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Russian economy shocked experts

Russian economy shocked expertsAmazing things happen to the Russian economy. This is demonstrated by the results of studies that have been published recently in leading economic publications in Russia. Detailed information can be found at The surprise of economists was caused by the fact that in May of this year, quite unexpectedly, virtually all sectors of the Russian financial system stopped growing. The growth of production practically stopped, and at the same time even the volume of consumption was somewhat reduced.
Economists do not see any logic in this, since usually a large number of days off leads to a slowdown in production growth, but to an increase in the consumption of goods and services, because people get the opportunity to spend their money if there is free time. But in the Russian case, this option did not work. The reason for the specialists of financial publications is that the absolute majority of Russians spent the weekend not in stores, but in country houses or outside the city (abroad). This was the reason for stopping the growth of production and the simultaneous decline in consumption levels.
But this is not the main oddity, which is fixed in the economy of the country. The fact is that when the growth of the manufacturing sector stops, the level of demand and stagnation in the mining sector, in the Russian economy, the flywheel of inflation is observed. From the point of view of classical economics, this process is difficult to explain. This is about the same as if a person who has not taken food and water for several days suddenly began to gain weight. There is something painful about it.
The only component that initially gave economists a reason for optimism is that the pace of construction has increased somewhat. During the May period, which was noted for a long rest, the growth exceeded 1,5%. But why then did this growth not lead to a general positive in the economy? Experts attribute this to the fact that the construction sector in Russia is based on the work of foreigners (guest workers), most of whom work illegally, and therefore their work does not bring positive percentages into the Russian financial system, but spins the shadow market.
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  1. host
    host 4 July 2013 12: 04
    What do you want? Salaries in the country grow only among the bourgeoisie, which, incidentally, is reflected in the growth of average incomes in the country.
    While 97% of the population lives on the means and salaries of 2010, there will be no growth in consumption.
    And inflation is again the machinations of the bourgeois from the fuel and energy complex of Russia.
  2. Grishka100watt
    Grishka100watt 4 July 2013 15: 59
    Article in style "Ksenia at the sight of viewers! She returned her vision in 14 days! It is only necessary 2 times a day ..."
    Not the names of these notorious experts, no facts, no numbers. Some kind of stupid link was inserted, there is nothing about what is written on it (I did not find it).
  3. papss
    papss 4 July 2013 16: 03
    While 97% of the population lives on the means and salaries of 2010, there will be no growth in consumption.

    To consider that consumption depends on the growth of salaries is the same as to think that the factory will sew more cowards if the country produces more rubber bands for them ... Consumption increases when the capital stock in the economy and labor productivity grow, they increase the economic potential of the country, while the economy can produce more goods and services. At the same time, production is growing and, what is important, profit ... with low inflation.
  4. alex86
    alex86 5 July 2013 21: 59
    Not as a medicine, but it would be necessary to have fewer holidays, otherwise the country lounges and thumps on New Year's Eve for half a month, now it also sits in the country for half a month and throws up (they don’t plant potatoes anymore, it’s easier to buy), there’s a lot of wacky holidays names and reasons to which no one knows. Holidays should be: on New Year's Day - 3 days, March 8, May 9. And everything else - at your own expense.