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Israel without borders

Israel without bordersFor the latest attacks on Syrian weapons warehouses worth Israel. At least that's what a number of Western media outlets say, including CNN. According to CNN representatives, the Israeli leadership gives orders to destroy the weapons depots in which Russian weapons may be located. More specifically, the S-300 and Yakhont systems. The last attack took place on July 5th. Then the warehouse of military equipment in the port city of Latakia was destroyed. Allegedly, the Syrian troops stored the Yakhont anti-ship systems delivered from Russia in it.
Israeli Defense Minister Mr. Yaalon spoke out about the Israeli attack on Latakia only a week later. According to him, Israel cannot be held responsible for all the explosions that occur in the Middle East. Thus, Moshe Ya'alon seems to make it clear that Israel can be completely uncomplicated in the attack on the weapons depots of the Syrian government army. But his current words can be considered more like a blatant lie, because about two months ago, the same Yaalon claimed that Israel is ready to take measures if Russian weapons (C-300) begin to flow into Syria.
Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad responded to this. He stated that the attack on Latakia by Israel was the last sortie. If something like this happens again, Syria is ready to respond adequately. What exactly this may be the answer, Assad did not specify.
Meanwhile, in Israel itself, the number of dissatisfied with Israel’s involvement in the war in Syria continues to grow. A prevented series of terrorist acts in several Israeli cities at once (one bomb was found at a bus stop, the other in the mini market area near the shop "purchase of batteries") Says that the more actively Israel intends to intervene in solving the Syrian problem, the greater the number of problems that Israelis can expect in their own territory.
Against the background of the problems that Israel finds for itself by attacking Syrian military targets, the long-standing problem regarding the settlement of the issue with Palestine also manifests itself. The media reports that US Secretary of State Kerry may put forward a double ultimatum to Israel and Palestine: Palestine recognizes the Jewish state, and Israel conducts further negotiations on securing the 1967 borders of the year.
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  1. Pimply
    Pimply 15 July 2013 11: 30
    "Meanwhile, in Israel itself, the number of those dissatisfied with Israel's involvement in the war in Syria continues to grow. A series of terrorist attacks prevented in several cities of Israel at once (one explosive device was found at a bus stop, another in the area of ​​a mini-market near a shop" buying batteries " suggests that the more actively Israel is going to interfere in the solution of the Syrian problem, the more problems Israelis can expect on their own territory. "

    Interesting, this nonsense from where?
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 15 July 2013 11: 34
      Quote: Pimply

      Interesting, this nonsense from where?

      Eugene, so from your allies from whom else wassat
      At least that's what a number of Western media say, including CNN
      1. il grand casino
        il grand casino 15 July 2013 13: 49
        Is Western media an ally of Israel? I lived in Austria, Spain, Italy and Germany. All the media in these countries have plagued Israel with and without cause.
      2. Pimply
        Pimply 15 July 2013 14: 00
        Sash, CNN and the Sunday Times posted another article I read. And this insert is already the domestic nonsense of the local spill.
    2. Bashkaus
      Bashkaus 15 July 2013 19: 38
      Pimpy, to be honest, I also do not believe in the above nonsense. No offense was said, but when communicating with people living in Israel, one gets the impression that a handful of people gathered from all over the world who believe that she and everyone are punished and just do what they want to do.
      1. Pimply
        Pimply 15 July 2013 23: 23
        They can. Because if you had visited Israel and toured it a bit, you would have understood the reasons, for example, the Israeli bombing. The Israelis do not believe that they owe everything to them, they just want to not get to the bottom of it
  2. gregor6549
    gregor6549 15 July 2013 13: 25
    Israel is putting into practice a preemptive strike strategy against its adversaries, that's all. And not by probable opponents, but by real ones, because he has been at war with them for decades. But in war as in war. Who did not have time, he was late. Moreover, there is nothing new and terrible in this strategy, if only because such a strategy was at the heart of the military doctrine of the USSR since the pre-war times and remained so until the collapse of the USSR. This strategy acquired particular significance with the advent of nuclear missile weapons when it became clear to the Soviet leadership that there was a chance to survive a war using such weapons only when the likely enemy was disarmed or weakened as much as possible before he delivered the strike.
    Israel's strategy is the same and its correctness has been confirmed by all the wars that it waged in the past years. If Israel had not struck a preemptive strike against the troops of its opponents in 1967, then it would not have been in 1967. Conversely, when he yawned in 1973, he was almost defeated and the world was brought to the brink of an all-out war. Yes, and the last Lebanese war showed that it is almost impossible to fight missiles already launched into Israel. intercepting a percentage of missiles does not change the situation. Therefore, Israel is trying to destroy such missiles and other "things" unpleasant for it before they fall into the hands of thugs. And there are enough of them.
    In this regard, Assad is still more preferable for Israel, just as Saddam Hussein was once preferable for Blin Clinton. Clinton understood that only Hussein was able to keep a multi-faith country like Iraq in his hands. But Zhorik Bush did not understand this and received a headache for many years both for the United States and for Iraq. And the last thing. When it comes to Israel, let's still use the term "Israelites" because the citizens of this Jewish state are not only Jews, but also Arabs, including Palestinians, and Russians and Ukrainians and other various "Swedes".