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Fun of the Two-faced Janus

It seems to me that it is difficult now to find a person who has not heard such a “simple American surname” as Snowden at least once. The young American “nerd” of a subtle physique, quite unexpectedly for everyone (I think, for himself too) became the cornerstone of the relationship between a number of countries, including such giants of international politics as Russia and China! This is a phenomenon. But not in the sense that it is something out of the ordinary (dissidents have met and are meeting everywhere and always), but in the sense of that unprecedented and frantic noisy reaction that followed from the "main pillar of the democracy of the whole world." Well, the situation itself, as such, is similar to those that have arisen before. It’s enough to illustrate their presence to recall the frictions that arose on the occasion of the flight abroad of Kalugin, the tough confrontation on the occasion of the detention by the Soviet secret services E. Pope, for the sake of the liberation of which the US was ready to put relations between the USSR and the USA to the brink of open confrontation. But if these two cases and many other, less visible ones, were in the nature of a purely struggle to protect their military-technical secrets and the hunt for strangers, the latter case, to a greater extent, acquired a moral and political tint.

Trying to get Snowden back "in the bosom of democracy", the Americans here are trying more to save the "good name" of their special services. But the train is gone. As stated in the joke - "... Died, so - died." If the struggle “for an honest name” arose, so to speak, “from scratch” i. if this name would not have been discredited by so many examples (Afghanistan, Iraq, Guantanamo Prison ...), then one could listen to the eloquent accusatory speeches of American diplomats and blush from accusations against Russia, and listen to requests for extradition of E. Snowden , but something interferes, something holds ... What? And the fact that recently the States themselves have prepared the ground for such an attitude towards themselves. Everyone knows the "odyssey" of Russian citizen Bout, captured by US intelligence services in one country on trumped-up and provoked charges and transferred to another prison. And all this is “in defense of interests”, and appeals to heed the opinion and evidence of the Russian side are successfully broken down like raindrops on the windshield of a speeding car. So how can you defiantly ignoring the arguments of the partner (as is often stated in political statements) and simply stepping over his opinion, expect grateful attention from this partner? It was here that a situation happened when a high-handed burglar gets a “turn-around”. And it does not cause much indignation. Is that light gloating ... But, what really revolts?

And it is outraged that, being carried away by accusations against Russia because of its unwillingness to extradite E. Snowden on demand, the staff members, as they say, “lured the shores”. Everywhere, all over the world, the postulate, faithfully observed (supposedly!) By the American authorities - the rule of law, was impatiently driven into the heads of people. And here, in a situation with a fluent CIA-shny intellectual, we see how this postulate is simply reduced to the status of telephone law. In a situation where there is no agreement between Russia and the United States on the mutual extradition of fugitives, American diplomats initially simply arrogantly demanded, and now appeal to conscience in their attempts to force Russia to return Snowden to their beloved homeland, thereby offering Russia to violate international law and violate just the rights of the individual. And what Russia would look like in the eyes of the world community if it were caved in or falsely ashamed of American reproaches.

One thing is clear - in the situation when the situation of dragging various kinds of secrets carriers to themselves was beneficial to the States and it seemed that it would always be so, they safely evaded numerous appeals from the Russian side to sign an agreement on the extradition of refugees. And when the situation began to evolve backward, proposals to consider the signing of such an agreement were already voiced. So what is this phenomenon - the rule of law in the States? It seems that the US legislators themselves will be in difficulty if asked about it. Because we have an excellent opportunity to observe one of the manifestations of the principle of double standards that is no less familiar to many. From this conclusion - the Law - it is and the thing is good. But in practice, following the principle of the rule of law in the States is the worship of the two-faced Janus - I say one thing and do another. And it is good and significant that it can be seen not only from the Russian limits. Ecuador (a small dwarf in comparison with the States), defending its moral principles and international authority, is ready to complicate relations with the States and the loss of significant trade preferences. And one more good thing is that Russia in this case is very well in the role of just a champion of international law and a guarantor of human rights.

So, good luck to us all and happiness in our country, colleagues.
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  1. Tatarus
    Tatarus 1 July 2013 07: 02 New
    But keeping the principle of the rule of law in the States in practice is worshiping the Two-Faced Janus - Judging by the equalization of the rights of normal with gays, worship has long been Two-Faced Anus. And a civilizational platform built on a lie (Western democracy) cannot produce any normal fruits. Only double standards, only a clear division into their own (their freedom, protection, dem. Values) and others (they attack drones and tomahawks, the invasion of troops and help cannibals). Even already tired of writing about the inadequate US state education.

    I even caught one minus. Strange ... what
  2. Refund_SSSR
    Refund_SSSR 1 July 2013 07: 02 New
    You know, from the time of Caesar and Genghis Khan: you can be 100% right according to all international laws, but if your rightness is not backed up by force, you will still be wrong.
    So it’s not a matter of two-faced worship, but normal international practice.
    But the fact that the US is no longer considered is eloquent about the end of a unipolar world.
    1. Ross
      Ross 1 July 2013 11: 19 New
      Anglo-Saxons are so sure of their innocence that they are simply not interested in any standards of law. Like in that joke:
      1. The owner is always right.
      2. If not, see paragraph 1
  3. Scandinavian
    Scandinavian 1 July 2013 07: 04 New
    My opinion is to issue a passport to Snowden, and settle it somewhere on a thread in Chechnya, Ramzan will accept it with pleasure, complement Gerard. Having previously given him an apartment there in Grozny. Let it work for the good of the new homeland - Russia.
    1. TRex
      TRex 1 July 2013 07: 24 New
      Сноуден раскрыл секрет Полишинеля. То, что спецслужбы занимаются всякими неприглядными делами - известно всем. Дело в деталях и сейчас, вдруг стало известно, что они следят и друг за другом, не доверяют "партнерам" даже внутри НАТО - только на руку Москве.
      Считаю оптимальным вариантом - поторговаться с полосатыми, потянуть время и обменять этого очкарика на кого-нибудь из своих... Может даже "для отбытия срока заключения" или "для вынесения приговора". Я бы попробовал вытащить из Израиля одного хрена, который осужден на пожизненное за убийство мэра Нижневартовска (недавно годовщина была, поминали)...
      1. sergo0000
        sergo0000 1 July 2013 11: 26 New
        Quote: TRex
        , who was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of the mayor of Nizhnevartovsk (the anniversary was recently remembered) ...

        Mayor of Nefteyugansk-Yuri Petukhov.
        No need to change him for anyone. Not to Buta, nor to this lurking sinister.
        We’ll solve our personal problems ourselves. But if we give these jackals to be torn to pieces, then we will definitely wash ourselves with contempt of the entire decent world community!
    2. kris
      kris 1 July 2013 09: 52 New
      Quote: Scandinavian
      Ramzan will accept him with pleasure, complement Gerard. Having previously given him an apartment there in Grozny. Let it work for the good of the new homeland - Russia.

      And does a fat drunkard who escaped from taxes work for the good of Russia?
      1. alicante11
        alicante11 2 July 2013 07: 28 New
        Отдать Сноудена амерам, это все равно что отдать ребенка, который просит у вас защиты - громиле-насильнику. Что бы там этот "ребенок" не совершил, наказание его ждет явно избыточное. Так что пускай идут лесом п и н д о станцы.
  4. Canep
    Canep 1 July 2013 07: 04 New
    This story dragged on, you won’t envy Snowden, the best thing for him is to get asylum in Russia, but Putin is not enthusiastic about this idea, maybe because he is a traitor in Africa and a traitor. Old Man generally keeps quiet. Venezuela seems to agree to accept it. I wonder how it will end.
  5. My address
    My address 1 July 2013 07: 06 New
    Понравилось выражение о взывании к совести. Т.е., по умолчанию они имеет в виду: "Мы знаем, что я полное овно и в нем сижу, но ты мужик нормальный, ну будь человеком, ну отдай. А я тебе что хошь наобещаю. Но после отдачи парня!"

    I wonder how they immediately changed the tonality after Ecuador pulled these brazen-Saxons (not my expression). So it is necessary all with this news.

    The boys and girls from the embassy know whom and other liberasts! Hey! Waiting for cons! Wake up, it's time to work out the bread with the nozzles and tears. Sorry to hurt, I am stimulating you.
    1. Tersky
      Tersky 1 July 2013 07: 21 New
      Quote: My address
      I liked the expression about the appeal to conscience.

      Colleague, hi ! Good morning everyone, and given the many time zones, day, evening (nights usually want a quiet wink) Russia will turn red then when it happens to the USA (repeat), but this will not happen, rather the cancer will hang on the mountain wassat , since such a concept as conscience of the latter is completely absent. America was born without it and continues to live without it negative , conscience is not a matter of negligence, and one cannot buy it for money No.
  6. fenix57
    fenix57 1 July 2013 07: 14 New
    Здравствуйте! "In a situation where between Russia and the United States there is no agreement on the mutual extradition of fugitives .." со Сноуденом амеры наткнулись на свои-же вилы. yes
  7. Trofimov174
    Trofimov174 1 July 2013 07: 14 New
    Unfortunately, it seems that no one is interested in granting political asylum to Snowden. A man has not come out of Sheremetyevo for a week now, thanks to the annulment by the Americans of his citizenship, his fate has completely passed into the hands of Russian ministers, and no comments have been received from them. Not interested because of Snowden’s likely refusal to cooperate with Russian special services? But this does not diminish the value of his salvation, the good for asylum will become a bomb primarily for the American society, which mostly approves of this fugitive’s action, and in the future it can play a significant role when this society itself wants a leader who does not want to swear with By Russia. I’m not saying that granting asylum will finally dispel doubts and confirm the status of Russia as a sovereign state that does not dance to anyone’s tune, and can also help normalize relations with the EU, for which this whole story with wiretapping has become a stumbling block in relations with the USA.
    1. Wedmak
      Wedmak 1 July 2013 07: 32 New
      Unfortunately, it seems that no one is interested in granting political asylum to Snowden. A man has not come out of Sheremetyevo for a week already, thanks to the annulment by the Americans of his citizenship, his fate has completely passed into the hands of Russian ministers, and no comments have been received from them.

      But it seems to me that in Sheremetyevo, Snowden is already no longer. He sits somewhere in a summer house near Moscow, and talks sweetly with our specialists.
      1. lewerlin53rus
        lewerlin53rus 1 July 2013 07: 50 New
        Quote: Wedmak
        He sits somewhere in a summer house near Moscow, and talks sweetly with our specialists.

        A thought that I have been voicing for several days in conversations with friends. Sheremetyevo, of course, has all the conditions for living. But all the same, Edik Snegov (in the world like E. Snowden) would have lit up at least somewhere. And it’s been a week since nobody saw him.
        1. Furnace driver
          Furnace driver 1 July 2013 14: 28 New
          and where was he last shot on camera?
      2. Cynic
        Cynic 1 July 2013 19: 08 New
        Quote: Wedmak
        Sits somewhere in a summer house near Moscow,

        Does he have a passport? No, canceled!
        So Snowden can’t leave Sheremetyevo! If he can’t, then he is there! No need to suspect Russia of violating international law!
        And what, where does the citizen of Russia E. Snegov really do whom, whom, and Yusovtsev does not concern.
    2. Garysit
      Garysit 1 July 2013 11: 50 New
      Кому он нужен??? Ничего нового он не раскрыл. Как сказал ВВП: "Визгу много шерсти мало"
  8. Wedmak
    Wedmak 1 July 2013 07: 28 New
    The Yankees jumped ... The rake so carefully laid by the USA for other countries hit its own forehead? Well, nothing, these are still flowers, soon you will run into your own traps and pits with stakes. And do not even bother to appeal to Russia, China and other countries when they look at the agony of the United States, eating dryers with raspberry tea.
  9. Averias
    Averias 1 July 2013 07: 32 New
    Вот за что я "люблю" США, так это за их "непосредственность". Дескать взаимопомощь, все люди братья и прочее, как они говорят, это не пустой звук. Мол, вот ради этого и радеем, пупки надрываем. Только с малюсенькой такой поправкой - Вы(остальной мир), НАМ(США)должны, а МЫ(США), ВАМ(остальной мир) нет. Мы, Вам, акт Мвгницкого, эмбарго для тех кто демократию не любит, расстрел БПЛА людей(Пакистан), убийства лидеров(Ливия), вмешательство в суверенитет(Весь мир), укрывательство(никому никого не отдадим, они же не преступники, они же борцы за "демократию", это я о тех кто у них спрятался). А вот Вы(мир), должны во всем нас слушать, содействовать и вообще не обсуждать то что МЫ(США) говорим. Облом вышел.
    По поводу выдачи Сноудена: "Это как поросенка стричь: визгу много, а шерсти мало", - образно отметил Путин.

    P.S. Меня мучает подозрение, куда же залез(или что узнал такого) этот Сноуден, что у него так "крышу сорвало". Видать то что он сливает это "цветочки", "ягодки" видимо вообще ошеломляющие.
    1. Wedmak
      Wedmak 1 July 2013 07: 37 New
      Вот за что я "люблю" США, так это за их "непосредственность".

      Well, what did you want from the child? The history of the USA - another 300 years have not passed, children ... Only these children are very spoiled by power, money, and impunity. It is necessary to write out a belt, for this all the prerequisites are already there.
    2. Alexxeg73
      Alexxeg73 1 July 2013 08: 59 New
      Yesterday they wrote in the news that he had hidden some other documents of special importance for hedging in China. Which, they say, can undermine European security. Or something like that....
  10. baku1999
    baku1999 1 July 2013 07: 38 New
  11. builder74
    builder74 1 July 2013 07: 39 New
    I don’t understand at all: those guilty of divulging the secrets of our special services, and those already convicted, live quietly in the United States. Americans logic? At least they offered for decency Poteev with Kalugin.
  12. Ljubomir
    Ljubomir 1 July 2013 07: 42 New
    Quote: Wedmak
    The rake so carefully laid by the USA for other countries hit its own forehead

    Волчью яму они вырыли Югославией, а Ираком ещё и мин на дне уложили.А сейчас приплыл в наши лапки "болезненно-обидный их честолюбию" человечек, который может помочь подвинуть их на шаг-другой к краю.
  13. Karabin
    Karabin 1 July 2013 08: 30 New
    It is outraged that carried away by the accusations against Russia because of its unwillingness to extradite E. Snowden at the first request, the United States, as they say, "messed up the coast."

    Еще как попутали. И в ответ должны были услышать: "дырку от бублика вы получите,а не Сноудена", или на худой конец "От мертвого осла уши". Но видимо крылатые фразы Путин употребляет только для прибалтийских лимитрофов. В ответ на барское хамство в сторону России, что Лавров,что Путин мямлии, что мы дескать не причем.Не пересекал границу, ваш амерский предатель, отстаньте.
    And one more good thing is that Russia in this case acts very successfully in the role of just a champion of international law and a guarantor of human rights.

    International law has long been in a place whose verbal designation on the site is prohibited. Should Russia constantly be his champion?
    It is not clear how the story of the Amer fugitive will end, but the Kremlin has a big bunt. In the Duma, everything is simpler.
    The Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Alexei Pushkov, commenting on the situation with the ex-CIA officer, said that the extradition of the fugitive to the American authorities is impossible. The deputy wrote about this in his microblog on Twitter.

    @Alexey_Pushkov: “How can Snowden be useful to Russia - a question in the spirit of Smerdyakov. It's not about benefits - about principle. Issuance of a political refugee is morally unacceptable. ”

    Read more:
    1. Wedmak
      Wedmak 1 July 2013 10: 40 New
      In response to the lordly rudeness towards Russia, that Lavrov, that Putin mummy, that they say nothing to do with.

      I do not agree. No one mumbled, I generally got the impression that Putin simply waved away from the United States, as if from an annoying fly - they say, leave me alone, not up to you now. And not every president can do this.
      International law has long been in a place whose verbal designation on the site is prohibited. Should Russia constantly be his champion?

      It is there, thanks to the NATO countries, in particular the lights of democracy. And to rebuild this right is possible and necessary, otherwise we will very quickly see the Middle Ages in real life.
  14. Alexxeg73
    Alexxeg73 1 July 2013 08: 55 New
    Это все конечно красиво звучит, но... Что-то не видно особого желания нашей власти приютить этого "беженца". Потому как тоже пытаются на двух стульях усидеть. Вроде как и США поднагадить - удовольствие, но как бы и запускать это дело негоже. А то мало ли... разозлятся слишком. "Перезагрузка", "партнерство" и т.д... Поэтому и сидит он там в Шереметьево, потому что не знает куда податься. И тот самый "...Эквадор (маленький карлик по сравнению со Штатами), отстаивая свои моральные принципы и международный авторитет, готов пойти на осложнение отношений со Штатами..." судя по новостям, после звонка Обамки, уже застеснялись как девочки, а вдруг сильно далеко зашли?...
    1. Karabin
      Karabin 1 July 2013 11: 08 New
      Quote: Alexxeg73
      . Что-то не видно особого желания нашей власти приютить этого "беженца".

      Разговор в Кремле " Вот что делать? Принесла же нелегкая этого Сноудена."
    2. alex popov
      alex popov 1 July 2013 11: 26 New
      У меня дружище работает в столишчном СМИ, у них вся редакция "вылетала в командировку" за эту неделю по 2 раза на дню. Задача стояла простая "найти человека, похожего на Сноудена" или "человека, который видел человека ,похожего на Сноудена". Пришли к выводу, что Сноудена в Шере нет , исчез он от туда максимум на 2 день, когда засветился в гостинице.
      With whose help and where is he? Here is room for thought)) But Putin, beautifully and diplomatically, sent a shit out of the issue with Snowden, without saying either yes or no. And while not lying.))
  15. stroporez
    stroporez 1 July 2013 09: 17 New
    the whole meaning of this event fits into the folk wisdom ----- fought for sho, and so on the snout ..........
  16. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 1 July 2013 09: 27 New
    Когда варвары в первый раз напали на Рим,римляне предложили им золото чтобы откупиться,галлы назначили сумму,когда взвешивали римское золото,вождь галлов Бренн приказал своим бойца оттягивать противовес на весах и в конце концов на глазах удивленных римлян прилюдно бросил на противовес свой тяжелый меч,когда римляне возмутились,мол "по какому праву?",вождь сказал:"по праву сильного,сильным принадлежит мир",и ничего римляне заткнулись,утерлись и заплатили,но на будущее запомнили.Так вот,когда США требуют отдать им АНБшника,они делают это по праву сильного,которое будет действовать пока на земле есть хоть один человек.Россия сейчас-это тот Рим,который поломается,поломается но в конце все таки сделает,то что американцы скажут.Конечно жуткие патриоты сейчас будут рвать на себе тельняшку,мол не будет такого,поверьте будет,американцы давно не боятся Россию нам просто нечем их напугать.
    1. Wedmak
      Wedmak 1 July 2013 11: 36 New
      Russia now is that Rome, which will break down, break down, but in the end it will still do what the Americans say.

      You have mixed countries in your comparison. The USA is now that same ROME, mired in money, a greedy state. They already see that they have embarked on a path to decline, but out of all the melting forces, they try to keep their fingers in a fan.
    2. alicante11
      alicante11 2 July 2013 07: 44 New
      Why should we scare them? They need to scare us, they need Snow, not us. Here, let them try to scare. I hope that, after all, intimidating Russia is somewhat more difficult than Ecuador.
      Хотя мне лично "все страньше и страньше". Ассанжа Эквадор в посольстве прячет, а Сноудена не смог. При этом Ассанж помогает Сноудену прятаться. Звучит как полный бред. или какая-то разводка.
  17. fenix57
    fenix57 1 July 2013 10: 33 New
    Quote: Standard Oil
    when the US demands to give them ANShnik, they do so by right of the strong,

    You see, what’s the matter, the USA doesn’t require- asks, cries out to conscience and observance of international standards ... So you, sir, are wrong.
    Quote: Standard Oil
    by right of the strong, the world belongs to the strong

    Да и мир им уже не принадлежит! Коли уж "старина" Бжезинский обеспокоен то как говорится-Your (amers) do not dance.
    1. Standard Oil
      Standard Oil 1 July 2013 10: 55 New
      Интересно,а кому мир принадлежит,если не американцам?Всегда ведь существовала страна-доминион.На данный момент это США.Отрицать это глупо.Если не США,то кто?Бжезинский старая лиса,чувствует,куда дует ветер,но только слабое дуновенье пока что.Я тут недавно читал его книгу "Америка и глобальный кризис" и глядя на современные реалии я более согласен с ним,чем с кем-либо еще.Давйте следовать Китайскому методу во внешне политике,а не бросаться на амбразуру.

  18. Consul-t
    Consul-t 1 July 2013 10: 34 New
    Of course I want to wash the Americans and put them in their place, but ...
    We must think not with emotions, not with botany, but based on the interests of Russia.
    I wonder how our rulers and smart heads will calculate all the pros and cons and make the right decision?
    I think that the pause that has been created is still in our hands.
  19. krez-74
    krez-74 1 July 2013 10: 50 New
    I would name the topic: The Suffering of the Great Anus!
    Article plus!
  20. fenix57
    fenix57 1 July 2013 11: 07 New
    Quote: Standard Oil
    This is the United States at the moment. Denying it is stupid

    Если-бы все было именно так Сноудена отдали-бы по прибытию в Москву, так что сшА-"доминион" именно в кавычках.Сегодня мировое лидерство перестало быть игрой в «Царя Горы».При этом решительность и сила хотя и важные, но не самые главные качества для победы. Much more valuable is the ability to balance correctly and in a timely manner in a rapidly changing situation.What Russia is doing now. hi
    1. Standard Oil
      Standard Oil 1 July 2013 11: 26 New
      We wait and see, but I think either Snowden will be given to the Americans, or they will be taken out of the country so as not to annoy the United States.
  21. Fin
    Fin 1 July 2013 11: 49 New
    Zadornov is right - stupid Americans. Why yell, screech, threaten, they would sit and wait when Ecuador would host it, host it and then steal it. And the whole question is closed. And now it will be hard to fight against GDP, he will remember them all and the Kalugins and Rezunov and Buta and Yaroshenko, there are still a lot of thieves. Thought to scare and not work. In my opinion, the bid will be long.
  22. deputy ___ watered
    deputy ___ watered 1 July 2013 11: 55 New
    options are possible! Do we need anything from the Yusovites? lol
    And to be honest in the behavior of Americans, a proverb about Jupiter and the bull (bear, for example) is visible!
    1. Wedmak
      Wedmak 1 July 2013 11: 56 New
      In the sense of Jupiter no longer pour? laughing
  23. Titov
    Titov 1 July 2013 12: 45 New
    The question is, who is Snowden? So much noise around! These revelations are not comparable with his PR. I understand that if the F-22 had stolen to Russia. And so it is not clear duck.
    1. Wedmak
      Wedmak 1 July 2013 12: 49 New
      I understand that if the F-22 had stolen to Russia.

      Maybe he hijacked ... in the form of drawings or no less secret documents.
  24. Arthur 775
    Arthur 775 1 July 2013 12: 48 New
    Yes, Americantsi are used to doing business with Gorbaty or Boriska. And then there is a judik and even a committee member (they are never the former). For Russia, this Snowden is like a suitcase without a handle (it's a pity to suddenly use it), you can laugh
    Once again, the whole world over the amers. And Snowden on the Lubyanka, let Emsky write to Obama !!!
  25. EGORKA
    EGORKA 1 July 2013 13: 20 New
    Russia needs to competently play such a card, squeeze the maximum for itself. There are options, a pause on our part is quite appropriate, after the diarrhea of ​​scarecrows and persuasion by the United States passes, ours are waiting for proposals that are beneficial to us ...
  26. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 1 July 2013 15: 51 New
    Double standards are the cornerstone of American foreign policy. They operate on the principle of: What is due to Jupiter is not allowed to Bull. Наглый и (простите за тавтологию) беспринципный принцип! Американцы всех "учат" строго соблюдать верховенство закона. Но когда затрагиваются интересы янки, они нахально плюют на эти принципы. Пример тому дело Сноудена. Если соблюдать закон, Америка, не имеет никаких прав диктовать России ультиматумы. А ведь, с пеной у рта грозит нашей стране. You are unprincipled and unscrupulous gentlemen Americans!
  27. fenix57
    fenix57 1 July 2013 15: 52 New
    News on the American Fox News Channel:“This is an open slap in the United States. Now, in the end, we should already understand what Vladimir Putin is. He is an old KGB colonel-apparatchik who dreams of rebuilding the Russian Empire. He supplies weapons to Assad, he teases us for any reason. We must act accordingly, ”John McCain said on air, betraying InoTV.

    The senator from the Republican Party noted that there is no need to renew the Cold War. However, he noted that it is necessary to act in relation to Russia adequately.

    “This includes the deployment of a missile defense system in Europe and the expansion of the Magnitsky Act,” John McCain concluded.

    I fully agreed that it is necessary to strengthen the influence on Russia and Senator-Democrat Charles Schumer. He said that Russia always strives to poke a finger in the eye of the United States.

    “I’m not sure that while Edward Snowden is in Russia's hands, we should take some open steps, but the Russians must pay for their actions: whether at the diplomatic, economic or geopolitical level. They always strive to poke a finger in our eyes, ”said Charles Schumer.

    According to the senator, the United States should take a tough stance.

    “Relations with Putin are much more complicated, but I agree with John McCain: Putin must understand that this will not get away with him. After all, he is doing everything to annoy America, whether it be Iran, Syria, and now that’s, ”said Schumer ...
    see US senators agree that it is necessary to strengthen influence on RussiaPolitical review
    Amers were completely distraught; for a long time they hadn’t been dunked in manure!