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Dekker's revolver

For all time of existence of the manual fire weapons A huge number of various options for the destruction of their own kind and not only were developed. Many of the ideas of designers have been successful and are used even to this day. Many, despite their obvious advantages over other solutions, are less popular and were used, for one reason or another, only in experimental models, or in weapons released in very limited quantities. It would seem that development and new ideas should only be welcomed, but in fact, if the designer did not have a sponsor or own funds, and his development was at least a bit more expensive compared to the already produced samples, then to serial production of such weapons the way was closed. The most that could be expected was that these weapons would be disassembled by the other designers for the other models, and that’s how in 90% the handgun developed. The designers applied their ideas even where, it would seem, to invent something new is already very difficult. So at the beginning of the twentieth century, German designer Decker developed his own version of a revolver for self-defense. This is not to say that his invention was revolutionary, but some of the solutions used in weapons were interesting, and most importantly reasonable. It is with this revolver that we will try to get acquainted in this article.

By itself, the gun proposed by Dekker is a self-defense weapon from a number of “pocket revolvers” fashionable at that time. As a result, the weapon turned out quite light and compact, using 6,25x15,5 cartridges. Naturally, such a model could not be a full-fledged means of self-defense, since even at ultra-short distances the effectiveness of such weapons depended on the point of impact. Despite this, compact models of short-barreled weapons were very popular at that time, including this revolver, although it was not produced in large numbers, but there were reasons for this that did not concern the design, reliability or some negative qualities of the weapon.

First of all, it is worth noting that the revolver has an unusual appearance. Immediately the trigger catches the eye, or rather the trigger pull of the revolver, which is not covered by the safety clip. Despite this, the safety of handling weapons is at a sufficiently high level, since shooting from a revolver is possible only with a self-platoon command, which means a great effort of pressing the “trigger”. In addition, on the left side of the revolver there is a mechanical fuse switch that blocks the trigger pull of the weapon, and therefore other mechanisms of the weapon. Also on the left side there is a window for charging new cartridges and extracting spent cartridges. On the right side there are no weapon controls, but it is of interest that the drum of the revolver is covered with a casing, the purpose of which for me personally remains a mystery. Is that the protection of the index finger from a rotating drum. Also on the right side is pushed the pin, which fixes the axis of the drum. There are no devices that accelerate or facilitate reloading of the revolver. However, if we compare in time the speed of extraction of each cartridge and the insertion of a new cartridge in its place, with the rate of replacement of a previously prepared drum, then it will be faster to replace the drum. True, the cartridges in the drum are not fixed by anything, so this method of reloading is controversial. On the drum itself there are longitudinal grooves, the purpose of which is to securely fix the drum during the shot. Consequently, the design of the weapon is such that it is not possible to turn the drum freely, but it is impossible to fill in the drum of the revolver, which is not fully fired, and to fill it up, without removing it from the weapon. Sights are the simplest front sight and longitudinal kerf on the frame of a revolver, which plays the role of the pillar. The barrel of the revolver has a hexagonal section and is simply screwed into the frame of the weapon.

It is also impossible not to notice that the trigger is not visible in the revolver, which allows you to carry a weapon in your pocket without worrying about the fact that when you pull out the trigger, you can hook onto the clothes. I will say even more, the revolver does not have a trigger at all, its trigger mechanism is uncursed. While pressing the trigger pull, the drum of the weapon rotates and the twisted combat spring is simultaneously compressed, at some point the firing pin breaks down and the cartridge cartridge is hit in the fixed drum. This is not to say that such a trigger mechanism was cheaper or simpler in comparison with classical revolvers, which also had a rather primitive trigger, however, the designer’s idea is quite original and executed on “five plus”, provided that such simplicity It showed itself in total with a securely fixed drum and as a result there were practically no misfires.

Dekker's revolverAnd now attention. The weight of the revolver without cartridges was 225 grams, which can be considered a kind of record. The length of the weapon barrel is 50 millimeters, the total length of the weapon is 118 millimeters, and the drum capacity is 6 cartridges. With all this, the weapon was completely made of steel and no cases of destruction in the process of shooting were recorded. If you give a description of the design of the revolver as a whole, then it was quite possible to make a full-fledged weapon with normal ammunition and dimensions, but this did not happen. The reason is probably not even the increased popularity of pistols, but the beginning of the First World War in which there was no place for civilian weapons with more than modest characteristics and efficiency. It is for this reason that a very small number of revolvers were released.

Of course, such a weapon cannot be considered a good example of a means of self-defense, despite the high reliability and simplicity of the design, primarily because of the ammunition. For entertaining shooting, this revolver is also not suitable because of its size. So on the whole, Dekker's revolver is an interesting but unfortunately useless weapon.

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  1. mirag2
    mirag2 11 July 2013 09: 24
    Yes ... A weak cartridge, obviously its speed is small. Surprising is the abundance of weapons of the early 20th century chambered for very weak cartridges. Is it a "lady-to-woman" type or something?
    1. scrabler
      11 July 2013 11: 02
      Small size, light weight, everything so that you can carry a weapon every day and not feel inconvenience, hence the weak cartridge sad
    2. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 11 July 2013 17: 11
      Apparently the reason is ... the French! You see, they always had a kind of society, and they are whimsical guys ... In general, at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries, "nobility" became very fashionable in France. Strictly in quotation marks, because it was purely French nobility.
      They killed their aristocracy, and then realized that there was no one to look after the pedigree! And every pimple declared himself a baron. Purulent pimple - count. By this method ... and these "aristocrats" began to prove their blunt steepness, including abundant duels. It so happened that some realty reporter had 8-10 duels a week.
      How? Well, that's it - these pistols and revolvers chambered for no cartridge were dueling weapons. The seconds were careful to make sure that it was difficult to shoot a fly from the weapon they chose. Every freak nevertheless considered it his duty to "arm himself", but so that the weapon would not weigh heavier than a wallet, and why the risk of seriously injuring someone? Well this is dangerous! So France was an unprecedented market for pistols, sort of revolvers ...
      It is cheap to produce this weapon-grade pipifax, there are a lot of buyers ... why not make some formidable realties machine? And from there all these novelties diverged further, surprising people - why is this? Purely for the "nobility" of the French, yeah ...
  2. Baron Wrangell
    Baron Wrangell 11 July 2013 10: 30
    Well, a freak! no aesthetic pleasure to look at it!
    1. scrabler
      11 July 2013 11: 10
      Well, what did you want from weapons weighing 225 grams? There are more terrible samples, this one with them in comparison is still quite beautiful. laughing
      Here is an example of a compact pistol and a "disposable" pistol:
  3. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 11 July 2013 10: 53
    "It is interesting that the revolver drum is covered with a casing, the purpose of which remains a mystery to me personally. Is that the protection of the index finger from the rotating drum"

    Apparently, for this purpose, and visually, with small dimensions of the weapon, the upper part of the palm with the index finger is just lying on the drum.

    "There are no devices to speed up or facilitate the reloading of the revolver."

    But do they need a female revolver for one or two shots in real conditions? Its purpose, as in current traumatics, is more a psychological effect.
    1. scrabler
      11 July 2013 11: 12
      You are completely right, you do not need a quick recharge, but its presence is never superfluous smile I thought about the casing, which covers the drum, it is still needed to hold the cartridges in the drum, or rather only the back of the casing.
  4. avt
    avt 11 July 2013 11: 07
    A very sophisticated unit. But for this caliber, the Mauser M1910 is even quite good as a second weapon. Although I prefer the option for 7,65 M 1910/14 more
    1. scrabler
      11 July 2013 11: 23
      Greetings) No, 6 mm is not our method smile Of the kids, Beretta 3032 is pretty to me, despite the fact that it is "luminous". Such a nice compact for 7,65x17.
  5. avt
    avt 11 July 2013 11: 38
    Quote: scrabler
    Greetings) No, 6 mm is not our method

    hi In the 80s he met Mauser, one of my friends grandfather had a premium Mauser at 7,65, well, a very nice machine good It is somehow cleverly balanced. Although for civilian "weapons, all the same, for my taste, a revolver is preferable, and even a couple of cartridges with a shot, but at least a snipe, as a warning shot about the use of weapons, but not in winter laughing .
    1. alex-cn
      alex-cn 11 July 2013 15: 59
      and still do not forget where the shot is, and where is the bullet, especially in winter fool
  6. avt
    avt 11 July 2013 16: 14
    Quote: alex-cn
    and still do not forget where the shot is, and where is the bullet, especially in winter

    Well, if you have bad memory, try to tie knots in memory first. laughing But the campaign was very scattered and koment inattentively read -
    Quote: avt
    but not in winter

    Well, if you can’t tell where request , here to the doctor. laughing
  7. alex-cn
    alex-cn 11 July 2013 18: 43
    when loading without problems, but when shooting, anything can slip through, especially in a hurry, and this will not be a joke ... I shot a lot from multiple weapons and I know very well how you miss a shot when shooting quickly, like 4 times pressed, and the store - empty.
    1. avt
      avt 11 July 2013 18: 57
      Quote: alex-cn
      Like 4 times clicked, and the store is empty.

      Quote: avt
      .Although for civilian weapons, a revolver is still preferable to my taste,

      Key word REVOLVER. You can try the "cowboy" option - the first is empty, when the trigger is cocked and the drum is turned - the second with a shot and you can even hit the ceiling, even in the balls, but better in the thigh, less likely to get for self-harm laughing Well, and the next .... request who did not hide and did not understand ... laughing
  8. dustycat
    dustycat 12 July 2013 00: 25
    A good option for the trauma of the sample beginning of the 20th century.
    The point is not to kill, but to fight off the punks.
    By the way, I saw a similar prize from one security officer in the early 1980s.
    Interesting was the uncle. Sambo taught.