Military Review

Destruction of information


Nowadays, the time of high technologies, where it is necessary to take care of the integrity and security of information, there are special devices that do not allow using the program method to erase the information completely. But, in the presence of special devices that were invented, the information can be easily destroyed. Previously, in order to destroy the information on a diskette, it was necessary only to go through it with a magnet, then in this case all the information that was contained on the diskette will be erased instantly. But there is the problem of the destruction of information inside the computer, that is, on the drive itself - the hard disk. You are not going to open the case to run a magnet a couple of times on a hard disk?

The devices were created for those who do not want to risk and store information on the hard disk for quite a long time, because there is a huge risk that someone else will be able to get into your computer in order to get the necessary data. For this invented information destruction devices. HDDwhich stores the necessary documents will be completely cleared of them in a few seconds by pressing a single button. Recovery from the use of such devices is no longer effective at all, and even special equipment will not be able to remove anything from this drive. These devices are necessary not only for hackers and spies, but also for those who keep financial documents on their computers, because if you get these documents in the wrong hands, irreparable damage may occur.

By purchasing, special information shredders, you get a guarantee that the information will be completely removed from your hard drive. If you simply delete the file path with a simple file deletion, and in fact the file information is still sitting on the hard disk, then it will be much easier to recover the file. This also applies to formatting. But if you turn on the device to destroy data on the hard disk, then the strongest electromagnetic field will turn on, which will lead to the destruction of information. Prices for such devices range from nine thousand rubles, and can be purchased at any store that sells additional devices to a personal computer. If you want to destroy data on a hard disk in a few seconds, purchase a destroying device and your information will disappear without a trace and it will be impossible to restore it by any means.