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Military airfield "Baltimore" near Voronezh is closed for reconstruction


The Baltimore military airfield, located near Voronezh, will close in a few weeks to a large-scale reconstruction that will last until 2015, reports RIA News"With reference to the regional government.

“After reconstruction, the airfield will meet the most modern military requirements aviation, as well as safety requirements and minimal impact on the environment, ”the regional government quotes the head of the Zhukovsky and Gagarin Air Force Academy Gennady Zibrov.

Baltimore airfield is located five kilometers from the city center.

According to RIA Novosti, a modern artificial turf will be made at the airport. Earlier it was noted that according to the latest project, the aircraft will be no more than 40 (mostly new Su-34), and the runway will be alone. After the reconstruction, the old Su-24 will not be based on Baltimore, which will be transferred to other parts. The amount that they plan to spend on the reconstruction is not called.

For the period of repair, the scheduled flight training will be conducted on the basis of the Buturlinovsky airfield, which remains the main site.
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  1. Alex Nikandrov
    Alex Nikandrov 15 July 2013 10: 50 New
    And where will the planes go?
    1. Ruslan_F38
      Ruslan_F38 15 July 2013 12: 52 New
      Better let someone explain to me why the Russian airfield is called Baltimore? Are we all moved to the usa?
      1. Homo
        Homo 15 July 2013 15: 04 New
        Quote: Ruslan_F38
        Better let someone explain to me why the Russian airfield is called Baltimore? Are we all moved to the usa?

        Have you seen the SB in the photo? Here they are and fly to Baltimore!
      2. sancho
        sancho 15 July 2013 17: 12 New
        Better let someone explain to me why the Russian airfield is called Baltimore? Are we all moved to the usa?

        Such a name at the airport was long ago. Already practically plainly no one can explain where this name came from, but it has existed for quite a long time from 60s. According to one version, during these years, it was based on the squadrons of the Baltic naval aviation at the time of some sort of relocation. In general, until the 90s, the airfield was a pilot experiment, on which all promising developments introduced by our craftsmen, both electronically and in combat, were tested. And, since the 2000s, the airfield passed into the status of operational-tactical significance and the number of air base No. 7000 was assigned.
  2. Russ69
    Russ69 15 July 2013 10: 56 New
    Aerodromes also need to be repaired, otherwise new equipment arrives, and the infrastructure has been since the times of the USSR.
    Quote: Alex Nikandrov
    And where will the planes go?

    Temporarily relocate somewhere.
    1. Cyril7377
      Cyril7377 15 July 2013 11: 30 New
      So they wrote ... to Buturlinovka :)
  3. kirieeleyson
    kirieeleyson 15 July 2013 10: 57 New
    An update of the entire structure of the air forces of the Russian Air Force was planned, but the most important thing, I believe, is to return or rebuild those airfields that were intermediate or jump airfields, this is an important element of the hidden deployment of troops.
    1. klimpopov
      klimpopov 15 July 2013 13: 44 New
      Very true!
  4. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 15 July 2013 11: 30 New
    And civilians near the airfield probably live happily, it remains only to get used to the roar of turbines)
    1. Jeka
      Jeka 15 July 2013 12: 21 New
      I live in Voronezh and everyone has long been accustomed to it, 34s ​​are especially pleasing. I was once at a training camp at this airfield, it was off at 12 o’clock in the morning, and two hundred meters from us take-off and planes took off at intervals of 10 minutes. smile
      1. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 15 July 2013 12: 26 New
        Quote: wih
        all have long been accustomed to
        Exactly, a person gets used to everything, but now you’ll be quiet until 2015, you’ll have to get used to it again. You won’t get anywhere --- SERVICE)))
        1. Jeka
          Jeka 15 July 2013 12: 40 New
          Yes, we get used to it, the main thing is that the pilots continue to fly.
    2. Starover_Z
      Starover_Z 15 July 2013 13: 09 New
      I saw 2 reports on NTV about this airfield. And as I understand it, the thing is that the military practically stopped flying over the collapse in the early 90s, nobody cared about the airfield, and here the builders and city authorities took notice, giving permission for domestic construction in the direction of the airfield. So we got closer to the minimum distance.
      And then the Moscow Region "woke up", the activity of the airfield increased sharply, and residential neighborhoods were nearby.
      Residents began to protest, but ...
      And who is to blame?
    3. vladimirZ
      vladimirZ 15 July 2013 15: 15 New
      According to safety standards, both for the civilian population and for the military, one should not “keep” an operating military airfield in or near a large city.
      These are all costs of past misplanning. Gradually you need to "get away" from this, but instead “Baltimore military airfield, located near Voronezh, will be closed for large-scale reconstruction in a few weeks, which will last until 2015”.
      But dozens of perceptive military airfields, especially in the East, are abandoned in Transbaikalia. I do not understand.
      1. AlNick
        AlNick 15 July 2013 15: 52 New
        "... you should not" keep "an existing military airfield in or near a major city."

        Where to keep it? Near villages, towns or railways traveling?
        The thing is that airfields designed to cover large cities at one time were built on flat ground and quite far from them. But cities have a tendency to grow, and it was easier for the city to build new houses in the direction of the airfield, why fill the ravines. Fortunately, in the early 2000s they flew a little. Hence the planning costs mentioned above, which probably did not exist.
        A similar situation in Perm and other large cities.
        And about a dozen abandoned "promising" airfields in the East, I agree - there are many dozens of them. Here are just their promising cause great doubt. Usually this is a village in which a school, hospital and other infrastructure revolved around the garrison. The aviation units left and not only the airfield died, life ended in general. Remained a crumbling, useless village and destroyed, dilapidated DOS.
    4. VAF
      VAF 15 July 2013 15: 29 New
      Quote: Thunderbolt
      And civilians near the airfield probably live happily, it remains only to get used to the roar of turbines)

      Lesha, +! But it is also necessary to wrap the dishes in the sideboard with soft rags ... so that they would not “run” and not “ring”, especially when the engines in the afterburners! lol

      1. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 15 July 2013 15: 40 New
        Glad to see you, Sergey! I have it once, well, maybe 3 months, it’s clear by mistake which navigator the airliners on Kurumoch go over the house, and that’s high, but of course the impressions are YES !!! And here is such a base, but anyway, I would give a lot to live in those high-rise buildings that are in the photo)))
        1. VAF
          VAF 15 July 2013 17: 16 New
          Quote: Thunderbolt
          aero. "Kurumoch" go over the house

          Lesha, is it 67 km from Samara?

          And to be honest, it’s pleasure .. below average ... especially when they take off with a near start (this is the start, which is as close to home as possible)!

          Need to get used to! And let them "rejoice" that not the Tu-22M3 take off.

          Well, on take-off ... 450 (500) the fast and the furious left and 500 (550) the fast and the fast and the furious right off and then on MBFR (if in a set) .. well, it happens on fast and the furious to the "end", but still high and not " very loud "for the" earth ", and on landing .. so generally ..... quiet and grace .. just a whistle, well, briefly when leaving for the second round, but the citizens, they are much noisier .. since they love Ore "shorking" back and forth, especially on CARGO or VTASHniki drinks
          1. Thunderbolt
            Thunderbolt 15 July 2013 17: 30 New
            I say, right above Samara, it’s very rare, but it’s sometimes “noisy”)))
            Quote: vaf
            And let them "rejoice" that not the Tu-22M3 take off.
            Yes, even Tu-142, if only for the benefit of the case drinks
  5. pinecone
    pinecone 15 July 2013 11: 40 New
    I wonder where such an "American" name for the airfield came from.
    1. Thunderbolt
      Thunderbolt 15 July 2013 11: 54 New
      my version: there allies landed on their "flying fortresses"
      1. urich
        urich 15 July 2013 12: 20 New
        One hundred pounds ketchup advertisement laughing
        Paid however lol
  6. user
    user 15 July 2013 12: 04 New
    With the word reform, I always feel uneasy. As the Chinese say, to live in a time of change.
    That's from my personal life.
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    30th aviation division of fighter-bombers.
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    Here once he repaid his homeland.
    After the accident at the boiler room, a decision was made
    On December 1, 2010, troops formally withdrawn from the garrison.

    You can see the results
    1. user
      user 15 July 2013 13: 12 New
      Very dynamic video of LTU. Step. 2004
      Here's another service
      but no longer
      Sorry for the quality
      Here is the whole story about the steppe garrison
      Particularly interesting photo comparison
      Garrison Steppe in the past
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  7. rudolff
    rudolff 15 July 2013 12: 57 New
    40 cars of course a lot, but not so much for a full-fledged air base. It is within the power of all of them to hide in hangars, since reconstruction of the airdrome is so massive. Sorry for the new technique in the open air to ruin.
  8. Vlad_Mir
    Vlad_Mir 15 July 2013 13: 21 New
    Correctly! Equipment is already outdated. New aircraft also require new technical support.
  9. varov14
    varov14 15 July 2013 13: 28 New
    And under the runway to make a hangar.
    1. Tambov we ...
      Tambov we ... 15 July 2013 14: 58 New
      In case of military aggression, the take-off will be carried out in the first place. You can’t have such hangars.
  10. The comment was deleted.