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Sniper rifle R11

Sniper rifles, made on the basis of AR15 / М16 and their other "relatives", are far from uncommon. They are stamped by all who feel like it, many honestly talk about kinship with Stoner's developments, many come up with fairy tales about incredible characteristics and make “breakthroughs” in the weapon business, so there is a lack of such samples weapons not. Judging by the fact that from year to year models that practically copy each other appear, and not always from different manufacturers, weapons are bought and bought with pleasure. So let's try to briefly get acquainted with one of the recent models proposed by Remington Arms, well, for one thing to figure out what is the reason for the popularity of these weapons: characteristics, lack of alternatives or price.

At the beginning of 2012, Remington Arms introduced a new R11 sniper rifle chambered for .308Win. This weapon appeared for a reason, and its appearance was preceded by a joint cooperation statement from Remington Arms and JP Enterprises Inc. Just need to say that this news It was perceived "with a bang," because one company is already world-famous, and another became famous for its sporting rifles, therefore, the result of such teamwork should have been more than positive. Basically, we decided to take JP LRP-07, in other words, the AR-10 sports adaptation. The division of labor in the companies was as follows: JP Enterprises Inc developed a trigger mechanism, brackets for optics and a receiver, the rest remained for the Remington Arms.

The appearance of the weapon immediately indicates that the rifle was made on the basis of Stoner's work, however some details are interesting. So, first of all it should be noted that the cocking handle was moved to the left side of the rifle, which made the weapon more comfortable when shooting from a prone position. But the angle of the handle for these purposes, in my opinion, is too steep, it was possible to change it. Butt rifle has the ability to adjust along its length, and at once in several ways. Firstly, the butt itself can be adjusted stepwise with a staple that securely fixes the butt. For a more accurate fit of the weapon under the arrow of a particular build and its equipment, it is possible to adjust the butt plate of the butt using a vertical roller. By means of the same roller adjustment of an emphasis for a cheek is carried out. Despite all the thoughtfulness of the design, it is impossible to pass by the fly in the ointment, which is represented by the absence of the possibility of installing a monopod under the butt, however with straight arms you can screw it yourself, but this is not the case. On the left side of the weapon there is a barely noticeable fuse switch over the pistol grip; it would also be a good idea to make it larger. An interesting decision was to make this switch three-position. So, in one position, the weapon safety switch is turned on and the rifle becomes completely safe. In the second position, the automation works and the rifle becomes self-loading, in the third position the gas outlet is locked and the powder gases do not affect the bolt group, which significantly increases the accuracy when shooting, but requires manual reloading after each shot. This is not the first rifle with such a possibility and a similar implementation. It can even be said that in recent models most manufacturers immediately put the possibility to disable self-loading by turning the fuse switch, apparently, there is a new trend in the world of weapons. If we talk about practical value, it is so easy to make a self-loading non-reloading rifle, then here you can certainly point out only the positive aspects. Say what you like, and sometimes it takes exactly one exact shot, and the rate of fire and sniper shooting are completely different concepts. The very same manufacturer of weapons says only about the possibility of using the device silent shooting in the amount of subsonic cartridges, for some reason they are silent about improving the accuracy, but what it should be is not in doubt.

Returning to the appearance of the weapon, it should be noted that the weapon has a lot of slots on the forend, which are so passionately “loved” by those who prefer the practicality and unpretentiousness of the weapon, rather than the ability to hang kilograms of often unnecessary bells and whistles on it, which more often than not. The forearm of the rifle is made completely full of holes, on the one hand it makes the weapon easier, on the other hand, cleaning from simple dirt and earth becomes a long task, although a sniper rifle is still an accurate tool that does not allow you to ride on it tanks, but nonetheless. The forend itself is an octahedron on each of the faces of which a mounting bracket can be placed. As standard, there is only one mounting plate of the Picatinny type, which is non-removable and connects the seat on the receiver to the seat on the exhaust of powder gases. The remaining brackets are installed individually in the right place for the shooter. The location of the extension of the fastening strap on the removal of powder gases from the barrel bore is not accidental, it is intended for installation of the front sight, the rear sight will accordingly be installed on the top of the receiver. Unfortunately, there are no open sights in the weapon kit, well, given their low cost, they can be freely purchased separately by the owner of the rifle, and in general the equipment of a sniper rifle is a rather arbitrary thing, easily changeable. The barrel of the weapon is thick-walled, but does not have longitudinal fractions that increase its stiffness; a muzzle brake-recoil compensator is installed on the muzzle medium on the thread, although it can most likely be called a flame arrester. A silent firing device is also installed on the same thread.

An interesting point is that in most cases this rifle is referred to as the R11 RSASS (Rifle 11 Remington Semi-Automatic Sniper System), which is not entirely true. In fact, the weapon is referred to as simply R11, but this large set of letters is the designation of a ready-made sniper kit, in this form the weapon is usually offered. So, this kit, in addition to the rifle itself, includes the Leupold Mark 4M3 Optical Sight with variable multiplicity 4,5-14X, Harris bipod, a noiseless shooting device, and a hard case for transportation. Separately, it is also worth noting that in most price lists the price is for all together, the rifle itself is usually much cheaper.

The basis of the weapon was the automation system with the removal of powder gases from the bore of the weapon with a direct effect on the bolt group (as in М16). They say that such an automation system shows the best results on the accuracy of fire than a system with a piston, we will not argue, after all, there is at least a reduction in the weight of moving parts when fired, and this is already a plus.

Sensitivity to the quality of gunpowder and pollution in this case also fade into the background, because the sniper weapon, which means that the ammunition will be of high quality, and the weapon is well-groomed. In general, such an automation system is quite suitable for a self-loading sniper rifle. In addition to completely blocking the removal of powder gases, there is also the possibility of adjustment depending on the surrounding conditions, as well as the type of ammunition. The trigger mechanism is actually sporty, fully adjustable in every conceivable way, but within rather narrow limits, which have already been noted by those who got acquainted with the novelty, but this is not a gripe, but just a note. Food is supplied from detachable box stores with a capacity of 20 cartridges, in their place can be installed and smaller-capacity stores, as well as wild drum mutants with a capacity of 50 cartridges. Would add the possibility of automatic fire and would have turned out quite suitable light machine gun chambered for 7,62х51.

Characteristics of weapons in numbers are not quite encouraging. For example. the weight of the weapon without an optical sight, bipod, ammunition is 5,5 kilogram. This is certainly a plus to the stability of the weapon during the shot, but then the question arises in which place did the designers facilitate the rifle with aluminum alloys? And how much would the weapon weigh completely in steel form, 7-8 kilograms? Actually it is just that much the weapon weighs if you install a telescopic sight, a bipod and a magazine with cartridges - 7,15 kilogram. The total length of the weapon is equal to one meter, if you install a silent shooting device, the length will increase to 1168 millimeters. The length of the weapon barrel is 457 millimeters, although variants with a longer barrel have appeared recently, respectively, and the length of the weapon also increases, as does the weight. The accuracy of rifle at ranges up to 1000 meters, according to the manufacturer, is less than 1 angular minutes, which is confirmed by practice, of course, not with all the ammunition and not with every hand, but only with experienced and solid ones. In general, the weapon does not have anything outstanding for which it would be possible to catch on and push other similar models forward — somewhere better, somewhere worse, and what is more important for whom everyone decides for himself.

Initially, this version of the weapon was created for the army and the police, but was not interested in what was predictable. There is no money, no desire, and the old rifles have not yet broken everything. So while the only place of sale of such weapons is the civilian market in the United States. True, they are now actively trying to interest the armies and police of other countries, but it seems to be as unsuccessful. However, the civilian market fully pays for the development and production of weapons, so there is nothing to complain about. If we proceed from what is known about this weapon, then it is easy to conclude that this rifle is more likely a police version of sniper weapons. Whatever one may say, but in the military environment there is much more dirt, dust, water, so the automatic variant with removal of powder gases with a piston, rather than direct output to the receiver, would be more acceptable here. Conversely, the abundance of places where dirt can accumulate is not at all beneficial to the weapon. The weight of the rifle, especially in the hard case, is not suitable for long walks and so on. On the other hand, it is not clear why the police sniper 20 cartridges in the store, it is certainly not a little, but still. In addition, the cartridge itself in the city is excessively powerful, but when it comes to the enemy in a bulletproof vest, then of course a completely different conversation. It is also interesting that the standard rifle is sand-colored, which seems to hint, but we will not pour it from empty to empty. In the end, use what is at hand and do not look for another for yourself, and in the capable hands of a policeman or army sniper the weapon will work equally effectively.

Summing up the description of this rifle, it should be noted that it enjoys a certain success in the civilian market, and this is despite the fact that there are more advanced models of weapons next to it. The reason lies in the fact that, unlike us in the United States, people can count. So, if, while browsing the catalog, our compatriot saw a weapon twice as expensive as other samples, then with a high degree of probability he would simply have moved to another point, glancing at the characteristics and only a few would have wondered why this model was twice as expensive as the others. The curious American doesn’t get to the bottom of it, but the essence is that, along with the rifle, he gets a complete set with bipods, a telescopic sight and PBS, if it is allowed for civilians in his staff. Having carried out simple mathematically calculations, a potential buyer sees that not only gets everything at once and tailored to each other, but also saves a couple of dollars, which is the main selection criterion. In other words, the sales department worked on 5 + and saved the buyer from having to separately order optics, bipods and the rest, and laziness was the engine of not only progress, but also trade. In general, there are alternatives to the rifle, and the price for it is quite ordinary, the characteristics are also not the most outstanding, but nevertheless they choose it.
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  1. avt
    avt 17 July 2013 09: 22
    "Sensitivity to the quality of gunpowder and pollution in this case also fade into the background, because the sniper weapon, which means that the ammunition will be of high quality, and the weapon is well-groomed." ===== What is called - blessed are those who believe. laughing But in general - a good review +
    1. Ziberman
      Ziberman 25 July 2013 13: 36
      I completely agree)) Although the sniper should be ready for various tests)
  2. bazilio
    bazilio 17 July 2013 12: 01
    Thanks to the author, as always he publishes interesting materials.
    Regarding the trunk, I think that before evaluating a particular trunk, you first need to look for whom and what it was created for. This barrel was clearly oriented for pushing into the army (and / or police), and even better in the army, since there is more competition in the civilian market and the demand, as it seems to me, is not so great. If this barrel was initially honed under the army, then what weapon? Most likely as a weapon of the Marxman. If so, then I agree with the author regarding the shortcomings - there are a lot of places-compilations, in the presence of adverse climatic conditions, not the most suitable automation system, etc.
    "In general, such an automation system is a perfectly suitable option for a sniper self-loading rifle. “It seems to me that the Heckler semi-free automatic with rollers will be the most suitable automation system for a self-loading sniper, but for an automatic with a semi-free shutter and rollers it will be somewhat more difficult to implement the function of turning off self-loading.
  3. Wendor
    Wendor 17 July 2013 12: 28
    sorry you can’t buy one. looks very cool
    interesting and is it the same? Caliber too .308 Win
    1. bazilio
      bazilio 17 July 2013 13: 20
      Quote: Wendor
      interesting and is it the same?

      Not sure, but it seems like SR 25, after customizing
    2. vanaheym
      vanaheym 22 July 2013 03: 38
      In Russia, as well as in Ukraine, very accurate AR-10 clones are sold. We have something around $ 3500. How many in Russia - I do not know.
  4. alex-cn
    alex-cn 17 July 2013 14: 36
    a beautiful cracker ... but nothing new, nothing outstanding again ..., the usual weapon of Marxman, most likely with all the sores of the Stoner design. to the author + all the same, digging up new models is not so simple.
  5. Mister X
    Mister X 17 July 2013 19: 33
    The basis was decided to take the JP LRP-07, in other words, the sports adaptation of the AR-10.
    Author Karasik Kirill

    A small correction: for some reason, the manufacturer writes that the JP LRP-07 rifle is another variation on the AR-15 theme.
    I’ll add from myself: judging by the caliber, she is closer to AR-10 (T) and inherited the diseases and problems of her ancestress.

    As stated in the advertisement: “That same taste, that same tea.”

    For me - Remington R11 is a copy of the JP Enterprises LRP-07 Long Range Precision Rifle rifle with a different fore-end and stock and a fuse lever moved under the thumb.
    The manufacturer positions it as a platform under the cartridge .308 (7,62x51) which was created to eliminate these shortcomings.

    LRP-07 Long Range Precision Rifle by JP Enterprises

    This is what the R11 RSASS consists of:
    USM: JP Enterprises LPR07
    Barrel: JP Supermatch 416R (18 ”or 22”)
    Handguard: JP Enterprises VTAC, Movable rails

    Other manufacturers
    Compensator: AAC Blackout 51T Muzzle Brake
    BSS: AAC Quick Detach
    Butt: MagPul PSR
    Handle: Hogue pistol grip
    Stores: MagPul 7.62 mm
    Bipod: Harris LM-S
    Optics: Leupold Mark 4 M3 LR / T

    LRP-07 Long Range Precision Rifle by JP Enterprises

    I do not see anything from Remington.

    This is for the manufacturer.
    As for the characteristics, appearance and positioning - that’s what I will say.
    Regarding the use of the R11 as an army sniper rifle, Cyril has already written.
    Regarding the use of the R11 as a police sniper rifle, Cyril also wrote, but I’ll add it on my own.

    Police snipers work mainly within the city limits,
    and they rarely have to shoot at ranges over 300 meters.
    So the firing range of the R11 is unlikely to be needed by the cops.

    For a police sniper, the most important position for observing and firing is important.
    To use the rifle in an urban setting, a police sniper rifle should be moderately light and short.
    So the weight and length of the R11 is unlikely to suit cops.

    It is extremely rare for a police sniper to observe several targets and fire a second shot.
    Therefore, automatic loading of the R11 is unlikely to be needed by the police.

    So I agree with Cyril: the only place to sell such weapons is the civilian market.
    And not only the USA.

    LRP-07 Long Range Precision Rifle by JP Enterprises
    1. vanaheym
      vanaheym 22 July 2013 03: 49
      For me - Remington R11 is a copy of the JP Enterprises LRP-07 Long Range Precision Rifle rifle with a different fore-end and stock and a fuse lever moved under the thumb.

      They all have a standard lover. The only thing - playing where to put the fuse: left, right, or on both sides.
      Police snipers work mainly within the city limits,
      and they rarely have to shoot at ranges over 300 meters.
      So the firing range of the R11 is unlikely to be needed by the cops.

      A semi-automatic with an 18 "barrel is exactly the thing that police officers need.
      From such a barrel, you can quickly and clearly get to 300 meters, but to shoot for a kilometer is not allo at all. I own a Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD with a 20 "barrel, so it's not realistic to shoot from it at some long distances, although up to half a kilometer is what you need.
      If we talk about weight, then its weight is adequate, this is not SDMR.
      In general, JP - makes very good components. I think that their carbines are also of high quality.
  6. mirag2
    mirag2 18 July 2013 01: 23
    Yes, not a very good rifle, a very good cartridge, plus high accuracy. And the contamination of the fore-end is not such a minus, if the rifle itself is good. For example, for working in an urban environment, but with a magazine for 20 shots, but with low impact- Great for overwhelming fire. Isn’t it, friends?
  7. Alexanderlaskov
    Alexanderlaskov 18 July 2013 22: 02
    Nice sniper. Rifle for sale in the american market. It’s not sickly that they arm themselves.
    1. vanaheym
      vanaheym 22 July 2013 03: 35
      In the Russian market, Gennady Kozhaev is engaged in the sale of such rifles. But it is, to put it mildly, expensive, as in Ukraine.
      1. Andrey77
        Andrey77 25 July 2013 13: 31
        All good is expensive. For a penny a canary does not work ...
  8. vanaheym
    vanaheym 22 July 2013 03: 29
    I do not understand why the author is surprised at the weight of the rifle - she has a thick match barrel. Even with such a short length, the barrel itself weighs about one and a half kilograms, about 800 grams weighs the butt, and that's it. And so - the machine is suitable.
  9. the47th
    the47th 25 July 2013 16: 01
    I think that the bipod and the sight do not pay back twice the difference in price, with approximately the same characteristics. But an ordinary American citizen, buys along with weapons, also a show off. And if he can put out one and a half times more for the same rifle (taking into account the bipod and sight), then he is cool. Moreover, a normal person for shooting per kilometer (and .308 is rather weak for such a distance) will take a single-shot rifle or a bolt, which is much cheaper.
  10. Raul70
    Raul70 28 July 2013 11: 56
    Before starting to write materials, the author should have studied the Russian language in order to avoid such elementary mistakes as "the rifle becomes" and "cleaning becomes a long occupation" - the word "becomes" is written in this context without a soft sign.