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In the US, a rocket with Russian engines is being prepared for the second launch

The second flight of the American launch vehicle "Antares" with Samara "lunar" engines is scheduled for September 2013. This was announced by the Governor of the Samara Region Nikolay Merkushkin following a meeting with the leadership of the American corporations Orbital Sciences and Aerojet, the United Engine Corporation and OAO Kuznetsov.

Rocket middle class Antares. Source: NASA. High resolution photo

The meeting discussed issues of long-term cooperation in the framework of promising projects of the Samara aerospace cluster, including the project to restore mass production of the NK-33 engine. It was developed for the “1” launch vehicle, which was supposed to deliver Soviet astronauts to the moon, however, in the 1974, the project was discontinued. Two modified NK-33 / AJ26 engines are used in the first stage developed in the United States under the contract with NASA Antares launch vehicle, the first launch of which took place on 22 April 2013. NK-33 engines are modified for use on the carrier by Aerojet Corporation. Technical support for engine adaptation is provided by specialists from the Kuznetsov enterprise in Samara. It has a preliminary contract for the delivery in the US of 50 NK-33 engines.

“In recent years, positive changes have taken place at the enterprise. In the coming 3-4 of the year, about 7 billion rubles will be allocated to modernize the production of OAO Kuznetsov. The plant's products are in demand from Gazprom, Russian Railways, and the enterprises of the rocket and space industry. For further development, we need cooperation with US enterprises in the industry. Now there are all conditions for the resumption of mass production of NK-33 engines, ”the governor emphasized.

In the US, a rocket with Russian engines is being prepared for the second launch

NK-33 / NK-43. Development - OJSC SNTK named after N. D. Kuznetsov. Serial production - Motorostroitel OJSC. Source: United Engine Corporation

Michael Anthony Hamel, Senior Vice President for Strategy and Development of Orbital Science Corporation, praised the products of the Samara enterprise. “It is noteworthy that the engine was created during the rivalry between the USSR and the USA, and now we are equal partners in commercial flights to the International Space Station. OAO Kuznetsov has a high potential and, I believe, in the near future, we will resume mass production of NK-33, ”said Hamel.

According to the head of the region, the regional authorities will assist in attracting young professionals to the enterprise. A number of programs will be developed for this. “For the Samara region, the implementation of a joint Russian-American program for the serial production of NK-33 engines is extremely important. I am sure that she will be successful, ”concluded Nikolai Merkushkin.
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  1. experienced
    experienced 19 July 2013 09: 43
    So they have not had their own for a long time ... It's amazing how they flew to the moon, but I won’t be sad, let them fly on our engines.
    Yesterday, the news struck that Russia was planning to build its station in orbit with a spacecraft service and refueling center, and were preparing to explore the planets? wink
    The Energia rocket and space corporation has begun work on creating an orbital base for maintenance and refueling of spacecraft, said Vladimir Soloviev, flight director of the ISS Russian segment.

    “Such bases, in addition to the research task, should have service and testing functionality,” Soloviev said, ITAR-TASS reports.

    Soloviev stressed that various spacecraft will be tested at the base under construction.

    “It should be a base on which deep spacecraft could be manned, including testing, tuning, refueling, sending to the Moon and Mars”He said.

    “Work (in this direction) is underway, we are not closing only to the ISS,” said Soloviev. "When we go to the Moon, to Mars, we also need to create certain bases there"He added.
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 19 July 2013 09: 51
      Quote: Nikolai Merkushkin
      the serial production program for the NK-33 engines is extremely important.

      You tell me Merkushin for whom it is important. The fact is that most of the money from the sale of the NK-33 remains with the same United States, because a special intermediary company was created that has as it wants our engine manufacturer and our budget with taxes
      1. White
        White 19 July 2013 10: 11
        What are you writing about? The topic of NK-33 has already been discussed here - these engines are not produced and will not be produced. That's what knowledgeable people answered me then -
        AJ-26 is a modification of the NK-33 engine developed by Aerojet and licensed in the USA for use on American launch vehicles (including Antares), created by removing some equipment from the original NK-33 (out of 37 copies purchased from SNTK them . N. D. Kuznetsova), adding American electronics, adapting the engine to the fuel produced in the USA, as well as equipping it with a universal joint for controlling the thrust vector (similar to NK-33-1)

        It's a shame that they sold the license, now they will do it themselves and pay nothing for the use of our technologies .. Actually, for all the developments of that time, instead of selling the equipment itself and providing work for our population, we sell technologies, and a one-time income from this flows abroad with the sellers themselves ..
    2. Retx
      Retx 19 July 2013 10: 10
      Quote: seasoned
      So they have not had their own for a long time

      Prosral all polymers (s)
      Quote: seasoned
      getting ready for planet exploration

      planets are better mastered than budget money recourse
      1. Orchestrarant
        Orchestrarant 19 July 2013 14: 23
        And then the darkest hand had a hand, again the NKVD, the KGB, the FSB ............. laughing
    3. experienced
      experienced 19 July 2013 10: 11
      Who cares about OJSC "Kuznetsov"
    4. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 19 July 2013 13: 06
      Quote: seasoned
      So they don’t have their own for a long time ... It's amazing how they flew to the moon, but I won’t

      And they say they won the cold war laughing ... I wonder how the country that lost the technology of building rocket engines could win something laughing

      Quote: seasoned
      Yesterday, the news struck that Russia was planning to build its station in orbit with a spacecraft service and refueling center, and were preparing to explore the planets?

      Are going. Did they build it? If they build it will be very cool. It’s not only the exploration of outer space, it’s also production in orbit, but it’s already a road to the future. Whoever first builds industry in orbit will eventually live on Earth.
      1. Orchestrarant
        Orchestrarant 19 July 2013 14: 27
        If yes, if only, but I, only FOR! drinks
  2. Vlad_Mir
    Vlad_Mir 19 July 2013 09: 46
    How many years have passed, and still fly!
      GELEZNII_KAPUT 19 July 2013 13: 35
      Well they are eternal)))
  3. Black Colonel
    Black Colonel 19 July 2013 09: 58
    "Still, they knew how to do good things in the 14th year!" - said one of the old women after the explosion at the construction quarry of a grenade stretching from the 1st World War. (x / f "Vendetta in Corsican")
  4. Grigorich 1962
    Grigorich 1962 19 July 2013 10: 04
    interesting for a long time we will use the potential inherent in Soviet time
    1. Dusk
      Dusk 19 July 2013 10: 13
      Always amazed at such comments.
      Do you propose to burn everything and from scratch to re-explore, design, construct everything ???
  5. pa_nik
    pa_nik 19 July 2013 10: 06
    Apparently, amers know something, since without a twinge of conscience our carriers use repeat And once again there is doubt about the fall of "Proton-M" recourse
  6. Larus
    Larus 19 July 2013 10: 22
    Where are the vaunted sky lunar engines))))))
    1. viktorR
      viktorR 19 July 2013 15: 35
      Nice engineer John Smith mistakenly wrapped them in them, and then accidentally lost them ... In general, they had a good f-1 engine, sort of like a rocket flying to the moon, but somewhere gone ... and ours are on n-1 for some reason they turned out to be more viable ...
    2. trader371
      trader371 20 July 2013 11: 31
      f-1 is the national treasure of the USA, you can’t fly at them, just watch (in the museum)))))
  7. Fire
    Fire 19 July 2013 13: 01
    It would be nice to sell oil and gas abroad, but such technologies go overseas .... sad
    I immediately recall the words of Pavel Artemyevich Vereshchagin from the movie "White Sun of the Desert": "I'm sorry for the state!"
  8. alex0000
    alex0000 19 July 2013 13: 19
    Case angular velocity sensors are not needed? With correctly drawn arrows, cheaper.
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 19 July 2013 18: 45
      Quote: alex0000
      Case angular velocity sensors are not needed? With correctly drawn arrows, cheaper.

      Angular velocity sensor based on the rotary vibration gyro DUSRVG

      In general, several US sensors are installed on float gyroscopes of the second generation (6 pcs on the Proton)
      Such products are called a block of damping gyroscopes, or in abbreviated form - BDG.
      Here's something like this

      The third generation includes devices created on new physical principles - laser, dynamically tuned, oscillatory and so on.

      Ring laser gyroscope produced by the Ukrainian Arsenal plant in one of the pavilions of the MAKS-2011 air show. The resonator has the shape of a square. At its center is a vibro-suspension.

  9. okosl
    okosl 19 July 2013 13: 49
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