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Earlier than shot


The sniper, of course, is the most terrible of enemies, because he can kill at a great distance. Existing methods of protection from snipers depend on the type or sound of the first shot, that is, they work at the moment when it may be too late. But now there is a new device that uses the "red eye" and extends it to hundreds of meters.

It can recognize the presence of binoculars, a telescopic sight, a camera, or even a pair of eyes that closely look at you. This means that this is the first car that will warn you day and night that you have been examined or picked up before the shot is heard.

Earlier than shot

This is how a surveillance camera looks like.

CS300K ™, a long-range anti-tracking camera, is the brainchild of JETprotect, a company that manufactures high-tech surveillance equipment. Surely this device will be a suitable addition to the protection system for those who pay a lot of money to trained security guards looking at monitors of CCTV systems.

“The new technology combines a unique wavelength GigE Vision camera and a digitally controlled Class IIIb laser backlight unit designed for night operations,” said Gregory Johnston, CTO of JETprotect. “When we combined them with surDET ™, an automatic detection program, a system appeared around the clock to protect against snoopers and automatically notify about the event and fix it.”

“The combination of CS300K ™ and surDET ™ warns the target of a threat before the first shot is fired. The system is engaged in a continuous search for those who look through binoculars or a telescopic sight, ”added Johnston.

Chuck Scicfers, director of business development, said that the initial market for the new system will be the military, as well as security companies that protect important people, such as diplomats or other people who may be at risk. “We believe that a new product can be a valuable addition to the protection programs that these companies offer to their customers,” said Schiefers.
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  1. pavlo
    pavlo 20 January 2011 17: 54
    as far as I remember, such technology was first demonstrated by the students of Buumanka about a year ago — really, as usual, the development was not needed for the Ministry of Defense — and now this business will again be bought from abroad?
  2. fantast
    fantast 21 January 2011 03: 02
    The Ministry of Defense in Glove with Serdyukov does not pay attention to these developments, but the uniform is of a lower quality and not practical - we can easily do it, we can also refuse the "Kalash" in favor of foreign machines :-(
  3. Honory
    Honory 8 September 2012 16: 36
    A very necessary thing. How many children in Chechnya would have survived.