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Sevmash has an ocean of tasks

PO Sevmash is the largest and most powerful shipyard in Russia, known not only in our country, but also abroad. Whatever you touch, everything is the very-most. And not only the production capacity and scale of the enterprise. Over the years, the world's first ballistic missile submarine nuclear submarine, the most massive series of “strategists”, the world's first titanium and fastest submarine, the deepest, the largest in the world, and again the first national submarine .

The spectrum of the enterprise’s activity is also very wide. It covers the production of military equipment for the Russian Navy and foreign customers, marine equipment for oil and gas production, civil shipbuilding, and the manufacture of technical products for the engineering, metallurgical, oil and gas, and other industries. Warranty repairs, modernization of nuclear submarines, surface ships and their disposal are also within the competence of Sevmash.

The first deputy general director of Sevmash, Sergey Marichev, told us about what the enterprise lives now.

From the Red Star dossier:
Sergey Yuryevich is a hereditary shipbuilder, born in Severodvinsk, and his work biography is work at one enterprise. Here he went through all the stages of career growth. After graduating from Sevmashvtuz, which in those years was a branch of the Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute, he worked as a foreman, mechanical engineer of the main power plant (in the Navy an equivalent position is the commander of a remote control group). Then he worked as a shift mechanic, transfer mechanic, leading transfer mechanic. By the way, Sergey Marichev is the first leading delivery mechanic of the new generation head boat, Yuri Dolgoruky, which in January became part of the Northern fleet.

The practice of the head was enriched and strengthened in the largest workshop in the world at the positions of deputy head, and later - his head. The logical continuation of the career became the appointment of the first deputy head of the production of military equipment and the chief engineer of the enterprise. And here is a higher and more responsible post - First Deputy General Director of OAO “PO Sevmash”.

The shipbuilder's work was awarded state awards - the medal of the Order for Services to the Fatherland, II degree and the medal "300 years to the Russian Navy."

Priority - state defense order

“At the moment, our activities are determined by several main areas,” explains Sergey Marichev. - Military, where within the framework of the State program of armament of Russia up to 2020 of the year (GVV-2020) the state defense order (GOZ) prevails. The second is the program of military-technical cooperation, in accordance with which the repair and modernization of the heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral Gorshkov is being completed in the aircraft carrier for the Indian naval forces Vikramaditya. Another direction is civil shipbuilding. Naturally, the priority belongs to the military component, aimed at improving the defense capacity of the state.

According to the first deputy director general, the tasks set by the management towards ensuring the tasks of the state defense order, their own plans and commitments are successfully implemented. The main thing here is testing new ships in the framework of the State Armaments Program, which are held at the White Sea test sites.

“Last year we successfully tested three nuclear submarines,” explains Sergey Marichev. The main order of the Borey project is the Yury Dolgoruky, the second ship of the “Grand-Prince” series is the Alexander Nevsky and the multi-purpose boat of the Ash Tree bearing the name of our city — Severodvinsk.

The result of the work was the signing of the acceptance act of the cruiser "Yuri Dolgoruky". This is undoubtedly a remarkable event not only for the plant and the Navy, but also for the country as a whole. The state tests of “Alexander Nevsky” were interrupted due to hydrometeological conditions, but the company’s staff has no doubt that it will be commissioned in the current year.

Sergey Marichev told about the peculiarities of the Severodvinsk tests. The fact is that usually firing submarines are held during state tests. This time, as part of the factory tests, the multipurpose nuclear submarine "Severodvinsk" successfully fired at all types of targets from all positions of the ship with the missile system. It was first used from a carrier and from the first time fully met expectations.

In addition, 2012 was marked by the conduct of the program of military-technical cooperation of all types of tests aircraft carrier "Vikramaditya", transmitted to the Indian Navy. The first stage took place in the White Sea, after which the work moved to the Barents. The main part of the tests was very successful. And this is the merit of the commissioning team of the enterprise, units and formations of the Northern Fleet, which ensured the passage of tests. The main thing is that the pilots coped with the task and aviation ship service. 417 sorties were made, of which more than 50 take-offs and landings were performed by MiG-29 K.

In the autumn of 2012, the aircraft carrier returned to its home pier. Some of the boilers designed by the special design bureau and manufactured at the Baltic Plant did not withstand the load and were damaged during the sea trials. Now after the repair 4 boiler successfully put into operation. The 4 boilers will also be launched after filling the pool and setting the ship to the embankment.

Plans first stage

The first half of 2013 of the year was aimed at preparing for navigation. One of the main points Sergey Marichev called the carrying out of docking of “Severodvinsk” in the slipway shop. After carrying out a cycle of works the cruiser is launched. Now he is once again taking the state maritime examinations. Practically after him, the first serial ship of the 955 project "Alexander Nevsky" went on to continue state tests.

Not removed from the agenda and obligations to foreign partners. On the aircraft carrier "Vikramaditya" is actively preparing for the continuation of sea trials in early July.

It should be noted that by itself the installation of such a large ship in the filling basin is a unique operation and, according to the assurances of competent specialists, has no analogues in world shipbuilding. From the upper deck of a giant ship, powerful sponsons hang over the board line (an onboard ledge, which, as a rule, houses combat systems and weapon), and in order for it to pass through the gate of the self-leveling basin, it must be raised. To this end, special pontoons are placed under the hull, the ship, as in an eye of a needle, is drawn into the waterworks, while the gap between the ship’s leiers (whose deck is more than fifty meters) and the pool facilities is only 30-50 centimeters. Filigree!
But that is not all. This colossus should also be placed on a slipway. The crew and shipbuilders flashed skill here. The discrepancy did not exceed 10 centimeters. And on the mid-frame, which conventionally divides the ship's hull with a vertical transverse plane in half, he stood absolutely exactly. On the stern, deviations resulted in centimeters in 5, and in the nose - in 7. Perfect setting.
Now begins the final stage of testing.

“Do not look back, do not be disappointed. There is no failure. Everything that was done was done right. We need to go only forward! ”- this, perhaps, is the credo of the first deputy general director of OAO“ PO “Sevmash”.

The need to set up an aircraft carrier for the repair of failed boilers cannot override the success of the team that worked on re-equipping the ship. The scope of work on the aircraft carrier, which consistently bore the names of "Baku", "Admiral Gorshkov", "Vikramaditya", is striking in its scale.

The cooperation with contractors involved in the development, design, supply and subsequent adjustment of the installed modern ship equipment has been established. New technologies have been mastered, in particular, the formation of the flight deck: there was no springboard and an aerofinisher. It was necessary to open the hull, test the brake machines at the test site in the town of Saki, install them, hang and form a springboard, strengthen the deck and apply a new coating to it. The installation of large-sized hull structures was carried out, the sponsons — the most powerful hull elements — were mounted, the wind-steering complex — repair, unloading, upgrading of shaft lines, a full set of equipment of the main power plant. Completely replaced cable.

In essence, this is a new ship: in addition to the hull, again completely modernized, everything has undergone a refit.

We can safely say: Sevmash has unique technologies for the repair and modernization of aircraft carriers. And the reasons are simple. Firstly, no one has done such work before. Secondly, because the design office is preparing the project, and the construction technology is being developed by the construction plant.

“That is why no one else can have such developments in principle,” argues Sergey Yuryevich. - Yes, we have a truly unique experience. Nobody has such a one as Sevmash’s - this is the first. And second, he, this experience, is a successful one! The completely modernized ship has already passed a whole test cycle and is again sent to sea.

The second serial boat “Vladimir Monomakh” is undergoing comprehensive mooring trials, it is awaited by the first factory access to the sea. The cruiser was taken out of the workshop at the end of December 2012. Then, at the solemn event, Deputy Defense Minister Yury Borisov expressed confidence that the ship would pass the tests in accordance with the schedule, and wished the submarine a happy fate.

- Already the third “Borey” will go out to sea, - states Marichev. - This is already a serious force capable of solving very important tasks.

Shoulder to shoulder

Of course, the enterprise cannot do without interaction with the parts of the Navy deployed in Severodvinsk. Naval sailors provide industry with landfills, ships and support vessels, and are fully involved in the testing of the latest naval equipment and weapons. Despite the problems of a different nature, the work goes on as usual. And there is no other way - the “ruler” of the exit of the ships is very dense. Events that cover the range of tests, are subject to lengthy coordination, and shifting the schedule for just one day can ruin all plans.

Sergey Yuryevich respectfully notes the high professionalism of officers of the White Sea Naval Base under the command of Rear Admiral Vladimir Vorobyov and the State Central Order of Lenin of the naval test range of the Navy commanded by Captain 1 of the rank of Vladimir Bosoy.

Forward movement

“Without the use of modern technologies and the availability of a serious technical base, modern fourth-generation submarines cannot be built,” says the first deputy general director. - To produce high-tech complex products, you need to invest money. This is an axiom. And we are developing.

Sevmash participates in the implementation of three federal target programs: “Development of the defense-industrial complex of the Russian Federation”, “Ensuring nuclear and radiation safety” and “Development of civilian marine equipment”. The first one for us, of course, is the main one.

Within its framework, the modernization of the berth production for the construction of fourth-generation ships is being carried out - the development of two groups of the Borey and Yasen ships assumes the presence of large production areas. The state armaments program requires a larger number of ships and, as a result, new berths. As part of the development program for the defense industry, modernization of the building plant has already begun. In large quantities purchased more advanced, high-precision and high-performance machine equipment. In the shortest possible time, the berths, ship ramps will be improved, the crane lifting equipment will be replaced and modernized. These measures will allow to produce products with higher quality.

The construction of submarines is also underway. Intensive work is under way on the Kazan cruiser, laid down in 2009. On the stocks is the ship of the Borey series “Prince Vladimir”, laid down in 2012 in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“It is being built according to a modernized project and will be the main one for ships of the 955 project,” explains Sergey Marichev. - Now we are preparing for the most serious stage in the life cycle of any submarine - conducting hydraulic tests of a solid hull. In addition, ready sections of the next order have already been received in the building workshop, and in the future, the modernized workshops will receive another order.

Sevmash is famous for people

“To be able to work, you must have a job,” Sergey Yuryevich strongly remarks when we touched on the topic of training specialists.

The structure of Sevmash has a technical training department, which regularly carries out training activities in accordance with the emerging needs. Training is conducted at the institute - a former branch of the St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University, which has now become an integral part of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University. The middle link is studying at a technical college, there are two vocational schools.

By the way, the training system that exists on Sevmash is also, perhaps, the only one of its kind. The formula “factory - technical college” assumes a close connection between theory and practice, in which students after the first semester are involved in the full working time in the production process in a specialized field, while studying is not interrupted, but is conducted in the evening. Direct communication theory and practice gives a tangible effect in the development of the profession.

- As a result, a person comes to the enterprise from the institute who has already worked at the enterprise for 2,5-3, turned the “iron”, knows the process from the inside and has no less than the third category in one or another specialty. I myself studied according to this scheme, and I know very well how effective it is, ”says Marichev with knowledge.

“Shipbuilding is a cyclical industry,” he explains, “and if today we need assemblers, then the next stage will require a greater number of installers. And one of the tasks of the company's management is to competently solve the issues of ensuring the production of the required specialties and necessary qualifications by the workers. This is a normal personnel work. She is always in control and successfully solves problems.

For example, now the load on the mechanical engineering workshops has increased many times to provide the Boreev and Ash series. This is where graduates of vocational schools are needed. And the first deputy general director of Sevmash has a control over an 24 machine operator.

The company is developing and improving. It is rich in traditions and working dynasties - both in the top leadership and among the workers. The general director of Sevmash, Mikhail Budnichenko, is a hereditary shipbuilder; his father headed one of the main departments of the enterprise. In the biography of Mikhail Anatolyevich there were a lot of submarines, he went through all the steps of the career ladder in production and now heads the leading Russian shipyard.

Sergey Marichev’s father was the head of the section that assembled the nuclear submarines for reactor installations. There are dozens of such examples among the workers.
People praise their factory with their work. Already in the newest stories Sevmash has more than one gratitude of the President of the Russian Federation. And this is a merit of the team, high-class specialists, who can meet any tasks.

In the picture: The lead ship of the Borey project goes to sea -
strategic submarine missile cruiser "Yuri Dolgoruky".
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  1. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 4 July 2013 17: 13
    You can and should say thank you and wish a maximum of successes and achievements to the team of Sevmash! Russia needs you and your work, which strengthens the security of our homeland.
    1. rolik
      rolik 4 July 2013 18: 24
      Greetings from Severodvinsk))))
    2. S_mirnov
      S_mirnov 4 July 2013 18: 31
      Oh, I do not believe such peppy articles? I strongly doubt that in a country affected by corruption, there are such reserves of prosperity. Surely the designer and the workers would have told a completely different story.
      I think, as elsewhere, the top manager steals the non-childish and bangs at the expense of honest workers.
      "" Last year's scandal with the aircraft carrier "Vikramaditya" (formerly "Admiral Gorshkov") became a shameful spot for the order-bearing enterprise "Sevmash", "
      1. Russ69
        Russ69 4 July 2013 18: 36
        Quote: S_mirnov
        "" Last year's scandal with the aircraft carrier "Vikramaditya" (formerly "Admiral Gorshkov") became a shameful spot for the order-bearing enterprise "Sevmash", "

        They made changes at the insistence of the Indians, that's the result. As a result, we returned to the original version.
      2. rolik
        rolik 4 July 2013 18: 54
        Quote: S_mirnov
        I think, as elsewhere, the top manager steals the non-childish and bangs at the expense of honest workers.

        That's why in October Budnichenko became the director, he went from the bottom. To the marrow of his bones a man. And the fact that they were pierced with the Indians ..... well, how could I put it mildly. Generally tearing one place on a team from Moscow. At whose command it is clear, even the ordered materials, in order to expedite the work, were not allowed through the laboratory. The result is logical. This is a gross violation of technology. Bought materials (up to self-tapping screws) sent to us. We check, give an opinion. if positive, take into production. If negative, take others or look for another supplier. Everything was violated here, and here is the result. That's why they say it. that rushing is good at catching fleas.
        But our zhurnalyugi, of course, exaggerated everything that is possible and made a huge elephant out of a small mouse. And here is the test report (excerpt of the Sevmash press center, exaggerated)))))
        The ship went to sea on June 8. The maximum speed that the aircraft carrier developed during the tests was 27,9 knots. “Vikramaditya” is Sevmash’s first experience in creating surface ships of this class. According to the representatives of the delivery team, the ship showed excellent controllability and excellent seaworthiness. “Today I feel great satisfaction from the work carried out by Sevmash specialists, by numerous partners of the enterprise who tested aircraft carrier complexes. The most difficult and tricky part of the tests was perfectly performed - tests of the aircraft’s technical equipment, tests of many electronic weapons systems and their interaction, ”said Andrey Dyachkov, president of OSK OJSC. - Now we have to eliminate those comments that were identified at sea, in particular, on the operation of the boiler plant. Our specialists understand the work that remains to be done. The main conclusion that we made is that the ship took place as an aircraft carrier. "
        But who says what ... decide for everyone in his case separately)))))
        1. S_mirnov
          S_mirnov 4 July 2013 20: 07
          "But our journalists, of course, exaggerated everything that is possible" - this is natural, unfortunately the level of journalism is now very low, the main thing is to unearth a sensation.
          “That is why Budnichenko became a director in October, he came from the bottom.” - I am glad for Sevmash. Recently, more and more often from Moscow they send both the governor and the directors of large enterprises. And they do not come from the labor base at all.
    MIKHAN 4 July 2013 17: 35
    North support of Russia !! Thank you guys for being able to maintain the foundation of the military-industrial complex in the harsh northern borders of our country!
    1. rolik
      rolik 4 July 2013 17: 56
      Quote: MIKHAN
      Thank you guys for being able to maintain the foundation of the military-industrial complex in the harsh northern borders of our country!

      Please))) Not only not to save, but also to update and strengthen. Although there are certain negative points, but this is (hopefully) in the past. Under the new leadership, things went very well .... ugh - so as not to jinx it.))) And the "golden pot" is already in the sea on a hodovka.
      I would also like to add that our neighbors, Zvezdochka, also have good news. The construction of a new specialized assembly and testing workshop for propelling and steering columns has begun. The workshop will house unique equipment for assembling and testing DRC with a capacity of up to 10 MW. There will be overhead cranes for moving parts weighing up to 250 tons. Construction should be completed next year. And from 2015, they will begin to build the second stage, where it is planned to assemble and test other new types of propulsion systems - adjustable pitch propellers, ring and jet propellers, shaft lines, hybrid installations.
      1. Samminosh
        Samminosh 4 July 2013 18: 15
        I mean, ex-Gorshkov?
        1. rolik
          rolik 4 July 2013 18: 33
          Quote: Samminosh
          I mean, ex-Gorshkov?

          No)))) just so much money has already been poured into that it has become a golden pot. For which it will take a very long time to pay for bank loans ((((Thanks to the former management. It would be even worse if the president did not give the command to help us financially. Otherwise they already wanted to start cutting salaries (((Cost)))), that's why we have abruptly ceased to respect "effective managers"))))).
  3. Misantrop
    Misantrop 4 July 2013 17: 49
    Great factory and a very nice, cozy city. I still remember with my wife with pleasure. Good luck to the factory workers and the townspeople!
    1. rolik
      rolik 4 July 2013 18: 15
      Quote: Misantrop
      Great factory and a very nice, cozy city.

      Damn .... forgot to brag)))))
      Completed the modernization of the electron beam welding installation))) The largest in the world))))
      And what is stopping us, we came to visit Yagry, to eat shish kebabs)))
      1. Misantrop
        Misantrop 4 July 2013 18: 54
        Quote: rolik
        And what is stopping us, we came to visit Yagry, to eat shashliks

        I'm afraid that nostalgia will bite to death ... sad There, after all, on Jagra, now my K-64 is not finished yet ...
        1. rolik
          rolik 4 July 2013 19: 50
          Quote: Misantrop
          There, in Jagra, now my K-64 is still unfinished ..

          Well, hands will reach Moscow region, I hope, on Zvezdochka. It started to move well)))
          1. Misantrop
            Misantrop 4 July 2013 20: 37
            Quote: rolik
            hands will reach Moscow region
            Already renamed, as planned? And then the only nameless steamer remained in the entire division. By the way, on the weekend I met with guys from my crew - we had 30 years of graduation from SVVMIU. Almost all feed - 7,9,10 compartments ... lol Only the commander of the 8th could not come (he is also our release)
            1. rolik
              rolik 4 July 2013 20: 46
              Quote: Misantrop
              Already renamed, as planned?

              Alas, it remains an unofficial name ((((((And maybe "Vladimir" will be returned again, I don't know. The status and terms of introduction are uncertain. Let's hope not forever. Hope that the black streak of the 90s is over.
              1. Misantrop
                Misantrop 4 July 2013 20: 48
                If only for cutting, but with the name will be determined. And then he will return again to Deer’s lip, where he came in the evening of December 28, 1986 ...
                1. rolik
                  rolik 4 July 2013 21: 21
                  Quote: Misantrop
                  and the name will be determined

                  A ship without a name is bad, I don’t really want the BS-64 to wear the abbreviation. Moreover, the story was not very pleasant with her, four midshipmen were arrested in 2011 for drugs (distribution) a bad story. This is very bad. That's why the ship must go, the crew should serve.
                  Okay, let's not talk about sad things. They should not be cut, for that they were sent to the 15th workshop, for re-equipment according to the project 09787.)))
    2. lelikas
      lelikas 4 July 2013 18: 56
      Quote: Misantrop
      Great factory and a very nice, cozy city. I still remember with my wife with pleasure. Good luck to the factory workers and the townspeople!

      1. Misantrop
        Misantrop 4 July 2013 18: 59
        My son was born there too. In the hospital number 2. And at that time I was on sea trials ...
        1. rolik
          rolik 4 July 2013 21: 53
          Quote: Misantrop
          And at that time I was on sea trials ...

          The son is already big)))) 28 years old ???
          1. Misantrop
            Misantrop 4 July 2013 22: 05
            Quote: rolik
            The son is already big)

            Yes already grown wink But Severodvinsk does not remember, alas, was too small. In general, in the first year he flew (as a passenger) more than 10 km. From Dvinsk - to the Crimea, from there - to Kola, again to Crimea and again to Kola ... But, it’s a sin to complain, a great guy has grown good
            1. rolik
              rolik 5 July 2013 00: 54
              Quote: Misantrop
              Yes already grown

              And mine is only 10 years old (late child). Now in Bulgaria, grandfather composts brains)))))
              I wish all the best and best to your family good
              1. Misantrop
                Misantrop 5 July 2013 10: 39
                Quote: rolik
                I wish all the best and best to your family

                Thank! Mutually!
  4. Alex Nick
    Alex Nick 4 July 2013 17: 58
    The guys from Sevmash-you are our support and hope. Your work is valued not only in the corridors of power.
    1. rolik
      rolik 4 July 2013 18: 20
      Quote: Alex Nick
      . Your work is valued not only in the corridors of power.

      Who said that ??? so many important people come))))
      Here's an example of a photo of one important goose. Especially pay attention to the look))))) so smart))) just like that animal .... who likes to look at the new gate.
  5. NickitaDembelnulsa
    NickitaDembelnulsa 4 July 2013 18: 35
    Give back to operation all Atomic Project 941!
    1. rolik
      rolik 4 July 2013 18: 44
      Quote: NickitaDembelnulsa
      Give back to operation all Atomic Project 941!

      Alas, these are only dreams.
      And what do you dislike about this boat))))))
      1. NickitaDembelnulsa
        NickitaDembelnulsa 5 July 2013 07: 24
        She is beautiful - no doubt! But TK-17, and TK-20 are boats that demonstrate the law: Iron should not stand and rust, it should work! These boats are still quite young, and have excellent modernization potential. Only now they don’t want to spend money on them. But in vain.
        1. NickitaDembelnulsa
          NickitaDembelnulsa 5 July 2013 07: 27
          These boats are a symbol of the power of our Navy. Of course they are only needed for show-offs in the ranks, it is also a formidable weapon. Under this boat, you can again build the R-39, or rather, its upgraded options, where the KVO will be less.
    MIKHAN 4 July 2013 19: 09
    I envy you!! You have something to be proud of. Well done once again to you !!!
    1. mole
      mole 4 July 2013 20: 08
      I join Meehan! People - deeds and words! And the impression is that there are more talkers and embezzlers than normal working people.
  7. family tree
    family tree 4 July 2013 21: 12
    And also in the Arkhangelsk region, there is the Plesetsk cosmodrome. Developed diamond deposit
    The deposit of diamonds named after M.V. Lomonosov is represented by 6 kimberlite pipes: Arkhangelskaya, im. Karpinsky-1, them. Karpinsky-2, Pioneer, Pomeranian, them. Lomonosov.
    Tubes of the M.V. Lomonosov located in the form of near-meridional chain with a total length of 9,5 km. The distance between the individual tubes within this chain ranges from 0,13 to 2,15 km.
    Nuclear Test Site, on Novaya Zemlya belay .
    Enterprises of forestry, woodworking and pulp and paper industry. Fishing fleet and many fellow another
    And also, the Arkhangelsk region is subsidized, almost 27% of the budget is financed from the center what As one of the kolobok brothers used to say: "I don't understand anything!"
    1. rolik
      rolik 4 July 2013 21: 48
      Quote: perepilka
      . Development diamond field

      Their two deposits. They are located on the same road. The nearest Lomonosov deposit, then the Mushroom deposit. We along this road (called Tuchkinskaya) get to the village of Izhma, then we leave for Semiozerye. Fishing and relaxation are beyond praise))))
      And the fact that the region is subsidized, ask those who drive almost all the money to Moscow, and then asks for their own money back)))) This is our policy. Would leave 70 percent of all the money in the regions, then only in the Caucasus republics were subsidized.
      1. Misantrop
        Misantrop 4 July 2013 22: 11
        Quote: rolik
        Their two deposits.
        And they were discovered almost by accident, just geologists found diamonds in streams. And then Gorbachev nearly sold the De Beers campaign area in bulk, and they had the stupidity to blurt out what they were going to mine in an open way. Just before the rebellion with the detachment did not come, they stole this idea ...

        And with regards to subsidization, Crimea is also a deeply subsidized region. And what else should it be if all more or less profitable enterprises and sanatoria pay taxes at the location of the head office (i.e. in Kiev), and all illiquid assets and mountains of garbage go to autonomy ... request
    2. cherkas.oe
      cherkas.oe 4 July 2013 21: 48
      Quote: perepilka
      And also in the Arkhangelsk region, there is the Plesetsk cosmodrome.

      And from this cosmodrome on August 12 a classmate with her husband came to my permanent residence in my city of Krasnodar, they finally got an apartment here at my suggestion, 8 years after retirement. I walked and looked at the apartment, a cool 3-bedroom in a monolith with brick trim on the bank of the Kuban BEAUTY. fellow
  8. cherkas.oe
    cherkas.oe 4 July 2013 21: 40
    Thank you very much "Sevmash", and its workaholic low bows and respect for the fact that they did not sell everything and did not run away, but preserved the underwater nuclear shipbuilding for our land and for future generations. good
  9. Apollo
    Apollo 4 July 2013 21: 47
    Sevmash factory city

  10. Fin
    Fin 4 July 2013 22: 27
    Was in the city several times. In 2000, I managed to visit the NSR for excursions, including to the 55th workshop. To say that you liked it is to say nothing. I was amazed at the scale of production, when you stand below, and "Shark" rises above you on the slipway, you feel like a mouse. Then you take the elevator and inspect it all from above ... Three lines on which you can simultaneously build 6 units. In general, it is impossible to talk about it - you need to see it once.
    Well, I can't help but say about the criminal fact (in my opinion). At that time, the submarine of project 949A "Belgorod" was on the slipway, the degree of readiness was about 70%, all the compartments had already been welded, the equipment, the nuclear power plant were inside the ship, just install and adjust, as the specialists said, for about a year. However, the financing of the order for unknown reasons was terminated, and the boat was in this form for 1 or 2 years. The crew on the submarine was already formed for 2 years, and studied in Obninsk. They did not wait for the ship, they were disbanded, and the boat was subsequently sawed.
    That would be where to find out who gave the instructions, and the mole would be caught right away.
    rolik, could on this occasion enlighten, if not correct.
    Quote: Misantrop
    Great factory and a very nice, cozy city.

    I join, only good memories.
    1. rolik
      rolik 5 July 2013 00: 38
      Quote: Fin
      At that time, the submarine of project 949A "Belgorod" was on the slipway, the degree of readiness was about 70%

      No less interesting continuation of this story))))
      December 20, 2012 in the boathouse of Sevmash ....... boat laying of the project 09852 took place)))) And now attention)))))))
      Project 09852 was developed by OAO TsKB MT Rubin (St. Petersburg) based on the design of the Project 949A nuclear missile submarine. In fact, during the ceremony on December 20, the re-laying of the new project 09852 of the K-329 Belgorod nuclear missile submarine (construction number 664) of the modified project 949A.
      Now "Belgorod" will be completed according to project 09852 as a large nuclear submarine carrier of manned and unmanned underwater vehicles. The customer is the Main Directorate for Deep Sea Research (GUGI) of the Ministry of Defense of Russia good
      Let's just say that the boats of the 949th project are a little specific, they are a kind of underwater attack aircraft. And since we are now moving more towards greater universalization of weapons, it’s a pity to throw away these products, but giving a new life is a holy thing)))
      Chirkov promised an order to modernize all the boats of this project, an absolutely right decision.
      There is an order for Losharikov, Skifov will also need to be unloaded to the bottom, and in the light of the upcoming fight for the Arctic, underwater research stations will be needed.
      Here and Misantrophis "K-64" (BS-64) will also serve the Fatherland. As I say, our times have changed)))))
      1. Fin
        Fin 5 July 2013 09: 42
        Quote: rolik
        during the ceremony on December 20, the re-laying of the new project 09852 of the nuclear missile submarine K-329 "Belgorod" was carried out

        Thanks for the info. I am glad that I was mistaken about the further fate of this unit. Although in its original form, it would be useful no less.
  11. Xroft
    Xroft 4 July 2013 22: 49
    Our country still holds on to such people ..... so they need to be shown on TV and set as an example of young people ... and not any bullshit from the "cream" of Moscow
  12. sergey158-29
    sergey158-29 5 July 2013 00: 05
    Quote: "Sevmash has an ocean of tasks"

    Well, God forbid them - realize them!
  13. jjj
    jjj 5 July 2013 00: 40
    Only here the people, frankly, offended by money. They leave for work, some in Scandinavia, some in St. Petersburg, some in Astrakhan. The city almost got a trade, even alcohol. Mayoral time to plant almost through one. And yes, even the swimming season on Yagra is open
    1. rolik
      rolik 5 July 2013 01: 15
      Quote: jjj
      The city almost got a trade, even alcohol.

      They began to trade in alcohol until 13 o’clock, according to the decree of the mayor)))) ..... because of graduation from senior students. This is so that they do not mean to celebrate the joys))))
      And who travels to Scandinavia, graduates of NArFU (faculties of oil production and others like them). Then they came to us, who left for Scandinavia to work. When the epic with Prirazlomnaya began, they lectured on manifests and other nonsense. Honestly, I was struck by the narrowness of their education. They left really educated people, came (to put it mildly) not very educated. Since they made reports, we have a freshman in the same NArFU write better)))) They make (for example) a report on a deep-sea pump, which oil delivers through pipelines upstairs. Well, ours is all interesting and they naturally ask:
      - But after the pump there are valves (a number of valves) and auxiliary engines. And why are they ???
      And all, you can hear how the brains of our compatriots begin to creak there. The most intelligible answer was one:
      - And these valves are handled by another department of our company. We only deal with the pump and that’s it. We do not look further.
      In general, no comment. You don’t have to go far for an example. My future wife, worked all year in Sweden. When I studied at the AGMA, I received a grant from the Swedes, wrote a research paper on some viruses, and went there. A lot of interesting things, then, told about this country, its mores, and its intellectual potential. Sometimes funny, sometimes not.
      But from all that he heard, he made one conclusion for himself. In no case should we imitate these nations. Otherwise, we will become robots living according to the program. In general, everything will be dull, gray and so all my life.
      1. family tree
        family tree 5 July 2013 23: 12
        A couple of quotes from one movie.
        "The Vyatka man is grasping - as many as seven will not earn, how many will drink one."

        Arkhangelsk, Vyatka, always drunk. "