December 2010 years. Russian March. Senseless and merciless? Notes not a Russian person

Black raven, black raven,
What are you driving me?
You won’t get the booty
Black raven, I'm not yours!

I undertook to write about it, because I am a Tatar and a Muslim, because my shot ancestor was a martyr for the faith (martyr), therefore it is difficult to blame me for racial and religious xenophobia and sympathy for Russian nationalists. I undertook to write about it, perfectly aware of the possible consequences. I am not a hero and never was, just a moment comes when you and only you have to decide: And who are you with? Who is your people to you? And what is Motherland for you?

This is not an analytical article and I would very much like me to be wrong in my conclusions, but alas ...

Part one
The Grapes of Wrath

Last month, last year of the first decade of the third millennium. The indignant explosion of public consciousness caused by another murder of a Russian guy and impunity of his murderers. Indignant cries in the squares of cities, while pyrotechnic fire, the information explosion of discussions on these events on the Internet, the miserable confusion of those in power. And anxious waiting: what's next? Anxious expectation in some and complete bitterness hope in others. In the next decade, in the new year, we are following this expectation like a minefield. We explode or not? No one wants to undermine, no one wants to die, but the mines of the trap are set at every step and we go because we cannot but go and because there is no place for us to go.

Nazis, nationalists, fascists, fans, so now they call in the fake and corrupt media those who want to live on their land and according to their customs or using a more fashionable term in their cultural society. At the same time, on all channels, zombies and duroscopes show provocateurs throwing up their hands in a Nazi salute or shouting Nazi slogans. The calculation is clear, the peoples of Russia, and especially the Russian people do not accept Nazism. Too well we all know what it is and almost everyone in the family has a man who died in the war against the Nazis. Showing provocateurs convince us, those who protest it the Nazis. Almost no one believes in this lie. Nazism is a statement that one race (nation) is higher than another. Nazism is the division according to the nationality of people into the race of masters and slaves. Nazism is the transformation of other peoples into their slaves. Are we Nazis? Do we claim that we are a race of gentlemen, and all the rest is dust under our boots? Did those who gathered at the Manezhnaya Square 11 December 2010 of the year called for the conquest of other nations and their conversion into slavery? Censored and foul, they demanded basic things: respect for their customs and their culture; retaliation to murderers; and so that those who come to their home, city, country, do not kill or insult the owners; so that the law should be equal for all, so that those who correct justice, began to fulfill their professional duty, and not instructions of the leaders of the diasporas and their patrons. Is this Nazism? Is being Russian and demanding respect and security is a crime? Is there any Nazism in our country?
At the end of the last century, the Russians were subjected to mass genocide and were practically thrown out from almost the entire North Caucasus, which was legally part of and is part of Russia. Tell me, isn't it Nazism? Is this not a genocide? Now it is difficult to talk about specific numbers, but in any case, the bill goes to hundreds of thousands. Robbed, humiliated, defenseless, abandoned to the mercy of power, they fled. Those who managed to escape, those who were not killed or turned into slaves. About their tragedy, about the terrible tragedy of a part of the Russian people, everyone keeps a deaf silence. There was nothing, no need to talk about it, otherwise it would break the multinational unity of the country, and suddenly those who robbed, killed and expelled the Russian people from their homes would be offended by such a reminder. Have kept silent. Not only the powers that be, we all kept silent too. We are those who were silent, also accomplices of this crime, this genocide. “This does not concern me personally” - almost everyone thought in petty fear for his own skin. And I also reasoned like that and also was silent. Then the participants of the genocide of the Russian people came to our lands as victors. And already on the streets of our cities, we hear: “Russian pig” and many other words and threats, behind them stands contempt for the Russian people, not recognition of Russians as people. So who are the Nazis? Who! Who already considers itself the highest in relation to other race (nation)?
And all this is not happening somewhere far in the mountains on the outskirts of the country, but right on the threshold of our houses, before our eyes, with our humble, fearful and tacit consent. Looking away we are silent and only mature, swell, prepare to break through the blood of clusters of anger. The feeling of defrauded national dignity, the terrible feeling of powerlessness and shame is replaced by indignation and desperate readiness to defend their lives and their right to live on their own land according to their own laws, and not by the will of those who with contempt throws: “Russian pig! Pigtail.

Is Russian pigs? Are you a pig? Are you already a slave? Imagine that way. Are you silent? Tolerate? You are a pig and a slave, you are cattle.

As a Tatar and a Muslim, I am convinced that the most powerless, the most humiliated, the poorest and the most robbed people in Russia are Russians. The Russian people are rapidly dying out, alas, it is a fact. Is the death of a whole nation possible? Yes, it is possible. World история knows many such examples, I will give only one recorded in the Russian chronicles: “... died aki doom; and neither the tribe, nor the family was left of them ... ”And the Russian people do not want to die, these people do not want their memory to remain only in modern chronicles that will be written by the historians of the victors.
Now is the time of searching and throwing from one extreme to another, wandering in the twilight, in the poisonous fog of lies and disinformation, the Russian people are looking for their own national idea. He stumbles, falls, smashes his face into the blood, gets up and again, carefully to the touch, searches for his goal, the meaning of his existence, his perspective. And he found her, almost. “Russia. The territory of the war. Nowhere to retreat. We can not return Egor, Yuri, Alexander and others. But our duty is to do this so that it does not happen again ”- these are inscriptions on posters with which young people gathered at the Manezh Square of December 11 of 2010. Nowhere to retreat! Doesn't this remind you of anything? “Nowhere to retreat,” said their grandfathers and great-grandfathers near Moscow in the autumn and winter of 1941. “Nowhere to retreat,” said their grandfathers and great-grandfathers at Stalingrad in the terrible autumn and winter of 1942. “There is nowhere to retreat!” Each soldier told himself when the question of whether or not this country and this people were to be decided. Then, on our land, the Nazi army confidently, completely convinced of its victory. They also considered the Russian people cattle and cattle. And the Russians retreated, somewhere with fights, somewhere they just fled. They ran until everyone said to himself: There is nowhere to retreat. And in May, 1945 grandfathers and great-grandfathers, those who in December 2010, dared to raise their voice against the genocide of the Russian people, raised banners over the Reichstag. And these people the flesh of the flesh of the winners of German Nazism called fascists?

Leo Tolstoy in the novel “War and Peace” has a wonderful description of the night before the Battle of Borodino: “He now understood the whole meaning and meaning of this war and the upcoming battle. Everything that he saw on that day, all the significant, stern expressions of faces that he caught a glimpse of, were illuminated for him by a new light. He understood that latent (latente), as they say in physics, the warmth of patriotism, which was in all these people whom he saw, and which explained to him why these people calmly and seemed thoughtlessly preparing for death. ”
Patriotism, not the desire to be a slave in our own land, is the feeling that consciously or unconsciously has become the moral core uniting the Russian people. This is our land. We will not allow ourselves to rape, rob and kill. Enough! Our patience is at the limit. Nowhere to retreat. The next step is war.
War is a terrible thing, I had to fight, and I know well the bloody inside of the war. And if there is no other way out? Whereas? Is it better submissive lowing slaughtered cattle in a slaughterhouse? I do not know. Everyone makes his own choice for himself.
The choice, it does not already make my generation. We have already made our choice. We are the ones who are now 40 - 50 years were silent when the USSR collapsed. We were silent when there was an open robbery of our land. We were silent when there was a war in the Caucasus. We were silent when the Russian soldiers, having won in this war, found themselves in the position of defeated. We are still silent for the most part. Psychologically, we are corpses. Morally, most of us are not capable of decisive actions, we are broken, we have long lost our war. We deserve the name: "Cattle". There are enough moral excuses for fear, for recognizing oneself as a defeated cattle. One of the main ones is taking care of their children about their future. So we took care of them. Very well taken care of. Dying people, completely rotten control system, destroyed inefficient army, incompetent law-enforcement system devoured by metastases, ruined barely existing only by selling raw materials economy. This is what we prepared for our children. We put a heavy burden of choice on their shoulders. And they are well aware that they have no future in such a country. No longer we, but they rush around looking for a way out of this situation. They are looking for a moral foothold, their own idea, for the sake of which they are ready to live and die, so that this country and their children live in this country. And ripen, ripen, swell the blood of clusters of anger.

Part two
Saw Shura, saw

“Saw Shura, saw” - a classic phrase from the novel by Ilf and Petrov “The Golden Calf” not everyone remembers what was written there, but they are ready to cut. “Sawing, sawing, rolling back” is a new slang, it is a true symbol of modern Russia. This is the most profitable business of the first decade of the new century. The mechanism is simple and known to all. Saw the budget and sawing the country. This has long been the norm. The official receiving a rollback from state or municipal orders and his reliable approximate businessman easily fit into this system. They have already grown together, they have already become, albeit a two-headed, but one whole body, like the symbol of our statehood, a two-headed eagle. These sawflies are the social pillar of the current government united in a political party. Everything is divided, to whom and how much. The main thing here is to know how much you can take and how much you have to give. If you saw according to the rules in strictly designated boundaries, then you are yours, you will not be handed over, even if you accidentally get caught by the hand. The noise will subside, and again: "Saw Shura, saw." In fact, this is government policy. This is so well-known fact that it has long become commonplace. Another commonplace, they also do not believe in the future of this country, they made their conclusions from the revolutions and social upheavals of the twentieth century and keep their money abroad. If anything, then "... goodbye unwashed Russia, the country of slaves, the country of gentlemen ..." Quietly, peacefully, according to foreign laws, they will be chewing on rent from people who have stolen capital, because they will not let anyone close to business in another country. Will they go to battle, to death for the opportunity to continue to cut budget money? What for? the path of retreat and shelter are ready, the path of others means they will fight for us.

Part Three
And you are blue uniforms
And you are a devoted people to them

And the others are who? MIA, FSB, MES, VS.

The first in the case of riots and uprisings will be sent to suppress their police (police) and internal troops. Will these people go into battle and to die in order for those who hide behind their backs to further cut the budget and fill their cheek pouches with hard currency? Waving with batons will go, arrest and continue to extrude go. To fight and die? For what? For whom? What for?

Since the beginning of the nineties of the last century, negative selection has been operating in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Who goes to ordinary positions? Yes, those who returned from the army and looked around, realized that without education, without connections, they would not take decent work. Well, let's go to the "mentura" there at least get paid, and there is a side job.

Who makes the MIA officer corps?

After a civil university, I looked around, there was nowhere to go, okay, while we go to the mentura, we must live.
Graduates of secondary and higher educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Enroll in an educational institution, pay. You study further, pay. What moral guidelines will such a graduate enter the service with? I paid, now I pay, the costs must be justified, but I really want to live well. No, what's wrong with that? Everyone lives like that.
If in this "law enforcement" system you live according to "concepts" and not according to the law, then you will have a piece of bread first, and if you are very useful, then over time you will smear butter on this piece, a little, but enough for you.

Accelerate the cowardly cattle at a rally? Always ready. Arrest anyone you want? You are welcome. To fabricate a criminal case? No problems. Stop a criminal case? For God's sake.

If a police officer (investigative committee, prosecutor's office) speaks out against a clear violation of the law and does not live according to "concepts", the system will push him out, as they say in the "mentovka": "Go plow into the national economy." If he performs everything, then he is kept, encouraged, promoted. And each "cop" (private - sergeant, lieutenant - major) knows perfectly well that he is walking along the edge. If he fulfilling verbal orders of others is caught "on hot" and the matter is not crushed, he will not be handed over immediately. The authorities will instantly renounce him, no one needs him anymore. New recruit, sort and educate "by concepts" and betray if necessary. The latest fashion call in the Ministry of Interior is a statement about leaving without a date. Got you? Right there, the personnel officer puts the date on the finished application and went away, we don’t need such. Does the majority of MIA employees know this? Of course he does. Will they die for such a system? Will they know for sure that no one will help his family left without a breadwinner? Would they know for sure that his superiors would deny him? Will seeing seeing their former colleagues with disabilities die on meager pensions and benefits? If they order, they will go, and then ... it will be clear, let's see how things turn out, nobody wants to die. And for what? Zatyukannym, greedy, cowardly and ready to betray them to the authorities, unloved in society, now the police officers (police) will not envy. And then not all of them are goner cynics ready for rations for any crime. Not everyone. Many seeing the chaos going on just silent. While silent. But they also live in this country and, although a normal future for themselves and their children, many of them, realizing the situation, understand that the current system is leading the country to a catastrophe. And that they will have nowhere to run. What they will make the final choice is still a very big question. The answer to it is terrible for the system. “The main joke is now in the riot police: when the revolution starts, you need to have time to take the citizen with you for a shift,” says Andrei, a fighter of the 2 battalion of the riot police of the Moscow police department, “in time to change and wash off” (source html).

FSB and in fact their structural subdivision of the FSO. Or vice versa, the FSB is actually a structural unit of the FSO. The fact that these security agencies are legally independent of each other does not change the essence of their security service. These are traditionally closed organizations. Now, given the past of the actual leader of the country they are cherished. Cherish and charge them gendarme functions. Identify, stop, control, prevent. Do not allow what? Yes, the collapse of the established system. Could a separate corps of gendarmes and a security department in the Russian Empire prevent a revolution? But could the KGB prevent the collapse of the USSR? So the gendarmes could not, the KGB could not, and the FSB can? Are they any better? The FSB is just as painfully hurt as the Ministry of the Interior, there is also negative selection there. Just unlike the police, it does not appear so clearly. If the Ministry of Internal Affairs cannot keep the situation under control, then what can the FSB do? Do they have such strength and conviction?

MES now is a much more closed organization than the FSB. This department manages to avoid obvious deafening, loud scandals. Moreover, their external functions are more neutral and socially necessary. Only persistent rumor goes that these guys are keeping several well-equipped units precisely in case the Interior Ministry fails to cope with the situation. Will they go? I do not know. In any case, they do not live in a vacuum without space and know perfectly well what is happening in the country. If the Ministry of Internal Affairs fails, they will have to take a hit. And the blow was not unarmed protesters, but those who had already dispersed the police felt their power and seized weapon. Do they have something to kill their fellow citizens and die for themselves? This is what they decide.
Military establishment. Truly, the people and the army are one. How many people have experimented on so much and got the army bullying. And chaotic cuts and senseless reforms, theft and war, and in recent years deliberate systematic destruction. The officers have already been turned into hardened officials, soldiers into a free and downtrodden untrained work force, military equipment in metal. Army will shoot at the people? Even the Kremlin "dreamers" do not believe this, so the army is slowly being suffocated. They do not need it, moreover, it is dangerous. Will they hire mercenaries? Already tried, it turned out even worse. The junior and middle commanders despise and hate their minister and do not believe the supreme commander. Privates and sergeants of military service serve hateful duty. With the most optimal (for the system) option, the army will just sit out in the barracks.
Internal troops MIA. Those units that are formed by conscription do not differ from the armed forces in the moral spirit of the personnel. They have some problems. Internal troops can and will stand covered with shields on the streets. But to stand up to the last drop of blood protecting the current elite? The question is still the same: “And why the hell do they need it?”

Part four
Irregular reserve. Also "Our"?

There are armed non-state irregular units, this is a private guard ready, if necessary, in the case of a direct order to perform the functions of public services. First of all, it is a well-equipped highly paid professional private army of Gazprom. And who works there? Well, let's say in the country a critical situation. The system staggered a private army. The Fas! Team will thaw. They will go against the crowd, but against an armed people? Maybe they will, until they fight back. But when they smoke under a certain place, then every mercenary will think: “And what about dick personally do I need it? Wouldn't it be smarter to sit out, and then join the winners? Security is necessary for any government "

And only our youth will support and support the current system - the ruling party! This is not a bad joke and not sarcasm. Those who argue that we do not have a youth policy, is mistaken, it is. In the youth environment there is an active selection, young men and women are recruited into opposite youth organizations whose activities are paid from the federal budget. Who goes there? Sons and daughters of the elite? They do not need it, they are so well arranged. Then who? Children of small and medium-sized officials are recorded by their parents. They have nowhere to go, they must demonstrate not just loyalty, but a lackey loyalty to the system. Their kids? Those. Boys and girls, and they don’t care too much for their party duties, they’ll wave flags, shout slogans, stand up (hang out) at official meetings, much less pay for it, but it’s enough for a beer. Young students are politely explained to students: "You will not go, we will deduct and go forward to the army." For the time being, it is simpler, calmer, more profitable to participate in the crowd. Young people are educated: do not rock the gun, be like everyone else, do not make yourself problems. That's the whole real youth policy. Well, let us imagine: the mobilization of members of these organizations is announced, not standing with flags, not shouting slogans, but really getting in the way of other young people, angry, ready for slaughter. Will they go? Many will go! Even as they go, just not where they want to be sent. From official youth organizations, you can form a small (percentage) paid detachment of provocateurs. Yes, and those, as soon as they smell blood and powder, scatter and hide.

Part Five
Alla Verda, the Lord is with you!
That is the meaning of the word, with him more than once,
Preparing bravely for battle
The war-agitated Caucasus ...

North Ossetia Alania.

Fatal non-acceptance by Russians of so-called LCN? Nonsense. Something not heard about ethnic conflicts between Russians and Ossetians. Of course, there are domestic disputes and clashes, but the rest, I personally have not heard of such conflicts. And the Ossetians are the same ethnic people of the North Caucasus as any other. In my opinion, everything is simple, Ossetians do not shout "Pigs" to Russians. They do not consider all Russian girls and women to be easily accessible whores, they do not beat and do not kill Russian children for the slightest reason, or even for no reason. And that's it! Just this! And none of the normal imputed Russian guys will shout insults to the Ossetians. It will not require and does not require the eviction of the representatives of this Caucasian people from the Russian lands. Even theoretically, does not consider the question of the violent separation of North Ossetia from Russia. And the Ossetians are well aware that left alone, they will die, their neighbors will just cut them out. And they slaughtered and killed, and this Russian soldiers went to their aid. These facts are so well known that there is no need to cite them. So then the Russians, even the most tough-minded nationalists and people living in the North Caucasus, can live in peace and in one country? Can It’s not about who lives where, but about how and how it relates to other people. The national hero of Russia is the holy and blessed prince Alexander Nevsky, and his grandmother was from Ossetia, and does this fact even in thoughts allow you to call Alexander Nevsky a "chock"? And did the Ossetians for many years living in the Russian Empire, the USSR, Russia, lose their language, their culture, their customs? Does anyone require them to give up all this?

Chechnya - Ichreria.

“Nobody talked about hatred towards Russians. The feeling that all Chechens, young and old, experienced, was stronger than hate. It was not hatred, not recognition of these Russian dogs by people and such disgust, disgust and bewilderment against the ridiculous cruelty of these creatures that the desire to exterminate them, like the desire to exterminate rats, poisonous spiders and wolves, was as natural a feeling as self-preservation " . This is Leo Tolstoy in 1904, he wrote in the story "Hadji Murat". Well, who would dare to call the Russian thinker and the genius of fine literature, Russian Nazi?

In the Caucasian War in the nineteenth century, Lev Nikolayevich was a Russian officer, he knew what he was writing about. So how do you think, how much has changed since then? Now, in the third millennium, when more than a hundred years have passed since the writing of the above lines, did the Chechens become better at Russian?

World War II, deportation, the last two wars. Cruelty on both sides. They speak quite a lot about the atrocities of the militants, but the Russian units did not stand on ceremony with the Chechens either. This is an objective fact that wars do not wore white gloves. In every Chechen family there is a person who suffered to some extent, ancestor in the nineteenth century, a grandfather or great-grandfather in the Second World War, father, brother, son in the last two wars. The new millennium began for them from the war. The enemy is still the same. With him they are fighting for more than the first century. We got used to it. Even if no active hostilities are being conducted, the war has remained in the way of thinking, in upbringing, in what they now call fashionable mentality and what I consider to be the soul of the people.
In Russia, many have a negative attitude towards Akhmad Kadyrov and Ramzan Kadyrov. In vain, absolutely in vain. Akhmad Kadyrov is an outstanding statesman of the Chechen people. It is Chechen. In the second Caucasian company, he effectively used the old well-known trick: “Use the power of the enemy, for your victory,” his worthy son continued his work. They did everything for their people. The Chechen Republic is actually an independent state, the laws of Russia on its territory do not apply. The Russian Federation pays them a huge tribute. In fact, independent Ichkeria is the dominant force in the North Caucasus region. The army is newly formed and armed. Her fighters have combat experience, psychologically and physically they are ready for war. The personnel reserve of the armed forces of Ichkeria is not less than one hundred thousand well-trained and armed fighters. Their mobilization can be carried out in a short time. On the territory of the enemy there are well-trained people in all levels of government, ready to paralyze the state management system if necessary, intelligence is well established, a solid rich and armed diaspora is established, the fifth column is formed from local traitors. Well, let's imagine that after a military defeat this was achieved not by the Chechen leader, but by the leaders of the federation in relation to the potentially adversary. Is it not worthy of respect? Worthy. Only the whole problem is against whom it is possible that these actions are directed.

Having lost to federal forces in battles, Chechens - Vainakhs won the war for independence. They are the winners, and we are the losers. They know this well and behave like they have won and “woe to the vanquished.”
Ahmad and Ramzan Kadyrov, father and son, are not only outstanding, but also tragic figures in the history of the Chechen people. The father has already died, his son is walking along the edge of the abyss. In Chechnya itself, he has many enemies. As long as they recognize his power, his power. Recognize and wait, silently waiting for the hour when it will be possible to settle the blood scores. It is enough to stagger the power of his federal patrons, as he will be doomed, his real strength is only his clan, all the rest will instantly turn away. Does he know this? Of course. Knows and will support the existing federal government. He knows and will support his fellow countrymen, protect them and help them. He will do it wherever his tribe would be. He is a Chechen - Vainakh and isn't such an attitude to his people worthy of respect? But only to his. And what do you think, he considers us, especially Russians, his people?

Dagestan. In Dagestan, there are many nations, each has its own language, its cultural and ethical differences. To carry out their classification and list all, for this it is necessary to conduct research and write a separate ethnographic work, in the framework of these notes I do not set myself the task. But the fact that Dagestan is not a single ethnic republic is a fact. The leadership of Dagestan is representatives of the family - clan union of the most influential communities. Everyone who does not belong to this clan does not have access to real material benefits. For the Caucasus and not only for the Caucasus, this is the norm. And if so, then why some have everything, and others have nothing, and there is no hope left to secure a decent life. Why? Is this fair? And if there is no justice, then we will achieve it. Do not want? Take power! Are they killing us? Take revenge! In Dagestan, there is a war. This is a war against the local elite and the federal government supporting it, and the fact that this resistance has taken the religious form of protest does not change its social essence, does not replace the fact that there is a fierce civil war in this region of the North Caucasus. Only by force and terror to suppress this resistance is no longer possible, the war is coming and will continue. And every day, even through official information channels, we hear reports from this war, and its blast wave comes to us. The federal government supports the local clan system with huge financial resources, weapons and the blood of its soldiers. While the system keeps, how long? The natural resources of Dagestan are not large, there are no minerals, there is little fertile land, and the population is increasing. What's next? Where is the exit?
Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, Adygea. Already flashed there. In these previously relatively prosperous republics, civil war also flared up. The reasons are the same as in Dagestan. Clan system of governance, limited natural resources, lack of prospects for the overwhelming population, and especially for young people. And again: What to do? Where is the exit?

Financial investments in the economy? All the money will go and go to the ruling clans. Power Suppression?

It is useless, it only leads to further bitterness. So that?

Russia. How is that? Near huge areas, uncomplaining, numerous people, power mired in corruption. The answer is obvious. In Russia to make grandmother, breed suckers. Anyone who does not have enough space in their homeland is going to colonize Russia. Representatives of the ruling clans to do business, to invest money in the business received from the federal budget. Poor, angry, poorly educated young people are going because they simply have nowhere to go in their native villages they have no prospects. They successfully colonize, conquer Russia. Hands of the authorities, suppress the resistance of the Aborigines and feel themselves masters.
This colonization is publicly and openly encouraged by the federal government. And why? Restricting colonization, strictly demanding the guests to abide by the laws, is to blow up the Caucasus. It is to recognize that from 1991 to 2010 years, the divide-and-rule policy, the policy of appeasement and bribery did not produce results. It is to recognize that both wars of the end of the past and the beginning of this century are lost, it is to get a new endless war on the southern borders. It is to admit its inability to govern, to admit that all these years domestic policy has been short-sighted and not effective. What for? Let the dear residents of the Caucasian republics, our dear compatriots and guests, the Russians, so to speak, integrate into our society. And we will help them, so to speak, we will create all the conditions. If only there was no war ... There was not there in the North Caucasus, but what about us?

Part Six
Super ethnos. Integration. Victim syndrome

Outside their homeland, they keenly and strongly feel their community. Questions of the clan, nationality, while maintaining their priority, do not prevent almost all representatives of the ethnic peoples of the Caucasus from feeling their unity. United Caucasus! This is not a slogan, it is the basis of behavior in a different national and cultural environment. They are already aware of themselves as a super ethnic group. They are well aware that only this unity will give and enable them not only to survive, but to occupy a dominant position in a society that is foreign to them. And this must be achieved, it is necessary to show these Aborigines who is the master in their house. From here the defiant behavior, instant readiness to pass to the power actions. It is necessary to intimidate the natives, it is necessary to castrate even the thought of the possibility of resistance. And all who are against, destroy. And they almost managed to achieve this. The police are not corrupt, they are simply afraid of them. Their strength, their cohesion, their readiness to take revenge and punish the stubborn, their patrons. Every "cop" from the general to the private knows perfectly well, if he starts to strictly obey the law in relation to them, he will be thrown out of work and he will remain alone. Nobody needed and defenseless. Frightened, confused, perplexed aborigines are left to themselves. Integration has taken place. If you can call a blow dagger in a living body integration. If you can compare the surgeon's scalpel and the gangster's knife.
In forensic psychiatry, there is such a thing as “victim syndrome” is when a person’s victim is so paralyzed by the fear of the criminal that he is not able to resist. The overwhelming majority, especially the older generation of our society, is paralyzed by the “victim syndrome”. And the humility of the victim encourages and excites the attacker. Tolerate? Well, get more, and more, and again. Do you want to leave you the opportunity to breathe? Hurry up. There is a sad joke: if there is no way to avoid violence, relax and enjoy. Integration, as it is currently being implemented is a requirement: “Relax and enjoy.”

Part Seven
Russian idea?

You do not want to relax and have fun? Strange, unusual, then what do you want, cattle?

Russian empire? Was pissed. Internationalism, the brotherhood of nations, the power of workers and the USSR? It was pissed. Democracy? Eternal, but she was pissed away, though not for long. The so-called "vertical"? Rotted on the eyes. What is left? Nationalism? Have not tried.

Modern political and business elites have no national idea. The narrowly clan idea of ​​the ruling elite was clearly, clearly, concisely and briefly formulated by one metropolitan billionaire: “Do you have a billion? Not?! Then you shit! "
So then, you're just shit Russian people. On the one hand, the transnational clan of those in power with such an idea, on the other hand, the emerging superethnos is ready to use this shit for fertilizer. On the borders of the country are very kind and peace-loving neighbors, in words kind and peace-loving.
The only problem is that the Russian people were not and will not be shit or fertilizer. And go for those who consider him a people, who understand his deep essence, his soul. Goes with a foul language, with fierce despair, with self-sacrifice, with a dubiem, with colas, with that feeling of genuine not ostentatious patriotism which always distinguished this people in the tragic moments of its history. And the Russian soul, this is the most mystery, is pretty simple in general: “Don't touch us. Teach too. We'll manage with our mind. We do not need strangers and we do not need a stranger, but we will not give up ours. Understand this is our country, our land and our people. We want to live according to our customs and faith. Do you understand? Just live, start a family and raise children, build houses, grow a garden, work. And walk on holidays! Yes, walk! On their own walk, on the blood. And to fight to the death with those who interfere with this, with those who consider it possible and want to turn this people into fertilizer ”That's the whole idea. Simple and straightforward. Is it Nazism?

From my life experience I know well that the Russians are in their overwhelming majority friendly, patient and calm people who respect the faith of others and other culture. I have never hid and do not hide either my nationality or my religion. In life, everything happened, but never Russian, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Kazakhs, Kalmyks, Mordovins, Chuvash did not insult me ​​on a national or religious basis. Is this not respect and the ability to live peacefully in peace in one country on the same land? Treat the Russian person or person brought up in the best traditions of Russian culture with respect, and he will always answer you the same.
Respect for their customs and faith, the possibility of a host to live on their own land, that's all that the Russian people are asking for. While he is asking, while he is still not using a dubin, he does not hammer it into the consciousness of those who consider him cattle and shit. I haven’t started hammering yet, but the club is ready.

Part Eight
How does the heart calm down?

Well, what are the prospects, just to live? Without riots, without tightening the screws, without mutual hardening?

Yes, so far no. In the current system, Aboriginal people, and especially young people, have no future. A commodity economy, for its maintenance (mining and resource management), a couple of millions of working people will be enough. Where else? Vocational education is paid, qualified medical care is paid, the purchase of housing even at the minimum sanitary standards is not available to the vast majority. In non-commodity sectors of the economy, wages are low, they only suffice, just to not die of hunger, the real unemployment rate is high. Constant unstoppable price increase, complete lack of prospects. What remains? Alcohol and drugs? The weak in spirit, indifferent, drink and fool from drugs, huge losses, according to official statistics, more than one hundred thousand young people die from drug use a year. Thousands die in disasters, tens of thousands die from vodka, there is a natural decline in the population, the birth rate is low. Many young people, seeing their parents fighting and plowing for a piece of bread, consciously do not want to create families and have children. What for? Who needs it? What awaits them? Millions of drug addicts and alcoholics will not give normal healthy offspring. Those who are still able to think, think: “Why is this so? Why in the richest country are we poor? ”And amid this implementation of ambitious multi-billion-dollar projects, the Olympiad, the World Cup. What for? And against the background of this message about the next acquisitions of oligarchs. Why? Against this background, the nonstop lie about the fact that everything is fine, everything is fine.
Now many people are screaming about Russian fascism, nationalism, but in reality people, especially young people, ask themselves simple questions “Why? Why? Why do we have to dutifully die? ”And instead of answering, they receive another portion of lies from those in power. And this persistently shameless lie can no longer fulfill the role of a social tranquilizer, the role of a sedative medication, in most of society this lie causes rejection, a bilious grin, social allergy. There is no growth of Nazism, began a rapid growth of national identity. The final understanding came that personally you and millions like you are not needed by anyone, that you are just biomass, for the most part a stupid flock, individually “shit” and nothing more.
The indignation is already boiling, social pressure is rising and will increase, it is useless to tighten the screws, this will only accelerate the explosion.
In a normal society, in such situations the safety valve of the elections is triggered and a legitimate change of power occurs. But we live in an abnormal society, the will of the citizens, the elections have long turned into a miserable farce in which the winner is known in advance. These are the powers that be, they simply will not want to give up their capital, because they know very well how they are “earned”, because they are well aware that if they lose power, they will lose everything. The method of falsification has long been worked out; all electoral legislation is structured in such a way that it simply will not allow any social force alien to them to legally come to power. They know this, and voters well understand this, so the turnout of the population at elections is rapidly decreasing. No one believes that he has the opportunity to choose, everyone understands that the system will only appoint its own. And if so ...
They will vote differently. How? We have seen it ourselves more than once, we know it from history, and again, but not the last time, we saw 2010 in December. These elections, this choice directed against lies, theft, corruption, permissiveness of those in power, you can try to shut up, you can try to slander, but you can not mark. It will not work. We are convinced that recent conflicts have ethnic roots. But this is not so, it is a lie, the recent events are caused by the growing social tension, the fact that the authorities do not give a damn about their slowly dying people. Ethnic clashes are only one, literally already bleeding, the reason from many others, this is the reason, this is a drop that fell into the cup of social anger.
Now the political elite, which is not separable from it, is looking for a way out of this situation. I think the real state of affairs, they themselves in one degree or another represent. They need a controlled force capable of neutralizing public indignation, directing this flow to a safe channel for them, blocking it with a ready-made pit and mold it there. Hence, flirting with nationalist organizations. The Russians are beating the path "chock", let the Caucasian nationalists respond in the same way. Let them let off steam and blood, and we will be the third force which then will beat both those and others. Dangerous game. A game in which the authorities, who do not have broad social support, are deliberately doomed to be thrown out of the game because they don’t play with blood, they are shedding it. The power is unable to keep society from bloodshed no one needs. The angry Russian no longer needs her; the angry Caucasians will not need her. Output? He is not. Just so the current rulers will not want to leave, a dead end. And if there is a dead end, then only one thing remains, weaken in silence in this dead end from hunger and thirst, or cut through the wall in this dead end with an ax and go free. And where the chop, there is no longer the chips fly, and blood flows. Our blood is human.

Part nine
Out of the impasse?

Without giving up, they shot back to the last bullet, and then blew themselves up and the enemy with grenades. Familiar? So in recent years, mojaheds in the Caucasus are fighting. Answer yourself, a person who is ready to die for his beliefs is worthy of respect?
Without giving up, they shot back to the last bullet, and then blew themselves up and the enemy with grenades. Familiar? So Russian soldiers fought in the last two wars in the Caucasus. Driven to the limit, hardened by blood and malice, from the readiness to defend their land, Russian soldiers always fight like that. I know this for sure, because in Afghanistan I fought alongside them, and even earlier on other wars alongside them, my grandfather fought Tatar and Muslim, and my father was Tatar and Muslim, because we are in our deepest essence, exactly the same . Answer yourself, the Russian people, his soldiers ready to die for their beliefs, worthy of respect?
The best representatives of their peoples, the color of the nation. People for whom their beliefs, their faith is stronger than the fear of death.

We are already face to face, ready to kill. What for?

I don’t know if the representatives of the Caucasian peoples will read this article, but even if they don’t read it, I’ll still say that sooner or later they will hear:
“Do not flatter yourself. Russians will not kneel, they will not give up their land and will not become manure on this land. They will not become slaves. Do not judge the Russian people only by corrupt and intimidated officials. Do not you have your corrupt bureaucrats? Do not think that all Russian people look like a shaky bum of an alcoholic or a drug addict. Don't you have your addicts? Do not think that the Russian people, like a pathetic prostitute, which you have in all holes for a couple of bucks, and even for nothing. Do not judge the Russian soldiers by the beaten and disfranchised boys who were drafted into the army and who the devotees, abandoned to the mercy of fate by the commanding staff, dutifully endure all humiliation. The Russian people have already embarked on the path of a new awareness of their vital unity, and the words have already sounded: “Russia. The territory of the war. Nowhere to retreat. " Do not think that venal, cowardly, lost power with their people will be eternal, it will be swept away. And then woe to those who used to consider the Russian slaves "
I don’t know if the representatives of the Russian youth will read this article, but even if they don’t read it, I will say:
“Do not flatter yourself. The peoples of the Caucasus are not "dirty chocks." They will not kneel. Do not judge the peoples of the Caucasus, by the grute who has blithely accustomed to permissiveness to the gopot who has filled the streets of our cities. The words "One Caucasus!" Is not a slogan, it is their awareness of their blood unity. Whether you like it or not, this unity is worthy of respect. They recognize only power. They respect and reckon only with those who are ready to respond with a blow with blood, with blood, who are ready to accept the challenge and go to a fight. And only when the Russian people show their strength, their unity, only then in their eyes will it deserve respect. In the meantime ... what is happening and will be happening, then thousands of Russian guys took to the streets in December 2010 of the year. Boys and girls who have already realized themselves as the Russian people and who have felt their blood unity ”
So we stand against each other, face to face, psychologically ready for war. Ready axes cut a way out of the impasse.

Part ten
Beginning of the End. No, this is the beginning of a rebirth.

It feels like this situation is very similar to the end of the eighties and the beginning of the nineties of the last century. For the period preceding the collapse of the Soviet Union. The same pitifully understandable lie of those in power, their inability to really influence the situation. The same feeling: “It cannot continue like this. So you can not live! ". The situation is similar, but now it is completely different, then in the Russian society in the broad sense of the word, there was not that caustic bitterness, that psychological readiness for war that is now. Then there was hope that everything would change for the better, now only the fear that everything will get worse. Fear and at first a slow, and now a rapidly growing sense of overcoming this fear, a sense of responsibility for yourself and for your country. What happens in Soviet times was called the national liberation movement.
I suppose that the legal department of the republics of the North Caucasus is inevitable, in fact, this will only confirm the current reality. They are already independent. And it will not be their independence from Russia, but Russia's independence from them. When and in what form will this happen? Yes, I would like to in a peaceful, with a constitutional change of power, on the basis of a national referendum. Fairy tales? Maybe. But worse, it will be much worse if the impetus for this is a violent change of power in Russia, the deportation of "foreigners" and pogroms, inevitable casualties among the civilian population on both sides and a fierce war on the southern borders. Is it possible If “tightening the screws” continues for some and permissiveness for others, it will be so.
Many survivors of the collapse of the Soviet Union, retained the fear of the collapse of the Russian Federation. Hence the calls for “order” in the North Caucasus, provided that it is united with the other subjects of the federation. Bringing "order" as it is understood by some nationalists - statesmen, this is war. The Caucasus has long been a complete order, as it is understood by the ethnic political elite. They simply do not need another “Russian order”, they will not allow it. The North Caucasian republics have long been independent, especially since psychological they have always been independent. The laws of the Russian Federation do not apply there. This is recognized by all. It remains only to issue their independence de jure. But the current federal government never recognizes the failure of its policy in the North Caucasus and even more so it does not need the local elite. What for? Why should they lose a huge colony, this dairy cow is equally suitable for milk and beef? Obedient uncomplaining cattle, which they got almost nothing. The only thing is that the colony already wants its independence. Aboriginal people already psychologically do not recognize some ethnic peoples and ethnic groups of the North Caucasus as their compatriots. The peoples of the North Caucasus are no worse and no better than other nations, they are just another ethnic group with a different way of thinking, with different cultural values. It is impossible to change their consciousness and perception of the world, but you cannot be forcibly nice.
Will this lead to the collapse of the whole federation? To the temporary growth of small hot spots of local nationalism will lead. To the collapse? And where to go to the Tatars, Bashkirs, Kalmyks, Buryats, Yakuts, Chukchi, Mordovians and other peoples? To carve out your own khanates? To fight the Russians while dividing common lands and resources? Sorry, but fuck do we need it? Is our faith insulted? Not. Beaten and killed on a national basis? Not. Select property? Interfere with learning, work and support their families? Not. Forbidden to speak their native language and sneer at customs? Not. Then it is asked on how about? So that our small khanates, in one form or another, conquer and conquer stronger neighbors? We cannot stand alone, not save our land and our people. Moreover, we have quite safely settled down for many centuries or mutually integrated with the Russian people. We have preserved and continued to preserve our nationality, culture, faith, have become part of it. We do not consider the Russian people drunk cattle, the Russians did not consider and do not consider us people of second grade. We have the desire and opportunity to live in one country with respect for cultural and religious differences from each other. Russian super ethnos was formed, we are part of it. Our Motherland is Russia. And if the provocative division into “ours” and “not ours” does not begin, this super ethnos will preserve its cultural and everyday differences, its psychological unity, and its statehood. It will preserve rapidly, perhaps even during the life of our generation, begin to develop economically and experience a proud patriotic identity: “We are not worse than others! We love Russia and are proud of our homeland. We will protect, groom and cherish our land "

Part eleven
Gold reserve of Russia

We did not have time, did not have time to look back,
And the sons, and the sons go into battle.
Vladimir Vysotsky

Foul language is still put it mildly, colloquial household, even without the intention to insult the swearing language, which is spoken by a significant part of today's youth. Drinking cheap alcoholic surrogates is the norm. Some use drugs. Indiscriminate sex, quite an ordinary thing. Heated by alcohol, drugged by mindlessly aggressive and violent youth groups, this is reality. For hours forgetting about the reality of spending time on the Internet on sites and forums, it is their communication. Our children, we see you and such. And we sigh sadly, but in our time ...
Our time, I'm trying to be objective and remember our time. We also drank wine in your years, even smaller, but also swearing. They fought, skipped lessons, engaged in promiscuous sex and also frowned a little arrogantly when our mothers and fathers reproachfully told us: "But nowadays ..." And then? Received a professional education, the guys almost all served in the army and navy, and many had to do some fighting. Then we became your dads, and the girls your moms. So there are great differences between us, not external, but deep at the level of the subconscious? Of course there are differences, we had faith in our future, but you do not have it. We have already accepted, you have not yet. We were more educated, you became more informed. We were more tolerant, you became tougher. We lived and stayed psychologically in the past century, you stepped into a new millennium. Our fathers and mothers, and your grandparents left us a great country, but we were bred like suckers and like brainless natives for “fire water and glass beads”, we gave her riches with humble bows. And you think about the future of your homeland and your place in this future. And not only do you think anymore, not in the kitchens like us, but already on the streets and squares you shout: “We want to live normally in our own country! We do not want to be killed. We are not slaves, not cattle, not shit. We are Russian people! Nowhere to retreat! ”On the events of December 2010, one young guy frankly, harshly, even if controversially wrote in his online magazine and ending his article, it seems to me sincerely, he turns to us to his parents:“ And if someone from the older generation it reads, one request: do not remind us why our grandfathers fought. Ask yourself what your children are fighting for. Suddenly, it will also be something worthy? ”(Source
You know what? We are already starting to be proud of you. You are my son. You are my daughter. And if we lose our last value and you ... foreign historians will say this with disdain: “It was not the people, but the cattle, and it became a fertilizer ... and neither the tribe nor the clan ...”

31 December 2010 of the year time 11 hours 45 minutes

It seems everything is there, the refrigerator is full of food and drinks, and festive dishes are prepared on the stove. New Years is soon. But still, something is not completed ... something is missing. Well, of course, fresh greens, dill, parsley, so little thing have not been bought yet. Five minutes walk to the bazaar, you can quickly walk and get everything.
Thousands of people are jostling on the market, buying and selling and talking is all practical and calm: "How much is ... And what is so expensive ... let's go and see ... Happy New Year ... and the same to you ..."
- Salam Brother! How are you? Family like? Children? - in pure Russian with a barely noticeable oriental intonation, a familiar voice sounds.
This is from the mountainous region of Dagestan on my mobile phone calling my friend. Served together. Thirty years ago, in the chains of a parachute company with the Russians, Bashkirs, Tatars, Belarusians, Ukrainians with the common Russian military prayer "... your mother!" He ran into the attack with a machine gun. There were only sixty, sixty Soviet paratroopers against one and a half thousand armed Mujahideen entrenched behind bridgeheads. They fled to the attack already dropping fear and this frightened enemy fled to the mountains. Then in that battle, he received two bullets in the body and a combat award: the Order of the Red Star. How long ago it was, and how young we were then.
- Thanks Mohammed, everything is fine, how is it?
- Glory to Allah, everything is fine. When you come to visit, or you promise everything and promise ...
- So you are not calm, the war seems to be coming.
“Uh ... I’ll tell everyone to visit Mohammed, no one will touch ... everyone knows me ...”
After the hospital in the form of a paratrooper with a new order of the Red Star, he came on leave to his native mountains. The first of the post-war heroes. How his relatives and his entire village were proud of them and then in Dagestan every Avar knew, this warrior Mahomet was the son of our people. After the army, he began working as a policeman not as a “cop,” not a “cop,” not a “trash”, an ordinary precinct officer, then he went up in rank and position, he now serves ... the father of five children.
- Listen, Mohammed, are you not afraid that they will kill you now? You have the same cops in full shoot.
- We are quiet in the mountains, - a calm voice sounds in the apparatus, - is it all there in the cities they divide everything, but what do we have to share? Everybody knows each other. Most importantly, you are with people justly, justly, and they will answer you the same. Happy New Year, brother!
- Happy New Year …
This is not a young Avar, this long-fired (demobilized) Soviet soldier, knows well how we don’t kill each other. Maybe someone will listen to his words? Russians and peoples of the Caucasus, there is still time to stop ...
In the next decade in the new year we are going like a minefield. We explode or not? No one wants to undermine, no one wants to die, but the mines of the trap are set at every step and we go because we cannot but go and because there is no place for us to go.
I had to walk and crawl along real minefields while I was still alive. Any field can be cleared, any mine to detect and neutralize. But who will do it?

And I want to end these not funny notes of a non-Russian person with the words of a Russian officer, a humanist writer and a patriot:
"... for the benefit of the people who, in the moment of trial, without asking how others acted according to the rules in similar cases, with simple and easy pick up the first available club and nail it until its feeling of insult and revenge is replaced in the soul scorn and pity "
Leo Tolstoy "War and Peace"
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