappointments in life when you eat cookies without bread.
  6. FunkschNNX
    FunkschNNX 21 July 2013 18: 46
    This is how the beam should "rise" to reach the ground with a screw ??? Probably one of the pilots gave the control wheel away from him, by accident.
  7. ankh-andrej
    ankh-andrej 21 July 2013 22: 14
    "Sea-King" my vacuum cleaner is so called lol
  8. pinecone
    pinecone 21 July 2013 22: 20
    The incident in the "shtetl" ...
  9. Southerner
    Southerner 21 July 2013 22: 47
    Did someone turn on the minus-gun, or what?
  10. individual
    individual 22 July 2013 10: 50
    Sea King in the CH-124A (U) multipurpose variant and the CH-124A / B PLO variant, which have been in service with the Canadian Air Force since 1976.
    Later modifications in the operation of the UK
    113 anti-submarine helicopters of the Sea King family.
    The "Sea King" modifications were adopted by Germany and all this from Sikorsky.