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American scientists "train" cockroaches

An interesting invention was noted by researchers from the American University in North Carolina. They decided to control the cockroaches (not the ones that have someone in their head, but the real ones - tangible ones) with the help of computer technology and microelectronics. Using technology that uses to create video games, they developed a system for remote control of insects.

American scientists "train" cockroaches

The system itself is rather a digital trajectory, which is constantly changing with the help of computer hardware and software. But how does the cockroach perceive these changes? It turns out that mini-antennas are installed on his cerci, to which a signal is sent from the cockroach control system. The cerks themselves under normal conditions are used by insects to speed up the reaction to a particular danger. In this case, the insect, which received a signal from this pair of organs, can quickly decide how to act in the next moment.

From the special board to the cockroach-antennae go wires through which the insect receives the signal from the computer. The cockroach perceives this signal as its own, and therefore responds to it immediately. A signal is a small charge flowing through a wire. In this case, the charge is used as a kind of obstacle. As soon as an obstacle appears at a short distance from the cockroach, a charge is applied to it. The cockroach perceives this as an attack from the side of the obstacle, which will allow him to find a suitable way around the barrier. Thus, the trajectory of movement may vary depending on where the person is going to send the cockroach. The cockroach is amenable to commands, or rather, to electricity.

One of the researchers Alper Boccourt states that the maximum efficiency of insect control is the main goal of this whole undertaking. The next task that needs to be solved is the improvement of the computer program with the possibility of mapping and even the detection of radio frequencies.

Scientists say that insects will help to create full-fledged detailed computer maps from places of man-made or natural disasters, which can be used to improve the efficiency of rescue operations.
At the same time, cockroaches can be “manned” with a microphone and sensors that will allow people to find survivors under the rubble, for example, after earthquakes.

Scientists are planning to publish their test results for “trained” cockroaches a few days ago.
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    BARKAS 4 July 2013 09: 24
    Our answer we train a flea this time without horseshoes laughing
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco 4 July 2013 17: 32
      Quote: BARKAS
      Our answer is training a flea

      This is not our answer. And just America answered our film. Chinese service. What is characteristic, according to the film, there are no chips there. laughing
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 15 July 2013 11: 21
      Quote: BARKAS
      Our answer

      Our answer will be like this wink
  2. Aryan
    Aryan 4 July 2013 10: 17
    to a deck their trained flies will park on g * me
    let them immediately look for them there laughing
  3. Sashkessss
    Sashkessss 4 July 2013 13: 43
    First cockroaches, then people. We are seeing a trend, ne?
    1. z-exit
      z-exit 4 July 2013 17: 49
      Quote: Sashkessss
      First cockroaches, then people. We are seeing a trend, ne?

      How gloomy you are however. At first there were horses 10000 years ago: pulled the reins - experienced pain and turned, pulled again the signal to the nervous system - stop. Roughly speaking, they have done the same thing with a cockroach.
      1. Sashkessss
        Sashkessss 4 July 2013 22: 50
        You still remember Pavlov with his dogs. No, there is already another. There is already an invasion of thinking, forcing you to do the most complex tasks. That is, in any case, with the sufficient development of this industry, the same cockroach will juggle and bake cookies. And then further and further, the nervous system is more and more complicated. And now - a man juggles and bakes cookies. I apologize for such a simplified version, I wanted everyone to understand my idea.
        1. Cyber7
          Cyber7 4 July 2013 22: 59
          It would be nice if this "cockroach" was not one of us.
          Although logical thinking insists that in the near future, each of us will be able to take his place.
          And do not care about Darwin or the Divine Spark.
          If only each of us could control the joystick.
          That is the principle of their thinking.
          1. Sashkessss
            Sashkessss 4 July 2013 23: 32
            Thank you, you showed that the thought has come.
            1. Cyber7
              Cyber7 5 July 2013 00: 29
              I am alone, and there are more than six billion people on Earth.
              And most of them do not care about this cockroach.
              And this is sad.
  4. MG42
    MG42 4 July 2013 21: 19
    Since I did not find any branches on the forum about the USA today, besides this one, it is also suitable for American cockroaches.
    Today is a great holiday in the USA = the lamp of freedom and democracy. US Independence Day July 4th. Congratulations to Uncle Sam. wassat
    1. Thunderbolt
      Thunderbolt 4 July 2013 22: 44
      The prototype of Uncle Sam, unwittingly giving him his name, was Samuel Wilson.
      Samuel (Sam) Wilson lived in Troy, New York during the war between Great Britain and the United States of 1812-15, known as the "Second American War of Independence," and was involved in the inspection of meat supplied by private contractors to the US Army. Among others, Wilson inspected barrels and crates of provisions that vendor Elbert Anderson marked with his initials EA and the letters US (United States).
      According to legend, one of the movers, when asked what these letters mean, answered "Uncle Sam" ("Uncle Sam").
      The joke quickly spread, it became more and more popular, and pretty soon the expression "Uncle Sam" became generally accepted to refer to the US government or the United States of America itself.http: //
      1. MG42
        MG42 4 July 2013 22: 54
        Thank you for the interesting information.
      2. Cyber7
        Cyber7 4 July 2013 23: 06
        Google and Wiki replace knowledge, own opinion and ability to express your thoughts in your own words?
        And if banned, General?
        How will you live then?