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Tactical-special training of intelligence officers of the Southern Military District

Tactical-special training of intelligence officers of the Southern Military DistrictMore than 600 intelligence officers of the Southern Military District have begun tactical and special training at the Daryal mountain range in the Republic of North Ossetia - Alania.

During the month, experienced instructors will train servicemen in practical actions in mountainous areas, rapid-fire shooting, extreme driving, hand-to-hand and knife fights, disguise with the help of improvised means, special equipment and natural objects.

Once a week, the scouts will carry out daily exits on various unfamiliar routes at altitudes from 1500 to 2700 meters above sea level, on which actions in guarding, patrolling and secret will be worked out using modern digital communications and navigation, as well as reconnaissance complexes and communications "Sagittarius".

At the end of special training courses, the scouts will complete a three-day ascent of Mount Arau-Khokh and overcome the mountain river.
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  1. omsbon
    omsbon 3 July 2013 11: 40
    Good luck and success in combat training, Scouts!
  2. seller trucks
    seller trucks 3 July 2013 11: 53
    a small offtopic, I'm reading now B.N. Zayakin "A Brief History of Russian Special Forces", impressed by the standards of the special forces:
    1. Climbing the brick wall of the building to the 5 floor without improvised means in 30 seconds.
    2. With full equipment, including 4 grenades and a machine gun with a total weight of 10 kilograms, swim 5 kilometers in 1 hours and 30 minutes.
    3. With legs tied, with 4 hand grenades on the belt and other equipment, with a total weight of 5 kilograms, ride in a bag for three kilometers.
    4. With full outfit in the rain on a broken mountain road, or rather clay, in three minutes 12 minutes cover a distance of three kilometers - satisfactory rating, three kilometers three hundred meters - good rating, three kilometers five hundred meters - excellent rating.

    5. Lifting on a horizontal bar and push-ups on parallel bars - each exercise fifty times a day.
    6. Passing the 400-meter obstacle course with 10 targets in a group of 4 people - twice. The first - for warming up, the second - for a while - no more than 1 minutes 45 seconds.
    7. Push-ups - 50 times in 50 seconds.
    8. Lifting a dumbbell weighing 24 kilograms - 50 times, no more than 50 seconds.
    9. Throwing a grenade - 50 times to a distance of at least 50 meters.
    10. The defeat of a human target from a distance of 200 meters from an automatic machine from a vehicle moving at a speed of 50 kilometers.
    11. Throw a grenade into the car window from a distance of 30 meters.

    or here is physical training:

    1. Climbing a mountain, long-distance running. When running, each fighter collects bricks in an 10 backpack. The distance in 5 kilometers must be overcome in no more than 30 minutes. The same cross - in the evening.

    2. After running, the exercise begins to strengthen the ribs of the palms. A fighter must hit 300 with his palm on the bag, and in just the initial training cycle - 10000 hits, first with sand, and then with the ground and fragments of stones.

    Gradually the palm becomes covered with calluses, hard as a stone, and the thickness of the palm increases. Bleeding and wounds are healed by soaking hands in a special therapeutic solution. In exactly the same way and with the same standards, fists, elbows, knees and feet are worked out.

    After breakfast, testing begins breaking the wooden blocks with your hand. They start with soft and end with hard tree species. When a corn with a thickness of 2 millimeter is formed on the hand, one can proceed to breaking bottles and bricks.

    After completing this training, a fighter can strike a tree or wall - three hundred times a day. Headstand - 30 minutes per day.

    Then lunch, a short rest and training continues.

    I understand that this is PROFI, but what is not an example to follow

    the book is here:
    1. Hleb
      Hleb 3 July 2013 13: 17
      I don’t know what they’ll plus you here ... probably those who themselves have never lifted anything heavier than a spoon. For example, what does it mean to the fifth floor without improvised means? The rope doesn’t count? The wall is bare? In 30 seconds!
      With full equipment in the rain on a broken mountain road, or rather clay, to cover three kilometers in 12 minutes is satisfactory, three kilometers three hundred meters is good, three kilometers five hundred meters is excellent.
      you just need to try to go to the mountains at least once to understand that this is nonsense. even if you take the Soviet standards "warrior-athlete", then for the first grade (!) in boots (at the stadium) you had to run 3 km in 10 minutes 20 seconds. here 3500 meters in 12 (excellent) and even in such conditions? Although if you get a job in some special forces detachment right now, then at a three-ruble note you should show 11-30 minutes / 12 minutes even in sneakers and at the stadium.
      these jumps in a bag of 3 km is what the hell is that the prisoner left four grenades, let’s leave it by accident.
      When running, each fighter collects 10 bricks into a backpack. A distance of 5 kilometers must be overcome in no more than 30 minutes. The same cross - in the evening.
      not only do you need to imagine what will happen to the back when the corners of bricks run into it. what will happen to the spine from such runs (and runs in the mountains) so you can just multiply the weight of the brick by 10 and imagine the total weight !!! and that’s 30 minutes and twice a day. Amazing! And so you can make out each item.
      By the way, the Chinese special forces are apparently not accidentally preparing according to the same program with one hundred percent compliance with the standards))
      1. seller trucks
        seller trucks 3 July 2013 13: 37
        Quote: Gleb
        Amazing! And so you can make out each item.

        I will advise you to read the thread: and the comments of the user "Patron":
        So the mountain shooter is an extreme variant of a mountain tourist, because in addition to what he personally needs for his personal survival, he also drags what the unit needs.
        Let me list what I carried in Afghanistan in my backpack. By the way, they didn’t give us the usual sidor bag, but a dimensionless canvas tourist backpack.
        In its bowels, in pockets and on thongs were placed: water for 5 days - five plastic liter flasks; 5 solders without cardboard packaging; cartridges without packs, stuffed like an ingot into dense polyethylene from under dry land - in the apotheosis the contents of zinc were placed - 1080 pcs. 5,45mm; warm jacket = pea jacket; linen, socks, underpants; soap and soap accessories, newsprint, wipe your ass (the current roll was not then)
        A cotton army sleeping bag was attached to the backpack.
        In the trophy bra there are three spare shops + 6 equipped with clips with adapters + 4 grenades + orange smoke warning light + signal light.
        Plus, most infantrymen also have a jet-powered Fly on their belt.
        In addition, we are calculating heavy weapons with which, God forbid, forces to drag their own iron. But they simply won’t be able to bring their ammunition physically to the place, so for each soldier and officer on a hump over a backpack there’s a piece of curb tape with 12,7 cartridges for a DShK or Utes or a tape with VOGs for the gas station.
        And there are mortars from the battalion minbatra. Therefore, two mines to the 82mm Tray can hang around your neck with a rope.
        If you didn’t get them, then you will receive anti-personnel mines or TNT bombs, which will be needed for the mine engineers to clear the passage or install a mine barrier.
        And also from the flamethrower company of the division are several boys, each of which has the so-called pack: two rocket-propelled flamethrowers locked together. And this is a total of 22 kg. And in turn, people help drag their shaitan pipes to the flamethrowers.
        And also the signalmen with their radio stations, which they carry themselves, but quite difficult spare batteries for them could lie in your backpack.

        and one more thing
        Zayakin Boris Nikolaevich, was born in 1951 in the city of Kazan in the family of a serviceman, Russian. In 1970, he graduated from the Kazan Suvorov Military School, and in 1974, the Kiev Higher Combined Arms Command School, a foreign intelligence department.
        Then he served in the 16th Chuchkovsky Special Purpose Airborne Brigade of the Moscow Military District in the Ryazan Region as commander of a special mine and special weapons group, and in 1976 he was transferred to the service of the military counterintelligence agencies of the KGB of the USSR.
        In 1986, after graduating from the Higher School of the KGB, he was sent to Afghanistan, where he received a concussion and a severe wound in his left hand, and was awarded government awards for participating in military operations.
        Since 1988 of the year, after the withdrawal of the southern group of troops from Afghanistan, deputy chief, head of the Special Department of the KGB of the USSR for the Lyubertsy garrison.
        In 1993, he was transferred to the reserve and worked at Bykovsk customs. Since 1995, a consultant to the Office for Work with Security Agencies of the Government of Moscow. In 2003, as a result of the concussion in Afghanistan, he suffered a stroke and became a disabled person of group I.

        and somehow I tend to trust him, not you
        1. Hleb
          Hleb 3 July 2013 14: 31
          I tell you again, this whole crap is attributed to the Chinese special forces on the Internet
          therefore, I strongly doubt that the officer of the Special Operations Directorate of the GRU will write something similar. Regarding what Patron wrote, there’s a slightly different layout. Jumping in bags and similar jumps is not described. Yes, and in part I answered in that thread some points described by Patron. In particular, like a fighter can’t get himself up with a backpack. They hung 50 kg there on fighters. As a scout I can say one thing is nonsense. You can disagree
          1. seller trucks
            seller trucks 3 July 2013 14: 57
            Quote: Gleb

            author, source, or rather, proof, is there a source in the article? Or do you think that Zayakin wrote off I brought the proof, you slip my crap
          2. domokl
            domokl 3 July 2013 18: 46
            Quote: Gleb
            e Patron. in particular, how a fighter cannot climb with a backpack. They hung 50 kg there on fighters. As a scout I can say one thing, this is nonsense. You can not agree

            Ammunition and everything else is taken by the group depending on the task and is determined by the commander before each exit. But three ammunition tanks (usually 5), dry for three days are required. The weight is completely up to 48 kg usually.
            1. Hleb
              Hleb 3 July 2013 19: 34
              Full weight up to 48 kg usually
              Alexander, what unit are we talking about? If it’s about intelligence, then not one scout will not load up like that. This is piz ... eat! Moreover amateurish.
              Well, if we are talking about the mining and mining division, then I'm not an expert)
              about bk. I personally have one store in the trunk. 8 in unloading and in bulk at least 400. Speak about cartridges. Well, of course, it depends on the output
              1. Vilor
                Vilor 3 July 2013 23: 48
                Three bk ??? !!!! Five bk ??? !!! It just makes me laugh wildly))) Still, we take a tank with us, a couple of art guns, and field McDonald's))))) Where does all this garbage come from?))))
                1. Hleb
                  Hleb 4 July 2013 01: 39
                  not at all, then everything fits together. 5.45 goes for 450 rounds of ammunition. Multiply by 5 = 2250 (machine gunners are indignant) and multiply by the weight of the cartridge - let it be 10 grams on average. As a result, it gets 20 kg on some cartridges. wink
        2. Hleb
          Hleb 3 July 2013 15: 33
          of course you can trust terms like "southern group of troops" for some reason, it turned out in Afghanistan and the fact that the 16th brigade for some reason became an airborne landing, and not the Special Operations Directorate of the GRU ...
          1. seller trucks
            seller trucks 3 July 2013 15: 50
            Quote: Gleb
            of course you can trust such terms as the "southern group of troops" for some reason ended up in Afghanistan and the fact that the 16th brigade for some reason became an airborne assault, and not a special forces of the GRU ...

            well, I'm not a biographer of Zayakin, I copied it. to the study of materials on the topic, I started a week ago on the turn of Chatterboxes, Sever, Kozlov, Miller, Valerio Borghese "Tenth Flotilla MAS", if not right I admit a mistake
            1. Hleb
              Hleb 3 July 2013 17: 52
              here on the site there are enough articles on the topic, if you search. just try to do some things yourself from what is written there. raise 24 times in 50 seconds. not to a professional security officer, but to an army soldier
              1. domokl
                domokl 3 July 2013 18: 50
                Quote: Gleb
                ask for example a friend weightlifter how realistic

                laughing We unloaded a car with water in six in two hours, and weightlifters in 5 ... Then the weight lifters did not stand out from weightlifters ... Gleb, an example is not successful. A fighter like Schwartz or Dynamite is good only for cinema, but in meat it’s meat ... laughing
                1. Hleb
                  Hleb 3 July 2013 19: 18
                  Gleb, an example is not successful
                  wink that is, my example for a specific exercise with dumbbell, described above, namely (Lifting a dumbbell weighing 24 kilograms - 50 times, no more than 50 seconds) unsuccessful, and yours with unloading cars in the subject? Do you want to say that you are doing a professional weightlifter in the push of a weight?
                  A fighter like Schwartz or Dynamite is good only for movies, but in battle it’s meat
                  and someone argues with this?
                  Alexander! Are you tired today?))
            2. Vilor
              Vilor 3 July 2013 17: 58
              I advise you to read Kozlov. There are four large enough volumes. Everything is well described. For me, one of the best publications about the GRU special forces.
    2. Vilor
      Vilor 3 July 2013 14: 07
      Hello. Sorry of course, I’m a scout myself, and I hear such standards for the first time. This was not in the units either in 80, and even more so now. Yes, and I especially do not see the point in these exercises.
      1. Hleb
        Hleb 3 July 2013 14: 26
        these are theorists
        1. seller trucks
          seller trucks 3 July 2013 14: 42
          Quote: Vilor
          these are theorists

    3. domokl
      domokl 3 July 2013 18: 39
      You are a little off the mark. These are the standards of the Special Forces of the GRU. And the article is written about military scouts. These, as they say, are two different songs. The scouts are contract soldiers, and sometimes conscripts. Special Forces officers are well trained and designed to perform special tasks.
      1. Hleb
        Hleb 3 July 2013 19: 13
        Alexander in my opinion you are not in the know ..
        These are the standards of SPN GRU
        where have you seen these standards? fulfilled ..
        A napisan article about military intelligence
        and where is it written that it is military intelligence at the training camps, and there are no special forces intelligence agents there?
        That being said, two different songs
        Tell us, what is the difference between the mountain training of a special forces reconnaissance and DDR reconnaissance motorized rifle battalion, or mountain brigade scout ..?
        SPN are officers
        the whole team of officers ???
        1. Vilor
          Vilor 3 July 2013 23: 41
          Gleb is absolutely right. He took the same amount of bk himself. I don’t understand what kind of 50 kg we are talking about. Always taught, the weight of pp should not be more than 1 / 4 of its weight. I can’t imagine just a 50 kg backpack. And how far will such a fighter go? Absolute nonsense. Well, GRU brigades from some officers were generally killed.
          1. Hleb
            Hleb 3 July 2013 23: 55
            just interested, you can immerse a 40-liter flask of water on the hump and feel it. There will not even be fifty kg. But there will be a general idea. Or as written above dozens of kilogram bricks of 4 in a backpack to throw and run from the first to the 10th floor) )
            not only that such a weight of 50 kg will kill a fighter physically very quickly (it’s scary to think about the mountains)), it’s even simple to imagine that you can put a fifty dollars on yourself ...? the machine gunner and the radio operator are usually the heaviest, but even with that bandura R-159 and even with a historian, plus equipment, etc. well typed 30-35 kg
  3. Dymkovsky
    Dymkovsky 3 July 2013 12: 22
    For years, for years you have to deal with, not a month.
  4. Hleb
    Hleb 3 July 2013 14: 50
    since the topic is not very discussed, I’ll step aside. A certain lieutenant colonel Anton Manshin (Orthodox and, like, like a stormtrooper and special forces, etc.) told such a story. Rather, he refers to his words, but judging by the photo in the article, he’s in business .that this speculation on people who fought spreads on sites with a Christian theme:

    It was at the beginning of 2000, the assault on Chatoya; in the Argun gorge in the Shatoy region there is a settlement Itum-Kale, while blocking Itum-Kale, civilians told us that our special forces have been sitting in their zindan (in the pit) for five years.
    I must say that one day in captivity is hell. And here five years. We ran there, on the way we found a ladder, it was already getting dark. Headlights from the BMP illuminated the area. We see a pit 3 x 3 and 7 meters deep. We lower the ladder, raise it, and there are living relics. A man staggers, falls to his knees, and I recognized Sasha Vorontsov by his eyes. I didn’t see him for five years and recognized him. He was all in a beard, his camouflage was decomposed, he was in a burlap, gnawed a hole in his hands, and so he warmed himself in it. In this pit, he defecated and lived there, slept, he was dragged out every two or three days to work, he equipped the Chechens with firing positions. The Chechens experienced hand-to-hand combat techniques on it, that is, they beat you in the heart with a knife, and you must beat off the blow. Throat, neck, head. The guys in our special forces have good training, but he is exhausted, he had no strength, of course, he missed - all his hands were cut up.
    He falls to our knees in front of us, and cannot speak, cries and laughs. Then he says: "Guys, I’ve been waiting for you for five years, my dear ones." We are in his arms, the bathhouse was drowned, dressed him. And so he told us everything that had happened to him over these five years. We sat for a week with him, gather for a meal, there was a good security there, and he lays a slice of bread for hours and eats quietly. He tastes all atrophied for five years. He said that he was not fed at all for two years.

    I ask: "How did you live?" And he: “Imagine, commander, kissed the cross, baptized, prayed, took clay, rolled it into pellets, baptized it and ate. In winter, he ate snow. ” "So how is it?" - I ask. And he says: “You know, these clay spools were tastier for me than homemade pie. The blessed spools of snow were sweeter than honey. ”
    He was shot five times on Easter. So that he would not run away, the tendons on his legs were cut off; he could not stand. They put him to the rocks, he is on his knees 15–20 meters from the shooters, eight people with machine guns. They say to him: "Pray to your God, if God is, then may He save you." And he prayed like this, I always have his prayer in my ears, it is a simple Russian soul: “Lord, Jesus my sweetest, Christ my betrayed, if you please, then today I will see you, if you please, I will live a little longer ". Eyes closes, baptized. They remove the trigger - a misfire. And so twice - the shot does not occur. Distort the bolt frame - no shot. They change the number of stores, the shot does not happen, the guns change, the shot does not occur. They come up and say: "Take off the cross." They cannot shoot him, because there is a cross on him. And he says: “It’s not I who donned this cross, but the priest in the sacrament of Baptism. I will not shoot. " Their hands reach out to rip off the cross, and half a meter from his body the grace of the Holy Spirit twists them, and they, crouched, fall to the ground. They beat him with rifle butts and throw him back into the pit. So two times the bullets did not fly out of the bore, and the other three times the bullets flew out, and everyone flew past it. They couldn’t shoot almost at point blank range; everything was just chopping it off with pebbles.
  5. gladiatorakz
    gladiatorakz 3 July 2013 17: 15
    Quote: Gleb
    We see a pit 3 x 3 and 7 meters deep.

    This is the hole that the owners of the house should fill up. The whole family and neighbors. Some kind of gap in the story.
    1. Hleb
      Hleb 3 July 2013 17: 59
      there the whole story is a blank. and then goes

      We ask you to pray for the warrior Anthony Manshin, now he really needs your prayers and your help. Warrior Anthony is a man of great destiny and faith.

      He went through all the "circles of hell" Chechen warrior. He received severe concussion and four injuries, two of which are very serious. In one of the fights the sniper struck the heart of the soldier of Christ Anthony with a poisoned bullet, but by the grace of God the bullet did not reach the heart a few millimeters and stopped. Anthony spent a long time in a coma, the poison of a poisoned bullet hit the heart. The Lord showed a great miracle, through the prayers of the elders, Anthony returned to life. Lieutenant colonel, commander GRU special forces assault battalion, became a great prayer book of extraordinary kindness and love by a man. Looking into his eyes, you see Holy Russia rising from nothingness. The grace and mercy of God in this man. Repeatedly, the Lord showed him his mercy and miracles, as if in edification to all of us, showing how a Russian person should be.
      send money here
      Bank details for assistance:
      8593/00055 Ts4B SB RF Lipetsk
      Account 42307810835002522776
      Manshin Anton Leonidovich

      and a photo of this "GRUSHNIK"