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Afghan operation as a triumph of American democracy

Next year, the US contingent will leave Afghanistan. The withdrawal operation is quite expensive. It will cost the White House, or rather the American people, 80 billion dollars. Moreover, military equipment will be used for scrap metal, which the commanders consider risky to leave the Afghan security forces. The fate of "recycled materials" expects almost two thousand cars worth 7 billion dollars. The total US expenditure on operations in Afghanistan amounted to 800 billions of dollars.

As Andrei Veselov points out (Russian Reporter), the US spent 640 billion on fighting and security in Afghanistan. This is the amount spent on the maintenance of the ninety-thousandth group of American troops and equipment in the ISAF, as well as those thirty thousand soldiers that are not included in the ISAF. This includes American tranches to NATO allies and payments to the Afghan Northern Alliance during the first stage of hostilities.

55 billion dollars was spent on arming and training the Afghan army. The backbone of the Afghan National Army consisted of Northern Alliance fighters who fought with the Taliban.

Expenditures on the new administration of Afghanistan amounted to 20 billion dollars. Recently it turned out, the journalist points out that Hamid Karzai’s personal office was also receiving money through secret CIA channels.

110 billion dollars was spent on infrastructure projects in the country. This includes, for example, assistance in the construction of railways. However, July 30 2012 in the US Congress heard the report of the inspector for Afghanistan, John Sopko. This comrade stated that there is no control over the quality of construction financed by Americans in Afghanistan.

Americans spent money on the fight against drug trafficking (25 billion dollars). In the middle of 2012, the Afghan Drug Police, the US Drug Enforcement Administration, and the Russian Federal Drug Control Service conducted an operation to destroy the network of drug laboratories in the north of Afghanistan. However, Moscow accuses Americans of failing to stop drug trafficking from Afghanistan to Europe through Russia.

In a report by Sergey Duzya ("Voice of Russia") cites the opinion of the director of the Center for Socio-Political Studies, Vladimir Yevseyev, who highlighted the problem of utilization of military equipment and equipment brought to Afghanistan by the Americans. The analyst said that several options were being considered for what to do with the American weapons. The option of transferring heavy weapons to the Afghan military has not been considered: there is a danger of a part of the military moving to the side of the Taliban. The possibility of transferring arms to Pakistan was considered. However, in this case Washington would have aggravated relations with Kabul. The option of transferring weapons to certain states of Central Asia was also considered (it was about Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and to some extent Turkmenistan). But the maintenance of weapons requires large financial resources, so weapons will not be transferred to post-Soviet countries in significant quantities, the expert said.

Therefore, the only option - scrap metal.

About two thousand combat vehicles with mine and ambush protection will go for scrap. By the end of 2014, the US military was “utilizing” 7 billions of equipment in this way.

Afghan operation as a triumph of American democracy

55's spending of billions of dollars in arming and training the Afghan army to Nikita Mendkovich, an expert at the Center for the Study of Modern Afghanistan, seems to be effective. The analyst says:

“I can not call these expenses ineffective. Because in Afghanistan, power structures with a total of about 12 thousand people have been created in Afghanistan from almost nothing over the past 300 years. Of course, they are not equal in quality to the American army. But, on the other hand, they do not need to fight the US Army. They need to confront the terrorists. I hope that they will somehow cope with this task. ”

However, if one asses the scale of Afghan corruption, it becomes clear that there are “dead souls” all around, and there are plenty of Chichikovs around.

According to The New York Times, no more than 120 thousand people serve in the Afghan army. The rest is listed in order to "master" their salary.

As for the stability of power in present-day Afghanistan, Vladimir Yevseyev spoke on this subject:

“The country is essentially fragmented. I do not really understand how with the help of money in this situation one can strengthen the clan power of Hamid Karzai, taking into account corruption, proximity to the control of drug trafficking. The problem here is that the current government in Afghanistan is not sustainable. She is illegitimate. This is how the Afghans themselves regard it. Under certain conditions, Karzai will not be replaced by American henchmen. This could lead to a split of the state and the beginning of a full-scale civil war. ”

It would be nice to know what he thinks about the outcome of the Afghan operation, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, NATO Secretary General. You can find out from an interview recently taken from Mr. Rasmussen by correspondents. ITAR-TASS Denis Dubrovin and Tatyana Kolomasova in Brussels. The General Secretary, it should be noted, reports quite cheerfully. And what to shade? If there is no victory in deed, it is necessary to portray it in words. In the end, the main current weapon is propaganda. Encourage the people that the United States won, and they will begin to believe in this victory.

Journalists asked Rasmussen to compare the Soviet operation in Afghanistan with the American one. The Secretary General instantly found the difference:

“The difference is quite obvious. First of all, we created very strong Afghan security forces, whose numbers reached 350 of thousands of military and police officers. We are training them, equipping them, which will allow them to fully take responsibility for ensuring security in Afghanistan by the end of 2014. This is the key difference. We will not leave behind a security vacuum, we will provide Afghans with every opportunity to ensure their own security.

I should add that the second key difference is that we acted and are acting in Afghanistan on the basis of the UN mandate and at the invitation of the Afghan government. Soviet troops had no UN mandate. ”

2014-2015 years will show, add from themselves, 350 thousands serve in these forces, or 120. Or no one.

As for the drug problem, then, according to Rasmussen, “this is a very serious challenge,” but it’s important here “to provide Afghans with the opportunity to independently ensure their security and their future. The task of combating drugs in this country is the task of the government of Afghanistan. ” Rasmussen doesn’t find a solution to simply destroy poppy crops.

A very logical point, it should be noted. Why destroy something that not only the United States and NATO do not struggle with, but also on what time they have to profit?

Rasmussen is also confident that Afghans will be able to "introduce more profitable crops."

Corn, I guess. Khrushchev them in the example.

The secretary general shows idealism in relation to the Taliban. According to him, "it is necessary to give a chance to the political process." He admits that the Taliban can fulfill all the conditions: to support the Constitution of Afghanistan, to respect the rights of women, to break ties with terrorist groups, etc.

Right Yeltsin flippers, not the Taliban ...

According to ITAR-TASS, the number of ISAF today is about 100 thousand people. Their output should be completed by the end of 2014. These forces will be replaced by the international non-combat mission of instructors and advisers (number up to 14 thousand people), providing support to the Afghan forces.

The withdrawal of Soviet troops from the DRA ended in 1989. The Najibullah regime lasted until March 1992. Najibullah was killed in the 1996 year - after the Taliban captured Kabul.

There are predictions in the media that Mr. Karzai would not have lasted as long as Najibulla had lasted. However, the elections in Afghanistan are scheduled for 2014 year, and they will be held before the withdrawal of ISAF troops.

Negotiations with the Taliban, which the United States is ready to hold and which Karzai is very nervous about, as well as the very likely statements of the Taliban members about their choice of the path of democracy and refusal of Sharia aspirations and medieval ideology may turn out to be the carpet that the White House will spread to militants on the way to power. What for? And in order for the entire world community and in particular the American people, the defeat in Afghanistan seemed like a victory. Look, they say: the Taliban are not just defeated in an antiterrorist operation, but ideologically struck and have become tame animals. For the sake of such a triumph of democracy, it is not a pity eight hundred billion dollars!

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  1. Alexei
    Alexei 22 July 2013 07: 28 New
    The Secretary General is idealistic in relation to the Taliban. In his opinion, "it is necessary to give a chance to the political process."

    And who, in his opinion, will then go there to calm these Taliban? Well, you made money on drug trafficking, why should you crap in the end?
      GELEZNII_KAPUT 22 July 2013 14: 47 New
      Yes hi, they are fighting there, anyway, when the thread won the thread, how many of these puppies can sit on the throne ?! Let the strongest and most respected win, and he will not arrange jihad to neighboring states, but develop the country, this is his house, he wants to stay in power, who wants to lose what is blood and then earned t.s! And at the time of all unrest, to poison all these poppy plantations with all effective methods with the help of a coalition of countries interested in this! Like that! hi
      1. Rakti-kali
        Rakti-kali 22 July 2013 22: 13 New
        Quote: GELEZNII_KAPUT
        and he will not arrange jihad to neighboring states, but will develop the country, this is his house

        Quote: GELEZNII_KAPUT
        And at the time of all unrest, to poison all these poppy plantations with all effective methods with the help of a coalition of countries interested in this!

        Mutually exclusive clauses. Without poppy there is no money, without money there is no development, the result is jihad to neighboring states.
          GELEZNII_KAPUT 23 July 2013 08: 03 New
          How to fight when there is no money? The only option is if their Americans will sponsor, but that's another story.
  2. Turik
    Turik 22 July 2013 07: 50 New
    As I understand it, all after the Americans we ourselves have to rake:
    and drug trafficking, and the arms trade with people and, of course, terrorism.

    Well done Yankees, nothing to say! They fed and armed the Taliban on our heads.
    How many of our guys will die from heroin and hash? 50,70 thousand?

    I am only amusing myself with the thought that the bearded planes did not fly over, the benefit of high skyscrapers in America is enough .....
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco 22 July 2013 09: 38 New
      Quote: Turik
      As I understand it, all after the Americans we ourselves have to rake:

      Do not go to the grandmother, it will be so. Plus, they set fire to Central Asia, so to speak. Now, from behind the hillock, they will have nightmares, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan.
      1. KG_patriot_last
        KG_patriot_last 22 July 2013 19: 20 New
        In the history of the Earth there was no such stupid reason to invade the country on the other side of the globe, as the fight against terrorism in the mountains, after a geopolitical opponent ... The USSR then clearly went where the country was nearby and ethnically close.
        I think the point in all of this would be only to strengthen and renew and train or liquidate their old agents.

        These forces will be replaced by an international non-combat mission of instructors and advisers (numbering up to 14 thousand people), providing support to the Afghan forces.

        14000? 10% of the number? Yes, I do not believe that it will be non-combat people ... Or I'm waiting for new videos with the execution of these non-combat people ... How do they imagine it?
    2. APASUS
      APASUS 24 July 2013 12: 52 New
      Quote: Turik
      As I understand it, we will have to rake everything after the Americans: drug trafficking, the arms trade with people and, of course, terrorism.

      We still have to protect the border ourselves, of states such as Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. They are controlled by the clan — the tribal elites are not up to the border!
  3. serge-68-68
    serge-68-68 22 July 2013 07: 53 New
    Never has anyone succeeded in getting traditional society to jump over formations. Only the USSR solved this problem in Mongolia and its Asian republics. I think he would have solved this problem in Afghanistan as well, but the USA has prevented it. Now it's too late to try again. It is necessary to prepare for problems.
    1. Turik
      Turik 22 July 2013 21: 44 New
      Alas, I decided not to the end. In the Central Asian republics, everything fell into place almost immediately: its Bai, Pasha and Bash immediately divorced.

      As soon as the Soviet Union ordered a long life, everything returned to the Middle Ages: the plants were handed over to the colorimeter, the canals looked like irrigation ditches in 20 years, instead of first-class hydroelectric power stations and dams of national importance, water is now extracted there with wheels with cans.

      The only bright spot, in my opinion, is Kazakhstan. I was in Astana about 4 years ago - my honor to Nazarbayev to ward off SUCH in the desert, without having driven his people.
  4. sergo0000
    sergo0000 22 July 2013 08: 09 New
    Let's face it. After leaving NATO, Afghanistan will become our headache. US dividers have raped and not bad. The CIA and their apparatus are more likely. But now it's harder to hide it and it's time to close the shop!
    However, the peasants of Afghanistan, it will now be difficult to force them to abandon poppy cultivation and force them to grow cotton. Too different incomes and labor costs! For this we need a strong legitimate authority in the country and, accordingly, the desire of this government to comply with international standards. And the only strong players in the international arena, it’s Russia and China. China is unlikely to get to help Karzai, drugs don’t go there in such quantity as to Russia. They treat their drug addicts and traffickers with “white death” with lead “pills.” Therefore, this problem is not so acute there. In addition, there are so many people that even if half become drug addicts, the remaining population will be enough to protect the state normally. Therefore, this is mainly the problem of Russia.
    And they understand very well. So, our prospects are not the best. Much worse than they were under the USSR. We must establish ties with the republics of the SA and work together.
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco 22 July 2013 09: 44 New
      Quote: sergo0000
      Let's face it. After leaving NATO, Afghanistan will become our headache.

      Not in the eyebrow but in the eye !!!
    2. ed65b
      ed65b 22 July 2013 10: 56 New
      I do not agree with a headache. The golovnyak will be with the Uzbeks, Tajiks, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, well, and little with the Turkmen, but they will pay off. And we will have it if we don’t build normal borders and we will continue to continue shusi pusi with the customs union, and even pull the Kyrgyz and Tajiks there, then it’s just not just that the head will hurt, but will begin to explode directly from the pain.
      1. sergo0000
        sergo0000 22 July 2013 11: 15 New
        Quote: ed65b
        The golovnyak will be with the Uzbeks, Tajiks, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, well, and little with the Turkmen, but they will pay off. And we will have it if we don’t build normal borders and continue to keep pusi with the customs union

        You have too superficial judgment about this problem.
        And what about the Tajiks and the Kyrgyz (where there are five coups per year) are there any positive conditions !? negative
        1. ed65b
          ed65b 22 July 2013 12: 11 New
          It’s because there are no positive prerequisites and there will never be a need to strengthen borders and not protect young people by our boys.
          1. Beck
            Beck 23 July 2013 06: 24 New
            Well, where are those who shouted that the amers are specifically engaged in drug trafficking. According to the article, the United States spent $ 25 billion on the fight against drugs. And how much did Russia spend on strengthening its southern borders from the penetration of drugs?

            If the southern border functioned as it should, then let, along with Afghanistan and Pakistan with India, poppy be planted throughout its territory. Under normal Russian customs, this would be along the Big Side.
  5. Terrible ensign
    Terrible ensign 22 July 2013 08: 13 New
    Turik, welcome!
    It was with the advent of the Americans in Afghanistan that the flow of drugs began to increase in progression. When the Taliban were in power, the opium plantations were very much reduced and the flow was, let's say, much less ...
    As for the rest, we will see ...
    Passage with a hint of 11.09/XNUMX. - "haf" (incorrect sharpness - outdated. Russian. naval term).
    Serge 68-68, I agree with you, with the exception of words about late. While alive - it’s never too late, the main thing is to figure out how (how) to influence the situation ...
    But one must always be prepared for problems.
    1. Nayhas
      Nayhas 22 July 2013 08: 56 New
      You are clearly not aware of the topic, the mass flow of opium raw began just in the mid-90s, with the coming to power of the Taliban and growing before the Americans came, after that the flow was so reduced that a general retouch began. Then the market gradually recovered, but the price of poison increased fivefold.
      1. Sirocco
        Sirocco 22 July 2013 09: 49 New
        You follow this link. Very interesting. Here briefly.
        Over the past decade, Afghanistan has become the world's largest drug state, producing 95% (!) Of opium in the world. [I] In 2011, 130 thousand hectares of Afghan fields were sown with poppy seeds. The opium crop in Afghanistan grew by 2011% in 61. [ii] The annual revenues from the Afghan drug business are tens, if not hundreds, of billions of dollars.

        NATO. Over the past 10 years, it is precisely in the presence of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in the country, which have been under NATO command for some time (more on this below), over one million people have died from drugs produced in Afghanistan around the world.

        Since the introduction of the international military contingent in Afghanistan, the volume of opium harvest has grown several times. According to the Russian state drug control agency, 549 tons (!) Of Afghan drugs in opium equivalent come to Russia in a year, and 711 tons to the EU countries. [Iii]
        1. Nayhas
          Nayhas 22 July 2013 10: 19 New
          And what am I reading interesting there? All of my acquaintances who became drug addicts began to be poisoned in the period from 1996-1998, when the Americans did not smell in Afghanistan and the Taliban were in power by 1999. the addiction acquired a gigantic scale, even schoolchildren were poisoned, the "hunk stick" cost only 20 rubles ... When the Americans kicked the Taliban out of the hunk flow, the addicts were shocked and cursed the Americans.
          Quote: Sirocco
          Since the introduction of the international military contingent in Afghanistan, the volume of the opium crop has grown several times. According to the Russian state drug control agency, 549 tons (!) Of Afghan drugs in opium equivalent come to Russia in a year, and 711 tons to the EU countries

          This is all done with a pitchfork, the amount of fertile land in Afghanistan is not infinite, in addition to poppy, you also need to plant bread and graze cattle, you won’t be full of poppy seeds. In addition, the yield of poppy is a stable thing, it is impossible to increase it at the same sowing area at times.
          But the statement of the Federal Drug Control Service about the amount of imported drugs is very interesting, either a figure made up, or the supply of poison to Russia are under their control.
          PS: Afghan heroin and opium is already yesterday, drug addicts have long switched to Chinese synthetic drugs which, according to the same FSKN, are produced at industrial enterprises, they do not fall into the FSKN register of narcotic drugs, they are much cheaper than heroin, and now their release is real can be increased at times, because no dependence on the number of sown areas, the effects of weather on productivity ...
          1. Mikhail3
            Mikhail3 22 July 2013 12: 46 New
            First, drugs have been grown and sold in Afghanistan for a bit longer than since the 90 years. Some two to three thousand years longer. Secondly, you made an absolutely correct observation. Let's apply another analysis to it. Illiterate Afghans actually traded in raw - that same hank. How could high-tech Americans have suffered this! They instantly crushed the supply channels of the samopal and introduced the product of deep processing - heroin. It costs so much more! Yes, and as a goal, your friends, co-sponsored to lay out 20-40 rubles, did not interest them at all. They burn out the brains of those who are richer; first of all, those who are able to shell out money for training should be killed. That's like that
            1. Nayhas
              Nayhas 22 July 2013 16: 58 New
              You want to say that stupid Afghans did not understand that making heroin can increase sales by improving the logistics component and smart Americans taught them? Nonsense, the issue was the supply of precursors necessary for the manufacture of heroin. By the way, acetic anhydride (commonly used as "sour") necessary for the production of heroin is produced only by Russia and China ...
      2. ed65b
        ed65b 22 July 2013 11: 01 New
        Not true. the flow of gerych under the Taliban was reduced there for this shot. the hero was a northern alliance trader. From there he penetrated through Tajikistan and penetrated. After the introduction of troops, he began to increase as well as the movement of the bourgeois. which the Russian Federation so tried to ban at the international level, but the international heroin lobby did not allow it.
        1. Nayhas
          Nayhas 22 July 2013 11: 19 New
          Quote: ed65b
          Not true. the flow of gerych under the Taliban was reduced there for this shot.

          The flow of raw opium (heroin was then rare) went to Russia in about 1996, at least in 1996. I met the first opiate addicts, they were still few, by 1999 there were already thousands of them. I don’t know who the Taliban were cutting, but the hunks were heaps and it cost a penny.
          1. nov_tech.vrn
            nov_tech.vrn 22 July 2013 11: 50 New
            at one time there was a fight, but not for long, now they won’t think anything that destroys the unfaithful is good, a conclusion has already been made, before they fought to undermine the finances of the field commanders of the Northern Alliance.
          2. ed65b
            ed65b 22 July 2013 12: 16 New
            All this time I was not far from the border and I remember the civilian in Tajikistan, the border there and in Uzbekistan. I can make comparisons and conclusions. For a bag of Hera dragged across the river, the mule received 15 bucks at home or a bullet from the border guards.
          3. builder
            builder 22 July 2013 19: 56 New
            Until 2000, the Taliban encouraged the production of opium and issued an Islamic edict calling on peasants to increase opium plantings; the Taliban taxed opium cultivation income by a 20% tax. For example, opium production increased in Kandahar under the Taliban rule in one year from 79 tons in 1995 to 120 tons in 1996. The Taliban policy included direct and indirect incentives to expand opium production (see Michael K. Steinberg, "Dangerous harvest" , pp. 69-70, Oxford University Press, 2004). The fundamental Taliban view of opium cultivation is expressed by Abdul Rashid, head of the Taliban drug control department in Kandahar: “We strictly forbid hash cultivation because it is used by Afghans and Muslims. But opium cultivation is allowed because it is used by infidels in the West, not Muslims. and Afghans. " (Ahmed Rashid, "Taliban," Yale University Press, 2000, pp. 118-119).

            Taliban opium production grew, and the 1999 opium crop was a record - 4600 metric tons. For many Taliban years, opium production in Afghanistan exceeded global demand, leading to lower prices for heroin and morphine in the West and lowering the profitability of drug traffickers in Europe, which allegedly required producers (i.e. the Taliban) to cut production.

            For the 1990s The Taliban also amassed colossal opium reserves from the Taliban’s overproduction. These reserves constitute the de facto analogue of the Taliban’s “gold and foreign exchange reserve”. According to the assumptions made, the Taliban went to the ban on opium production in 2000 also in order to increase the market price of their drug stocks.
  6. Ivan79
    Ivan79 22 July 2013 08: 18 New
    The difference is completely obvious. First of all, we created a very strong Afghan security force ...

    Have they built at least one school or kindergarten in Afghanistan?
    1. Prometey
      Prometey 22 July 2013 08: 25 New
      Quote: Ivan79
      Have they built at least one school or kindergarten in Afghanistan?

      Why do medieval obscurantists need schools, if 50% of the country are drug addicts, and the rest - except for weapons, did not hold anything else in their hands.
      1. Kasym
        Kasym 22 July 2013 21: 55 New
        Kazakhstan undertook to educate the youth of Afghanistan in their universities.
        and build schools, roads .http: // hi
        Of course, this is not enough. But you have to start with something. We need to go there, only not with motor vehicles, but with shovels. And make them your allies. Shuravi is still remembered from the good side - factories, power plants, roads, etc. etc. . Afghanistan is neither a country poor in natural resources. And how much would not make money on it.
        And about drugs. Let’s arrange to transfer it to the USA and Europe - “for which we fought for it and ran into it”. Shyutka, of course. But seriously, the Taliban are also people, we’ll agree.
        In fact, in Islam: drug is dyrman, and therefore haram (ban). But due to jihad against Western intervention in Afghanistan, this ban was temporarily lifted.
        I think so.
    2. Mrgangster
      Mrgangster 22 July 2013 08: 25 New
      yes, they built them, but not all at once
      1. sergo0000
        sergo0000 22 July 2013 11: 30 New

        Listen to what the Afghans themselves think about this.
      2. stroporez
        stroporez 22 July 2013 14: 24 New
        when??? Where????? year of completion of the project pzhlst ..........
  7. Nayhas
    Nayhas 22 July 2013 09: 07 New
    "Rasmussen does not find a call to simply destroy the poppy crops." - the author is clearly not aware of what poppy is and how it grows. This pancake is not wheat to be taken care of ... Poppy is a weed that is hard to fight with. How does the author represent the destruction of "crops"? Every warrior will take a Lithuanian and go mow? Yes, in this place in a week he will grow again, and there are thousands of hectares of such fields. It is with us that the FSKN regularly reports on the destruction of hemp fields, people hawala, and knowledgeable people laugh at another noodle on their ears, because they know that hemp will grow back in this place very soon ...
    Fighting poppy crops is an absolutely useless task, the only option is to completely poison or burn out the entire fertile layer of the earth, but after that nothing will grow there at all, but the Americans didn’t make such a radical option believing that the world community will immediately remind them of Vietnam, and Karzai’s government will certainly bill for the destruction of fertile land ...
    1. sergo0000
      sergo0000 22 July 2013 12: 08 New
      Quote: Nayhas
      Fighting poppy crops is an absolutely useless task, the only option is to completely poison or burn out the entire fertile layer of the earth, but after that nothing will grow there at all, but the Americans didn’t make such a radical option believing that the world community will immediately remind them of Vietnam, and the Karzai government will certainly bill for the destruction of fertile land.

      That's right!
      And therefore Russia, or even the whole post-Soviet space, in the name of the future of their children, will be very actively involved in a very difficult job. And for this we need not borders with dogs and machine guns, but just a union like the USSR. And this is not!
      Russia simply cannot physically manage to put a checkpoint and a traffic control point on every kilometer of a mountain range or huge steppes of Kazakhstan.
    2. Black
      Black 22 July 2013 15: 48 New
      Quote: Nayhas
      The fight against poppy crops is absolutely useless

      This is not entirely true. There are herbicides, "cortes" for example.
      The Americans did not even think of fighting poppy fields.
      Quote: Nayhas
      the world community will immediately remind them of Vietnam

      They bomb the BDB in the lung. When did the states fear global public opinion?
    3. _denn
      _denn 23 July 2013 12: 56 New
      The author apparently never saw a poppy. Poppy is a tender enough plant and before making statements
      This pancake is not wheat to be taken care of ... Poppy is a weed that is hard to fight with. How does the author represent the destruction of "crops"? Every warrior will take a Lithuanian and go mow?
      at least google if there is no personal experience. In our area, back in the 70s, thousands of hectares of fields were sprayed from helicopters and no problems were seen in this.
      The fight against poppy crops is absolutely useless, the only option is to completely poison or burn out the entire fertile layer of the earth, but after that nothing will grow there at all
      For example, there is such a wonderful remedy: Roundup herbicide (analogues - Alaz, Zero, Glysol, Tornado) - a universal remedy for controlling any weeds.

      Roundup is widely used in all countries of the world. The popularity of this herbicide is due to the fact that:

      Roundup completely destroys annual and perennial, cereal and dicotyledonous weeds, including their ground and underground parts. Roundup is one of the safest herbicides in the world. When used correctly, there is no danger to humans and the environment. The conclusion is simple: definitely were not going to fight drug trafficking. As for hemp, I agree - an almost indestructible plant.
  8. waisson
    waisson 22 July 2013 09: 16 New
    there is a feeling that they were not there to establish democracy, but to destabilize the situation in the region, given the weapon turned a blind eye to narcotics, and all this is coming to us as soon as it comes and may soon flood
  9. smart ass
    smart ass 22 July 2013 09: 18 New
    Why count the money amers! Guys stop doing it !!! THEY PRINT THEM !!! They're generally fucking spending !!
  10. leon-iv
    leon-iv 22 July 2013 09: 34 New
    Amer will leave and PMCs will remain
    And again in Tajikistan we have to patrol the border ((((
    1. omsbon
      omsbon 22 July 2013 11: 16 New
      Quote: leon-iv
      And again in Tajikistan we have to patrol the border ((((

      To again shoot the Tajik "brothers" in the back, to hell with both hands, to defend only their borders!
      1. alicante11
        alicante11 22 July 2013 15: 40 New
        Better to fight in a foreign territory. And a little blood.
        1. asadov
          asadov 22 July 2013 16: 28 New
          it is not regrettable, but these Central Asian "brothers" will have to be defended. There will be the first line of defense of our country from Afghan shit.
  11. darksoul
    darksoul 22 July 2013 09: 47 New
    The Yankees have fulfilled their task, creating hotbeds of tension near us ..... in hedgehogs we need to take the directions in which drugs in particular can go to us .... to consume completely, I would completely close these areas .... .. guest workers to jo ... py, and drugs too ... two birds with one stone, so to speak
    1. Black Colonel
      Black Colonel 22 July 2013 15: 02 New
      And strengthen punitive measures against drug dealers.
  12. knn54
    knn54 22 July 2013 09: 57 New
    Viktor Ivanov, head of the Russian Federal Drug Control Service, summed up NATO activities in Afghanistan: “I would name three main results.
    -First is a phenomenal increase in drug production, more than 40 times,
    the second is the militarization of the region ...
    “Well, the third outcome is a humanitarian catastrophe, political instability, and expanded REPRODUCTION of militants.”
  13. GHG
    GHG 22 July 2013 10: 52 New
    55 billion is still the greenest currency for the Afghan army? Which is likely to run away if something happens, or become part of the Taliban? Taburetkin and did not dare to dream of such happiness. wassat But if they steal seriously, it’s not sickly.
  14. The gentleman
    The gentleman 22 July 2013 11: 00 New
    but now it’s necessary to strengthen the borders so that then any “garbage” does not go any further. Americans then live overseas, but there are countries that live next to Afghanistan. I believe that Karzai will leave at first, leave someone in his place and there is no longer his problem.
  15. vitek1233
    vitek1233 22 July 2013 11: 04 New
    Americans will leave and who will be the next in Afghanistan to restore order
  16. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya 22 July 2013 11: 05 New
    And what was the US army doing there? Protected the poppy fields!
  17. Asan Ata
    Asan Ata 22 July 2013 11: 08 New
    I think, among other things, the Americans tried to interrupt the supply of cocaine to the United States from heroin unfriendly to South America, from which, as you know, you can not jump. I don’t know whether they succeeded or not, but in Afghanistan today the situation is no better than when they entered. By the way, in 1978 my friend’s sister was on a trip to Afghanistan, arrived full of impressions: oriental flavor, kind people, sweet land. And one Afghan acquaintance said: “When they started shooting (when taking A.A. Palace), we jumped off in the barracks, ran for arms, and then those who know say shurawi! Everyone calmed down, because we were sure that the Soviet man was in no trouble will bring. "
  18. user
    user 22 July 2013 11: 08 New
    As I understand it, the 201st will not be able to cope there, probably something will be organized in the mountain Badakhshan
  19. tilovaykrisa
    tilovaykrisa 22 July 2013 14: 27 New
    At this pace, we will soon become Israel, all around Islamic radicals under the dope.
  20. cool.ya-nikola
    cool.ya-nikola 22 July 2013 16: 37 New
    Quote: Ivan79
    Have they built at least one school or kindergarten in Afghanistan?

    Dear Ivan, what kind of construction of schools in Afghanistan can we talk about? They (amers) close their schools in their homeland! They sincerely believe that two arithmetic operations are enough for the Americans - to “take away” and “divide”! ... No, no, and again no, the construction of kindergartens and schools, only the Russian “occupiers” are capable of this!
  21. Nursultan
    Nursultan 23 July 2013 06: 49 New
    Russia urgently needs to strengthen its position in Central Asia. The comrade was right that it was easier and better to fight on foreign territory. The main citizens of the Central Asian republics understand the whole disastrousness of Islamization and are ready to defend the state with arms in their hands. I judge from the position of a citizen of Kyrgyzstan and Russia it is necessary to take advantage of this. Yes, we have coups for the year five times, but these are tricks of the Americans. Before an external threat, the people are consolidating, because the USSR has laid a powerful potential and respect for the Russian people. Most of the population advocate the return of the Russians. Of course, we are not without freaks, but believe our grandfathers and fathers gave their lives for the USSR and we were lobbed that the Russian great people.
    It’s easier to carry chestnuts with the wrong hands. ?????
    1. Asan Ata
      Asan Ata 23 July 2013 23: 18 New
      I remember that in the 90s in Bishkek, the boys went to apartments, asked the Russians - how have you not left for Russia yet? The exodus of Russians from Kyrgyzstan led to the complete collapse of industry, the actual destruction of the Toktogul hydroelectric station and clan struggle. What kind of love for Russian are you talking about? It is clear that after 20 years empty, when a million Kyrgyz moved to Russia, it became clear that a lot of stupidity had been done, but, apparently, if the Russians came back, it was only on tanks. We in Kazakhstan also had an exodus of Russians, but with a different motivation - to their historical Motherland. One of my acquaintances went to the Russian hinterland, bought a house in the village, began to breed all living creatures - they burned. Only then looked around - ba - but around there are some drunks. She returned to Alma-Ata as her historical))).
  22. bart
    bart 24 July 2013 21: 51 New
    ISAF Composition
  23. bart
    bart 24 July 2013 21: 56 New
    coalition loss
  24. bart
    bart 24 July 2013 21: 57 New
    map of afghanistan