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Russia fights drugs, drugs fight Russia

Specialists in the fight against drug abuse say that the true number of drug addicts in most countries of the world is 9-10 times higher than the number of drug addicts identified. This assessment was made on the basis of numerous studies, which involved not only the employees of the Federal Drug Control Service, but also, as they say, social activists. At the same time, the ratio has not changed for many years, even though the methods for detecting and treating drug-addicted people have been significantly modernized.

If we talk about the trend that is associated with a change in the number of drug addicts in Russia, then this trend looks scary. A truly phenomenal jump in the number of drug addicts in our country occurred in the last 10-12 years. If in 2001, the Ministry of Health talked about 369 thousands of drug addicts (3,4-3,7 million, recalling the ratio of identified and real drug addicts), then in 2007, more than 530 thousand people were registered (multiplying 10, we get the number of real drug-addicted Russians) . Over the past 5-6 years, growth has continued, with an even more impressive pace. In particular, the head of the Federal Drug Control Service Viktor Ivanov, as well as Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Tatyana Dmitrieva declare that at the end of the past - the beginning of this year, the real number of drug addicts in Russia was about 9 million people. In other words, over the 12 years, the increase in the number of drug-addicted citizens of Russia was almost threefold. These are terrifying figures that suggest that the system of combating drug trafficking and drug addiction as such is ineffective in our country.

Statistics related to the study of the age parameters of drug addiction suggest that today in Russia the largest number of citizens who use certain drugs belong to the 16-30 age group (60%), 20% of drug addicts are persons who have not reached 16- summer age. Another 20% - people who, using drugs, were able to live to 30 and more years. At the same time, the number of drug addicts of the weaker sex increases in Russia every year. These data once again confirm the fact that drug addiction inflicts a crushing blow on young people, mows people at reproductive age - those who, being healthy, could create a family, give birth to and raise healthy children.

If you believe the representatives of the Federal Service for the Control of Drug Trafficking, the Russian Federation today is one of the sad three leaders in the number of drug addicts in percentage terms. The first place belongs (according to the Federal Drug Control Service) to Afghanistan, the second (honestly, unexpectedly) belongs to Iran. The World Health Organization is the absolute leader in the number of people with drug addiction, called the United States of America and the Russian Federation. At the same time, the United States has the highest rates in the world in the number of cocaine users, in Russia it is heroin.
With what kind of country is at the world peak in the number of drug users, one can argue for a very long time, but at the same time it would be strange to say that both the Federal Drug Control Service and the WHO provide false data about Russia. The problem of drug addiction in our country is, and not to notice it is just silly. However, if you pay attention to the activities of law enforcement agencies, you get the impression that they just notice, at least, not always ...

Voronezh suburbs. The so-called gypsy quarters. Among the fairly modest private buildings there are real palaces. Who lives in these palaces, knows the whole district. Know the names, surnames and what the representatives of these surnames trade. Every day, “workers” disperse (disperse) from the Gypsy suburbs to different points of the city and region. These are dragdalers who get their own distribution point for a wide variety of drugs. Specialization - from spice to heroin. Daily profit of each such point can be a couple of hundreds of thousands of rubles and above. Profit falls into the clan, the business expands, new dealers are attracted, new ties are established with suppliers, well, with “roofing” elements. The fact that these rooftops often turn out to be among regional officials or representatives of law enforcement agencies is also not a secret.

Occasionally, law enforcement officers (especially before the lenses of television cameras of central television companies) conduct raids that are arranged according to all the rules of the show: masked people, vehicles with special signals, an assault on the house in which the drugs are packaged and distributed. Noise-gum, tears, lamentations - in general, the whole performance. However, after the end of such an anti-drug raid, the owners of drug lodge houses again return to their usual activities, as if nothing had happened. It would be as if they were not taken away in the police "little dogs" or "funnels" ...

Naturally, such turns of events in people cause real indignation. Realizing that regional law enforcement can be associated with the control of drug trafficking, the public is ready to go for the most radical measures, and all over the country, and not just in a single region.

Russia fights drugs, drugs fight Russia

One of the manifestations of radical measures is the activity of such an organization as MAS (Youth Anti-Drug Special Forces). In RuNet, you can find dozens of different clips dedicated to how representatives of this association carry out actions against so-called spice dealers, which, in principle, can be considered almost legalized drugs in our country. The essence of actions comes down most often to the fact that a group of young people chooses one or two people under the age of majority who make a test purchase of spices either in a tobacco stand or in a drag dealer’s car. As soon as the goods are bought, a few people from MAS fly on a stall (car), pull the seller out, paint his head with paint, and smash glass in the place of his trade, and then turn the car or kiosk over, sticking the sticker “Here with impunity kill your children "or" I freely trade in drugs ". After the action, young people (and these are most often schoolchildren or students) also quickly scatter from the scene, burning sachets of spice bags. For some, this is a kind of “Zarnitsa”, entertainment, but for some it is a real desire to resist the spread of the drug threat in the country. Someone combines ...

At the same time, despite the rather extravagant way of punishing drug dealers, which crosses the line of criminal law, many passers-by support representatives of the IAC. The main argument is that if law enforcement officers try not to notice what is happening under their nose, and how young people are turned into drug addicts with a new force, then someone should notice and resist the threat.

Despite the support of the people in the official group "MAS" in one of the social networks for the last time hangs the announcement that the organization ceases to participate in the actions that were described above. However, the idea of ​​"MAS" was picked up by others. Today, peculiar derivatives of the Youth Anti-Drug Special Forces operate in different regions of Russia and are fighting against the spread of drugs in Russia and against the continued increase in the number of drug-addicted people.

Today, the Federal Drug Control Service declares that there is a program in the service, according to which, by the year of 2020, the number of drug-addicted people in our country should decrease, no less, 30 times. The number is more than impressive, but how do FSKN experts plan to go to it? The answer of service representatives is to give grants to organizations that are engaged in the rehabilitation of drug addicts and their subsequent orientation towards life in a society without drugs.

Everything seems to be good, but that's just confusing that the Federal Drug Control Service for the implementation of this program asks 150 billion rubles. No, no one is going to regret the money for the rehabilitation of drug addicts, but, bearing in mind the possible corruption component, it is worth asking: who will control the Federal Drug Control Service itself? who will receive these grants? Will the Federal Drug Control Service have a “Oboronservis” with bogus structures? Or take a word that the number of drug addicts will decrease many times by transferring money to the accounts? .. Maybe, for starters, let those mentioned rehabilitation organizations present real results on reducing the number of drug addicts, and then they can be rewarded for their active work by many millions. Or, in our country, always all the funds allocated from the budget go exclusively to the implementation of the plans, and the author's concerns are groundless here? ..

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  1. experienced
    experienced 27 June 2013 08: 28
    Drug trafficking gives a very large profit, with this money you can "buy" the loyalty of law enforcement agencies, sometimes handing over "trifles" to them for reporting. Now there is no "struggle", there is an established market, which is covered by the Federal Drug Control Service. In any city in Russia, everyone knows where to buy dope. It is necessary to fight this, but not to whom. We don’t want money, but there are few idealists, and the police do not have them at all.
    It is necessary to block the borders with the countries where the drug traffic comes from. Now there are trains full of Gaster, there you can import tons hi If you set boundaries and couriers have to go through customs control, this will greatly complicate the transport of drugs. If they don’t do it, then someone needs it.
    1. cartridge
      cartridge 27 June 2013 09: 57
      Only the introduction of the death penalty for any participation in the drug business will help destroy this infection.
    2. Raphael_83
      Raphael_83 27 June 2013 18: 29
      Quote: seasoned
      which roof FSKN

      Already a couple of times I pointed out in the comments this year that every day I go to work past the Office of the Federal Drug Control Service for the Republic of Belarus and I am regularly dragged there as an attesting witness. In the same place, a former colleague of my old man serves as a colonel (they started together at RUOP 18 years ago), and I also heard a lot of negativity from him. Briefly, in our republic the old Soviet law enforcement school has been completely destroyed, the Federal Drug Control Service does not know shit and does not know how to work with "outdoor", there is no undercover work, etc. The only operational method that is available to our "drug controllers" is primitive , dirty and crude (even clumsy) provocations and false purchases. All. Once again, I clarify that we are talking strictly about the UFSKN for RB. How in other regions this is the case and whether it is the case I do not know.
      From SW. hi
  2. Yuriwhite
    Yuriwhite 27 June 2013 08: 30
    Drugs give 1000% profit. And therefore extraordinary measures are needed! For any part of article 228, VM should be given because drug addiction is incurable!
    1. Krilion
      Krilion 27 June 2013 08: 47
      Quote: YuriWhite
      Drugs give 1000% profit. And therefore extraordinary measures are needed! For any part of article 228, VM should be given because drug addiction is incurable!

      VM is not necessary, we are not animals ... A more humane method is life-long hard labor for the construction of an eight-lane highway along the northern sea route ...
      1. Very old
        Very old 27 June 2013 09: 13
        CHE, do you remember the anecdote: Anka, if you smear it, I'll give it to the squadron. Vasil Ivanovich, you only promise and promise ... Long ago they promised to "wet", promised to land. Question - where are the landing? and remained a question. The guys see the impunity of the tall-tall, which means we can. Frolic, however
        1. lucidlook
          lucidlook 27 June 2013 11: 40
          Quote: Very old
          Question- where is the landing?

          Whoever is needed - they put everyone in prison. The rest? .. well, if they don’t sit, then it’s not necessary.
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 27 June 2013 09: 24
      Quote: YuriWhite
      For any part of article 228, VM should be given because drug addiction is incurable!

      First of all, confiscation is needed, but it is not! The main task of any drug dealer is money, but they don’t beat him. Caught for trade, term and lyamov 10 fine, but we have humanism.
    3. Gari
      Gari 27 June 2013 10: 17
      Quote: YuriWhite
      And therefore extraordinary measures are needed!

      We are all 1000000 for, but I'm sorry what measures if you yourself wrote
      Quote: YuriWhite
      Drugs give 1000% profit.

      How will you deal with those who receive this profit in the same way as from
      arms trade yes it is a very large over profitable business.
      But there is still another upset
      this is all, as well as the propaganda of same-sex marriage, and all this pedagogy, all these are links in one chain
      The destruction or at least the reduction of humanity!
      1. Yuriwhite
        Yuriwhite 27 June 2013 13: 21
        I understand this will sound not democratic. But the problem has ripened so that, as Goblin said, mass shootings are needed (c) I got caught with drugs - 10 years without correspondence - the second time - VM with a delay. And let’s do it without songs under the setups - if a normal NON service is created to distinguish real sales from imitation - there is nothing easier.
  3. domokl
    domokl 27 June 2013 08: 34
    Any local police officer will randomly name a dozen places on their site where they possibly sell drugs. Any grandmother at the entrance will tell who is doing this in the house. Take a walk around the area, the skype number is written on the walls with Space's offer for a test ...
    I understand that to catch 50 kg of drugs is cool, but what about those who are not caught and who sell quietly? And does the FSKN work? Nude nude ... as the neighbor 3-year-old kid says ...
    And young growth does not legally go hunting for dealers not from nothing to do, but from hopelessness ...
    1. Yuriwhite
      Yuriwhite 27 June 2013 08: 52
      One of the problems, paradoxically, is the creation of the Federal Drug Control Service. I would say the creation of the FSKN is a sabotage in itself. Previously, there was an NON service in the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (where the administration is under the regional administration where the department is) which coped with the task quite well. Then Putin's friend wanted to become a minister and the FSKN was created - the best specialists were not taken there (either they were fired or shoved to the ground), plus they recruited all sorts of "rabble" - from the tax police to tankers. And it turned out like an analogue of DEA in the domestic version. The main task of the FSKN, in addition to throwing dust in the eyes from the type of work, is collecting tribute from drug outlets. This is evidenced by the numerous landings of employees of this service up to, for example, the deputy head of the department for the Chelyabinsk region.
      Total - the service is fixed in the Ministry of Internal Affairs - FSKN nifiga does not work!
      1. domokl
        domokl 27 June 2013 10: 19
        Quote: YuriWhite
        One of the problems, however paradoxical it is, is the creation of the Federal Drug Control Service. I would say the creation of the Federal Drug Control Service

        It’s hard to disagree ... Now the devil knows what exactly is because there are a lot of fighters. And everyone is fighting not so much with drug dealers as for his service.
        About competence, as elsewhere. Profession, which means people who have their own opinion do not need anyone. They need performers. But they must grow in ranks and positions. Here they have grown up. Senior officers with the intelligence and habits of sergeants are almost the norm ...
      2. tolan_petrovich
        tolan_petrovich 27 June 2013 12: 42
        "There was previously an NON service in the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs"
        I remember in the 90s, they brought us directly to the house in a car with a flasher, everything you order!
        1. Yuriwhite
          Yuriwhite 27 June 2013 13: 10
          Do not toss the bags. The NON service had only operational machines and there were no flashing lights in them.
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 27 June 2013 09: 27
      Quote: domokl
      ? And does the FSKN work?

      Until the so-called sale authorization is canceled, nothing will change. Uchaskovy knows, but if he doesn’t have a call in his hands, he won’t do anything. Control purchase just does not happen, only on request, and without it it is a provocation request
      1. domokl
        domokl 27 June 2013 10: 22
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Until the so-called sale authorization is canceled, nothing will change.

        sad Such a cancellation will not solve anything ... It is necessary to return the article on criminal liability for consumption ... It seems to me. And the district policeman? So he works in another office, why does he need extra money? hi
  4. Krilion
    Krilion 27 June 2013 08: 44
    to each addict - a kilogram of his favorite fool! ... force to use the entire "dose" given out on the spot immediately !! ...
    1. AK-47
      AK-47 27 June 2013 09: 47
      Quote: Krilion
      ... force to use the entire "dose" given on the spot immediately !!

      Logically, wedge by wedge.
  5. KG_patriot_last
    KG_patriot_last 27 June 2013 08: 58
    1) It is necessary to fight in all possible fronts with this plague. From production to consumption.

    2) A truly revolutionary solution can only be offered by medical scientists ...
  6. leon-iv
    leon-iv 27 June 2013 09: 02
    Is grass a drug? Chet, I do not remember Schaub under the grass, people killed, unlike blue.
    Threat Spice evil !!!! 11
    Shl Heroin now really much less injected because the sticks of the first post-Afghan generation either died or jumped.
    1. Yuriwhite
      Yuriwhite 27 June 2013 09: 07
      Grass is a drug. I have a lot of examples with LEE. The grass path also acts more slowly - it dulls, ultimately replaces the meaning of life. But at first it seems that nonsense - such as nonsense is nonsense, hehe steam engine under vodka and so on.
      1. leon-iv
        leon-iv 27 June 2013 09: 13
        But doesn’t it change the meaning of life?
      2. TRAFFIC
        TRAFFIC 27 June 2013 09: 36
        Is that fatal? belay
    2. ale-x
      ale-x 27 June 2013 10: 04
      The social circle of course has changed dramatically, but I have not met a heroin addict for a long time. Such campaigns ended with us, but there are more and more herbivores .. It has long been proven that the use of light drugs leads to heroin over time, as a result of wooden
      case or zone, and then anyway cover.
  7. Nayhas
    Nayhas 27 June 2013 09: 05
    The fight against the spread of drugs is the task of the state, as it performs it, everyone probably sees it, for some reason it is customary to blame the police / police in such a mess, but there is such an organization as the Gosnarkokartel, forgive the Gosnarkokontrol, or like now the Federal Drug Control Service, which was created to deal with this phenomenon. In addition, drugs have repeatedly been declared one of the most important dangers for the country and, in theory, those with warm hearts should lead the fight against them, but somehow they don’t succeed ...
    Now about the origin of drugs. Yes, there are tons of Afghan heroin, this is understandable, there is a mess in Afghanistan, field commanders make money for the war as they can. But damn heroin is gradually leaving the Russian market, being replaced by chemical drugs from China, they are much cheaper and more accessible, because The Federal Drug Control Service does not have time to add them to the list of narcotic drugs. In China itself, the death penalty is envisaged for poisoning, there seems to be no war or anarchy, but drugs are flowing freely to Russia, is it really the policy of the friendly Chinese government to destroy the mobilization potential of Siberia and the Far East? Here in Novosibirsk, Chinese chemistry is sold according to the usual advertisements on poles and bus stops, recently one was caught "and seized about 100 kg of drugs and their analogues, as well as brands impregnated with drugs. The police assume that the drugs were manufactured at one of the chemical plants in China. we got to Novosibirsk in parcels by train. The police are still awaiting drug supplies through this channel. " Just think, made at a chemical plant! But where did Afghanistan get stuck with its handicraft, long traffic and numerous bribes? It's simple, the company produces drugs and sends them to recipients in Russia, the composition was slightly changed and it no longer falls into the list of prohibited, 21st century damn ...
    1. dark_65
      dark_65 27 June 2013 11: 24
      The fight against drugs is no longer the state’s business, THIS IS OUR BUSINESS.
      In Voronezh, Gypsies are really covered by cops, point to Dynamo Ost. could not close for ten years.
      Garbage is beneficial, informants.
      1. Nayhas
        Nayhas 27 June 2013 12: 18
        Above the "trash" there are both the Federal Drug Control Service and the FSB, which do not care about the "trash", so draw conclusions about who is protecting whom ...
        1. dark_65
          dark_65 27 June 2013 13: 53
          I take in the heap. The whole camarilla, or do you see the difference between them?
          1. Nayhas
            Nayhas 27 June 2013 21: 24
            Of course, they are somehow not friends with each other, this should be taken into account. Faces, for example, will not miss the opportunity to make a "stick" on the cops for a bribe from the huckster, the FSKN somehow does not touch much, after all, a related office ...
  8. treskoed
    treskoed 27 June 2013 09: 16
    They know the names, surnames and what representatives of these surnames trap

    The names and surnames of those who must fight them are known, by the way for a decent salary, so what's the problem?
  9. SAM0SA
    SAM0SA 27 June 2013 09: 17
    Grass, plan, nasvay, porridge - these are the beginning of the end ...
  10. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 27 June 2013 09: 22
    Catching drug dealers or couriers and directly on the spot to force them to gobble up their goods, this will certainly help, a humane fight against drugs, so to speak.
  11. Mareman Vasilich
    Mareman Vasilich 27 June 2013 09: 40
    This article is the answer to those who always considered the entry of Soviet troops into Afghanistan to be incorrect. When Soviet troops were Soviet in Afghanistan, the Russian people did not know what drugs were at all, as soon as the Americans came there, and our country and the whole world became littered with drugs.
    1. ale-x
      ale-x 27 June 2013 10: 06
      That's right, but there is one BUT. Many Soviet people met drugs there. Just do not say that this is not so.
      1. Karlsonn
        Karlsonn 27 June 2013 11: 33
        Quote: ale-x
        Many Soviet people met drugs there. Just do not say that this is not so.

        How many are many?
        How many drug addicts were in the USSR in 1985?
        1. Nayhas
          Nayhas 28 June 2013 06: 09
          Quote: Karlsonn
          How many drug addicts were in the USSR in 1985?

          Who then counted what? Then everything was "fine", continuous optimism and the CPSS, even in April of the following year they tried to hide the scale of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, like a so-so, a small emergency, until a radioactive cloud covered Europe ...
          1. Karlsonn
            Karlsonn 28 June 2013 11: 53
            Quote: Nayhas
            But who then thought that?

            KGB !!!

            Quote: Nayhas
            solid optimism and KPSS

            Do you see me also putting the Soviet and fascist systems on the same shelf?

            Quote: Nayhas
            even in April of the following year, they tried to hide the scale of the Chernobyl accident

            a year after the Chernobyl accident in Japan, the largest accident at the nuclear power plant happened, do you know about this? Was this reported in the media? And then I somehow missed. By the way, the emission of radiation and the radioactive cloud in Japan was also there, and you know what? Japan did not inform any of its neighbors.
            1. Nayhas
              Nayhas 1 July 2013 22: 48
              Quote: Karlsonn
              Do you see me also putting the Soviet and fascist systems on the same shelf?

              The fascist system existed in Italy, in Germany they built national socialism. You are probably an ardent follower of communism? Indeed, the Communists called the fascists all Western governments, so you should clarify what kind of fascism you have in mind. I do not put them on one shelf, but draw parallels. The National Socialist German Labor Party and the Russian Social-Democratic Labor Party (Bolsheviks) have much in common. The color of the banner, symbols, punitive organs, ways to solve problems and attitude to religion. Everything was built on hatred, we have a class, they have a national, so there is a lot in common. Even the holidays were celebrated by the same ones, on May 1, November 7 (in Germany the truth was celebrated on November 8). For you, of course, blasphemy is such a comparison, because later two systems converged in a bloody war, but until June 22, 1941. they were allies, even the war began almost simultaneously with an attack on Poland with a difference of 16 days ...

              Quote: Karlsonn
              a year after the Chernobyl accident in Japan, the largest accident at the nuclear power plant happened, do you know about this?

              I don’t know, probably even the Japanese themselves don’t know, enlighten ...
              1. Misantrop
                Misantrop 1 July 2013 23: 02
                Quote: Nayhas
                I don’t know, probably even the Japanese themselves don’t know, enlighten ...

                They don't know for sure. This is a word about the "openness" of the capitalist media. And there were many accidents. Here's an example:
                Accident at Tokaymoor nuclear facility
                True, Wikipedia, as always, misinterpreted. Everything there was far from being as harmless as described in it. And the radiation of Vavilov-Cherenkov gives not a blue flash, but an emerald green glow. Very beautiful, he admired. Moreover, it itself shines in the visible spectrum and is absolutely harmless. And not at the time of radiation, but after its termination ...
                1. Nayhas
                  Nayhas 2 July 2013 07: 45
                  That was in 1999. and this accident has long been known, no one hid it. Alexei Carlson claims that in 1987 there was an accident comparable to Chernobyl, but it was supposedly hidden from everyone ... The point is not whether the accident was or not, but the government’s reaction, after the Mayak accident, began to be evacuated only a week later! After the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant only the next day ...
                  1. Misantrop
                    Misantrop 2 July 2013 14: 51
                    Quote: Nayhas
                    The point is not whether the accident was or not, but the reaction of the government

                    Well, what is the reaction of the Japanese government to the fact that at least one of the emergency units at the Fukushima nuclear power plant is still Not repaid? She is there at all, this government reaction? Nuclear, that is, the 131st iodine in the samples testifies to this. He just DOESN'T HERE to tackle the canceled installations
        2. Denis
          Denis 28 June 2013 15: 47
          Quote: Karlsonn
          How many drug addicts were in the USSR in 1985?
          Comrade, I don’t know the numbers, and they are rash
          And the situation ... Then in the south who wanted to smoke grass, but they didn’t have to sit down on it. More units, literally units, they were somewhat wise with poppy seeds. Someone was spreading with morphine, but it was difficult to buy it as a state secret. They knew from films and international panoramas. Well, only socks and shirts were synthetic.
          It all started with SQV. You can’t buy drugs for rubles, but here’s the opportunity to convert, remember when the 88th article of the Criminal Code was canceled and it started ...
          Of course, this is not the main one, but only one of the main reasons
    2. Nayhas
      Nayhas 27 June 2013 10: 14
      When Soviet troops entered Afghanistan, the first drug flow to the USSR went along with demobels and cargoes from Afgan. Having entered Afghanistan, the USSR opened a drug "Pandora's box", in the early 90s (when no one expected the presence of US troops there) drugs flooded into Russia, and the peak of supplies fell just when the Taliban came to power (this was indicated for those who naively believed that the Taliban were allegedly fighting drugs). So Vasilich you are deeply mistaken ...
      1. poquello
        poquello 27 June 2013 11: 55
        "When Soviet troops entered Afghanistan, together with demobels and cargoes from Afgan, the first flow of drugs went to the USSR. Having entered Afghanistan, the USSR opened a drug" Pandora's box ","

        Hemp and poppy did not grow before that?
        1. Nayhas
          Nayhas 27 June 2013 12: 22
          Grew, even grown for industry, but if some smoked grass, then there were few who used intravenously, while all of them were from a thieves' brotherhood, while young people had an extremely vague idea about drugs.
        2. Karlsonn
          Karlsonn 27 June 2013 13: 58
          Quote: poquello
          Hemp and poppy did not grow before that?
          1. Gari
            Gari 27 June 2013 14: 34
            Cannabis production:
            Until the middle of the XIX century. hemp oil played in the diet of the Eastern Slavs the same role that sunflower plays now, and fried seeds were used instead of seeds. Also, oil is used for the production of paint paints.
            From cannabis extracts, drugs are produced against glaucoma, phantom pains, soothing tinctures.
            Hemp oil perfectly copes with the healing of damaged skin, normalizes dry skin and helps with inflammation.
            1. nov_tech.vrn
              nov_tech.vrn 27 June 2013 15: 40
              technical hemp practically does not contain narcotic substances, you will not kill from all this sheaf, you will only cough.
              1. Karlsonn
                Karlsonn 27 June 2013 19: 18
                Quote: nov_tech.vrn
                technical hemp practically does not contain narcotic substances, you will not kill from all this sheaf, you will only cough.

                Have you checked it yourself?
            2. Denis
              Denis 28 June 2013 15: 50
              Quote: Gari
              Cannabis Production
              Priorities changed, then such an icon was interpreted differently
    3. Hleb
      Hleb 27 June 2013 14: 43
      og) even when our contingent was in Afghanistan, we therefore did not know about gays, liberals, the sale of children, etc. ... yes?
  12. pensioner
    pensioner 27 June 2013 10: 30
    Thank you very much for the article to Alexey! The topic is painful - you won’t say anything ... But it seems to me that one important thing is missed when fighting drug addicts. Namely: the medium itself generating them is not destroyed. Why am I. The drug has become some kind of fashionable device, a mandatory application to a carefree secured life (there is another pole, but not about it ...). Pops, all-night dance floors, club parties, entertainment on TV from morning to night ... You look - and the country is dancing every night !! And he sings (as if he sings)! Having fun! Now, if this entertainment is not cleared, then there will be no sense in the fight against drug addiction. You can’t block all the channels if you line up for pills ... It is necessary to create an atmosphere of intolerance in society for all drug addiction practices. Propaganda, demonstration courts (executions are also not bad), deprivation of social rights for existing drug addicts and similar tough measures ... But we must start with the destruction of the environment.
  13. Valery-SPB
    Valery-SPB 27 June 2013 10: 31
    I remembered an old Jewish joke. The young lawyer-son proudly informs the old lawyer-father that he won the case, which he had led for 20 years. - We have been fed from this business for the whole 20 years! - answered the old wise Jew.

    The young man bought the drug from a seller he knew near the market. They took the boy far from the market, grabbed and held his hands on "stretching", until he was brought to the strong point and the drug was seized in front of witnesses.

    Together with other case materials, it followed that the seller was well known to the employees, but! But they did not touch him. I don’t know, maybe they fed on him, but such untouchable sellers are beneficial for servicemen, providing good indicators, allegedly, in the fight against drug trafficking. The seller provided regular employees for new criminal cases

    By the way, that part of the city was ahead of everyone in the "successful fight" against drug trafficking.
    1. ale-x
      ale-x 27 June 2013 16: 46
      This is the norm. Everywhere this system works.
  14. Tambov we ...
    Tambov we ... 27 June 2013 10: 46
    That's interesting - they say that the police do not have enough people to fight against drug death ... But there is enough cops every 50 meters, on both sides of the road, from Azov to Rostov-on-Don (40 km) ... Personally I watched when the next Moscow cone rolled into my city.
  15. bubla5
    bubla5 27 June 2013 11: 28
    You have to go to gypsy quarters with a grenade launcher, you get a charge in the bunker's house-owner, you can go along with the house, it’s undermining the foundations of the state, and until there is the leadership of the FAS team, the drug will walk around Russia uncontrollably or vice versa under control
    1. MrFYGY
      MrFYGY 27 June 2013 11: 36
      Why do they spoil them in their feeder?
    2. Yuriwhite
      Yuriwhite 27 June 2013 13: 15
      Exactly. Gypsies are 30-40 percent of the problems. All of them must be collected in Chukotka.
  16. poquello
    poquello 27 June 2013 11: 35
    "that the system of combating drug trafficking and drug addiction as such is ineffective in our country"

    Until they begin to plant roofers, organizers and middle links - it will be so, and worse.
  17. 128mgb
    128mgb 27 June 2013 11: 38
    Maybe it's time to adopt the Chinese experience? And in public in the square.
  18. Alex66
    Alex66 27 June 2013 11: 49
    Everything seems to be good, but it just bothers me that the Federal Drug Control Service asks for 150 billion rubles to implement this program.
    This clarifies a lot, in the Sverdlovsk region. For 15 years the organization "City without drugs" has been fighting on a volunteer basis, about a year ago (when apparently a billion smelled) a governor's office appeared with a very similar name "Ural without drugs" with a similar emblem and began not to fight drugs, but to fight " A city without drugs ", instead of joining forces and crushing the drug trade.
  19. lemal
    lemal 27 June 2013 11: 50
    Well done !!! How many peers have gone into the other world. We are a nation !!! And not nationalists !!!
  20. sanych your division
    sanych your division 27 June 2013 12: 09
    all points and dealers with suppliers are known to drug control. I can swear. close everything and cut the channels - the operation is simple in all plans. why not done? and why will they then feed? it is necessary to shoot not only merchants but also corrupt cops. then there will be sense.
  21. ed65b
    ed65b 27 June 2013 12: 29
    I will tell you a little from personal experience. I lived in Irkutsk in the area of ​​3-village, this is a city. The "village" is inhabited by representatives of the Russian and Gypsy nationalities, and of the Gypsies, only the Baron has a good house, the rest like everyone else. Gerych traded there around the clock without interruption for lunch and sleep. 100% of Roma children and husbands were drug addicts. In the mornings, a militia lawn with a carriage came and collected the dead junkies, stacked them like firewood and took them away. Local police regularly ambushed drug addicts, seized heroin and resold them through the same hucksters. And also collected tribute from them. somehow in a conversation one cop said "why should we close a point if another one immediately opens about which we will not know" and, accordingly, make money on it. I think everything is also happening now. No wonder the deputy of the main fighter against drug addicts is the richest official and his wife is just a unique businessman
    1. Penachet
      Penachet 27 June 2013 13: 03
      I will tell you a little from personal experience.

      I’ll also tell you from personal experience. For a glass of tea with the current employee of the Federal Drug Control Service ...
      We, says, everyone has their own dealers, who have fewer stars, fewer dealers, who have more stars, respectively, and more dealers. They wanted to cover them, for the lack of results, so right away they took 200kg. And they took the left, those who they don’t pay. That's how they fight drugs.
      1. Grigorich 1962
        Grigorich 1962 27 June 2013 16: 41
        m yes .... shake the entire FSKN service so that ...... I don’t want to swear ...
  22. Petergut
    Petergut 27 June 2013 12: 33
    In addition to huge revenues, the drug business is used as a serious means of weakening a strategic rival.
    This tactic in history has already been tested by Britain and the British East India Campaign, which at that time was a supranational organization of imperialists.
    At the time of the colonization of India by the British crown, China was a completely independent state with an independent foreign and domestic policy, developed trade relations, both regional and global, as they would say now. China's share in world GDP was up to 30%. A completely adequate response was given to an attempt to direct external pressure from Britain and France.
    And then Britain, in the territories of the so-called "golden triangle", organized the production of opium and the supply of this drug to China. Yes, there were opium censers in Europe, but there this tradition did not take root and was perceived as exotic.
    After a short time, smoking opium in China became a mass phenomenon. The population began to degrade. A thoroughly corrupt bureaucracy, and a decrepit system of government, could not withstand this scourge.
    However, seeing the menacing nature of the problem, the emperor made a number of decisions. The possibility of free movement and trade in the territory of the state for foreign traders was completely limited. Trade was conducted through the ports of Macau and Hong Kong with strict customs control.
    Then the British East India Campaign organized the smuggling of opium. But that was not enough. And then a provocation was organized in the port of Macau. Britain's more progressive war machine defeated the Chinese forces. The importer was forced to admit defeat. A ceasefire was concluded with the abolition of trade restrictions. Opium again became a daily occurrence in the country. Both the poor and the rich, young and old, men and women smoked. The population has degraded.
    In less than 100 years, China from the subject of international politics was lowered to the level of the object. And then, in general, it is divided between the European powers. China's economy was multiplied by 0. By the way, even the Russian Empire had a hand in the section.
    The parallels with the current state of affairs are obvious.
    And only Mao Zudong through severe repression solved this problem. For the use of opium was put to death. By the way, who does not know, anti-drug legislation in modern China is one of the most stringent in the world. You can get to the local prison for 10-15 years for a pigtail, and for toggle with any drugs there the death penalty is imposed.
    Something like this. If you made a mistake in the details, correct.

    Ps By the way, in Belarus they really struggle with this problem. I will not dissemble, as a young man, I sometimes smoked weed. Then it could be simply bought at one of the many "points". Then I tied up with this case and ceased to be interested. About a year ago, a comrade familiar with this issue said that now people are easily imprisoned for spreading weed. Getting the weed is a huge problem, those who suffer almost months in advance sign up in a queue. Spice is fully equated with drugs and crap all sorts of formulas. Well, I can't even imagine open trade, as in the videos attached to the article.
  23. Averias
    Averias 27 June 2013 12: 34
    Against the background of multi-formula drugs (spice, salts and their derivatives), heroin already looks dull (especially since it reaches the consumer fairly diluted). And here is everything that is created using the JWH250. it is a scourge and a threat to the younger generation. A single use of synthetics causes irreversible changes in the brain. We are at least somehow trying to shout to the government about the presence of this threat. In "civilized" countries (Europe), this has long become a national problem, but they hide it, they keep silent about it. In the elite areas of London (Soho), in clubs, they have been using this stuff for a long time. Amphitamines and their derivatives are not held in high esteem. It is understandable why waste time and money on a chemical laboratory if the concentrate of the same JWH250 is enough for a huge number of doses. Doctors howl because there is no antidote, no means to do tests, they simply don’t know how to help, because they have no idea what substance was used. The narcotics themselves (saline) say that every time you take a cat in a bag, and the effect may not be predictable.
    And we all talk about some programs, some plans. Tales are told that these substances do not fall under the law, as they are multi-formula. And if you change one comma in it, then this is another substance. Your mother, let’s issue a law where it will be written: A chemical substance that changes consciousness is a drug. This is a national security threat. Crazy houses are bursting with these salt-men.
    Heroin needs to be produced, cleaned, delivered. And this muck is done locally. The same "spice", took any herb (dill), sprayed it from a balloon, and the whole product is ready. here the profit is 1000%. Therefore, this is happening. Too much is fed from this feeder.

    PS I remember the time when the ban on codeine-containing drugs was introduced. How many screams there were, they say grandmothers will die, because the tooth hurts and there is no pain relief. That this is all nonsense, then and there. Banned, and that, yes, there really were fewer "crocodiles". Although some pharmacies still sell from under the floor. The drug business is such an Eldorado, to eradicate it in the bud is a utopia. There are too many stakeholders. And ordinary people are dying.
  24. Apologet.Ru
    Apologet.Ru 27 June 2013 12: 40
    There is a war against Russia, its people, a war to exterminate the gene pool of the Russian nation with hundreds of thousands, if not millions of killed and mutilated people, tens of millions of mutilated fates. And it is a fact! Everything else is from the evil one! And if we accept what has happened and is being committed every minute for the fact of aggression, i.e. the term "war", then the rules against the enemy must be adequate! As the leader of the world proletariat said - “to fight like that in a military way!” It would be ridiculous if during the Great Patriotic War they fought against fascist Germany using the measures of the Criminal Code! Not? What is the difference now? Only in contrast to that war, hundreds of thousands of deaths of Russian people cynically earn millions and billions of fortunes, while finding a lot of excuses to bleach these demonic deeds. This problem can be solved, but only if the laws of war are applied to the entire drug chain, without exception: “A la guerre comme a la guerre” - “In war, as in war”. And the delay in this war is similar for the Russian nation and the Russian people! "Get up the huge country, get up to the mortal battle!" ...
  25. Flooding
    Flooding 27 June 2013 12: 45
    Quote: Volodin Alexey
    Russia fights drugs, drugs fight Russia

    How Russia is struggling with drugs can be judged by bleak statistics.
    But the drugs are certainly not fighting, they are killing Russia.
  26. individual
    individual 27 June 2013 12: 48
    Where the state machine does not work effectively, there appear the mythological "White Arrow" - the fight against corruption and organized crime, as in the publication of the IAS (Youth Anti-Drug Special Forces).
    The people want to believe in their real opposition to evil.
    At the state level, services created to combat drug addiction are mired in bureaucratic and ostentatious, one-time work for the public.
    Spiders weaving the drug web must be crushed at all levels of government. am
  27. raddy13
    raddy13 27 June 2013 12: 57
    For the distribution of drugs it is necessary, as in some countries of Asia, to be shot, or else they play in democracy.
    And whoever takes himself will die.
  28. Manager
    Manager 27 June 2013 12: 57
    There was such a proposal to partially legalize "Marijuana". They say there is less harm than tobacco and everyone will switch from hard drugs to "Marijuana" at once.
    As for me, it’s better to drink vodka sometimes to remove stress. And it’s even better to play sports and eat right and throw all this nonsense out of my head.
    My suggestions.
    1) Selling policemen - the death penalty.
    2) Drug dealers - the death penalty.
    3) Drug users imprisoned in a special clinic for a year.
    4) Advocacy for sports.
    5) Truly free sports and other sections.
    6) Responsibility for parents.
    7) Stimulation of district officers for a deeper study of the area.

    But again, the main task now is to clean the ranks of the police. What does the starting head and then to the PPS. Namely, a lie detector and once a week a narcologist + psychologist.
    Otherwise, they all hide behind their titles and "crusts".
    We have 1 problem in our country. This is a law that should be equal for everyone. But in our country, the law applies only to the poor, weak, elderly, etc. But not to ryah sitting in posts and titles!
    1. Grigorich 1962
      Grigorich 1962 27 June 2013 16: 38
      I subscribe
  29. Yuriwhite
    Yuriwhite 27 June 2013 13: 03
    Colleagues! Let me express my opinion as a former opera of the NON service:
    1. An effective state program for combating drug addiction is required, and clause 2
    2. A normal NON service is needed - now NONE is engaged in everything for the MVD FSKN FSB GRU and so on - ONE service is needed in cooperation with other services.
    3. The FSKN service in its current form is subject to complete reformation - I would say total purge. For I know some generals personally - they are still m ... t "fighters"
    4. Drug addiction, unfortunately, has leverage at the very top of the government and it is not clear what to do about it - for business with such a profit will be fought by any means and who will be d'Artagnan is completely unclear - alas. We need some kind of "untouchable" service.
    5. It is necessary to shift the brains of youth from the other side - we have been corrupted for 20 years and continue. Need an idea for youth.
    6. Let's finally say honestly - addiction is incurable! And all sorts of clinics and stuff is all bullshit. The only way is a labor camp in Chukotka without communication with the mainland for 10 years. Who dies he dies - alas. I’ve seen enough at all stages - you don’t even imagine what a drug addict is capable of per dose.
    7. Well, and the return of old personnel, even consultants.
    1. Hleb
      Hleb 27 June 2013 14: 38
      you tell us. Above wrote that the operation can not be carried out without a statement, control purchase. This is where such opinions come from?
    2. Tambov we ...
      Tambov we ... 27 June 2013 15: 25
      Do you know how mass drug addiction began? In the early 70s, all of a sudden, for no reason, no reason, jokes began to appear (intelligently enlightened - human rights activists tried, - well, well, well, advanced, they had jeans, unlike suckers from Uryupinsk (another topic of humiliation us)), in which about the marijuana, and then about the plan. Yes, the capital was the first to know about it, but in the quiet outback no gu-gu, - vodka, and most understood moonshine. And in the 80s, the guys began to stuff themselves with all sorts of nasty things (there was no heroin yet), and mostly the student masses are the most "understanding". And here is the frontier (1990s) - the stupefied herd is prepared, bananas pulled on the ass and forward, with flooded eyes ...
    3. Grigorich 1962
      Grigorich 1962 27 June 2013 16: 37
      for sure ... I’m ready to go to the frames myself .... I’m not for sale .... I’m determined to fight hard ... for an adult
  30. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 27 June 2013 13: 15
    The whole simple truth is that those who, on duty, are obliged to fight the turnover of a narcotic potion often themselves cover dealers and are tied up in this very turnover ...
    So far, this will continue about no struggle against the drug mafia in Russia and there is nothing to say. It's empty ...
  31. Bezarius
    Bezarius 27 June 2013 13: 20
    I think it’s worth punishing those who buy this rubbish, because they create demand, ensure the development of the industry, in fact, are partners.
  32. ed65b
    ed65b 27 June 2013 13: 22
    Quote: YuriWhite
    6. Let's finally say honestly - addiction is incurable! And all sorts of clinics and stuff is all bullshit.

    I subscribe to every word. Of my friends in the yard guys 80% went gold on someone from an overdose, others knowingly because they realized that fighting without it is useful. In my practice, only ONE person has stopped using ONE heroin. addiction is incurable.
  33. silver_roman
    silver_roman 27 June 2013 13: 23
    Respect to the guys, but unfortunately they are already chopping the seeds, not the roots. you need to burn freak houses, from which dealers disperse ... and then there will be some sense. But again, the animals hunting this all have a serious roof, and our heroes, just schoolchildren and students, who will be extremely dangerous to encounter such reptiles ...
    it’s sad that the police and authorities are not doing anything, but the situation is really scary ...
  34. My address
    My address 27 June 2013 13: 41
    In Joburg (svrdl) the administration of the region and the city, together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Drug Control Service, is intensively fighting the "City without drugs" E. Roizman.

    "City" is the only one to fight drug addiction, starting from the spread. Yes, he is not without sin, but these are completely .......................... But they, shameless, even created the structure "Ural without drugs". They created it, starting with the leaders, but without specific deeds. Kuinenashie graphomaniacs. Kuyvashev is a governor, he seems to have started with the pre-village council in the north of Tyumen.

    But in addition to Minister Kolokolnikov - he introduced the responsibility of superiors in the nastiness of subordinates. For information, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reveals more drug accidents than the Federal Drug Control Service. Maybe FSKN is not profitable to work well, overclocked? Can quickly disperse the Federal Drug Control Service, is there more sense from the Ministry of Internal Affairs? And from the head of the Federal Drug Control Service flaying annual content and the mines in Bodaibo? In the company Kuysya.
  35. washi
    washi 27 June 2013 13: 44
    There was an officer with shoals complaining. Get rid. Serves in drug control
  36. Yuriwhite
    Yuriwhite 27 June 2013 13: 47
    Quote: My address
    Can quickly disperse FSKN, from the Ministry of Internal Affairs more sense? And from the head of the Federal Drug Control Service to tear off the annual contents and to the mines in Bodaibo?

    Exactly. Here the trick is that the Ministry of Internal Affairs is more open than the Federal Drug Control Service and it is much more difficult to hide something.
    In general, we need the Directorate of NON under the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs in the structure of the OOP, as it actually was before the Federal Drug Control Service. We have always worked together with the UOPA SOBR - great guys!
    1. lilit.193
      lilit.193 27 June 2013 16: 19
      Quote: YuriWhite
      Quote: My address
      Can quickly disperse FSKN, from the Ministry of Internal Affairs more sense? And from the head of the Federal Drug Control Service to tear off the annual contents and to the mines in Bodaibo?

      Exactly. Here the trick is that the Ministry of Internal Affairs is more open than the Federal Drug Control Service and it is much more difficult to hide something.

      Well yes! Do you think that the cops will not protect the drug trade? They have been protecting her for a long time.
      So until the people rise and outweigh all of these merchants, along with their hosts, there will be no sense.
      And the guys are great! If all of them were there, all this dirt would have been demolished long ago!
  37. ed65b
    ed65b 27 June 2013 13: 49
    There is one more, uncontrolled migration from the countries of Central Asia. In Irkutsk, a Tadjic child arrived with a hilinky, almost smeared with feces. Cherz for a year looking at the Kruzak apartment on Yubik. I asked the boys - the huckster carries the hero. Burned then did not share. And how many are there throughout the country. the golden dream of any gastronomist is to find a "way out" and secure the gerych. An Afghan man drags a bag of gera across the river for 5 ye. Can you imagine the exhaust?
  38. Masterzserg
    Masterzserg 27 June 2013 14: 26
    I really like Tesak’s opinion on drugs, although I don’t agree. He believes that it is necessary to organize the free sale of drugs at very low prices so that all drug addicts get slammed to death in a couple of months, so he believes that drug addicts will die out and serve as an example for those who want to try, in short the race will be cleansed ... But it seems to me human stupidity is too great for the example of others to serve as a lesson for themselves - with most people this is the story, it seems to me.

    Well, I think that something radical needs to be done with our cops. Because they generally do not work in this direction. I had the stupidity to write a complaint to the presidential administration, about the state of affairs in our area, that the police are inactive, that hashish is smoked on a bench in the yard, that hundreds of syringes are lying around in a forest park, that drugs are sold in the subway on Komsomolskaya without much palette, white bags, yes brown round;) In general, I dripped in full on our valiant ... And the administration did not come up with anything smarter than sending my revelation and observations to those whom I actually complained about, that is, to the local department, from there a call immediately rang out, to mobile!!! were not too lazy to find out all my data. Well, in a hateful manner, they explained that the letter was a mistake, and that it would not be bad to talk to me, and that this was not the last conversation with them, and in that spirit. Yes! I also wrote about the casino, which is closed on cameras with such noise and pride, in programs like an emergency, they say they again found an UNDERGROUND CASINO, they knew about it, they say, a narrow circle of gambling people, although without any prompt action I periodically notice such "underground" casino, and it seems that they are not very much into the underground. That's it.
    1. ed65b
      ed65b 27 June 2013 14: 58
      do not give back, dear, go to the end, once you get involved in this fight, fight. For this, our gratitude and bow to you.
    2. My address
      My address 27 June 2013 14: 59
      I fully believe, it is quite possible that you also omitted some points. A system that tests itself is idiotic and could end badly. These are our "strong" upper hand guides.
    3. Manager
      Manager 27 June 2013 15: 26
      Quote: Masterzserg
      I was stupid to write a complaint to the presidential administration,

      I've always been curious, but if you do not write 1, but let's say 150 people like that. Will they all call 150 with threats?
      In my opinion, 90% of these very "policemen" should be fired and residents of the district should take their place on the basis of voting and trust. No other way. It’s just such a thing that it’s scary to live in the country. It's scary after the sun comes into the street to go out with the girl for a walk. There are drunks, there are drug addicts, there is a thread that beats, and so on .... In general, we live happily. And so everywhere. Something to do with the police.
    4. sergey261180
      sergey261180 27 June 2013 16: 29
      I believe that something radical should be done with our cops
      Work try HA HA!

      living conditions: prisoners of Kharpov colony will be transferred to European standard cells

      After the renovation of the new building of the special regime colony No. 18 of Kharpa ("Polar Owl", Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug), prisoners who received life sentences will be transferred to cells of the European standard. For taxpayers' money, comfortable "housing" can be obtained, among other things, by former Major Evsyukov and the "Bitsevsky maniac".

      Thanks to the federal concept for the development of the penitentiary system, the construction of comfortable cells for prisoners serving life sentences is being carried out in IK No. 18. The program is designed until 2020 and is fully funded by their federal budget.

      As Nakanune.RU was informed in the press service of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia for Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, the first three double cells were repaired. For criminals equipped rooms that meet the latest European standards. The area of ​​the chambers remained the same - 15 square meters, but the size of the windows was increased, the bathrooms are located behind the wall. The cost of arranging one such camera is over 100 thousand rubles. As the head of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia for the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug noted Igor Vaneev, earlier dormitories were built on the principle of maintaining the safety of prison staff. European cameras are also designed for the comfort of prisoners.

      It is assumed that living conditions will improve all prisoners in the colony. Including such "celebrities" as Alexander Pichushin ("Bitsevsky maniac"), a former police major who shot people in a supermarket, Denis Yevsyukov, terrorist Nur-Pasha Kulaev convicted of the seizure of school No. 1 in Beslan.

      The program is designed until 2020, during this time it is planned to build 200 cameras. The press service of the Federal Penitentiary Service correspondent told Nakanune.RU that the constructed cameras will remain uninhabited for now. Prisoners will only move to new housing after the entire building has been repaired. Timing depends on program funding.

      Alena Laskutova
  39. Massik
    Massik 27 June 2013 15: 37
    Everyone in the 60s-70s cried, they say they were cut off from the world, they opened the country, in the 80s-2000s they enjoyed, since 2005x ... they cried laughing The border to the hard filter and the end, where it will be much easier and much cheaper, cut off the Internet, there is good experience, besides your own .....
    1. Manager
      Manager 27 June 2013 15: 41
      Quote: Marssik
      chop off the internet

      You can just filter it! For what to chop off ..... By .. but to close, to forbid advertising of drugs and alcohol with tobacco, put a filter on the mat, calculate pedophiles and other ghouls .. That's all.
  40. Yarosvet
    Yarosvet 27 June 2013 16: 20
    Any problem is solved.
    If a problem is not solved for a long time, then it simply cannot be solved.
    If the problem is not solved, then it does not need the one who determines what the problem is. and what not.

    In fact, talking on this topic is meaningless: the methods of solution are known (all world experience is at your service), the thing is small - start acting, instead of chattering.
    And here I recall a very revealing example: the law on toughening responsibility for pedophilia was adopted for 15 years (determined with human rights and freedoms, with the adequacy of punishment), and as a result, they adopted an inferior surrogate. At the same time, the law on rallies was adopted within a month, not particularly reckoning with any rights - and the punishment under this law is clearly inadequate, as any punishment should be (otherwise, the act of punishment turns into an act of sale).

    From all of the above, only one conclusion can be drawn - the problem is not drug addiction per se, the problem is that addiction is very beneficial to someone at the very very top.
  41. Forest
    Forest 27 June 2013 16: 27
    The FSB does not work well, because any "point" of selling "drugs" without a "roof" from the Ministry of Internal Affairs will not last long.
    1. Manager
      Manager 27 June 2013 16: 50
      Quote: Forest
      The FSB does not work well, because any "point" of selling "drugs" without a "roof" from the Ministry of Internal Affairs will not last long.

      They all warm their hands there. From sergeant and opera to the highest ranks! 80-90% they have it mra..zi for sale! Cleaning the ranks !!!! Compliance with the law!!!! The selection of new personnel, for example, as in the USA where the applicant is fully studied and his relatives are up to 5 knees !!!! Psychologists must conduct tests !!! Patriotic education! Every day should begin with an oath and a singing hymn! The law should be used to your own life at this job !!! If you are mentally healthy, if you are a patriot and you do not care who the deputy is in front of you or the general who has violated the law, then go to the police and handcuff them in this world.
      I apologize for such emotions, but I’m probably just how many have seen enough of these lessons ... and their deeds.
      With respect to all!
      1. Forest
        Forest 28 June 2013 11: 17
        Until the patriots (nationalists) are allowed into the power structures, everything will continue - the drugs work, the cops "protect" them.
  42. Grigorich 1962
    Grigorich 1962 27 June 2013 16: 34
    Very relevant and topical. We declared a real war !!! and not to notice this is simply criminal! ... Where is the President .... where is the State Duma ?? !! .... That’s how the Duma would spread rot for drug addicts like motorists now !! .... devoted as many meetings to it and made decisions tough and efficient. And the GDP needs to be penetrated, we understand that we have declared a war and we can’t stick around with the estimated death penalty! ... Urgently lifting the moratorium on the death penalty for drug dealers and other drug dealers. Wet bases abroad using aviation and precision weapons .... and do not stand on ceremony !!!
    this is a real war ... and in it all the ways are good for achieving victory !! ... and it is ah how we need it .... otherwise the matter is bad ..... future generations will not forgive us this mistake ...
    1. Penachet
      Penachet 28 June 2013 07: 20
      Well, who perfectly understands this and knows, it’s GDP. He’s in his position and don’t know about it. It’s bad that doesn't want nothing to do with this, as well as corruption, etc. I will not continue the list.
      1. Denis
        Denis 28 June 2013 15: 53
        Quote: Penachet
        Well, who perfectly understands this and knows, it’s GDP
        Even if suddenly he didn’t know, now he knows for sure. Makarevich wrote a letter to him, opened his eyes
  43. darksoul
    darksoul 27 June 2013 17: 50
    Quote: INTER
    The problem must be sought not from outside, but within the country.

    I completely agree. In order to prevent this from happening in Afghanistan, the traffic would be blocked. Our corrupt authorities have informed the people that the young guys are joining and fighting with drugs, realizing that the authorities will not do anything and do not want to.

    How to fight:

    1. To fight corruption in law enforcement agencies ... I don’t know how to do it .... since it is there everywhere, for which end you don’t pull ... and corruption has a lot of corruption ... it turns out to be a new fight
    2. Visa control and tighten as soon as possible the entry into our country of Gaster .... and other potential carriers of infection
    3. Visitors from Asia feel at home here, they need to be reminded that they are visiting, constant checks of documents, etc.
    4. People themselves must be aware of why they live if you want a common national idea .... to ask a question, but I need to die in agony after 5-10 years of con ... m shit ... oh?
  44. Severok
    Severok 27 June 2013 19: 33
    "Today the Federal Drug Control Service announces that the service has a program according to which by 2020 the number of drug addicts in our country should decrease by no less than 30 times. The number is more than impressive, but how are the FSKN specialists planning for it? The answer of the representatives of the service is as follows - to issue grants to those organizations that are involved in the rehabilitation of drug addicts with their subsequent orientation towards life in a drug-free society. " (from)

    RADJANPHILOSOF 27 June 2013 20: 08
    In Russia, we have a lot of centuries-old projects, including turning the northern rivers and many others, if there is nowhere to direct energy, and drug addiction is theft and murder and so on, then it needs to be sent and the benefits will be such that those who want to become drug addicts will be much less and a lot of benefit will be added, and the methods and directions of the whole sea!
  46. official
    official 27 June 2013 21: 25
    In the early 2000s, I transferred to the drug business line (not in the police). All this activity in my regional center was ruled by the regional BNON. There were more than 40 outlets, all of them gypsy - opiates, herb. My commander is an officer of crystal honesty and the best opera whom I have seen in 15 years of service hit the root - we developed the BNON members, played for a year, but took 2 senior officers red-handed, with them 2 "cooks", dozens of kilograms of all sorts of nasty ... After the cotton, 10 people from BNON left on their own. They held out the case in court, everyone got real deadlines, good ones, they just came out recently. After that, the gypsies started stupidly ... We didn't need an indicator in the form of purchases, the main thing was the amount seized! (By the way, I think this is one of the problems - they give the district BNON a stick figure and be kind - 5 sales, 15 storage facilities, brothels, but where to get them? So they do not touch the dealers, but they make them indicators ...). So they began to bomb the gypsies with special forces - cars were destroyed, houses were taken by storm. Everything is within the law. Yes, they were attracted only for storage, received conditionally, once, twice, then they were still planted. But we nailed them this way. A few years later, there was not a single permanent outlet, the Roma were selling houses and traveling to other regions, and later on, opiates practically disappeared. And what? First they knocked out the opiates - came tramadol, knocked it out - the people sat on amphetamines and spice. It turned out that we ourselves prepared the ground for the emergence of stronger and more dangerous substances. The old "shirka", even though it was based on natural, is now solid chemistry. Like this.....
    1. Massik
      Massik 27 June 2013 21: 42
      If only the first, second and third would not have fought at all ... In my village there was absolutely nowhere to take drugs, the wilderness all the same. Somehow a friend comes to me, a normal guy was like, and says, "Let's get some gasoline, let's glitches like inserts. "Where did he get it, then only 3 people out of 9 thousand people had the Internet)
    2. Rodriques
      Rodriques 28 June 2013 07: 17
      Thank you, you are doing a good thing ..
  47. MG42
    MG42 27 June 2013 21: 48
    More recently, smoking mixtures were legally sold in Ukraine in kiosks, disgusting, rare, addictive .., all these outlets are often covered by cops ..
  48. nelson
    nelson 27 June 2013 22: 13
    During my service I met very few political leaders whom I could respect and therefore at first I welcomed the abolition of the institute of political forces in the army. But then I realized that a society without an idea, without ideology, without faith in the future is rapidly degrading. We were brought up in a huge and fair country (in any case, we believed in it), even if this was not so, our feet kept us in a certain field of morality. When Lenin killed the priests, he instead slipped faith in communism. When faith in communism was destroyed, nothing was given in return. We threw our children into free swimming, so they are swimming! Cave Age - Cave Morals. And demand always creates supply. Moreover, the CIA and the corresponding departments are special. operations have not yet been closed.
  49. Smoke
    Smoke 27 June 2013 22: 36
    it is necessary to severely punish the precinct for not found and not "worked out" point, preferably a reprimand with entering into the chest so that then the garbage will spit out the rest of his life with blood. Shoot drug hucksters without trial.
    1. Denis
      Denis 27 June 2013 23: 56
      Quote: Smoke
      it is necessary to severely punish the precinct officers for not found and not "worked out" point
      They would have listened to how he swore and moaned the operas. He covered the point red-handed, a ready-made case for the court. Only the boss took everything and the point traded further
      And who is there reprimand with entry into the chest so that then the garbage left over the whole life harkal to write out?
  50. Enot-poloskun
    Enot-poloskun 27 June 2013 23: 02
    Need to shoot drug dealers. It will help in the fight against drug addiction.

    But the most effective means of struggle is a person’s confidence in the future, combined with the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and a high level of culture.