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Last year, on the basis of the 37 training automobile brigade, a collection of specialists of the logistics system of the Armed Forces of Russia was held. Representatives of the military, DOSAAF and defense plants were shown training drivers of various wheeled and tracked vehicles.

In addition, new teaching methods were demonstrated using computer simulators used in training future military drivers. Representatives of Uralvagonzavod, KAMAZ, Oboronservis and Spetsremont engaged in the provision of troops on the basis of outsourcing, showed the order of organizing service and warranty service, which also includes the departure of technical teams to the troops for seasonal maintenance of equipment and weapons .

2. Automobile brigade is located in the military unit 20115, which is on the outskirts of the city of Ostrogozhsk, Voronezh region. This part of the chronicle dates back to the end of the 19th century, when the cavalry regiment was located here.
In the role of the monument serves floating chassis BAZ 59xx series.

3. Classes with cadets are held in classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards and projectors.

4. Modern technologies successfully coexist with traditional teaching aids: relief maps, posters, layouts.

5. In addition to classes of theoretical training, there are also visual aids. Here is a three-axle chassis of a floating vehicle BAZ 59xx series. On the sides of the engine are jet propulsion units designed to ensure movement in the water.

6. All units of the stand are functioning. Even the engine, which is driven by an electric motor.

7. Tire cut.

8. A manual gearbox transmits engine power to the transfer case, equipped with a built-in differential separating the drives of the right and left sides.

9. The team prepares 3 thousands of specialists for tracked and multi-axle wheeled vehicles per year.

10. MAZ-537. Truck tractor for towing trailers and semi-trailers. The carrying capacity of the 65 r attracts the appetites of a diesel engine: 125 liters per hundred. Maximum speed 55 km / h.

11. The technician who developed his resource is used as simulators for testing various maintenance and repair operations.

12. Rama tractor. How new :)

13. Cadets during the delivery of tests for the maintenance of equipment.


15. KAMAZ-65225 with semitrailer. Load capacity 48 t. Maximum speed 70 km / h. Fuel consumption 40 / 100 km.

16. Let's see how the management of tracked vehicles. The cadets are ready for training on simulators.

17. The operator of the simulator. He should watch the cadet vigilantly during the “trip”, set a program for the simulator, choose a route, etc.

18. Remote control simulator.

19. The simulator, while working, swings, imitating bumps in the road. Yes, and a lot of noise from him. In general, almost complete immersion in the real situation.

20. The driver's viewing window replaces the screen, which shows a picture, as on the left monitor of the operator of the simulator.

21. The steering wheel in the cabin of the simulator does not give up the feeling that this is an airplane.

22. After training, tank crews showed us the armored vehicles "Lynx", "Tiger" and for some reason UAZ. Guests showed a lively interest, of course, to the first car.

23. The armored vehicle “Lynx” is designed to perform the tasks of service and combat activities of the personnel of different types of troops, as well as the carrier of light weapons systems and communications.

24. “Lynx” is essentially Italian Iveco “LMV”. Collect the car in Voronezh at 172-m central automotive repair plant.

25. Heart of "Bobcats". The reader may notice two batteries.

The main tth Iveco "LMV"
Crew: 1 4
Armament: 40-mm grenade launcher
Armor: anti-bullet, anti-mine to 6 kg TNT (6 protection class)
L x W x H: 4790 x 2200 x 2050 mm
Ground clearance: 345 mm
Curb weight: 4700 kg
Carrying capacity: 2300 kg
Max. speed: 130 km / h
Transmission: 6AKPP
Capacity: up to 6 pax

26. Front passenger seat.

27. This year they plan to assemble 60 machines.

28. The share of domestic components 10%. In the future, it is possible to increase this indicator.

29. Airbags, as I understand it, are not here. But the automatic gearbox :)

30. GAZ 2330 "Tiger" - Army multipurpose SUV.

31. "Trotting" is going to oust the "Tiger", since the latter loses in the rifle protection class (he has the fifth one), and does not have mine protection.

32. Compare the crew seats here and on the Lynx. Comfort is clearly not his thing.

33. In fairness, it is worth noting that we have an armored car Wolf, fundamentally similar to Iveco.


35. Polished UAZ is gorgeous. Yes, unprofitable, but no protection. But in simplicity and reliability it has no equal. I would take it myself if someone gave me a gift :)

36. In the next garage showed new equipment for repair in the field.

37. Workshop of maintenance and repair of weapons and military equipment of tank and motorized rifle battalions. Created on the basis of the truck "Ural".

Mastodon Drivers

38. Inside the workshop. Area inspection and repair of power systems.

39. Site for metalwork and assembly works.

40. Drilling something is not a problem either.


42. With the help of workshop equipment you can perform a huge amount of work. I will not list them. Just take my word :)

43. Tablet for repairmen. It replaces a bunch of diagrams, instructions and other reference and regulatory documentation necessary for the maintenance of equipment.

44. For a snack, we were shown training maneuvers MAZ at the site.

45. MAZ-543. Its V-shaped, 12-cylinder diesel has a volume of 38,8 l. Power 525 hp and consumption of 180 liters per hundred in summer and 210 in winter.


47. The bridge rests on an ancient, probably still pre-war, railway platform.

48. There was just a real downy blizzard. I have never seen so much poplar fluff. Fluff, clouds of dust from the cars and the heat confused with thoughts about shooting.

49. And the drivers of the meantime, cut circles on the landfill.




53. MAZ-537 with semitrailer.

54. Oh, I would not want to be either on the driver's seat or on the spot of the traffic controller (or how is it correct?).


56. How do you design a font?


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  1. Denis
    Denis 2 July 2013 08: 46
    I look and cry, I remember our vocational school. We didn’t particularly load us with algebra and physics, but don’t dare to skip classes in the repair zone! And there was nothing there! Of course, the technique is different, GAS, ZIL, MTZ and DT, even three MTLBs were issued with the rights of a driver, tractor driver and driver’s shortcuts. And how many all sorts of benefits, equipment, engines and differentials in the context. Of course, they didn’t issue Schumacher, but only one movement in the column had to be rolled back for 30 hours. And the dirt at the landfill was caught
    But she came, more precisely imperceptibly, crept up and the new director and everything went into scrap metal
    And if tomorrow is war?
  2. montemor
    montemor 2 July 2013 12: 42
    class !!! more professionals on the CIS roads, and then divorced artists-rights bought, I didn’t buy a ride. annually so many people die on the roads through their fault-horror
  3. Argon
    Argon 2 July 2013 14: 11
    Mixed feelings overwhelm me, the educational and theoretical part is quite consistent — classes, mock-ups, simulators. But the educational and practical part is clearly show-window, Photo No. 14, the case is clearly dismantled (they would have put a sledgehammer there). Now this approach to We won’t come to modern Kamaz with open-end keys (smiled about 40l \ 100km!), I’m not talking about Iveka. How I understood the main task of the unit, the preparation of mechanical drivers for off-road wheeled tezhni, a major specialty, I hope most students are at least contract soldiers .
    1. Denis
      Denis 2 July 2013 18: 25
      Quote: Argon
      I hope most cadets, at least contract soldiers.
      I can’t make an out-of-conscript carrier, with a rare exception. I myself remember that in 18 ambition, show-offs and ambitions, even one thing is much more experience
  4. Wod
    Wod 2 July 2013 14: 27
    Nostalgia. When I studied at ZIL135. I believe that the level of training is between a school and a technical school.
  5. rassom
    rassom 2 July 2013 15: 26
    and why do they at least not carry "imitators" (models) of goods or "products" - after all, the car will behave differently
  6. Tan4ik
    Tan4ik 2 July 2013 20: 06
    Very interesting, thanks.
  7. self-propelled
    self-propelled 2 July 2013 23: 46
    in the days of my army youth I had a cherished dream - to get to Kotovsk (Odessa region), where there was a classroom training for drivers (he himself served as a "cardan"). under the Union, they trained drivers for the Strategic Missile Forces; under independent Ukraine, they made a general training for drivers. as far as I know, the materiel there is excellent, and the specialists were still there (mid-90s). I look at the photo, and my heart squeezes - my dream ...