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Le Bourget Flight Program

Demonstration flights at the Paris Air Show-2013 take place every day with a few changes in the program. Today I am no longer at the exhibition, but just at that time the President of France was walking there and they had a special show prepared for him, which I hope to see with my colleagues who stayed there until Sunday. Airbus promised today passage A350, we'll see.

In the meantime, a selection of everything that I managed to shoot in five days - two before the start and the first three days of the Paris exhibition.

The Su-35S multipurpose super-maneuverable fighter is operated by Honored Test Pilot of the Russian Federation, Hero of Russia Sergey Bogdan.

2. Su-35C caused the greatest interest among the public.

3. This is the chalet line the day before the exhibition opens. There are not many people on this day, but everyone who was was poured out into the street to watch Drying.

4. And this is filmed on the first day of the air show.

5. Not always have time to change the lens and it turns out like this. Clickable to large.

6. Posting to 1 / 160, f16, iso 200.

7. The plane works out a ten-minute program with the main set - a barrel, a small gas, "Pugachev's cobra"

8. Tribune Press

9. Pilotage is high in the sky, and here you need powerful photographic equipment. I almost missed 800 mm.

10. Melted Air of France

11. Chalet Gifas - exhibition organizers




15. Landing

16. Serozha molotsts! Hooray!

17. Next after the Su-35, the Yak-130 starts.

18. Ahead is test pilot Andrey Voropaev, co-pilot Vasily Sevastyanov.

19. The Yak-130 aircraft was small and even my 800 mm tube was not enough to shoot it in the sky. Here is the approach.

20. Touch

21. A sly prospect makes Yakovlev the size of a half watermelon (the common melons are Airbus Airbus aircraft).

22. At the Air Show at Le Bourget, Airbus sold 466 aircraft for 70 billion dollars!
Leasing company Doric (Ireland) has ordered 20 A380 aircraft worth more than $ 8 billion.

Overall, Airbus received 466 orders with a catalog value of $ 68,7 billion. These orders include firm contracts for the supply of 241 aircraft worth $ 39,3 billion and preliminary agreements for the purchase of 225 aircraft worth $ 29,4 billion.


A320 aircraft, including A320neo, have confirmed the status of the most successful single-bodied family in the world. In total, the 371 of the A320 family was sold with a catalog value of $ 37,8 mdr. One of the largest deals on this type was the signing of a preliminary agreement with EasyJet for 100 A320neo and 35 A320ceo (current engine option) and a firm contract with Lufthansa for 100 aircraft of this family. In addition, orders were received from the following companies: Hong Kong Aviation Capital on 60 aircraft; ILFC on 50; Spirit on 20 and the airline Syphax Airlines (Tunisia) for three.


And on the latest A350, Airbus received 69 orders from 4 customers. The cost of the signed contracts was $ 21,4 billion. The Air France-KLM group of companies ordered 25 A350-900, Singapore Airlines - 30 A350-900, United Airlines - 10 A350-1000, Sri Lankan - four A350-900.


26. British Airways presented its first A380, which every day pleases the viewer's eye. An-158 down below.

27. The green in the chalet Dassault Aviation does not bother me to photograph, but on the contrary bring fullness to the frame.


29. Flagella from the air.


31. Landing over the chalet Daso.

32. There is a contact!

33. On the first day of the air show, as many as two A380 flew. The second was in corporate livery, made a couple of laps and by the evening flew off somewhere.


35. Another Airbus representative, A320, drove along the taxiing and showed how he could ride only with the help of a chassis.
In both the main landing gear he has an electric motor. And the batteries he will not end: the drive of electric motors - from the generators, which turns the working APU. Those. as long as kerosene is on board - it steers itself electrically, saving the resource of the main engines and, accordingly, a much larger number of keros

36. The next Airbus family manager is A400M.

37. The A400M composite propeller, which has eight blades and a diameter of 5,34 meters, is one of the largest in the world. It was specifically designed for powerful A400М engines in 11 000 hp.

38. A400M - a four-engine turboprop military transport aircraft manufactured by Airbus Military. The first copy was demonstrated 26 June 2008, in the city of Seville.

39. As of March, 2013 was ordered by 174 aircraft, including for the German Air Force - 60, France - 50, Spain - 27, Great Britain - 25. In addition, the ordered aircraft for the Air Force of Turkey, Belgium, Luxembourg and Malaysia.

40. On the train A319 flies to Charles de Gaulle

41. An-70 flew during the presentation of the Superjet, so it was not possible to remove it normally. And most of all with me, he did not rise into the air.

42. An-70 on taxiing. Looks like inside, I'll show you later.

43. Another representative of Ukraine - An-158.

44. An-158 (An-148-200) - short-haul passenger aircraft, the further development of the model An-148. Designed for the transportation of 99 passengers in the tourist class or 86 (12 + 74) in a two-class modification. The first flight of An-158 took place on 28 on April 2010 of the year.

45. One of the most beautiful (and my favorite) aircraft flies up - the Boeing-787 Dreamliner.

Boeing main competitor is Airbus. And at the current air show he almost caught up with Airbasov in the total amount of orders and contracts.
Boeing ordered 442 aircraft worth more than 66 billion dollars.

47. This is not trash under the keel, this bird flew by.

48. What does the Indian dream plane look like inside you can see in my last year’s report from Hyderabad.


50. Super Constellation HB-RSC has a website.

51. Connie (as he is affectionately called) landed at Le Bourget on June 11. Exhibited on static all the days of the air show near the pavilion Breitling.

52. 17 June, 22 and 23 Connie takes part in demonstration flights - someone else will have time to see the handsome!

53. Lockheed Constellation (English "constellation") - US long-haul airliner. Designed and manufactured by Lockheed in 1943-1958 in many modifications (civil and military). Total released 856 aircraft.
The last regular passenger flight in the United States was made by TWA 11 airline May 1967 on the route Philadelphia - Kansas City.

54. They are not allowed inside the plane, but some people managed to get in there and take a photo. Look for pictures in reports from aviator_ru, russos and airview.

55. Fouga SM.170 Magister smokes.

56. The CM-170 Fouga Magister is a two-seat jet combat training aircraft designed in France, the main purpose of which was flight training for Air Force pilots. The plane is capable of speeding up to 715 km / h, the ceiling is 12 km, and the practical range of flight is up to 1400 km.

57. The chief pilot at all Le Bourget is one and the same mustache blond.

58. If I'm not mistaken, this is Globe Aircraft GC 1A Swift.

59. Tigers in the sky, Antosha on the ground and Boeing on the train.

60. These are the very Tiger, which, according to rumors, was released on a demonstration flight instead of our Ka-52.



63.A Kamov at this time missed on taxiing in front of the chalet "Russian Helicopters"

64. Demonstration flight on the second day of the exhibition. More photos of Ka-52 HERE.

65. Black Hawk. That is the Black Hawk.

66. After aerobatics, Kamov was not impressed at all!

67. Rafale

68. This one was the fastest at the air show - I almost did not manage to catch him in the frame.


70. Extra 300. Pretty stool, but too far away and flies high. Only smoke is visible.


72. And one more, I do not know the name, tell me.

73. And not only planes were flying at the air show! But it is completely different. история.
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  1. MilaPhone
    MilaPhone 26 June 2013 08: 10
    Great photos.
    Still, photo reports of space technology from the Le Bourget Museum!
  2. Tatar
    Tatar 26 June 2013 08: 25
    I would like to see there-instant-35. that's just wondering why he was not brought there ?!
  3. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 26 June 2013 08: 32
    Some photographers have such lenses that it seems as if they are watching the flights from MANPADS.
  4. cth; fyn
    cth; fyn 26 June 2013 12: 13
    In total, Airbus received 466 orders with a catalog value of $ 68,7 billion.

    And ours sold to ourselves and with amers on speckles signed, well ... it is a failure.
  5. arutun
    arutun 26 June 2013 15: 46
    Ka-52 is handsome, it’s a pity that only one picture.
  6. Boomer
    Boomer 26 June 2013 23: 28
    I don’t understand what kind of set a minus ?!
  7. builder
    builder 27 June 2013 00: 28
    Against the background of the Su-35 Rafale looks wretched. The photos are great. good Article "+"!
  8. harrymur
    harrymur 27 June 2013 01: 18
    here is the official with le bourget, and the truth is UFO
  9. radio operator
    radio operator 27 June 2013 08: 34
    Cool photos!
    Thank you!