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Increasing Asian Military Capacity

The military potential of Asian countries is increasing year by year. The constant hostility of Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, Vietnam, South and North Korea makes it necessary to develop and improve their military industry. The most developed in this regard is China. He has the largest army in the world and there is a constant increase in spending on the defense complex, although the Beijing authorities insist that the increase in funds comes only from ensuring the country's security.

1. Chinese army officers lined up in 1 October ranks at EXPO-2010. (PHILIPPE LOPEZ / AFP / Getty Images)

2. A police raid on the Tiananmen Square in Beijing 11 in March 2010 of the year during a congress of people's representatives of China. (FREDERIC J. BROWN / AFP / Getty Images)

3. The Chinese Air Force soldier serves during the air show of military forces in Tianjin, in which the J-10 Chinese Air Force fighters performed an air program. (FREDERIC J. BROWN / AFP / Getty Images)

4. Students of Beijing University in military uniform 22 August in Beijing, on the exercises on fire prevention training in the new semester. (AFP / AFP / Getty Images)

5. Taiwanese soldier peeps out tank at the exercises in Hukou. US military set weapons on 6,4 billion dollars increasing the capacity of the army of Taiwan - the enemy of China. (SAM YEH / AFP / Getty Images)

6. Raising the national flag of the Chinese military 1 October in Shanghai, next to the exhibition pavilion of China at the "EXPO-2010". Exactly 61 was founded a year ago by the PRC. (PHILIPPE LOPEZ / AFP / Getty Images)

7. Officers of the Special Police of China 30 June at a demonstration exercise in Beijing. Beijing city officials said that law enforcement agencies had prevented the criminal grouping of terrorists almost on the anniversary of the inhuman terrorist act in the autonomous region of Xinjiang. (STR / AFP / Getty Images)

8. The Chinese man is yawning not far from the military personnel of the People’s Liberation Army of China 1 of May - on the 1 day of EXPO-2010, held in Shanghai. During the 1 day, about a hundred thousand visitors visited the exhibition. The exhibition lasted for 6 months and showed China's economic growth. (PHILIPPE LOPEZ / AFP / Getty Images)

9. Chinese soldiers in the winter exercises of the military camp, located in Changchun, in Jilin Province in the northeast. (STR / AFP / Getty Images)

10. A man passes next to a poster, which depicts the soldiers of the people's liberation of the Chinese army. They march on the sixtieth anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, which was held at 2009. (FREDERIC J. BROWN / AFP / Getty Images)

11. A soldier of the Chinese army points the way to a woman at the EXPO-2010 exhibition. (PHILIPPE LOPEZ / AFP / Getty Images)

12. A soldier of the Chinese army 15 in October in Beijing does not allow the photographer to rent a hotel, which will be attended by representatives for the congress of the Chinese Communist Party. (PETER PARKS / AFP / Getty Images)

13. Vietnam's 10 October military in Hanoi go next to the mausoleum of President Ho Chi Minh at a military parade. It was held for the thousandth year of the founding of Hanoi and in honor of pride in front of China. The disputed territories of these powers are still in the South China Sea. (HOANG DINH NAM / AFP / Getty Images)

14. In the morning, an 8 police officer in March is standing next to the portrait of Mao Zedong, the chairman of the Chinese Communist Party in Tiananmen Square in Beijing. (FREDERIC J. BROWN / AFP / Getty Images)

15. Soldiers of the Chinese army during an operation to rescue residents in the ruins of the village of Jiegu, Yushu County. When there were no chances of surviving survivors, the Chinese government ordered a mass burial of the victims of the earthquake. (LIU JIN / AFP / Getty Images)

16. The child is on the back of a woman next to the soldiers of the Chinese army who are in the operation to dismantle the rubble in the village of Jiegu, Yushu County. (LIU JIN / AFP / Getty Images)

17. The visit of Chinese President Hu Jin Tao to a remote northwestern region of China, which suffered from an earthquake, to monitor the progress of the rescue operation. The earthquake victims were about one and a half thousand people. (LIU JIN / AFP / Getty Images)

18. Recruits of the Chinese army on military exercises at a military base, located in Anhui province, in the east of the country. China's budget expenditures increased by 15,3 percent over 2009 a year, although Beijing authorities insist that the increase in funds comes only to defense. (STR / AFP / Getty Images)

19. Chinese students in the exercises are trying to go system under the command of the soldiers of the Chinese army. Many Chinese educational institutions require students to devote more time to military training, as it strengthens patriotism and discipline. (STR / AFP / Getty Images)

20. Employees of the people's armed militia of China 23 November 2009 hang ornaments on each other at the changing of the guard in Tiananmen Square in Beijing. (STR / AFP / Getty Images)

21. At the ceremony of meeting of the Ministers of Defense of the countries of South-East Asia, held on October 12 in Hanoi, the guard of honor of the Vietnamese servicemen passes. (NGUYEN HUY KHAM / AFP / Getty Images)

22. The Vietnamese Marines 10 October go next to the mausoleum of the late President Ho Chi Minh at a military parade, which was held in Hanoi. (HOANG DINH NAM / AFP / Getty Images)

23. The servicemen of the Chinese army 25 February in the ranks, at the ceremony of the arrival of the President of Zambia Rupee Gang, which took place in the Peking House of people's meetings. (LIU JIN / AFP / Getty Images)

24. Marines of South Korea 1 December inspect the coast on the island Enphendo. A week after the attack on Enphendo Island, which belongs to South Korea, the North Korean authorities announced the start of a uranium enrichment program. (KIM JAE-HWAN / AFP / Getty Images)

25. A soldier at the post next to the canvas depicting the Great Wall of China at the ceremony of the arrival of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, which took place in Beijing's Peoples House 16 July. (Feng Li / Getty Images)

26. Minister of Defense of China Liang Guangle October 12 is next to the ranks fleet Vietnam at a meeting of defense ministers of Southeast Asia. (HOANG DINH NAM / AFP / Getty Images)

27. A monk from Taoist walks close to the Tiananmen Square police station in Beijing. Strengthening security was 2 March, during a session of parliament, held at the House of Popular Assemblies. (Li Xin / AFP / Getty Images)

28. Chinese police 18 Jun, on exercises in the autonomous region of Xinjiang. (STR / AFP / Getty Images)

29. Chinese police 19 April at the post at the exhibition "EXPO-2010", near the exhibition pavilion of China. (Feng Li / Getty Images)

30. The military leaders of China 5 March at the House of People's Assembly, at the opening ceremony of the Congress of People's Representatives.
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