"The grin of capitalism" or lend-lease for the Nazis

"The grin of capitalism" or lend-lease for the Nazis

If you read some foreign historical Since the works devoted to the Great Patriotic War, one can find in them charges against the USSR in the period 1939-1945. In these works, thoughts about “immoral” and even “criminal” behavior on the world political arena of the Soviet Union as a whole and Stalin in particular are voiced. Allegedly, Stalin constantly deceived his associates in the "big three": Roosevelt and Churchill, not fulfilling their obligations given to the Western allies. At the same time, for some reason, we are not talking about the behavior of these very colleagues-allies, but there is something to tell about.

For example, it is precisely known that in August 1943 at the meeting of the chiefs of staff of Great Britain and the United States, which was held in Québec, with the direct participation of Churchill and Roosevelt, the question of leaving England and America from the coalition, and forming an alliance with the fascist generals against the Soviet union. According to Churchill's ideology, it was necessary to detain the USSR, as far as possible in the east and try to use the Germans to maximally weaken its forces. I would also like to note that behind the eyes, this “deceitful British politician” did not name the Russian people as “Russian barbarians”.

At the time, as the top of the allied coalition, tormented by doubts, made plans to defeat the USSR, including with the help of the Nazis. Some representatives of the American business elite, even at the height of the US war, with the Nazi Third Reich, secretly maintained close business ties with it.

Although in the autumn of 1939, Washington assured the world community about the complete collapse of trade and economic contacts with Nazi Germany.

But by that time, strong business ties existed between the business communities of the two countries and there were mutually beneficial interests. And even after the United States declared the Third Reich of the war and the 1917 US law “Trading with the enemy act” banning trade with Germany and its allies entered into force, American businessmen continued to trade with the Nazis in pursuit of profit .

Charles Higham, an American researcher of this topic, in his book “Trade with the Enemy” states that quite a few major American industrialists and financiers, with the support of some government officials, made their substantial contribution to strengthening the military machine of Hitler's Germany.

According to Khayem, the vast majority of US residents have no idea what role during the war some industrial giants of the United States played, successfully thriving to this day. This information was carefully concealed by the US government, both during and after the war.

It should be noted that it is not in vain to get lost. While the citizens of the United States and Great Britain were queuing at gas stations because of an acute shortage of fuel, Standard Oil Corporation, through neutral Switzerland, successfully sold tens of thousands of tons of fuel to the Nazis. Trucks were assembled at Ford’s factories in France for the Nazi occupation forces. And the American bank, Chase Bank, even after the tragedy at Pearl Harbor, concluded multi-million contracts with the enemy in Paris, with the full knowledge of the main board of the bank in Manhattan.

According to Khayeam's research, the United States treated the promises and agreements that were made without reference, even in relation to their main ally and accomplice in the plot against the USSR, Great Britain. For example, at the height of the war, the head of the ITT Multinational Telephone Corporation of the USA ITC, Colonel Sostenes Ben, assisted the Nazis in improving the guided bombs that the Nazis brutally destroyed London.

The Nazis themselves, as well as they could help the United States, the country which they declared war. For example, they supplied the US military enterprises with ball bearings. This was done with the secret consent of the deputy head of the US military production department, respectively, Washington simply could not know about these matters, closing its eyes or secretly approving such actions.

The activity of American sharks of capitalism was not affected by the entry into force of the law “Trading with the enemy act” providing for severe punitive measures, or the entry of the United States into the war against Nazi Germany. The activities of these businessmen quite successfully continued for the entire period of the war. In addition to trade, Western companies owned decent property in Germany: “The size of American deposits in Nazi Germany at the time of the tragic events for the USA at Pearl Harbor was about 475 million dollars. Standard Oil investment deposits were valued at 120 000 000 dollars; ITT - 30 000 000 dollars; General Motors - 35 000 000 dollars; Ford Company - 17 500 000 dollars. Given that the United States was at war with the Axis countries, it would have been more patriotic for the American business elite to stop all activities of its enterprises in Germany, regardless of what the fascists did to them: nationalize or unite Goering’s industrial empire. However, the pursuit of profit pushed a treacherous cynical decision: to avoid confiscation, combining American enterprises into holding companies whose income would be transferred to American accounts in German banks and kept there until the end of the war, ”writes Charles Higham in his book.

It should be noted that the United States and Great Britain for a very long time and stubbornly refused to carry out industrial supplies to the USSR, while the representatives of these countries deceived by Stalin and Moscow generously supplied the Third Reich with everything they needed.

Such activity is not even a crime against the USSR under the cover of anti-communist slogans, it is a crime against your nation and country. But, nevertheless, none of the US corporations were brought to justice.
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