The active phase of the "Sea Breeze-2013" exercise has been completed.

During the active phase of the Ukrainian-American exercise "Sea Breeze-2013", with the invitation of representatives of fleets of other countries, the participants of the maneuvers practically worked out all the planned elements with close cooperation of the sea, land and aviation components, as well as units, forces and means of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, State Border Service and State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

According to Sergey Bogdanov, captain of the 3 rank, the head of the joint press training center, during the active phase, the tactical groups of the ships completed a number of tasks in accordance with the training topics.

In particular, exercises were conducted on universal defense of ships, repelling attacks of speedboats and airplanes, assisting a damaged ship, searching the area and saving a ship and a person, controlling navigation in a certain area, interviewing, intercepting, inspecting the ship under normal conditions, patrolling a certain area of ​​the embargo, the landing of the amphibious assault force and the support of the actions of the forces on the coast, etc. Also, the crews of the ships involved in the maneuvers conducted exercises to force a suspicious vessel, attempted to illegally deliver weapon to the area of ​​crisis, before stopping, landing an inspection team on him with the air support of the Ka-27 ship-based helicopter.

In turn, participants of the onshore component landed an airborne assault force in the disaster area where small groups of illegal armed groups were discovered, reconnaissance, search and destruction of these groups to ensure the operation of evacuating non-combatants, blocking enemy escape routes by evacuating the injured and refugees. In addition, the military took part in the elimination of the consequences of a conditional emergency - a fire in the port of Ochakov in cooperation with units of the State Service of Ukraine for Emergencies.

The actions of the multinational forces at sea and on land were actively supported by the military aviators of Ukraine, the USA and the FRG. They provided air defense exercises for ships using L-39 aircraft, exposing surface situations, evacuating the injured from the ship and from the disaster area, transporting units to the site of the operation to identify and neutralize illegal armed groups.

The active phase of the "Sea Breeze-2013" exercise has been completed.


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