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On the maps of Microsoft discovered the secret Russian stealth aircraft

On the Microsoft Bing maps, an invisible plane was discovered, moreover, Russian-made. It seems that this is the MIG project 1.44 - that is, the first attempt of the Russian Federation to build such a machine.

On the maps of Microsoft discovered the secret Russian stealth aircraft

As they say in the Foreign Policy, this plane was hardly detected by radars and used special coverage, as well as other measures for these purposes. The 1.44 project was supposed to be extremely fast and agile. In 2001, the plane should have been removed to the repository, and the project rolled up, but judging by the cards, this did not happen.

Perhaps the plans of this particular aircraft Russia sent to China. In 2010, China showed the stealth aircraft J-20, which was very similar to 1.44. MIG, however, denied this, stating that the Chinese had access to the drawings without the consent of the Russian side.
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  1. Denis
    Denis 29 June 2013 06: 59
    On Microsoft Bing maps, an invisible plane was discovered, besides Russian-made.
    Well done! As they say without noise and dust, i.e. not like the F-117 and afterwards, when the advertising noise is louder than the engine
    Perhaps the plans of this particular plane Russia sent to China
    But why is it that they slap clones? Et they fast
    article undoubted +
    1. Nick
      Nick 29 June 2013 07: 19
      Quote: Denis
      But why is it that they slap clones? Et they fast
      article undoubted +

      China is already emerging in world hegemonic aiming devices, it’s not a sin to help a neighbor ... wink
      1. Denis
        Denis 29 June 2013 07: 42
        Quote: Nick
        not a sin and help a neighbor ..
        The neighbor is hefty hectic, would not fly as, alas, happened
      2. Refund_SSSR
        Refund_SSSR 29 June 2013 09: 10
        This neighbor, like a monkey with a pomegranate, can throw tea back and forth.
        Therefore, it is better to feed such a neighbor with bananas and smile sweetly than to supply equipment.
      3. T-100
        T-100 2 July 2013 19: 15
        We are growing a monster (China), the main thing is not to lose control over it.
        1. velikoros-xnumx
          velikoros-xnumx 7 July 2013 23: 47
          Yes, we do not grow it. He somehow copes on his own, well, or almost on his own.
    2. Tjumenec72
      Tjumenec72 29 June 2013 14: 42
      He stands in Zhukovsky, "in the fresh air" why was it necessary to look for him? - Is this a Bing ad?
      Then they will find the Golden Eagle ... laughing
  2. selbrat
    selbrat 29 June 2013 07: 26
    Quote: Nick
    China is already emerging in world hegemonic aiming devices, it’s not a sin to help a neighbor ...

    If only we didn’t figure out in Chinese sights. We’re arming our neighbors with the latest weapons. We ourselves still don’t have such an army. Our business doesn’t see anything, no matter how it turns against Russia.
    1. Dimy4
      Dimy4 29 June 2013 08: 39
      And they have that part of the brain that is responsible for this is simply absent.
      1. Dimy4
        Dimy4 29 June 2013 11: 48
        It can be seen that someone else has illusions about our business.
  3. Smersh
    Smersh 29 June 2013 07: 46
    Well, in other matters, as always, all the latest technology that gets to China will be ...
  4. uzer 13
    uzer 13 29 June 2013 07: 52
    This project could be finalized and it could have been put into series under other circumstances. Due to the well-known events and lack of funding, work on this aircraft was postponed until better times, and then new developments appeared, and it was preferable not to be scattered by forces and means, but focus them on new promising areas. In China, a similar aircraft was manufactured and demonstrated in metal. With a high degree of probability it can be assumed that they have technical documentation and will continue to development of the project.
  5. AK-47
    AK-47 29 June 2013 07: 53
    Preliminary work to create a fifth-generation heavy fighter for the Air Force and Air Defense began in late 1979
    The development of a new fighter began in the Design Bureau. A.I. Mikoyan. In 1983, the “Comprehensive Target Program” was approved for work on the aircraft, power plant, avionics and armament, as well as the tactical and technical assignment of the Air Force and Air Defense. In 1987, the defense project was defended, and in 1991 - a draft design and a prototype of the aircraft, which received the index "MFI" - a multi-functional front-line fighter.
    After Putin came to power in 1999, it was decided to give priority to the development of the Sukhoi Design Bureau, and to include MIGO MIG in its composition. The motives, probably, were the high declared price of MFIs and the statements of M. A. Pogosyan about the superiority of S-37 over MFIs in terms of performance characteristics and the possibility of launching it in a series in the near future. Despite this, work on the IFIs continued, and on February 29, 2000, the first prototype MiG 1.42 still took off. Nevertheless, the new head of the Design Bureau was not interested in further development of another project, despite the failures of his own S-37 and the high level of readiness of the IFIs, which could already be put into serial production at Sokol. As a result, in 2002 a government decree was issued that finally buried both IFIs and S-37.
    In 2013, the only flight copy is in the LII them. M. M. Gromova in Zhukovsky, abandoned in the open air (coordinates-55 ° 34′28 ″ N 38 ° 08′37 ″ E)
    MIKHAN 29 June 2013 12: 10
    Sorry .... sadness .. (((
  7. Alexander D.
    Alexander D. 29 June 2013 17: 47
    Here is the full article on this plane.

    Russia 10 years ago could have a fleet of 5th generation aircraft. But Putin was already president then - why didn't he do that ?!