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Cut wings

I read here recently about my typewriters (Yak-38, Yak-41) - as they say, nostalgia shook it. It got to the Internet to dig out, how did it happen that it "ended" not only история domestic "verticalikom", but the plant that built them "let on the needles." The story is not so old days was.

Cut wings

This year, the Saratov aircraft factory would have turned 81 year.

In 2011, if you believe your fellow journalists, there were still abandoned giant workshops and smaller dilapidated buildings from the aircraft factory. There was even something left to export: non-ferrous and ferrous metals, equipment. But in 2012, two workshops and a foundation pit for a future shopping center remained from the whole huge plant. Everything else is either empty space or a few residential new buildings. That's the whole landscape on many hectares. Already these hectares have been transferred from the category of industrial land to residential and public business land, the aircraft factory’s airfield has been bought, and now these are land for future development. Only one fragment of the once gigantic plant remained originally factory - the one where they intended to build an enterprise for the production of turbines for hydroelectric power plants. But this is not for long, because, as you know, in Saratov this plant will not be built exactly.

Realized it

It is interesting that when SAZ almost disappeared, officials began to fuss around the empty space. Alexei Kubrin, deputy plenipotentiary representative for the Volga Federal District, recalled the company, letting out a caustic remark addressed to the provincial authorities, and a number of high-ranking officials were saddened by the aircraft manufacturer that had disappeared forever. It so happened that the author of these lines from the end of 90-x to the final stage observed the agony of aviation from a fairly close distance. And what I could not see with my own eyes, I gathered it from eyewitnesses and historians.

So, in 1929, it was decided to create a plant for the production of agricultural machinery in Saratov. Based on this production, an aircraft factory was subsequently created. Officially, the year of birth of the Saratov combine plant, and then the Saratov Aviation Plant, is considered the 1931th. For 6 years, the enterprise team produced more than 39 thousand combines, and in 1937 it was reoriented to production aviation techniques.

During the tour in 2007, we happened to see models of winged cars in the SAZ museum. So, the first was the high-speed reconnaissance P-10, it took off from the airfield of the plant in 1938, the second in the 1939-m fighter I-28 took to the sky. In June, 1940 was assigned to the plant within three months to master the serial production of the Yak-1 fighter created by the young aircraft designer AS Yakovlev. In October, the 1940 first three aircraft flew into the air, and during the war it was the fighters that became the main products of the plant. They were even released in the open air, when, after the German bombing, 70% of production areas were destroyed. In total, during the war, the plant produced more than 13 thousands of Yak-1 and Yak-3 fighters, and after the war, the first training aircraft Yak-11 descended from the assembly lines of the SAZ.

In 1949, the plant tested the first jet fighter of La-15 design, in 1952-m began mass production of the Mi-4 helicopter, in 1967 and 1978-m began to produce its branded Yak-40 and Yak-42 aircraft. For the period 1967-1981. 1011 aircraft were released Yak-40, and the Yak-42 and Yak-42D in the period before the 2003 year - 172. A separate page in the life of the enterprise is the ship-based attack aircraft Yak-38, which, as has been read, far exceeded those of the United States, being planes of vertical take-off and landing. In the period from 1974 to 1989, the plant managed to produce more than 200 of such machines, some qualities of which, as has been heard, have not been surpassed today.

Some sources even argued that it was the competitors' desire to permanently stop the production of such sophisticated aircraft that caused the terrible ordeals that hit the factory as the market era began.

But, I think, in reality, SAZ became a victim not at all of the backstage of the world, but of the “Nashenian” Mazurians, famously putting on the wing, but not the planes, but all the factory goods. SAZ was so big that goodness was enough for two whole waves of effective management.

Trojan horse

The first one began with the perestroika director, Alexander Yermishin, who started as a mechanic at the plant, rose to the foreman, moved along the party line, and then returned to the plant. In the 1988 year, when industrial democracy developed in the country, factory workers, enchanted by the eloquent manager, chose him to be the director, although much more worthy people claimed for this post.

In 1991, on the initiative of Yermishin, SAZ was transformed into a collective enterprise, and the director made a little book about the personal interest of everyone. Then KP turned into a LLP, in 1994 year - into a company. Shares denominated in 38 kopecks, divided between employees. However, in 1994 it has become clear to everyone what capitalism in general and people's in particular is: there were no orders, no earnings, no prospects. And the people's director sculpted all the new books about production philosophy, and traded on the sly factory social programs. The team, which at the beginning of the Yermishin era numbered almost 18 thousand people, was rapidly melting. And the chances to get out of the peak at the plant were. In 1993, China wanted to buy 10 Yak-42 from SAZ, paying for each car for 12 million dollars at cost price - 7. But Alexander Yermishin for some reason did not sign the contract, and 120 million dollars "flew" past the plant. They say he was waiting for a gift from the Chinese side, but did not wait. In 95, the Chinese were planning to order 46 Yakov immediately. Yermishin artachilsya to the last, and when he nevertheless agreed, it was too late - the Chinese shifted to Boeing. It is not known whether he carried out a direct order of competitors, but, as the capital's mass media write, in the midst of factory troubles, the general director erected a two-story mansion in the very center of Saratov, built a house for his father, and bought a three-room apartment in Moscow for his son. The plant, meanwhile, was interrupted by rare Gazprom orders for assembling new aircraft and repairing old ones.

But forever this music could not play. Without developing the enterprise, discouraging from all the tons of tales about some investors who are about to come and invest millions of dollars, the storyteller Yermishin brought the plant to the brink. In 2006, the story-teller was not very lucky: he ran into honest auditors. As is known, each joint-stock company should hire independent auditors who can impartially evaluate the financial and other opportunities of the enterprise, give a development forecast. Often, auditors get off with little meaningful phrases; there is practically no benefit from federal control over their activities.

But the report of specialists of the company REAN-audit, who conscientiously penetrated into every detail of factory life, could be read like a detective novel. In a difficult situation, the plant sells the Yak-42D aircraft, which had an actual cost price of 142 million, for 43 million and suffers almost 100 million loss on this one deal! But in general it is difficult to find at least some cash at the plant: the enterprise is divided into a bunch of “daughters” and “granddaughters” who are driving around in a circle of bills. But at the same time, SAZ even takes a loan in the Saratov Bank at 38% per annum and ... buys securities with the same bank with this money! And this despite the fact that 2006-oh company ended up with a loss of 143 million!

The auditor Larisa Konnova concludes that even in this situation, the plant has a chance to restore solvency: it is necessary to allocate subsidiaries to independent companies and to sell non-core and unnecessary property. Conclusions Yermishin categorically do not like, and he does not pay for the work of the auditors, not motivating his decision.


But on the threshold it is worth the attack, which is not expelled beyond the threshold. Back in 2004, SAZ had to make an airplane by order of Gazkomplektimpeks Prigazprom's company, but the director spent a dedicated advance to lay the wrecks of three cars instead of one, and then began demanding from the customer to buy them all ... 300 million rubles, but only in 2007-m the creditor managed to enter bankruptcy, “freeze” both debts, and transactions with the property of the plant. The external manager, Felix Shepskis, demanded the authorities to seize the property of SAZ, so that Yermishin did not have time to sell everything, but the judges with the prosecutors showed strange indifference. Finally, Shepskis caught him selling factory land and suspended him from business finally.

Communication with this specialist gave hope that the seriously ill giant of the aviation industry still has a chance. But Shepskis suddenly resigned and, allegedly for health reasons, left the company. Meanwhile, the Gazprom company assigned the right to claim debt to a certain Monolith-S LLC, Shepskis’s place was taken by Igor Sklyar, external manager from the Penza SRO “League”, and the plant was headed by a completely unexpected man - a deputy from the Penza city Duma Oleg Fomin, who had never worked at strategic enterprises . At his place in Penza, Fomin owned shuttles, and here he undertook to restore the production of aircraft. About this his intention, he loudly told reporters at the same time in 2007. Even in the press, information was spread that the United Aircraft Building Corporation allegedly recommended it at SAZ.

The press showed Yermishin "plagues" at the plant - it turns out that the company, which had been without light, water and heat for several years, worked under special tents made of plastic film under the general director Yermishin. There was an oil lamp and a stove inside, but in winter the temperature did not rise above 5 degrees. In such conditions, the old factory workers worked, and it seemed that we had come to life of military newsreel footage. For contrast, they showed us a renovated building where a new, very honest administration was sitting. To pay off the debts that have accumulated under a billion rubles, Fomin assembled for a year and a half, he avowed to keep the aviaprofile, showed announcements of hiring and recruiting a group of students in an aviation technical.

And indeed, at first, the changes at SAZ were pleasing to the eye: the new team arranged a real logging, cutting down trees that had been growing 20 for years in an abandoned area, the salary debt was paid off to the staff, the plant was again connected to public goods. SAZ top managers, together with members of the regional government, began to search for factory orders for the plant.

Masks reset

Who knows, maybe the Fomin team really did have good intentions, but then a crisis struck and all hopes of remaining in aviation collapsed. Quietly, without any messages in the media, bankruptcy trustee Igor Sklyar takes out a bankrupt settlement at the end of 2008 for a settlement agreement. It would seem that we should rejoice. Here are just some details that confuse: during the procedure, Mr. Sklar did not even draw up an external management plan, and the settlement agreement itself was concluded while maintaining huge debts.

Thus, the plant payables amounted to 532,6 million rubles, and the share of Monolit-S LLC accounted for 522,5 million rubles. The second largest creditor was the tax authority (5 million rubles). Even more interesting is that in court the bankruptcy trustee presented a credit guarantee of a certain “MAST-Bank” in the amount of 1,4 billion rubles for the completion of three aircraft. But these guarantees are off-balance and do not oblige the bank to anything. And after the approval of the settlement agreement in the annual report of the company as a tax debt at the end of 2008, a completely different amount appeared - 140 million rubles. But for some reason, the tax authority does not protest 5 million specified in the settlement. And finally, judging by the text of the “Definition on approval of a settlement agreement” from 29.12.2008, during the period of the bankruptcy proceedings, the debtor’s main account received 193 million rubles, of which the current debts were repaid to 11,5 million. Others, according to the text, went “ on the bankruptcy procedure ”. Apparently, the procedure turned out to be very profitable ...

It is easy to understand that the main creditor, who had 99% of debts, could push any decision in court. As well as Mr. Sklar could not bother himself and did not defend the external management plan to creditors. After all, there are people around: Oleg Fomin was the chairman of the board of NP “League”, and the manager Sklyar was in his subordination, while at the plant they change places, because it was Sklyar who appointed Fomin as director. This is also a violation of the law, but the regional arbitration court did not at all disturb such trifles. Like the law enforcement agencies, they were not alarmed at all, having learned that SAZ had not one, but several accounts, on which for some reason it was impossible to find the money raised by the manager of Sklyar from selling the property.

Multiplication by zero

By the summer of 2009, the destruction of the plant enters the final stage. Even in peacetime, the general director Fomin talked about plans to locate an compact aircraft factory with modern equipment, and put the rest of the land under construction, selling off everything that is not needed for production. But this quite normal plan is being implemented in the logic of the Penza recovery.

For example, before the shareholders meeting in the summer of 2009, in 2007, the aircraft plant, judging by the official statements, sold products worth 990 million rubles, and in 2008 - by 524,6 million. And from 990 million of the last year, 550 was obtained based on the results of activities (repairs and maintenance of aircraft), and 439 million more earned on the basis of the sale of land, buildings and structures. In 2008, the plant earned only 54 million rubles on the sale of property, and production activities brought 470 million. I wonder why there were other amounts of revenue from the sale of property in the manager’s report Sklyar?

In the summer of 2009, there is a meeting of shareholders of CJSC, at which there is little understanding older stockholders vote for the reorganization of SAZ through the spin-off of two companies - Razvitie and Yuzhniy Aerodrome. By the way, according to the financial statements submitted to shareholders, as of March 2009, the plant’s payables are 1,5 billion rubles! Assets are valued at 1,6 billion rubles, so Penza wellness still had a place to roam.

According to the plan announced at the meeting, as part of the reorganization, part of the assets of the company was transferred to new joint-stock companies, which also assumed part of the debts of the parent company. According to this plan, JSC Aerodrome Yuzhny should deal with the reception and maintenance of Yak-42 aircraft, OAO Razvitie accumulates assets not directly related to production, and the head enterprise CJSC SAZ will fully concentrate on the production of components for the aircraft industry.

What it led to, everyone already knows. First, as if by magic, the famous gatehouse with the orders disappeared, then the monument to factory workers who died during the Great Patriotic War fell victim to the construction projects of capitalism. Of particular value in the eyes of the destroyers was a bronze slab with names, and so on, including a capsule for posterity, plunged into the foundation pit for the future of the IKEA shopping mall. Two boxes remained from the workshops, the land after stripping or sold, or transferred to a pre-sale state. It is even ridiculous to talk about a compact modern plant - since the year before last SAZ has not even accepted Yaki for technical and operational support. Wikipedia writes that this is the only case in the history of Soviet and Russian aviation.

Even the runway has disappeared from the territory of the Yuzhniy airfield, and the company itself has been in the final stage of bankruptcy since May of this year. The debts on it of millions on 70 - of course, hopeless. The fuselages of unfinished liners are cut and scrapped. And in the assembly shop, as Wikipedia writes, there is one canned Yak-38 plane, one Yak-42D (they will never take off), an EKIP unit. But this is outdated information. Our sources report that the Yak-42D was cut in early July, and the EKIP was sold a long time ago. Life on this waste ground has been preserved only in the workshops of Sphere-Avia, which manufactures defense products and successfully rivets consumer goods such as aluminum tanks.

So, under the ringing of pans, the ghost plant floats into its flightless future. Who are the heroes, who provided such an inglorious ending to the Saratov aviation aviation? With Yermishin, who completely disappeared after 2007, everything is clear. But Penza wellness doctors are an interesting company.

At one time, the federal weekly “Top Secret” published the materials (first, second) that the controlling stake in CJSC “SAZ” was “wrung out” from the owners by a retired FSB lieutenant colonel Sergey Naumov, who, according to “Top Secret”, managed a lot of things in this life to do.

The author of these lines contacted one of the heroes of the publication, the top manager of the Moscow-based Voskhod enterprise, Vladimir Egorov, who, again, according to Moscow journalists, was the victim of extortion and physical violence from a retired security officer.

Mr. Egorov said that 51% of the shares of CJSC "SAZ", in fact, was transferred by its former CEO Alexander Yermishin to the technical company "Trans-S", behind which stood the top managers of "Voskhod", and later "wrung out" Naumov. Further 51% of shares was in the interests of the company "Monolith-S" sold to a certain Anisimov. Officially, the transaction amount was 150 thousand rubles, unofficially on a bill of exchange scheme, the purchase price is about 500 million rubles. Mr. Egorov was convinced that Monolith-S LLC is a fictitious company created for turning out unseemly cases. The company is closely connected with CB "MAST-Bank", which can be a link in the system, working on the "release" of assets. According to Mr. Egorov, the bank was controlled by one of the deputies of the State Duma from the Penza region, the same deputy may have coordinated the activities of Monolith-S. Oleg Fomin, according to Vladimir Egorov, was also closely associated with Monolith-S, and besides, Yegorov is sure, he could not be recommended for the position of United Aircraft Building Corporation.

Of course, this is just the opinion of the person concerned. However, it was MAST-Bank that gave guarantees for SAZ when approving a settlement agreement. In addition, as soon as the newspaper Vremya began publishing a cycle of materials on the aircraft factory in 2009, a sudden hysterics happened to the well-known portal of the Editorial Board. In a section devoted to rumors, a note appeared that the State Duma deputy from the Penza region, Igor Rudensky, was very dissatisfied with this scribbling, and the publisher of the newspaper Vremya would soon receive a curse on the party line.

Here is a county detective. A drama like this has already been played out a lot over the market years. It’s just that in this story the shrill symbolism of a forever-gone era is very vividly interlaced with all the most base, thief, thieves that brought a new time to our lives.

Natalya Levenets


Saratov Aviation Plant produced:

- the legendary fighters since the Great Patriotic Yak-1 and Yak-3;
- the first jet fighter designer Lavochkin La-15;
- The first in the USSR vertical take-off and landing aircraft Yak-38.
- One of the safest civilian aircraft Yak - 42.

The company has created a multifunctional non-aerodrome aircraft without wings “EKIP”, a “flying saucer” known to the whole world.

In August, 2012, JSC "SAZ" was deleted from the register of enterprises of the Russian Federation.


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  1. Yun Klob
    Yun Klob 9 July 2013 08: 08
    What can I say? Ah yes Serdyukov or pity GDP did not know?
    1. Greyfox
      Greyfox 9 July 2013 08: 22
      And what has Serdyukov got to do with it? Or is it like a new saying "Chubais is to blame for everything!"? Just
      parite nits ruined the plant for reasons of their greed. If the local government would be interested in preserving the enterprise, it has found levers of pressure on these owners. Examples of such plants throughout the country are innumerable (unfortunately for the most part collapsed rather than saved).
    2. klimpopov
      klimpopov 9 July 2013 09: 00
      I read - I wanted to cry!
      I would like to take all the workers and peasants to collect these kov in a frontal place and transplant them for a stake!
      The auditor Larisa Konnova concludes that even in this situation, the plant has a chance to restore solvency: it is necessary to allocate subsidiaries to independent companies and to sell non-core and unnecessary property. Conclusions Yermishin categorically do not like, and he does not pay for the work of the auditors, not motivating his decision.

      Only here in this paragraph a couple of articles of the Criminal Code! This is betrayal!
  2. King
    King 9 July 2013 08: 43
    Ditched almost everything!
  3. sergey72
    sergey72 9 July 2013 08: 44
    B ... b! Anger smothers when I look at the photo ...
  4. stpv1
    stpv1 9 July 2013 08: 46
    Putin is to blame for this, and he is now our first with Dimon. Serdyukov and Co., still at large, are walking around expensive shops. All this is more like a farce.
  5. Ivan79
    Ivan79 9 July 2013 08: 57
    If you go to any site, lovers of technogen, there are photos of these factories closed and destroyed by hundreds ... Exactly the same as the abandoned military units ... So you look at them and think
    and what we have in the country, now there are at least some enterprises ..?
    1. klimpopov
      klimpopov 9 July 2013 09: 15
      Oddly enough, they remained, even after such "reforms", and now imagine how many of them there were that they still cannot be plundered!
      1. Pilat2009
        Pilat2009 12 July 2013 18: 06
        Quote: klimpopov
        Strangely left

        But not for long, ahead again corporatization and privatization
        1. Alan
          Alan 17 July 2013 20: 11
          Today I went into the furniture I saw children's production beds for sale ...... Indonesia, also my fists clenched. There, in the price, the transport component of 40-50 percent, and maybe even more. Oh !!!!!
    2. Tuzik
      Tuzik 9 July 2013 09: 23
      there are, without the USSR, many enterprises could not survive, because were very dependent on the fallen republics. However, Russia does not need 100 kb and 100 aviation plants, in America there are also 2-3 developers and 3-4 factories, moreover, jointly with civil aviation and UAVs), the same is true in other areas of military equipment. In geyrop, in general, there is practically one developer and manufacturer of BAE equipment. But we didn’t need to cut everything clean, but to create joint development centers in areas of reduced kb, select the best and most promising, the same with production. But with us, as always, it’s easier to cut down, and then grab your head and look for who is to blame and what to do.
      1. klimpopov
        klimpopov 9 July 2013 09: 25
        To mine just theft. No one even thought about switching to new forms of production. Otherwise, such a collapse would not have happened ...
        1. Gari
          Gari 9 July 2013 11: 08
          Quote: klimpopov
          To mine just theft. No one even thought about switching to new forms of production. Otherwise, such a collapse would not have happened ...

          And at the beginning of 90 nobody needed production - production is the development of technology, jobs, stable salaries, social benefits, taxes, work with related industries where again jobs, trade unions, vouchers for resorts, that is, normal life
  6. standing down
    standing down 9 July 2013 09: 30
    As a resident of this glorious city, the area in which the aircraft plant is (was) I will say: You don't have to drag Putin and K. everywhere. The collapse began in about 1992 and by 2000 it was all over. Or is it paid arrivals, just to cover up? We are to blame for believing the "shitcrats" who had seized power and so on throughout the Great Country. And about Mr. Yermishin ALWAYS at that period did not know the current lazy that is destroying the Plant. It's sad to remember from teenage memories how nothing is heard around and the Yak-38 begins to rise ... When we were building planes ...
  7. sapsan14
    sapsan14 9 July 2013 09: 36
    Nothing, now let's watch TV and make sure that everything is fine with us: we rise from our knees. It is just that the industrial load of the USSR is too heavy - it prevents it from rising.
    In the city there were more than 15 enterprises of republican significance (more than 50 thousand employees), 10 branches of Sberbank and about a hundred stores of all profiles (from large ones: TSUM, two grocery stores and 2 supermarkets). Now you can’t count bank branches, hundreds of stores (about one dozen three), large enterprises - about five, and even then large by local standards.
    The author of the expression is the Roman poet and satirist Juvenal (Decim Junius Juvenal, c. 60 - c. 127), who, exposing his contemporaries (the time of Emperor Augustus), writes in his 7th satire that they can be bought quite cheaply: give them bread and circuses (literally: circus games).
    Already in ancient times (the period of the reign of Emperor Nero), these words began to be perceived as a symbolic expression of the interests of the plebeian masses, the crowd. (C)
    Why plants?
  8. evgeni21
    evgeni21 9 July 2013 09: 40
    Yes, an amnesty will help them steal further. Red with his nano will suck everything out and sell everything for greens. We harness too hard.
  9. fzr1000
    fzr1000 9 July 2013 09: 48
    What a disgusting thing. am
  10. Taoist
    9 July 2013 10: 29
    The main trouble of this collapse is not even that the factories were plundered and closed ... No matter how bitter it was, it is not so difficult to restore the "iron". The trouble (really terrible) is that the connection between generations was interrupted. We have a lot of factories in our city, somehow it is so lucky that now almost everyone is working (including the defense industry). There is money, there are orders ... But there is no main thing - people. It has become "unfashionable" to become a turner, locksmith, and welder. The system of vocational technical education has been destroyed, the few vocational schools that have remained have lost their production base, the system of "mentoring" ... And a good universal turner is at least 10-15 years of practice. Now factories are ready to pay quite a lot of money for a skilled worker - but there is no one to pay. The old people left the youth did not come. And in the end, even those who go to work - there is no one to teach them. As a result, the rockets fall ...
    1. Nayhas
      Nayhas 9 July 2013 21: 17
      Everything seems to be correct, but if the plant needs personnel, doesn’t it seem to you that the management of the company should do the training, that it owns the plant? In the days of the USSR, all plants were state-owned, therefore the state contained professional technicians. education at his own expense. Undoubtedly, everyone is accustomed to this and believe that the state should train personnel for an OJSC, LLC, and ZAO. But why would it be like that? Has the state given production to private hands for a penny and now must itself train personnel for them? I kind of agree that the state should take part in this, but take this issue on itself ... If the plant needs operators of CNC machines, then it is necessary to attract those who want working conditions and organize their training, what other options can there be?
      1. Taoist
        9 July 2013 21: 43
        Well, firstly, no enterprise is able to contain a full-fledged educational process ... Following your logic, firms should contain their own Universities, schools to train their own teachers, etc.?
        Well, and most importantly, what you overlooked is that it is precisely the destruction of such industries that led to the loss of connection between generations - a change in the "system of values" in which there is no place for a "man of labor" ...
        1. Nayhas
          Nayhas 10 July 2013 12: 07
          I mean, secondary technical education is of course one of the duties of the state, but companies interested in personnel should not participate in the process as outside observers.
          Quote: Taoist
          the destruction of such industries led to the loss of communication between generations - a change in the "value system" in which there is no place for a "man of labor"

          The working man himself will appear when the employers themselves change their attitude towards the working man. We have no unions! Absolutely! The position of the worker at the level of the beginning of the 20th century, sadly ...
    2. Simple
      Simple 10 July 2013 00: 02
      Alexei, what is the connection between the lack of qualified personnel
      in factories and falling missiles?
      In my opinion, everything is much more serious - the loss of our own production philosophy. Yes, yes, it’s our own, focused on its own "peculiarities of the national hunt," and not Western or any other.
      1. Taoist
        10 July 2013 00: 46
        Yes, the connection is direct. After all, a "qualified staff" is, first of all, not just a "person with a diploma", it is, first of all, a person who is proud of his work and he is not ashamed of his work. I remember myself starting to do the plumbing with my father ... damn it, yes, I would have burned out with shame if I screwed up something somewhere ... And now a person comes to work and already right away with such claims that everyone in life should ... and at the very hand from the ass and knowledge with gulkin hell ... but he did not come here to work and get money ... There is one of the versions of the fall of the Proton - when installing the sensor, the polarity was confused ...
        I do not know about the "philosophy of production", but the fact that conscience and responsibility for their business have been profiled ... that's for sure.
        1. Simple
          Simple 10 July 2013 18: 10
          If, when installing the sensor, the polarity was reversed (take for example), even working according to the instructions, how did it go through the OTK check? That's what I mean (simplified) by the "philosophy of production" - the rate on quality.
          We have a turner at our company (let’s take it for example), before the part passes on through the technological process, it will put its own seal on each size made in the drawing (and there are quite a few and not rarely a tolerance for the size of a couple of hundred parts).
          At the end of the production process, a part for a metering machine (in an air-conditioned room).
          A hundred square meters somewhere near, or the surface cleanliness is not the same - the buyer will not take it already.
          Even if the part has passed the size protocol, the buyer will still have his own size protocol in his company, not because he’s filling the price for himself,
          but because he ultimately assembles a product that must meet stringent requirements, the non-observance of which can result in people's lives, a technological disaster, the prestige of the company, in the end.
          It is clear that there is no place for disorder in such companies; otherwise, they will not find their own bread for the fence-human resources department either - they will find an e-replacement in no time.
          That's what I mean by "philosophy of production".
  11. NOMADE
    NOMADE 9 July 2013 10: 53
    ((Already hardened. How many professionals were thrown out onto the street, which school they lost (I think 20 years ago rolled back, especially in airplanes with GDP ((Breaking down does not build ..., now we have 10-20 airplanes a year, and more , capacities do not allow ...
    1. Mirrors
      Mirrors 24 July 2013 11: 11
      The market does not allow more. Where are the buyers? Previously, socialist countries bought our planes, but others could not. Yes, the republics fell off. Now all of them can choose what they want in the global market. Russia itself does not need so many planes, and this is the main problem of our aviation industry. There is also a second important problem - the lack of managers who know how to work in a modern market. It was easier for the Chinese - such managers were in Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States, they just came to market China with their money and experience. In our country, in the late 90s, party members, Komsomol members, “red directors” rushed into business, and then the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the KGB. They knew how to divide, but not to earn. And where can you go about greed? They were ready to sell their mother, let alone the Motherland. What do they need some kind of aircraft factory?
  12. Kovrovsky
    Kovrovsky 9 July 2013 11: 09
    Sad photos, especially the last. What is it, interestingly, that the BRDMk bare-footed with a converted tower did?
    1. dustycat
      dustycat 9 July 2013 15: 02
      Search and Rescue Test Service
  13. 73petia
    73petia 9 July 2013 11: 38
    If only twenty! And in my opinion, the aviation industry, we completely lost. Already.
    Aviastar could resume production of Ruslan, but did not receive orders. Tu-204 is also not ordered. The situation is the same in Voronezh and Kazan. If it were not for the "defense" orders, there would be no such factories. Our airlines do not
    buy our planes. Now they will have foreign pilots. They will close their schools.
    1. kavkaz8888
      kavkaz8888 9 July 2013 15: 03
      Precisely, today I heard on the radio that foreign flyers will be recruited. What the hell?
  14. luxing
    luxing 9 July 2013 12: 54
    yes there was a huge plant, a great plant of a great country, everything sank into oblivion ...
  15. dustycat
    dustycat 9 July 2013 15: 01
    Do not sprinkle salt on wounds.
  16. Yura
    Yura 9 July 2013 15: 37
    What country is ****** and! It's a shame to tears.
  17. antonio
    antonio 9 July 2013 16: 53
    Barbarians can only destroy! Thanks to the activities of such managers, a whole generation of managers and security guards has grown in Russia. An example of how one demagogue-zholiz ruined an entire plant.
  18. Algor73
    Algor73 9 July 2013 17: 01
    From you and the dashing 90s. And the people are still thinking where the current deputies, governors, and other things *** who, billionaires and millionaires earned start-up capital. After all, they, listening to them on TV, are the most honest people in the world. For a bag of potatoes - to prison, for looted plants - an order on the chest ...
  19. Russ69
    Russ69 9 July 2013 17: 02
    "Effective managers", for Russia, this phrase is increasingly turning into a curse, like a liberal.
  20. does it
    does it 9 July 2013 17: 41
    All this is sad! it is a pity that the great heritage of a great country becomes a victim of the greed of different scumbags. I wonder what fate awaits the ECIP apparatus.
  21. jagdpanzer
    jagdpanzer 9 July 2013 19: 10
    I already read about ECIP in UT as a salaga about 25 years ago, if not more ... everyone hoped that the development would be launched ..
  22. Kostjan
    Kostjan 9 July 2013 19: 13
    It’s a pity that we did everything to stop this, of course, it’s easier to blame Putin and all the authorities, sitting in front of the monitor, during working hours, and pretend to be an honest and naive patriot. I am more than sure that very many are no better than these "effective managers" that they pissed away this plant and half of the country, they think only about their profit. We say there is no corruption, but we breed it ourselves, I wonder if there are such people who would not press a bribe to a traffic cop in case of violation, a doctor so that he supposedly treats better or an official to do everything quickly and without queuing, I think there are no such people.
    1. Greyfox
      Greyfox 9 July 2013 20: 15
      There will be. I for example. I somehow managed without "greases". And I did not take it myself. And most too. For example, he violated traffic rules a few times, and certainly would not have shoved money to a traffic cop. Apparently in your life it was different ...
  23. navy33
    navy33 9 July 2013 20: 46
    I welcome everyone! A depressing picture. In Syzran, we also bought a secret oligarch from a local oligarch, destroyed it, and now it has been demolished.
  24. rudolff
    rudolff 9 July 2013 21: 23
    Thank you for the article. Although I want to howl. I saw it all with my own eyes. When I read, the thought flickered that the history of the Saratov plant is very similar to the history of the whole country.
  25. Hemi cuda
    Hemi cuda 9 July 2013 21: 33
    Such bestiality is so commonplace that it is not frighteningly surprising. It’s sad to look at the corpse of the plant; in my hometown, there are also similar cases.
  26. Max
    Max 9 July 2013 22: 11
    Quote: rudolff
    Thank you for the article. Although I want to howl. I saw it all with my own eyes. When I read, the thought flickered that the history of the Saratov plant is very similar to the history of the whole country.

  27. flanker7
    flanker7 9 July 2013 22: 21
    Damn, how infuriates all this !!
  28. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 9 July 2013 23: 47
    <<< In August 2012, CJSC SAZ was struck off the register of enterprises of the Russian Federation >>>
    All this market bastard who destroyed the aircraft plant must be supplied to the WALL! Will all this scum and their accomplices get away with it? Where are our law enforcement officers? Will they continue to destroy, sell, destroy what was created not by them, but by many generations in their new place, and throw people out onto the street without work? NO! "REWARD" - NARA, at least (instead of their mansions and villas), must definitely find their HEROES! Without this cleansing process, the recovery and restoration of Russia is unlikely to succeed!
  29. valokordin
    valokordin 10 July 2013 06: 59
    An example of an aircraft factory is wrecking, betraying the homeland, the genocide of the aircraft industry. It is a pity that Yermishin was not nailed when he destroyed the plant. He was lucky, he was lucky the country. What governor Ayatskin did not know about this, walking on a camel, what governor Yepatov did not know, what the presidents of the Russian Federation did not know, which their representatives in the okrug and the province reported, what transport ministers did not know ??? What did the head of the Saratov FSB department not know? ?? - They knew and condoned this betrayal, and now judge who rules us, where is 37 years old.
  30. jayich
    jayich 11 July 2013 10: 28
    So many people write where you were when they destroyed a particular plant, I personally walked under the table. For me, for example, it’s obvious that it’s more difficult to search for orders, etc. but damn (although I want to be obscene) then the benefit goes much more and not instantly but constantly, but one ECIP would save the plant; Oh well, why I was not born 20 years earlier.
    But there are a huge number of such plants to take the same Voronezh Excavator Plant, but it is not there, But the heavy press survived.
  31. sergey158-29
    sergey158-29 14 July 2013 19: 12
    Unfortunately this is not an isolated case, all this is a rotten SYSTEM of the current VERTICAL! Where bureaucrats do not answer for anything and itch only where there is a ROLLBACK !!
  32. iksanoff
    iksanoff 15 July 2013 10: 51
    Yes, actually SAZ repeated the fate of many factories of the USSR and the Russian Federation.
  33. old man54
    old man54 2 August 2013 17: 02
    Thank you for the article, of course, you "+" for your well-deserved work, but ... spoiled the mood for the whole evening! angry When do we start to hang all these ???
    1. lilit.193
      lilit.193 2 August 2013 17: 33
      Quote: old man54
      When do we start to hang all these ???

      They should have been hung up yesterday. And now they are all "respected people" and "elite".
  34. pamero
    pamero 6 August 2013 20: 31
    but I think it’s just terry stealing to criminal liability and let these leaders answer for 20 years.