Forward into space

Forward into spaceMastering the infinite expanses of the universe has always been considered prestigious for the leading countries of the world. In the struggle for laurels in space exploration, the United States, the European Union, China and Russia are competing.

Russia plans to execute about ten launches of space rockets in the first quarter of the 2011 of the year, Interfax was told in the rocket and space industry. "Five launches are planned to be carried out from the Baikonur cosmodrome leased by Russia from Kazakhstan, four launches from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in the Arkhangelsk region and one launch from the position area of ​​the Dombarovsk missile division of the Strategic Missile Forces in the Orenburg region"

According to him, two space launches will be held from Baikonur in January. On January 20, the Zenit-2SБ booster c with the new Fregat-SB upper stage should launch the latest geostationary hydrometeorological spacecraft Electro-L, and on January 28, the Soyuz-U launch vehicle will launch to the International Space stations of the cargo ship Progress M-09M, the industry representative added.

He said that in early February, the Rokot conversion booster rocket with the Breeze-KM upper stage would launch a new geodetic satellite Geo-IK-2 from Plesetsk. “On 15 February, the Soyuz 2-1B launch vehicle with the Fregat upper stage and Glonass-K navigation spacecraft is planned to launch from the northern cosmodrome. In addition, in advance, in the middle of February, the Dnepr conversion missile “It starts from the Orenburg region with seven satellites, the main of which is the Ukrainian Sich-2,” the source said. According to him, four to five launches will be carried out in March, three of them, from Baikonur and one or two, from Plesetsk "19 March Soyuz-FG carrier rocket with the Fregat upper stage It has five satellites from Baikonur, including the Russian satellite Kanopus-V and the Belarusian spacecraft, ”the agency quotes him.

According to the source, the Soyuz-FG launch vehicle will send a manned Soyuz TMA-30 spacecraft with three astronauts to the ISS on 21 in March, and the Proton-M launch vehicle with the Briz-M upper stage will launch the next day American telecommunications satellite SES-3 and Kazakhstan communications device KazSat-2. "At the end of March, the launch of the Rokot carrier rocket with the Briz-KM accelerating unit and three satellites, two of which are connected messengers-M, are scheduled from Plesetsk. In addition, Roskosmos earlier announced an urgent launch of the Glonass satellite for March -M ", but not the fact that it will take place this month," said the industry representative.

Recall that the December 5 launch from the Baikonur cosmodrome lost three satellites of the Russian Glonass orbital navigation system. Damage, according to various estimates, could amount to hundreds of millions of dollars. The cause of the loss was an error when pouring fuel into the upper stage of the Proton rocket - the rate was exceeded by 1,5-2 tons. As the interdepartmental commission for the investigation of the accident found out, the wrong formula was written in the technical documentation for the gas station.