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Results of the week. "I remember here, but I do not remember here!"

NATO Ukraine as a knife in tanks

NATO will offer Ukraine to cut into pieces and melt the old Soviet T-64 tanks. A NATO delegation will arrive in Kiev at the end of July to discuss this issue. The destruction of tanks will be funded by donor countries under the Trust Fund for the NATO Partnership for Peace program.

As you know, Ukraine has already learned how to modernize these tanks in Bulat T-64BM, which are in service with the Ukrainian army. Thus, T-64 can be upgraded and sold abroad or converted into special equipment. The cost of upgrading one tank costs about $ 460 thousand. According to the Center for Army Studies, Conversion and Disarmament, there are about 2 thousands of units of “excess” armored vehicles in Ukrainian warehouses, which NATO proposes to utilize.

It is interesting, since when did NATO take care of the Ukrainian redundant technology? .. It’s not since ever since the Soviet “strategists” who turned out to be on the territory of the newly independent Ukraine recognized the excess technology in Brussels and Washington ... And the Ukrainian people (and the Russian, too, so in Russia they went through similar “democratic” transformations) perfectly remembers episodes when people in working clothes with grinders in their hands sawed military equipment, giving obvious pleasure to overseas observers. And if Ukraine again decides to satisfy the wishes of the "friends" from NATO, then there will be a complete sense of deja vu ... Maybe the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation will be offered to melt ...

Comments from our readers:

Laughter, and only. The United States is ready to give the money for the destruction of Ukrainian tanks to the United States, and in return for NATO, Italian Iveco will deliver the Italian carts.

Ukraine, with its power, reminds me of a rake disco. Whether the memory is short, or the hair is long. Recall the destruction of a nuclear arsenal. What does Ukraine have in the end? In the city of Pavlograd, a time bomb. The US also promised a lot of things, as in this case.

States unofficially confirmed their readiness to allocate $ 1 million for the disposal of Ukrainian military equipment. Yes, they will not spare the money for recycling the country. With tanks will begin ...

New test readiness

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to begin a sudden military check in the Eastern Military District on Saturday night. Putin also instructed the Minister of Defense during the verification of the Eastern Military District to develop rescue skills at sea, including underwater fleet.

As the press secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov, said later, “taking into account the scale of the upcoming exercises, and taking into account the established international practice, the president ordered the defense minister to inform the Russian foreign partners about the upcoming exercises.”

Sudden inspections of troops - this is undoubtedly great! It is also great that the opinion of foreign "partners" regarding the conduct of maneuvers by Russian troops becomes as important for the Russian leadership as dirt under the fingernails, and therefore decided to report on the course of the exercises to these same foreign "partners", as they say not in a hurry ...

However, against the background of a general positive, there is also the fact that in the test designated by the president it is not at all good. As an example - a ten-hour delay in the departure of aircraft with military personnel from Khabarovsk. The receiving airfield in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk for almost half a day, as it turned out, did not give permission to receive transport workers. Reason, attention: because the planes were supposed to land at no cost ... That's the number! It turns out that, first, the board with money, which in bags had to be thrown off onto the runway, should have advanced to the landing site ... And only after that the Khabarovsk military could safely take off to the scene of action. Whether the host of the Sakhalin side beguiled ...

Sergei Shoigu, who received such information, ordered to understand the situation. Hopefully, they will figure it out!

Comments of our readers (about the check itself):

Most importantly, inadvertently Japan cannot be captured in the heat of the exercise.

The phrase smiled at me about the rescue of the submarine fleet. On submarine crews, not on the submarines themselves (although this would also hurt the ears), but on the submarine fleet! "Comrade Commander-in-Chief, the Russian submarine fleet in the Far East has been successfully saved during the exercises held! All previously sunk submarines have been lifted to the surface! Loss of personnel is being specified!"

About foam scribes and silence of lambs

In the Altai Territory, the Barnaul Garrison Military Court issued a verdict in a criminal case of an extremist crime. Two servicemen of the notorious military unit N41659 in Aleisk - rank and file of Taiga Bakhmudov and Zhargal Dondupov - were found guilty of mocking colleagues on national grounds.

Results of the week. "I remember here, but I do not remember here!"

Defendants were judged by the h. 1 Art. 282 (incitement to hatred or enmity, as well as the humiliation of human dignity) and in accordance with Art. HNUMX Art. 2 (violation of the statutory rules of the relationship between military personnel), according to the GVSU IC of the Russian Federation. In addition, Bahmudov was convicted of extortion. As a result, the court appointed Taiga Bahmudov a punishment in the form of 335 2 years of years with serving in a penal colony. Jargal Dondupov was sentenced to 6 and 1 months of imprisonment with a probation of one and a half years.

As the saying goes, the sentence found its “heroes” ... However, the point here is not so much in the sentence as in the very fact that this sentence (by the way, quite soft) led to it. Two, excuse me, dolbyuischer kept at bay all the personnel of the military unit. It is obvious that the fathers-commanders, who knew the relationship between Bakhmudov, Dondupov and the other recruits, did not dare to take any action, letting the situation flow by itself.

And if so, will the verdict become a barrier to new “accomplishments” of non-contracting? The answer is simple: no, it won't. The Bakhmudov-Dondupovs will continue to demonstrate their “charisma” until those officers responsible for discipline in the unit entrusted to them appear on the same dock. Or perhaps the officers had never heard of the tricks of their soldiers? Well, if this is proved, then such officers need to be driven from the Russian army, let's say, with an unclean broom with the wording “incompetent”.

Comments from our readers:

Why didn't the Russians gather? Yes, because at least half, it was banal that they could be beaten. Why were you scared? Because now since childhood they are raising this. “Don't go there, sonny, or you'll fall,” “don't mess with those, or you will get into a fight,” etc. Do not bring up normal men; and the experience of the army, the isolated male group, turns out to be shocking.

Ugh, disgrace, this is not Russian, but the real Russians.

This is just "kills"! Two! Abreka brought 16 man !!! Lawlessness and humility ... Fear and horror ... And this is the "defenders" of the motherland? And what about the "gentlemen" officers, let me ask you? Again complained about the "small" salary and ruffled in the office of the "vicissitudes and victories" of military service? Dismiss them, to ...! Shame, shame to read ...

How hacked japan

In a published document, Tokyo pays attention to a number of topical issues of international security, including the development of the North Korean nuclear program and the territorial dispute with Beijing.

In this case, one of the problems outlined in the ministry’s report was cybercrime. According to Japanese researchers, over the past year, computers of the Japanese military and government departments have repeatedly been subjected to cyber attacks, in particular, from Russia, China and the DPRK. Over the past year, “cyber attacks on information and communication networks of government and military institutions in various countries have become frequent, there are indications that the state structures of China, Russia and the DPRK are involved in them,” the document explains.

And this is not yet entered into a "battle" of our scientific company ... Whether more will be ...

Touches the report that the Japanese computers were subjected to hacker attacks from the DPRK ... And this is after the Japanese themselves claimed that the North Korean missiles are inflatable, and the only North Korean computer is the “gameboy” that Kim sawed out from his time. Chen Il as a gift to Kim Jong Un ... And now - here you are, get it. In the DPRK, there are also hackers, for whom the Japanese computer networks are seeds ... In general, the Land of the Rising Sun is in deep crisis.

Comments from our readers:

We do this to fight global terrorism and to promote democracy!

Yapas are shrinking. They can no longer repel a cyber attack with their sophisticated software, but also argue about some islands ...

Russian hackers broke into the TOMAGAWK rocket. Now it is called "BOOMERANG".

"Proton": plus a minus

The source, which the media announced close to the investigation, said that the cause of the accident "Proton" has been established. The following is a direct quote from the source (and not the author’s interpretation, - author’s note): the rocket exploded due to the human factor, while assembling the Proton, the angular velocity sensors were incorrectly connected - at the moment of their connection the plus and the poles were confused minus".

Because of this, as explained by the source, the rocket control system immediately after the start began to receive incorrect data from its sensors and as a result lost its stable orientation ...

Well, the rocket would start to get the correct data ... After getting acquainted with such reasons as "mixed up" minus "and" plus ", I would like to ask the persons responsible for launching: and you’re not mistaken about the head with the back seat ... Well this is how much you had to drink "for a good start" to the one who connected the designated angular velocity sensors, so as not to deal with the contacts.

Even more plausible reason for the fall of the "Proton" could be called, for example, the fact that someone did not squeeze the clutch pedal ... Well, or the welder at the factory forgot to weld the fuel tanks ...

Comments from our readers:

Even if something happened that says this unknown source, then where were those who had to conduct an audit of all systems, both at the plant and at Baikonur?

Personally, I think that "Proton" "helped" to lose orientation ... Based on the identified thefts under the GLONASS program, someone "writes off" what was stolen. Just as warehouses are torn in the army, Roscosmos detonates missiles. In 2011, they were drowned in the ocean, but now they were simply detonated ... If the test was "purely formal," it is not clear what was flying in the form of "payload" - 3 satellite with a solid cost or mockups of the 3's satellites for a penny a piece.

Who collected it then, probably migrant workers from Tajikistan.

Lessons from the tragedy in Pugachev

Summer xnumx. Russians in the forums and special commentary lines in the media have already pretty much become attached to the discussion of topics such as the new change of government in Egypt or the ongoing civil war in Syria. The intra-Russian information component was, to put it mildly, lethargic. It was sluggish until it thundered ... Thunder rang out in the city, which until July 2013 of the year, frankly, was difficult to attribute to the media centers of the country, and almost no mention in the federal and especially foreign media. However, the tragedy in the Golden Barrel cafe, which resulted in 2013-year-old resident of Pugachev, Ruslan Marzhanov, was fatally injured from a 20-year-old native of the Chechen Republic who visited his relative in the Saratov region, history This city on the "before" and "after."

A topic that is clearly not included in the category of topics for irony and sarcasm, but not to mention it in the "Results of the week" is simply impossible. It is impossible, if only because any large-scale unrest (and wars in particular) in any state and at any historical stage began with a single episode. The episode with the murder of the 20-year-old Russian guy, visitors from Chechnya, could well be attributed to such far-reaching episodes. Many readers "zaminusovali" the article itself, published in the week, calling it an attempt, quote: "to shield the overblown Caucasians."

Well, as they say, everyone saw what he wanted to see ... At the same time, the article is by no means upsetting. It is distressing that people who are ready, as they say, to wave a sword, sitting at home in computer slippers, are not ready to admit even to themselves that they (that is, you and I together) allowed our guys to be humiliated in the army “Bakhmudovs” with “Dondupovs”, so that in our cities they would rape our women and children “Rakhmatulloyevs”, so that the Russian guys in the Russian regions would be slaughtered “Nazirs”. For some reason, we are ready to tear the vest on ourselves only after the fact, but for some reason we cannot take measures to eliminate the very negative (frankly disregarding) attitude towards ourselves as the owners of our land. We can’t respect the law either ourselves or others. In general, we cannot, although we are all individually, judging by the numerous statements: “hoo!” So ​​maybe this “hoo!” Should be sent in the right direction, rather than slipping into statements that the Caucasus Russia is no longer needed ...

Comments from our readers:

I have repeatedly written that not everything is good in the Saratov region, much depends on local officials. And the local "minusyory" argued that everything is fine in power. So they waited - first Voronezh, now Pugachev, and then ??? Each nationality has its own heroes and jackals. Serdyukov and the company are Russians ..... And just the people are tired of the mayhem of local authorities, and they don’t want to change it, and all the same people continue the same things ..

Conversation that very much they want to break us on a national basis. The people spoke for justice. It is for the rule of law. And the main thing was, not national hatred, but distrust of power. It is to the authorities, in the face of the local police department.

Field of war

70 years ago, 12 July 1943, the largest tank battle in history took place on Belgorod land. In that hell, the fullness of the Russian spirit, the readiness of our soldiers and officers for self-sacrifice in the name of victory, was fully manifested. Overcome the Prokhorov frontier the enemy failed.

A high price for a victory on the Prokhorovsky field was paid by a Soviet soldier. In the Peter and Paul Church, erected in Prokhorovka, thousands of names are carved on marble slabs. They say not all. But in the grateful hearts of the descendants, the memory of those who laid down their heads at the source of Psel and the Seversky Donets and buried in the sacred land under their own name or nameless will remain for centuries.

Here is that glorious page of history, which in itself is something more than some kind of ephemeral, constantly sought-after national idea. There is no need to search for anything, no need to practice in the invention of ideas and symbols. The story itself at a heavy price — at the cost of the lives of our ancestors — gives us both ideas and symbols. Our task is only to remember the feat of the people to which we belong, to honor this memory and pass it on to our descendants. We will cope? Must cope! After all, our grandfathers and great-grandfathers near Kursk (as well as near Moscow, Stalingrad, Berlin) performed their feats of arms for us.

Comments from our readers:

Honestly, I still had a head-on collision or not. I'm just proud of my grandfathers. I know that if it were not for them under Prokhorovka, near Novorossiysk, at the N-th height, we would not have written here with a clever air and as if with knowledge of the matter. For me the main thing is that my grandfather is a HERO. GLORY TO THE HEROES!

Low bow to the heroes !!!

Al Qaeda vs SSA

Al-Qaeda-related militants in Syria killed yesterday a member of the command of the Syrian Free Army, Kamal Hamami. According to correspondent ITAR-TASS Roman Podervyansky with reference to Reuters, this fact was further evidence of an “expanding split” in the ranks of anti-government forces fighting in the Middle Eastern republic.

A member of the Supreme Council of the SSA, Hamami (nickname Abu Basel al-Ladkani), was killed when he arrived at negotiations with the grouping "The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant."

After the murder, the ISIL militants called the SSA and said that after Hama they would kill all the members of its highest council. CCA representative Kasem Saadeddin told Reuters news agency.

Comments from our readers:

Al-Qaida, previously being only part of the opposition, is now cleansing it of a foreign element.

Congress against Obama

The decision of the President of the United States to provide military assistance to Syrian militants blocked intelligence committees of both houses of Congress, reports the channel "RT".

As it turned out, the decision was made by the committees of the Senate and the House of Representatives in June, but kept secret. This writes the edition of "The Hill". The newspaper also explains the motives of the legislators: they fear that weapon can get to terrorists, including those associated with al-Qaeda.

And if such a thing, the "hawks" have found another way out of the situation.

The United States and ten other countries that form the “core” of the “Group of Friends of Syria” should proceed to delivering targeted attacks on the forces of Assad. Such an opinion is contained in a joint written statement circulated by the chairman of the committee on armed affairs, Carl Levin, and a member of the intelligence committee, Enges King of the Senate of the US Congress, reports correspondent ITAR-TASS Dmitry Kirsanov.

The two made a five-day trip to Jordan and Turkey, during which they discussed the situation in Syria with the officials of these countries and the American diplomats and military leaders who are there.

Levin and King believe that events in the SAR have threatened the “interests of US national security.” According to them, the stability of our allies, Turkey, Jordan and Israel, as well as "strategic partners in the region" is at stake. Mr. Levine and Mr. King believe that the armed conflict in Syria has in fact turned into a war involving third parties, including Iran and Hezbollah. “Expanding their influence in the region, naturally, does not meet our interests,” congressmen note. Russia named senators are characterized as a "major sponsor" of Assad.

In this regard, Mr. Levin and King urge the eleven states of the “Group of Friends of Syria” to carry out “comprehensive planning of additional steps that can be taken to increase military pressure on the Assad regime.” "Such plans may include options for limited pinpoint strikes on the apparatus of Assad’s terror, including airplanes, helicopters, missiles, tanks and artillery, while coordinating with the Syrian opposition in the conflict zone," the statement said. ITAR-TASS.

Comments from our readers:

Congress against Obama. So there are still normal people there.

KazaK Bo
Interestingly, these senators know that the sponsor ships are located off the coast of Syria ... and that the air defense of these ships covers the territory of Syria ... They should know ... they are from the intelligence committee ... Did Putin say so quietly that the United States did not hear him saying that Russia will not allow the bombing of Syria ... even if the point?

Point has already allowed Israeli pilots a couple of times already bombed. I think Putin was referring to the Libyan scenario. Although, these attacks could have stopped. Probably agreed in advance.

KGB lessons

Talk of a "reset" between the United States and Russia resumed with a new force after several Latin American countries, one after another, offered the exposer Edward Snowden to obtain political asylum. One of the followers of the “reset” theme was Mr. McCain, a Republican senator from among those advocates of democracy who are called “hawks”. This senator, as we all know, does not approve of President Obama’s activities. But far less he approves of V. V. Putin’s activities.

How is the channel "InoTV", about Snowden, McCain was asked on the American channel CBS in the program “Face The Nation” (July 7). The essence of the question: can the US use military force to stop the fugitive Snowden, to return or catch him leaving Russia and moving to the country where he is ready to give asylum?

McCain's answer (quote):

“I don’t think that we can do something, there are certain norms of international law. But the lesson we learned is the following: look at our relationship with Putin. We should forget about this "reset button". It is quite clear who he really is - an old otchiktor, a KGB colonel, and he is not interested in improving relations with the United States. Otherwise, he would have taken care that Mr. Snowden be sent to us.

We should be much more realistic about Russia and Putin in order to adequately respond to their actions against us. ”

Despite the “reset”, relations between Russia and the United States continue to deteriorate, political scientists Matthew Royansky and Nicholas Gvozdev write in an article for the New York Times.

"Last year's search for scapegoats before the elections in both countries, the imposition of mutual sanctions, the ever-worsening mediated war in Syria and the potentially infinite stock of mutual accusations connected with spies and dissidents," - quotes the material "InoTV".

Similar and other "symptoms" indicate that there is a serious rift between Washington and Moscow, political analysts say.

Analysts advise Moscow and Washington to focus on the "fundamental aspects of their relationship" and solve the so-called problem of perception. After all

"... two decades after the end of the Cold War, the Russians consider the US a hypocritical power, imposing its will on others, while the Americans condescendly consider Russia to be a disreputable caricature of authoritarianism and illegitimacy."

There is little “illegitimacy”, so there are also “barriers constantly created for free communication between countries and investments”.

Between the lines is read: Russian is to blame for everything. We, they say, go to meet them, and they turn into a dark alley.

Maybe it will solve the personal friendship of the leaders? No, not her. It is generally optional.

“Putin and Obama don't need to be friends. However, they must show that relations between Russia and the United States are important, put an end to the destructive “provocation-response” cycle and take measures to maintain the foundations of joint investment, moving between countries and trade. ”

Well, and if Obama and Putin do not obey political analysts?

Then the two countries will slide into a “permanent confrontation.” And nothing will save the world. The ability to "quickly solve urgent global problems will evaporate forever."

Do we need to be reminded that the global confrontation (bipolar world) lasted for several decades, starting with the end of World War II? However, as a result, the ability to “promptly solve urgent global problems” did not evaporate forever. Moreover, the “April theses” by Mikhail S. Gorbachev, and then his regular trips to the countries of the West, showed perfectly what could be the end of “permanent confrontation”.

Comments from our readers:

I don’t think we need this reboot at all. Rather, it is necessary for the United States, in order to cajole Russia and at the right moments to keep from certain actions, they say, “are you, our Anti-theft is not directed, we are now friends, and we have launched the reboot ...”, not, but what, for example, Gorbachev believed. And now, you see, Russians need some kind of legal guarantees.
Here is my opinion: Americans themselves will be good if we manage to become strong.

nikolas 83
Everyone has long known that the West needs Russia as a raw materials appendage. And all the talk about friendships is a bluff. American politicians always have a knife behind their backs, and Putin understands this.

America wants Russia to fall prostrate before it, to become a limp performer of its desires, and, of course, a source of cheap minerals. Only in this case is possible "friendship and cooperation" between the United States and Russia. But, as they say, a red, gnawed stump on your collar. Russia has its own road, and with thieves, robbers and murderers we are not on the way.

Miracles are for America

At the Second Summit of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum in Moscow, the Russian president explained that the GECF is not at all like OPEC and does not set cartel targets. Oil is one thing, and gas is another. But EU discrimination is the third, and therefore, comrade Putin believes, gas exporters should unite against it, thereby showing solidarity. “We want our interests to be justly taken into account,” said Vladimir Putin.

As noted by RBC, the Russian president criticized at the summit discriminatory restrictions imposed by gas consumers on suppliers. As evidence of restrictive measures, Vladimir Putin pointed to the EU's “Third Energy Package”: “The introduction of the relevant gas directive seriously limits the activities of traditional gas suppliers to the EU market. Suppliers who have invested their money in the development of the European gas industry for decades. ”

What were the objectives of the gas forum? According to Putin, the key tasks include: a) developing a joint position on gas pricing issues; b) the creation of conditions to reduce excessive price volatility and increase the transparency of the entire industry; c) development of cooperation in the collection and analysis of data on the industry by the GECF member countries.

V.Putin spoke on the shale theme. This writes Yuri Levykin (

Putin’s answer to the question about the “American miracle,” that is to say shale gas, was unequivocal. The president said that this question "is not relevant for us yet." Putin hinted that the prospects for the development of a “miracle” are very uncertain.

The head of state recalled that Russia is the world's leader in gas reserves, and explained that Russia “has enough opportunities for the development of shale gas and for its production in the usual way.”

Well, what about the United States with their notorious access to world gas markets?

“If they come out,” Putin said, “most likely with a very small volume that will not affect the global market.” Therefore, it does not bother us, and if it does, it is only for environmental reasons, because shale gas is a barbaric way of extracting mineral resources. ”

Thus, shale shale, and the question of gas exports - one of the key elements of geopolitics. Unconventional energy is a matter for the future, but for now nobody is going to give up gas and oil. And in the same way, no one is going to abandon the gas issue as a tool for conducting foreign policy.

Comments from our readers:

And Gazprom got the hang of it - judging by Zenit, how many millions of euros are being poured into unnecessary players. Or is it money laundering? In Russia, we will soon pay for gas at world prices.

Me in the village house of firewood for 6 thousand rubles. Enough for the 2 season.
Smart neighbors pushed 50 thousand each for the connection, now they pay for the meter from 1,5 to 2 thousand per month.

If you knew how much money is being stolen with the help of Gazprom, you would have started to respect him even more, because for the people of Zaputinia there is nothing more important than super-profit in their own pocket, taken from millions of citizens by the means of thieves, and Miller and his young handicap to any zaputintsu according to the scheme of embezzlement.
Rulit "Gazprom" - rulit their slaves, of which 140 million

You know, to victories or defeats of Russia in gas and oil projects I have a “cool” attitude. The shitheads said that the USSR “sat on an oil needle,” and now a bunch of oligarchs are sitting on this “needle,” and the people cannot get anything from this “needle”. When the USSR was free training, health care, sports developed, all industries, people received free apartments, etc., etc. And now they are pumping out of the depths of the Russian land ten times more, and the people get a spicy garden plant ... and sometimes without oil or with oil from petroleum products, which these oligarchs themselves will not have. And when the Soviet Union ate real foods. So, just generally rejoice that not everything is for the sake of syushy, that's all!

Forty two million unnecessary people

In recent days, the press began to receive reports of data from the latest research on the topic of American medicine. It turns out that three decades ago, doctors, using loopholes of the public health system, oppressed minorities like blacks, but today, in times of economic crisis, doctors seriously took up the poor.

As noted by "Medical Information Network" referring to, employees of the University of Rochester (New York) found that if previous studies showed that African Americans get opioids for pain relief in the US less often than white citizens of the country, but now not only racial ones matter, but economic forces. The latest study showed that US citizens belonging to national minorities and citizens living below the poverty line, as well as both, are less likely to get a doctor's prescription for opioids in case of severe pain than rich whites.

Scientists analyzed the 1.400 data of hospital admissions in the United States for three years.

The problem is much deeper than it might seem at first glance.

As noted in the channel material "RT", while in 1980 in the United States, national minorities did not have the right to reimburse medical expenses, but now those who cannot pay for medical insurance remain without drugs and doctors' help. Incurable or seriously ill patients without money or insurance will not receive the simplest opioid for pain relief. The US Healthcare Committee has already advised the poor to turn to healers, herbalists, to be treated with acupuncture.

According to the Journal of General Internal Medicine, discrimination in the United States thrives based on income.

42 million Americans (not counting illegal migrants) have no insurance. With money from them, too, of course, bad. Opioids and anesthetics were often misused, and therefore they were withdrawn from free sale. To get a prescription, you need a consultation with a doctor and a certificate, and you can get it for money or with insurance. Vicious circle.

The poor cancer patients are dying today in agony: no one sells them elementary opioid drugs.

В Wikipedia with links to different sources, you can get some medical figures that speak for themselves.

The United States is ranked 37 in terms of medical care and 72 in overall health. According to the CIA World Factbook, the United States is at 41-th place in the world in terms of child mortality (this is the worst indicator among developed countries) and at 45-m in terms of life expectancy.

The United States is the only industrialized state that does not guarantee citizens an all-inclusive health insurance system. Millions of Americans are unavailable for medical services due to their extremely high (and rising) costs. 16,7% of the population has no medical insurance, and for 30% of citizens medical care is provided in an incomplete amount. Lack of health insurance causes 44.800 to cause additional deaths annually (data from Harvard 2009 Research).

Very well, this medical capitalism, which in Yeltsin's time was instilled in Russia through the actions of pro-Western reformers, is characterized by words attributed to Mr. Chubais: “What are you worried about these people? Well, thirty million will die out. They do not fit into the market. Do not think about it - new ones will grow. ”

They grow up. And in the United States and Russia. But for some reason, those who do not fit into the market always grow next to them ...

Comments from our readers:

Well, what can I say, no concern for the people, but only the interests of a handful of bureaucrats.

There is medicine only for those who have money.
Familiar 10 years in the United States at general construction work on 8 months, but every year buys insurance, otherwise, God forbid, appendicitis or something like that, and throw off the ends, no one will save. Ordinary Americans after 40 are toothless, with MP hernias, simple surgery and dental treatment is very expensive.

Our health care is rolling toward this. Who can pay, he will recover, and who does not, he will be bent from pain. And the insurance poles - this is zilch, according to which only blood can be tested for analysis.

Standard Oil
It was in the “ineffective” USSR that there was free healthcare for everyone, but in the “supereffectual” USA there is money, there is a cure, there is no money, here you have an aspirin tablet and a goodbye! I wish Mr Chubais a speedy and painful, well-deserved death from intestinal colic. Mr. Chubais, you do not fit into a normal society.

Seven times innocent

On July 10, the representative of the prosecution read out to Tsarnaev in court a whole series of seven points, for almost every one of which the accused can receive either a life sentence or an electric chair. Tsarnaev told the judge seven times that he did not admit guilt. Why? The American justice system is so arranged that whoever claims innocence can avoid the death penalty - unlike the one who admitted guilt.

Eric Moskowitz, David Abebel, Milton Valencia, John Element (Boston Globe; source of translation - "InoSMI") indicate that the lawyer Judy Clark was going to make a statement about the denial of guilt on behalf of D. Tsarnaev, but the judge ordered him to answer independently.

“Seemingly indifferent to what is happening, Tsarnaev was dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit, the top buttons of which were unbuttoned, and a black T-shirt under it. His hair was shaggy, like in photographs published after the explosions. ”

The meeting lasted only seven minutes. Prosecutor William Weinreb, after reading the charges, noted that "the maximum punishment is life imprisonment or the death penalty."

"Boston Globe" writes that at this meeting there were about a dozen people who had previously insisted that Johar was wrongfully accused of two explosions. The newspaper also reminds that Tsarnaev in a white prison van was taken to the courthouse by people who shouted slogans in support of him: “Justice for Dzhokhar” and “Give him back his freedom.”

The next trial will be held on September 23. A total of 30 charges have been filed against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, seventeen of which entail the possibility of a death sentence. The death sentences in Massachusetts have not handed down 66 years (since 1984, they are forbidden to pass at the state level). However, the charges against D. Tsarnaev were made at the federal level, and therefore he could receive a death sentence.

The article Catherine Galochki ("MK") explains the defendant’s refusal to admit guilt.

The refusal of Tsarnaev due to the peculiarities of American justice is the only way to avoid the death penalty if the prosecution insists on it. This was told by the director of the Washington Center for the Death Penalty, Richard Dieter:

“At this stage, the statement of innocence will not change anything. It will allow more negotiations between the prosecution and the defense and will save options for the accused. If you plead guilty, then everything ends immediately, without winning anything and losing a lot of rights. ”

Dieter said that the jury must unanimously recognize Tsarnaev guilty. If they are not unanimous, the punishment will be replaced with life imprisonment. Finally, if the prosecution decides to seek a death sentence, the process will be delayed in time.

One thing is clear: the case of Tsarnaev will drag on for a long time. First, experts predict "petitions" and "withdrawals." Secondly, the court will have to examine the testimony of several dozen witnesses. Thirdly, it is not known what line the defendant’s lawyer will adhere to (Judy Clark refused to answer the questions of reporters after the meeting) and whether something unexpected connected with the special services, for example, comes up during the process. Many bloggers, primarily American ones, do not share the prosecutor’s conviction of the guilt of the Tsarnaev brothers and consider the attack a diversion of the special services. In our times, when the CIA, the NSA and other agencies supervised in the United States by National Intelligence, were already nowhere to be discouraged, these versions have a right to exist.

In conclusion, we recall that the explosions at the Boston Marathon claimed the lives of three people. 260 man was injured and maimed. Many were left without arms and legs.

Comments from our readers:

American justice. Guilty appointed. Wine is not proven, but claimed. Jurors are instructed. Not a court, but a judgment. One of the designated terrorists was suspiciously killed during the arrest. All sewn with white thread.

The shootout with the police, the inscription in the boat, the video ... I think everything is clear. The guys decided to play jihad ...

Do you respect me?

The President of Georgia acknowledged that the Russian leadership treated the republic with a certain amount of respect. About this 9 July reports "" with reference to "News-Georgia". True, Saakashvili simultaneously expressed dissatisfaction with the attitude to the republic by the head of the Rospotrebnadzor, Gennady Onishchenko.

“I want to admit today that Putin treated us with great respect - he considered us as an enemy, we know, - what Onishchenko is about today. Why? Because we were a country with our heads up, because we had great international support, ”Saakashvili said.

He expressed the opinion that now the weight of Georgia from the point of view of Russia has decreased. “A lower-ranking official of Onishchenko was attached to us, who periodically gives us cuffs,” he complained.

What statements of Onishchenko were the reason for the critical speech of Saakashvili, is not specified.

Lenta reminds that at the end of last year, the head of Rospotrebnadzor, answering questions about Georgia in an interview with Izvestia, used the expression “little quasi-state”, and in 2006, when Georgian wine was withdrawn from the sale in Russia, he used turnover "national-territorial entity, bordering on Russia in the south and industrial production of alcohol-containing solutions."

Comments from our readers:

Standard Oil
Onishchenko will find a useful easily digestible diet tie for Mikhail.

Onishchenko is very inhumane, he has repeatedly said that it is not a politician, but a SANITARY DOCTOR. Draw conclusions ...

In Estonia, they know: the SS defeated Stalin and Hitler

As transmits "", Estonian Defense Minister Urmas Reinsalu sent a welcoming message to the participants of the 21 th rally of the “Union of Fighters for the Liberation of Estonia” (the annual meeting of the veterans of the 20 th SS Grenadier Division).

Mr Reinsalu welcomed those who fought against the occupation of Estonia by the “totalitarian regimes of the communist Soviet Union and national socialist Germany”, and noted that in 2012, the country's parliament thanked the citizens who fought against the USSR and Germany “in the name of restoring the Estonian Republic”.

It is difficult to say, add on our own, at what historical moment the valiant Estonian SS men, whose division was defeated in 45, managed to raise their weapons against "national socialist Germany." Of course, the Minister of Defense is more visible. Another year he will serve in his high post - and he will declare that it was Estonian SS men who freed the suburbs of Washington from the Red Army invaders.

The soldiers of the 20 Estonian SS division surrender to the Slovak partisans

Comments from our readers:

SS vs Germany? This is sho, bees against honey?

It's amazing, like a good climate, live and rejoice, but no, in terms of sanity - full Ambets ...

Standard Oil
Estonian SS-sheep defeated Stalin and defeated Hitler. Lord of the NSA, if you are reading this message, send Mr. Reinsalu a pack of pills from his head, because he seems to be getting insane, and at that time, he will give the order of the Estonian army to take Moscow by storm before the snowfall. And better send the new Minister of Defense.
PS Translation into English yourself, do not fall apart!

Park on the moon

The American Democrats sent a bill to Congress with a plan for a national park on the moon.

Luna Park will be located in the Apollo 11 landing area, where in 1969, Neil Armstrong made a "small step for a man, but a giant leap for all of humanity," reports "RT".

The park will be created no later than a year after they pass the law. The project will take the US Department of the Interior and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), writes "The Hill".

Next year, the Interior Ministry and NASA must agree on how to manage the lunar territory.

The US is also counting on financial assistance from foreign companies and other governments that can help "provide visitors with all the necessary services within reasonable proximity to the historic park."

Thus, let us add on our own, the Americans not only decided to assign a part of the territory of the Earth satellite, but also demand payment for their own expansion from other countries. They have a crisis, you see ...

Comments from our readers:

But what about the "Star of Death"? These idiots even threw money at her, and a decent amount gathered. As they say, what child would not play around, if only the pacifier did not put on one place.

* “I remember here, but I don’t remember here!” - a phrase from the movie “Gentlemen of Fortune”
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  1. waisson
    waisson 14 July 2013 06: 51
    The average week that affected is the unrest in Pugaova
    1. Tersky
      Tersky 14 July 2013 07: 31
      The American Democrats sent a bill to Congress with a plan for a national park on the moon. Oh how belay Did Neil Armstrong find oil on the moon during his visit? And so with what fright "peace-loving" sites on the moon begin to post. Everything ..., khan to lunatics negative laughing ! In one word, the "democracy" of the US tailoring is breaking out into the vastness of the universe. winked!! Smiled at Sahak’s full statement: “They attached to us an official of a lower rank Onishchenko, who periodically gives us slaps on the head,” if you were without them. ma asanizer enough.
      1. 755962
        755962 14 July 2013 13: 43
        Turkey blames US for the first time!
        Nevertheless, the Turks today feel that the United States is significantly weakening, and that is why it was announced that the economic decline in Turkey was caused by the release of unsecured US money. In fact, the Turks blamed the United States for the deterioration of its economy. Using football terms, this “free kick” is intended to change the situation, to shake it, as we all did as children, with a kaleidoscope, in the hope that the new pattern will be more beautiful than the old one. Here is such a new pattern, or even a certain pattern, that can arise as a result of such “blows”.

      2. strange and pretty meaningless
        strange and pretty meaningless 15 July 2013 03: 17
        Quote: Tersky
        Smiled at Sahak’s full statement: “They attached to us an official of a lower rank Onishchenko, who periodically gives us slaps on the head,” if you were without them. (...) you don’t have gingerbreads, but you better keep quiet about the ranks, for der @ ma asanizer enough.

        O-beggar and Mishiko stand each other. The fact that Onishchenko stupidly politics more than obviously. - “Lenta” recalls that at the end of last year, the head of “Rospotrebnadzor”, answering questions about Georgia in an interview with Izvestia, used the expression “small quasi-state”, and in 2006, when Georgian wine was withdrawn from sale in Russia, he used a complex turnover "national-territorial entity, bordering Russia in the south and engaged in the production of alcohol-containing solutions" It is unlikely that the main racial guardian of quality will have enough fuse to blurt out something like that about syshya - although most of the "solutions" there are no better.
        As a nurse, I can briefly highlight the situation with the ban on Georgian wines. The campaign was purely political - The Supreme Sanitary Doctor phoned the territorial offices and "pressed on rot". At a planning meeting in the office where I worked, early. management reported, quoting the Chief, that "if you do not find anything in Georgian wines, then you are either incompetent or corrupt"... Taking into account the typically medveput personnel policy of the department, no one began to contradict - but everyone "found" their own in the wines: some have an excess of iron, some have a discrepancy in sugar. Let me remind you that the official reason for the ban Onishchenko announced that the maximum permissible concentration for pesticides was exceeded.
        Then, during the friction with Lukashenka, there was a ban on Belarusian milk (!), And the ever-memorable "case of sprats." Moreover, Sir Onishchenko did not dare to doubt the quality of milk - they would have been laughed at, the discrepancy was found in the regulatory documents (!). During the reign of this global, the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service has turned into a political "call girl". At the same time, the capacity of Rospotrebnadzor itself is a very sore spot. Taking the laboratory base offside alone is worth it. The readiness of this structure to show itself in something in an emergency - as they say, God forbid.
        It is surprising that Putin's pale connivance at this sanitary "booze" is surprising. In fact, Onishchenko dips him in a kaku. I remember, commenting on the ban on Georgian wines, Putin, looking at the table, mumbled something like "the sanitary service banned something there", pretending that he was not in business. If you wanted to put Mishiko in his place - do it, introduce economic sanctions - the amers don't bother to look for pesticides where there are none, an embargo - and that's it. Saakashvili, by the way, then also dunked Onishchenko - they say that even packaged shit can be sold on the Russian market - and no one will say a word - and then the wine is withdrawn from sale. Quite good wines were among others ... Such is the history of interstate relations.
  2. serge-68-68
    serge-68-68 14 July 2013 07: 16
    Honestly, I would have much more respect for the current military if I learned that, for example, "the management of the airport in Yu-Sakhalinsk, which did not give permission for the landing of military aircraft, was temporarily detained. The airfield announced its readiness to receive aircraft in 1 hour." It is not even necessary that there was an addition "unfortunately, after the arrest, the airport managers, repenting, inflicted numerous injuries on themselves" ... :)
    In my opinion, this is what is called a combat readiness check.
    Once our convoy was late for loading. So the battalion commander, when leaving the FEDERAL highway, bluntly blocked it in both directions until we left. One answer followed shouts and obscenities, a loud one: "I am leading the KGB column" (PV of the KGB of the USSR).
    1. lewerlin53rus
      lewerlin53rus 14 July 2013 08: 32
      It was necessary to land a company of troops at this airport to practice capturing an enemy airfield for landing military transport aircraft. And the landing would be trained and a lesson to grabbers would be.
      1. Colonel
        Colonel 14 July 2013 09: 14
        When in the "dashing nineties" the command post of the division was disconnected from the substation supplying it (for non-payment), the division commander G.M. Pchelintsev ordered the security company to occupy the substation premises and remove the maintenance personnel. After that, the armament service specialists connected the feeder and the incident was exhausted. We weren't turned off again.
        1. Russ69
          Russ69 14 July 2013 10: 42
          Quote: colonel
          When in the "dashing nineties" the command post of the division was disconnected from the substation supplying it (for non-payment), the division commander G.M. Pchelintsev ordered the security company to occupy the substation premises and remove the maintenance personnel. After that, the armament service specialists connected the feeder and the incident was exhausted. We weren't turned off again.

          It was also a story somewhere. They wanted to disconnect the military city with a part from the water. They put an armed guard at the distributor well and sent everyone away.
        2. Ivan.
          Ivan. 14 July 2013 11: 09
          The commander is obliged to ensure the execution of the order and not to justify, I am surprised that in this case some civilians stopped him with silly nitpicking with payment. It is clear that some officials should have foreseen all the options in advance, but the commander here can be said to have disrupted the operation, failed to fulfill the order in time, and therefore raised the question of his official discrepancy.
      2. yurii p
        yurii p 14 July 2013 11: 40
        with the arrest of the airport administration.
      3. Russ69
        Russ69 14 July 2013 12: 04
        Quote: lewerlin53rus
        It was necessary to land a company of troops at this airport to practice capturing an enemy airfield for landing military transport aircraft. And the landing would be trained and a lesson to grabbers would be.

        Airport officials say this was not:

        The management of the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk airport denies the information that the airline did not issue confirmation of the acceptance of military transport aircraft during a sudden check of the combat readiness of the troops of the Eastern Military District (VVO), as a result of which there was a 10-hour delay in the departure of aircraft to Khabarovsk, RIA Novosti reported Nikita Polonsky, General Director of OJSC "Airport" Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk ".
        "The official application for the flight of military aircraft came to us only on Sunday at 00.15 Sakhalin time (17.15 Moscow time Saturday). We gave a positive answer at 01.04 local time (18.04 Moscow time Saturday). On Sunday at 9.00 local time (2.00 Moscow time) at two sides have landed at the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk airport, they are being unloaded, "Polonsky said.
        According to him, in the future, according to the agreed flight procedure, the airport will receive the remaining military transport aircraft.

        RIA Novosti
        ze & relto = login & action = removeClass & value = registration # ixzz2Z0cbTVvM
    2. finderektor
      finderektor 14 July 2013 11: 11
      Such commanders have long been plagued by stools and medveputy. To make a decision to seize the airdrome is the same as in Yugoslavia. Then even Yeltsin was not up to date. And the biggest encouragement to all the military men who headed and made that march thanked coolly --- t .e not punished.
      1. yurii p
        yurii p 14 July 2013 11: 43
        no, just awarded.
      2. T-73
        T-73 14 July 2013 13: 12
        Perhaps they were exhausted. During the service (beginning of the 90s) he was seconded to the headquarters of the LenVO, so there were still those peppers. The beginning Department generally walked with a nail. They asked - why? He took out a nail (150 mm), put a handkerchief in his hand, and drove the oak into the table. I punched the countertop and the facade of the drawer. And he says a knife is not necessary, if that. He pulled out a nail with pliers. These were really officers.
    3. T-73
      T-73 14 July 2013 13: 00
      not stupidly blocked, but the only true thing done. There is an order - it must be followed. There is a charter and it is for the military - the law. Civilians in such cases are not taken into account (no loss, of course))). And only degenerates, of which including army and defends.
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 14 July 2013 08: 23
    Mr Reinsalu welcomed those who fought against the occupation of Estonia by the “totalitarian regimes of the communist Soviet Union and national socialist Germany”, and noted that in 2012, the country's parliament thanked the citizens who fought against the USSR and Germany “in the name of restoring the Estonian Republic”.

    It’s not even funny, it’s probably a long time ago to conduct small exercises in the territory of the nonsense with winding the intestines of the SS-Soviet-State Department mongrel on the streets of Revel.
    1. wasjasibirjac
      wasjasibirjac 14 July 2013 16: 34
      Quote: Sakhalininets
      Mr Reinsalu welcomed those who fought against the occupation of Estonia by the “totalitarian regimes of the communist Soviet Union and national socialist Germany”, and noted that in 2012, the country's parliament thanked the citizens who fought against the USSR and Germany “in the name of restoring the Estonian Republic”.

      people, or maybe this Estonian person had in mind those Estonians who fought in the ranks of the Red Army? Guess now what he wanted to say
  5. krasin
    krasin 14 July 2013 08: 46
    in 2012, the country's parliament expressed gratitude to the citizens who fought against the USSR and Germany "in the name of restoring the Republic of Estonia."

    Surprise the Baltic countries. The farther the stronger the roof goes. What a trash.
    BARKAS 14 July 2013 08: 53
    NATO will offer Ukraine to cut into pieces and re-melt old Soviet T-64 tanks.

    Ukrainians need to take the money and dispose of the T-64 by sending it to Syria, well, or wherever else laughing
    1. lewerlin53rus
      lewerlin53rus 14 July 2013 09: 03
      Ukraine, more precisely, its leadership, they themselves stick their heads in a noose
  7. lewerlin53rus
    lewerlin53rus 14 July 2013 08: 54
    In conclusion, we recall that the explosions at the Boston Marathon claimed the lives of three people. 260 man was injured and maimed. Many were left without arms and legs.

    Were these arms and legs? This is doubted not only by us.Tyz
  8. The comment was deleted.
  9. Stas57
    Stas57 14 July 2013 09: 00
    In Estonia, they know: the SS defeated Stalin and Hitler

    there is such a film - "People in soldiers' chenels"
    Interestingly, he was broadcast at least once in the new Estonia?
    although I foresee the answer
  10. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF 14 July 2013 09: 01
    Pleased with the Syrian fighters for democracy. Thus, in the heat of righteous anger, they themselves will subdue. Keep it up!
  11. lewerlin53rus
    lewerlin53rus 14 July 2013 09: 05
    Regarding the events in Pugachev
    1. Russ69
      Russ69 14 July 2013 10: 38
      Hmm ... "zho matzo" merged ... The presenter was shocked, she wanted to troll once again, but on the contrary, everything turned out))
    2. Gronsky
      Gronsky 14 July 2013 12: 05
      Oh yes Shevchenko, oh yes well done !!! A man that is called burst through. And how the presenter jumped when he came to the words of creating "Israel for himself", etc. She urgently needed to "break" in order, so to speak, to bring down the heat.
      People are slowly starting to say what they think. Even on this parched echo.
      Shevchenko is the people with you. Burn the truth to the womb.
    3. 89501358976
      89501358976 14 July 2013 12: 48
    4. Sirocco
      Sirocco 14 July 2013 13: 22
      Shevchenko is handsome. Not in the eyebrow but in the eye. They are trying to divide us, so that they would later rule. This cannot be allowed.
    5. smile
      smile 14 July 2013 14: 19
      All this is good. Shevchenko, as always, is at his best ... but I was bothered by the number of people on the site who were led to this provocation ... of moral people who for some reason began to reason, like that of Kommersant, or anal together with a choir of voices of echo, rain, etc. .d. and slowly the main slogan erupted - down with the bad Power ... well, if you are not sorry to finish off your country - okay, but where did the feeling of self-preservation go?
      1. I HAVE T
        I HAVE T 14 July 2013 15: 26
        It seems to me that provocateurs worked in the comments to the article about Pugachev, because the discussion was clearly led to the long-familiar liberal slogans about "down with" and "separate."

        Yes, Shevchenko - bravo! So to say right in the face of Ehu Matzah who they are and what you need to do with them, it is admirable!
        1. Sirocco
          Sirocco 14 July 2013 16: 12
          Quote: AMT
          Echo matzah

          Smiled !!!!
      2. Grishka100watt
        Grishka100watt 14 July 2013 15: 53
        Shevchenko bow in general for this, exemplary spread them on the wall, just handsome!
      3. Cheloveck
        Cheloveck 14 July 2013 15: 58
        Quote: smile
        All this is good. Shevchenko, as always, is at his best ... but I was bothered by the number of people on the site who were led to this provocation ... of moral people who for some reason began to reason, like that of Kommersant, or anal together with a choir of voices of echo, rain, etc. .d. and slowly the main slogan erupted - down with the bad Power ... well, if you are not sorry to finish off your country - okay, but where did the feeling of self-preservation go?

        Shevchenko is a political strategist, and exposing, and sometimes distorting the facts in the light necessary for the customer, is an ordinary practice for him.
        Unfortunately, people have a short memory.
        If you recall how everything happened, it turns out that Shevchenko distorted or shut up a little, nuances uncomfortable for the customer.
        1. Events in Pugachev occurred spontaneously and came as a surprise to all media. (recall the long period of silence of any media after the first broadcast on NTV)
        2. The fact that any political force uses an event in their interests, it seems to me, is not in doubt.
        Well then, what is surprising in the fact that the liberoid media have launched the corresponding company?
        3. The fact that the locals did not demand the secession of the Caucasus, but only the eviction of Chechens from their city, was distorted.
        4. The fact that the nationalists who arrived did not receive support from the locals is hushed up.

        As a result, we have another Masonic conspiracy to pluck Russia into specific principalities.
        As always, the cart is in front of the horse.
        As always, Caucasians are white and fluffy, and the indigenous population - bydlo and drunkards.
        As always, the best solution to the problem is to pretend that the problem does not exist.

        The Russian people are patient, but patience is not endless.
        Given the current situation and the unwillingness of the authorities to put things in order, somewhere they can explode with such force that a chain reaction will begin.
        Who and how will take advantage of this explosion, I think, does not need to be explained.
        Something like this ...
    6. bear
      bear 14 July 2013 16: 08
      Regarding the events in Pugachev

      Correctly, Shevchenko says, just do not want to take up arms and start a civil war. I think the authorities will change their minds and put the traitors on the stake herself, or the traitors themselves will put her
    7. fedorovith
      fedorovith 14 July 2013 16: 09
      It’s time to cover up such radio stations for a long time. The same are anti-Russian radio stations, Navalny’s radio, and other riffraffers.
    8. Lavr75
      Lavr75 15 July 2013 00: 13
      And you noticed that before you say ... "we need to stop," when Shevchenko talks about Israel, the correspondent quickly glances up at Shevchenko twice, and then announces an advertisement. Most likely there, behind Shevchenko, there is either an information monitor or a running line.
  12. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF 14 July 2013 09: 29
    Once amers launched a miracle project "green paper", then there was a miracle "of the new economy and miracle real estate, right now, miracle gas ... Goodwins ,.
  13. vlad767
    vlad767 14 July 2013 09: 58
    The United States already brings democracy to the moon ... am I think that Russia also needs to open national parks on the moon around the landing sites of Soviet vehicles. winked
    1. does it
      does it 14 July 2013 22: 55
      Quote: vlad767
      The United States is already bringing democracy to the moon ... I think that Russia also needs to open national parks on the moon around the landing sites of Soviet vehicles.

      For the beginning of our Russia there it is necessary to open lunar bases.
  14. MIKHAN
    MIKHAN 14 July 2013 10: 13
    Reading the comments of the article, I am more and more convinced that Russia is a unique country .. !!! All around "buy and sell", "take everything from life", etc. And we are all worried about the fate of mankind .. Although our own lives are not sweet. Mysterious Russian soul in one word !! Peace and prosperity to you and your families SLAVS !!! I think everything will be fine with such people !!!
    1. prophet190
      prophet190 14 July 2013 15: 35
      Thank you brother. And the same to you!
  15. Siberian
    Siberian 14 July 2013 10: 14
    Quote: vlad767
    The United States already brings democracy to the moon ... am I think that Russia also needs to open national parks on the moon around the landing sites of Soviet vehicles. winked

    drinks good
  16. KG_patriot_last
    KG_patriot_last 14 July 2013 11: 25
    how can I mix up + and - in such an important object, the one who connects does not double-check? even the very last person knows how to connect the battery to the TV remote control and lie on the couch ... well, can’t plugs be made different so that there is no way to mix them up at all? Kindergarten...
    1. Grishka100watt
      Grishka100watt 14 July 2013 15: 55

  17. morpogr
    morpogr 14 July 2013 11: 56
    Sahak is again offended by a tie is not the wrong one, and the Balts will soon declare that they won the Second World War and they are rulers of the world. They will have to make a Baltic dispensary there for the weak with reason.
  18. Raphael_83
    Raphael_83 14 July 2013 12: 06
    NATO Ukraine as a knife on the tanks

    I still remember how the Tu-160 was cut into scrap (apparently at the direction of the ocean), as much as tears came from resentment and anger. If you don’t need it, then sell it to the bloody Russian regime, well, can you preserve it forever, but why do you want to shred something so barbaric? Now they have reached the tanks. And there, you see, and before the deliveries to Ukraine of some uncompetitive village * are nearby, in order to maintain trade and critical European production fool .
  19. 755962
    755962 14 July 2013 12: 12
    Latin American countries recalled ambassadors to Europe due to Morales incident

    Latin American presidents have decided to withdraw their ambassadors to Spain, France, Italy and Portugal for consultations because of a plane incident with Bolivian leader Evo Morales, who was denied access to a number of European countries, said Uruguayan Foreign Minister Luis Almagro.
    The countries included in MERCOSUR, the common market of the countries of South America, within the framework of which the economic and political agreement were signed by Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Venezuela, recall their ambassadors. The decision of the leaders of the MERCOSUR states was reflected in the declaration of the summit of the largest trade and economic bloc of the region, held in the Uruguayan capital of Montevideo.

    For not fucking ...
  20. sigizmund472
    sigizmund472 14 July 2013 12: 54
    Shevchenko - well done !!! Keep it up!
  21. MG42
    MG42 14 July 2013 13: 22
    The soldiers of the 20 Estonian SS division surrender to the Slovak partisans
    Some roughly two warriors on the left in the photo surrender and manage to smoke at the same time, especially the extreme left, they raised their hands up, and this one is like "authority" ..
    Photo of course in the results of the week <killer> respect and plus for the selection

    The United States is the only industrialized state that does not guarantee citizens a comprehensive health insurance system. Millions of Americans do not have access to medical services due to their extremely high (and growing) cost.

    So much for democracy = no insurance = heal yourself or just die if you don’t have money ..
  22. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 14 July 2013 14: 32
    Yes, Sakhalin has shown itself in all its glory, but where is Putin’s reaction, or will the air shake like that? This is a failure of the President’s personal order, that is, the Supreme Commander. Now about the Pugachevsky tragedy: until our leadership plays in tolerance, it’s time to drive this rabble on pastures and let them graze their sheep, but there’s nothing to do here. There are few Karelian events, and there are thousands of them throughout the country.
    1. Black
      Black 14 July 2013 16: 11
      Quote: kartalovkolya

      We must not only offend, not just humiliate, we must practically be trampled !!! That's when we wake up .... So, judging by the "depth of sleep", while "it seems a little" to them.
  23. Ivan Tarasov
    Ivan Tarasov 14 July 2013 18: 02
    Georgians would be better off offering vinegar to the Russian Federation instead of wine, their wine is a rare poison (I bought Alazansku Dolina a couple of years ago, after 100 grams I got severe poisoning, shit still).
  24. Max
    Max 14 July 2013 18: 16
    About Proton:
    when assembling the "Proton", the angular velocity sensors were incorrectly connected - at the time of their connection, the "plus" and "minus" poles were reversed

    Previously wrote a comment:
    .html # comment-id-1296270
    An example from personal experience. We conducted flight tests of products. A batch came from the factory in a few pieces. During the test, an error popped up on the ground - a failure of one of the devices. They began to look - the tourniquet was not docked to it at all, but it was locked with steel wire. Generally tin. First, as a backer, he controlled it. Secondly, the product was supposed to accept the quality department - as he accepted it. Here's how to talk about the quality of factory products after that?

    Almost guessed with a reason :)
    1. Mikhail m
      Mikhail m 14 July 2013 20: 08
      OTK will accept anything. Their salary depends on the plan. Yes, and the factory bosses are crushing. The obstinate do not stay there for long. And the military took rest in Bose. Proton is not the first or last swallow.
  25. cool.ya-nikola
    cool.ya-nikola 14 July 2013 18: 55
    Say a word about "poor" Proton ...
    After getting acquainted with such reasons as “mixed up the minus and plus, I also want to ask the persons responsible for launching: sorry, you didn’t confuse the head with the back seat ...

    ... But some experts, watching the video of the flight, noticed: in the flame that breaks out from the engines, brown streaks are clearly visible. Perhaps it a leak amyl oxidant, which occurred when the pipeline ruptured.

    In this regard, the specialists of the plant them. Khrunicheva on a note: - As sealants in rocket pipelines, use "ALWAYS"! "ALWAYS" - one hundred percent protection against leaks! ...
    And, actually, sad, gentlemen ...
  26. Denis
    Denis 14 July 2013 19: 44
    who fought against the USSR and Germany "in the name of the restoration of the Republic of Estonia."
    And there is a photo
  27. zvereok
    zvereok 14 July 2013 19: 51
    the rocket exploded due to the human factor, during the assembly of the Proton the angular velocity sensors were incorrectly connected - at the moment of their connection the "plus" and "minus" poles were swapped.

    It is curious that the Americans flying on our missiles do not explode. And quite
    it may be that somewhere in the offshore, Ivanov, who knew, "but was afraid to scare away," like Shuvalov, suddenly had money lying around. By the way, "I knew but was afraid to frighten off", it is impossible to call it a betrayal of the motherland.
  28. vezunchik
    vezunchik 14 July 2013 20: 45
    The central bank expects inflation to slow in the second half of 2013 and fit into the target range of 5-6 percent. If this happens, then consumer price growth this year could be a record low over the past twenty years.
  29. Egoza
    Egoza 14 July 2013 22: 22
    An interesting story was shown on our TV. Latvia has made an appeal to make investments in its economy and come for permanent residence. Responded .... the Chinese! Several hundred Chinese have already settled there. They buy good apartments (which many Latvians cannot afford), in big cities for 120 thousand euros, in small cities for 60 thousand euros and less, settle compactly, receive a residence permit, although only a few know Russian, and Latvian in general in span. The locals do not know why they come to them, what they are doing, but in the administration they issue a residence permit in batches, they say that the Chinese thus receive Schengen and go further to Europe and "do business" there. But here they showed such an apartment building, where 35 families immediately settled, who already together celebrated the birth of the first "Latvian Chinese", which makes one think, what will remain at such a pace from independent Latvia? All the same, a few hundred are already a lot for them. I became interested in this news because once there was a dispute on the topic "if the USSR is restored, will the Baltic countries join it"? The people doubted very much, but here ... maybe there will already be North Korea?
    1. experienced
      experienced 14 July 2013 22: 27
      Quote: Egoza
      They responded .... the Chinese!

      The Chinese are gaining a foothold in Europe, and in large groups, compactly and monopolize entire sectors of the economy.
      Quote: Egoza
      and here ... maybe there will already be DPRK?

      PRC !!! North Korea is North Korea, they can not afford to buy apartments at this price hi
      1. Egoza
        Egoza 14 July 2013 22: 59
        Quote: seasoned
        PRC !!! DPRK

        Oops! Thanks for fixing, I missed this typo.
  30. borisst_64
    borisst_64 14 July 2013 22: 48
    People are surprised that the contacts in Proton have been mixed up. And who can answer what kind of salary does an assembly fitter receive there? I think it’s not the greatest one for experienced people to seek.
  31. crambol
    crambol 14 July 2013 22: 51
    The host airfield in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk for almost half a day, as it turned out, did not give permission to receive transporters.

    And how did you occupy the airfield in Srebrenica, forgot? This should be remembered and worthless commanders, and snickering oligarchs! In Yugoslavia, they were not afraid of NATO troops, but they put it on their pants. A shame!
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 14 July 2013 23: 02
      Quote: crambol
      This should be remembered and worthless commanders, and snickering oligarchs!

      Well yes!
      "The Mosin rifle has been relevant since 1891, and the vaunted ai-background will become obsolete in three months." (from) wassat
  32. individual
    individual 14 July 2013 23: 01
    "As an example - a ten-hour delay in the departure of aircraft with servicemen from Khabarovsk. The receiving airfield in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, as it turned out, did not give permission to receive transport workers for almost half a day."

    As an example - was it possible in the days of Stalin, G. Zhukov ???
  33. Djozz
    Djozz 15 July 2013 13: 01
    Strange people, these Estonians! Well, it’s necessary, to name your capital in the name of invaders, Danes and be proud of it, you have attacked us, and we’ll fuck you, we’ll call your gangster faces in the morning.
  34. Marek Rozny
    Marek Rozny 16 July 2013 11: 52
    About the case in Pugachev.
    Well, a Tatar fought with a Chechen. Moreover, this Tatar's friends were Chechen paratroopers. Why present this story as a "ethnic conflict"?
    Don't you like that non-Russians live in "Russian" provinces (although the Saratov region is the Turkic "Sary Tau" / "Yellow Mountains"; and Kondopoga is generally a Karelian patrimony)? And in this case, Russians should have the right to live in Buryatia, Karelia, Tatarstan, Yakutia? And is it worth the Buryats, Karelians, Tatars, Yakuts every time to demand the eviction of Russians, if any Slavic origin does something criminal? What kind of double standards?
    What right do residents of the Saratov region have the right to demand the eviction of other Russian citizens of a particular nationality? Do Russians say anything about this in the Constitution? Can you first rewrite the Basic Law, and then legally will you drive non-Russians into the reservation?
    The Chechen should be put in jail. That's all. And not to throw a tantrum "non-Russians are killing Russians." In this case, there is no national motive here. It's just a crime.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 16 July 2013 12: 07
      First, there are fewer Tatars in the Saratov region than Ukrainians, so this province can hardly be called anything other than "Russian".
      Secondly, if you take to the north - Penza, there are Russians, Erzya from Moksha and Tatars. They live together for a long time, they are used to each other, and they do not really divide each other according to nationality at the everyday level. The culture is painfully similar.

      There is a centuries-old multinational community. Which is very negative about strangers trying to climb into someone else’s monastery with their own charter.

      So see?
  35. EdwardTich68
    EdwardTich68 22 July 2013 02: 43
    Yeah, the echos Muscovites are spinning like a snake in a pan wassat
  36. Valkyrie
    Valkyrie 30 September 2013 10: 41
    Indeed, shame. My peers who served in the army (80s) told completely opposite cases. And I don't think they all lied. When "these" began to show off, the Russian guys, a minority, quickly adjusted their brains.