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The game of "snowballs" across the Atlantic

The game of "snowballs" across the Atlantic

This picture shows the US strategic plan. America wants to create in the near future two economic unions with EU countries and ATS. Two regional "rings" led by Washington: the Transatlantic Partnership and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The point is to move on to creating huge new markets without the participation of China, Russia and the rest of the BRICS countries.

According to some experts, the unification of the markets of the United States and the European Union in the near future will lead to the cancellation of their currencies - respectively, the dollar and the euro - with the transition to a new transatlantic currency. This will help to instantly reset all debts denominated in dollars and euros, and begin a new economic expansion.

In the article “The Obama Doctrine. The Lord of the Two Rings ”Director of the Institute of the USA and Canada, RAS, Sergei Rogov and his co-authors write:
“The priority of Obama’s second administration is to create the Transatlantic Partnership (TAP) ... We want to conclude a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership with Europe,” said Tom Donilon, still in the position of national security adviser to Obama. “Economic growth, thanks to an agreement between the United States and Europe, will help support NATO, the most powerful alliance in stories.
The current host of the White House seems to believe that in the current circumstances, when the Doha negotiation process within the WTO reached a deadlock, globalization must be promoted through regionalization under the auspices of the US ... The White House expects to achieve the establishment of TAP over the next few years the Obama administration is in power ... The defense budget of the TAP countries (i.e., the United States and European members of NATO) will be about 58% of global military spending ... ”

To these positions, outlined in the article by the authors of the Institute of the USA and Canada, RAS, you can also add the figures announced by British Prime Minister David Cameron, who said that the agreement on a free trade zone will give the European Union a few years ’GDP growth of £ NNXX. (about 100 billion dollars), to the United States - to 157 billion pounds, and to the rest of the world - to 80 billion.
The abolition of customs duties and the removal of various restrictions can give a serious impetus to the economic development of Europe and America. According to estimates by the US Chamber of Commerce, the abolition of transatlantic tariffs over the next five years will increase the turnover between the US and the EU by more than 120 billion dollars.

Thus, there will be a trade and economic consolidation of the countries of the “golden billion”, which will inevitably complicate the economic development opportunities of all the “external” countries for the “billionaires” - China, Russia, and other “rising” countries in economic terms.

The conclusion suggests one thing - Obama needs to implement his own “two rings” doctrine, thanks to which he can kill several birds with one stone:
shake up the American economy at the expense of European and Asian markets;
reset the dollar and start the game with a new currency and a clean slate;
challenge China, in particular, and BRICS, in general;
to consolidate the shaky world leadership of the United States.

And now, when everything is almost ready, the President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, European Council President Herman van Rampey, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron, enthusiastically supported the idea of ​​TAP, some pepper and spoils everything!

Yes, yes, this is Edward Snowden. All at once rushed to discuss the facts of his flight to Hong Kong, then from Hong Kong to Moscow, and then residing at Sheremetyevo airport ...

And somehow the main thing went to the side - and what, in fact, did this “snowball” open up, after which the two shores of the Atlantic instead of the swift, as Obama planned, rendezvous, froze in bewilderment, and then began to throw claims that reminded the game of snowballs ?

Only this time, the claims were drawn so impressive that, I am afraid, the cobblestones can fly ...

And where, after this mess, is Obama's brilliant idea of ​​becoming the “lord of two rings”?

But here the most interesting thing begins - who framed Obama by launching Snowden into the game?

We cannot say that we know exactly about this. But we can say that the scandal occurring and expanding on both sides of the Atlantic will clearly slow down, if not at all eliminate the creation of TAP in the near future.

And this means that in the period of the last years of Obama in the White House he will not be destined to implement his doctrine. Perhaps this will make a new, future president, but then all the laurels will go to him, and the most delicious material benefits from TAP will be his best friends.

This is how it happens - one pepper came out, and as a result it turns out, as in the classic ancient drama: “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi ...” (“This is the way worldly glory passes”).

As the press secretary of the NSA (US National Security Agency) admitted, his organization was so busy spying on three hundred million Americans that it paid no attention to one man working for them.

“I suppose that we were so busy monitoring the daily connections of every man, every woman and every child of this country, that they didn’t notice how the contractor working for us loads tons of secret documents into the drives,” said an agency representative. - This, of course, to a certain extent, embarrassing ... "

And now - the details in the studio!

What everyone knew about, but they were afraid to ask

When Stirlitz once told Schellenberg: “We are all under Muller’s cap”, he couldn’t even imagine that the current “Papa Muller” - named after the NSA - “under the cap” could have not only people to whom the American special services they are of particular interest, but in general everything is everything, everything, and the size of this “cap” is limited only by technical capabilities.

The last drawback of the NSA is eliminated at the Stakhanov rate, bringing into the work an increasing number of capacities for storing information with huge amounts of information about everyone to whom it reaches out. The author, for example, has no doubt that this “cap” is already above his head ...

Yes, Stirlitz could not even imagine then - in the spring of 1945-th, that after a little years later 60 became suspicious that everything was “under the hood”. Although, mind you, "Müller's daddy" is no longer with us ...

It was not customary to talk about this in a decent place, but the fact that American intelligence agencies were everywhere looking for enemies became widely known long before 11 September 2001, when “terrorism” was named the main enemy in Washington.

What finally untied the hands of the family of American intelligence services for the organization of total surveillance. "Under the hood" were not only potential terrorists, but everyone who had a computer with Internet access or a cell phone.

Vague suspicions disturbed the public, but somehow they were afraid to talk about it out loud. But while the respectable public whispered about this in the corners, no scandal arose. But when it was announced loudly by a person who collaborates with the CIA and knows the secrets of the NSA, the democratic public came to a state of stupor.

That is why it sounded like a bolt from the blue, the voice of Snowden, who worked for Booz Allen Hamilton, a contractor for the Central Intelligence Agency of the USA.

So what did he reveal?

He opened things, in general, banal - Americans, they say, collect information about everyone they can reach with technical means. The question of the "legality" or "illegality" of such a total interception causes on the banks of the Potomac Homeric laughter ...

First - to warm up the public - Snowden said that about the electronic intelligence program PRISM, which was adopted in 2007 by the NSA and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Its main task, according to him, is the in-depth observation of the Internet traffic of users of services of such IT companies as Microsoft (Hotmail), Google (Google Mail), Yahoo !, Facebook, YouTube, Skype, AOL, Apple and Paltalk.

The main purposes of intelligence are persons living outside the United States using the services of these companies, or citizens of America who are in contact with foreigners.

PRISM software allows you to view e-mail and user accounts on social networks, listen to voice and video messages, as well as track sent files.

Based on this information, the American special services have a unique opportunity to compile detailed portraits of almost any person, integrating information about him, his interests, thoughts into a single information block.

The FBI “will use government equipment in a privately owned company to extract relevant information from participating companies like Microsoft or Yahoo! and transmit it without further review to the NSA. ”

In addition to IT companies, the three largest cellular operators in the country are connected to this surveillance system, with which the program intercepts and records about 1,7 billion phone calls per day!

And these were, so to speak, "flowers." "Berries" did not take long to wait.

A few days later, Snowden merged another batch of top-secret documents from the NSA of the USA on a topic that put Europe on its ears.

Edward Snowden provided the press with another batch of top-secret NSA documents from the USA, from which it follows that the US intelligence agencies are spying on the EU representation in New York and its embassy in Washington, the London newspaper The Guardian reports, through which Snowden’s revelations came first .

One of the documents lists the 38 embassies and missions of countries around the world called “targets”. It describes in detail the methods of espionage used in relation to each object: from “bugs” inserted into electronic communication equipment, to connecting to cables and intercepting messages using special antennas, the article says.

“Along with traditional ideological opponents” of the United States and Middle Eastern countries important for its policy, the list includes EU representations and embassies of US allies: France, Italy, Greece, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, India, Turkey, the article “The Guardian.

In particular, espionage was carried out through a kind of Dropmire, inserted into a “crypto-fax” at the EU embassy in Washington. The newspaper assumes that it is a “bug” in the fax, according to which, according to the documents of the NSA, dispatches are sent to the MFAs of European capitals from the American capital.

According to the authors of the article, the United States collects insider information about disagreements of EU member states.

Snowden also provided documents on the eavesdropping of an EU mission to the UN: “bugs” in electronic devices and full copying of computer hard drives are used.

Only so-called “second-class partners” —Britain, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand — avoided American surveillance. These are the countries of the Anglo-Saxon bloc.

Germany, along with other countries, 30, the US intelligence services attributed to the "third class", which means: "we can intercept transmitted signals in most countries of the third class and effectively do it."

In turn, the German publications Deutsche Welle and Der Spiegel reported that the US National Security Agency collects and processes about 500 million contacts in German telecommunications networks every month!

The papers received by German journalists indicate that on ordinary days up to 20 million telephone connections and about 10 million cases of data transmission over the Internet pass through the filter of the US special services. And on certain days, such as, for example, 7 January 2013, the NSA received information by listening to 60 million telephone calls in Germany!

At the same time, the NSA conducts much more active intelligence activities in Germany than in other EU countries. For example, in France, Americans daily record only a little more than 2 million calls. From what the French, got "under the hood" of the NSA, is still no easier ...

According to German journalists, the country's NSA map on the world map is colored in different colors depending on the intensity of tracking them, and if Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan are marked in red, then Germany takes the next step. It is the only one of all European states that is painted in orange. The NSA attributed Germany to the "third class" and check the full program.

For the Germans, it was an extremely unpleasant surprise that they were being watched by their allies. Moreover, they are watching more closely than anyone else in Europe!
It is also worth noting that in the documents declassified by Snowden, Germany is marked as a “partner” and “target” at the same time.

A surge of emotions in the European Union

The natural reaction to the scandal was a surge of anti-American sentiment in Germany on the Internet forums: "Americans still behave like cowboys." There are calls to freeze the negotiations that have just started on creating an “economic NATO” - a free trade zone between the EU and the US.

“The Stasi Service” (the GDR special service. - S.F.) opened personal letters, violating the privacy of correspondence. The CIA does the same with personal details and emails. No difference. In the GDR was a dictatorship. And in the USA? "

So, in the German social networks, the American and British intelligence agencies have already compared not only with the Stasi, but also with the Gestapo (!) Greetings from “Papa Muller” ...

The heads of German intelligence services said they did not know what the activities of the National Security Agency (NSA) of the USA and the British Center for Government Communications (GCHQ) are in relation to Germany, writes the German weekly Focus.

“All this sounds like the plot from the book of George Orwell, embodied in real life,” said Thomas Oppermann, leader of the German Social Democratic Party.

That is, the Germans poured out many different words on the Allies.

But, it’s funny how awkwardly the Americans began to make excuses.

Here, for example, said Vincent Cannistroro, who worked for 30 for years at the CIA, occupying, in particular, the post of director of the counterterrorism department:
“We are thinking about terrorists: they communicate with each other in order to commit terrorist acts. The moral duty of democratic countries is to prevent them from doing so. The NSA program is one of the best tools at our disposal. ”

And then in Europe there was a counter-question: what, the United States considers European officials to be “terrorists”, that they are listening to the offices of EU representatives ?!
In a telephone conversation with Chancellor Merkel, President Obama said that the United States took the EU’s concerns very seriously.

Obama even allowed himself a joke:
“All world intelligence is doing such things, and everyone wants to know not about what I eat for breakfast, but at least about what I am going to talk about at meetings with the leaders of the countries ...”

In general, I covered my own ones ... But in response I received a squall of protests and not only from European countries, but also from Japan.

The Japanese government demanded that the United States clarify the media reports that the American intelligence services had been listening to the Embassy of the Land of the Rising Sun in Washington. According to the news agency Kyodo, they "may refuse to influence Japanese-American relations."

“The Austrian authorities are demanding that the American side confirm the accuracy of the information received on the activities of the special services. They also intend to find out what kind of data was collected on the territory of Austria ",
- told the head of the Austrian Foreign Ministry.

For his part, the head of the Austrian Foreign Ministry, Spindelegger, said that the authorities are demanding that the US clarify the situation in the near future.

Several European leaders, including French President Francois Hollande and European Parliament President Martin Schulz, strongly condemned the reports that the US National Security Agency installed bugs in EU offices and gained access to the EU’s internal computer network.

According to the chairman of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, in the event that the accusations against the US special services prove to be justified, this will entail serious complications in relations between the EU and the US.

French President Francois Hollande demanded that the American authorities "immediately stop espionage" and explain what is happening. “We cannot agree with such behavior of those whom we consider to be partners and allies,” he said.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius demanded an explanation from the United States about reports that the US NSA was tapping the offices of the European Union in Washington and New York.

European Commissioner for Justice Vivyam Reding sent the US Attorney General Eric Holder a letter demanding to provide information "about the PRISM program and other US programs relating to the collection and search of data, as well as the laws that allow the implementation of such programs." The letter notes that PRISM-type programs may undermine the fundamental rights of Europeans.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso demanded that the security service conduct a full inspection of all the organization’s working premises and computer systems for electronic bugs and other tracking devices.

Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reinders invited the US ambassador to Brussels Howard Gutman to the Kingdom’s Foreign Office to give explanations about media disclosures about espionage in the Brussels residences of EU institutions.

This incident was commented on by the Prime Minister of Poland D.Tusk, who noted that “spying on EU citizens is a serious problem both in relations and for the reputation of the United States”. And the head of the Polish Foreign Ministry, R. Sikorsky, said that Warsaw would demand an explanation from Washington regarding the activities of the National Security Agency against Poland and other EU countries.

Emotions reached a high point when 4 July at a plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, a majority of deputies approved a resolution demanding that Washington clarify the situation around espionage of the American special services in Europe immediately.

The parliamentarians stressed that “if information on espionage of EU state institutions is confirmed, the case could affect transatlantic relations.”

During the debate, deputies with radical views proposed a number of amendments to the resolution, which essentially boiled down to the idea of ​​suspending the discussion on the conclusion of a free trade agreement between the EU and the United States.

It doesn't look like intelligence. On "Big Brother" seems

We could continue to list all the exclamations of protest in the EU, however, we will limit ourselves to this array News from the Old World to take stock.

And it is that the public is excited; relations with the New World are clouded, if not sawed; The prospects for the upcoming negotiations on the creation of the Transatlantic Partnership took refuge behind waves of thick fog that crawled onto the Atlantic relationship from which swamp.
It is safe to say that the Americans have brought a large “spoon of tar” into the “honey pot” called the transatlantic commonwealth, columnist Yevgeny Sokolov notes.

Heather Conley, director of European programs at the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies, believes that “a different attitude to information security may adversely affect cooperation between Europe and the US, which are about to conclude a free trade agreement.”
In the course of the promotion of the case, not at all “democratic” details surfaced that the secret services of Great Britain, France and some other EU countries also actively, like the NSA, listen to their citizens without any prosecutor’s decisions or other “democratic” procedures in which Tens of millions of Europeans still firmly believe.

Then the Brazilians published, referring to Snowden, the information that the NSA covered the citizens and their country with its “cap”, which, by the way, for some strange reason, visited the other day - why would it? - "Orange Revolution".

She has not yet won, but people instead of Copacobana Beach in Rio de Janeiro and football now spend more time at protests. It's hard to remember something like this since the days of Emperor Don Pedro ...

The scandal caused by a new injection of Snowden across Brazil also reached the interstate level - Brazil demanded a corresponding explanation from Washington. As the head of its Foreign Ministry, Antonio Patriot, stressed, “the Brazilian government is deeply concerned about reports that American intelligence services were spying on electronic and telephone contacts of Brazilian citizens.”

Everyone is protesting, but the Americans remain as hard as rocks. To this day, no European country has received an explanation from them.

US Secretary of State John Kerry, responding to the EU's request to clarify information on cases of espionage, said that the search by the US special services for data on other countries is normal. “There is nothing unusual in this practice,” the Secretary of State retorted.

Although, he certainly knows that the US legalized citizen control via the Internet in April 2013, when the CISPA bill was approved, expanding the powers of law enforcement and allowing control of information on the Internet, as well as monitor all movements of US citizens.

As a result, according to the former NSA technical director William Binney and one of the most famous hackers in the world, owner of the Megaupload file sharing service, Kim Dotcom (Kim Dotcom):

The United States is already "watching the citizens of the whole world around the clock ... Observation is conducted on all members of Congress - no one has immunity ... The United States allocates enormous funds to establish data centers for surveillance. Any message that passes through the network remains on hundreds of thousands of hard drives in special storage. Since total surveillance does not even require a court order, finding compromising any person with “disagreeable” political views now becomes a matter of a few minutes ... ”

And this is a little like the work of intelligence. Rather, it looks like Big Brother from George Orwell’s 1984, mentioned above.
Who is stopping TAP?

So, really, who prevents TAP, if he went to such a direct and powerful attack through the channel Snowden?

Observer Nikolai Malishevsky asks the question: why doesn’t it say anything about the direct connection between the current scandals and the latest attempt to counter the creation of a single global financial center that will take control of the entire existing financial system of the planet?

Will the “revelations of Snowden” become the catalyst that will destroy the unity of the Western world?

“The last weeks are encouraging with the insight of the Western media - it turns out that the US intelligence services are collecting information. Interestingly, before the confessions from Snowden, what, they thought, were the US special services engaged in - dance and cross-stitch embroidery? ”, Blogger Vladimir Shcherbakov said.

And here comes the question: for what purpose do scandal out of trivial facts? After all, if the stars are lit, then someone needs it ...

Meanwhile, Western media continue to escalate - here and the righteous indignation of Europeans by the surveillance of "friends", and the denigration of intelligence services within the United States by the American media.

And no one asks the question: what is the meaning of this informational attack from the Western media on US special services?

To understand who is interested in this company, you need to look at it from the point of view of its real results, which consist in trying to deprive the US security agencies of support, both from the leading world players - Russia, China and Europe, and from their own population (American The media demonize the special services, exposing them to violators of the freedoms recorded in the holy book for Americans - the US Constitution).
And the second question: what tools are used in this operation?

Summing up the available information, we get - controlled by global financial media structures are used to weaken the US law enforcement agencies.

Observing today the heat of the united front of “global financiers” and Britain against American security officials, it can be assumed that the “sunset of America” will not be too long, and the world is on the verge of global reformatting of the poles of power, ”noted Vladimir Shcherbakov.

Indeed, if the stars are lit, and the TAP is set on fire, is it really necessary for someone?

According to the dean of the Sociology and Political Science faculty of the Financial University Alexander Shatilov, the publication of data on US espionage activity against its European allies can seriously ruin the relationship between the Old and the New World.

He reflects: “The leaks were published in the Western media. And they are primarily designed for "their" reader. Information that the US was following Russian officials and government agencies would hardly have caused a sensation. Remember, no one was particularly indignant when the information about the surveillance of Western intelligence agencies in London over Dmitry Medvedev came to light.

This story has affected the cooling in the US relationship with its allies. Now this crisis will develop. It is hardly possible to say that Europe and the United States will quarrel seriously and for a long time. However, the degree of trust between the allies will be greatly reduced. I think it is in the interests of those people who organized the release of these scandalous facts into the information space.

I can assume that the roots of this whole story go to America and behind them are powerful forces who don’t like the course of the current US president. I do not think that Snowden plays the role of a “doll on strings”. But I do not rule out that someone in the United States was playing a multi-pass situation using Snowden in the dark. It was important to sow distrust between the allies on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. They did it. But now their goal is different - to create a vacuum around the Obama administration, ”said Alexander Shatilov.

The last note is very important.

After all, who is being hit now and bears image losses in the global information field? It is the United States and Barack Obama personally.
“There is a hunt for the USA. The most delicious piece for a deriban in the modern world - sure another blogger rat1111. - Notice, they are “felled” in the same way as they “felled” the USSR in 80's: they hit on the fact that “the government does not correspond to the basic values ​​of society”. Only in the USSR were “justice” and “internationalism” the basic value — therefore, they were beaten with “CPSU privileges” and nationalists. In the United States, the basic values ​​are “personal freedom” and “society of equal opportunities”, therefore they are beaten with “scandals with total surveillance” and “insane killer shooters”.

Just added Obama pepper "The New York Times", which caught the US administration in that she was involved in organizing a coup in Egypt.

This article in the largest and most influential American newspaper under the heading "Morsi Spurned Deals, Seeing Military as Tamed" ("Mursi rejected the deal, seeing that the military tamed") "appeared immediately after President Barack Obama publicly disowned interfering with internal affairs are.

After this auto-deaf performed by America’s leading publication, only one conclusion suggests itself - the next strongest attack went to Obama. Now - under the pretext of the Egyptian crisis. Right now, the newspaper has caught the president in deception. What for?

Yes, many people pay attention to the fact that in recent times repeated “attacks” by the most influential forces on the American president have become a bad tradition. Now he is guilty of one thing, then of another.

The scandals with the wiretapping of journalists of the Associated Press, with biased checks of conservative NGOs by the Tax Service, with an attack on the consulate in Benghazi broke out not long ago around Barack Obama.

“These three crises can pin him down like“ Irangate ”- Ronald Reagan, and the Lewinsky affair - Bill Clinton,” says Le Temps correspondent Stephan Bussard. And now - a new wave of scandals. First Snowden, and immediately behind him - Egypt.

This is not to say that the article in The New York Times simply opened its eyes. American intervention in Egypt was an open secret.
But the fact that, in connection with the American interference in the affairs of Egypt, the press has now begun to beat the Obama administration, once again testifies to the deepest contradictions in the American establishment, where powerful forces clutched, and the president was at the center of this cataclysm. And it regularly began to emerge to the surface.

Obama goes on the defensive, otherwise he would never have made excuses for Egypt. This is not a royal business ...

"There is a hunt for wolves, there is a hunt ..." (c) Vysotsky.

Everything is done clearly, professionally, hard and ruthlessly. And it seems that “Snowden's incident” is a card from the same deck.

So whether Obama should be the “lord of the two rings” or not to be — that’s the question for Hamlet today!
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    MIKHAN 21 July 2013 06: 51
    Amer all intrigue weave .. they feel that their hegemony in the world ends and that it is time to pay the bills ..
    1. Rus2012
      Rus2012 21 July 2013 09: 16
      Quote: MIKHAN
      Amer all intrigue weave .. they feel that their hegemony in the world ends and that it is time to pay the bills ..

      ... dear colleague, they are not going to pay, tea is not Russia, which has taken all the obligations of the Union.
      There are Yankees, Yankees, will try to slip out with any tight loop stretching over a soapy neck.
      For this, all means are good:
      - plan A -
      America wants in the near future to create two economic alliances with the EU and the ATS. Two regional “rings” led by Washington: the Transatlantic Partnership and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
      writing off debts, while robbing at least the rest of the world, not included in the two rings.
      - plan B - war. With all the ensuing consequences. And it would be nice if between China and Russia, or China and India ...
      1. Vladimirets
        Vladimirets 21 July 2013 09: 58
        Quote: Rus2012
        And it would be nice if between China and Russia, or China and India ...

        No no no. War between nuclear powers is dangerous for the whole world. The coolest option for the states is the war of Russia with the Middle East radical front. Then it will be possible to put pressure on the fact that Russia's use of nuclear weapons is not proportional, meanwhile, the war with conventional weapons against Islamic radicals will greatly bleed our country. And then it will be possible to either take up resources directly, or to supply their goods in exchange for resources, which can revive a dying economy. In short, what the states did in WWI and WWII.
    2. d_trader
      d_trader 21 July 2013 12: 25
      No alliance will come about, they already hiss like snakes at each other, and then what happens. They will throw everyone on euros and bucks and with what in the end will remain? Without oil, without production, which are basically all concentrated in Asian countries, or do they think that everything will again run into slavery to them under the tune of rats? I doubt it. In contrast, they will create another alliance with other currencies. Well, in the end, it will end in war, at least that way.
      1. S_mirnov
        S_mirnov 21 July 2013 12: 47
        Once again, I wonder why you are so interested in the fantasies of some journalist about America? What do you want?
        An announcement appeared on my porch door that I was obligated to set myself a water meter! Once again, the beloved state is going to fuck its humble citizens! Obviously, someone upstairs doesn’t like that Russians sometimes allow themselves to take a bath, they spend a lot of water, it's time for the Americans to switch to showers only, the bath is only for the rich!
        And I see it is important for you to discuss multi-colored circles on the world map, drawn by a dreamer?
        1. Ascetic
          Ascetic 21 July 2013 14: 57
          Quote: S_mirnov
          Once again, I wonder why you are so interested in the fantasies of some journalist about America? What do you want?
          An announcement appeared on my porch door that I was obligated to set myself a water meter!

          I recently put on the same announcement, in the last adipose account came to 300 rubles. less than before. So I recommend it to you, otherwise you will pay according to the standards, for example, for 10 cubic meters of hot water, although in reality you will not spend more than three cubes per month. With regards to postscripts in many cases on the so-called general house expenses then
          Changes to the rules for the provision of utility services, approved by the government on April 16, will make it impossible for unscrupulous managers to raise rents. The amendments will enter into force on June 1, 2013, and until that time all regions will be required to approve reasonable standards for the consumption of utility resources for the needs of the entire house.

          1. S_mirnov
            S_mirnov 21 July 2013 16: 04
            "I recently bet on the same advertisement, in the last zhiznok the bill came in 300 rubles less than before." - then why DO they HAVE to put the counters? Caring for the population laughing
          2. Crocodile
            Crocodile 22 July 2013 00: 46
            The counters have been standing for 8 years, and they have never exceeded the "capitation" rate, and accordingly they paid less. Enjoyed the bathroom ok. A family of four. The whole question is freedom of choice ...
        2. smile
          smile 21 July 2013 16: 00
          Mdya ... your tenacity causes involuntary respect ... :)))
          You translate any topic into what kind of bad power we have ... in any sneeze and stirring weed you see machinations against us ... :)))
          You know, in my opinion, it's very hard to live. It’s just unbearably hard to live considering that everything around is smeared with black paint and picking up sores ... you would need at least a little optimism ... look around, the birds sing, the sun is shining, the grandchildren are growing and bring five and three from school ... around life, not a cemetery ... you yourself poison yourself with your grumpy pessimism, driving yourself into hopelessness .... sorry, but you cause compassion ... it’s a sin to swear at you ... I write it absolutely seriously without jokes and subscriber .... you can’t do this to yourself.
          1. S_mirnov
            S_mirnov 21 July 2013 16: 12
            Since I was brought up in the USSR and love my Motherland, it does not give me joy to watch Kremlin uncles sell it. And if you do not pay attention to it, then nothing will change for the better.
            And by the way, I like to rejoice!
            Here, to cheer up:
            “Ten days ago, activist and car enthusiast Aleksey Ulyanov painted the pits on the broken road with stars and signed each one with the names of regional and city administration officials. Like, if in America they give stars for merit, then in Volgograd - for pits. The result is the Walk of Fame in Volgograd style.

            The officials did not like such personalized gifts. And just yesterday, people in orange vests and with a skating rink eliminated all the pits. They rolled potholes and the names of the servants of the people into the asphalt "
            1. smile
              smile 21 July 2013 17: 04
              They answered well. Thank. And the mood lifted. In the idea with the stars there is something attractive ... :))))
              1. aksakal
                aksakal 21 July 2013 23: 00
                Well, it’s good that even this S-Mirnova cheers up - otherwise everything is in gloomy tones. I can imagine how he will rejoice and have fun, if in what province the officials are executed in the most cruel way. At the same time, do not remember that the officials are the same people and citizens, they also have families and relatives, and they are guilty only of the fact that they are officials.
                By the way, after my youngest swim (4-year-old), I’m just sorry to drain completely clean water from the bathroom - there’s a little dirt body with a gulkin nose, I don’t drain it, I bathe myself)))) After me it’s not a pity to drain the water anymore -)) And this is not at all a little mischief, I can allow myself to pour fresh water, not a question at all. Descendants do not want to leave the shortage of fresh water out of the blue, draining clean water just like that, idle. We have had meters in the RK for a long time - real savings and no waste of water. I used to do a non-working toilet in the toilet for months, now I went to the market one day, bought and replaced it, and there is no noise of flowing water. S-Mirnov, you out of the blue have arranged for yourself a frustration here, stay with it yourself, we will discuss the subject
    3. Login_Off
      Login_Off 21 July 2013 16: 23
      What hegemony, just power is shared by 2 parties.
      The article writes about Obama, but what does Obama have to do with it ??? Last presidents and so puppets.
      The war between the Democrats and the Conservatives.
      Both of them want to stand at the helm of power in order to grab a piece fatter, be it Resources (oil, gas, etc.) or the Defense Industry with its multi-billion orders.
      Obama will leave, but who will be - the compromised Democrats in the person of Obama or the Republicans promising to "correct mistakes" ... to be honest, I DO NOT care!
      Russia is not too interested in them, so of course, by and large, even the Democrats, even the Republicans, Russia should not expect anything good.
      Let them decide how to deal with these wiretaps in their home countries in the USA and Euros.
    4. Semen Semyonitch
      Semen Semyonitch 21 July 2013 18: 05
      Quote: MIKHAN
      Amer all intrigue weave .. they feel that their hegemony in the world ends and that it is time to pay the bills ..

      That's all worked out, their hegemony ends ... What? Military? Economic? What is one country comparable to the potential of the United States? Could be the USSR ...
    5. Crocodile
      Crocodile 22 July 2013 00: 38
      Does anyone really think that America will pay its debts? Who has the strength to "ask" them to repay the debt?
  2. Garrin
    Garrin 21 July 2013 06: 58
    USA, like a lousy dog, "marks" everywhere, everything and everyone.
    1. Tersky
      Tersky 21 July 2013 08: 20
      Quote: Garrin
      USA, like a lousy dog, "marks" everywhere, everything and everyone.

      Igor, hi ! The nature itself ordered the male dog to mark the boundaries of the range, the United States is more likely not a male dog but a greedy cat that craps in all corners of the house.
      1. AVV
        AVV 21 July 2013 13: 09
        All this did not even dream of Obama even in the worst nightmare! For what they fought for it and ran into it !!!
      2. Ruslan67
        Ruslan67 21 July 2013 15: 24
        Quote: Tersky
        a foul cat that craps in all corners of the house.

        These are usually castrated am Hello Victor hi
        1. smile
          smile 21 July 2013 16: 07
          It is necessary to bring up cats with a newspaper on the nose! Here is my Kurt disciplinedly responding to commands: sit !, lie !, where are the partisans? and "oh you gag!" :))) and the house is clean ... and what a brazen, red muzzle will give any American a head start. :)))
          1. Tersky
            Tersky 21 July 2013 20: 57
            Quote: smile
            Raise cats need a newspaper on the nose!

            Vladimir, hi ! This "cat" is just a piece of reinforcement wrapped in it.
            1. smile
              smile 21 July 2013 21: 51
              Hello! All right, what kind of "cat" is such a "newspaper" :)))
        2. Tersky
          Tersky 21 July 2013 20: 54
          Quote: Ruslan67
          These are usually castrated

          Ruslan, hi ! I forgot to clarify, on the very neck ...
  3. andrei332809
    andrei332809 21 July 2013 07: 01
    [quote] This will help to instantly lose all debts denominated in dollars and euros and begin a new economic expansion. [/ quote
    they’d say so, there’s nothing to pay, you have to come up with a new kidalovo. It’s quite western. and then for an entire article of words. I made the only conclusion from it, to whom we must, we forgive everyone. in general, nothing new, zapadentsev did not have any mind (just a trick), no honor (they don’t know what it was), no conscience (they threw it out of use long ago)
  4. Valery Neonov
    Valery Neonov 21 July 2013 07: 03
    In order to carry out these "plans" (looking at the map), in addition to "some disagreements" with Russia on territorial issues, they also have to be resolved with the PRC. So you need to decide with whom to share ... And here is not a pruha, and he and the other is not "an enemy and not a friend, but so ....". Too big bets on presence ... and Japan too!
    It's time for the "lord" to take care of himself ... hi
    1. Tersky
      Tersky 21 July 2013 11: 57
      Quote: Valery Neonov
      It's time for the "lord" to take care of himself ...

      Or will the world community worry about the "lord", wants two rings? No problem-
    MIKHAN 21 July 2013 07: 20
    The Amers are now more dangerous than ever .. "Democracy", as usual, will not be able to hide behind. The whole world knows what it means in their language ... Now they need a regional "victorious" war. First by proxy ..
  6. serge-68-68
    serge-68-68 21 July 2013 07: 27
    Poor Snowden ... Who just does not use it (and uses, apparently, too):
    - Americans - to check the "lice" of their friends and enemies;
    - The Chinese - in order to deflate the necessary information and throw it away, provoking another crisis of Western politics;
    - Russians - to show the whole world the undemocratic nature of the "beacon of democracy";
    - global dissidents - to fight globalism and total control;
    - and now also financiers - to weaken the influence of US power structures.
    Poor, poor Snowden ...
    The funniest thing. that no one knows for sure except that a certain young man for some reason published a certain amount of generally not very serious information (surveillance of Europe and Brazil). And they fantasize ... And why? But because they do not know the truth.
    Some eight years ago, I attended a speech by a well-known political scientist who spoke about events in which, unlike him, I took a direct part at the level of decision-making, planning and control over execution. Beautifully lied man. And about the people, and about support, and about other pseudoscientific dregs, which everyone who hides the facts does not hide.
    1. Asgard
      Asgard 21 July 2013 11: 19
      But more or less clearly, the man said about the poor snowden word .....

      This is really a pawn ....
      Many of us play chess and know why you can sacrifice a "pawn" and it's not even a matter of sacrifice .....,

      The thing is, how it ALL DISCUSSED the media - the informational occasion is soodenal (like September 11, the Boston terrorist attack, explosions on kashirka, Nord-Ost)))
      It’s important how it is presented, in Hong Kong, Snowden gives an interior view to AMERICAN NEWSPAPERS, the media further unleashes this hype ....
      Do you think that intelligence did not report to Mrs. Merkel that the echelon system was loaded by a third with the German language? ...
      Or what, amers in Germany have already been detained in minivans stuffed with electronics near government offices))))

      The fact of the pawn game is Snowden's Face ....
      This raises the question-Putin is also a "pawn" in this game, or what?
      If I were the President, brought him to the Atlantic, I would give him an oar and said b
      -Row out of here! ...
      That would be a GREAT GAME.

      And so the pawns in a circle, the expected moves are made
      (leading to defeat))))
  7. knn54
    knn54 21 July 2013 08: 10
    Snowden - Worthy response to the defenders of the State Department’s kept from NGOs, swamp pigeons, anxious from Passy Riot (long deserving of public flogging), and on time.
    USA, and you don’t think that your place is near par.shi
    1. Hudo
      Hudo 21 July 2013 10: 15
      Don't you think that as soon as some Assange is supposed to appear on the stage, it appears from nowhere, like a little devil from a snuff-box. Further, according to the scenario, unpleasantly smelling substances are boiled over, according to the exhaustion of their potential - this boils down. But the viewer needs to be kept in good shape, and Snowden appears, also suddenly and also from the snuff box. Seething resumes with renewed vigor.
  8. 1304
    1304 21 July 2013 08: 14
    A stanchok for the production of a new currency would have appeared only in the United States.
    1. Russ69
      Russ69 21 July 2013 10: 55
      Quote: 1304
      A stanchok for the production of a new currency would have appeared only in the United States.

      He already works for them, without a break. 45 lard weekly.
      Given that the buck is not provided with anything, then read the machine and so it plows for the whole world.
    2. lesnik340
      lesnik340 21 July 2013 11: 37
      Have you noticed? that Germany is the only country in Europe that knows how to make money and spend money is colored in orange. This means that the machine could be in Germany in a telephone exchange.
  9. omsbon
    omsbon 21 July 2013 09: 26
    The impression is that the temporary structure is a barrack by the name of Obama, really a temporary watered. a figure that is drowning, but clinging with all its strength to the side of a large star-striped boat without noticing that there is a huge hole in it.
    1. Hudo
      Hudo 21 July 2013 10: 23
      ++++ Andrey, the impression is that everything happens almost like on the "TITANIC" - the orchestra on the deck plays bravura melodies, the audience walks along the promenade decks, but unlike the Titanic, somewhere in the shadow of the deck superstructures, the inhabitants of the VIP cabins, having previously cheated all those present in the casino and collecting funds from a charity lottery, they quietly launch life-saving boats only for the elite.
      1. omsbon
        omsbon 21 July 2013 21: 06
        Hi Gleb!
        Someone should pick up and put the boats with the "chosen ones" on the ship, which will reach the berth, but the question is, who will pick it up?
  10. Grenz
    Grenz 21 July 2013 10: 31
    Everything is correct in comments. Everyone by +
    What should we do?
    Derbanyat America. Or maybe we can withdraw our deposits from there and invest in BRICS, creating a new currency (By the way, Gaddafi suffered precisely because he wanted to introduce a gold dinar instead of the dollar).
    But now the Americans are offering it. And we will mimic them - we will introduce, for example, RUYAN as a currency. They have something more than half there, and we have more than half of the world’s population (moreover, they are capable of giving birth, loving, and working. Not a NYAMNYAM society).
    May we keep a reasonable civilization !!!
    1. Basil123
      Basil123 21 July 2013 13: 59
      Duc, and so we deduce)))))))))))) remember they started spending some other projects on bureaucrats banned deposits from bureaucrats) so that babosy take out under different pretexts you just can’t pick them up carefully so that the market isn’t disturbed and snowden is profitable most of all Russia, if you don’t tell if he is our project .................. then Putin respect
  11. 0255
    0255 21 July 2013 10: 45
    And before Snowden, it was clear that the US special services and not only monitor everyone through GPS, mobile phones, listen in on conversations and read correspondence. Review at least the American "Zeitgeist" of 2008. Snowden only talked about the obvious as an employee of a CIA contractor, and everyone presents him as a hero of truth.
    And the collapse of the United States has also been promised to us since 2007-2008, unfortunately, it never happened. How many have written about the secret alliance between Mexico, Canada and the United States, about their new currency "Amero", which still will not change the dollar - and the dollar is still "in use."
    And, I think, the EU will still remain a puppet in the hands of the United States, regardless of its president. Germany wants to leave the American zone of influence - it will repeat the fate of Libya, Yugoslavia, Iraq. NATO will destroy Germany and say that there is no democracy there, and this despite the absence of oil in it.
  12. Diviz
    Diviz 21 July 2013 11: 36
    Amers need to show Kuzkin mother. but do not forget about the people.
  13. Volodya Sibiryak
    Volodya Sibiryak 21 July 2013 12: 31
    Poultices will not help the dead, and just like that nobody will be able to get rid of their debts, Hitler also dreamed of a new miracle weapon at the end of the war, we all know how it ended ...
  14. Naval
    Naval 21 July 2013 12: 38
    Thus, there will be a trade and economic consolidation of the countries of the “golden billion”, which will inevitably complicate the economic development opportunities of all the “external” countries for the “billionaires” - China, Russia, and other “rising” countries in economic terms.
    I don’t know about Russia, but I doubt very much how mattress mats can do without China. Almost all consumer goods production of mattress covers in China is located. In America's largest hypermarket VOLMART, I myself tried to find at least one thing not of Chinese origin. All in vain, everywhere made in China.
  15. georg737577
    georg737577 21 July 2013 14: 14
    I am sure that other countries are also watching everyone - including Russia. In this sense, America is no exception, the principle "not caught - not a thief ..." just works. The conclusion should be drawn by the users of electronic communications. And a law should be passed long ago (globally) on the legal invalidity of any information obtained using digital technologies. Many will say - an overkill, but I believe that the issue should be addressed in this way. In the era of the triumph of the new slave system, I do not want it.
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. My address
    My address 21 July 2013 15: 20
    I almost fell asleep. It is good that the author did not prove that two and two are four.
    1. My address
      My address 21 July 2013 15: 38
      Minus creation read this opus? Opus in the worst sense. Or creation and nasobachilo? It is necessary to write briefly, but fully. So much minus.
  18. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 21 July 2013 16: 07
    Dreams Dreams where your sweet dreams have gone left ....! And you want and prick, but the BRICS will not allow them. Enough ate: right now they will all forgive debts and go to a new world waste paper, no, gentlemen scams, first pay off your old debts and we’ll think about it. Now we can clearly see what bone in the throat of Anglo-Saxons is the BRICS and the SCO.
  19. Terner38
    Terner38 21 July 2013 17: 04
    Quote: 1304
    A stanchok for the production of a new currency would have appeared only in the United States.

    It is not necessary at all. The station can be anywhere. It is important to whom it belongs personally. And at the moment, the USA is only the location of this machine with appropriate security. it simply "made a fortune" in the material sense a certain number of inhabitants of this country, maybe even far from rich. But from the point of view of their complete mental and spiritual degradation, I would not call it "fortune"
  20. MIKHAN
    MIKHAN 21 July 2013 17: 16
    Amer rose from the crisis at the expense of the Second World War .. Now they again have a political and economic crisis .. I think they will unleash a third (which is happening in the Middle East) only they need to bleed Russia and China .. And again, Lend-Lease .. debt relief .. Provocations will .. the camera is clearly preparing something .. quieted something ..
  21. poquello
    poquello 21 July 2013 18: 46
    "So whether Obama should be the" lord of the two rings "or not - that's what the Hamlet question is today!"

    Nifiga did not understand how these rings fit in the world box.
  22. angarchanin
    angarchanin 21 July 2013 19: 32
    One person (and his services) could have done such a "multi-move", and we know this person!
  23. individual
    individual 21 July 2013 19: 55
    Another US gamble is doomed to failure.
    Their strategic initiative strongly smells of Reagan's utopia, which is widespread on the markets of the waters of two world oceans.
    This will lead to even greater rapprochement of Russia, China, Brazil with Latin America and the rest of the world dissatisfied with the United States.
    The influence of Russia, China and the BRICS countries encompasses the financial interests of the market in the waters of all oceans.
    Nobody wants and will not allow a big nuclear war, but this is a game of "soldiers".