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The first graduates of military schools received diplomas

In Russia, diplomas are awarded to graduates of military schools. Shoulder straps of the lieutenant get rocket, paratroopers, military doctors, and among the young officers - a lot of girls.

One of the first this year, lieutenant shoulder straps were put on by graduates of the Peter the Great Military Academy of the Strategic Missile Forces. The armed forces received 750 scientific officers in 24 specialties, ranging from mathematics and software to ballistics and testing of aircraft. And together with the young people 28 girls have graduated from the Academy. For five years, four cadet families have appeared in the university - this is an absolute record, which once again proves that there is a place in the army and for romance.

"For me, the romance began even on the course of a young fighter, when instead of some huge bouquets of a hundred roses brought wild flowers," recalls graduate Zlata Selyunina.

“Yes, I drew different pictures on the tablet, hearts; and now I have such a beautiful one in front of me - my wife is already,” says Pavel Volobuev.
But if the rocket women could still be found in the army, then the paratrooper girls appeared in them for the first time. The Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School this year produces the 13 representatives of the weaker sex.

“A girl in the Airborne Forces is the beginning of the future. This is a man who will probably stimulate everyone. Still, a woman creates a certain position in the army — officers are becoming much more intelligent, more decent,” said Angela Schastchenko graduate of the school.

More than 700 doctors graduated from the Kirov Military Medical Academy in St. Petersburg. The successors of the Sechenov, Pirogov, Botkin case will go to serve in all branches and branches of the armed forces, after which some of them will remain in the army, and some will return to the Academy to enter clinical residency and in parallel with the medical activity to do science. By the way, the leadership of the military department once again confirmed its interest in this university.

"In fact, this is one of the most important universities in the system of the armed forces and in the system of medical universities in the country. The university that requires attention, which requires funds. By decision of the Minister of Defense, all this is indicated in the form of a conceptual development program for the Academy, where funds are provided" - said Russian Deputy Minister of Defense Ruslan Tsalikov.

Graduates of the Baltic Naval Institute named after Admiral Ushakov gladly tear off their vest and fasten the dirk now to the officer’s uniform. Anchors on epaulets are replaced by two lieutenant stars - it is from here that the future commanders of ships and submarines of all fleets leave. By the way, not only Russia - in the ranks of graduates and foreign military personnel: 15 people from Angola and Yemen.

And in the Air Force Academy named after Zhukovsky in Voronezh, and at all prepare specialists from 30 countries. In the classrooms of this university you can find students from almost all continents. The release of 2013 is exemplary: out of 1200, the 160 cadets graduated from the academy with a red diploma, the rest had an average score of at least four.

“For the first time, all graduating officers are distributed to officer positions. You know what“ tension ”was, and this year we begin life in a new way,” says Russian Air Force Commander Viktor Bondarev.

This year, recruitment to many military universities will increase significantly, and to order lieutenant cadres from institutes, colleges and academies there will be specialized headquarters and headquarters. That is, how many, for example, in the near future, troops may need airborne officers - now decides the command of the Airborne Forces. They will be responsible for ensuring that universities are provided with everything they need - from desks in classrooms to teaching staff - in order to fulfill this order qualitatively and in full.
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  1. Apollo
    Apollo 24 June 2013 12: 50
    quote-But if girls rocketeers could still be met earlier in the troops, then the paratroopers appeared in them for the first time. This year the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School graduates 13 of the fairer sex.

    topic video

  2. Lech from ZATULINKI
    Lech from ZATULINKI 24 June 2013 12: 51
    THANKS TO GOD though they survived SERDYUKOVSHIN but could disband as MANY MILITARY INSTITUTIONS and the most offensive GRU special forces.
  3. fight
    fight 24 June 2013 12: 56
    Damn, nostalgia. What a cool tradition this is the release of lieutenants. our platoon cleaned up the territory near the warehouse. and all year I dreamed of putting on a lieutenant uniform. and how much bliss was when I received it)))))))))))) good luck to all lieutenants
  4. cartridge
    cartridge 24 June 2013 13: 07
    An exciting day in the biography of each career officer. I remember him as if released yesterday ... Young, strong, and still all life ahead!
    To all lieutenants-graduates of a successful service!
  5. Vtel
    Vtel 24 June 2013 13: 43
    In Russia, diplomas are awarded to graduates of military universities.

    Well, thank God, and then from the retail furniture rows were gaining.
  6. Andrew 121
    Andrew 121 24 June 2013 13: 50
    I read about military schools and I understand that there are few graduates, a lot of schools of different specialties were closed during Serdyukov’s, very much.
  7. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 24 June 2013 13: 51
    Bravo guys and girls! Bravo, Russia! Congratulations!
  8. Kovrovsky
    Kovrovsky 24 June 2013 14: 26
    Thank God that an almost ruined military education system is being revived!
  9. treskoed
    treskoed 24 June 2013 15: 16
  10. Commander
    Commander 24 June 2013 16: 33
    Good luck to all graduates !!! June 22 marks 27 years since I graduated! I still remember this exciting watch !!!
  11. Bokdan1700
    Bokdan1700 24 June 2013 19: 28
    Guys-Russia is waiting and hoping for YOU !!!
  12. pamero
    pamero 24 June 2013 19: 41
    oh finally .... right .. congratulations on the release!
  13. waisson
    waisson 24 June 2013 20: 16
    I'll be simple as before soldier and send the ruble by mail as it should be, Sorry for the issue it wasn’t, but if by tradition you know how to be, but in general I already wish you all the best !!!!!!!!!
  14. Alexandorf
    Alexandorf 18 June 2014 16: 18
    About midshipmen BVMI them. Ushakova not a word, insulting crying