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Strategic meeting

Strategic meetingThe Chinese military delegation led by the Chief of the General Staff of the People’s Liberation Army, Colonel-General Fan Fenghui, arrived in Moscow for talks. On the very first day of the official visit, the Russian military leadership held meetings with Chinese colleagues.

The visit of the Chinese military delegation to Russia confirms the strategic nature of relations between the two countries. About this at a meeting with the PLA General Staff Chief Colonel-General Fan Fenghui stated Defense Minister of the RF Army General Sergey Shoigu. “I consider that your visit to Moscow serves as a continuation and confirmation that the relations between our countries are of a strategic nature,” the Russian minister stressed. In turn, the PLA General Staff Chief noted that he was visiting Russia for the first time after being appointed Chief of the General Staff of the People’s Liberation Army of China.

At the beginning of the talks, the head of the Russian Defense Ministry recalled that last week, during a meeting of defense ministers of the SCO countries, he held bilateral talks with China's defense minister, Colonel-General Chan Wanquan. “We frankly discussed a number of issues. Especially stopped at the crisis points. This is primarily the situation in Syria and around this region. They also discussed issues related to the conduct in our country of sudden inspections of the combat readiness of the Armed Forces, ”said Sergei Shoigu. At the same time, he noted that this issue is also on the agenda of the meeting of Colonel-General Fan Fenghui with the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Colonel-General Valery Gerasimov.

At the level of chiefs of general staffs, in particular, the state and prospects of military cooperation between the defense departments of Russia and China were discussed. The parties exchanged views on a variety of issues of regional and global security. As reported by the Office of the Press Service and Information of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, among other things, the meeting raised the themes of the joint naval exercises "Sea Interaction-2013" and the anti-terrorist command and staff exercises. It is also noted that the official visit of the Chinese military delegation to Russia will last until July 4. During this working trip, the Chinese military will visit military units of the Western Military District. Among the planned activities is a visit to the Mikhailovsky Military Artillery Academy in St. Petersburg.
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  1. ShturmKGB
    ShturmKGB 3 July 2013 11: 15 New
    Let them work towards joint counteraction to the US military machine ...
    1. Canep
      Canep 3 July 2013 11: 26 New
      I think some agreements will be concluded that in the future will form the basis of the military alliance. In any case, I hope so.
  2. Sergey13
    Sergey13 3 July 2013 11: 23 New
    Now let them see the parts of the ZVO, do not look oriental
  3. Dmitry 2246
    Dmitry 2246 3 July 2013 11: 27 New
    China needs "support" in the rear.
    Transport, raw materials, military.
    The clouds are gathering real, and many threats to the growing economy cannot be closed.
    1. Nayhas
      Nayhas 3 July 2013 12: 33 New
      China needs military technology because after the well-known bloody events, no one in the world except Russia sells weapons to China ...
  4. bars280
    bars280 3 July 2013 11: 37 New
    As if this friend were not a werewolf.
  5. Snake831
    Snake831 3 July 2013 11: 51 New
    For our country, any military alliance, holding the sword with palms above the head. When China feels strong enough, they will attack. It is a fact. Unfortunately, the Russian army is a pale shadow of the Soviet. Our military weakness now, in the presence of vast territory and natural resources, is a temptation for the powers that be. And no unions and treaties will stop. Especially the Chinese, with their centuries-old mentality of the highest race. I think at the top everyone understands, but they can’t do anything in this situation. We can only balance between the US and China. Thank God they will never agree.
    1. papss
      papss 3 July 2013 12: 12 New
      The allies of Russia are its army and navy. There is such a saying ... "never say never" ... "the pig has sworn that ..that will certainly not eat" ... The world and we remember how they agreed in due time ... but what
      no alliances and treaties will stop
      them - exactly, like the fact that we are tasty for everyone. They sleep and see how Russia's resources are under their control. We will feed our army, so as not to teach someone else's story ...
    2. buzuke
      buzuke 3 July 2013 12: 38 New
      Quote: Snake831
      For our country, any military alliance, holding the sword with palms above the head. When China feels strong enough, they will attack. It is a fact.

      this is not a fact - this is your assumption. what is it based on?
      1. Snake831
        Snake831 3 July 2013 13: 03 New
        And you would go to Vladivostok, or Khabarovsk. We would listen to the mood of the Chinese people. And yes, I apologize, of course not a fact, from the outside, judging. But I heard about China to the Ural mountains and saw how impudent they are, how they behave.
      2. Day 11
        Day 11 3 July 2013 16: 53 New
        I confirm his words. The Chinese press has long been discussing the topic of the occupation of the Republic of Ingushetia "primordially Chinese territories." I say this because I talked at the same forum with a Russian programmer who has been living and working in China for a long time. So I'll look ...
  6. Sergey Medvedev
    Sergey Medvedev 3 July 2013 12: 21 New
    We also discussed issues related to the conduct of sudden checks of combat readiness of the Armed Forces in our country, ”said Sergei Shoigu.
    And where are the reports of the Chinese comrades about the checks of their army?
  7. ovgorskiy
    ovgorskiy 3 July 2013 12: 23 New
    Interestingly, does Fan Fenghui know that with such a name it’s not proper to travel to Russia?
  8. Sergey Medvedev
    Sergey Medvedev 3 July 2013 12: 36 New
    Quote: Snake831
    We can only balance between the US and China.

    Pessimists say we need to learn Chinese. Optimists say you need to learn English. There is still a small group of reckless morons who believe that Kalashnikov assault rifles should be taught.
    Let me remind you that before the Napoleonic invasion, the whole world was confident in its imminent victory. According to objective indicators - the power of the armed forces and the economy of Europe, united by Napoleon. The finale is famous.
    All the same with Hitler - one to one.
    So learn the story, dear.
    And do not forget about the Kalashnikov assault rifle. hi
    1. Snake831
      Snake831 3 July 2013 12: 53 New
      Napoleon won the winter. If you are so historically savvy, then it would not be bad to know that. And they still had nothing to eat. Respected.
      1. Yura
        Yura 3 July 2013 13: 09 New
        Not really, otherwise judging by your words, you might think that no one fought with them. Napoleon won: the genius of the Russian commander, the fearlessness and selflessness of the Russian soldier, the support of the people. And winter and the lack of food is yes a factor, but a factor artificially created, Napoleon was placed in these circumstances by the then command of the Russian Army.
        1. Snake831
          Snake831 3 July 2013 13: 24 New
          I agree. Of course they fought. Of course there was Kutuzov who used our climatic conditions. Plus elements of guerrilla warfare. But without our frosts everything would be different. And you must admit, it’s foolish to give such examples. Such scenarios are just not good right now. The science of war does not stand still.
      2. kirieeleyson
        kirieeleyson 3 July 2013 15: 44 New
        Greetings Snake. My minus. Your assumptions, presented as facts and given - are incorrect. There is a combination of historical factors that allowed Russia to squeeze Napoleon’s army, and enter the Paris on the backs of the retreating. This is a banal ignorance of the culture of Russia, the features of the terrain, the lack of understanding of weather conditions, as well as generally understanding the size of Russian territories. In addition, Napoleon’s army, according to his memoirs, took a lot from the Russian army, and in particular from the Hussar and Ulan squadron regiments. Not to mention how non-military people attacked dragoon regiments with forks at the ready from ambushes in undergrowth. The Austrians and Hungarians remember this well, there are facts of the stampede of their regiments from the crowds of Russian peasants, who, at a ratio of 1:14, took them into encirclement and forced them to surrender, without weapons, mind you - there were only pitchforks. I read this a long time after visiting the Historical Museum.
        1. Snake831
          Snake831 3 July 2013 16: 57 New
          Oh yes! Napoleon, too, would first have to learn about our culture, and then attack! You can certainly believe that the system, seasoned in campaigns, the soldier will lose to the crowd of men. Dear Anthem, do not confuse patriotism with idiocy. Our land has always helped us, but with the development of war technologies, its influence is decreasing.
    2. piotr534
      piotr534 3 July 2013 17: 34 New
      There is a small group of crazy morons who think that Kalashnikov assault rifles should be taught.
      It’s rightly noticed, only this group is not so small, just such people don’t really like to grimace in front of cameras and make statements. But when the conversation ends and comes to a fight, they will puke with their teeth, then their time comes.
  9. individual
    individual 3 July 2013 13: 15 New
    In the formed geopolitical triangle Russia-China-USA everyone wants to work according to scheme 2 versus 1 !!!
    Realizing that a confrontation between the United States and China is inevitable, our partners want Russia to be neutral, but China wants Russia’s neutrality to be a plus sign.
    Here the situation of Russia coincides with its policy. Get up over the fray and strengthen your economy and weapons.
  10. Smersh
    Smersh 3 July 2013 14: 30 New
    I think again some secrets of military equipment will be taken away ..
  11. serge-68-68
    serge-68-68 3 July 2013 17: 27 New
    In the "geopolitical triangle" everyone wants to work according to the scheme "you fight, and I will wait." However, there is no geopolitical triangle. There is a geopolitical two-sided corner (the US versus the PRC) and Russia "adjoining" (but not "adjoining") to them. Both the United States and the PRC want to use Russia, while it is desirable "in the dark" and preferably one-on-one, while they themselves stand on the sidelines and wait.