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Army in the style of "gee-gee", or the wonders of the popularization of military service

I decided to start the material with a video compilation, so that the reader first draws conclusions himself and in order not to impose his own point of view on the reader. So to say, that no distortions and distortions - the facts and only the facts.

Have you looked? Rated? Opinions, of course, are different, as befits a society that positions itself as free or aspiring to freedom. And against the background of different opinions some general feeling of strangeness from what he saw is formed. Well, at first glance, everything seems to be correct. Before the new generation in, say, not quite the traditional form, a representative of the Ministry of Defense speaks and in all available ways and potentials carries out the promotion of army service. As they say, if the classic ways of popularization are drying up, and there is no “no” for the classical modern youth, then you need to use an alternative. Anton Gubankov uses ... I was not lazy ... But then it must be taken into account that not only young people who have hooked on the repch, but also those who do not digest this repk organically, need to be attracted to the modern Russian army: well, punks, goths, thrash metallers and others ...

Well, it turns out, Anton Gubankov pushes away a whole class of Russian youth underground from his Russian work ?! But what about emo, neofalker and doom metal fans? In this regard, it must be assumed that the head of the department for culture of the main military department of the country stands only at the beginning of his career. In all likelihood, the works will soon be on the air, popularizing service in the army, on the basis of the very (mentioned above) genres, and Gubank himself will appear either in a leather leather jacket, sometimes in a black and pink jacket, or even with hanging dreadlocks. Popularization must be comprehensive ...

Although, why are we ironic about the work of the Department of Culture of the Ministry of Defense. Young people of military age should like such creativity. Judging by the numerous positive reviews in social networks, many people really liked the creation of Anton Gubankov, as well as his performance as well. Only here's the catch in how many positively expressed about rap rapedcult in reality are ready to perceive it as popularization of the army service - once, and how much are they ready to penetrate this popularization in the near future to stomp their feet to the nearest recruiting office - two?

The fact that all means are good for raising the interest of young people in military service is understandable, but this is not the first time, excuse me, alternatively, which looks more like a banter. If there were systematically broadcasting stories (even in verses, even in prose, even to music) of those who themselves passed through the crucible of army service, those who, risking their health and even life, stood on guard of the Fatherland, fulfilling the duty of a citizen, then this one. And when a person himself has difficulty imagining what a military service is, but at the same time he tries to attract others to the military service, then this is already somewhat different, and there is something unintelligible about it.

And this unintelligible is manifested in other given plots. Russian soldiers playing together on the parade ground of the military unit Lady Gaga or “Sponge Bob” - this is strong! Let me be a retrograd a thousand times, but I remain unconvinced: if the army has commanding fathers who are not averse to turning the fulfillment of the sacred male duty to their people and Fatherland into a show written off from Western variations, then for such hopes, excuse me, no ... Well, I can not believe that these brave guys feel a thrill from taking the military oath, from wearing a military weapons (if they give it to them at all ...), from the passage by the parade formation in front of the national flag. In the fight, apparently, they will also join Lady Gaga ... Although they will find the courage to join this fight, because there are so many fascinating things in the world - cartoons about Mickey Mouse, a double Big Mac with a cola ...

No, it is necessary to be able to relax in the army, too, but still there must be the framework of this relaxation, which is taboo. Or our army wants to demonstrate its growing internal liberality ... One gets the impression that in those military units that distinguished themselves in these commercials, there is no framework left, and the educational component of the army is reduced to “gee-gee” mode. At the same time, it is hardly worth complaining to the performers themselves. Yesterday schoolchildren and students still clearly did not move away, as they say, from mother's pies and did not have time to digest the fact that they now build state security. But with the commanders of these singers is less and less clear. If in modern military units such creativity is encouraged, then in what direction does it raise morale, in which side are officers involved in the posts responsible for working with personnel involved in educating this morale? Do these officers themselves understand that at the moment they are not in the pub or on the dance floor? ..

Mobile phones in the ranks, blatant banter on the camera, the happy faces of the soldiers, the impenetrable faces of the officers - some kind of phantasmagoria that you really don't want to mate with our army. And after that, we are still outraged by the fact that the "brave" American fighters sprinkle urine on the corpses of the murdered opponents and happily present all this through video. Similarly, in our troops, it seems, we are ready to take the path of copying world trends ... Even if one of the soldiers captured on the cell phone camera had deigned to urinate directly in the ranks, it probably would not have caused negative emotions among the commanders. Well, I wanted - I urinated - what now, a soldier to endure? .. This is not liberal, it is not humane and not tolerant ... The army must be a popular, sort of show army, where soldiers and officers spend time ...

Perhaps even the popularity of such an army among young people will increase. They say, and what - let's go, there is fun - "purely neighing" ... And after that, will the number of such draftees turn into the quality of the army itself? The big question. Who will forge this quality and, most importantly, how? Or Anton Gubankov will tour the military units with his new tracks ...

By the way, maybe the song of Lady Gaga is the secret move of our Ministry of Defense? A sort of training fighters to disorient a potential enemy. Only here you need not to disorientate yourself, otherwise there is such a thing as “friendly fire”. Therefore, "Katyusha" is still preferable ... Personal opinion.
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  1. serge-68-68
    serge-68-68 18 July 2013 07: 12
    Honestly, it also jars - the old hardening affects ("boots are the face of a soldier :)) But, I thought that even if they dance to Psai, if only they were combat-ready.
    1. Canep
      Canep 18 July 2013 09: 41
      In the 90s he served in Kazakhstan. Wars in the campaign for dinner sang everything, even the repertoire of the "Gas Sector" was presented. On the parade ground, however, there were no such liberties.
      1. Gato
        Gato 18 July 2013 10: 29
        Wars in the campaign for dinner that just did not sing

        Similarly (KZzVO, 1986-88). The repertoire on evening walks would bring to a heart attack any political officer.

        Although most of all I remember the traditional "evening bell" with a rhythm of 1 step in 5 seconds.
        Or at least the same traditional army teasers and "general contempt" for passing "friendly" units.
        Well, many probably remember:
        "F .. in soap, muzzle in mud
        Where are you from? We're out of touch! "
        The answer came:
        "Muzzle in the mud, in the w .. branches
        Where are you from? From intelligence! "

        But all this banter did not particularly affect the combat effectiveness of the SA.
        1. yak69
          yak69 18 July 2013 18: 20
          Everything is turned upside down!
          Everything that can and cannot be copied from the west. It seems that there is no longer any own honor in Russia, no pride left, just NOW OF YOURSELF! The people turn into some kind of thoughtless monkeys repeating the tricks of Uncle Sam.
          Everywhere these filthy buzzwords: manager, city manager, etc. Few words in the great and mighty Russian language ?!
          And there is this degradation from the top of our power. Only now, we must also learn to think for ourselves ...

          A very painful impression of these video sketches. And the official of MO is not worth turning himself into a clown.
          1. yak69
            yak69 18 July 2013 18: 39
            Cause time, fun hour. Everything has a place and time. But the parade ground and system is sacred and we must first learn to honor our traditions, and not to indulge. So it will not turn into monkeys for long.
            This is not the right behavior.
            This is my purely personal opinion.
  2. Terrible ensign
    Terrible ensign 18 July 2013 07: 41
    At one time, we were also kidding ... But we preferred Aria, Cinema, or soldier-folk art ... The army, after all, is a school of patriotism ... Although, what can I say after we removed almost all the educating officers .. .
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 18 July 2013 08: 16
      Quote: Scary ensign
      At one time we were also kidding ... But we preferred Aria, Cinema, or soldier-folk art ...

      We used the "Gas Sector". In general, I did not see something criminal in army jokes.
    2. Aleks tv
      Aleks tv 18 July 2013 10: 31
      Quote: Scary ensign
      But they preferred Aria, Cinema, or soldier-folk art ...

      Yes, we also sang Tsoi, although it was not just, it wasn’t a front song. The commanders did not forbid, and then he himself was quite calm about this.
      The main thing is to "at the right time and in the right place."

      What, for example, is bad when soldiers sing "tired toys sleeping" on a field trip during an evening walk? Tired, kidding and having a rest with humor - well done.
      But in part - nini, you need to know the measure.

      The song is both patriotism and relaxation. Commanders should not be "wooden", but understand when what is needed for rest, and when it is impossible to cross the line, "lady gaga" ... I don't know what to say.

      In Russian it is necessary to sing in order - with sincerity, this is TRADITION.
      Remember "... I will come and" clip "you, if I do not die in battle ..."? And with meaning and a little humor.
      But Amer’s style and imitation of the Amer’s marching stride, I would burn with a hot iron, there were precedents, shame the fighters, then I understood it myself - not knowing to imitate cowards.

      There is a double opinion about the article, but the topic is interesting.
      And nostalgia ... wink
  3. Master Taiga
    Master Taiga 18 July 2013 07: 44
    The banter in the army was and will be.
  4. fduch
    fduch 18 July 2013 07: 46
    Well, pretty fun laughingmake an article from an elephant fly. In 1812, the hussars knew French almost better than Russian, and there was worship of French culture, but Napoleon did not stop them from hitting laughing
  5. navy1301
    navy1301 18 July 2013 07: 51
    about nothing, in the 80s we in a company and with an accordion walked and sang not always "Farewell to Slavyanka" this is normal, now there is a lot of "gadgets" - the main thing is that the essence of the army remains the same
  6. Hort
    Hort 18 July 2013 07: 51
    in general, the song from the spongebob is more relevant to melt) And I can say the same thing - the banter in the army was and will be.
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. Fox
    Fox 18 July 2013 08: 15
    I didn't put anything on the article ... well, we were kidding, we sang "gop-stop" at the show ... then they trampled the parade ground for 4 hours.
  9. PPL
    PPL 18 July 2013 08: 29
    Why is there so much pathos? Is that the main problem in the army?
    Our whole society lives on the principle of "GY-GY" - saw, removed and obsebal! Or posted it on the Internet and enjoy the number of views and likes. And people with different perceptions of reality coexist calmly with this.
    People in the army behave as education allows them, which is with mother’s milk, etc. ...
    You can’t graft a culture with a belt through your ass!
    As for advertising, it’s just the hackneyed aphorism that works here: Do not want to - don’t look!
  10. baltika-18
    baltika-18 18 July 2013 08: 54
    The army is not a place for banter. The army is serious. There was no such crap. In the "March of border guards" training, and at the outpost there is no time for songs, there is a service. They found time for jokes, but not on the parade ground and not in the ranks.
    And all this is like mockery and moral degradation. And the officers of those who stand there. they themselves still need to be educated on the parade ground. I remembered Major Selchikhin, the head of the detachment, how he would react. It would not have greeted these chiefs.
    1. IRBIS
      IRBIS 18 July 2013 15: 01
      I agree with you.
      There are many jokes in the army. However, you need to know the place, time and have a sense of proportion. Build - a priori, not a place for any kind of "banter". In the ranks, you cannot chew, talk, spit, etc. The commanders who silently look at such crap are "officers", otherwise you cannot name them. I'm sorry for the lost military school. I am ashamed that now it is not officers who are being released into the troops, but ignoramuses, with "banter" in their heads. Have seen enough videos from "colleagues" from the West and America! At least something sensible was adopted. Words that can be used on the site, no! Shame on the sun - that's how it is called, to put it mildly!
      I will tell you from personal experience that a ra ... is not a good soldier, and the indicated category does not make a unit combat ready, because only discipline is capable of this.
      1. Garrin
        Garrin 18 July 2013 22: 49
        The only thing I can say. It's just disgusting. But the "annealing of the MO official" recalled this:
  11. mogus
    mogus 18 July 2013 08: 56
    Army. Brother. I came to his unit. Militant, parade ground. The rhythm is set by music similar to "disco accident", only without words.
  12. Trailer
    Trailer 18 July 2013 09: 12
    Well, can I answer that?

    Hey yo yo yo

    The year will fly by, brother,
    Come on, prepare your flimsy body
    To the attacks of grandfathers who didn’t even know life,
    To a set of abrasions and bruises real
    Received not only in all exercises,
    But also in the frequent midnight torment here.

    Get ready for the outhouse alone for the whole company,
    Get ready to paint the grass with sweat
    Get ready to store the snow in a cube even,
    Get ready for the fact that tomorrow everything is new.
    And if in the grandfathers there will be guys from the Caucasus,
    Get ready to be the background for the picture with him, braz!

    You listen to rap, believe the bureaucrats word
    Bro you must wash your brains and ears!
    Note that the photo is all from under the table.
    How many portraits did he put there?
    His main work is to be a herald of power,
    But such a thing - you do not make happiness!
  13. 2k11
    2k11 18 July 2013 09: 37
    hmm ..... we remember a completely different sang
    for example
    "Slowly the rockets float away ..."
    also banter, but still different
  14. Alex Nick
    Alex Nick 18 July 2013 09: 42
    The army is not a prison. The soldiers also need to relax somehow. Let them sing what they want, if only the service does not interfere.
    1. aviamed90
      aviamed90 18 July 2013 13: 13
      Alex Nick

      For relaxation, there is a dismissal outside the unit.
  15. LM66
    LM66 18 July 2013 09: 43
    We in the USSR sang something like

    With the smile of an idiot we occupy the city
    I like my job
    Burn, burn, my star
  16. creak
    creak 18 July 2013 10: 42
    The army is not a pioneer camp and the masses do not need entertainers there ..
  17. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya 18 July 2013 10: 50
    We also sang the sector, but the Sector is the personification of that era, and the gaga is the personification of which era, a terrible, Amerian woman, and then what? According to the amer’s pattern, we’ll call pid ... s, we’re sleeping like that, and he’ll get to your train ... Brrrr .... Funny of course a joke, but the officers should for this e ... be, and not indulge!
  18. Yuriwhite
    Yuriwhite 18 July 2013 11: 15
    One of the favorites in our company :)

    Acacia blossomed at the gate
    I'm not my own today
    I started ...
    then I'm not pregnant I'm
  19. Mhpv
    Mhpv 18 July 2013 11: 22
    LLC and which pearls are given out by our valiant officers !!!!!

    I recognized you! What is your last name?

    What do you hang like a tank on a fence ?!

    That you have a belt hanging on your eggs, like a pregnant woman!

    Wider step! Why doesn’t the ass sing?

    I took off my tunic, which means it will not be cold.

    I recognized you! What is your last name?

    Student, comrade, why did you come to occupy the military department in the pants of the most alleged enemy?

    - And keep in mind, in the army you can only complain about a short service life!

    Major: - Shaw are you making a fool of me?

    You will not deceive me, I had all sorts of cadets, even Cubans from Africa.

    Why did you paste the bedside table naked girls? Here you have the barracks, by the way, and not the masturbator.

    Who is smiling there? Like nobody I hear ...

    Why does 90% have jars and half don't?

    What interests you more: what I'm saying, or a dead dove that flies over the dining room ?!

    It’s hard to learn - easy at the source of defeat!

    Comrade cadets, in connection with the icing of the roofs, one must walk not along them, but past them!

    Every future officer should have a dream, for an officer without a dream is like a dog without wings.

    The fence fell yesterday, so it still stands.

    Did you not learn politeness in childhood?

    Why are you standing with my back to me when I look you in the face?

    Surname write. And write the initials, only in abbreviated form.

    And on whose watch at the department broke the color radio, which I bought with my state savings?

    The bomb shelter is covered with a net so that the bomb does not know where it falls.

    “I’m letting you slip through your fingers, but if I catch anyone for something, it will be his end! ..

    I was awarded a board of honor for a good job.

    - I ran out to the toilet, in which my mother gave birth: in shorts, a T-shirt and boots.

    You get drunk on vodka, and the cubicles themselves have so much shit that they don’t fit in your head.

    Tickets are different. One may get easier, and the other - easier.

    Comrade cadet, have you drawn such a square curve? Color blind or what?

    Windows must be cleaned so that light penetrates.

    We only have all-weather aviation, and all the rest of the equipment obeys the laws of physics.

    Daylight, why are the greatcoats hanging on the floor again?

    A military person begins to wake up in you, what you say is completely impossible to understand.

    Everyone to take off the gloves since no one has them!

    When bombing, pregnant women, for example women, are the first to go to shelter.

    American aggressors are interfering in the internal affairs of the Soviet Union throughout the world.

    An alarm will sound unexpectedly at 4 in the morning.

    Sergeant! Why do you have water lying on the floor !?
    1. Mhpv
      Mhpv 18 July 2013 11: 48
      Judging by the reaction, one of these officers was found here laughing
      The poor fellow was offended, but the officers’ pearls come from you, what the commander and subordinates are. soldier
      1. Aleks tv
        Aleks tv 18 July 2013 11: 56
        Quote: mhpv
        Offended by the poor fellow

        Somehow, no, Vladimir.

        But minus from me.
        In my opinion, the material was inserted a little off topic, and the quality of this collection is lame, there are even repetitions. Why put it like that?

        I can lay out more high-quality pearls and neighing over them with all my heart. But once again I repeat - do not seem to be the topic ...

        No offense.
        1. Mhpv
          Mhpv 18 July 2013 12: 23
          The title has two themes: "Army in the style of" gee-gee "and" or the Miracles of popularizing the army service "so I think I fall under the first one.
          Quote: Aleks tv
          the quality of this collection is lame, there are even repetitions. Why put it like that?

          I did not try to surprise anyone with this selection, but only reminded about the officers' pearls from which the blunders emanate in the songs of the combatants. Our commander for such songs would solder 10 days in an instant, therefore the combatant was "We need such ships at sea .." , not Lady Gaga.
          Quote: Aleks tv
          I can lay out more high-quality pearls and neighing over them with all my heart.

          And I would read, neighing, what's wrong with that?
          1. Canep
            Canep 18 July 2013 13: 11
            A normal selection and in the subject, apparently the author is among the authors of these catchphrases, since the soldiers cannot expand their repertoire further than "Don't cry girls." A standing song is needed to cheer up a fighter and feel like a part of a combat team. Collective hooliganism ("gaga", "gas sector", etc.) with songs best unites the boys.
            1. Aleks tv
              Aleks tv 18 July 2013 13: 26
              Quote: Canep
              Apparently, the author is one of the authors of these catch phrases, since the soldiers cannot expand their repertoire beyond "Don't cry girls".

              Sergey, everything is fine with humor, believe me. Grinded for many years.
              You can read my story on this site: "Sending ... or new adventures of a bulbul in a folk pot."

              And on the evening walk we sang "tired toys asleep", I wrote above. The song should be in the "theme", correspond to the arrangement and help. Sometime to rest, sometimes to raise the fighting spirit.
              Like talking about the same thing ...

              And aphorisms piled up in a heap, and even repeating ... somehow warps a little, no offense to Vladimir.
              1. Canep
                Canep 18 July 2013 14: 14
                When he wrote:
                Quote: Canep
                apparently the author is among the authors of these catch phrases

                meant the author of the article.
                1. Aleks tv
                  Aleks tv 18 July 2013 14: 30
                  Quote: Canep
                  meant the author of the article.

                  Got it.
                2. Volodin
                  18 July 2013 14: 37
                  apparently the author is among the authors of these catch phrases
                  An interesting guess, but fundamentally wrong. If "the boys are united by collective hooliganism with songs" and nothing else, then this is already some kind of gang group, not an army unit.
                  1. IRBIS
                    IRBIS 18 July 2013 15: 09
                    Quote: Volodin
                    If "the boys are united by collective hooliganism with songs" and nothing else, then this is already some kind of gang group, not an army unit.

                    A hundred times - "+" !!!
                    The army is not a place for "boys". The army should live according to the Regulations, and not according to "kid" concepts.
                    The mental abilities of the soldiers seen, and even more of the commanders, are depressing. Both those and others, most likely, have seen enough "DMB", "Soldiers" and other dregs about the army. And the commanders of these "singers" need to watch the film "Officers", maybe their conscience would wake up.
          2. Aleks tv
            Aleks tv 18 July 2013 13: 21
            Quote: mhpv
            And I would read, neighing, what's wrong with that?

            Sorry, so to speak.
            Just not humor, but humor to humor ...

            - So, today is Sunday. Do you want to relax? We must rush through the march for a while without haste.
            - Fighters dictated in capital letters: we run 5 kme with a full calculation. We will, so to speak, instill in you a love of sport and a healthy lifestyle through mutilation.
            Surviving and passing the standard will go to dismissal, but only through the model bedside tables.
            - Dragging a tan, and if everyone runs to VSK, then everyone will go to the heap?
            - Pupkin, conversations in the ranks! I’m not here for you, but here! You will agree with me, a fighter, I will put it and you will stand standing!
            - I hope that I hope to get fired and get acquainted with unfamiliar diseases - the finish time is tracked at the extreme, so you have a lot of hope.
            - All Komsomol members who have not passed the standard will be expelled from the Komsomol; whoever is not a member will be made a member and expelled! It makes no sense to search in my words, even if you find you are in the Army.
            - Do you have any patients?
            “My head hurts, dragging the tan ...”
            - A soldier needs a head not in order to think, but in order not to think at all! And if it hurts, then read the Charter!
            - If you want to say something, then stand and be silent! When I say nothing, you do not record anything, but only listen.
            - Who gave the command to laugh? Set aside laughter.
            - I do not like that you smile during the period of general concern of the entire military unit to the task assigned to you! Do not drink a lot of water on a march, otherwise all the water will appear on your back in the form of salt.
            - Rota, Running ...
            - Set aside!
            - Private Mnogonozhkin, what are the defenders of the motherland doing on the Run command?
            - You need to lean forward and bend your elbows, dragging the tan!
            “You will bend over at night in front of your brothers in arms, and at the command“ Running, ”your hands will bend at ... knees!
            “It's not anatomy, dragging a tan ...”
            - The commander said - “Ferret!” And no gophers! The anatomy has remained at home, and here you are a soldier! And the hands are bent at the KNEES! It’s you, a fighter, through 5 kme you will understand.
            - Rota, Run-March !!!

            Almost true. The officer cheered up the fighters, as the march was planned and no one wanted to run, including the officer himself.
            So it is more fun than just hackneyed aphorisms. It was just off topic, though.
            1. Mhpv
              Mhpv 18 July 2013 13: 50
              Alas, Aleksey is also old and far from funny, the video in the article is much funnier and you should not blame me for the collections, you didn’t post the video either, and if you write the article, don’t expect everyone to clap your hands, I feel ashamed of the author sculpt minuses for comments is not to the point that I was offended (this is just a site and the titles here are so).
              Sorry if offended hi
              1. Aleks tv
                Aleks tv 18 July 2013 13: 59
                Quote: mhpv
                Alas, Alex is also old and far from funny

                Vladimir, you asked, I dropped.

                Quote: mhpv
                and don’t reproach me for compilations,

                Everything was just on the heap and with repetitions. I was a little twisted, the idea arose that it was populism on a hackneyed topic.
                If this is not the case, I’m sorry, no problem, it seems like we’ll divide not the last bowl of caviar. Dispute "about nothing".

                Quote: mhpv
                you didn’t post your own video either, and if you write an article, don’t expect everyone to clap your hands, I think the author is ashamed to sculpt cons for comments-

                Stop. I'm not Volodin Alexey. This article was not written by me.
                I respect Volodin, writes interestingly, although the opinion on this article is twofold, I have already expressed my point of view.

                I hope the troubles of insults and understood each other.
                1. Mhpv
                  Mhpv 18 July 2013 14: 23
                  We are not girls grudge hi
                  Yes, with the author my cant, fucked up, quarrel.
                  1. Aleks tv
                    Aleks tv 18 July 2013 14: 25
                    Quote: mhpv
                    We are not girls grudge

                    Ага. wink
                  2. Volodin
                    18 July 2013 14: 48
                    Vladimir, something you have completely confused yourself and me (the author of the article). I read your comments, I hardly understood who you were referring to, I didn’t understand you from the author either. Excuse me. If you have specific questions to the author of the article, you can write in a personal. As for the video: of course I didn’t shoot, and Gubankova, too ... I expressed my opinion (based on my army experience), with which you have every right to disagree.
              2. The comment was deleted.
      2. washi
        washi 18 July 2013 12: 53
        Pearls are sometimes given out of necessity, to defuse the situation, or vice versa - to make one think what is said.
        This is in a different environment, when you evaluate everything - it's ridiculous. And on the spot, sometimes it’s right. Officers should be not only commanders, but also psychologists.
        1. Aleks tv
          Aleks tv 18 July 2013 13: 28
          Quote: Vasya
          Pearls are sometimes given out of necessity, to defuse the situation, or vice versa - to make one think what is said.
          This is in a different environment, when you evaluate everything - it's ridiculous. And on the spot, sometimes it’s right. Officers should be not only commanders, but also psychologists.

          Great koment, Vasily!
    2. aviamed90
      aviamed90 18 July 2013 13: 22

      Do you think this is not a citizen? Read the statements of the deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation:

      Lukyanov A.:
      • Comrade Biryukova gave me two times in writing.

      Makarov Andrey:
      • There are many lies, statistics are the most qualified.

      Mizylina Elena:
      • Dear Deputies, please tell me, please, Tamara Vladimirovna
      Zlotnikov alone can overcome five communists and two people from "Nation"?

      • ... the head of the lower self-government.

      Mikhalkov Nikita:
      • Evgeny Alekseevich, I will first answer a person’s question, and then yours. (To Kiselev).
      Russian can only be one who does not have something, but doesn’t, what is not - and to hell with him!
      • I will not be in the party - I am my own party.

      Morozov Oleg:
      • The other day we saw Boris Nikolayevich on television. Health does not happen. He is as healthy as a bull. And behaves in accordance with this of his health.
      I generally think that politics is the most market thing!

      • If for an average person somewhere in the West the state is something alien ... we, on the contrary, have a tradition when the authorities are father and mother.

      Yetz Alexander:
      • I use the subway 5-6 times a week. And I did not meet any of the deputies, except for the deputy Sigutkin! That's when I begin to meet you there, then it will be when! (On deputy privileges).

      Ostrovsky Alexey:
      • I propose such a system on television that reports on wars, terrorist attacks, crises, epidemics and catastrophes occupy no more than 10% of the time for news release, and it does not matter what is really happening in the world.

      Podberezkin Alexey:
      • The latest count showed that we have about 440 living deputies.

      Pohmelkin Victor:
      • A lot depends on vodka. For example, my last name brings me one and a half to two percent in the election.

      Roizman Eugene:

      Rybkin Ivan:
      • I call on my fellow countrymen - Cossacks of the Kuban, Ural, Terek, Astrakhan, Don ...

      • In principle, the president has the right to surprise, the most important and inalienable right.

      Ryazansky Valery:
      • We will support all formats of work! There are many people in the faction who have not lost touch with students. For example, Deputy Speaker Oleg Morozov could well have headed the KVN deputy team - for the sake of a common cause!

      Sobko Sergey:
      • In addition to the flags, there are the ECX, three Os, who travel across the road and create no less problems! Why officials will travel without the law as much as they want, but deputies need to, excuse me, conduct a face on the table ?! (On privileges on the road).

      Tokareva Tamara:
      • Who put sociologists here in Dumy ... I feel it, as if we were crawling under our skirts and looking at what was there ...

      Enjoy it!
      1. Mhpv
        Mhpv 18 July 2013 13: 38
        here you are just not in the subject, when it will be about the deputies then write and here the title of the article again for you "Army" gee-gee ... ", so enjoy your pearls yourself, but better EBNa remember or Chernomyrdin and Gorbachev , much funnier than these.
        1. aviamed90
          aviamed90 18 July 2013 14: 54

          Well, why not the topic?

          Many deputies of the State Duma have the rank of reserve officers.
          1. Mhpv
            Mhpv 18 July 2013 17: 02
            Quote: aviamed90
            Many deputies of the State Duma have the rank of reserve officers.

            Are you all trying to pin me up? laughing
            Being an officer and having the rank of officer are two different things. So it does not fit.
    3. Rider
      Rider 18 July 2013 13: 35
      Well, you (the rest) as you want, and I will support a colleague

      excerpts from the statements of one of the famous Russian admirals, for which his subordinates carefully wrote down in notebooks for many years ....

      "You should not shyly pull your skirt on your knees, Comrade Captain 1st Rank, when you came to a venereologist for help. Tell us how you managed to get out of such a good and necessary business as receiving a chef's delegation, arrange a drunken orgy with trains on the command boat. on the winter bay with preventive grenade throwing?

      Unfortunately, the level of general education of most ship commanders does not allow them not only to read without a hitch or a hitch the commander's decision for a sea battle, drawn up by the most lively subordinates, but also to correctly put the indefinite article "b ... d" in the phrase "Who is the last for vodka" ...

      Division commander, don't leave the land of the great abortion unattended. I'm telling you about the destroyer Rastoropny.

      When, with proletarian ruthlessness, I begin to treat cruiser commanders thoughtfully, they immediately begin to break the Japanese tragedy in front of me: father is a rickshaw, mother is a geisha, son is Moisha, and we are innocent.


      warning, before reading, put on diapers and a soft bandage on your head.
      the first - it is clear why, and the second, so that the head is not sick from hitting the table.

      1. Aleks tv
        Aleks tv 18 July 2013 13: 51
        Quote: Rider
        Well, you (the rest) as you want, and I will support a colleague

        Yes, no one seems to "run over" ...
        Vladimir put another plus topic, it was interesting.

        They just kind of talked about songs, but then aphorisms got out ...
        Minus set for piled up in a pile. Personally, I would correct the material.
        And so - no problem, everyone in the Army was.
      2. Mhpv
        Mhpv 18 July 2013 14: 19
        Thanks neighing hi
    4. psv910
      psv910 18 July 2013 22: 12
      Who put their footcloths here ?!
      Who are you holding me for a fool for?
      Wider step in the anus!
      Why do you swear like little children ?!
      Go clean the snow before it melts!
      Girls who do not know how to salute, two steps forward!
      Only model bedside tables will go to dismissal.
  20. Valery Neonov
    Valery Neonov 18 July 2013 11: 26
    Quote: serge-68-68
    Honestly, it also jars - the old hardening affects ("boots - the face of a soldier

    But at the same time, - mother, give birth to me back ... And URA-A-A-A, they still know what it is, or just this:
  21. Valery-SPB
    Valery-SPB 18 July 2013 11: 41
    Hello summer residents,
    Hello summer residents,
    Summer maneuvers have already begun.
    Gay, my song, my love
    Tsok-Tsok-Tsok along the street is a dragoon regiment.

    Shaped boots,
    Linear sprockets,
    Three stars each, as on the best cognac.
    Gay, my song, my love
    Ding-ding-ding entourage spur rings.

    Explanations stormy
    And the words are amorous,
    And tender confessions until the very morning.
    Gay, my song, my love
    Chock-chock-chock on a shot glass shot glasses.

    Fees end
    The couple say goodbye
    What a short military love.
    Gay, my song, my love
    Bul-bul-bul bottle of green wine.
  22. washi
    washi 18 July 2013 12: 58
    Although they don’t fulfill the Moiseyev’s Border, all right. Time changes - songs change.
    Somehow they got a drill, I started singing the Merry Guys. The rest supported. Instead of drill, a concert by request, went to the barracks.
    The song helps us to build and live
  23. Zhzhuk
    Zhzhuk 18 July 2013 13: 17
    check out the propaganda is quite normal

    1. lelikas
      lelikas 18 July 2013 15: 51
      Quote: Zhzhuk
      check out the propaganda is quite normal

      Or maybe so laughing
  24. morpogr
    morpogr 18 July 2013 13: 19
    And we in the training in Anapa ourselves chose that we will mainly sing Russian rock alice, Tsoi, aria, siskin, etc., and the foremen boasted among themselves whose platoon sings cooler. A good psychological load in the evening turned out.
    1. ed1968
      ed1968 19 July 2013 13: 18
      unloading really good would only be understood by all the foremen ...
  25. Canep
    Canep 18 July 2013 14: 10
    Mobile phones in the ranks, a frank banter at the camera, happy faces of soldiers, impenetrable faces of officers - some kind of phantasmagoria that you don’t want to pair with our army.

    The author would have been better if there were no mobile phones in the army (in Kazakhstan they say they were allowed officially, although they were not prohibited by the charter), the soldiers would have a clogged expression on their faces, and the officers would also laugh like horses. I did not notice anything not statutory in these videos. As I understood the author, the correct education of young people in the army is possible only on old films like "Chapaev", and that the army life should be the same as in the 50s of the 20th century.
    1. Volodin
      18 July 2013 15: 02
      Sergey, if you decide to respond to comments in third-party branches, then all right ... But here you are clearly distorting. I did not write about the need to bring the army life to the state of 60-year-old and about the ban on new films. This is your fantasy. Mobile phone in the system has long become the norm? I am against permissiveness in the army - that's all. Well, if the honor guard in the Alexander Garden will make fun of joking - to run, for example, around the Eternal Flame - is that normal too?
      1. Mhpv
        Mhpv 18 July 2013 16: 54
        Let's finish on a good note, because not everywhere in the army is so funny:

        I shot it when they are filmed in the evening so they’re doing great there with carbines but I can’t find the video.
        1. Anti
          Anti 18 July 2013 21: 45
          1. Anti
            Anti 19 July 2013 00: 23
            Well, it wasn’t ours. It wasn’t ours, it’s them
  26. 1536
    1536 18 July 2013 15: 26
    Looked and read. At first I thought it was some kind of banter in the style of "Dumplings" or shooting the sequel to the movie "Hot Heads" in Russia. Then I read the posts. Got it: it's a serious matter in general. Therefore, two proposals arose for optimizing service in our army. First: to make the monetary "excuse" from military service completely legal. That is, a young man comes to the military registration and enlistment office with a deep feeling of disgust for the service, and then he is informed that for such and such an amount paid to the state in the form of a state duty, he will not serve on a full legal basis and no sanctions such as non-admission to civil civil service, for example, to an archive or library, will not be applied to it. If the boy has no money, then a deferral is given to earn it, for example, for a year. We immediately solve problems with personnel at enterprises and in housing and communal services, where workers are required like air. Second: to come to an agreement with "our partners" in NATO and in the United States on the passage of military service by our guys in their armies and on their territories, of course, without harming any of these "our partners". And send there the most worthy and intelligent, who know the language of the host country.
  27. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 18 July 2013 16: 25
    For more than 30 years he served his power, Russia. I would like to ask the author: why make generalizations about the entire army based on isolated observations ... He served in garrisons from Sakhalin to Berlin. I witnessed all kinds of incidents. But it never crossed my mind to extend these incidents to the entire army. Now I am retired, but I work in the Ministry of Defense. I see a powerful movement of "soldiers' mothers". I think they have some positive side. But Russia's "soldiers' mothers" are funded by the Pentagon. What potential enemies give money to Russians. I think not to strengthen combat readiness. I look sadly at the current soldiers: what kind of defenders are they? Hope for landing. These are the men, these are the DEFENDERS! Here you should think about it.
  28. Net
    Net 18 July 2013 16: 50
    Something came to my mind ... "Today you play jazz, and tomorrow you will sell your homeland!" smile
  29. Djozz
    Djozz 18 July 2013 17: 39
    But like this .
    And the cavalry goes along the arena, and an armored train pulls on the rope, but Aunt Masha doesn’t, even though the commissar unfastens the belt.
  30. Torquemada
    Torquemada 18 July 2013 19: 03
    Quote: Zhzhuk
    check out the propaganda is quite normal

    The first video in style reminds videos of Allods Online.

    In my opinion (although I will not say that this is correct), what is "fashionable" among young people at the moment will be enticed by: Computer games? There will be videos in this style. Rap? They will rap.

    "Good must learn to be a commodity and live according to the laws of the market. One of the deepest delusions of our civilization is that the superiority of Good over Evil is obvious to everyone and does not need proof. Satan is an innocent disciple of God. These are two equal and equal corporations. I have lived in the world for a long time and have come to the conviction that Good loses to Evil on all counts because it does not know how to present itself - or, if you like, sell. "
    B. Akunin "Tea Party in Bristol".

    PS Here are examples of videos of the Armed Forces of Belarus.

  31. maxiban
    maxiban 18 July 2013 20: 51
    More than a weird article. What is she talking about? yes about nothing. While in the army there is idiocy (painting the parade ground with shoe polish, painting the lawn with paint, leveling snowdrifts and giving them a faceted shape, etc.) the banter is indestructible.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 18 July 2013 21: 19
      Quote: maxiban
      alignment of snowdrifts and giving them a faceted shape

      Not snowdrifts, but snow piles. They were just neatly stacked. The parade ground with shoe polish and the lawn with paint are from the category of tales. Gutalin wheels smeared, yes.
      1. lelikas
        lelikas 18 July 2013 21: 46
        That's not from the category of tales -
        Checkers in the summer:
        -What is this not your lawn?
        -Oh, huge, gray!
        -So, snow ...
        -What the ** th snow in July !!!! Quickly clean !!!!
        All day and all night, two training companies were sawing, chopping up and dragging along the parade ground to melt "last year's" snow. (He melted by the end of August)

        The same trees:
        -How do you stand trees ???
        - Why aren't they painted white one meter from the ground ???
        All night painted a meter from the ground ...
        Those same trees on the trail. day but checking another:
        -What have you painted everything ?? this b ** t is not a garden, rinse it off urgently .....
        All night they were painted back in brown, and so they stood - bright glossy a meter from the ground, and then ordinary.

        The same winter:
        -What is this on your trees ???
        -Yes, upstairs !!
        -Uh-e-leafs ..
        -What ** leaves in winter !!!!! Remove immediately !!!
        Throughout the territory, a dull bell floated - fighters with home-made rams knocked leaves from trees ...
        1. Lopatov
          Lopatov 18 July 2013 22: 37
          In the snow, they really scattered it to melt faster. It will melt faster, the "snowdrops" can be removed faster. In one go, rather than scratching them out every day. They did it on their own initiative.
          Just like in the fall, leaves from the trees on the PCB were shaking; they get it out every day.
          The whole reason is laziness, not checking

          About "painting trees" - nonsense. The lime is easily washed off. It makes no sense to paint over it. The one who told you this pretty much composed.
          1. lelikas
            lelikas 19 July 2013 00: 08
            And who said that they were painted with lime?
            Plain paint and painted.
            And then there is laziness - there were trees in the sea, part of it occupied a square between 4 streets, there even a small park turned out - to whom did the leaves interfere?
            On your own initiative to scatter a pile of snow at a height of 4 meters and caked to concrete strength?
            It’s a pity that the part was disbanded - I would be happy to invite you. laughing
            1. Lopatov
              Lopatov 19 July 2013 00: 30
              Quote: lelikas
              And who said that they were painted with lime?
              Plain paint and painted.

              For such a hand, especially proactive need to break off.

              Quote: lelikas
              On your own initiative to scatter a pile of snow at a height of 4 meters and caked to concrete strength?

              Yes. Experience comes over the years. And we cleaned our territory for 5 years in a row, from 1 to 5 course. Some things should be done right away, so as not to be involved in cleaning, when the dismissed are already taken to the school duty officer.
    2. sso-xnumx
      sso-xnumx 20 July 2013 20: 22
      with shoe polish, they polish the wheels of equipment, and then during the visit of the highest authorities. but you apparently didn’t stand in the army!
  32. Obliterator
    Obliterator 18 July 2013 21: 10
    Belarusians handsome shot good advertising.

    On the topic: in our part of the non-statutory songs, only Lyuba sang - On tall grass. I don’t see anything wrong with singing modern popular songs. Soldiers sing what they love, and changing their musical tastes (and even their absence) with prohibitions is unrealistic. For example, I would love to sing that thread from Iron Maiden (wow and cool, they gave a concert in St. Petersburg with Sabaton on Tuesday), Sabaton or Manowar.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 18 July 2013 21: 17
      You can sing anything if the company is "sung". At the end of the third year, on an evening walk, we often sang "Tired Toys Sleep" at a rate of about 60 steps per minute.
  33. psv910
    psv910 18 July 2013 22: 16
    Quote: Spade
    You can sing anything if the company is "sung". At the end of the third year, on an evening walk, we often sang "Tired Toys Sleep" at a rate of about 60 steps per minute.

    Fools law is not written.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 18 July 2013 22: 28
      "Fools" held the first place in the garrison for 4 years.
  34. GUSAR
    GUSAR 18 July 2013 22: 39
    Yes, of course the videos fit in !!! But about the Belarusian army (in the comments) I liked it!
  35. shurup
    shurup 19 July 2013 00: 35
    Gaga is not a lady, but the right bird - in the cold it can always come in handy.
    The official of the Ministry of Defense is not our direct boss, and let him not stick to the TV ... his sleeping bag.
    And if you didn’t see the reason in the words, then contact the State Duma, Kobzon.
  36. maxiban
    maxiban 19 July 2013 00: 56
    Shovels! Tales from nothing are born. He painted himself. It was a pity then there were no such gadgets and the Internet to publish this dolbo.bizm.
  37. The comment was deleted.
  38. Captain45
    Captain45 19 July 2013 11: 11
    I remember at a show of artistic activity among the companies, my friend and I played two voices in two guitars from the "Machine" "Today is the best day, today is a battle with fools," so the political commander tortured everything for six months: "Who are the fools with whom you are going to fight?" , it was in 84 in the Mongolian People's Republic. It was agreed that the most likely enemy was the Chinese. And so there were always jokes in the army. What time, such songs.
  39. Captain45
    Captain45 19 July 2013 11: 15
    Quote: lelikas
    The same trees:
    -How do you stand trees ???
    - Why aren't they painted white one meter from the ground ???
    All night painted a meter from the ground ...
    Those same trees on the trail. day but checking another:
    -What have you painted everything ?? this b ** t is not a garden, rinse it off urgently .....
    All night they were painted back in brown, and so they stood - bright glossy a meter from the ground, and then ordinary.

    On this topic, I recommend reading the collection of A. Pokrovsky "72 meters" story "About the organization".
  40. svoboda1970
    svoboda1970 19 July 2013 16: 19
    A joke of humor. And just that.
    At one time in the school "Let them run awkwardly ..." and "Yellow Tulips" sang. And nothing ... Some have long been colonels.
    What is the problem? request
  41. Steppenwolf
    Steppenwolf 20 July 2013 01: 28
    So ... What the hell ... This bulldozer from the Ministry of Defense needs to push this very ice eagle with the text of his turnip, preliminary knocked out on the tablets, into his long-suffering anal hole!
    The combat song should tune in to a fighting spirit, prepare for a bloody battle, it should be sweeping about millions of enemies trampled into the ground, about the capitals of aggressor countries burning in nuclear fire, about how a soldier broke his skulls of attacking enemies after he ran out of ammunition with the butt of an assault rifle, and when he finished off the assault rifle, he bit off his head to his Last enemy, and realized that he was dying for a reason ...
    This should be a combat song, and not about pedagogical lessons ....
  42. sso-xnumx
    sso-xnumx 20 July 2013 20: 25
    And this is how our soldiers are taught to "naglitsky spik" ...
  43. The comment was deleted.
  44. 110 school
    110 school 22 July 2013 18: 51
    Instead of a comment:
  45. mithridate
    mithridate 22 July 2013 20: 19
    you have to deal with personnel, not look in his mouth
  46. Alekseev
    Alekseev 25 July 2013 20: 04
    In the ranks sing songs drill, and not to whom that in the head will wander!
    The army system, although especially t., That is, it may not even come to gifted natures, is a specific (sacred) place for a military servant.
    Howling different, well, inappropriate repertoire in the ranks, it's like a punk prayer for pussy riot in a temple. laughing
    Whoever wanders about during unofficial time! (By discharge to the reserve wink )
    And such videos with awkward, skinny, like bicycles, defenders of the Motherland only confirm the opinion that the soldiers are from them ... from a bullet, they’ll do no shit for one year in combat units. Ballast.
    Only training, then in stock or on a contract.
    And they show the quality of "akhvitserov" admitting such crap.