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Die in pain, poor Americans!

In recent days, the press began to receive reports of data from the latest research on the topic of American medicine. It turns out that three decades ago, doctors, using loopholes of the public health system, oppressed minorities like blacks, but today, in times of economic crisis, doctors seriously took up the poor. It got to the point that the American Health Committee advised those who do not have enough money for medical insurance or medicines to go for healers or acupunctures. Very strange advice, considering that the needles are pricked is also not free. On the other hand, such a recommendation suggests: what for the sake of paying taxes to the state that finances the war in Syria and democracy in Egypt, and sending its citizens ... well, there?

As noted by "Medical Information Network" referring to, employees of the University of Rochester (New York) found that if previous studies showed that African Americans get opioids for pain relief in the US less often than white citizens of the country, but now not only racial ones matter, but economic forces. The latest study showed that US citizens belonging to national minorities and citizens living below the poverty line, as well as both, are less likely to get a doctor's prescription for opioids in case of severe pain than rich whites.

Scientists analyzed the 1.400 data of hospital admissions in the United States for three years.

Opioids for a specified period there were prescribed more than 50 thousand people who were tormented by moderate or severe pain. 46% patients were white, 39% black. Among them English speakers were 45%, Hispanic - 40%. 47% of patients who received prescription were residents of rich urban areas, and only 41% received medication from poor areas.

Scientists have tried to treat the results objectively. For example, they expressed the idea that "very few doctors have a clearly negative attitude towards minorities or the poor." Drug imbalance is not talking about "deliberately causing harm", but about the factors that prevent doctors from correctly assessing the patient's need for painkillers. What prevents them? Language and cultural barriers are called.

The problem is much deeper than it might seem at first glance.

As noted in the channel material "RT", while in 1980 in the United States, national minorities did not have the right to reimburse medical expenses, but now those who cannot pay for medical insurance remain without drugs and doctors' help. Incurable or seriously ill patients without money or insurance will not receive the simplest opioid for pain relief. The US Healthcare Committee has already advised the poor to turn to healers, herbalists, to be treated with acupuncture.

According to the Journal of General Internal Medicine, discrimination in the United States thrives based on income.

42 million Americans (not counting illegal migrants) have no insurance. With money from them, too, of course, bad. Opioids and anesthetics were often misused, and therefore they were withdrawn from free sale. To get a prescription, you need a consultation with a doctor and a certificate, and you can get it for money or with insurance. Vicious circle.

The poor cancer patients are dying today in agony: no one sells them elementary opioid drugs.

A group of American researchers has provided statistics on mortality among migrants and the poor to the Congressional Health Committee. Scientists emphasize that "it is necessary to create a system of control and classification of pain." They believe that it is also necessary to define "a differentiated rate of prescribed narcotic drugs, in particular morphine, regardless of the availability of insurance, money, age and social status of a person."

Those who have been or worked for a long time in the United States are unanimous in saying that it is better not to get sick in America.

В Wikipedia with links to different sources, you can get some medical figures that speak for themselves.

The US healthcare industry employs more than 10 million people today. In terms of medical expenses, the United States ranks first in the world - both in absolute terms (2,26 trillion dollars, or 7439 dollars per person), and as a percentage of GDP (16%). It is projected that by 2015, costs will rise to 4 trillions of dollars, or 12000 dollars per resident.

The question is who are these "inhabitants."

Health care in the United States is provided with the latest medical equipment and medicines. Most of the Nobel Prizes in medicine are representatives of the United States. Americans account for half of all medications created in the last twenty years. It is also known that in terms of income, American doctors are superior to colleagues from other countries. As a public health expert, NYU University professor Victor Rodvin noted, “doctors from other countries dream of coming to America and getting rich.”

But with all this, the United States occupy the 37-th place in the level of medical care and 72-e on the overall level of health.

According to the CIA World Factbook, the United States is at 41-th place in the world in terms of child mortality (this is the worst indicator among developed countries) and at 45-m in terms of life expectancy.

The United States is the only industrialized state that does not guarantee citizens an all-inclusive health insurance system. Millions of Americans are unavailable for medical services due to their extremely high (and rising) costs. 16,7% of the population has no medical insurance, and for 30% of citizens medical care is provided in an incomplete amount. Lack of health insurance causes 44.800 to cause additional deaths annually (data from Harvard 2009 Research).

Very well, this medical capitalism, which in Yeltsin's time was instilled in Russia through the actions of pro-Western reformers, is characterized by words attributed to Mr. Chubais: “What are you worried about these people? Well, thirty million will die out. They do not fit into the market. Do not think about it - new ones will grow. ”

They grow up. And in the United States and Russia. But for some reason, those who do not fit into the market always grow next to them ...

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. The comment was deleted.
  2. Deniska999
    Deniska999 11 July 2013 09: 23
    Well, what can I say, no concern for the people, but only the interests of a handful of bureaucrats.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Simon
      Simon 11 July 2013 13: 02
      Yes, Amer’s rules did not give a damn about their people, just as they didn’t give a damn about the peoples of the whole world. They consider themselves managers of the whole world, and the rest is for them.
      1. stroporez
        stroporez 11 July 2013 14: 12
        the more people they kill themselves, the less "work" will remain for us ......... good news ......
    3. Furnace driver
      Furnace driver 11 July 2013 13: 08
      what are you, bureaucrats have nothing to do with it: in the USA it is customary to extract money from everything, that is, they also make money for the health of the nation. the clinics are mostly private there, and the paramedics make money ...
  3. Fin
    Fin 11 July 2013 09: 24
    There, medicine is only for those who have money.
    He’s been familiar for 10 years in the USA with civil works for 8 months, but every year he buys insurance otherwise God forbid appendicitis or something like that and you throw back the ends, no one will save. Ordinary Americans after 40 years are toothless, with MP hernias, simple operations and dental treatment are very expensive.
  4. Wolland
    Wolland 11 July 2013 09: 25
    Purely humanly sorry for people, apparently for all Anglo-Saxons and Rothsellers, skin color plays a very important role.
  5. King
    King 11 July 2013 09: 29
    to this and our health care is emerging. he who can pay will be cured, and he who is not will be bent from pain. and insurance poles are zilch by which you can pass blood flow for analysis.
    1. Danafxnumx
      Danafxnumx 11 July 2013 10: 28
      come on ...
      making an appointment with any specialist is free and free (not always at a convenient time, but these are the details, if necessary) ...
      with the introduction of the electronic queue, the queues have almost disappeared in us in the district clinic, well, you may have to wait 20-30 minutes ... no more ...

      so no need to slander ...
      1. Matroskin
        Matroskin 11 July 2013 13: 02
        And here it’s not necessary to slander. Half of the specialists are absent. Of those who have half, they divide the tablet in half, and the second only has passed the day. The mother is tormented for six months, it hurts brutally. They drove four doctors and an examination (I’ll notice for free) The result is four completely different diagnosis, hospital and no use! A lot of money is buzzed-the result is zero. So the availability of money is not a guarantee of the result.
        1. Raphael_83
          Raphael_83 11 July 2013 17: 17
          Well then! I myself fell in April unsuccessfully, twisted my left leg, my knee still hurts brutally. Why not being treated? And from what to be treated, dear? Was at 4 (in words - four) clinics, including: the republican Central Clinical Hospital, the surgical center of the 22nd emergency hospital, in the 21st - one of the largest district hospitals in the republic and a private orthopedic center. Everywhere they made different diagnoses (!), Despite the fact that they examined everything that was possible, they were forced to take a bunch of pictures (without them, "sorry, you cannot make an accurate diagnosis"), the result is zero. I paid a bunch of dough (in state clinics it turned out even more expensive than private traders), but no responsibility! What is left for me? Go to Kurgan, to the legendary "Elizarovsky" center? Maybe at least there, they will say something sensible?
          1. dustycat
            dustycat 11 July 2013 18: 25
            Go to the Chinese. Also not free, but not more expensive than in Russia.
      2. dustycat
        dustycat 11 July 2013 18: 23
        Quote: DanaF1
        come on ...
        making an appointment with any specialist is free and free

        Do you have specialists in the field of specialization or in the sense of skill?
        I’m a mystery to local medicine.
        I don’t drink, don’t smoke, I’m not a drug addict, I don’t work in hazardous production.
        In epicrisis - non-viral hepatitis of unknown origin.
        Three local luminaries examined, professors of the doctor of sciences.
  6. Smersh
    Smersh 11 July 2013 09: 33
    but before ours they still roll
    1. itkul
      itkul 11 July 2013 11: 14
      Quote: Smersh
      but before ours they still roll

      Well, yes, people with disabilities in the United States perform at the Olympic Games, and here we collect money for children with disabilities throughout the country by phone with sms for treatment, every week they show on the first channel.
      1. Danafxnumx
        Danafxnumx 11 July 2013 13: 56
        do not believe ...
        our disabled people also perform at the Olympics ...
  7. LaGlobal
    LaGlobal 11 July 2013 09: 39
    Repeat or not repeat - anyway!

    There are plenty of such minorities in the USA! And if such an attitude is towards them, then in a couple of years, I will not be surprised that the same attitude will be transferred to white and fluffy ones! It is a pity that Barack did not fall into the category of the poor!
  8. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 11 July 2013 09: 51
    It was in the "ineffective" USSR that there was free health care for everyone, in the "super effective" USA there is money for treatment, there is no money, here is an aspirin tablet and goodbye! I wish Mr. Chubais a speedy and painful well-deserved death from intestinal colic. Mr. into a normal society.
    1. Matroskin
      Matroskin 11 July 2013 11: 57
      Better for diarrhea. Diagnosis - "Soaked in the toilet."
  9. zvereok
    zvereok 11 July 2013 09: 53
    Just last Friday, a colleague took 2 thousand from my wife (she simply didn’t have more with herself). The fact is that her husband’s husband, a colleague (an honored coach of the Olympic team in freestyle wrestling, by the way), suffered an acute attack of appendicitis. And in the hospital they refused to accept him, because of an expired policy. And they didn’t accept it until they put a bribe in their mouth. And you know, in such cases it’s not up to moral principles that giving a bribe is not good, that doctors act illegally, here you are either alive or not.

    Such are the realities.
    1. ariy_t
      ariy_t 11 July 2013 11: 09
      Ohrenely ???? The video had to be shot in court ... This is an ambulance ...
      1. smile
        smile 11 July 2013 15: 30
        Then to the court, initially applying to law enforcement agencies, this is a criminal offense! Moreover, the ordinary .... if the matter does not reach the court, then the materials for verifying the application will be ready proof for filing a statement of claim to the court, especially since the temporary policy is issued instantly in a medical institution.
        1. zvereok
          zvereok 11 July 2013 16: 37
          At vryatli, this woman will sue after the fact. And when a problem occurs, sometimes you think only about the life of a loved one. Well, I probably would have argued, maybe it helped, and that lady is a gentle man, she couldn’t.

          By the way, what is interesting is that lady works in the city administration department, though she has the status of "technical personnel" (these are people who do work at the level of municipal employees, but receive two to two and a half times less of them). But the crust could probably show, threaten. The word "Administration" is sobering.
    2. wax
      wax 11 July 2013 12: 32
      Chubais to collect on an operation to remove the genital organ, so as not to produce Chubais.
    3. Simon
      Simon 11 July 2013 13: 07
      Yes, such bastards would need to knock out teeth in this mouth so that they would not take bribes, although they are obliged to take the old policy as well, and then sort it out.
  10. RussianRu
    RussianRu 11 July 2013 10: 07
    And here everything goes for us. In tyuhayut self-sufficiency in everything. They want to make the service sector out of medicine and education. Insanity is complete. You give free medicine and education.
    1. zvereok
      zvereok 11 July 2013 16: 45
      Name me at least one reform (they all begin with the words "caring for the people") not failed by the current government?
  11. rpek32
    rpek32 11 July 2013 10: 13
    One of the reasons is that physicians in the USA are banally afraid to give strong opioids to the poor, because according to them, any poor de facto drug addict. And for the release of potent opiates to drug addicts in the US, they are drunk oh how much
  12. ole
    ole 11 July 2013 10: 30
    In the districts of the oblast, they reduce the number of CRHs, of one of the four districts, they repair the CRH, assuming that it alone can serve the population, in the CRH itself they closed the departments of ENT, oculists, reduced beds in therapy and resuscitation, and created paid wards. Repair is in progress, money is being spent, now everything looks cool, but as much as in Soviet times it’s not easy, because holes are already visible there, dents, etc. Well and most importantly, they ordered equipment but there are no specialists, someone doesn’t go to the wilderness.
  13. makst83
    makst83 11 July 2013 10: 30
    when we finally finish off the remnants of Soviet medicine, and even with such reformers, the same thing will happen!
  14. roma-belij
    roma-belij 11 July 2013 10: 44
    Long live bourgeois medicine, the most merciless medicine in the world !!!
  15. ariy_t
    ariy_t 11 July 2013 10: 57
    Ha ... But how effective is that ... laughing I think if they poison their poor and blacks with dust, it will be even more effective ..
  16. Mhpv
    Mhpv 11 July 2013 11: 00
    Recent research has shown that U.S. citizens belonging to national minorities and citizens below the poverty line, as well as both at the same time, are less likely to get a prescription for opioids from a doctor in case of severe pain than rich white people.

    In Russia, the majority of the population refers to such in terms of medicine.
    The poor cancer patients are dying today in agony: no one sells them elementary opioid drugs.

    In Russia, they are discovered when it is time for a person to think about funeral services and not about drugs.
    Ordinary Americans after 40 years toothless, simple operations and dental treatment are very expensive

    Well then, I'm American wassat
    Chubais, what would all the medical adversities befall you: prostatitis, diarrhea, dandruff and tooth decay.
    Good old joke:
    A man comes to the pharmacy, the pharmacist says to him:
    - You’ll wait a bit here, watch out for the goods, and I'll be there in 15 minutes. Just don’t sell anything. Priykhoidt pharmacist in 15 minutes:
    - what, who came the thread?
    - Yes, here the man from coughing asked for medication, but gave him a purgen
    - What the fuck did you eat!
    - And what. Look, look around the corner, afraid to even cough.
    - And who else came?
    - Yes, the man walked on crutches. I gave him a pugen.
    - What the hell did you eat!
    - And that, look, they threw their shy hands and ran home.
    - And who else came?
    - And the man asked for medication from diarrhea. I gave him a pugen.
    - What are you, oh $ ate !!!
    - And what, look, first won, then stopped, waved his hand and went a step ..
    Good health and less contact with our medicine hi
  17. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 11 July 2013 11: 01
    An entertaining little article ... Actually, millions are sitting on sedatives and painkillers in SGA. And they’re sitting, they’re drugs. Such is their authorized, legal, prescription drug addiction. And since this is an addiction that has nothing to do with the treatment of hair, all the vices, abuses and problems of drug addiction and drug trafficking are fully present. And there are still some things caused by the fact that this addiction is a state project.
    If you are white, have some status, then they will write you calming agents very willingly. And if black and habitually suck resources without doing anything, then the decision will not depend on medicine. However, if you enjoy authority in your environment, you will certainly get your pills. How it works was fully explored by Stanislav Lem in one of the travels of Iyon the Tikhiy. He had one paradise there ... who is interested, the search will be by the words "podvortsovat" and "daddy".
  18. Mareman Vasilich
    Mareman Vasilich 11 July 2013 11: 04
    Russia, in principle, is not far from the situation in the United States. The fact that destructive reforms are in full swing does not bother anyone. The main thing for everyone is that there are 200 varieties of sausages, jeans, wheelbarrows in the store, and there is a chop dough. But when the ass comes, everyone will make a helpless gesture with the words: "But I don't, I don't." I will be asked a question, I know, on the subject: "And then what?" Yes, nothing, at least I haven’t voted for 10 years, to clear my own conscience, this is at least something. I regularly watch what children are being forced into at school, and systematically correct children, even when it goes against the school curriculum. In conversations with teachers, I tell them that they will only memorize the program, but they will not accept the slop on faith. This concerns literature, history, social studies.
  19. lawyer
    lawyer 11 July 2013 11: 29
    I agree that we have trouble with medical care, everything is only money, if anyone has contacts they can be treated free of charge, I know personally as a lawyer, I only get free services to my clients through the court, the prosecutor’s office, we are not patients for them, but clients we need to tear loot.
  20. anip
    anip 11 July 2013 11: 41
    Based on this:
    Over the indicated period, more than 50 thousand people who were tormented by moderate or severe pain were prescribed opioids there. 46% of the patients were white, 39% were black.

    studies have shown that African Americans receive less opioids in the United States for pain relief than white citizens

    But excuse me, in the USA in 2011 there were 311 million people, of which 78,1% were white, the rest (Negroes, Asians, Aleuts, Indians, etc.), respectively, 21,8%. It turns out that on the contrary, it was White who received less painkillers.

    It is further written:
    Among them, 45% were English-speaking, 40% were Hispanic.

    Again, if we take into account that in 2011 there were 16,7% of Hispanics and that in 2000 there were 215 million English-speaking, 28 million Hispanic, then it turns out that English-speaking people get less painkillers than Hispanics.

    47% of prescription patients were residents of wealthy urban areas, while only 41% received drugs from poor areas.

    Well, here everything is simple, if you recall that in the Russian Federation many doctors are now interested in the patient's ability to purchase certain drugs and offer poor substitutes for cheaper ones.

    Conclusion: the conclusions of the "group of American researchers" are bullshit.
    1. Danafxnumx
      Danafxnumx 11 July 2013 14: 01
      also drew attention ...

      Well, think for yourself why an American needs math?))))
  21. ed65b
    ed65b 11 July 2013 13: 45
    I will answer the amer from a neighboring branch - Hrenovo you.
  22. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF 11 July 2013 15: 22
    Golden billion is not relevant, give a diamond million!
  23. Steppenwolf
    Steppenwolf 11 July 2013 16: 08
    The acquaintance in p_i_n_d_o_s_i_i lives, I didn’t hear from her about problems with analgesics or sedatives, but with narrow specialists (although in our concept they are not so narrow), and with their qualifications there is an ass, especially if you live in some nibud bear corner (she settled in New Hampshire): she went to the gynecologist for a few weeks, and when I needed to get to some local luminary from endocrinology (I needed to examine the thyroid gland), the record was more than 4 months O_o ... It's a little bit worse it’s possible during this time ... Yes, and drinking + food among the medical staff there also blossoms like here: I gave a few hundred bucks for analysis, I didn’t turn gray, but it turned out that they shot a bl + shot shot, and it seemed like nothing was wrong, You can live, specialists and operations are not needed, the curtain ...
    1. cdrt
      cdrt 11 July 2013 16: 59
      An article is taken out of the context of a medical journal, apparently, and then your own speculations have been added.

      Yes, it’s not very simple with medicine. For a family of 4 people a year you need 16-17000 dollars a year for good insurance. But it is very good in New York (one of the most expensive places).
      Well ... according to our concepts, the planned assistance will be either in the Presidential Administration, or in the hospital on Ivankovskoye Shosse (the best hospital of Roszdrav according to the doctors themselves).

      Well, if you are completely poor or a pensioner, then you get all the necessary honey. help is free.

      Yes, there are problems of narrow specialists, especially in the "village".
      But for comparison, in Naberezhnye Chelny (700 thousand people. Population) there is not a single specialist rheumatologist (and arthritis after 50 people know what such is).

      As for the opioids ... it’s good reason.
      Opioids usually give oncology ...
      And here we just have a "handicap" in front of them, as a rule, the stage of possible treatment passes so quickly that they may not have time to prescribe opioids ...
      1. Revolver
        Revolver 11 July 2013 21: 22
        Quote: cdrt
        Opioids usually give oncology ...

        Well, not only that. And with fractures, and to relieve postoperative pain, and even after tooth extraction (I personally prescribed a Vicodine when the wisdom tooth tore). And with back pain too.
  24. 0255
    0255 11 July 2013 17: 44
    In the CIS countries, medicine is even worse, so it's too early to laugh at America. Remember the case of how some of the Zapashny brothers were wrongly sewn on fingers a few years ago - how many indignations there were on the topic "If our medicine cannot cure a star, then what can we say about ordinary people."
  25. Revolver
    Revolver 11 July 2013 19: 29
    Afftap heard a ring, but does not know where he is. Firstly, emergency rooms in hospitals are required by law to accept everyone, regardless of insurance coverage. And then the cost of their treatment is then scattered on solvent patients, and therefore the prices for emergency rooms are prohibitive. And if they really see that a person is hurt, then they will give drugs and even inject morphine.
    Secondly, for the poor who are really poor (although this does not apply to illegal immigrants), there is state insurance Medicaid (Medicaid).
    A doctor with a suspicious Spanish-sounding last name was recently hired for drug and Medicaid fraud. He opened a "pain management clinic" in a minority town. A room like a shop, at the entrance there is a secretary-registrar, sometimes also a nurse for half, if not a quarter of the rate (but the papers are clear, there is a nurse on staff). And a few "freelancers" who were looking for the poor, mostly non-white, often homeless people who were eligible for Medicaid treatment. These patients came, signed on pieces of paper that they couldn’t read or understand (America is full of "functionally illiterate", but this is another topic), and received prescriptions for drugs such as Vicodine or OxyContin (narcotic pain relievers), with which they left satisfied. Essno these prescriptions were quite legally sold in pharmacies, with payment for the same Medicaid (i.e. free for them) and blissed out. And this doctor then billed Medicaid for the allegedly performed treatment procedures - Mom, don't worry. But after a couple of years of such "medical practice" they took him, I do not know how long they will be discharged, but the doctoral license will definitely be taken away, and such a license is sooooo valuable. In many ways, this is why real doctors, if they see an obvious junkie complaining of pain, or even only suspect that this is a junkie, are afraid to prescribe drugs - the license is expensive. And besides, some "patients suffering from pain" having received the medicine go to the corner to sell it to junkies, for an OxyContin wheel you can easily get $ 5, or even more, and in a pack of such wheels there may be 60.
  26. superbober71
    superbober71 11 July 2013 21: 34
    Quote: itkul
    Well, yes, people with disabilities in the United States perform at the Olympic Games, and here we collect money for children with disabilities throughout the country by phone with sms for treatment, every week they show on the first channel.

    By the way, maybe someone will be "funny" but one of the leaders at the Paralympics was Ukraine (in my opinion, even the 1st in the team event). Well, what are the conclusions ??
  27. antonio
    antonio 11 July 2013 22: 43
    The article is reminiscent of bad Soviet agitation, oh poor blacks how liberals bother about them! In the States who work, there is always a medical insurance, as a bonus with the payment of a dentist. Yes, compare the appearance of an American pensioner and ours, the difference will be in appearance by 20 years, the American will look younger. He treated his teeth in one of the best clinics, came to Toronto on a business trip, got a toothache, went to the dentist, he was shocked by treatment in a Russian clinic, expressed himself not censored. By the way, the treatment came out 1,5 times cheaper than in Moscow.
  28. PB1995
    PB1995 13 July 2013 11: 17
    After reading the article, I remembered the proverb "We see a speck in someone else's eye, but we don't notice a log in our own." And what is our medicine the best in the world?