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Export Chaos. Syrian militants supply weapons to destroyed Libya


Correspondents of the New York Times (NYT) discovered boxes and used cartridges from anti-tank ammunition previously sold to Colonel Gaddafi in Syria.

All of this belonged to the Afad al-Rasul group, which is fighting the Syrian army under the flag of the Supreme Military Council of the SSA. The boxes were easily identified by the 412 number in the triangle - under this symbol of the USSR and Russia, China, North Korea, Belgium and other suppliers weapons sent the colonel their products. Some even preserved the original destination address from 1980 of the year: "The Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya."

Typically, weapons shipped from Libya are light infantry and grenades, with a maximum of RPGs and mortar mines. However, in this case, boxes were found from ammunition for 106-mm M40 recoilless guns manufactured in Belgium, as well as Russian Competition-M ATGMs that no one had expected to see against Russian tanks Syrian army. These are serious anti-tank weapons.

Fawzi Bukatiff, a Libyan diplomat, ambassador to Ethiopia and at the same time a former commander of the February 17 Brigade, rebels from Benghazi, said that his sources of supplying weapons from Libya to Syria have been going for over a year. This is done by sympathizing groups, who themselves collect weapons and ammunition, and when they have accumulated enough, they send packages to the “Syrian brothers.” “It's just the enthusiasm of the Libyans helping the Syrians. The official government of Libya does not interfere in what is happening. But actually, what's the difference, ”he said.

The underground route was as follows. By plane or ship the weapon is delivered from Libya to Turkey. For example, the C-17 air transport of Qatar’s air force made three flights to Libya this January, 15 in January, 1 in February - in Tripoli and 16 in April - in Benghazi. From there, the aircraft returned to the base of El Udeid in Qatar. Then, their cargo was shipped by sea to Turkey, along with other weapons and equipment that Qatar collected for the rebels.

In Turkey, cargo receivers became a developed network of intelligence officers and opposition leaders. The Syrian rebels, along with their Qatari sponsors and the Turkish government, have developed a whole system for acquiring and distributing Libyan weapons.

According to Safi Asafi, the senior coordinator, “any detachment that wants to arm itself with Libyan weapons appeals through the Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army for permission from the Turkish authorities and receives it. Weapons come to Syria, and here everyone gets their share. " Usually, the SSA takes 20% of supplies to individual groups and distributes them among the rest. However, the percentage of seizures depends on the status and influence of the group; they can take more from insignificant ones.

Further, the rebels, in accordance with their internal preferences, are armed by completely underprivileged groups. Usually, external polite is observed, and the most odious and forbidden groups do not supply weapons. However, to get around this ban costs nothing. Prohibited groups simply outbid weapons from those who got it from the SSA, or order it for themselves through dummy movements that no one had heard of before. The country has a powerful black market, in which there are enough sellers and buyers.

Thus, as soon as the weapon enters the territory of Syria, it is impossible to ensure that only “democratic rebels” become its recipients. Buyer can be anyone who has money. Consequently, the excuses about supporting only the "right militants" are meaningless - the possible transfer of weapons to insurgents from the EU and the US will in fact inevitably turn into another channel for the supply of deadly cargo from the same distribution network. She doesn’t care that one of the channels will now be official.

Earlier, the rebels delivered weapons to military transport planes of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Qatar from a wide variety of sources, including warehouses of the Warsaw Pact countries.
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  1. UPStoyan
    UPStoyan 26 June 2013 10: 27
    No wonder. After democratization in Libya, there is no longer any order. And the authorities are the same rebels who came to power in a similar way.
    1. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 26 June 2013 16: 02
      Near the Syria cruises ship electronic intelligence of the Russian Navy

      Intelligence ship 'Azov' (photo:

      In the waters of the Eastern Mediterranean, the Azov region, a medium intelligence ship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy, has been cruising for the last two weeks, reports with reference to the Israel Defense portal.

      According to the portal, the ship with the tail number ccb-201 on June 10 of this year left the Black Sea for the Mediterranean and was already in the region during the Israeli army’s major exercises of all military branches.

      The author of the article, Ronen Solomon, claims that the task of the Azov region, equipped with modern electronic reconnaissance means, is to monitor the situation around Syria in order to gather information in advance about possible actions of the NATO and Israeli armies against the Syrian government forces.
    2. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 26 June 2013 16: 03
      Syrian army repels an attempt by militants to seize the western regions of Aleppo

      On June 22-23, Islamist and FSA gangs tried to organize a series of counterattacks against the positions of the Syrian army in Aleppo. The beginning of the "battle of al-Qadesiya" was announced for the western areas of the city, which until now were under the confident control of government forces.

      On the morning of June 22, bandits armed with anti-aircraft guns, large-caliber machine guns and other heavy weapons attacked army checkpoints and buildings that, according to the bandits, are "command centers of regime forces" in the western regions of Al-Rashidin and Khaleb al-Jadid (New Aleppo).

      During fierce exchanges of fire, the militants were driven back, but they managed to gain a foothold on the outskirts of the Al-Rashidin area, which is essentially a "private sector" in the west and south-west of Aleppo. The militants failed to capture the urban area of ​​al-Jadid, although it was the main target of the attacks.

      Actions in the western regions of Aleppo were supported by Islamists in the city center and in the northwestern suburbs. The next day, June 23, fighting intensified in all areas occupied by militants - al-Rashidin, al-Leramun, al-Kallasa, Bustan al-Qasr, Sahur, Masaken Hanano.

      The army reinforcements brought into the city with the attached armored vehicles localized combat activity in the "old" conflict zones, preventing the militants from spreading hostilities throughout the city. The bandits' "offensive" into the western regions was also unsuccessful.

      By Sunday evening, the gangs remained virtually in the same positions as before the start of the "battle of al-Qadesiya". Islamists have clandestine strongholds in Al-Rashidin, Khan al-Assal, Al-Mansur. During the day, an attempt by bandit groups to break through to the Al-Wafaa and al-Zahraa areas from the al-Leramun area was repulsed.

      In the relatively calm western regions of Aleppo, under the cover of the Syrian army, a large number of refugees from the central and eastern regions of the city, captured by militants, were concentrated. Wanting to divert the attention of government forces from the north-western suburbs, gangs are going to aggravate the confrontation in Aleppo itself.
    3. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 26 June 2013 16: 04
      Russia intends to fully implement contracts for the supply of arms to Syria

      Mikhail Bogdanov (photo:

      Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov told reporters on the eve that Russia intends to fully complete the supply of arms to Syria, including means to strengthen the country's air defense.

      "Naturally, we act as a responsible partner within the framework of the concluded contracts, and I do not see any special problems here. Moreover, these supplies were associated, first of all, with strengthening the air defense of Syria, but these supplies have nothing to do with the internal Syrian conflict." - quoted by the Deputy Minister of RIA Novosti.

      "We have signed contracts that are being implemented. Some are under implementation, some have not yet been implemented. Therefore, this is a process that is carried out within the framework of our international obligations in accordance with international law. We do not violate anything, no boycotts, no prohibitions," He added.

      Mikhail Bogdanov noted that Russia is a traditional supplier of weapons to Syria, which is used to increase the country's defense capability. "The signing of contracts with the legitimate government of the SAR is our consistent and transparent policy," said the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister.
      1. Jin
        Jin 26 June 2013 18: 58
        Quote: Sith Lord
        Russia intends to fully implement contracts for the supply of arms to Syria

        Thank you so much, Vladyka, for covering the situation in Syria, otherwise you always have to surf, separating the grains from the chaff ... all the more so because it is not so simple, because the tape is lying and K has not been canceled and is not going to good
    4. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 26 June 2013 16: 04
      Syrian militants blocked Idleb

      While the Syrian army is conducting successful operations in the suburbs of Damascus and in Aleppo, Islamist and SSA gangs are trying to seize the initiative in Idleb province. This region is divided into large gangster enclaves. A number of provincial areas are controlled by government forces.

      Most of the area north and northwest of the city of Idleb is controlled by bandit groups. Under their control are Binnish, Marat-Misrin, Taftanaz, Serakib. The army controls Idleb, the Jisr al-Shugur district, vast areas east of Maarat al-Numan and part of the Jebel al-Zawiya region west of the provincial capital.

      The priority goal for extremists is the city of Idleb. Most of the villages around him so far have either not been controlled by anyone, or were under the control of bandits who constantly fired at army roadblocks around the perimeter of the city.

      On June 23, large militant forces, along with active shelling of government forces, took a number of measures to block all departures from Idleb. All cars with food and essential goods were no longer allowed into the city. Some of the goods disappeared from store shelves, prices began to rise rapidly.

      According to the Anna-News agency, the elders of Idleb tried to negotiate with the leaders of the Islamist bandit groups about allowing at least cars with food to enter the city. However, no agreements were reached. The humanitarian situation in Idleb continues to deteriorate.

      On June 24-25, army checkpoints continued to be fired upon from the side of bandit groups. Retaliatory artillery and air strikes are applied to them. The Islamists claim that there are large losses among the military and that they also have "shahids". There is no exact data on losses.

      Meanwhile, the Salafis are trying to establish their own feudal order in the occupied areas. So the head of the "Sharia court" Ukaba Barshi in the city of Serakib forced local peasants to sell the grown products to Turkish dealers for export and further sale in Turkey.
    5. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 26 June 2013 16: 06
      Ten explosions and more than 40 deaths per day in Iraq

      At the scene of the explosion of one of the cars in Ace Hurmato (photo: ap)

      At least ten mined cars exploded in different parts of the Iraqi capital on Monday, June 24. Most of the attacks were directed against Shiites and timed to their holiday (the birthday of one of the revered imams), but several explosions occurred in mixed and Sunni neighborhoods.

      One of the largest terrorist attacks occurred near the market in the Husseinia region. First, one bomb exploded, and when people gathered at the scene to help the victims, the second worked. In total, 10 people died, more than 30 were injured.

      Merchant Bassem Hazim said that he heard an explosion when he was preparing for evening prayer. He went to the scene of the attack to help the wounded, but did not manage to get to the place when the second explosion rang out.

      Another 9 people died in the mixed Jihad region in western Baghdad, the Associated Press reports. The attack occurred on a busy shopping street. Four died and nine were injured in the Shiite region of al-Shurt al-Rabea.

      Most of the attacks in Baghdad occurred in the afternoon. Explosions did not stop with the sunset. A car bomb exploded near a market in the Shiite region of New Baghdad. Three people died, 10 were injured. A few minutes later, a second bomb went off at the bus stop. Two people were killed, 8 injured. Explosions also occurred in the areas of Karrad, Nakhravan, al-Aman of the Iraqi capital.

      On the morning of the same day, a gunman crashed into a police patrol in the city of Mosul. An ordinary employee and a police officer were killed. Around the same time, two mined cars exploded in Ace Hurmato. In the city of Tikrit (130 km north of Baghdad), a terrorist activated a suicide belt on the campus of a local university.

      Interior Ministry spokesman Saad Maan Ibrahim said that al-Qaeda militants are responsible for the next series of attacks. According to him, terrorists avoid direct armed conflict with security forces and therefore attack civilian targets.
    6. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 26 June 2013 16: 07
      23 people killed in Iraq in a day as a result of terrorist attacks and armed attacks

      On the site of one of the attacks in Baghdad, June 25 (photo:

      23 people died on June 25 in an ongoing series of terrorist attacks and armed attacks in Iraq. In the northern city of Tuz Khurmato, two suicide bombers blew themselves up on the site of a tent city of protesting Turkmens. 11 people were killed, including two Turkmen leaders Ahmed Abdul-Wahid and Ali Hashim Mukhtar Oglu. Another 42 people were injured.

      According to the press secretary of Governor Ali Abdul-Rahman, the Turkmens pitched a tent camp in protest against the fact that local authorities cannot provide an adequate level of security (the explosions in Tuz Khurmato have thundered in the last two days). Protesters gathered at the grave of the deceased the day before and at that moment a suicide bomber blew himself up, the Iranian Press-TV channel reports.

      Another incident occurred on the road between the cities of Musaib and Iskandaria, 55 kilometers south of Baghdad, where militants fired on a bus with Shiite pilgrims. Three were killed, several more were injured. In the Al-Amin area in southeastern Baghdad, militants fired from a passing car fired at a temple, wounding three local militia guards.

      A minibus was blown up in southeast Baghdad, killing three people and injuring five others. In the northern city of Mosul, IEDs exploded in a local cafe. Four people were killed, 15 injured.

      Recent months have become the bloodiest in Iraq since the withdrawal of US troops. Terrorist attacks occur almost daily. On June 24, 42 people were killed as a result of explosions and shelling by militants of extremist groups. June 23 killed 11 people. June 22 - 24.

      In May 2013, more than 1000 people died as a result of terrorist attacks and armed attacks. Most of the killings were organized by Islamists from Jabhat al-Nusra and other groups associated with al-Qaeda. Militants are trying to unleash a full-scale civil war in Iraq, similar to the Syrian one.
    7. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 26 June 2013 16: 08
      Israel launched airstrikes in response to Palestinian shelling

      On the night of Monday, June 24, militants from the Gaza Strip fired at least six rockets into Israel. The "Tseva adom" alarm went off in various settlements in the Negev and in Ashkelon.

      Two missiles exploded in the Bnei Shimon area, four flew towards Ashkelon, two of which were intercepted by the Iron Dome, the rest exploded in the Hof Ashkelon area in open terrain. Nobody was injured during the rocket attacks, no material damage was caused either, reports

      Soon after the missile attack, Israeli aircraft struck three rounds in Gaza. In addition, by the decree of the head of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Moshe Yaalon, checkpoints at the sector’s border were closed. During an air raid, two depots with weapons in the center of Gaza were attacked, as well as a site for launching missiles in the south of the sector.

      Israel blamed the rocket attack on Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip. However, not a single group took responsibility.

      This was the second shelling of Ashkelon in the past week. The first was recorded on June 19 in the morning. Three missiles were initially reported. Later only one fall was confirmed. Then the IDF decided not to respond with air strikes.

      As noted by the Palestinian agency maan, the rocket attack on Sunday was carried out against the background of the escalating conflict between Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, after one of the leaders of the Al-Quds Brigades was killed on 23 June.

      According to afp, on Sunday, Hamas police killed one of the leaders of the Islamic Jihad militant wing, Raed Hundia, 38, while he was at his home. According to the head of the Hamas government's Interior Ministry, the police were forced to open fire on the activist after he himself started shooting.

      The "Islamic Jihad" said that the organization will cease cooperation with Hamas, at least until the investigation of the incident is completed. In turn, representatives of Hamas urge to wait for all the details of what happened.

      As reported last week, the Hamas terrorist organization formed a special unit of 600 militants to prevent rocket attacks on Israeli territory during the ceasefire. This subdivision was created under pressure from Egypt.

      Since early 2013, the intensity of shelling from Gaza has been the lowest in 10 years. The ceasefire agreement was concluded with the mediation of Egypt during the Israeli anti-terrorist operation "Cloud Pillar", which ended on November 21, 2012.
    8. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 26 June 2013 16: 08
      Israel accused Syria of organizing shelling of Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip

      IDF Brigadier General Yoav Mordechai

      The Israeli military has found an unexpected culprit in the rocket attacks on Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip by the militants of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group. IDF spokesman Brigadier General Yoav Mordechai said the Palestinians were acting on orders from Damascus.

      Bashar al-Assad is clearly not interested in inciting Palestinians to action against Israel, in a situation where Tell Aviv and the West are just waiting to start a military operation against Syria. Now, probably, if there is no water in the taps of Israeli citizens, the Syrian leader will be appointed guilty.

      At the same time, the Israelis accused the shelling of the Hamas movement, which, with the outbreak of the war in Syria, came out of the orbit of the influence of Assad and Shiite Iran allied to him, RIA Novosti reported.

      Let us remind that the day before, the south of Israel was fired upon by six rockets from the Gaza Strip, two of which were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense batteries. In response to this bombardment, the Israel Air Force responded with airstrikes against targets in the Palestinian enclave.

      Representatives of the Islamic Jihad movement declared that they were not involved in the shelling of Israel. So far, no Palestinian faction has claimed responsibility for the incident.
    9. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 26 June 2013 16: 13
      Fresh video from Syria

      Counter-terrorist operation in Al Kabun. Reconnaissance in battle, a bridgehead. (part 1)

      Brief summary of the situation in Syria for June 23, 2013

      Brief summary of the situation in Syria for June 24, 2013

      Brief summary of the situation in Syria for June 25, 2013
      1. Che
        Che 26 June 2013 20: 38
        The country of Syria was beautiful; rats, with the assistance of the West, systematically destroy it. Critters. Lord Sith +
    10. krasin
      krasin 26 June 2013 20: 41
      Rebel weapons received from the United States, NATO, and European sources were acquired on international markets, not only because they were relatively cheap, but also because they were mostly Russian-made. The rebels are thus armed with Russian weapons in order to fight against the Russian weapons used by the Syrian army. This angered Moscow more than ever.

      Turkish Prime Minister told Obama that he is afraid of Russian retaliation if he continues to miss weapons from the US and NATO to Syrian rebels.

      Putin caught the horror of the Turks
      TEGERAN (FNA) - The situation in Saudi Arabia is moving towards a social and political explosion as armed rebels Takfiri return home from Syria, where they suffered huge losses, defeats and setbacks, media warned on Saturday.

      While in the SAR, then home, in EUROPE wassat They will receive in full. As they say, for fighting ..... wassat
  2. Sashkessss
    Sashkessss 26 June 2013 10: 30
    One news
    it simply proves that such a network for the transfer of such "free" weapons was made by experienced people, but this is definitely not Libya or Syria. And yes, it is very unpleasant that our weapons for our allies are shooting at our own tanks. This fact upsets
  3. ale-x
    ale-x 26 June 2013 10: 34
    And they don’t care who to shoot at. Then these boxes will be found in the suburbs of London and Paris. I will not be sorry neither the Parisians nor the Londoners =)
  4. 128mgb
    128mgb 26 June 2013 10: 41
    And what on the laptop there is no picture? Staging?
    1. JonnyT
      JonnyT 26 June 2013 10: 46
      no, just a monkey does not know how to turn it on)
      1. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 26 June 2013 10: 55
        Quote: JonnyT
        just a monkey does not know how to turn it on)
        It could even be laughing
      2. Vanek
        Vanek 26 June 2013 11: 29
        Quote: JonnyT
        no, just a monkey does not know how to turn it on)

        That's what a thing it turns out. He knows where to put the shell, and on / off on the laptop: - No, I haven’t.
        1. Jin
          Jin 26 June 2013 15: 05
          Quote: Vanek
          That's what a thing it turns out. He knows where to put the shell, and on / off on the laptop: - No, I haven’t.

          Why should they be surprised, they grow up playing with their father’s AK and RPGs, but there’s no TV set in the house, I’m completely silent about the laptop ... all hired rabble, except their puppeteers, from the lower layers are poverty, illiteracy, mountains and sheep ...
    2. Homo
      Homo 26 June 2013 15: 24
      Not only is there no picture (they haven't taught me how to turn it on yet), it's also "zero" just out of the package!
  5. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 26 June 2013 10: 45
    Let us recall the name of the operation against M. Gaddafi: “Odyssey. Dawn ", can be translated as" The beginning of the Odyssey ". And now it means" Continuation ".
  6. uhu189
    uhu189 26 June 2013 10: 49
    This is not even news, but simply another confirmation of a previously known fact. In the West, this may be a syncation, but all this was known before.
    1. JonnyT
      JonnyT 26 June 2013 12: 27
      In my opinion, the reason for the revolution in Libya is just the presence of a huge amount of weapons from Gaddafi.
      The United States and the EU can no longer afford to maintain a large number of professional troops. That's why they resorted to the tactics of "stupid cheap meat" somewhere I read Old that they are fighting in Syria for 10 bucks a day ...
      And for stupid meat there should be a weapon for easier and more reliable, working without normal service. It’s easier to teach a terrorist monkey to use RPGs than Javelin (the latter needs to set the aiming mode for the target, change the parameters of the aiming head, and in general it is necessary to set up the entire guidance system, plus it is more expensive than RPGs every 7 and narrow profile) .......
      and where is the gop company the states and the EU could get a large number of reliable simple and cheap weapons for blunt meat? Right in LIBYA!
  7. Stiletto
    Stiletto 26 June 2013 10: 50
    Quote: 128mgb
    And what on the laptop there is no picture? Staging?

    Yes, no, they just can’t understand how to control this projectile with a laptop, well, or vice versa.
  8. Vanek
    Vanek 26 June 2013 11: 32
    and when enough is accumulated, they send parcels

    By mail?
    1. Thunderbolt
      Thunderbolt 26 June 2013 12: 16
      Quote: Vanek
      By mail?
      Western Union .
      1. Vanek
        Vanek 26 June 2013 12: 20
        Quote: Thunderbolt
        Western Union .

        We must advise "Russian Post". In Novosibirsk, a letter from Leninsky to Oktyabrsky District has been going on for two weeks. Although there is literally a bridge to cross.
        1. Thunderbolt
          Thunderbolt 26 June 2013 13: 23
          Ha, so it (the letter) is first sent to Moscow, and then “through the cities and villages.” I can't find any other explanation ...
    2. mogus
      mogus 26 June 2013 12: 19
      The underground route was as follows. Airplanes or ships deliver weapons from Libya to Turkey. For example, Qatar Air Force S-17 transporters during this year alone made three flights to Libya, January 15, February 1 - in Tripoli and April 16 - in
      Benghazi. From there, the planes returned to El Udeid base in Qatar. Then their cargo was sent by sea to Turkey, along with other weapons and equipment that Qatar collected for the rebels. In Turkey, a developed network of special services and opposition leaders became the recipients of goods. Syrian rebels, together with their Qatari sponsors and the Turkish government, have developed a whole system for the acquisition and distribution

      Not small already. More attentively
  9. Nayhas
    Nayhas 26 June 2013 13: 30
    Assad's defenders constantly insist that the West is supplying the FSA with the most modern weapons, but really ancient Soviet rubbish from Libya's warehouses ... It was recently written here that the ATGM Competition, 1974. the adoption by the USSR turns out to be the most modern ATGM, while shamelessly indicating the year 1991. All modern weapons of the Metis ATGM, Igla-S MANPADS and FN-6 were kindly provided to the rebels by the Syrian army "valiantly" handing over to them numerous weapons depots ...
  10. shoroh
    shoroh 26 June 2013 13: 50
    0 это как понимать??? что за провокация!!!
  11. sub307
    sub307 26 June 2013 15: 25
    Something not "entered" - "up to the warehouses of the Warsaw Pact countries." Probably the countries of the former Warsaw Pact? A clue, in general. And in fact - well, so what - "Correspondents of the New York Times (NYT) found in Syria boxes and used sleeves of anti-tank ammunition, previously sold to Colonel Gaddafi." "Salt" them, or what? There was an "object" and a case for the use of the aforementioned property by those who in fact dispose of it - they took it and ordered it. "Upstairs" decided to supply, and what exactly, what kind of transfer they organize there (planes, ships, caravans of camels with donkeys) are secondary questions and many times all the participants in the "mess" worked out there.
    1. Jin
      Jin 26 June 2013 15: 33
      Quote: sub307
      Something not "entered" - "up to the warehouses of the Warsaw Pact countries." Probably the countries of the former Warsaw Pact? Clerk, in general

      So here from the very title of the article is cheerful: "Destroyed Libya"! Guys, who destroyed Libya? Now in the place of Libya, what, a funnel?
  12. darksoul
    darksoul 26 June 2013 17: 20
    Quote: Jin
    So here from the very title of the article is cheerful: "Destroyed Libya"! Guys, who destroyed Libya? Now in the place of Libya, what, a funnel?

    In place of Libya, chaos, which is not a controlled territory that can hardly be called a state
  13. crasever
    crasever 26 June 2013 18: 47
    By the way, the Syrian army has learned to fight and it has excellent snipers - I saw several videos filmed by the terrorists themselves. On one, an army sniper lays down two "freedom fighters" at once with one bullet, on the other the shooter (a Negro, by the way) of a gangster "carriage", having once rolled and giving a burst from a "big man", on the second run he gets a bullet in the boss at once ...
  14. individual
    individual 26 June 2013 19: 39
    Western tolerasts without a bolt in **** feel uncomfortable in their geyrop, here they are looking for adventure on this very ...
    The uncontrolled circulation of weapons and the encouraged permissiveness of bandits will surely return to the authors of the export of this chaos.