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The Accounting Chamber has revealed new frauds in which Oboronservis is involved

The Accounting Chamber has revealed new frauds in which Oboronservis is involvedThe audit of the Accounts Chamber revealed another violation related to the defense department of Oboronservis OJSC. The company was actually the only participant in multi-million tenders for the disposal of weapons and ammunition. Meanwhile, the main suspect in this case has the opportunity to walk around Moscow with a bracelet on his leg.

On Monday, the first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Industry, Vladimir Gutenev, said that the Defense Ministry's subordinate organization Oboronservis, in connection with whose activities several criminal cases are being investigated, was found to have yet another violation.

According to the parliamentarian who was present at the Audit Chamber’s board following an audit of organizations involved in the implementation of the Federal Target Program Industrial Utilization of Weapons and Military Equipment for 2011 – 2015 and for the period up to 2020, Oboronservis violated the law on bidding by participating in tenders for utilization of military equipment.

It was Gutenev, who holds the post of vice-president of the Russian Engineering Union, who initiated an inspection at the end of last year.

“As the auditors found out, among the unscrupulous participants of the Federal Targeted Program are OJSC Oboronservis and its subsidiaries. Only they were allowed to closed tenders, without having the corresponding licenses. And with the direct bidding, the subsidiaries withdrew their applications for participation, giving Oboronservis the opportunity to become the only winner of the tenders, ”the Russian Engineering Union reports.

According to the audit, to which Gutenev refers, one of the contracts for the disposal of ammunition, obtained by Oboronservis, exceeded the sum of 900 million rubles. Of these, almost 100 million after the distribution of the order by eight performers, the management structure was left to itself.

The deputy chairman of the Duma security committee, Alexander Khinshtein, told the newspaper VIEW that he was inclined to believe the data voiced.

Oboronservis, other subsidiaries were actually the only and main executors of most contracts. This is connected not only with the state program of armaments, but also with other purchases. In particular, all food purchases went through the structure of Voentorg, through Slavyanka — everything related to consumer services, and through Oboronservis — everything connected with other things related to logistics, ”he recalled.

“If the goals of the investigators and control bodies are to objectively figure out everything, establish the truth and prevent similar things from happening again in the future, then they have a lot of work to do,” the parliamentarian added. “If their task is to document three or four episodes and withdraw the ex-minister Serdyukov from the case, then no.” Personally, I am inclined to think that the first option should be the only possible one. But given that Serdyukov is still in the status of a witness, and the main accused in the case of Vasilyev freely moves around Moscow with a bracelet on his leg, this raises big questions for me. ”

The deputy also expressed the opinion that the efforts of the supervisory and supervisory bodies should also be focused on the implementation of the state armament program. “For a number of years, the state actually allocated more budget funds than was required. As a result, multi-billion dollar savings were constantly being created, which did not return back to the federal budget, but was freely determined by the decision of the Minister of Defense. Where did the money go, what was acquired on them - this is a question, the answer to which, in my opinion, should be given as soon as possible, and we are talking about much more abuse than selling the property, ”he explained.

The deputy did not rule out that in the course of the work of the investigators and auditors, the public will learn new corruption schemes practiced in this organization. “This is Pandora’s box. The closer look will be, the more will be revealed, ”he concluded.

Meanwhile, on Monday, the Federal Penitentiary Service was commented on reports that the main suspect in the Oboronservis case, Evgenia Vasilyeva, was walking in the center of Moscow. Earlier in the media there were photos where, presumably, Vasilyeva is walking along Stoleshnikov Lane.

Her lawyer, Alexander Gofshtein, said that his client was entitled to three-hour walks in the fresh air, and this time she could use to move at her discretion.

The press bureau of the FPS confirmed this information. “Under the terms of the arrest Vasiliev can walk three hours a day. The bracelet tracks the time of her walks and the route of movement ", - leads RIA"News»The words of the representative office.

Recall that in 2012, 10 initiated criminal cases, later merged into a single proceeding, against officials of the Ministry of Defense who were performing managerial functions in organizations of the Oboronservis holding, including Evgenia Vasilyeva, as well as employees of commercial organizations whose actions caused damage when selling real estate and shares owned by the state.

Cases are investigated under articles on fraud, abuse and abuse of office and are combined into one proceeding. The defendants of this case are also the ex-head of the Legal Support Center "Expert" Ekaterina Smetanova (who is under a written undertaking not to leave the place) and her spouse, the former general director of the District material warehouse of the Moscow District of the Air Force, Maxim Zakutaylo (he is arrested).

Against the background of this corruption scandal of the post of the Minister of Defense, Anatoly Serdyukov was deprived, later he repeatedly came for questioning as a witness in the case.

The investigation regularly reveals all new violations. So, in May it became known about the initiation of a criminal case on the tax evasion of Oboronservis OJSC amounting to more than 320 million rubles.
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  1. Genur
    Genur 9 July 2013 10: 28
    ... And Vaska listens and eats ...
    And I would cook ...
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 9 July 2013 11: 40
      Quote: Genur
      . And Vaska listens and eats ...

      and the article puts pluses ++++++ just what not to understand laughing
    2. Nevsky
      Nevsky 9 July 2013 12: 43
      No comment ..... horror !!!

      1. baltika-18
        baltika-18 9 July 2013 13: 03
        Quote: Nevsky
        No comments

        Stanislav, he was just insolent.
        And he laughs at people in the open.
      2. lucidlook
        lucidlook 9 July 2013 13: 26
        Serdyukov - as much as Khodorkovsky!
      3. Grishka100watt
        Grishka100watt 9 July 2013 15: 09
        In the video, Putin says that the court will determine the blame, that he himself initiated the initiation of these cases and that the investigation will be carried out to the end. The investigator decides whether to conclude or not, and this is his business.

        Cheto I did not see where Putin again roofs Serdyukov and Vasilyev, tell me where it was, maybe I missed it?
        1. Nevsky
          Nevsky 9 July 2013 17: 14
          Cheto did not see where Putin again roofs Serdyukov and Vasilyev, tell me where it was, maybe he missed it?

          And you don’t cling to the name, I didn’t mount it, and uploaded it to YouTube. Did you watch the story yourself? Do you understand the essence of the question of Putin's trustee in the army? That public outcry understood? And then we wonder why Bolotnaya somehow sideways not only attracts liberals, but also patriots.
          1. Grishka100watt
            Grishka100watt 9 July 2013 20: 25
            And you don’t cling to the name, I didn’t mount it, and uploaded it to YouTube. Did you watch the story yourself?

            I watched from beginning to end, and even retold. The plot does not correspond to the title, what you wanted to say, I did not understand why I did not understand "without comment". You renounce authorship, but you got it from somewhere and posted it on the site.

            In general, we both understand that basically people will not watch the plot, but will look at the name, at the picture, and an unpleasant aftertaste will remain in the head. For this you, in fact, put him here. Yes?
    3. Siberian German
      Siberian German 9 July 2013 13: 08
      yes yes yes and I didn’t even read it bored like that - anecdote "congress of surgeons is Japanese - I can do a brain transplant, all wow, a German - I can do spinal cord surgery - ooo, Russian - I cut out tonsils - all uuuu, and he responded - through the ass - oooh. here and here oooo
    4. Interface
      Interface 9 July 2013 14: 08
      And according to Yandex: Evgeny Vasiliev, who is under house arrest, was seen today in a boutique.

      No comment.
    5. krasin
      krasin 9 July 2013 16: 30
      Yes, he ... in one place, he receives 600t.rub from Chubais and does not blow in his mustache!
  2. Canep
    Canep 9 July 2013 10: 30
    Yes, there will definitely not be a quick trial, or maybe not at all. Serdyukovskaya gang stole so much that it will take several more years to count the stolen.
    1. Arberes
      Arberes 9 July 2013 10: 55
      Not planted.

      She crawled out of 13 rooms
      To do your shopping
      Sadness to dispel slightly!
      The collar does not interfere
      She walks around Moscow
      Will buy a pen with paper
      What poems to write!
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 9 July 2013 11: 41
        Quote: Arberes
        Not planted.

        Vito, don’t mow under Vasiliev laughing
        1. Arberes
          Arberes 9 July 2013 11: 48
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          Vito, don’t mow under Vasiliev

          Yes, with whom you will lead ... as they say! drinks
          In general, this is a fleeting sketch.
  3. Apologet.Ru
    Apologet.Ru 9 July 2013 10: 33

    The audit of the Accounts Chamber revealed yet another violation related to the subordinate Ministry of Defense of OJSC

    The deputy did not rule out that in the course of the work of investigators and auditors the public would recognize new corruption schemes practiced in this organization. “This is Pandora’s box. The closer you look, the more it will unfold ”

    It's a shame, you know, if a person stole a chicken from starvation, so right there in spite of any circumstances, don’t indulge in the most, they’ll roll out a full term, and here, in the full sense, an enemy of the state, and -

    the main suspect in the Oboronservis case, Yevgeny Vasiliev, walks around the center of Moscow. Earlier in the media there were photos where, presumably, Vasiliev walks along Stoleshnikov Lane.
  4. Xroft
    Xroft 9 July 2013 10: 35
    Is there any point in talking about this? I'm waiting for Serdyuk to die of old age? Close at least for the first part of what was stolen, and then when they are already sitting they will add a term ....
  5. Flooding
    Flooding 9 July 2013 10: 40
    Quote: Canep
    Yes, there will definitely not be a quick trial, or maybe not at all.

    And let it be. What prevents Muscovites from throwing this lady with a bracelet of rotten tomatoes?
    Why does THIS person have the opportunity to walk the streets of the capital of the country, which she robbed, and at the same time look people in the eye? So, not afraid of people's anger? As well as put on the wrath of the Russian femidka.
    Well, after all, it is in the power of citizens to stop three-hour walks in the fresh Moscow air.
  6. papss
    papss 9 July 2013 10: 47
    Yes ... the matter is still "thicker" ... there is no result ... Do not say, Chinese comrades, in this business ... faster ... It would have been a long time since the bracelet was moved from the foot to the neck, but tightened ...
    1. Flooding
      Flooding 9 July 2013 10: 58
      Quote: papss
      Why don’t you say, Chinese comrades, in this matter ... quicker ... It would have been a long time since the bracelet was transferred from foot to neck, but tightened ...

      In China, officials receive a death sentence for Bribes!
      Formally, this is private money, and ultimately it may not even cause damage to the state.
      Here, the plundering of state funds is already sick of the word ... PEOPLE'S money.
      Yes, in China, this gang would be split into atoms so that no infection would remain.
  7. waisson
    waisson 9 July 2013 10: 54
    we find everything
    and the defendants are like in the song A I GO STEPING MOSCOW ....... and I don’t care
  8. waisson
    waisson 9 July 2013 10: 58
    only the bracelet says it’s a little disturbing, and so I don’t care
  9. IRBIS
    IRBIS 9 July 2013 10: 59
    Have you tried to plant? In my opinion, it’s time for a long time ... In the meantime - one talking room and nothing more ...
  10. mirag2
    mirag2 9 July 2013 11: 08
    When will the guilty ones respond with JUSTICE? After all, they weakened our defense, there was no state defense order for two years! these people have done you and me and my neighbor badly — for such things you have to give cuffs on the frontal place. Sell tickets — to everyone who buys a ticket — the right to hit with a rod once — bought ten tickets — you hit 10 times, then to the hospital — pump them out — and re-income refund. Bitch.
  11. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 9 July 2013 11: 10
    Such people must be imprisoned without trial or investigation (freshly planed). And then there are bracelets, steel ones in the sense of shackles.
  12. maestro123
    maestro123 9 July 2013 11: 24
    It is clear that the "roof" over her skull is solid ...
    Instead of a strictly collar, a collar was issued for the Yorkshire Terrier.
  13. Starover_Z
    Starover_Z 9 July 2013 11: 27
    On felling, to the Far North!
    Although no - send to the Arctic to restore military and social facilities with their own prescribed daily allowance!
    To start 10 years without the right of correspondence and all communication with the mainland!
  14. rus_ak_93
    rus_ak_93 9 July 2013 11: 35
    put on a stake (freshly planed).
    Nooo, no need to rush, no need to shave, better with knots.
  15. The comment was deleted.
  16. Lapotnik
    Lapotnik 9 July 2013 11: 39
    I and many of my friends have an unambiguous opinion - they would have quietly taken out one or two ... We are not in China, everyone wants to live, the rest would have thought 1000 times before stealing.
    PS. Planting is not an option; it does not correspond to the punishment. I don’t understand what are we afraid of? What Pi ... Americans will not approve?
  17. pensioner
    pensioner 9 July 2013 11: 40
    And what? Damage will be counted to the last penny, or what? Maybe for now stop. And take care of the courts. And then you look and the statute of limitations will come ...
  18. V. Ushakov
    V. Ushakov 9 July 2013 11: 47
    Apparently, the whole point of the military reform in Russia boils down to ensuring that its defense capability is, somewhere, at the level of France: you cannot start a global war and won’t win, but no one will fart against you either. For astronautics to be about the same level. We are not talking about reaching the borders of the United States. If only it was possible to sit safely and cut oil and gas, timber, coal and other, "fossil" money. For this, a real offensive army is not needed, a nuclear defensive one is enough. Of course, you can sit like that, but this sitting is without development or practically without development of both science and technology. That is why Serdyukovism is taking place as a course of action corresponding to the "declared" one. If so, what can we expect from the supreme power of large "incarceration" for corruption cases? Why develop small and medium businesses? After all, the process of transforming the army from an offensive into a purely defensive one is proceeding quite according to plan, science, large and medium-sized high-tech industries are not needed for this. Sit - drank ...
  19. sashka
    sashka 9 July 2013 11: 57
    "Deputy" about "Oboronservis" Ridiculous .. The raven will not peck out a crow's eyes.
  20. Alex66
    Alex66 9 July 2013 12: 09
    The investigation is underway. Vasilyeva has been under house arrest for a year, two ... 5 years, maybe 7. Finally, the court sentenced 7 years (and she has already served them) Vasiliev is released from the courtroom. Well, something like this scenario, maybe what kind of amnesty will happen. Well, the field furniture is not subject to jurisdiction, it works for the "good" of the homeland in a new place.
  21. My address
    My address 9 July 2013 12: 39
    Evil takes. Most do not understand the reasons for the impunity of serdyukovo-basil. And the government just lazily shrugs, refers to presumptions and other permissible gurglings during house arrest. For the sake of completeness, this wedding with this one in Arkhangelsk is not enough, and as a gift from the authorities, this term is extended by up to 8 hours a day.

    But Kvachkov / Khabarova immediately in jail. They are enemies of thieves and can not be such a home. And then they and the real term, do not attempt to inviolability.
    1. strange and pretty meaningless
      strange and pretty meaningless 9 July 2013 13: 50
      Quote: My address
      But Kvachkova / Khabarov immediately in jail. They are enemies of thieves and can not be such under the home. And then they have a real term, do not encroach on stability.

      ... for stability.
  22. Drosselmeyer
    Drosselmeyer 9 July 2013 12: 40
    +++ The main person involved in the Oboronservis case Evgenia Vasilyeva was photographed last weekend in the Chanel boutique on one of the fashionable shopping streets of Moscow +++.
    Well, she has a good preventive measure ... They would have already finished this clowning, but did not disgrace. In addition to high-profile statements - zilch.
  23. Savva30
    Savva30 9 July 2013 13: 58
    The Accounting Chamber has revealed new frauds in which Oboronservis is involved
  24. AVV
    AVV 9 July 2013 14: 16
    Moscow prosecutors, also in the status of witnesses, have now, and now everything is free and with the dough !!! So it will be with Serdyukov and his valiant friend Vasilyeva !!! And this is called the fight against corruption? A screen only !!!
  25. uhu189
    uhu189 9 July 2013 14: 32
    Nasty from all of this is simple. It’s disgusting and disgusting ... But I don’t understand one thing - why should people be disturbed then - at first they talk about billions of embezzlement, then they show how Vasilyeva lives, then they talk a lot and gravely about harsh punishment for all corrupt officials, then they let her go home to live with a housewife, and as it turned out with the possibility of shopping ... Maybe she will also be released to Greece? so that the captive would recover ?. Why is this all - to get people to show that power is helpless? So if it hadn’t been shown on central television channels, I would have understood it, but then what’s coming out - does the government itself provoke people to prostitutes? They mock people simply. And Serdyukov’s adviser to Chubais in Rusnano is generally beauty, apparently a very valuable shot with rich experience ... And how then you won’t make sure that the country is controlled by enemies and thieves ... And the worst thing is the realization that all these emotions absolutely nothing will change ours - no one will be convicted and no one will answer for anything ...
  26. Vorchun
    Vorchun 9 July 2013 15: 11
    You cruel people, to the count, to the north, to strangle ... give you one, you and others will demand. It's scary to say who you can get to.
  27. individual
    individual 9 July 2013 16: 03
    The Accounts Chamber of Russia reveals more and more fraudulent activities, and the press services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs A. Pilipchuk or SK V. Markin conduct a pro-trial "Course of criminal skill improvement" for potential swindlers and embezzlers.
    Thieves need to be punished, not to explain how they stole.
  28. waisson
    waisson 9 July 2013 16: 20
    Stability barometer: Russians do not see progress in the fight against corruption
    The most corrupt sphere in Russia remains the civil service, Russians are sure. 92% of respondents believe that officials are more or less “infected” with the problem. 89% attribute the same definition to the police, 84% to the judiciary, 83% to lawmakers, 77% to political parties, 75% to health care, 72% to education, 70% to military service, 59% - to the media, 57% - to business, 45% - to non-profit organizations and 40% - to religious institutions.
  29. The comment was deleted.
  30. Mizhgan
    Mizhgan 9 July 2013 18: 06
    Get drunk. to sway lying, at the time of the accusation of a stool ... I’m waiting, I won’t wait ...
  31. PValery53
    PValery53 9 July 2013 18: 31
    In the situation with Serdyukov, an iron rule is manifested - "we do not surrender our own," - the basic principle of all organized crime groups (organized criminal groups). So you need to understand who you are dealing with. And take it into account in the next elections.
  32. Armata
    Armata 9 July 2013 20: 30
    My mother said to me: "Do not steal a little son, otherwise they will go to jail." I shouldn't have listened to my mother.