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"Dastan" will go to Russia

The Kyrgyz parliament has allowed the government to sell the Dastan torpedo plant, which Russia has shown interest in, the project is scheduled for autumn. The Kyrgyz government hopes that Moscow will appreciate not only this, but also other steps taken by Bishkek to expand the economic and military presence of the Russian Federation in the republic.

Russia has been negotiating the purchase of the Dastan plant for several years. Kyrgyzstan was ready to repay the debt of $ 180 million to transfer to the Russian Federation a trade mission building in Bishkek and 48% Dastan, producing torpedoes VA-111 Shkval, the rest of the Kyrgyz government’s intention was to sell for all interested parties at a market price. But Moscow did not agree to these conditions, making it clear that negotiations can only be held on the purchase of a controlling stake in the plant.

“Until today, the government controlled only 48% of shares. The rest was owned by the son of ex-President Bakiyev Maxim and his associates. Now we have settled all disputed issues in court and can put up for sale 98% shares,” said the Minister of Economy of Kyrgyzstan Temir Sariev, adding that Moscow insisted on such conditions. Mr Sariev said that now a commission will be created that will prepare all the documents for the investment competition. "The Dastan plant will be put up for open tenders in the fall, and Russian investors will receive the priority right to purchase it," the minister assured.

Before making a decision, Kyrgyz deputies held a retreat at Dastan. "Employees and shareholders asked us to speed up the sale of the plant," said Karganbek Samakov, head of the economic and fiscal policy committee. In his opinion, the estimated cost of the plant is $ 30 million, the territory of the military complex costs about $ 108 million.

However, Kyrgyz experts believe that the plant’s equipment is morally and technically outdated. That is why now Dastan has no contracts for the manufacture of torpedoes with foreign countries. The plant signed a few years ago with India fulfilled a long time ago and has not received new orders since. According to specialists, military production, in fact, will have to be re-launched.

The Kyrgyz government hopes that Moscow will appreciate the last steps of Bishkek. Temir Sariev reminded “Kommersant” that Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev recently signed a law denouncing an agreement with the United States on the Manas military base, and before that Bishkek had agreed to create a joint Russian military base in Kyrgyzstan. Other agreements are well under way. According to the general director of Kyrgyzgaz, Turgunbek Kulmurzayev, an agreement on the sale of a Kyrgyz gas monopoly to Gazprom is ready. According to a source in the government of the republic, RusHydro has begun work on the construction of four hydropower stations on the Naryn River, and next is the completion of a feasibility study on Kambarate-1.
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  1. experienced
    experienced 3 July 2013 11: 27 New
    The rest was owned by the son of ex-president Bakiev Maxim and his associates

    I think that the Kirghiz easily went to take shares from the son of the former president
    In his opinion, the estimated cost of the plant is $ 30 million, the territory of the military complex costs about $ 108 million.

    They were written off many times more loans
    The Kyrgyz government expects Moscow to appreciate Bishkek’s latest steps.

    It is necessary to evaluate not only the "last" steps, but the entire "dance" complex of "one step forward, two steps back" wink
    1. Canep
      Canep 3 July 2013 11: 52 New
      The Kyrgyz government hopes that Moscow will appreciate not only this, but also Bishkek’s other steps to expand the economic and military presence of the Russian Federation in the republic.

      So this is most likely due to the cancellation of debts.
  2. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 3 July 2013 11: 32 New
    So real money, that is, gold, and not candy wrappers produced by the Federal Reserve of Russia from Kyrgyzstan doesn’t get anyway, it’s very right to pick up what we need.
    1. omsbon
      omsbon 3 July 2013 11: 38 New
      As the saying goes, with a black sheep even a shred of wool. Although I think that the plant will not cover the written-off loans.
    2. Nicholas C.
      Nicholas C. 3 July 2013 11: 39 New
      Quote: Sakhalininets
      very right to pick up what we need

      To pick up, since the money does not get the debt, maybe it is right. But is there anyone now to work at that plant? And then from our profile not only "Dagdizel", but even Moscow firms, such as "KB Mashinostroeniya", sit almost without work.
    3. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 3 July 2013 12: 32 New
      Quote: Sakhalininets
      , then it’s very right to pick up what we need.

      Why pick up, we return the lost, albeit for money.
  3. itkul
    itkul 3 July 2013 11: 34 New
    Is it really interesting there for 22 years of independence?
  4. papss
    papss 3 July 2013 11: 40 New
    Good news ... it's not just selling a torpedo factory ... read
    TNK Dastan OJSC is a powerful enterprise with wide technological capabilities. The available equipment provides all types of machining, welding, galvanic, paintwork, tooling, forging, as well as the production of printed circuit boards, plastic and rubber products.
    Testing laboratories of the enterprise carry out all types of mechanical, climatic and electrical tests.
  5. Dmitry 2246
    Dmitry 2246 3 July 2013 11: 41 New
    The torpedo production site has been "prayed for" and I hope it will be quickly restored.
    New torpedoes are needed. And the places are picturesque.
    1. pensioner
      pensioner 3 July 2013 12: 04 New
      On the Issyk-Kul like torpedoes tested? Yes?
      1. Wedmak
        Wedmak 3 July 2013 12: 11 New
        Yeah, there is a whole infrastructure on this matter.
  6. orff
    orff 3 July 2013 11: 43 New
    It looks like the time of gingerbread has passed and the GDP firmly pressed the coca to the Kirghiz: they drive amers from the "Manas" and sell the "dastan" to Russia.
  7. Scandinavian
    Scandinavian 3 July 2013 11: 47 New
    Finally, Kyrgyzstan decided who is who ... and with whom to get closer, and from whom to move away ...
  8. dropout
    dropout 3 July 2013 11: 47 New
    And I wonder what percentage of Kyrgyz people are among the factory workers. Especially in KB.
  9. Sergey Medvedev
    Sergey Medvedev 3 July 2013 11: 56 New
    I believe that such a super-weapon as "Shkval" should be produced only on the territory of Russia.
    1. Russ69
      Russ69 3 July 2013 13: 34 New
      Quote: Sergey Medvedev
      I believe that such a super-weapon as "Shkval" should be produced only on the territory of Russia.

      Produced and will most likely be in Russia. But as a test complex "Dastan", just what you need, there is still a good complex for this purpose.
  10. pensioner
    pensioner 3 July 2013 12: 00 New
    Honestly, I thought that Dastan had died a long time ago. It turns out no! And even, there’s something left, just want to buy it ... Wow ...
  11. adg76
    adg76 3 July 2013 12: 02 New
    The right decision about the purchase. If you do not take the plant under control, then the Chinese or someone else will take it over. Although technologies are outdated, there are certainly new developments. In no case can a loss of technology be allowed.
    1. KG_patriot_last
      KG_patriot_last 3 July 2013 19: 28 New
      China would have long been taken if they wanted to sell it to him. So comrades, without hysteria, these are economic matters between 2 countries ...
  12. cherkas.oe
    cherkas.oe 3 July 2013 12: 06 New
    Quote: Sergei Medvedev
    I believe that such a super-weapon as "Shkval" should be produced only on the territory of Russia.

    I beg you, it has long been a secret of "Polishenel", and it was decided not to produce it, recently this information has passed.
    1. sub307
      sub307 3 July 2013 12: 24 New
      Well, yes, the Germans seem to already have similar weapons. and not only Germans.
    SPIRITofFREEDOM 3 July 2013 12: 23 New
    Kigriziya - an example for all countries of the USSR
    Disconnection occurred artificially, but in nature everything is so arranged that everything Necessary is returned to its original position!
  14. rudolff
    rudolff 3 July 2013 12: 42 New
    I’m still waiting for the moment when we will finally pay attention to the problems of production and creation of new models of mine and torpedo weapons. With missile systems, the issue is at the very least poorly resolved in almost the entire nomenclature. But in terms of torpedoes ... Once upon a time we were world leaders in this weapon segment, but it seems we really want to become outsiders. We have two manufacturers, Dagdizel and Dastan. One is "better" than the other! No frames. What young engineer or skilled worker wants to go to work in sunny Dagestan or in no less "friendly" Kyrgyzstan? There is no one to work there! Fixed assets have not been renewed since the time of the "king of the peas", the machine tool park, with very rare exceptions, is antediluvian. And all this against the background of constant scandals, intrigues and a heap of criminal cases. Only one last story with Dagdizel, when torpedoes were equipped with decommissioned components and assemblies or generally of unknown origin, which is worth it! We don't need such factories. No financial injections can correct the situation there! We need a new and modern plant in the Central European part of Russia. The same technological level with which the production of air defense systems is being created. And in Kyrgyzstan it is enough to leave only the test site, the place is good.
  15. individual
    individual 3 July 2013 12: 51 New
    Technological lines of the Dastan plant have outlived their usefulness.
    Remained the brand of the plant, they are selling Kyrgyz.
  16. treskoed
    treskoed 3 July 2013 13: 03 New
    After "Mistral" - "Dastan"! Progress in the development of the RF Armed Forces is evident!
  17. huginn
    huginn 3 July 2013 13: 10 New
    Well, why do we need a defense plant in Kyrgyzstan? There are no workers (the Russians worked, but they left)! There is no security (secret torpedoes in Kyrgyzstan are unrealistic)! The equipment is still Soviet, the entire documentation on the torpedoes of the Kyrgyz has already been sold.
  18. PValery53
    PValery53 3 July 2013 13: 16 New
    Time will show how effective this "acquisition" will be. Although, "they are plagued by vague doubts" ... On the outskirts of the former Soviet Union, it is more expedient to produce not so important "products", and certainly not for our defense. For an irresponsible rubbish - let it go.
  19. rudolff
    rudolff 3 July 2013 13: 21 New
    Of all the assets of the near abroad in the military-industrial complex that have remained afloat and which are worth regretting, and it is possible to make efforts to buy them into Russian property, these are Ukrainian Motor Sich (!!!), Antonov Design Bureau (!), Kharkov Tank Design bureau (?), Nikolaev shipyards (?), Belarusian wheeled tractor plant and NPO Peleng. Perhaps that's all.
    1. itkul
      itkul 3 July 2013 13: 38 New
      Quote: rudolff
      Nikolaev shipyards

      And why do we need these shipyards, everything has been plundered there for a long time. Do you propose to rebuild it again?
      1. Samminosh
        Samminosh 3 July 2013 16: 00 New
        Actually, from 40.000 involved in the USSR at the Nikolaev shipyards 2000 office plankton remained.
        Is it worth it, the ransom?
        It’s worth it to lure the remaining specialists, as with Vikramaditya, but take the territory ... Well, let's buy it. Well, we’ll invest billions in building from scratch.
        Well, another Yushchenko will come there and cover everything with a copper basin. Do we need it?
    2. Idolum
      Idolum 3 July 2013 13: 41 New
      I agree, you just need to immediately recall the experience of evacuating enterprises in 1941 beyond the Urals (now literally beyond the Urals it is not necessary), so to speak, to protect them from political prostitution of the "leaders" of territorial entities.
  20. knn54
    knn54 3 July 2013 13: 36 New
    -pensioner: On Issyk-Kul like torpedoes tested?
    Before the “collapse”, tests of marine underwater weapons were carried out at training grounds located in Ukraine in the city of Feodosia (Crimea), in Georgia in Gagra (Abkhazia), in Kyrgyzstan on Lake Issyk-Kul, and also in Russia on Lake Ladoga. The latter is freshwater and SEASONAL. The rest are year-round. In Abkhazia (they say) looted.
    -Sergey Medvedev: I believe that such a super-weapon as "Shkval" should be produced only on the territory of Russia
    Dastan produces elements for warheads ("brains") of "Shkval" -type sea torpedoes.
    And rightly so, that they sold it. Kyrgyzstan does not need these products, the power is not marine.
    Turks are NATO members. Their standard is "Murena" (France), MK-46, MK-48 (USA) ...
    Iran buys inexpensive Chinese "clones" and he brings them to the required characteristics.
    The main consumers of the Russian Federation, India, "non-aligned" countries, including the republics of the former USSR.
    PS A fellow warrant officer ("secretary") tried to get a job at the base in Przhevalsk (Karakol), but did not "pull" - they asked for more than 2000 rubles, ~ an annual salary.
    PP.S Regarding the "outdated" weapon.
    Fourth generation torpedoes "Physicist", "Kant-4M", development of fifth generation torpedo missiles of the "Lomonos" type. They are less heavy, less "noisy".
  21. albai
    albai 3 July 2013 14: 07 New
    The need for the plant was calculated back in Soviet times for a reason. The main focus of the plant, yes, defense, and namely the manufacture and sea trials of torpedoes of the Shkval family. From zero to full completion. Sea trials were carried out at Issyk-Kul, there was a whole station, with a rather large water area of ​​the lake bay, guarded by marines from the Black Sea Fleet. The water-salt balance of the lake corresponded to the sea one, and was available all year round. The plant was formerly called "Fizpribory" The main direction of the plant's specialization is the production of radio-electronic industrial equipment, the creation and production of medical equipment. The Kyrgyz made up more than 56% of the workers, and there were quite a few of them in the design bureau, the Polytechnic Institute was and is not weak, and it trained good personnel. After all, besides this plant there was a "drill plant" which designed some parts of the first lunar rover, a computer plant, one of the by-products of the n \ x was a reel-to-reel tape recorder of the 50st class "Issyk-Kul", and a lot of things. Yes, many have left, but the plant is not bent, breathing. From the very beginning of the collapse, Kyrgyzstan never once raised the issue of a tough exit from the spheres of influence of Russia, each of the presidential runners understood that there would be a khan. Yes, and there were no questions about 1-3 military facilities in Russia. Just last year, Atambayev meowed about the payment. And in Manas launched amers (as they entered Afghanistan) after coordination with Russia. So there were no steps forward and two steps back.
    1. toldanger
      toldanger 5 July 2013 21: 31 New
      It is true that Russia is buying up factories in the CIS countries. It only strengthens it.
  22. mine
    mine 30 May 2014 12: 54 New
    Quote: rudolff
    Only the last story with the Dagdiesel, when the torpedoes were equipped with decommissioned components and assemblies or of generally unknown origin, what it costs! We do not need such plants

    there are no questions about the quality of Dagdizel torpedoes
    in 2012 Conducted acc. advanced tests (with significant statistics) - torpedoes fully confirmed their characteristics