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Russian army todayIt is known that the Armed Forces - the army is the most conservative institution of the state. This is facilitated by the very specifics of the formation of the organization. Corporatism of the officer corps, receiving education in schools closed to society, strictly educated on the value system, currently accepted as the state. Private and non-commissioned staff, under the constant, close attention of the officers serving the state, for a long time divorced from civil society. Duty if necessary with weapons in the hands of protecting the country from the encroachments of other states. The specificity of the tasks solved by various types of the Armed Forces and the branches of the armed forces bring to the fore the interests of the corresponding type or branch of the armed forces. A special oath (oath) obliging a soldier to faithfully serve the state imposes additional restrictions on him compared to a civilian person. All of these factors together create a specific military environment in society. Even the payment of military labor at all times (until relatively recently!) Was called not wages, but maintenance (cash, clothing and food). This from time immemorial it was emphasized that the warrior is on the content of society as payment for his willingness at any time to come out in defense of the Fatherland.

Years of service in the army form the identity of a specific person (officer and super-conscript), distinct from civilian, not only by appearance, but also by internal content — world outlook and, above all, greater firmness of convictions — conservatism.

Aware of the specificity and conservatism of this state institution, any new regime that came to power in the country begins to strengthen with the transformations in the army, rightly fearing her speaking in defense of the old state system. It happened in all states and at all times. For example, the first decree of the Provisional Government of Russia in February 1917 of the year was a decree concerning the army. The honor of the servants, the courts of the military tribunal were abolished, the activities of elected soldiers' committees, etc. were allowed. By this decree, the Provisional Government, fearing its defense of the monarchy, finally collapsed the army, exposed the front and allowed the Germans to occupy a significant part of the territory of Russia. (What you can’t do for the sake of retaining power!) By the way, this decree largely contributed to the coming to power of the Bolsheviks!

An analogy can be seen at the beginning of bourgeois reforms in Russia after the seizure of power by the liberal democrats. Unlike the Bolsheviks, who enjoyed broad support from the country's population and had real power in the form of Red Guard detachments, they could dissolve the remnants of the tsarist army, which had been ruined by Kerensky, and immediately begin the formation of a new, corresponding to the tasks of the new state, the most efficient army in 1993. of the world - the Soviet army did not immediately decide to dissolve. They used a more sophisticated way of its gradual, slow, savage decomposition and destruction. Since the end of the eighties, they have waged a fierce struggle with it, using economic and informational methods.

The media captured by the liberals began to actively throw mud at its commanding staff, to search for and publicize incidents of military unrest (often exaggerating and even “sucking from the finger”!). It was suggested to the population that the cause of national disasters — a shortage of food and industrial goods — is a large unreasonable state expenditure on the maintenance of the army. (As it turned out later, this flaw was created by artificially liberal democrats striving for power). A wide rift was made between the embittered, hungry people and the army. The military began to literally hide behind the walls of their towns from the civilian population. The officers were ordered not to appear in public in uniforms. The special measures taken in a short time in the society “before the plinth” lowered the social status of the officer, which was never in the Russian stories. The service to the Motherland became not only not honorable, but even evidence of the parasitic, “not advanced” position of a person in society. Officer epaulets from the subject of pride turned into a symbol of low, unworthy respect of their owner. And the main "merit" in this belongs to the engaged bourgeoisie, free from all, and most importantly from moral censorship, but not free from the power of the "golden calf" of the media.

Many officers began to be ashamed of their belonging to the military class. In order to clear the army of the officers of the most active, who are showing discontent with the changes, they began to be fired for the smallest reason. Not receiving the allowance, the officers themselves began to leave the army in thousands, joining the ranks of the unemployed, the guards of the nouveau riche, and simply the bandits. Since the pay was delayed for months and years, officers and warrant officers were allowed to work on the side. They began to recruit women for vacant soldiers and sergeant positions, most often the wives of the same impoverished officers and warrant officers who, by their physiological capabilities, are far from fulfilling all soldier functions. This contributed not to an increase in the combat power of the Armed Forces, but to their further collapse.

Distracted from official duties by the search for additional earnings, the army commanders began to pay less attention to combat training and internal order in the units. Discipline plummeted, hooligans appeared in the barracks. As in any closed collective, leaders emerged who robbed and degraded weaker soldiers. In the end, the army ceased to engage in planned combat training completely. It is clear that the soldier engaged in the case has neither the time nor the ability to be distracted from the service on looting and internal disassembly! The authorities felt that anything could be expected from a poorly managed army. For their safety, they even collected all small arms for storage. Nuclear warheads were removed from carriers and securely locked in storage. What if some part commander realizes that the country is collapsing, Russian civilization and decides to do away with the perpetrators by firing a rocket, or will move his military unit to establish order in the state !? I must admit that in the nineties, many Russian citizens were looking forward to it!

As with all of society, morality has plummeted in the army. Began trade in weapons, ammunition, military equipment. At the beginning of 90, a cry was thrown to the country: “Enrich yourself, who can, as you can!” Corruption, as is well known, has ideological roots. Should I blame the generals, who sold weapons, military equipment and property !? After all, he, like all citizens of Russia, received the installation: “the meaning of life is pleasure, consumerism,” and this can be realized only with the help of power or money! It's all about the world. In Soviet times, the meaning of the officer’s life was in serving the Fatherland. And he is bad, well, and served him. When self-serving became the meaning of life, he forgot about the Fatherland, but he loved himself more strongly and, like his fellow citizens, began to look for ways of enrichment! Blame should be those who invented it and allowed!

From idleness and lack of control in the barracks, hazing, theft, drunkenness flourished, soldiers and cadets' gangs of robbers of the local population, etc., etc. appeared. The garrison service "ordered to live long": the guardhouses were closed, the patrol service was canceled. Violators of military discipline, as well as all antisocial elements, were given great relief. The authorities needed to create a class of owners for their support! The methods did not pay attention. Even the physical insult of an officer outside the unit was no more considered as disorderly conduct. Officers and warrant officers, who still wanted to continue their service, have lost control over their subordinates.

There was corruption in the military registration and enlistment offices. Thousands of dodgers paid off or simply hid from military service. The army as a militant organization, in fact, gradually ceased to exist. Russia has disarmed. Once the best army in the world, winning the whole of Europe in 1945, has lost the strength needed even to defeat a small but militant Chechnya! This circumstance is shamefully concealed by the Kremlin authorities, but is openly announced by Western politicians. Today, as they say, Russia can be taken with bare hands! The West does not do this just because in fact our country is under its protectorate.

The old, best in the world Soviet army has ceased to exist, the new one has not been created to the present. The authorities do not hurry: they do not see the external enemy, they are more afraid of their own population! MIA is now far more powerful organization than the army!

Absolutely right V.I. Lenin, arguing that the state with all its institutions is class-oriented. In Soviet times, we had a nationwide state, and the army was nationwide. In one capacity or another, virtually all men served. From 1993, the state became bourgeois, and the army began to serve the ruling class - the new bourgeoisie, and its tasks became completely different. Nowadays, the task of the Russian army is not only to protect the state from an external aggressor, but also from an internal enemy — its people, who are showing discontent with their position and the existing power! A vivid example is the Chechen war, the use of troops to disperse demonstrations, to fight the maritime "guerrillas", etc. At present, other armed demonstrations by the people are very likely. And can you imagine a case of service in the army of children of millionaires, even more so - oligarchs? Even small traders and well-paid office workers buy their children from military service. The army became mostly peasant! Most of the peasants do not even have the thirty or forty thousand rubles that are demanded by business fraudsters for a “white ticket” that frees the young man from service. Along the way, we note that according to official data every tenth soldier is illiterate today! Service life is now reduced by the Democrats to one year. Tell me: is it possible to prepare a ship sailor, radar operator or other specialist associated with servicing modern sophisticated combat equipment for a year from an illiterate person !? The answer is obvious! And the service life is reduced to the detriment of the combat readiness of the troops, of course, not from the special love of the power bourgeoisie for peasant children, but for fear of rallying the soldiers' masses!

Today, there is a lot of talk and writing about the army, especially in connection with the innovations carried out by Defense Minister Serdyukov (furniture merchant in his real specialty!), Who has chosen his assistants to become women accountants who plan combat training for troops leading military education and military science. Is this not a mockery of the officers !? Is it not a frank desire to destroy the army, to deprive it of at least some combat capability !? Apparently, an unimportant student at school was Serdyukov and others like the leaders of the military department: they do not remember the instructions of Krylov’s grandfather, who explained what would happen if “a shoemaker bakes pies and a pastryman boots”! reformers! How can they be considered patriots of Russia !? Already from such a personnel policy, it clearly follows that the current authorities do not want to have a powerful army, and, consequently, to see Russia a great power. However, the president of Russia has recently spoken about the need to stop puffing up his cheeks! Although everyone knows that even at the household level, strong people enjoy respect (naturally, not necessarily physically!). Also in the international arena.

I hope our authorities and Serdyukov in particular are aware of the following data: proven natural wealth in Russia accounts for 160 thousand dollars per person, in the US - twelve, in Europe - six! Russia has the third of all the natural resources of the planet, forty percent of all fresh water! At least, it is naive to think that there will never be any contenders for these riches. Today, potential aggressors are not talking about the seizure of territory, but about natural resources! M. Thatcher, who was recently so honored in our country, on the occasion of her next anniversary and who always did not hide her dislike for Russia, said more than once that it was unfair for one of our countries to have Siberia, that in Russia it is enough to have only fifteen to twenty million inhabitants (required for maintenance of oil and gas pipes!). Z. Brzezinski - the world-famous Russophobe and adviser to several American presidents in his book "The Great Chessboard" has long divided the territory of Russia between Europe, the United States, Japan and China. The book even shows a map with marked boundaries! Eyewitnesses claim that the brigade of builders - the Chinese, working in our Far East, are suspiciously similar to military formations, ready for combat operations. Japan does not give up claims to the Kurils. Even Estonia claims to be part of the Pskov Region! The “friends” of our authorities — the Americans — surround our country with their military bases, locating them on the territory of the former Soviet republics. NATO, violating any agreement, is approaching our borders. And our government decides to allow foreign armed forces with weapons into the territory of Russia, to bring military equipment and equipment through our territory.

It is interesting to note that October 24 this year. on the portal "Genocide. No ”Galina Panina reportedly appeared:“ In 2007, Putin signed Agreement No. 410940-4 with NATO [1] that, in the case of popular unrest and technical disasters, NATO troops can freely occupy Russian territory and conduct military operations on it ". There was no denial. The contract itself has not been published. If this is true, do you, the reader, think that the “patriots” of Russian Germans in 1918 also expected the year to protect themselves from the power of the “coming boor”?

And this is alarming for every citizen who is not indifferent to the fate of his country, the stool Serdyukov, who has no moral right to head the Ministry of Defense, breaks the strategic structure of the Russian Armed Forces according to the American model; under the approval of his American counterpart, he reduces the officer corps of the Russian already incapable army by three hundred thousand, cuts planes and ships that are quite suitable for combat operations, sells real estate of deserved military educational, scientific and design institutions in large cities (primarily in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The land there is very expensive!), In such a Jesuit way, in fact, destroying them, because the faculty and scientific staff will clearly refuse to move to the province; reduces the number of military schools, academies and research organizations; restricts or completely ceases admission of students to military schools; turns Suvorov schools into “boarding houses for noble maidens”, entrusting the education of future officers to female nannies; undermining the educational capabilities of the commanders, he allows the controllers — the mothers of the soldiers — to the military units, and allows them, as small children in nurseries, to accompany recruits to the barracks. He should have asked the honored old men: at what age were young people called to the fronts of World War II and how these young men behaved in battle. The then seventeen-year-old recruits felt like adults, responsible people. They not only did not have the opportunity, but would be ashamed to hide behind their mother’s back or discuss with the mother the order of the commander !. That is why we won in that war. The morale of the people was extremely high. Vladimir Vysotsky said absolutely right: even small children - schoolchildren - were then ready to throw grenades under fascist Tanks! And how many guys really ran away from school to the war, and after graduation she wore military awards with pride! You can ask, Serdyukov, my peers. They will confirm! The “Minister of Defense” did not experience all this in his own experience and did not want to take advantage of the experience of the elders. Therefore, there is no place for him in the ministry. Let him go about his business - sell furniture. It is a pity that the general henchmen surrounding him, according to the worldview of the liberal democrats, fearing to lose their place at the trough, will never tell him about it. It was a shame to hear how once the newly-appointed Democrats, Deputy Chief of the General Staff V. Smirnov (call him general, my tongue doesn’t turn around!) Called Serdyukov, who had no military education as a high military professional, and added that the army was very lucky that she was led by this outstanding human. Well, if Serdyukov, who did not receive any military education, is an outstanding professional, Smirnov comes out with nothing to be taught at the school and academy and he clearly takes his own place! It was not without reason that this “outstanding” man and minister was demanded that just a few days later the veterans of the Airborne Troops, the Union of Cosmonauts and the XNUMXth Veteran Organization of Russian Navymen demanded to be expelled from the ministry. Many of the smaller military veteran organizations immediately joined their voices. I’m afraid that this choir of guardians of Russia and its army will not be heard in the Kremlin. After all, Serdyukov is their protege and conductor of ideas not only of the Kremlin, but also of its foreign owners!

For the sake of establishing liberalism in our country, the Kremlin authorities sacrificed its military security, and not only military security!

Imagine yourself, dear reader, the commander of a military unit that is controlled and given "valuable guidance" by a militarily-ignorant minister, his female retinue, and the parents of your soldiers. Is it possible in such conditions to implement the principle of unity of command, on which the power of the Armed Forces has always rested?

Thirty eight thousand women are serving in the Russian army today! Yes, undoubtedly, this contributes to the normalization of the sexual life of officers and soldiers, about which our liberals are so baked, but it is unlikely to increase their fighting efficiency. In the tsarist army, even telephonists and typists were absent, and the presence of a woman on the ship was considered an emergency. Today, no one is surprised to see a sailor cadet or even a general in a skirt! In the late fifties - early sixties of the last century, when the last war sharply reduced the birth rate, for some short time the girls replaced the soldiers' posts in the air defense forces, but the Soviet command quickly ceased this practice. Even those brought up by the Komsomol, chaste girls, being in male teams, contributed to the increase in the number of violations of discipline, and, consequently, reduce the combat readiness of the units. I do not think that the current leadership does not understand this. Involuntarily the question arises: maybe this is done intentionally?

The liberal attitude towards violators of military discipline, the abolition of patrol service and the softening of the punishment system that has been tested for centuries, the transformation of the guardhouse (where they reappeared) into a rest home deprives the command of units and subdivisions of the levers of control over subordinates. The attitude of the state to all servicemen, a reduction in social status to the last one finally deprives them of the desire to work! Where does military discipline come from, without which an efficient army is unthinkable !?

Another interesting fact is that Serdyukov took the US Army, which, being the most technically and financially highly equipped, did not win a single war as a role model. During the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet Army saved her from complete defeat. In the postwar years, she was unable to overcome the industrially underdeveloped Vietnam and Afghanistan. Well, in no way do “our” authorities want to have a mighty Soviet-style army! Maybe they just do not allow this overseas owners?

As for the mercenary army, to the formation of which the liberals want so much to go. Now they call it professional. By the way, the question again arises: And what was the Soviet army amateur? And in this case, honor and praise to her, for she won the professionals! Army reformers should have known that even the ancient Romans did not rely on mercenaries, and behind their legions in the most critical battlefields were always Roman legions fighting for the honor of Rome, not for money. Even the dropout Chechen general Salman Raduev understood that mercenaries can change at any time, it is worthwhile to entice them with big money. But "our specialist of the highest class," Serdyukov, knows nothing about this. Or he knows and, going over to the mercenary army, he does so intentionally !?

The whole thing, apparently, is that our authorities do not see external danger for the current bourgeois state of the Russian Federation. The enemy number 1 for them is their own people, who are increasingly beginning to show dissatisfaction with the regime imposed by the Liberal Democrats, and they need an army of police type. However, it is hard to believe that peasant children in green English overcoats will shoot their fellows - the poor urban population, which stands for their right to live like a human! The remnants of Christian morality in the peasant environment cannot be eliminated for a long time, despite the power of the modern media. Yes, and Orthodoxy raises its head ever higher, reviving the morality lost by the Democrats.

Naturally, the ape, illiteracy and disrespectful, boorish behavior of Serdyukov cause outrage among military and civilian patriots of Russia. Eyewitnesses speak with one voice about his lack of manners and arrogantly dismissive attitude towards officers and generals, to which he has no moral right. Khamstvo crossed the critical line when he visited him in October of this year. Ryazan Airborne School. The furniture maker in the sergeant’s rank swore obscenities in the presence of the subordinate chief of the school - the honored colonel of the Hero of Russia. The indignant paratroopers - the pride of the army - sent a collective, signed by the Chairman of the Council of Veterans of the Airborne Forces, a letter to President Medvedev demanding satisfaction and dismissal of Serdyukov from the post of Minister of Defense as not corresponding to her by any criteria.

A similar letter to the President and Supreme Commander Medvedev was sent by the Russian Cosmonautics Federation. Here are the lines from this letter:

“We fully support the appeal of the Union of Russian Paratroopers to citizens, the President, the Federal Assembly of Russia, the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia on this blatant case of rudeness and non-statutory relations of Defense Minister A.E. Serdyukov, who rudely insulted the Hero of Russia of the Guard, Colonel Andrei Krasov, demeaning his professional and personal dignity under his subordinates. ... The Russian cosmonautics faction appeals to you, dear Dmitry Anatolyevich, as to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, with a proposal to remove the Minister of Defense A.E. Serdyukov from his post.

Signed by Vladimir Kovalenok, Colonel General aviation, President of the Cosmonautics Federation of Russia, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot-cosmonaut of the Soviet Union. " (Newspaper “Tomorrow” No. 43 (884), October 2010)

But the lines from the appeal of sailors to the President of the Russian Federation:

“We insist on the immediate dismissal of the Minister of Defense Serdyukov and all his deputies, conducting a thorough investigation of their activities with the involvement of real military experts who did not mess up their names with the sale of land by the Ministry of Defense, the criminal sale of ships fleet and the property of the army, competent specialists capable of distinguishing white from black, true patriots of our Motherland ”. (Newspaper “Tomorrow” No. 43 (884), October 2010)

As already noted above, appeals were supported by numerous military organizations, outraged by the sabotage of Serdyukov.

Of course, it is hard to believe that an illiterate minister will be removed. After all, he only performs the important task of the Russian government and its foreign mentors (even if showing the lowest human qualities) in building a new bourgeois army of the Russian state! On the "small" costs, it can close your eyes! However, a signal has been given to the government. And he will force the authorities to think about the possible outcomes of the reforms. Whatever is, but the army, even today, is still a more or less organized mass of people and one can always expect an explosion of emotions from them. And then the Ministry of Internal Affairs will not save the regime! The police is only suitable for fighting unarmed people. For this fight it is not suitable!

In conclusion, I would like to say that if the government wants to preserve Russian sovereignty, Russian civilization, then it should take care of building an army along the lines of Soviet, taking all the best from its experience (and not American!). He should understand that a Russian military man does not tolerate a civilian, much less a female, bosses. It will never enjoy authority in the eyes of officers, that is, it will not have spiritual power over them. Such is the Russian tradition and such is the Russian mentality!

In the army should serve the patriots of Russia, ready to make sacrifices for the sake of their homeland, the land of their ancestors, the Fatherland. Every soldier, much less an officer, should be proud of his profession, and society should see him as his protector, ready for self-sacrifice in the name of the Motherland and respect him for that. In other words, the defender of the patronymic should have a high social status. The officer in all respects must belong to the middle class of society. By the way, this was understood by the first democrats in ancient Athens. The status of a citizen they received only a person who is ready to protect the state! In educating such citizens today, the decisive role belongs to the media, literature and art, which should glorify the military profession, create images of patriots, heroic defenders of the Fatherland. And to direct and control their activities is the duty of the state!

In the article, we deliberately did not touch upon the issue of material supplies to the army, its rearmament. Here, too, reformers have nothing to boast about. Rather, there is something to repent of. However, this is a separate big topic.

Military reforms in our country have been going on for about twenty years. All this time, the army is continuously breaking through the knee, humiliated and robbed. A few years ago, Defense Minister Ivanov already announced the end of reforms. Serdyukov chose the percentage of the introduction of new technology into the armed forces as a criterion for the end of reforms: the first stage is 2015 year (30%), the second stage is 2030 year (70%).

It seems that the criterion is selected incorrectly. Clausewitz also said that the army is strong not by the number of soldiers and the quality of military equipment, but by the spirit of the troops. Will our reformers succeed in raising the social status of a soldier, the spirit of the Russian army to the required height, equip them with modern weapons and create the Armed Forces that meet the needs of the times? While everything says the opposite! Military issues should be addressed by high military professionals and patriots of Russia, and not professional accountants!

[1] Recently, more and more often, stuffing lies of the most varied lies go to the Internet. Its goal is simple: to discredit the leadership of Russia. In the course are any methods, under the sauce of "betrayal" served any information.

Especially often this “DUCK” has come across.

“Putin in 2007 personally signed contract No. 410940-4 with NATO that, in the event of popular unrest and man-made disasters, NATO troops can freely occupy the territory of Russia and carry out military operations on it.”

And this nonsense is replicated letter to letter in various forums.

But what is in fact.

Electronic registration card for the bill number 410940-4

And here is the law itself.

What do we have in the end?

1. There is no agreement between Russia and NATO No. 410940-4. There is a bill (not even the law!) Under this number. From this bill came Federal Law №99-ФЗ, which is called:

“On the ratification of the Agreement between the States Parties to the North Atlantic Treaty and other states participating in the Partnership for Peace program on the status of their Forces from 19 June 1995 of the Year and the Additional Protocol to it”.

The agreement from 1995 of the year is being ratified with minor clarifications! That's the whole point of the document.

We are talking about the status and rules of the stay of foreign military personnel in other countries during joint exercises. At the same time, we read directly in the text of the document:

“In order to implement the Agreement between the States Parties to the North Atlantic Treaty and other States participating in the Partnership for Peace program on the status of their Forces from 19 June 1995, the Russian Federation proceeds from the following understanding of the following provisions of the Agreement between the Parties to the North Atlantic Treaty on the status of their Forces from 19 June 1951 of the year. "

2. We are talking about the principles of jurisdiction and punishment of deserters and military men who have committed a crime, while they are in foreign territory. Not only their soldiers with us, but our soldiers with them!

3. We are talking about customs and cargo transit.

4. In this law, there is not a word about “that, in the event of popular unrest and man-made disasters, NATO troops can freely occupy the territory of Russia and carry out military operations on it”. Not even close.

Do not believe any nonsense. Check.

And most importantly - think.

Next time, remember that spreading such nonsense is either a fool or a clever employee of “not our state”.

In any case, you should not listen to him.
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  1. Alexander
    Alexander 11 January 2011 21: 54
    Facts are a stubborn thing.
  2. Max
    Max 12 January 2011 13: 13
    NOT an article - but bullshit !!! They inflated an elephant from a fly, and a person clearly did not know such words as * modernization * or * reform * did it.
    1) Such huge funds, which from this year will come to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have not been since the days of the USSR. Even in those days, there was not always such a cash infusion.
    2) Thanks to the competent alignment of forces on the territory of the Russian Federation, the combat readiness and quality of the armed forces increased 2.5 times. This is the unanimous opinion of all the district commanders and the behind-the-scenes opinion of leading military experts.
    3) Thanks to the coming to command of economically literate people, the criminal frauds with budget funds by the same generals practically disappeared.

    I conclude that the article was written by an angry officer who most likely lost his job due to his old age, and from whom a feeder was taken in the form of a military unit. In one, he is right, army traditions need to be honored, and the authority of officers is endlessly raised.
    1. Wolkin
      Wolkin 15 February 2012 15: 15
      Dear Max! Since I, as well as the author of the article, do not quite understand the words “modernization” and “reform”, the answer to me, if it does not bother you, is to three questions, without an answer to which, I think, the words “army reform” lose any meaning.

      - Who is our future likely adversary?
      - Where are the most likely theaters of war?
      - For which wars are we reforming the army: local, regional, global?