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New Chinese chassis for SAM

New Chinese chassis for SAM

Y20 armored chassis from Dongfeng Automobile

The Chinese company Dongfeng Automobile (part of the Dongfeng Motor Corporation group) 26 June 2013 of the year handed over to the customer - the Second Academy of the Chinese rocket and space concern CASIC - the first serial special machine Y20 with the wheel formula 6х6, designed for the installation of the elements of the air defense system HQ-7B 90). The HQ-7 complex, a Chinese clone of the French Crotale SAM system, originally used a Chinese-copied, two-axle Thomson-Hotchkiss P4R chassis with an electric transmission. Later, a new 6x6 chassis was created for it, shown for the first time at a military parade in Beijing in the 2009 year. It was probably considered not very successful and, already against the background of its mass production, 10 December 2010, the Second Academy signed a contract with Dongfeng Automobile to develop a new chassis. According to party member of the company Liang Jie, the work on this machine was considered as the most important state task. Dongfeng also manufactures other military vehicles, including the EQ2081E / EQ100E family of trucks and the Mengshi "Chinese Hummers".

The important requirements for the chassis, judging by the publications, were high reliability, as well as the ability to switch the installation to combat mode by simply pressing a button without restarting the engine (in combat mode, the engine operates to power the air defense system). Another important requirement was to reduce the noise inside the car to 82 db (as a result, it was possible to achieve the figure in 72 db). In addition, much attention was paid to the interior and exterior of the machine, as well as ease of operation. Y20 has easy booking and is equipped with a licensed Cummins engine. The machine is equipped with a system of protection against weapons of mass destruction and can cross the ford to 1,2 m.
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  1. experienced
    experienced 3 July 2013 11: 34
    Are they shopping on this chassis or what? belay or just stop by for a snack?
    Also, much attention was paid to the interior and appearance of the machine,

    What they could "spy" somewhere winked
    1. lelikas
      lelikas 3 July 2013 12: 00
      Quote: seasoned
      What they could "spy" somewhere

      Yeah - not enough Ripley with Bishop in place of the mech;)
    2. kris
      kris 3 July 2013 12: 21
      Well done Chinese!
      they are making progress by leaps and bounds, and not by the slogans of GPV!
    3. Tatb
      Tatb 3 July 2013 13: 03
      YES tore off! principle and layout, from the Belarusian platform for our tori! angry
    4. Skiff
      Skiff 3 July 2013 13: 12
      Did you know that the Chinese fake a doshirak, and then fake a fake.
  2. Dimanrus86
    Dimanrus86 3 July 2013 11: 49
    When I look at the products of the Chinese military-industrial complex, the thought goes on spinning all the time - I have already seen this somewhere)
  3. fight
    fight 3 July 2013 11: 53
    FOOT !!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Whale
    Whale 3 July 2013 11: 56
    And when I look at the products of the Chinese military-industrial complex, I don’t think about where I saw it, I think about how it works and what can be contrasted
  5. Ivan79
    Ivan79 3 July 2013 12: 03
    It looks a little futuristic, looking like an armored car from "Aliens" ...
  6. Windbreak
    Windbreak 3 July 2013 12: 10
    Apparently created with the participation of the MZKT
    1. vostok1982
      vostok1982 3 July 2013 12: 24
      Without a doubt!
    2. Lopatov
      Lopatov 3 July 2013 12: 30
      Yes, copy-paste of the Belarusian car. But shitty. Hanged on the driver’s blinkers, so that he looked exclusively forward
    3. huginn
      huginn 3 July 2013 12: 46
      I did not immediately understand that this is a stretched photo.))
  7. G_sl
    G_sl 3 July 2013 12: 32
    I like this. repeat
  8. Algor73
    Algor73 3 July 2013 12: 38
    And for me, it’s very much nothing. Everything is proportional and seems rational. Do not think that the Chinese are brainless creatures. Even copying the mind is needed, the more complicated the technique. The Chinese only copy what they themselves cannot or do not want (due to the long process) to develop. But then after that !! Alas, more and more we buy Chinese, from equipment (cars, tractors, kmopms, telephones, etc.) to food, that is, we feed the Chinese.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 3 July 2013 12: 49
      This is not a copy, this is a development with the participation of Belarusians.
    2. huginn
      huginn 3 July 2013 12: 51
      Well, yes, they managed to copy the prototype Su 30 sold by Ukraine, the brake systems to the aircraft carrier, from the spare kit sold by Ukraine from Nitka. Now they will copy the “Bison” project 12322, sold by Ukraine with all the documentation belonging to the St. Petersburg Design Bureau.
  9. Urri
    Urri 3 July 2013 14: 10
    Quote: Spade
    This is not a copy, this is a development with the participation of Belarusians.

    It is doubtful. Just a concept. I doubt that the case, and not frame. The suspension is not independent, but of a bridge type (beam of the front axle. Armored, in contrast to the MZKT. There is no such internal volume for air defense systems.
    But the idea itself is sensible
  10. makst83
    makst83 3 July 2013 14: 20
    Belarusian MZKT, copy.
    1. Denb
      Denb 3 July 2013 15: 24
      That you all took over the copy, copy, until the 80s America accused the USSR of dropping!
  11. sergey158-29
    sergey158-29 3 July 2013 22: 22
    I repeat, for the "smart guys" take and copy at least the "nail", and then tell us how easy it is ... hi
    And for "comparators" with MZKT, first look where they have entrance side doors! For the Chinese - after the wheel, for the MZKT - in front !! Or, if the wheel formula coincided, then this is already plagiarism? request