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Such a movie: why did we get hooked on the topic of LGBT?

Such a movie: why did we get hooked on the topic of LGBT?Continuing global hysteria about all that is connected with same-sex "love." It would seem that just a year or two ago there was no such hype around the LGBT community in the world, and now you will receive it, sign it. Some say that it is better not to say anything about this topic at all, others argue that it can and should be raised. What is the reason for such a hype? May be 2013 Movies Hollywood is being heated by interest with show business stars, or is it something else?

The psychology of the state and society will help to answer this question. According to all the laws of the genre, if a baited fishing rod is thrown into society in the form of a very bright and specific topic, which not everyone is eager to discuss, then there may be an attempt to divert people from more significant problems that they may encounter.

Generally speaking, this is quite likely. If we take into account that the global economy, as the leading world economic experts say, can not withstand the next blow of the crisis, then the people should be distracted from this by offering them a kind of “cat fantik.” In this case, the theme of gay marriage, gay parades and other things appears in the form of a candy wrapper, which involuntarily pushes people to the most diverse reaction, distracting from real cases and problems.

If we analyze the situation that is developing in Europe and the USA, then this system works in full. At a time when the authorities need to take measures to save economies, these authorities are looking for a reason to get additional rating points. At this pace, they will soon begin to talk about the need to protect the rights of cannibals, stating that cannibalism is historical the essence of human civilization: what tens of thousands of years ago was natural, it is not ugly even now. After all, it is in this vein that today is the justification of same-sex relationships.

At this very time, global things are happening in the geopolitical and economic arenas that can change the world beyond recognition. And some unknown forces are using LGBT topics to ensure that a modern person leaves the discussion about the real economy and politics, and is lost in thoughts about whether it is good to legalize same-sex marriages or not. A kind of screen was built, which covers much more important acts or attempts of these acts from the public.
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  1. Nevsky
    Nevsky 27 June 2013 16: 00
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wassat Even enough for me, tired of stigmatizing them !!!
    1. experienced
      experienced 27 June 2013 16: 03
      Volodin: And then Ostap suffered wassat
      I wanted to spit on the article without reading, I don’t read comments and I urge everyone to unsubscribe without reading wassat
      Bye, it seems to me that this smells bad hi
      1. Hleb
        Hleb 27 June 2013 16: 06
        here I agree!
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      4. evgenii67
        evgenii67 27 June 2013 16: 29
        Hello everyone! "Some say that it is better not to say anything about this topic at all, others argue that it is possible and even necessary to raise it. What is the reason for this hype?" I didn’t read any further, and before that I hadn’t read similar articles about lgpt and I don’t know how this abbreviation is deciphered and I don’t want to google and decipher it, I don’t need to write to me how it deciphers. Why I decided to comment here, but because, as it often happens on "VO", this is the beginning, one or two topics a day, maybe more, that's just striking, it's like walking through the forest, beautiful smooth birches, and here the herak is rotten broken tree with a huge hollow. A thousand apologies, Dear site managers, I would like to see the topics: aviation, armored vehicles, navy, etc. small arms (less often), foreign and domestic policy related to military affairs, I hope it’s not only interesting to me, otherwise it will no longer be a military unit, but a mockery of rear-wheel drive vehicles.
    2. krasin
      krasin 27 June 2013 16: 22
      The United States was so keen on protecting minorities that it began to smash all sorts of majority for the prosperity and well-being of minorities. Thus, 80% of the population of Libya and the Libyan tribes supported Muammar Gaddafi, and following his sacred principle of protecting minorities, the United States acted fairly and defeated the Gaddafi regime and transferred power in that country to minorities. At least 80% of the Syrian population today supports the Assad regime, and the United States, of course, is fighting against this outrage. And they will fight until Bashar al-Assad is hanged by a mustache in one of the squares of Damascus.

      If you want the most important thing in the world - the caresses and cares of the Americans, become pederasts, lesbians, pedophiles, sectarians, pro-Western and, consequently, Russophobic political and public figures; create Russophobic and, therefore, pro-Western and extremist parties and organizations, organize pro-Western and, therefore, anti-Russian protests against the presence of Russian troops in ...... Following this advice will open the gates of paradise before you, and you will understand that you still lived Since then it is absolutely pointless, because they were deprived of the main thing on this planet at this historical moment - the cares and affection of the Americans. wassat
      That's about.
      1. KBPC50
        KBPC50 27 June 2013 17: 21
        That is right. For the Yankees, any people the opportunity to make money, to profit even more, everyone needs to give blinkers to their eyes. Here and find new blinkers! These LGBTs scored the brains ... so that they would not rebel against the Yankees.
  2. Nevsky
    Nevsky 27 June 2013 16: 04
    This week on the site "Voennoye Obozreniye" an injection is being introduced, a vaccination against LGBT lol
  3. Sashkessss
    Sashkessss 27 June 2013 16: 04
    The essence of the text - Politicians use representatives of these minorities as a shield from the fury of citizens. Actually yes, I agree. A plus.
  4. Russ69
    Russ69 27 June 2013 16: 05
    Such a movie: why did we get hooked on the topic of LGBT?

    And continue on. Maybe enough for the forum to carry homosexuals.
  5. ed65b
    ed65b 27 June 2013 16: 06
    Nevsky hold on angry AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. laughing
    1. Sashkessss
      Sashkessss 27 June 2013 16: 08
      I propose to arrange a marathon for him on topics lol Let fills all topics about gay culture with big messages laughing So we will prepare him for the next wave of similar news in the future
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  7. omsbon
    omsbon 27 June 2013 16: 16
    If you do not give a hard rebuff, then gomosyatina, silent glanders, crawls into our homes!
    1. Papakiko
      Papakiko 27 June 2013 16: 31
      Quote: omsbon
      quiet glanders crawling into our house

      If only it could be called "crawling".
      More like an elephant in a china shop.
      Come, don't be afraid.
  8. Kars
    Kars 27 June 2013 16: 32
    I read the confession))))
    What is such a hype about? Maybe 2013 movies from Hollywood fuel interest along with the stars of show business, or is the reason different?

    Of the 2013 films, not a single one has yet been watched - I have not yet downloaded the Hobbit)))
    1. Papakiko
      Papakiko 27 June 2013 16: 51
      Quote: Kars
      Hobbit downloaded still can not see

      Correct comrade, soon the sequel will be released.
      And be sure to watch the "Sanctum".
      As for GuliWood, we have our own history and our own path and place in it, and there will be no "multicolored".
      1. Kars
        Kars 27 June 2013 16: 58
        Quote: Papakiko
        Correct comrade, soon the sequel will be released

        I read it before
        1. Papakiko
          Papakiko 27 June 2013 17: 35
          Quote: Kars
          I read it before

          Still rising and Silmarillion mastered?
  9. Yeraz
    Yeraz 27 June 2013 16: 38
    The topic needs to be raised, BUT only in one direction is the physical destruction of such people. My hut from the edge is a false chip. Because of this, this scum is more and more and I am afraid soon, in a generally bad tone, I will say something against them and trends have already appeared when I talk about their destruction, some crookedly squint ...
  10. Manager
    Manager 27 June 2013 16: 40
    From Evil is all ......
  11. krez-74
    krez-74 27 June 2013 16: 52
    They destroy history, memory, culture, family values ​​... And then, with such people, you can do anything you like, this fits into the reduction of the world's population!
    1. KBPC50
      KBPC50 27 June 2013 17: 29
      For the Rothschilds (by the way, very distant, but Hitler’s relatives) Dupons, Morgan, Rockefellers, etc. necessary, and cattle should be enough for food and service staff. LGBT people fit very well in their NEW strategy.
      1. krez-74
        krez-74 27 June 2013 17: 45
        good Anyway, stupid and depraved cattle, easier to manage! It’s like cattle!
  12. valokordin
    valokordin 27 June 2013 17: 40
    Volodin plus, I now recall how rocknrol was propagated in 50 years under the guise of parodies of this dance and that instilled a love for it, and now same-sex love and marriages propagate a lot of negative assessments and a lot of information that impose on us this image. Even OBAMA praised the buggers and lesbians. Why not a democrat. It is necessary to stop all conversations in the media and on the Internet on this subject. Let them poke each other in the West, and in Russia to taboo this information.
    1. Cynic
      Cynic 27 June 2013 18: 05
      Quote: valokordin
      and in Russia, this information is taboo.

      taboo on information about voluntary sterilization of people, and given the claim for adoption, is it contagious ?!
      Essentially the essence of this _ Destruction of future generations! And this is scary!
  13. individual
    individual 27 June 2013 18: 01
    But, in fact, why should we discuss the low-lying animal instincts of the dregs of society?
    The civilization of a developing humanity must reject them.
  14. darksoul
    darksoul 27 June 2013 18: 11
    It’s time to close this topic, there’s nothing to talk about these sick people ... it would be better if they cited the opposite side ... a large Russian family, this is where Russia’s salvation must be sought ... well, and these rear-wheel drive in a world to drive to brothers in misfortune
  15. andrei332809
    andrei332809 27 June 2013 18: 29
    I think it is necessary to raise this topic. Not in a Western way, of course. but just to announce to those who think that it is fashionable, so all the most "advanced" do - it's not like ugliness, nature itself has taken care of dividing the population by sex. and there is nothing to shove against nature, it will not lead to anything good.
    I hope that our country for the most part treats homosexuals with disgust and disgust, as befits a healthy person at the sight of an ugliness that a "person" did to himself to stand out
  16. 128mgb
    128mgb 27 June 2013 18: 30
    Quote: Nevsky
    This week on the site "Voennoye Obozreniye" an injection is being introduced, a vaccination against LGBT lol

    The vaccine is done once, but here .. You can get infected, however, pah, pah pah am
  17. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 27 June 2013 19: 34
    LGBT people have included a backup line of defense. As soon as it becomes clear that people's opinion is purely negative, and the discussion of the problem can result in concrete actions that are dangerous for the creeping process of squeezing out traditional values, the "Skunk" regime is turned on. This article is a skunk. They say the topic is so disgusting and disgustingly smelly that you need to stop paying attention to it as soon as possible. Fagots need a break and anchorage. That's right, let's forget about them ... if the children come to take away, we'll have to remember ...
  18. The comment was deleted.
  19. Andrey_K
    Andrey_K 28 June 2013 01: 52
    If we assume that this is all someone's (we will not point fingers, but there are several candidates) a global project, then we must remember that in parallel there is a "disarray" of the Islamic world - Muslims are taught a new understanding of Islam (even greater intolerance than in the Middle Ages) , teach to solve all their problems by terrorist attacks or uprisings.
    Plus, these problems multiply like mushrooms after the rain, and the initiators of the problems for some reason are not, as usual, the United States, but ... Europe.
    And in Europe, at the same time, the company is mirror symmetrical - Europeans are corrupted, softened and stupid, and even disarmed.
    (And on the contrary, the Islamists are being armed).
    The logical consequence of these two projects is the clash of Europe with the Islamic world, and there are no compromises.

    Moreover, as in any self-respecting global project, everything is provided for:
    1) The moral side - Europe is made more immoral, and the Islamists more intolerant.
    2) The military side - they disarm Europe, and Islamists are taught to fight and arm.
    3) Economic - Europe begins to tighten its economic nuts, and the Islamic world is starving and its economy is collapsing in every possible way.

    When all three of these components are encountered for war, war becomes inevitable.